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Feel Me (renewed)

Bucky x (enhanced) Reader

Notes: anxiety, emotional stress, flirting, smut, fluff

A/N: So here it is guys! The new version of Feel Me, I hope you enjoy the parts I’ve added. There’s gonna be more. Some more emotions are still to be explored, so I’ll get those out there when I get to them. Happy reading! xxx

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it. The place was quiet, kind of secluded, but often moderately busy with regular patrons.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy, timid, and waited patiently until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut with the wind picking up.

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bad | 03

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Originally posted by sugutie

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 856

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: I enjoy writing this, so the fact that you guys like it makes me so happy. thank you to everyone who sent a nice message, it means so much

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ordinary people

It was hard to not think about what kind of people they were. Not when they laid in their own bed, giant skylight above them in the ceiling, comfortable, aside from some still healing and potentially never healing injuries. The Alliance had put them both on complete administrative duties for a while, with Shepard still regaining her strength, and Kaidan’s leg injury making it unlikely he’d return to active duty for some time. But they were alive. And they were comfortable.

Sometimes Shepard still felt like the sky was always going to be painted with the blood of millions. Every star that they were able to see must have carried plenty of lives around them, and potential planets that were little more than ash and corpses at this point. Things were coming back, but it was slow. It would be a while before Shepard didn’t stop and worry about the lives lost while she took her time trying to end the war. Maybe she never would.

Kaidan reached over and held her hand. His hands were rough, from years of handling guns, of using them with his biotics, the tingle eroding his skin to blisters sometimes. They both had blood on their hands, but she wondered if his kept him awake the way it did for her. Maybe he’d stopped worrying about it after Vyrnnus. Maybe that was the darkest it could get, and everything else was a worthwhile death. There were a lot of maybes.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked.

Shepard nodded. “Yeah.”

“Me either.”

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Feel Me: short story

Pairings: Bucky x (enhanced) reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, anxiety, fluff

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy and timid, and waited with patience until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut.

‘Good Morning’ you said with a smile, as you noticed that he still wouldn’t look at you as you spoke. It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, he was nervous.

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Since there’s discussion about Bitty being captain…

I think as far as the off-ice emotional side of things goes, Bitty is a great choice for captain. He’s someone everyone feels they can talk to and he’s always making sure everyone else is okay. But a captain is more than just the person who makes sure you’re eating right and going to your classes. On the ice, I don’t see Bitty as captain material. He doesn’t have the personality and the experience. Bitty is the kind of person who runs his life based on emotions, and I feel like a captain should be someone who thinks more with their head than their heart. Someone who, in times of stress, can face the officials and the opposing team with a level head. I don’t think that’s Bitty at all.

I really wish there was another person in Bitty’s year who was a strong on-ice choice for captain that could balance Bitty out. They could be co-captains like Ransom and Holster.

As it is, though, I think it’s pretty obvious Bitty will be named captain. Mainly because there’s really no other option, but also because everyone loves him.

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1. Don’t leave

The sound of rain assaulting the windows and hammering the wet earth beyond them was loud in the otherwise silent room, a raging tempest that echoed the tumultuous storm in her head as they hobbled together through the door.


“Careful,” Han grunted.

His grip was sharp around her rib cage, his fingers biting into her side where he held her, arm tightening as he attempted to carry more of her weight. Disjointed, frantic images flashed across her thoughts: the frantic look on his face as he’d skidded on the slick duracrete, falling to his knees in front of her–how’d he’d lifted her in his arms–run with her down the alley, his flashing eyes and razor-sharp voice when she’d told him to put her down–beseeching, as they’d reached the main road, to let her walk… If they caused a scene, if they blew their cover…. his sturdy strength all but holding her on her feet as she’d staggered back to the dilapidated hotel…

Leia blinked dizzily as Han bodily guided her into the ‘fresher. At any other moment, she knew, she’d have hissed her indignation when he hoisted her up onto the counter, but all she could do just then was grit her teeth and steady herself with her hand on his shoulder.

Wordlessly Han darted back into the bedroom, leaving her soaked and shivering, perched on the edge of the sink. The cacophony of pouring rain was muted in the ‘fresher–enough so that she could hear the soft sounds of the water dripping from her drenched clothes onto the tile floor. In a kind of hazy fascination she leaned forward to see that the puddle gathering beneath her was tinted pink. Weakly she fell back against the cracked, spotted mirror behind her, lest she lose her balance and topple off the counter.

Han’s voice was still ringing in her ears.

What’re you doing? You trying to get yourself killed?

She closed her eyes. No, she hadn’t been, but…

The flurry of movement around her signaled his reappearance, and though she kept her eyes closed against dizziness and something alarmingly like shame, she could discern clearly the sounds of the medkit being tossed on the counter beside her, towels being pulled from the shelf, and the faucet running as he hastily scrubbed the grime and blood from his hands.

Not until she felt his fingers close around her wrist did she realize that she was still clutching her jacket closed over the scarlet stain blossoming through the white fabric of her waterlogged shirt. Her knuckles appeared as white as the material, and she rushed to assure herself it was from the vice-like grip she’d taken on the jacket, the exertion of keeping her fist pressed against the gushing wound in her side, and the cold, frigid rain–though her gaze flickered back to the bloody-water puddle on the floor.

Without speaking, Han was shoving her jacket down off her shoulders. She must have really been suffering from blood loss, she realized, if she was letting him strip her clothes off without a single word. Leia tried to peel her shirt off on her own, but lifting her arms sent an awful pain searing through her side, and so Han tugged the garment over her head and tossed it in a soggy heap with her jacket. The delirious observation that his actions held none of the gentleness or desire she would have imagined he’d display the first time he undressed her flickered absurdly across her thoughts, interrupted when he grabbed up one of the hotel’s dingy towels and barked at her to keep it held tight against her side.

Goosebumps breaking out all over her cold, clammy skin in the ‘fresher’s chill air, stripped down to her bra and clutching a bath towel to a wound that they both knew was the result of her own reckless stupidity, Leia weakly acknowledged that the only reasons her face wasn’t burning from humiliation were because she’d bled out all over the city, and because she was too dizzy as a result to feel embarrassment.

Han rummaged with sharp efficiency through the medpack, tossing things carelessly to the cluttered counter in his haste. He didn’t warn her or apologize when he shoved her hand aside to spray her wound with an antiseptic, or look up at her face when she hissed and flinched from the sting. Next came the sealant, which stung even worse, and for the first time Leia chanced a glance down at the angry red slash that cut from her right side down towards her navel. Not as deep as they’d initially feared, but bleeding heavily enough to be a cause of serious concern. She needed a medcenter, and they both knew she wouldn’t get one.

Han’s hands must have been shaking as he’d tried to tear open the first bacta patch, because suddenly he swore and she looked up to watch him rip it open with his teeth–an unprecedented lack of composure and control on his part that seemed incredibly profound, somehow, as she sat there half-undressed before him. Was it adrenaline that turned his hazel eyes to steely gray as he pressed the bacta patch against her ribcage? Fear that had caused that tremor in his otherwise steady hands? She was sure it was anger that resulted in the clench of his jaw, the awful, resounding silence between them as he tended her wound. She could feel the anger coming off of him in waves.

