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Yall have every right to be speculating on if Leto’s Joker will be Jason Todd, but I hope to everything good and holy we can all agree how utterly fucked up that will be if it is true

Just watched a a few Interviews with Jason and he spoke about Clarke finding love again like he knew she was going too and who with. It’s his story obviously, but I think he knows exactly when and who she’s going to love, and the way he said it made me feel like that person is already on the show. I have no fear that Bellarke is coming guys. None at all. 

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Didn't like the ending. Beautiful story but u just couldn't pull it off with how u portrayed the characters. Not trying to sound like douchbag, I'm just giving u criticism. You'll only get better. And I have faith u can pull it off.


So, I’ve just spent the past two and a half months non-stop writing this fic. I’ve written over 200,000 words in that time. I’ve worked hard. And I feel very positively about how it turned out. It’s definitely not perfect–I’m not Sarah J. Maas, and most of these are not my characters. There’s some point where I’m not going to meet expectations. And that’s okay.

I can’t please everybody, sadly, and I’m aware of this. If you were genuinely disappointed in the end of the fic, I am sorry about that. If there was something specific you didn’t like, I would listen. I do welcome questions and criticism.

This, my friend, is not actually criticism. If it were criticism, you might have suggested a specific thing I could do differently. If you weren’t happy with a particular character/pairing/scene, you might have said so. These things I am fine with, because they do in fact help me grow as a writer. But this is not any of those things.

This is you being a douchebag. I’m not sure if you thought you might try to rain on my parade or something, but yes, this is really you being unimaginably rude. In fact, I have a suspicion that you’re a troll who hasn’t actually read my fic and just enjoys tearing fic writers down in general (as I said, there are no specifics anywhere in your ask). One way or another, it’s a shitty move.

Unfortunately for you, my wonderful readers and my friends and my own confidence in my writing have resulted in an excellent mood for me. Honestly, pretty much nothing can bring me down right now. Not even rude anons.

Lord God, how divine is Your love for me. It is a constant flow and it is also a constant challenge to comprehend its greatness. And though it may overwhelm me, it has taught me to trust it and allow what little faith I have to build upon this hope. You are my greatest Hope. No matter how much I have (including the bad) and how little I have (including the good), You will accept it. You accept all that I am even when at times I am not acceptable in my own eyes. But because You are my King, I was born again, declaring Jesus as my Savior, I'm committed to abandoning myself and running towards You for eternity. I've given You all I have and will continue to do so. Here I am once again, take and use my faith, it's my joy to accept all the love You have for me.

By His Grace, Sheela


Okay, so I have headcanons about Faith’s hair….bare with me…

I like to imagine her hair was all shaved off, a little cliche to the whole “prison” image, but considering her redesign from the first game I think it works. I’ve seen images of her in-game model from Catalyst having no hair (possible glitches/’dev. mode’), and honestly I think she rocks both looks. 

Before prison, her hair would have been longer and a similar haircut to the first game - short bob fringe and same length all-round. While growing it back, she keeps the back short and grows out her fringe and front bangs to what she has in Catalyst - possibly keeping it short at the back as a reminder, with ‘prison being behind her’. 

Things I just need to say about ski lodge pt. 2


Okay I just really need to say these or else I’m gonna lose my mind !

•RUCAS finally happened and tbh it wasn’t that bad, actually I was screaming and laughing (giggling) and throwing pillows at my brother bc they were just so cute !!!! BUT that doesn’t mean i ship it (well maybe for now). I still have faith in RIARKLE and and as Angela said “life puts people in front of us, so we can be prepared for what comes next” so yea I believe that rucas is just the preparation for riarkle.

• JOSHAYA. Even though I do not particularly like uriah, I love josh plUS MAYA HAS BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. She’s finally gonna be happy and that’s good enough for me. (although I still think lucaya is endgame lol)

• Smarkle. It’s hard not to ship them!

• Isadora smackle. She’s just the most cutest, purest thing in this world aND SHE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST!

• And can we just talk about how zay (Amir) was super professional shooting scenes with josh even after the whole uriah thing like srsly this guy deserves so much !!!


• And lastly where was auggie the entire time everyone was at the ski lodge like srsly his whole family went there except him.

Okay so there ya go! Even though I don’t ship the ships that is happening rn as much as I ship riarkle I’m still happy because they look happy and that’s good enough for me because I love them all.

