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I have a bit more of a specific question regarding comic creation? I can draw and write well enough, but I can't seem to incorporate the two? Like I have no idea what characters should be doing as they're talking you know? Do you have any advice?

yes! i will do my best to answer this!

what your characters are doing can be called acting. you can draw the characters, you can write the dialogue and narration, but your acting needs work.

- pay attention to people’s body language during real-life conversations! you’ll notice gestures people make when they talk, facial expressions, poses and stuff

- watch movies and tv shows to see how they do it! some are better than others but there are plenty of good examples to look at!

- look at other comics to see how they stage their characters to keep things interesting and natural. for some reason i always think of Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a very simple strip, but I think it’s one of the best ones out there! It can be very conversational, and the reason it works and doesn’t bore most people to death is because it’s not usually just two characters standing still, facing each other as they talk. they’ll be talking as they run from one place to another, jump into the air, pick up a newspaper while pouring coffee, walk across a fallen log in a forest or hop across some rocks.

you get the sense that these characters are living and breathing and that time is passing because of their actions, gestures, and expressions. hobbes’ tongue sticking out as he balances on the rock as calvin jumps with his arms up and hair flowing in the first panel, then in the next panel hobbes bending with his arms up to prepare to jump as calvin lands with his arms out. the timing is great and the gestures are genuine, if not a little exaggerated (which i think is good! i think better to exaggerate than to not do enough)

this one’s got a calmer feel to it with them laying in the grass and talking. but i think it feels just as alive as the previous one where they’re actively moving! hobbes is laying down comfortably in the grass with calvin sitting in a different relaxed position beside him. in the next panel, calvin is now standing and hobbes is sitting up, both growing more involved in the conversation and the idea that something should be different about the sky. 

the idea of something being wrong with the sky is unnerving, so both of them grow less relaxed as the panels continue until the end. this is reflected in how both of their positions become less carefree and comfy, and more awake and thoughtful.

i know it’s a weird analysis of such a simple comic, but i think it could be helpful to look at other comics this way if you have trouble with your acting! 

i hope this could help! i’ll add to this if i think of anything else :)

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If you're taking any requests can you do Clay getting picked on/made fun of by some of the jocks not on the tapes due to his relationship with tony and for being a nerd and then everyone in the tapes standing up for him and telling and all telling the bully to back off please? It's okay if you can't or don't want to!

Hey so sorry this suck a lot but yeahhhh; I felt like nerd wasn’t the best considering Jeff has only just passed when this is set, and the jocks probably knew Clay was helping Jeff, and also that the whole being gay thing was probably not like out yet, but here is my best attempt… SORRY AGAINNNNN

Montgomery’s reign of terror, is turned on Clay after a misdirected foot lands him in deep trouble.

Montgomery de la Cruz was quite possibly Liberty High’s resident asshole. And while Tyler got the brunt of it, today was Clay’s turn. Tony, Skye and Clay sit on one of the outer tables of the cafeteria’s wide selection. And while to an outsider, the trio may have seemed odd, it had a very simple explanation; Tony dated Clay, Clay befriended Skye, and Skye enjoyed their company.

Unbeknownst to Clay, as he turned to reach his bag on the ground, his foot managed to catch the very edge of Montgomery’s shoe. Almost comically, de la Cruz trips, sliding a good few feet before coming to a stop. There is a roar of laughter from the jocks, and a snicker from Skye, while Clay does his best to move to where Montgomery had fallen to help him up. Tony shakes his head, thinking of how typical-Clay this was.

But when the laughter cuts off, and glances drift away, the real fight starts. Monty shoves Clay backward, Clay’s thighs hitting an empty table.

“Watch where you’re going.” Monty mutters, snarling.

“It was- I didn’t mean to.” Clay stammers, brushing down his shirt. “You were the one not watching.”

The jock stopped dead in his tracks. As his usual smirk took over his expression, he turned slowly towards Clay. “Are you fucking with me?” The cafeteria had fallen silent; and several of the featured students on Hannah Baker’s tapes were now making their way over, probably out of fear. The only two absent were Bryce and Alex, and after Alex’s own suicide, nobody was seeing him around school again.

“No, you-” Clay’s cut off by the jock grabbing his shirt again.

“Listen here you little fag. I swear to God.”

Justin wreathes Montgomery off Clay. “What the hell are you doing?” Courtney is next to get involved, putting herself between the jock and Clay.

“He tripped me.”