“Sit up,” he whispered shortly once he had five bacta patches adhered tightly down the length of the wound. Leia’s head spun a bit as she pushed away from the cold mirror, and she clutched his shoulders so that he could wind gauze around her.

“This’ll have to hold ‘til morning,” he said bitterly.

Shaking, Leia looked up into his face. He’d leaned closer to see over her shoulder to secure the end of the bandage, and when he drew back their faces were terribly close, her hands still on his shoulders and his arms still around her. Cold water ran in tiny rivulets down her neck and back from her bedraggled, wet braids, and though he’d flung off his own jacket, he still wore his dripping shirt, icy where it brushed against her bare torso, and yet she could also feel the heat of his body through the fabric, warming the air between them. The occasional brush of his knuckles on her flesh as he’d bandaged her had been such fierce heat that she’d trembled. He was gazing directly into her eyes, and Leia looked back in silence, wondering when the moment would come, now that it was clear she wouldn’t die, for him to scream at her.

The silence stretched, suspended and tense and wary. Leia’s side was throbbing–she couldn’t bear to take the hypo that would dull her pain, and Han knew it–and she wanted badly to lie down, but she was frozen as he looked at her. The silence was worse than his judgement, she decided.

“Let me down.”

Han didn’t even blink, much less move away from her.

“Do you have any fucking clue how damn stupid that was?” he demanded. His voice was as harsh as she’d anticipated, and yet lower, too, than she’d thought–a deadly, commanding tone that alarmed her. She was reminded abruptly of his time in the Imperial Navy, and also, incongruously, too, of the night those weeks ago when she’d gone to the Falcon for flatcakes and whiskey…

Leia looked away from him.

“I’m sorry,” she acknowledged tensely.

Han cut across her before she’d gotten halfway through the words.

“You’re not,” he spat. “Sorry that you didn’t catch him, maybe, but that’s about all you’re sorry for, isn’t it, Princess?”

Leia felt her hackles rise.

“And what exactly, captain, do you propose I should feel sorry for?”

Han shrugged away from her, a gesture so callous and dismissive that it stung her far more than she would have thought, and he knelt to gather up the blood soaked towels and her wet, ruined clothes. Then he stood, and turned to her with such an expression of disappointed pity that her throat closed up.

“I’m not gonna watch you get yourself killed,” he said flatly. “I cut you a break the last couple times you darted off on one of your suicide runs, Your Worship, but this is it. If you don’t care enough about yourself to keep yourself alive, then fine, but don’t drag me into it next time. I’m done.”

“Suicide run?” she repeated incredulously. “That man had information about the imperial construction on–”

“You couldn’t’ve caught him, Leia, and you knew it, but you decided to die trying anyway, didn’t you?” he snarled. “Leave me out of it if you’re gonna sacrifice yourself for nothing. That’s not what I signed up for.”

Leia’s mouth opened soundlessly, her eyes prickling and her chest aching more fiercely than her injured side.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she seethed, her weak hands gripping the edge of the counter. She felt bare, and not just because Han held her shirt balled up in his hand.

The look Han gave her was so cutting, so horribly knowing, that her defensive temper–already feeble in light of her wounded, weakened state–crumbled to ruin.

“We still playing this game?” he asked gruffly. His eyes, cold grey moments before, had grown hot–fierce, deep golden green, sharper and more compassionate than anyone, including herself, would have given him credit for.

He stepped close, his hips touching her knees, his hands coming up on the counter to either side of her to brace his tall frame as he leaned over her, wet clothes clinging to him, scarlet traces of her blood streaked over his torso and pants, and in his damp, mussed hair. Her heart suddenly beat double time, and she felt the heavy weight of guilt and dread settle in her stomach as she realized just what exactly had been the implications of her recklessness that night…

His face, closer to hers than it had been since that night she’d sat perched in his lap at the holochess table, loomed inches from her own.

“I know exactly what I’m talking about, Princess,” he whispered.

With that he turned and strode back into the bedroom, leaving her where she sat, half naked and freezing on the sink, lightheaded and grieving and culpable.

Unable to move for several long moments, Leia stared straight ahead. He was wrong. He might have known that she was hurting, or that she felt responsible, but he didn’t know–couldn’t have known the gaping hole that she felt inside herself. He couldn’t fathom the despair, or the incomprehensible loss, no matter what she might have said to him that night. He had no inkling of the guilt that turned her stomach when she relived the moments before Alderaan’s destruction–the anguish of knowing that if it hadn’t been for her, if she hadn’t involved herself, and stolen off with the plans… Han couldn’t have conceived of the loneliness, or the pain, or the torture of dreaming every night that she was on her planet, with her parents, only to wake and remember it was all gone, all of it, and that she’d never again hug her mother, or see her father, or anyone or anyplace that she’d ever known and lived and loved. Some nights she knew it wasn’t real even as she dreamed it, and in those dreams she clutched at her parents and wept, begging them not to go–don’t leave, don’t leave, please don’t leave me–and she would feel wakefulness stealing over her, tearing her from them until she woke to the awful truth. It was a devastation that she’d never have been able to imagine, and so surely Han had no idea.

He didn’t know that she was lost, unfeeling and cold and apathetic, and he surely didn’t know that the adrenaline was all she could feel–all she could feel that wasn’t guilt or grief or anger–and he didn’t know that she had to let the rebellion fuel her–consume her–because if she didn’t she’d go mad in the abyss of her world’s destruction.

Leia pressed her trembling palm against her eyes.

He was right, at least, she admitted raggedly to herself, right in the assertion that she didn’t care if she lived or died. Sometimes, the hollowness didn’t allow for caring.

But it wasn’t suicide that she craved. She didn’t want to die. She wanted–it was–what was it?




Leia wasn’t sure how she’d ended up crumpled on the wet floor with hot tears trailing down her cheeks. All she knew was that she hurt. Oh, she was hurting. And her reckless, obsessive pursuits against the Empire only distracted without alleviating any of the pain.

Maybe that’s what Han knew.

Furious with herself, she scrubbed the tears from her face. She had neither the privacy nor the energy for the emotional breakdown that had been threatening her for the last three months. In fact, she wasn’t even sure she had the energy to get off the floor, and her wound felt like it was on fire.

But she had to stand. She had to pick herself back up.

She always did.

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Hi, in another ask about why you dislike NS you said: "Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura and that Sakura was shown to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”. Iv'e seen this claimed a lot by both SS and NH shippers but never have I seen canon evidence that proves either of those statements to be true in the manga, in fact there were some panels that show the opposite is true. so can you show me proof from the manga to those 2 statements?

To be honest, I find it really, really surprising that not only do not think that neither of those statements are true, but you also think that the manga has actually shown the opposite. That’s honestly left me at a loss for words.

