i have exams this month ;;;


↳ hi
↳  everything alright?
↳ how you doin (english)
↳ right, I went to meet my friends but they all have exams
↳ I miss you a lot
↳ feels like it’s been months since weve seen each other
↳ I miss you (japanese)
↳ I can’t write music well
↳ there are a lot of times when I want to be lazy so I’m trying to fix it
↳ I need to read read books and study Japanese
↳ why do I want to loaf around so much
↳ It’s the same as when I was a high school student
↳ ohoho
↳ I have to go shoot
↳ I’ll be back
↳  see ya (english)
↳ XD
↳ 😘

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asoiaf major acarna - north edition - XVI The Tower (Lyanna Stark)

 The tower in major arcana tarot represents change, disaster, and upheaval, all of which reflect Lyanna as she was kidnapped and taken to the Tower of Joy at age 16 by Rhaegar Targaryen. Her disappearance led to a war, to her death at a young age, and ultimately to a change to the monarchy, bringing Robert Baratheon to the throne.

anonymous asked:

what do you do when u are with an immense block for studying? Just let it pass and study tomorrow?

Go for a walk, get outside,do some exercise, make yourself nice food or a nice drink, take a shower, take a bath, take a nap, listen to some upbeat music, read/watch/play something to escape from study mode and anxiety for an hour, let your brain think of other stuff and unwind- give yourself a set break time to reset yourself, a set break time where you are allowed to stop studying and chill, rather than procrastinating and doing that stuff anyway but feeling guilty - if that means taking the day off, do it, guilt free, so you are energised to tackle it again. Study a different topic than the one you are blocked on, maybe one you are better at or at least enjoy more - you will be more productive rather than wasting time not studying the difficult one, try some new approaches, like youtube video tutorials, audio books, websites, get a browser control app like Self Control, and block procrastination websites for a few hours, with breaks in between, put your phone in another room, or give it to someone for a few hours, give yourself small goals so you can feel good about ticking them off, always accept that you will most always do less in a day than you set out to do, and that’s fine, DO NOT pull all nighters for studying, especially coming up to and before the exam, sleep is worth so much more than no sleep cramming (which is always a bad idea and will often do more damage than good) 

Everyone is different, and different approaches work for different people, but this kind of stuff has helped me through my academic career. I hate studying. I hate it. Study weeks leading up to exams are my most hated things. They’re shitty, they’re hard, they give me a metric tonne of anxiety to the point where I make myself ill, and they always seem like they last for years whilst simultaneously never being enough time. And there is that unique kind of self hate you get from seemingly being incapable of doing anything. But you just gotta get through it, and you gotta be nice to yourself and your brain, or else you will burn out. Accept that you will have bad days. Feel good about the good days. Too much stress and guilt is always going to be detrimental to your performance, you need to pace yourself and give yourself frequent breaks or rewards, or else you are going to procrastinate anyway and feel even worse. 

Also, do not compare the pace you are going to to that of others - I am a really slow worker, and seeing other people fly through lectures and topics in the library or whatnot used to really stress and bum me out, but I can’t work that fast, and I retain the information much better when I work at my own pace. You don’t want to fly through a topic and not take anything in, wasting that time.

Anyway, good luck!! You got this


J: The box isn’t coming back up. How long do you think we can last?
N: No one’s said that. Let’s not jump into any conclusions.


04.07.17 // 5:38 PM

It’s about to be another long Friday night. I’ll be having my last practical exam in pathology tomorrow! Third year is so close, but first I have to finish this hell month of unlimited exams.


Request from anon: Hey!! Could you possibly write an imagine where she is a little wary of Draco judging her whenever he walks past as she really likes him. But she is like Hermione where she has her head in books quite a lot and so quickly hides it when he walks past but he notices it and with a smirk comes and sits next to her and eventually tells her he likes her in some way with a wink?? Thankyou I think you’ll crush it

Thank you for requesting anon, I’ll be turning requests off after hitting post on this. I’m sorry if any of you have any ideas - I have a month until I take my exams and I really need to be revising. I’m honestly so sorry but I’ll obviously upload from time to time with the requests that have already been submitted and after my exams are finished it’ll get back to normal. So, I updated my masterlist in case any of you wanted to see all of my posts. 

In the meantime, enjoy ;)

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