Several of them covered their laughs, and even Monty realised how ridiculous it sounded out loud. But what happened next was a shock. Tony has somehow mad his way through the crowd, breathing heavily, with rage burning in his eyes. “What did you call him?” Tony snarls, before driving his fist into Monty’s stomach. “I really don’t like that word, de la Cruz.”

Sheri stands next to Clay, her hand on his shoulder, asking whether he’s okay. He nods, his eyes following Tony as he pulls away from the jock on the floor. Tony winks at Clay, before taking his seat again. While Tony and Clay hadn’t exactly told anyone about how they’d started seeing each other, it was nice to see his boyfriend stand up for him. And how fucking hot his boyfriend looked while angry.

What the Crowley?! - Sam x Reader x Dean


What the Crowley…

You remember having come up with that expression once and using it with your best friends but never had you thought that you would be using it with the whole meaning of it…

Yeah what the Crowley was definitely the only way you could be able to describe what was happening to you…

And you still remember how it all had started…


You were so happy that day. 

Not only the summer holidays had started, not only had your parents let you spend it at a house they owned that was near a lake - meaning you could go swimming whenever you wanted to - but also they had bought you all 8 seasons of Supernatural that you would definitely be watching over and over again the whole summer.

This summer was going to be awesome, that was for sure. After all watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki almost all day long while waiting for your best friend to send you the photos from the comic-con she would go was… yeah AWESOME!

Though you were a little bit sad that you weren’t able to go with her too, your parents had made up for that by getting you a new pc, which was pretty awesome too!

You had packed your suitcase three days in advance, you couldn’t wait to go on holiday on your own.

Once you had arrived at the cottage you imidiately unpacked your laguage, made something to eat and put on the first season of Supernatural, just so as to relax a little bit.

You had watched about 4 or 5 episodes and decided to stop and take a shower, seeing as you had still not relaxed completely.

You took the CD out of the CD player once the episode was over and started putting the CDs on their place. 

You paused for a while…

You looked at the CD case that had Jensen and Jared aka Dean and Sam on it, the word ‘Supernatural’ written below them.

“If only I could meet them… This day would be perfect…” you sighed.

“Yeah probably never going to happen…” you chuckled half-heartedly to yourself shaking your head, to get the idea out of your head…

Never…” you mumbled as if trying to persuade yourself and put the CD case with the other ones and went up the stairs to your room and the to the bathroom for the shower…

… or maybe a long… really long bath…

Time passed by wuite quickly and before you could realise it darkness had fallen, but you just chose to stay a little bit longer in the bathtub…

… eyes closed in a dream-like state, the episodes being replayed in your mind…

“If only…” you sighed and silence followed.

After about five more minutes you got out the bathtub and wrapped a towel around you.

Once you were about to get dressed you thought you heard something.

You were alone, right?

Well hopefully, yes…

You slowly exited the bathroom holding the towel closer, clenching it so that it wouldn’t fall.

You went near the stairs trying to hear anything else…


“Watching to much Supernatural…” you mumbled to yourself “I’ve started hearing things… The next step is to see things…” you sighed and turned on your heel and headed towars the bathroom but stopped dead on your track…

“I’m telling you to just be quiet, ok?!” a voice -male to be exact - was heard.

'No… no it can’t be…’ you stood there wide-eyed.

'It can’t be a burglar… no, I must have left the TV open…’ you thought and turned and walked on your tiptoes.

Slowly, slowly you went down the stairs still walking on your tiptoes shaking a little in fear and holding the towel closer to your body.

You walked more slowly as you went near the living room where you could clearly hear voices. Perfect.

“Yeah right! Whhatever! I even doubt that anyone lives here!” another voice snapped back and now you were beginning to shake… from fear.

And who could blame you?! You were all alone at an almost isolated cottage that had just be broken into and the 'best’ of all, they had broken into while you were there and still did.

But no there was still more to that….

You had just a towel wrapped around your body and nothing to defend yourself or even move from your place. You could only peer around the corner to look at them…

… and you did slowly slowly so as not to be heard… at least if you made it through this you had to know how the burglars looked…

You peered around the corner but what you saw was well…. no words could describe it.

“I’m telling you Dean you have to be silent, at least till we find a way to call Cas and find a way to leave this place!"you stared wide-eyed.

There in front of you, in your living room, stood Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!

"Yeah right, and I’m repeating, Sam, there may as well be no residents in this house!" Dean answered.