Anon, no manga panels illustrate Naruto romantic feelings for Sakura as being stronger towards the end of Part 2 than they were towards the beginning. Similarly, no manga panels depict Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke as being weaker towards the end than they were towards the beginning.

During the Land of Iron arc, Naruto was taken aback by Sakura’s sudden confession for all of one second, and quickly realised that something wasn’t right, and during the whole ordeal, he gave absolutely no indication that he still harboured feelings for her at all:

Previously, when Sakura made it crystal clear how her heart belonged to Sasuke and Sasuke alone, such as just prior to making the Promise of a Lifetime, Naruto would have at least displayed some form of sad smile or expression, because he had feelings for her, so that information was difficult for him to accept:

Now, he didn’t do any of that, and was instead actually angry that Sakura was lying to herself about her feelings. He’d retain some of his crush habits (such as the girlfriend comment during the war), but nothing serious; nothing that was anywhere near as profound as what he displayed during his conversation with Sai towards the beginning of Part 2.

As for the evolution of Sakura’s feelings, I don’t even need to go into Part 2 to illustrate this, because Part 1′s development is all that’s necessary.

She was a clear fangirl towards the beginning , there’s no debating that. She thought Sasuke was cool, and was infatuated with his external persona:

But as she got to know Sasuke on a deeper and a more personal level, she realised that there was a very broken person beneath the the stoic facade that he always put up. She saw his imperfections, his issues, his pain, and rather than cause her to distance herself, all of these things drew Sakura closer to Sasuke instead, and caused her to fall in love with him.

She didn’t love Sasuke for his looks or cool demeanour; that’s not who she fell in love with. Sakura fell in love with the boy who was in desperate need of help. And the change in her affections was clear for all to see. Before in the Forest of Death, Sakura was paralysed in fear when facing overwhelming adversity. Now, she was staring death straight in the face, yet she moved to protect Sasuke with her life without a 2nd thought:

Why? Because her feelings for him were now “on a totally different level”. I could pick out plenty of other instances which explicitly highlight this, but I feel that one example is sufficient.

But just as a last bit of reinforcement, the person I was quoting was Kakashi, because while looking at Sakura during chapter 675, and thinking about how far she’s come, both physically and emotionally since they all introduced themselves back in chapter 3, he himself acknowledged that her feelings for Sasuke had developed. She still loved him, “but on a totally different level”:

If you want me to show more evidence from the manga, then I can Anon, but as I said earlier, I feel that the examples that I listed should be more than enough to demonstrate how Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura, and how Sakura illustrated to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”.

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Every time a new update drops I have a bittersweet feeling, because so far I've been enjoying this week much more than I would have thought, but also it reminds me of how much potential each plotline would have if this wasn't the last season. But I guess, we should just enjoy the ride and hope that all the clips are gonna be good.

Yes. And that’s what I love about Julie. You know when I watch all these clips I can picture an entire season for all of the characters. Their problems aren’t new, they’re quite common actually. But it’s exactly this that makes skam so great! It’s so simple and common and that makes it so relatable and likeable and new and never done before. Weird isn’t it?

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My only real concern is the change of voice actors, particularly Chloe. For me the "voice" and vocal intonations are very important in defining characterisation. I really wish they'd given us a few more lines of dialogue in the trailer to hear Chloe's new voice. That said I like the concept and the short clip of Chloe having a nightmare about being in her dad's car when he had his crash looks like it's gonna be painful to watch her reaction. And I'm happy Ashly Burch is on the writing team.

I have more concerns than the voice actors, to be blunt.

Having just watched this 20 minute gameplay demo, yea. I have worries.

The voice acting doesn’t sound as good as LiS1, in my straight-shot opinion. A lot of the dialogue sounded…off, a bit. Cringe-inducing in some cases, though that’s more a combo of writing and acting. I mean, a lot of LiS1 was like that, but Hannah and Ashly sold it. These folks…don’t as much? Something feels off. Something about the entire project so far just feels like it’s…missing something? But I can’t quite pinpoint what that is.

Me and @mollifiable watched it together and chatted about it afterward – we have very mixed feelings. There’s certain elements we like from what we saw, others than made us both cringe (one choice in particular elicited very discomforting sounds from both of us), and just…in general, I get the feeling we’re not actively excited the way we feel like we should be for more Life is Strange, given how much we both care about it.

I don’t want to bring anyone’s hype down, just…we’re both very critical of our media, and LiS is very important to us both (and its ending upsets us both a lot, by contrast) so we’re just feeling very cautious, I guess.

I am very happy Ashly is on the writing team, and I don’t want to discourage her replacement, but…what I watched didn’t quote feel like Chloe, because Ashly is Chloe, the way Hannah is Max. Those performances were very important. I’m very excited to properly dive into this story and see where it leads, but I’m very worried it won’t quite live up to the original story and could take away from Chloe’s relationship with Max (which was the CORE OF LIFE IS STRANGE in the first place, by the way).

I can smell the ship wars now, and I don’t like it. I can smell the FANDOM going at war with itself over this prequel. Just like fucking Korra and ATLA.

The fact is, if this was new characters, new setting, no direct connection to LiS1, a lot of our criticisms would be tempered, I’m sure. But it isn’t new, it’s characters we know. So they have to be handled with care.

These devs have put themselves in quite a tricky situation! You can tell they care, which is super important. I hope they have a plan, and I hope they can pull it off, because it would be awesome. I’m just feeling very neutral right now. They still have to prove themselves. I want them to. I just feel like this prequel approach leaves too much room for cringe-worthy moments, such as the pivotal “Friends vs More Than Friends” moment in the junkyard.

By the end of the demo, it seems clear they grasp what Chloe’s character would be about at this age, what her flaws are and what she’s dealing with. I just haven’t really gotten a strong sense for where she’s going, which…is amplified by how I already know where she ends up. It’s all so complicated and we’ll see how it turns out!

In the meantime, I plan to have Chapter 16 finished this weekend, and hoo-wee, it’s gonna be a doozy.

How To Write Men In Romance Fiction

I have recently come across one of the most fascinating articles published in the recent 2015, written by a man who doesn’t read romance novels, about – you guessed it – Romance Literature! There’s a saying in Bulgarian, which we started using about 15 years ago (I believe it was used in a sketch by a comedian), and it goes like this: “I laugh in the face of tragedy because what else could I do – cry?”

I believe this article gives meaning to that expression in ways I did not think possible.

Now, gender is a stupid thing to begin with, let’s base our conversation on that. Creating a general picture of manhood or womanhood is ridiculously impossible affair, because not only does it vary by culture, it varies by person, and we end up with the bottom line that we all experience gender in unique unquantifiable ways.

Plus, gender itself is a social construct which isn’t even perceived universally as a binary and often is either viewed on a spectrum or a combination of identities which depend on the circumstances. It is Western-centric to perceive it as the dualistic man-woman, and it is blatantly wrong, considering the idea of man versus woman is a religious indoctrination spread by Christianity. If you don’t believe me, please check with the numerous African, and South and East Asian communities who struggle to retain or fight to remember the identities typical of their culture while they’re being bombarded by Western propaganda in the media and religious indoctrination by supposedly well-wishing ministers.

