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Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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Study Se(x)ssion

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x reader

Word Count: 1,392

Warnings: smutty smut and stuff

A/N I started this at least two months ago and completely forgot about it so I finally finished it lol enjoy!

“What the hell is he talking about?” Stiles mumbled to himself as he furiously flipped through his economics textbook.

You were in the middle of a review for the exam you had tomorrow and Stiles was freaking out,  to say the least.

“Babe, calm down. You have Lydia’s notes,” you reminded him, soothingly rubbing his arm.

“Yeah, well, someone needs to give me notes on Lydia’s notes because I’m totally screwed and I can’t get below a C on this test,” he stammers, scanning a page of the book as he tugged at his dark brown tresses.

“Come over tonight, we can study together,” you smile.

“Yeah, great idea,” he scoffed, “remember the last time we tried studying together?”

You did, in fact, remember. Quite vividly actually. What started as a boring Friday night of studying quickly turned into loads of making out that lead to much more. Needless to say, no studying got done that night. Ever since then Stiles hasn’t trusted you or himself to be in a room alone with you without being all over each other.

“Stiles, c’mon, I know this is important to you,” you explained, “I really just want to help.”

“Fine,” he said hesitantly, “but no funny business.”

“Promise,” you exclaimed, holding out your pinky. He intertwined it with his and laughed, returning his focus to Coach.

At seven o’clock on the dot, there was a warning knock at the front door before Stiles let himself in. Both of your parents were doctors at Beacon Hills Memorial who were on call most nights, so Stiles sees no need to wait for you to lazily make your way down the stairs to let him in if he doesn’t see your parents cars in the driveway.

“Honey, I’m home,” he called, closing the door behind him.

“Shut up and come up here,” you shouted back, rolling your eyes even though you couldn’t help but smile.

Loud footsteps stomped up the steps resulting in your stud of a boyfriend standing in your doorway.

“There’s my girl,” he sang, walking over to you on your bed and setting a kiss on the top of your head.

“So, I got notes from Lydia and made “Stiles level” notes and I printed some stuff offline in case,” you stated, rummaging through the stack of papers in your lap.

“Ya know, normally I’d be offended by that, but I’m so desperate that I’ll take any help I can get,” he glared, his lips slowing turning up in the corners.

Three hours. Three hours you two had been studying and you’ve only made it halfway through chapter twelve. That leaves a whole other chapter and a half to finish and it’s already ten o’clock. You and Stiles sat side by side against the wall on your bed. Your laps were cluttered with one textbook, three notebooks and countless sheets of extra study materials you found online.

“I’m exhausted,” you announced, shoving a handful of papers in your textbook before shutting.

“Babe, we can’t stop, we’re not done,” Stiles exclaimed in a worried tone.

“Just give me five minutes and we’ll get back to it,” you yawned, standing up from the bed.

You walked the ten feet from your bed to your door a few times and stretched your arms up above your head causing your shirt to ride up a bit. You would’ve had to be blind to not notice Stiles watching your every move. His eyes practically burned a hole in your ass from looking at it as you walked away.

“Okay, I think I’m good.”

You sat back down next to Stiles who placed his textbook on the floor next to him before sliding closer to you. He cupped your cheek in his hand, pulling your face to his. His lips grazed yours and you happily met him the rest of the way.

“Remember what happened last time?” you mocked, mumbling against his lips.

“We can study more after,” he smirked.

“I only took two minutes of our five minutes break.”

“I can do it in three minutes,” he whispered, a low groan sounding in his throat.

“Do what?” you asked, pulling away to look at him.

“Get you to a point where you’re screaming my name.”

If the dampness in your panties wasn’t enough to take Stiles up on his offer, the look on his face and the lust in his eyes sent you over the edge. Without missing a beat, you pushed the remaining papers between the two of you to the floor and swung your leg over his body, straddling his lap. Instead of your lips, he attacked your neck with open mouth kisses, dragging his lips across your shoulder, nudging at the collar of your shirt with his nose. Taking the hint, you crossed your arms at the hem of your shirt and ripped it over your head. Stiles’ made his way down your body, kissing as much of your skin as he could reach. You made haste of undoing the button and zipper on his khakis then pushed away and crawled down towards the end of the bed, pulling his pants along with you. Stiles wiggles his hips to make it easier for you when you reached up and slowly slid his boxers towards you. Stiles wrapped his arms around your body and undid the clips of your bra with ease.