You had frozen in your spot…

No this couldn’t be happening… It couldn’t be real. Yes, you had wished about this happening almost all day but never had you thought that it would in fact happen…

No definitely no… Supernatural things didn’t exist… you had been watching a lot of 'Supernatural’ these days and you had started imagining things… definitely…

So taking in a breath you walked out of the place were you had been 'hiding’ and towards them, luckily the towel was enough long to cover you quite completely. You had to make sure that you weren’t seeing things…

… and you weren’t…

Sam, who was the one talking at that moment, stopped and stared at you wide-eyed… and was that a blush?

And Dean who saw his brother’s flushed as well as stunned face followed his gaze and turned to look at you and just after taking a lok at you his oh-so-well-known flirty smirk spread on his face…

"Well hello beautiful” he smirk grew as Sam, who was now standing next to him, shot him once of his usual bitch-faces that Dean just shrugged it off…

But you just stood there looking at them wide-eyed… not able to speak… there was only one thing you could say…

“What the Crowley?!” you almost shouted.


And that’s how it all had started…

And now you were living at the same house with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles… no, Sam and Dean Winchester…

And who would have ever imagined it…

But yet it was happening…

And that’s how the situation would be for the whole summer, as you had managed to find through trying to communicate with Castiel, who unfortunately couldn’t do anything…

… unfortunately…

… yeah sort of…

After all you would spend the whole summer with Dean and Sam Winchester…

… the whole summer…

You had to admit it had taken quite a while for them to explain to you who they were and for you to explain them where they had appeared…

… and that Crowley had nothing to do with you and the whole situation…

…well sort of…

… at least Dean whould learn not to piss off the King of Hell…

I was re-reading Captain America: Fallen Son, and the hardcover edition also contains, in the back, a bunch of reprints of old Cap stories and comics from  1941, and I’d just like to point out that the opening couple paragraphs of “Captain America and the Soldier’s Soup” literally read like fanfic:

“Private Rogers stirred uneasily in his cot. His hand mechanically slid over the bed next to him - he was reassured - his young admirer, Bucky, lay there, sound asleep. The soldier turned noiselessly in his cot, smilingly remembering that Bucky was there because a kind-hearted Colonel of an indulgent government just could not let such devotion as Bucky’s go unrewarded.”

So what I’m getting from this is that the Colonel, knowing Bucky adored Steve, sent Bucky to keep Steve company in bed? Bucky’s job is literally to sleep with Steve? Steve reaches for Bucky in the night when he needs reassurance? And this makes Steve smile?

Just to make it better, the literal last line of this story (the actual plot deals with saboteurs trying to poison the soup, by the way) is: “The Colonel looked sharply at Private Rogers. He could have sworn that he had seen the soldier wink at little Bucky.”

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Thanks for answering my lap dance question! Sorry for bothering you. I always love your blog! Maybe you can magically poof up a Drabble of Hiccup doing a stripper type thing? It's totally ok if you can't write this or don't want to. I just want to suggest something. You are still my idol babe. :)

I don’t… I don’t know what happened

It started with bread, really.

Well, it started with the twins insisting that bread soaked-in-mead tasted best, so for a spell their table had more bread and mead refills than any other in the Mead Hall.

And then came Hiccup insisting to Astrid (quieter) that he really needed to eat something given all the mead he had that night (half from table-challenges, half from Astrid egging him on).  Bread, he wanted.  He had the taste in his mouth, and he wanted more. He prodded her with his metal prosthetic until she came with him.

So that led them to the preparation/storage fixture in the back of the Mead Hall, where they’d often escape to when Hiccup grew weary in the lateness of large gatherings.  He seemed find this time, if a little heavy against her shoulder, but Astrid couldn’t say she faired much better.

The back room was a mess—nearly empty of food, but when morning hangovers passed, shelves would be stocked again.  Vikings were diligent like that.

Hiccup got his bread.  Astrid shut the door.  The clangor of the other side muffled.

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Oh oh oh! You're taking prompts! Yay! Any bandit outlaw fic would be great! I can't get enough of them! ;)

Prompt: Bandit Queen meeting while they’re both disguised for a job

“You have got to be kidding me.”

He chuckled softly as he pulled her back onto her feet, somewhat glad when her hand remained upon his shoulder, the other held gently within his grip as she allowed him to continue leading her around the dancefloor. She’d known that there was something familiar about those blue eyes behind the mask, about the softness of his voice and the strange intonation he spoke with but to find out that it was the very fool who’d practically ruined every heist she’d ever planned, had beat her to every single robbery she’d spent months strategizing well, it was more than a little infuriating.