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Sinners ~ Greed

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles


Word Count: 5062

A/N: This part is a little more…soft than the previous. So here is Part 5 of the series that @smutandahalf and I have been writing together. Enjoy ya filthy sinners ;)

Part 1 Envy |  Part 2 Pride |  Part 3 Wrath | Part 4 Gluttony 

As I lay here, listening to Stiles’ heartbeat, Isaac’s words echo over and over in my head. I can give you so much more than he can. I hope you don’t regret this. Will I regret this? Yes, Stiles is a fucking God in bed, not that I’ll ever admit that out loud, but so far that’s all I’ve gotten from him. We don’t talk about our feelings, which is kinda fine with me. Ugh…feelings. I’m not a feelings kind of person. I think if you care about people, you should be able to tell how much they care by their actions. Not having them tell you a million times that they love you. But, I will admit, it’s nice to hear the words every once and awhile.

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Dan and Phil

I feel like Dan and Phil are going to do something so extreme this year that will have the entire Phandom flip out. I mean, 2017 so far is just giving out this vibe that it would be a good year for them. Dan is embracing his feminine side, and Phil is more confident than ever. They’ve been so open about certain things in the last few months, that used to take a year. I’m not saying that they will confirm “Phan” or that they will “come out”. All I’m saying is that they’ve given us so many surprises this year in 2017 and it’s barely about to be May. I just have a feeling that there is something bigger in the future that they have in store for us and I think we should be ready for that, whatever it is.

Yongguk, Himchan, and Daehyun Making Breakfast in His Shirt

Part of Making breakfast in his shirt

Part I, Part II


B.A.P:  Part I, Part II; BTOB: Part I, Part II ; BTS {Coming soon}; Got7 {coming soon}; and VIXX {coming soon}

Sexual references

Send me y’all‘s requests though <3 Enjoy~!


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The Eaters of Light

The One Where Everyone Is Scottish

  • ahh yes this felt more like the first 5 episodes
  • thanks Rona Munro
  • Bill felt far more involved than last week’s ep
  • Nardole on the other hand should have been left guarding the vault
  • I feel as though it’s been a while since I last talked about how great Pearl and Peter are?
  • well they’re fantastic I love them so much
  • I assume it’s just so obvious I don’t mention it for every review
  • seeing the tardis in stone reminded me of The Fires of Pompeii
  • Twelve how could u talk about juggling for romans but not playing the silent harp for romans 
  • lol I love their student/teacher dynamic and seeing Bill insist she knows more than they Doctor
  • even though they were hardly together this ep you got such a good sense of what their relationship is
  • poor Bill falling through the floor. again.
  • was this the first main white female character since Heather? I feel like all the other main female characters so far have been woc
  • which is absolutely not a complaint
  • just to be clear
  • (edit: I forgot about the biologist in Pyramid)
  • lip sync! 
  • this was v Donna in Pompeii I loved it
  • ah the classic saved-by-the-popcorn move
  • though a waste of good popcorn if you ask me
  • I liked how this looked at Romans as something other than a Great Powerful Empire
  • both as murderers and thieves but also as young people you don’t necessarily want to be there
  • let a girl flirt with Bill 2k17
  • I mean there were Heather and Penny but they were both started by Bill
  • all romans are bi confirmed 
  • except Vitus of course 
  • lol though first Bill is racist to a blue guy and now she’s narrow-minded for just liking one gender let her have a break
  • so translation work even if you’ve not been in the tardis now? 
  • I wonder if for them it only lasts while the tardis is around or if it’s permanent like for the companions 
  • I mean…..I assume it’s permanent for them?
  • ah it’s been a while since someone talked about the stars disappearing
  • ‘my destiny’ aye Merida 
  • ‘she’s supposed to be in the vault' 
  • Nardole. 
  • m8. 
  • you were the one that took her out. 
  • ah the crocodile tears….or maybe for real?? 
  • I guess we’ll have to wait and see


A Big Mistake

Originally posted by blogfandomimaginesstuff

Pairing: ReaderxStiles

Rating: NSFW 18+

A/N: Okay so this is the first kind of sad one I’ve written. I wrote this after I watched the new episode this week (6x09). I was so emotionally moved by that ep that I cried when I wrote this. Anyways, thank you once again to @dumbass-stilinski for helping me edit this and help with the song choices for this one. IF you don’t want this to end sadly, let me know if you want a part 2! Enjoy reading!

Part 2

Listen to these songs:






“Stiles you don’t get it!” You screamed at him, your body boiling up with rage.

“What don’t I get Y/N!” Stiles yells back at you, causing your body temperature to rise even higher than before.

Your voice softened and all the muscles relaxed,“You don’t want me Stiles, you want her, you want Lydia.” Suddenly, you weren’t even angry anymore, you were just filled with sadness.

You were tired of doing this to yourself. He wanted Lydia, he has been in love with her since the 3rd grade, but you, you have been in love with Stiles Stilinski since the 3rd grade, but know one knew. You were sick of meeting up with him in secret just to relieve both of your sexual frustrations. You didn’t want to keep going with this because you were trying to save yourself from heartbreak. It didn’t mean anything more to him than sex, and after 6 months, you finally had come to terms with it.

He didn’t say anything but flash what you took as a look of apology and guilt. You couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“Y/N, that’s not-”

“Look Stiles. I’m tired of this okay. You know how I have felt about you forever. Let’s just not pretend anymore, I love you but the feelings are not mutual. I’m such an idiot for letting it get this far,” you sighed as a hot tear ran down your cheek, “I think you should just leave okay, pretend what we have been doing for the last six months never happened. See you around Stilinski.” You opened the door of your bedroom and motioned with a hand signal for him to leave.

“Please Y/N just listen to me.” Stiles cried out.

“Just go please! It’s hard enough as it is!” You urged, needing to be alone to analyse the situation.

He finally left and you slammed your door shut. You let out the rib shaking sob you had kept in the whole time you two argued. You decided to grab a change of clothes and have a shower, hoping the water would clean you of your heartbreak from the boy you have loved for 8 years, and just make you forget about everything, for a little while.


You laid your clothes on the bench in your bathroom, and brought your phone to play your slow, chill playlist in an attempt to relax you. You hopped into the shower and turned the water on, letting your body absolutely soak in it. The water surged around your body, encasing you completely with it’s cool and smooth touch. The water on your skin that at first felt only a smidgen cold, has turned to full on biting as you turn the hot water up to nearly its maximum temperature. Your skin began to sting, turning a bright red from the harsh caress of the liquid, but it made you feel good, good enough to nearly forget what happened five minutes ago, but it’s wasn’t enough.

Suddenly, you felt the same hot tears from before run down your face, overwhelmed by what happened. The shock had finally worn off when you realised that just before you began arguing was the last time you would feel his arms wrapping around you, his soft, delicate touch which you now yearned for.

