i have failed u both

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)

my prof handed back an assignment that was two weeks late and gave it an a and said “u clearly know what ur doing, you have a sources to create a coherent paper with intellectual heft” pls lower ur standards. my bullshit skills have grown too powerful

somewhere in between aou and civil war:
  • steve: he's not...he's different now peg
  • peggy: when you found him after hydra had captured him the first time, was he not the same person you grew up with?
  • steve: he was, yes
  • peggy: then I fail to see how this version of him isn't james barnes
  • steve: if he never recovers-
  • peggy: you'll still care for him
  • steve: he tried to kill me, peg and I let him
  • peggy: there's your answer, steve. he may never be as you remember him but that hardly matters. when you care for someone (I speak from experience here), the whole world can change around you but the affection you feel for them will remain and sometimes, steve. sometimes it makes that connection stronger
  • steve: thanks peg
  • peggy: I know you care for him and hes been through a lot but I'm sure he feels the same
  • steve: what if he runs from me?
  • peggy: what did you do when hydra captured him in '43?
  • steve: I searched for him
  • peggy: and you'll do it again
  • steve: what if I can't find him?
  • peggy: don't give up on him, let him find you
  • steve: you've always known exactly what to say, peg. I'll let you get some rest now
  • peggy: bring him by for a visit when you can
  • steve: I'll do that