“You’re getting good at that,” you commented out of breath, letting the thin, lace fabric fall down your arms.

“Months and months of practice,” he smirked.

You pushed on Stiles’ legs to help yourself stand up on the bed, your legs still on either side of your boyfriend’s body. He reached up and hooked his index fingers in the waistband of your leggings and stripped them from your body, along with your panties. Stiles scooted his body down the bed until his head was laying on a pillow. You knew exactly where this was going as it’s one of Stiles’ favorite things to do; just one of the many kinks he has. You kneeled down, hovering your aching core above his head. Stiles arched his neck up to meet you halfway and instantly latched onto your clit, sucking furiously. Letting your head fall back in pleasure, your body began to relax and you slowly sat down until Stiles’ head was back on the pillow. Your hands found their way to Stiles’ head and you ran your fingers through his dark brown locks. His tongue kitten licked through your folds and you felt your orgasm begin to take over. Your breaths became shallow and your body started to tremble. You screamed his name as Stiles gently bit down on your clit, sending you completely over the edge. Feeling the warm sensation in your lower region, Stiles lapped up the juices with haste.

“Babe, holy shit.”

“Your turn,” you smirked, peering down into his lust filled eyes.

You jumped up and positioned yourself between his legs. Stiles didn’t  even have a chance to recover from your previous endeavors when you took his length in your mouth, not needing to pump him at all for extra help seeing how hard he already was. You heard his breath hitch in the back of his throat as he pushed his head further down into the pillow, his mouth falling slightly agape. You hollowed out your cheeks to take more of him in and bobbed your head up and down. You paused to give the tip some extra attention before continuing your previous movements and picking up the speed.

“Babygirl, don’t stop.”

You did as you were told and continued taking more and more of him in your mouth until his length was tapping the back of your throat. Without warning, he began to fill your mouth with his salty discharge. You swallowed completely before taking him out of your mouth, careful to not waste a drop. You sat up and flashed Stiles a shit eating grin as he looked at you in complete disbelief. You’re pretty sure you literally took his breath away. You crawled up his body and planted a rough kiss to his lips before standing up to dress yourself.

“What’re you doing? No cuddling?” Stiles asked.

“We still have studying to do Stilinski so put your dick back in your pants and let’s go,” you smirked.

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Exams are murder. Specifically, the exam I have tomorrow, which is about murder.

However, as celebration of law school exams being over, I’m doing something I’m calling:


Details will follow, but next week, I’ll be opening eleven slots, and for eleven dollars,  you’ll get an original drawing of Bucky–but you won’t know what it will be until you receive it in the mail! They’ll be on 8.5x11 paper, original drawings in red and black sharpie, and safe for work(ish). (No sexy stuff, is what I’m saying here) This is gonna be first come first serve. I’ll post details on how to pay and how to convey that you want a drawing in a later post. Cost will be $11, and I’ll ship anywhere in the US at no cost. If you’re outside the US, I’ll probably have to charge you for shipping. We’ll work out details individually.

Anyways. If you’re interested in a random drawing of Bucky, keep your eyes open!

Destiel drabble
695 words
Prompt: Cas was trying to study for his biology exam, but Dean had other plans.

“Stop distracting me, Dean,” Cas said, his voice tinged with exasperation. “Shouldn’t you be studying too? I know you have trig tomorrow and it’s one of your least favourite subjects,” he added, picking up the crumpled paper ball he’d just been hit with and throwing it back in Dean’s face. Score! – it hit him right between the eyes.

“Ow, Cas, what the hell?” Dean said petulantly as he rubbed a few fingers over the sore spot on the bridge of his nose. Cas shrugged, saying, “don’t dish out what you can’t take,” and returned to his biology notes. He pointedly ignored the “aw, come on Cas, let’s just take a small break” coming from the other side of the room.

All joking aside, Cas really did have more studying to do for tomorrow’s exam, and if the other boy kept distracting him he might have to call it quits and go home so he could concentrate.

Engrossed by the chapter on genetics, Cas noticed too late that the other boy had moved from his spot on the bed, and was surprised to suddenly find himself with a lapful of Dean. An “oof” sound was punched out of him as Dean hadn’t so much sat down as flung himself in Cas’s lap. Immediately, Dean’s arms snaked around his neck, and he brought his face close to Cas’s.