Your thoughts about him were interrupted when you felt someone press against your backside in the shower. You felt long, skinny fingers run up your arm, the touch all too familiar. It was Stiles.

He grabbed your sides and turned you around to face him. You couldn’t look at him as he wiped the tears off of your face with his thumb. He then began rubbing his thumb in circles on your cheek, you still couldn’t look at him, and continued to let tears splurge from your eyes.

“Come on Y/N, look at me,” He whispered, and you slowly looked up, seeing that his eyes were watery, tears falling down his face, “You know I didn’t mean to hurt you, but just look at me.” You grabbed his hand that was cupping your face and and held it, sparks flying all around your body when you connected your hand with his.

“I know Stiles, I know that’s not who you really are.” He replied by pressing his lips against yours, and you immediately responded. He moved his hands down to your ass, kneading it.

It felt so right, but you stopped and pulled away. You had to, or it would just make it harder to get over him. You moved closer to the glass wall and turned your back to him. He moved closer you, sending a shiver down your spine.

“Come on Y/N, please, just keep looking at me, please.” He turned you around to face him again, like he did when he first got in the shower.

He ran his long, slick fingers through your wet hair and just like that, you crashed your lips against his. You couldn’t help yourself, you were so in the moment you had forgotten about how much more complex things had suddenly become.

The kiss deepened as Stiles slipped his tongue between your slightly gaping lips, tongues roaming around everywhere in each others mouths. He bit down and nibbled on your bottom lip before moving down to your ear, sucking on your lobe, driving you absolutely crazy. He knew that was your sensitive spot. He then moved down to your neck and sucked just above your collarbone, which was your other sensitive spot, causing you to let out a soft moan. You entangled your hands in his hair and pulled on it, causing him to let out a low, throaty growl.

He moved down your body, cupping your breasts and taking one in his mouth, swirling his tongue around your nipple, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. As Stiles continued to suck on your nipple, he slip his index and middle finger in between your folds, earning a loud groan from you.

You returned the favour by slowly starting to pump his length a few times, his head rolling back, nearly hitting it on the glass wall of the shower. He turned you around, pushing you up against the glass door, pulling your left leg up and lining his tip up with your entrance, slowly pushing himself all the way inside of you, the both moaning each other’s name. He pulled in and out slowly, taking his time, which was very different to what would usually happen the other times you had sex. There was always constant ass-slapping, hair pulling, dirty talking and just straight out fucking until you both nearly slipped out of consciousness from the mind- blowing orgasms you had, but this felt extremely different. It was so much more intimate, it felt more like he was making love to you, it was more than just a fuck to him.

He began to pick up his pace a little, but he still wasn’t moving as fast as he usually would. You put both hands up a against the glass for support. You begin to feel every single tiny muscle in your body tense up and the familiar pit in your stomach began to increase. You clenched around him a few times before both hitting your release at the same time, panting furiously as you both rode out your highs.

You and Stiles hopped out of the shower and got changed.

“Y/N?” He turned and looks at you, his eyes full of concern.

“What is it Stiles?” You looked at him and brought your hand up to his face. You sighed as you realised this was actually the last time were you would have to say goodbye to him. He stood there looking at you for minute. He put his hand on the one that was still cupping his face, he even rested his head on it, putting value in your touch.

“It should have always been you Y/N. Yeah I was in love with Lydia, but that is in the past. I am such a fucking idiot for not seeing that it was, still is, always should’ve been, you.” Tears threatened to spill down your face.

“Come on Stiles, you know that’s not true what you are saying. It’s the sex talking, not you.” He pressed his forehead against yours and you closed your eyes, the tears from earlier spilling out.

“It’s true Y/N. I’ll do anything to prove it to you.” He whimpered, plead laced though his voice. You wanted to believe him, so badly, but you just couldn’t. You knew what he really wanted, Lydia.

“Look Stiles, I want to believe you but I just can’t. As long as Lydia is in the picture, I don’t know if I can ever believe you.” You moved away from him, a continuous stream of tears running down his face. He tried to grab your arm, but you pushed him away. You grabbed a bag and stuffed it with clothes. You also grabbed your car keys and ran downstairs and outside into your car.

You banged your hands against the steering wheel and let out a scream, sobs continuously erupting from you. You eventually put the key in your ignition and began driving without a destination. Even though she was one of the last people you wanted to see, you always ended up at Lydia’s house when something was wrong.

You ran out of you car and banged on her door while yelling her name. She opened the door and her mouth dropped to the floor when she saw the emotional, terrible state you were in. She grabbed you and pulled you up to her room.

You sat on her bed, and she sat next you. She handed you a tissue and asked you,

“Okay Y/N, what the hell is going on?”

You began to explain what happened from the beginning. How they fought about you and how you told him you loved him but he was in love with her, and pretty much just using you for sex. Then you continued with all the details from the shower and the words you exchanged after. A long river of tears flowed from your eyes.

“Wow Y/N, I don’t mean for this to come off insensitive, but Stiles wasn’t lying with what he said.” Lydia smiled at you rubbing her hand along your arms. You froze.

“What? Lydia how is that possible?” A flutter of butterflies arises in your stomach.

“Yeah, he came here before with Scott. He said the same thing to us, practicing what he was going to say to you. Scott even heard his heartbeat when he said it out loud, and it didn’t skip a beat. He really does love you Y/N.”

You eyes widened after Lydia had finished talking and that’s when it hit you, He wasn’t lying, he was telling the truth, and you realised you had made a big mistake.

anonymous asked:

Is it even possible to create something unique? All my ideas are original, I've never stolen anyones story ideas, but every once in a while I discover a book or a tv show and it has the exact same idea as my storry. I write something and I think wow this is such a cool and uniqe idea and then i see that somene has already written it. Shoul I scarp my ideas or write them anyway? I just feel like whats the point of writing something thats already written, even if its a bit different...