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Please make me happy😥 My sister is gryffindor and she said that hufflepuff is stupid. 😭

Hufflepuffs are not stupid! I know plenty of really smart Hufflepuffs. I’m a bit Ravenclawish myself.

I think Hufflepuffs are often seen as stupid because we’re underestimated. But don’t let that kick you down. Rise up, and prove them wrong. I have faith in you.

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Homestucks ending was beautiful and really what I wanted. However, I really just wanted more answers and it was a little upsetting but those will most likely all he answered so I'm not really that worried, I have faith in hussie, also you're great

it is good to have faith. i hope you get the answers you want. what are they, exactly?

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honestly the lack of cb moments in the cons rn shouldnt matter, they are obv just focusing on making the concert the best for the fans, singing, dancing. the focus ofc should be on their fans. like when cb left the concert together they are alone so they can focus on each other so dont worry 💗💗 (wow good english smh)

Yes, I do understand that they need to focus on all that stuff and I am glad they care so much as to put 110% in their performances, so I know I shouldn’t complain about the little amount of moments, since I know they are the super secret agent ship and not like other ships where they do a bungundalo of fan service, but I mean they still do interact during concerts so I just over reacted since I get a lot of my happiness from them, BUT DONT WORRY YALL I WILL NOT BE OVERDRAMATIC LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!


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I can't believe Black Panther is the first and only movie to come out of the mcu!!! (:

it’s so risky to have such a big name as your first and last movie but i have faith in black panther to really put the mcu on the map!

Me: I’d never get away with murder.
Dad: hey! I don’t like that kind of talk! You can do anything you aspire to! I have every faith in you!

Thanks, dad.

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is it normal that i want to die because i feel lonely and isolated

Hey, let’s talk this out. Would you mind coming off anon so I can privately message you? (if not, it’s ok! whatever makes you comfortable!)

You deserve to be happy, just like everyone else. Things always seem so bleak and impossible, but when you look back after a couple months you’ll think “I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m happy now”. You’ll miss your chance to not feel lonely and isolated if you don’t keep going. 

This is something I struggle with on and off so please know you’re not alone in this. I’m here for you. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way, but I have faith that you can persevere even through this. And again, if you’re comfortable, I’d be more than happy to hear you out and talk this through. Sending you love <333 

EDIT: I’m still here waiting for your reply (if you do reply). I’m here anytime, whether it’s tomorrow, the day after, weeks or months after. You’ve got a friend here waiting to listen to you anytime, ok?

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So for a long time I've always wondered why the hell your url is "beedrill-dat-ass" and I've always wanted to ask but I didn't want to appear stupid and so today I learned that beedrill is a god damn Pokemon that I can't find on this GO app and now I cry myself to sleep doubting that I'll ever EVER have a beedrill or a beedrill-dat-ass.

Awe omg don’t cry I have faith that you’ll find one ☃💕

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(Random stuff, feel free to ignore) I've read many comments/ask about Jurassic World (on various blogs) and I wonder, if I'm the only person in the Reylo fandom, who really likes Jurassic World and doesn't think that Trevorrow will destroy Ep. IX? I think that JW a good action movie and it rather refreshed this franchise instead of destroying it (especially in the comparison with Jurassic Park III - I disliked this movie even as a minor).

I actually enjoyed Jurassic World. It didn’t blow my mind or anything and I have no real interest in seeing it again, but I found it fun for what it was - an overblown, mega-budget action movie with stomping dinosaurs. And I think people forget that Jurassic World was (excuse the pun) a monster hit - for all the internet hate it gets, general audiences lapped it up. It was a huge success.

And I have faith in Colin and his ability to do a good job. I still need to watch Safety Not Guaranteed before I make a firm judgement on him, but I definitely feel that he (unfairly) gets a bad rap.

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If Cris is as well connected as she claims to be, let's aim a little higher than the manager of the 1D account. Lol. Let's just get it over with and lead the attack against Syco and Sony. Let's get that letter campaign and pr campaign going where we demand answers from the overlords. Stop picking at low-hanging fruit, larries. Aim higher. You can do it. You reach often enough that I have faith in you.


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So instead of being even slightly happy that…

I don’t even care about a Winter Soldier movie, pal. I already got that. I’m commenting on the fact that Marvel’s casting choices get increasingly suspect as time moves on and the only movie I have any faith in is Black Panther. I say it always and I’ll say it again–a female-led movie isn’t enough. Choose an actress that fits why the character is so inspiring and invigorating. And maybe put some more WoC into all the movies, while we’re at it.