“I said,” Dean murmured as he started planting butterfly kisses along Cas’s jawline and neck, “let’s take a break.” He stopped for a moment and looked Cas in the eye, his expression hopeful and just a tad needy. “You haven’t touched me all day, Cas. I –“ he bit his lip, drawing Cas’s eyes to that luscious mouth of his. “I miss you,” he said, his pitch slightly lower than usual. And damn it, Cas knew he was being played on some level. While Dean was most definitely being truthful, he knew Cas had a thing – a huge thing – for his mouth, and he knew Cas liked to hear that Dean missed him, needed him.

Cas could feel himself folding like a deck of cards and giving into Dean’s wishes because, in truth, they reflected his own desires. He had been itching to touch Dean’s warm skin all day, to claim those full lips and kiss the breath out of him.  He had been keeping himself firmly in check, though, for the sake of studying. But with Dean on his lap, his tongue lapping at Cas’s pulse point and jeans-clad ass slowly grinding himself down on Cas’s crotch, he realised he never stood a chance in the first place.

Standing up abruptly while keeping a firm grip on Dean so he didn’t fall, Cas grabbed his hand and marched them over to the bed. He didn’t miss Dean’s delighted grin when he pushed the other boy down onto the sheets, crawling over him to bring their faces level once more.

“15 minutes,” he growled, “then you get back to your trig, and you let me finish up my biology in peace.”

Dean smiled at him, looking way too innocent for it to be anything else than an act, so Cas decided to drive home his point. “I mean it, Dean. You either take this deal, or I go home right now and leave you here like this.” He wasn’t sure if he could actually pull away from Dean right now, seeing as he was already in a pretty advanced state of arousal. But he had a good poker face, and he knew Dean was buying it, at least.

“Okay, Cas. 15 minutes. Then studying.” His eyes took on a teasing glint again, and Cas knew that whatever Dean was going to say next was going to push his buttons. “I’ll be good for you, I promise,” Dean added, voice low and rough and dripping with desire. With a groan, Cas bent down and smashed their lips together, his hands already working to take off Dean’s jeans.
And if there was a way to kiss someone triumphantly, he was pretty sure that was exactly what Dean was doing. He didn’t really mind, though.

He could never deny Dean anything, anyway.

Another one for @morningstarcas - congrats on passing your exam ;)


What I have learned from Brendon’s periscope tonight:

  • It’s almost 3 am.
  • They have flavored whiskey??
  • They’re nighttime fishing???????
  • Fireballs are present.
  • Brendon’s hair is messy.
  • Brendon thought he saw a bat.
  • They didn’t like the tech crew at the show today.
  • They caught some fish but they wont eat them because in Brendon’s words, “Hell nah, those fish have bacteria.”
  • Brendon looks really really happy.
  • (And kind of drunk.)
  • (But mostly just really happy.)

Alright guys this is it. 

Tomorrow is my third (and fucking FINAL) phd exam- this one is the most intense yet. I have to talk about ALL THREE of my fucking fields of study and basically like make a coherent argument about why I do what I do. 

It’s gonna be terrifying but ONCE I AM DONE I get to ACTUALLY WRITE AGAIN and like BE A HUMAN! :D

So if you have any spare gay and sparkly thoughts- please send them my way tomorrowwwww! Also apologies in advance for all the angsty self-indulgent posts that I will likely make in the next 36 hours…

SMA Chapter Five: A Christmas Miracle, Sneak Peek

Totally forgot about it this week (exam hell week - FUN TIMEZ), but here’s a sneak peek for chapter five! Should be out sometime tomorrow.

Stefan dropped his head in his hands, wincing through his headache. “Sorry, guys.”

“For what?” Caroline asked as she breezed into the kitchen, her chaotic mess of blonde hair at violent odds with her dainty blue robe, and his stare flicked up through his hands, unintentionally catching on a derailingly feminine expanse of leg before snapping up to her face.

“Everything,” he replied in a humorless laugh. “Setting off fireworks, wandering out into a blizzard—”

“Trying to kiss me,” she tacked on casually as she poured herself a cup of coffee, causing his sentence to snag on his tongue. Bonnie’s stare snapped up from her crossword puzzle, surprise brightening the green, and Damon glanced up from his pancake-flipping with a thoroughly amused look.

“Check Stefan out—makin’ moves on the roomie. I’d like to think this is my influence.”

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