You should probably give yourself more credit. Stories are far more complicated than their most basic tropes. EVE was not the first book about an alien invasion, but the characters, setting, subplot, descriptions, etc are supposed to set it apart. That’s what storytelling is all about - breathing originality into basic concepts. Have some faith in yourself, kiddo.

grey’s anatomy sentence meme

( other grey’s meme made by yours truly 1 2 3 4 5 )

  • i can be a better man/woman with you
  • are you better? or are you fake better?
  • you should kiss me
  • welcome back, you had us worried there for a minute
  • do you think they’re going to make it?
  • you don’t need a man to build a future, build it yourself
  • who keeps pissing off all the women?
  • i slept for the first time in weeks because of you
  • you gonna chew that?
  • you’re gonna pull that ‘i was raised out back by the trash cans’ attitude and beat the living hell out of him, right?
  • would you wanna be alone at a time like this?
  • i learned how to play dirty on the playground
  • you know, i’ve seen people come back from worse
  • are you upset with me?
  • we can do this, all you have to do is meet me halfway
  • do you think he can handle it?
  • whatever happens, you can handle this
  • you need to tell the people you love how you feel while they can still here you
  • you have changed
  • take care now
  • i said i love you
  • i can’t breathe without you
  • we can do this
  • go ahead, get it off your chest
  • you made me promise you that you wouldn’t live like this
  • i’m sorry, that’s the first time i said it out loud and it took the wind out of me.
  • we’re all scared
  • okay, i’ll just stand here with you then
  • i’m moving on
  • everyday is like this
  • what do you want to promise each other?
  • nobody walks out, no matter what happens
  • i was so scared
  • does this feel real to you?
  • you need to cry, you need to scream
  • you’re my only person
  • i need you to keep breathing
  • i swear to god, i need you to stay alive
  • you just being here helps
  • you’re sure about this?
  • you are far more twisted than i realized
  • please, just open your eyes
  • i don’t ever want to live without you
  • it might all be gone tomorrow
  • i don’t deserve your forgiveness 
  • are you crying?
  • this doesn’t feel real
  • just back off, okay
  • i just need a minute
  • there’s no need for you to keep living in this bed
  • you need to take it easy
  • we’ll keep trying
  • you’re gonna regret this
  • i can’t sleep
  • i don’t even recognize you
  • you’ll never have to be alone if you don’t want to be
  • will you wait for me?
  • you should see me without a shirt on, it’s kind of ridiculous
  • he deserves to know
  • i should of been there for you, but i wasn’t
  • i know i don’t have the best track record, i’m sorry
  • can we talk about it?u
  • why would you do this to me?
  • i can’t just watch people die
  • you make me nervous
  • i don’t believe you
  • you’re gonna have to make this up to me with a lot of sex
  • oh god i’m gonna hurl again
  • i’ll understand if you don’t want to come back
  • my aim is exceptional
  • we changed each other
  • it’s too easy to lose your way in this world
  • this is not over
  • i’m not perfect, not even close
  • i stopped fighting
  • i can’t do this alone
  • what happened to you?
  • i’m someone you need to get to know to love
  • you’re ignoring me
  • so you think i’m broken?
  • i don’t know how to sleep alone
  • why do people always leave?
  • it’s good to see you
  • i’ll see you around
  • don’t touch me
  • i know people are worried
  • i should be greek tragedy, turned to stone, bat-crap crazy, but i’m good
  • instead of moving through the pain, you always run from it
  • the carousel never stops turning
  • there is no time
  • don’t be afraid
  • i don’t want you to be alone
  • you’ve survived worse
  • you are a piece of me
  • i love you too much
  • you’re worth me standing like a fool
  • you’re anything by ordinary
  • there are people dying 

Remember that sorta unique gemsona I made a while back? Ha, well I made a villain that I think would be more fun to be than the boring, timid Ocean Wave Agate. And thus I present to you, Golden Beryl

What I have so far on her bio is below the cut. Feel free to ask questions about her or critique!  

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Just as you want me

Word count: 3206

I gulped down the liquid as i my best friend, Kayla, was pouring up some shots in front of us. She had a great mix of vodka, tequila and rum. But whatever it was, i actually didn’t care right now. I just wanted to feel the rush through my veins already. The kitchen was cramped tight with people, pouring up drinks and chatting away, a couple here and there sitting on the the counter making out. “Done,” she spoke as she put the bottle down with a loud thud. 

She lifted up the first cup, filled with a clear liquid all the way up so it was almost spilling over the edge, “to us,” she spoke as i smiled brightly grabbing my glass, “and to tonight,” i spoke as we clinked the glasses together spilling some of it down my arm and on the floor. The glass hitting my lips as i downed the fluid, burning my throat as the vodka made its way down. Quickly following up with the next glass, squeezing my eyes together shut, as i downed the next three glasses. Grabbing the last one standing as she finished her last one, in one fast motion the downed the last drops of alcohol and looked at her smiling. She laughed a beautiful laugh as she grabbed two cups and drunkenly poured up way too much vodka and adding some soda, handing me the now full cup. “Now, let’s dance and find some cute boys,”

Pulling me by the hand she led me into the middle of the dance floor which was created, for a college party this was turning out big. As the next song came on, blasting through the speakers i took a sip from my cup, as i swayed my hips to the beat. She danced in front of me, getting the attention from every boy around her. Swinging her hips and circling around herself as if she had done nothing else in her entire life. I was so envious of how easy everything was for her, she could get any boy she ever wanted without doing more than blinking sweetly with her eyes. but i got it, she was beautiful deep down to the core, and i admired her so dearly for who she was just as everyone else did. 

Boys swarming around her, making me take a step back, clumsily bumping into the figure behind me. My mind blurring for a second as i tried to find balance again. Two strong hands gripping my shoulders as they comforted and held me still. My eyes gliding in and out of focus before turning around smiling brightly, as my eyes met with some huge brown ones. My smile fading for a second as i took in his beauty. “Thank you,” i stammered as i could feel the buzz in my head, everything in my body telling me how bad i wanted the boy standing in front of me. “Don’t worry about it,” he spoke as he held out his hand, i took it, shaking my head laughing, “y/n” i spoke as a smile lit up on his face, “Shawn,” he spoke as he pulled me after him towards the kitchen. 

The kitchen wasn’t nearly as crowded as before, and the music wasn’t as loud, “sure you are okay?” he spoke, i nodded as i took a sip from my drink and by that emptying the cup placing it on the counter. I smiled up at him, “yeah don’t worry about me,” i could almost not even form a sentence. My finger tips were tingling, aching to wrap myself around his neck, just placing my lips on his. But i wouldn’t, he didn’t seem so interested in me, so i held back. “Shawn,” someone called loudly from the door, “come on buddy, we promised to get Jack,” the person shouted as shawn turned is gaze to me again. “Hope to see you later?” he spoke as he lifted his eyebrow challenging. “Definitely,” i spoke as he smiled and turned around. 

I let out a breath which i didn’t even notice that i had been holding. My legs felt like jelly, i’d never experienced anything like this before. I mean yes, he was drop dead gorgeous, but not only that, he seemed so polite and sweet. I shook my head, as i poured myself another way too strong drink before making my way out on the dance floor again. Joining some of the girls from my classes, letting the alcohol and music taking over slowly. I closed my eyes as i enjoyed just being here, feeling high into the air. 

As the night went on, i was still on the dance floor, currently sipping on the umpteenth drink. Everything spinning around me as the bass vibrated through my body. As partition started playing, the girls around me cheering in anticipation for the song, some strong hands wrapped around my waist, guiding me against the firm body behind me. Being this intoxicated i didn’t even mind, nor bother who the person behind me was. Big hands squeezed my sides as he pushed me closer to him. 

