i have faith

From just a straight-up artistic, creative, and dramatic perspective, I have so much faith in the generation that is coming up, and young women are very inspiring to me. The way that some women are using their capital, and figuring out what their currency is—‘What do I want to do with the currency that was either earned or given to me?’ And when people use it in an unexpected or empowering way, or they add value… because it’s not always someone’s first instinct or the easiest path.
—  SMNTY patron saint Amy Poehler (to Vanity Fair) is super excited about the girls and women coming up behind her

sorry. I’m really sorry I was mad at everyone for not helping me out during drama and I’m probably gonna do it again.
I just, it hits me too personally because even at school I won’t be doing much wrong and I get shit for it. And my friends just sort of pretend like they can’t see what’s going on.
And idk I just, I have too much faith in you guys online because I’ve never felt so wanted and understood in forever and yeah.
If you guys don’t help me duiring drama I understand I just really appreciate the help.

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Hi Michelle. I told you my name because I don't have a tumblr and I really like your blog. Klamille is my #1 OTP. Also, I can't believe Teen Choice Awards are adding a new category called Choice Tv Couple at least that's what I think they did. (Angelique)

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Klamille is one of my OTPs as well, I’ve loved them ever since I started watching TO and they are what really got me into the show. Oh, is there? It would be awesome if we could get Klamille nominated for this one. Although I suppose that mostly ships that are bigger or more widely known get nominated but who knows. I have enough faith in the Klamille fandom to think that we could make it happen.

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I just want to say thank you because on tumblr it's rare that i see praise for the writer of winter soldier and honestly if they weren't back for infinity war i would be less confident but since they will be writing infinity war it means the 4 minds of the creative team behind tws working on the new avengers.

it’s no problem anon, it’s really important to me! as someone who loves film, i love seeing the people they have working together when it comes to all of the big things in movies. and exactly!! most of the reason i’m excited for infinity war is markus and mcfeely coming back because they know this world SO WELL, and with them, the russo’s, feige, and the whole marvel team working together, i have a lot of faith in that movie and in civil war! and in all the marvel movies, i’m so excited to see what they have to show us in these next few years :)

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So I have to play Taps tomorrow for Memorial Day services and its my first time playing it. I'm super nervous that I'll mess up because I've never performed without the whole band. Anything to calm nerves?

Just think about what it means to play taps. You’re honoring the veterans of your town or city, as well as all the veterans of the United States. I know that sounds like a hefty task, but don’t worry. The only person who knows if you mess up is you, and you’ll only mess up if you think you will. Don’t let mind games get to you!!

Just think about what it means to you and the people around you, and believe in yourself! I have faith that you will do amazing! Good luck and happy Memorial Day!! :)

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Hi angel. I can see you're having a tough time right now, and I can understand the pain your going through. I just wanted to let you know that you are so strong, and you are so brave, and please don't let anyone try and tell you differently. Relapse is a part of recovery. Sometimes we feel bad about ourselves, and sometimes our thoughts scare us, but we can't let them win. I have so much faith in you, keep going.

Thank you so much

So many people are commenting on my post about showing Seungri how much we adore him and appreciate him, and it’s just really sweet! I love everyone’s ideas, and I hope we don’t stop coming up with them.

Showing that we love his music is my favorite idea so far - re-purchasing it to get it to top the charts, singing it for him, absolutely whatever you’ve got in mind that will show him his hard work is both noticed and appreciated would be awesome!

Seriously, guys. You’re all awesome, every one of you - clearly you all strive to be as kind and hardworking as your bias - so I have every faith that we can pull off any madcap schemes and heartfelt gestures we come up with! Let’s just remember to keep it sane and to try not to stomp all over the hyungs he works so hard to support in our rush to remind him that he’s our Number One!

Let’s do it, y’all!