“What are you here for?” she asked in a hushed whisper, allowing him to pull her closer under the ruse of being unable to hear her though she quite enjoyed the feel of his stomach pressing lightly into her own. He smelt like forest and she had to stop herself from inhaling the very scent that she’d come to associate with home, the only scent she’d ever truly associated with safety and damn him for making her feel weak when she needed to feel strong.

He spun them quickly and she was quite impressed with the skill with which he led, the strength of his hold and his sure feet that had them moving gracefully. She had absolutely no idea how to move, had always been left immensely confused when the kind Queen had taken her in as a child and allowed her to sneak into the ballroom to watch when the King had guests over. She’d been transfixed as a child, had watched the various arm and leg movements that turned the dance into something spectacular. She was glad though that he knew what he was doing, remained pliant in his arms even as she awaited his answer. He must have sensed her impatience though for he was soon laughing as he whispered “might I say how lovely you are looking this evening m’lady.”

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As a huge comic and westallen fan I am honestly scared the CW will think Caitlin and Barry appeal to more fans and make them the focus. Iris is so amazing and sweet. Why are people so determined to erase her with Caitlin?!? Do you think there is any chance of snowbarry becoming canon in the show?

Okay here’s the thing anon. I know this is a show and people like to say “anything goes" when it comes to adapting comics or books onto television and movies. That can also be considered arrogance in attitude. See if the mythology of the comics or books is extremely crucial to the storyline of say a superhero’s journey or just the protagonist in general then showrunners [if they’re wise enough] will not mess with it. I made a post about this [x] when I kept seeing anti Iris and anti WestAllen posts going around in the Iris West, Barry Allen and WestAllen tags. I mentioned the show SMALLVILLE [which was an origins adaptation series of Superman] and how they handled the mythology there.

I had a few issues with that show [one being the annoying amount of time the writers devoted to Chloe Sullivan’s character] but the one thing they got right was his love interest. LOIS LANE. They started that show introducing a typical love triangle between Clark, Lana [his first love also in comic canon] and Chloe which spanned for 5 seasons and then he started to develop into the heroic Man of Steel icon we all know so well. Part of that journey includes Lois [who came in the 4th season] because as it is in the comics she is his destiny. She is his link to humanity. She is his strength, his companion, his hope, his best friend and his home. Lois Lane was designed specifically to be Superman/Clark Kent’s soulmate; his human equal [since he is an alien].

Lois is a reporter and because of her connection with Superman, she helps him inspire the world to believe in a beacon of hope watching over them; protecting them. She risks her life to help him out of love, trust, loyalty and belief and she’s willing to do all this because it is not only something she strongly believes in but also because of her unfailing faith in Superman. It isn’t just about their love [which gives them both strength] its much deeper it’s about sharing the same principals and morals; they both believe the good in people and doing whats right. Their hearts are one because they are two sides of the same soul. Lois may not have any super powers but what she inspires within Clark/Superman is so much more than just being able to lift tall buildings and shoot fire out of his eyes; he truly couldn’t be Superman without her.

Lois grounds Clark and keeps him human. Their goodness, courage and kind spirit is what attracts them to each other. Superman knows very well his powers can be harnessed for evil but he chooses to use them for good because those are his principles. Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s love story in the comics is iconic because it is the embodiment of Superman. Every adaptation that has been done Clois are ALWAYS endgame; there’s just no way in Hell people dare mess with that aspect of the mythology. And it is the same idea with The Flash. WestAllen’s relationship is just as iconic as is Clois. Iris West and Barry Allen have a powerful connection. I’ve never read the comics myself but in the DC universe I am well aware of their history; that these two are a HUGE deal. They’re DC comics royalty. The Flash/Barry Allen can’t be The Flash without Iris West. They inspire one another, they depend on one another and they’re each other’s strength and hope. In every comic adaptation over the past 40 years they have ALWAYS been endgame. 

Now Barry isn’t an alien like Clark Kent [Barry wasn’t born with his abilities they were  an accident] but he is a meta human and like Superman his powers can also be harnessed for evil yet he chooses to use them to help people. Iris is Barry’s humanity, his reason to keep doing good in the world. She continuously restores his faith in the world because of how much she unconditionally loves and trusts him. Iris is willing to risk danger for him. She keeps him from going down the path of darkness because there is a dark side in everyone no matter how much goodness there is inside. She is the only person who understands him. If Barry didn’t have someone like Iris at his side, he would’ve fallen into a deep despair and grown resentful, angry,reckless; possibly become a monster like the ones he fights against. Iris makes Barry feel human and safe and vice versa for her. And more importantly she makes him feel loved just as he loves her; their love is pure and selfless.

Then lets add the fact that his Flash legacy cannot survive or happen without her; she is the very foundation of his long lineage. I do not believe the writers of this Flash tv series are willing to piss all over 40 years of history between these two characters to appease a bunch of squealing fangirls. They know what story they’re going to tell and its not the one those crazies are hoping for. Barry and Iris are destined because their love story is a major part of The Flash’s journey; Barry Allen can not become The Flash without Iris West period. But that doesn’t mean Snowbarry can’t become canon on the show. It could happen after all WestAllen is on slowburn. However based on the first 5 episodes of this show and the explosive undeniable chemistry between Grant Gustin and Candice Patton [who are definitely the heart of this series] I’m quite confident WestAllen is their endgame. No matter how many love triangles they throw into the mix, WestAllen is their goal. 

Snow*arry shippers like to snare at our ship based on what happened on Arrow and are automatically convinced the same results will happen on The Flash. But IMO Olicity happened because of Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards’s chemistry which overlapped the none existent chemistry between Stephen and Katie [who is to become Black Canary]. They were not an exciting duo onscreen. You also have to remember Green Arrow and Black Canary do not have an EPIC iconic love story like Superman and Lois Lane or The Flash and Iris West. Their relationship was toxic in the comics I believe just as it is very toxic on the show. Green Arrow can be Green Arrow with or without Canary. With show canon’ s Felicity Smoak, our dark hero was provided someone normal who could allow Oliver Queen to feel human which is what people responded to. Also because Emily’s Felicity is so fantastic she allowed Stephen to humanize and brighten up Oliver. Laurel/Katie Cassidy can’t/couldn’t provide that. So they changed the story, they were lucky to get Emily.

On the Flash that is not the situation because our leads Grant and Candice so far have demonstrated the strength of their chemistry and with this latest episode proved they could be sexy and romantic together as they were adorable in the first 4 episodes. They also proved they could carry scenes individually and together [even the heavy emotional stuff] which has been received fairly well by the public and most loyal comicbook fans. They’re the perfect match and if the show builds upon the foundation of WestAllen’s relationship whether they’re together or apart it will succeed. Their stories are connected. The breakup ironically solidified their endgame even more because now they will grow into some more than platonic friendship. The writers have already begun to evolve their dynamic, they’re the main focus of what’s been happening on The Flash [not just the villain of the week].

The writers are also purposely tying in Olicity and WestAllen together as one unit to bridge both shows [Barry and Felicity already have a dynamic and now Olivier and Iris as well as Iris and Felicity are going to have a dynamic which Candice spoiled about the crossover episodes], now why would they do that just to pander to the loud mouths in a small section of this fandom? They know what story they’re sticking with and from all the Killerfrost foreshadowing going on with Caitlin Snow [considering Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond is returning soon] IMO I’m almost certain Snow*arry is not their game plan. They could happen but as a forever deal? NOPE. I’m also not crazy about their chemistry either which to me is almost as none existent as Lauriver’s. Caitlin had more chemistry with Ronnie than she does Barry and that was based on one episode alone. Trust me it would be ridiculous for these showrunners to fan pander like that and earse all the EPICNESS WestAllen is in the comics and has the potential to be on the show. They would be stupid to ignore that crucial relationship in the Flash’s journey.

The Snow*arry shippers and anti Iris people are determine to erase Iris West’s significance out of Barry Allen’s life because they’re scared and they’re jealous. After that hot 1x05 rooftop scene and the episode overall, all the jealous jennys are coming out of the woodwork because this episode basically blew that Snow*arry scene in 1x03 and that Barricity train scene in 1X04 out of the friggin water. Grant and Candice showed us a delicious sneak preview of what we can look forward to when WestAllen finally get together and its going to be insanely sexy! No more siblings BS these two have a major sex kitten attraction going on and its going to be explosive once it takes off. Ignoring something as big as WestAllen would be like ignoring Clois and that would kill the show. So I wouldn’t worry anon, lets let our talented lead actors squash all those haters with every single scene they get together which is going to be nothing but pure gold.