Lingering touched against my body as i moved my body against his. Hands wandering up and down my sides as my hands wrapped around the neck of the tall figure behind me. “Suddenly such a bad girl,” the person spoke, which made everything in me freeze and every hair on my body rise from the skin. Because as clear as the sun on a frosty morning i could one hundred percent hear to whom this voice belonged. I turned around staring into shawns far away gaze looking down at me, “suddenly,” i teased, “what are you talking about,” as grabbed is arms and started to swing my hips again. He smiled at my comment and grabbed my hips once again. 

“Who would have thought,” he laughed as he pulled my closer. His body heat affecting me more than it probably should. Everything in me was pulsing and vibrating just at the thought of him this near. I traced my hand down his arm and onto his chest, tracing it down his stomach, feeling muscles flex under my touch. “What did you expect?” i whispered as his face came closer to mine, “you seem like such a good girl,” he teased as his hand snaked around my waist. His eyes glimmering in the light from above us. His face flawless and so close to me. Just asking for one thing, to be kissed. But i held back. 

“I am a good girl, shawn,” i whispered, i breathed out his name, almost making it sound sexual, his jaw clenched as i could see the effect had on him. I smiled as i moved closer to him, “or what do you want me to be for you,” i spoke. This wasn’t like me normally, but i loved to see what it did to him, and as the alcohol was speaking more than i was myself, i couldnt bear the thought of stopping now. “Fuck,” he whispered as he stepped even closer to me, not even thinking it was possible to come closer to his body. His face inching closer to mine, his breath feeling hot against my lips.

Everything in me screamed for us to connect, for us to finally touch. And without hesitation he pressed his lips to mine. I stood on my toes as his arms wrapped around me. My hands tangling in his hair as the sensation overtook me. His lips moving against mine slowly and softly. His tongue licking my bottom lip gently as i parted my lips slightly wanting to feel him even more. He tasted of alcohol and maybe something that could be made out as a faint taste of weed. I smiled as pulled his hair, earning a small moan from his lips. I smiled as i pressed my body closer to his, almost melting into one. 

His tongue fighting mine, before after something that seemed like several minutes we pulled apart, lips lingering on each other as long as they could. My breathing quickened as my eyes met his, “I need you,” he spoke, it wasn’t louder than a whisper, but i heard him clearly. I breathed out, “then take me,” i smiled as his face lit up in a smirk, his eyes turning a few shades darker. He grabbed my hand as he pulled me into the back yard, i looked around wondering if he actually wanted to do this outside. But he suddenly turned around a corner and in front of us was a rounded staircase leading up to an open balcony door. 

He let go off my hand as he stepped up the stairs, i was following closely behind him as he stepped into the dimly lit room. It was quiet and empty. I closed the door behind me as i looked around the room, “whose is this,” i spoke as he locked the door, “one of my friends’” he spoke, “are we allowed to be up here,” i questioned, “who cares,” he shot at me, “i thought you could be a bad girl for once,” he smiled cockily. “Oh shut up,” i spoke as i approached him, connecting our lips once again. His hands grabbing my waist before taking control completely. He turned me around and pushed me against the wardrobe standing in the room. 

I moaned out as he pressed my body hardly against the cold wood. His lips trailing down my neck as he pushed my shirt off my shoulders. The cool air hitting my skin. Sucking bruises into my tender skin as i moaned under his touch. He smiled onto my skin, “someone is excited all of a sudden,” he teased as he traced his fingers up and down my thigh. I pulled at his roots harshly in response, he sucked in a breath as i pulled him up to my face again. 

“Are you always this annoying,” i spoke with a smile on my face as i connected our lips again. he laughed as he relaxed a bit, “only with you my love,” he spoke as he gave into the kiss. Taking my chance i turned us around. My small figure pressing him to the wardrobe, he chuckled as i traced my hands up his thighs. Slowly palming him over his jeans, he sucked in a breath as he moaned “someone is excited all of a sudden,” i mocked him as i could feel him pulse under my hands. He rolled his eyes, My lips connecting with the bare skin of his exposed neck, nibbling and kissing on his bare skin. 

My hands pulling at the hem of his shirt as he lifted it off his body. My eyesight greeted with his soft and flawless skin. I stared at him, taking in his perfection. He chuckled as he lifted a finger under my chin, pulling me into another kiss. His tongue roaming my mouth as he kissed me pushing me against the opposite wall. For a one night stand this was surprisingly tender and loving, not that i did mind. His hands cupping my breast, as i ridded myself off my shirt as i broke the kiss, his hands grabbing my now bear upper body. His crotch pressing into mine. 

The friction between our jeans had me trembling under him. My legs shaking, almost ready to give in again. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” he spoke as he started to move his crotch against me. Making my thong rub against my clit. I moaned at the sensation, almost ready to release right this second. His hands wandering from my sore nipple down to my clothed heat. He rubbed me across my jeans as his hands moved up and down on my center. I moaned as i pressed myself closer to him. “I need you,” he spoke as he rubbed me harder, “if you keep doing that to me,” i spoke referring to his hand, “i won’t be able to last longer,” he stopped as he pushed me backwards against the bed falling on top of me. 

Supporting his weight on his elbows as he looked down my half naked body. He pushed me further on top of the bed as he started to kiss down my neck. My head falling back into the pillows as he kissed down the valley of my breasts, sucking a bruise in between them before moving further down. Starting to unbutton my jeans as he pulled them down my legs. “Look who has soaked herself,” he spoke. His breath hitting my wet underwear. I moaned as i looked down at him, he laughed as he pulled down my thong. 

The alcohol giving me confidence as he he blew against my wet heat. “So fucking beautiful,” he spoke as he slowly licked form the bottom of my slick folds to my clit. I moaned as my hand traveled to his hair, pulling on it. My eyes shutting as stars exploded in front of my pitch back sight. “Look at me,” he rasped as he stared to suck on my clit. Aching like never before, i looked down at him, his almost black eyes met mine, his lips working against me. I arched my back as i moaned, trying my hardest not to throw my head back. “Fuck, shawn” i screamed as he pressed my back down to the mattress again. 

His wet tongue working against me, fingers slowly teasing my entrance slowly. My legs wrapping around his upper body, “look. at. me” he spoke as he sucked on my clit hardly making me scream out in pain, “shawn,” he chuckled as he pushed a finger inside of me. “Fuck,” i cursed as i broke the eye contact once again. My one hand standing in his hair as the other on covered my mouth trying to muffle my moans, he had me a trembling and shaking mess already, “don’t,” he spoke as he grabbed my hand, getting more rough. 

“I want to hear your moans,” he growled. “Shawn i need you,” i spoke this time before pulling at his hair. His lips leaving mine looking up at me, looking like someone who wouldn’t listen to me. He suddenly moved up my body, “you need to taste yourself baby, you taste to fucking good, “ as he without a warning kissed me hardly. Tasting myself on his tongue, he moaned into my mouth as he kissed me sloppily. His hands pushing down his trousers before hovering over me. 

“And this is for not letting me finish you my way,” he spoke as i could feel him rub against me. His dick moving up and down my clit before he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. Sweat already glistening on my forehead, watching him in anticipation. Feeling on a complete high as he started to push inside of me. He moaned out, a sound from the deepest of his throat. Only the sound of that was ready to make me cum right then and there. His hands gripping mine tighter as he kept pushing into me. 

I moaned as i was filled and stretched. It didn’t hurt, but it was a new sensation. He was big. And he knew it. He was on top of me with so much confident it had him shining. “Holy,” a strand of curse words escaped his lips before pulling out again. “You are so fucking tight,” he spoke as he pushed in. Not even making me get used to him, but i didn’t care, this side of him was enough to make me throb even more. I moaned as i turned my head to the side. Moaning into the pillow. “Fuck,” i screamed as he started to kiss down my neck once again. 

Kissing the tender bruises he had left earlier. His dick hitting deeper and deeper every time. “You feel so good y/n” he moaned as he licked on my skin. “I need to touch you,” i spoke as i panted every time he pushed into me again with a new force. The sound of skin against skin filled the room with the slight sound of music being played downstairs. He let go of my hands as i grabbed his shoulder pulling him even closer to me. I traveled them down his back as i scratched him slightly “yes,” he whispered as i lifted my leg up. 

He harhsly grabbed it as he pushed it over his shoulder. I screamed out as he hit me at another angle now. His hands supporting his weight as he pounded into me. Stretching my walls to the fullest as he moaned louder. My other leg landed on his shoulder. “Fuck, that is so sexy,” he spoke. “Whatever you wish for,” i spoke referring to earlier, “I want you just the way you are,” he spoke, sounding vulnerable but also demanding at the same time. His hips slamming against mine. 

Our bodies starting to glisten and stick to each other as he kissed me hardly. His hips starting to grind into me instead of pounding. Staying in me, filled up the fullest, he stayed in. Making me moan as his tip kept touching that exact spot. “Shawn!” I moaned as he kept rolling his hips against me. “Just. Like. That.” i moaned in between pants. My head was spinning as his hands started to grab my boobs. Flicking my nipple hardly between his fingers, I moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure. “I think I’m coming,” he spoke as his thrusts turned more hard once again. 

“come for me then,” i spoke as i dug my nails into his back hardly. His head dropped to my shoulder as he moaned. His breath hitting my skin hardly as he moaned loader. The most beautiful sounds leaving his lips. I moaned as i could feel him release inside of me. His hands finding my clit, kneading on it hardly, knowing just how to trigger me, without even knowing how he did it. How he knew exactly how to get me off. 

I came all at once, my sight being dulled as everything turned white for a second, washing every other feeling out of my body than the sense of his voice and breath next to me and his body against mine. For something like this, it felt like something i had never tried before. “Wow,” shawn spoke, i nodded in agreement as i relaxed into the sheets. “You were right,” he spoke. I looked at him as he rolled off me. “You are a bad girl,” i cocked up my eyebrow questioning him “but just in the best way possible,” i chuckled. “You want me to be that?” i whispered. 

 “how about we get of here and head over to my place, and you can show me once again how good you can be” he spoke all of a sudden. I smiled up at with a twinkle in the eye, loving were he was going. “oh can’t get enough of me now,” he laughed as he got up and looked me into the eye as he laughing shook his head, “nope”. 

on opinions and facts and being respectful of your peers

I received this ask and have replied privately, just in case there should be any fallout from what I have to say from the antis who disagree.

If you’re going to start reading this post, read it all the way through, even if you don’t like what I have to say. 

If you try to argue with me without reading everything, not only is that blatant disrespect to my opinion, but it shows that you think your ship or opinion is better than my own.

This ask was a response to the one I received last night, the cheerfully passive-aggressive “Shiro is 25 and Pidge is 14, guys. :)”, which was honestly the first time anyone had ever come to my tiny little corner of the fandom and tried to shove the unconfirmed ages down my throat. 


First off:


I was willing to let some things slide because in the grand scheme of things, me speaking up wasn’t going to make much of a difference…but when they step into my corner of the fandom, when I haven’t even left it to shit on their ships…well, then, they have riled the beast.

I wasn’t bothering anyone. 

I wasn’t trying to force my ship on anyone.

So where the fuck do they feel they have the right to send me bullshit about unconfirmed ages, trying to shove them down my throat just so they can take a shit on something that gives me joy?

The truth is that they’re just looking for reasons to validate their dislike of a ship. Some validation that sending their hate and being cruel to each other is okay. It’s antis working to get under our skin, working to tear us apart and make us feel ashamed for liking something that they don’t agree with. It’s complete and utter disregard of any respect that we should have for one another as fans of a fantastic show. And you know what? 

I’m tired of it. 

I have stood back. I have even gone so far as tricking myself into believing that I loved Klance more than I loved Shidge because of the anxiety attack I had the last time I went into the Shidge tag. I never outwardly broadcast that I shipped Shidge, and only really posted about it when I updated one of my fics. But those days are over.

I’m not going to hide my ship anymore because you shouldn’t have to be afraid to be a part of a fandom.

My voice will be heard.

And just in case you haven’t seen me say it before?


Think the official website, or even an official comic. 

I do not take the words of Voice Actors as canon fact. They may be in the production of the show, but they are not the creators. And I do not take “the video” as canon fact, because the question was asked in a harsh manner and it was an answer given quickly and under duress.

As of right now, there are no ages canon. There are no ships canon, save perhaps Hunk and Shay.

To anyone else who might want to make a jab about ages even after this: Keep your entitlement out of my inbox, and I’ll stay over here on my side of the fandom, not harming you or your fragile disposition with my blatant disregard of the unconfirmed facts you like to preach just to shit on people who ship differently than you do.

Am I being a bit harsh here? 


But you have to understand that we all make up one fandom, and we all come from different backgrounds. Our thoughts and beliefs are going to be different, and if you can’t tolerate that when considering FICTIONAL CHARACTERS and FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS, then how on Earth are you going to deal with it when you face it in your life?

Ship and let ship.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. So unless you want someone to come into your inbox and shit on your ship and try to force their beliefs down your throat, don’t do that to someone else.

I won’t do it to you. I will say what I want to say unabashedly, unashamedly, because it is my belief and my right to ship what I want to ship.

I will tell you that I accept Pidge as a girl because she admitted she was a girl, but I won’t tell you that you can’t headcanon her as NB or trans if you want to, because those are your decisions. 

I will tell you that I can’t bring myself to ship Sheith romantically and couldn’t even before the s2 debacle, but I have defended Sheith shippers and their right to ship it on my main blog, so I won’t tell you that you’re wrong to ship it.

I will tell you that I write all of my characters aged up no matter what I do because I am no longer a teenager and writing teenagers is hard, but I won’t tell you that you have to agree with it.

I will tell you a thousand things I like or dislike, but I won’t ever tell you that you’re wrong for thinking differently.

You can take the unconfirmed ages as fact if you want to and I won’t fault you for it, but don’t preach it to me.

No one’s ship or opinion is better than anyone else’s. We are all equal in fandom, and we are entitled to our own opinions.

And like I have stated several times: