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Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on catching up when you’ve fallen behind!

A masterful skill that not even the best studyblrs may have tackled. A lot of advice in the studyblr community regarding this seems a little airy-fairy (I almost question if they remember what they themselves went through), so hopefully my post will shine a different light on it (or so I hope anyway!)

1. Work out what’s essential and what isn’t. You’ve basically wasted time right to get to this point right? With limited time left, use an Eisenhower matrix of Important vs. Urgent to determine what you need to do left. 

  • Important and Urgent - any and all due assessment tasks
  • Important but Not Urgent - studying lectures for exams, compulsory readings
  • Not Important but Urgent - additional homework tasks that need to be handed in but aren’t worth much, like logbooks
  • Not Important and Not Urgent - additional readings (although it’d be great if you did this, sorry, you’re out of time)

Then cross out everything that you can afford to not do. Ironically, I find that when I use the Eisenhower matrix when I am not strapped for time, studying (in the Important but Not Urgent category) usually gets the short end of the stick. But when I’m already falling behind, all the additional readings and homework tasks get thrown out the window and I just work on studying instead. 

2. Do everything that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Get all those pesky emails out of the way, all the small team meeting notes, everything else you need to do for someone else. That will cross out a whole chunk of things from your list. You’ll be left with the meaty stuff like studying, completing assignments, etc. 

3. It’s a little damn late for you to regularly revise, so just binge everything. Honestly, this is the best way to get everything done. Don’t switch tasks or subjects. You don’t want to spend about 20 minutes just getting into the flow before switching subjects once the hour’s up. Plus, since you’re already panicking, turn that fear and panic into motivation for you to really focus for long chunks of time - just think about what you do the day before a final exam - because the threat of the exam is imminent, you basically study the whole day right? Trust me, if you’ve really screwed up your study schedule, you won’t have to worry about common procrastination (assuming you don’t want to fail). 

University is just one assignment done, moving onto the next before you even have time to breathe. It’s usually quite different to high school in that everything is quite closely packed together since it’s a 13 week semester. In high school I thought that 3 assessments in a week was the end of the world (lol pls kid). 

So just do whatever needs to be done first, and then if you finish before the day the assignment/exam is done, then great, you can study for the next assessment task. 

Still, I do recommend chucking your phone out the window just in case, since people usually all study last minute, meaning they’ll be asking you “hey do you know wtf Prof was talking about in lec 5?″

4. Break up your courses into hour-long chunks. Although we’re bingeing, it’s important that you make a list, even if it just says “Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3″ so that you have a direction to go. Don’t allocate too much time for any one lecture, but at the same time, be realistic about how much you can cover in an hour. For example, if you’ve got 6 hours until an exam, you’re either going to study Lectures 1-3 really well, Lectures 1-6 so-so, and Lectures 1-10 superficially. 

So choose wisely based on what you know or don’t know. If there’s a topic you know quite poorly, consider if it’s worth the time to study and learn the concept, or just bank on the subject not showing up in your exam. I’m actually pretty poor at gambling what will be in the exam, so I always choose to just study everything at a basic level. 

A common pitfall I find in this area is skipping the basic stuff. You think you know it, but when you close your book and try writing it out on a blank piece of paper, you suddenly falter. This has happened to me repeatedly in an exam. I know all the really complex stuff like the back of my hand before I get into the examination room, and then I suddenly get a really simple question and I’m like wait, what was the answer again? I advise making lecture outlines that you just rote learn - this comes in useful for long response questions because you’ll often remember the small details, but will forget the next section, meaning you miss out on a massive chunk of information if you forget. 

5. Rinse and repeat. Usually after about 2 weeks(?) of catching up like this I finally see the light of day and I can return to my normal schedule. If need be, I usually cut back on sleep to about 6 hours vs. 7.5 hours, but never pull an all nighter. You cannot do this unless you have breathing room the next day (which you won’t because you screwed up in the first place). Unless it is the very last assessment task, there’s a massive risk of ruining your next exam. 

6. Try and never do that last minute ditch again. 

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana. 

Never again right? Remember that starting early and finishing early is the key to good grades. We’re all just young uni students at the end of the day though, so do remember to forgive yourself if you end up repeating the procrastination. I’ll be cheering you all on! 




09/20/2017 | Advanced Nutrition Notes I have so much to do until the end of this week! I created a list of things I need to do and their time frame. It made me feel better. Now I know what and when to do. I have a pretty difficult exam coming next week and I’m nervous about it bc I need to study so much! Mostly I need to memorize a load of information. I’m excited though. I love my major and love studying so these challenges make me so excited #nerd


How romantic!


25.02.16 | Spending whole day with physiology 📚✨

Like I mentioned before, I have a huge physiology exam next week, so I really need to study hard this weekend. Truth be told, it’s not going great, but at this point I don’t have time for panicking and all I can do is revise as much as I’ll manage- hope it’ll be enough.

Hope you all have a much more productive day! 👌🏻✨ 


so! in the last week (more like the last 4 days) i just finished up 11 commission, finished the next two pages for Asylumtale (which is up on my Patreon, were you can see it for 3$ btw, i try to update more and find a schedule for the comic), sketched out pages for the 3rd chapter of it and made 8 or 9 drawings just for fun, plus i was studying for a really important exam … huhhh!

in the 4 days i was so hyped, i didn’t know what happened, maybe the coffee worked finally or just tried to make an excuse for not wanting to study, and slept like 9 hours in the 4 day … literally.

but the point is!

i’m going to take a week off. i have to travel to attend an exam, so i can get back to university in next semester.
i won’t have my laptop with me so digital drawings will be on halt, but don’t worry. the people who asked for commission (or also will be), i’ll do my best and sketch it out traditionally so later i can redraw it!

so yeah, just wanted to say hi and i hope you guys have a nice day!

wish me luck! (i’m gonna need it ToT)

chemistry, part 2

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: besides cursing? none.

a/n: look finally decided to realease chapter number two? hahaha :)
plus, I’d like to announce that I will be uploading every Saturday. well, the ones I can because university is a bitch. nonetheless, proceed to your reading.

word count: 2,6k+

part one

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To the Beach!

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to watch episode 8 (I don’t have cable but I have canadian netflix) before I wrote this prompt. Thank you for the prompt, I always appreciate it! This is not entirely Jughead and Betty. I felt like I needed an interaction between Jughead and Joaquin because of that last episode.

It was a Thursday afternoon and four people sat in a circle in the student lounge of Riverdale High. Kevin Keller,  sat in a chair, staring at his phone and texting rapidly and giving his phone a goofy grin. In the chair next to him Archie Andrews, sat holding his guitar, but not playing, while staring at a wall on the other side of the room. Betty Cooper sat on the sofa, face buried in her Chemistry textbook, occasionally blowing loose strands of honey hair out of her face with frustration, while her boyfriend, Jughead Jones, sprawled with his long legs over her lap, reread To Kill a Mockingbird for probably the millionth time. Their silence was interrupted by a single loud clap. The sound came from a classy, perfectly coiffed, midnight haired girl in designer clothes. Veronica Lodge had arrived.

 Veronica placed a perfectly manicured hand on her slim hip, surveying each of her friends closely.

“We’re going to the beach on Saturday.” She declared. Archie looked at her and shrugged slightly.

“I don’t know if I’m up for it.” He sighed

“Well Archiekins, it was a statement not a choice. You’ve been brooding for so long you’re about to put Jughead out of business. You’re not going to get over Valerie by moping all the time.”

He winced slightly. Valerie had broken up with him two weeks ago, she had said she needed to focus on her music.

“V, I have to study, exams are next week!” Betty objected, Veronica turned to face her, rolling her dark eyes, in a way that was somehow still classy.

“B, you’ve been studying basically nonstop since September, you can take a day off. And that day off is going to be Saturday.” She turned her body to face the redhead who had started to pack up his guitar “Archiekins, you’re driving.”

“I don’t do beaches.” she whirled around to the raven haired boy who had finally spoken, he quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Well, Holden Caulfield, did you miss when I said it wasn’t a choice?”

She finally turned to face the only person who hadn’t spoken. Kevin simply raised his hands in mock surrender. Veronica turned on her heel to walk to her next class, before tossing her dark hair over her shoulder to look back and say one last thing,

“You can bring lover boy if you want.”


Saturday finally came and everyone piled into Veronica’s Rover, Archie behind the wheel. Everyone had gotten a chuckle out of Joaquin, who showed up in his leather jacket and a pair of neon green swim trunks. Veronica was in charge of the playlist, causing Jughead to roll his eyes on more than one occasion, but he couldn’t be too upset with Betty in a swimsuit curled at his side. Way too many bass heavy dance songs later, they had finally arrived. Veronica set up the umbrella, emblazoned with images of watermelon that Veronica had defended as “very summer!” Archie the towels and blankets, and Joaquin the cooler, as Kevin and Betty dragged Jughead into the water. Betty stopped suddenly, popping onto her toes to tug off Jughead’s beanie and toss it at Archie. He mumbled in mild discomfort before she grabbed him by the hand and tugged him into the lukewarm ocean. Veronica and Archie soon followed, Veronica testing out the water as Archie barreled in, diving headfirst. Jughead chuckled at the scene before he felt a torrent of water smack his chest.

“Did you splash me on purpose, Elizabeth Cooper?” Jughead mock glared at her.

“What if I did, Forsythe?” she said innocently, with a glint in her eye.

“That’s it, you’re going DOWN!” Jughead scooped up his girlfriend and began to wade deeper into the water, his girlfriend clutching at him and squealing. After they reached a point where the water was past Jughead’s navel, he flung his girlfriend into the water.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Mr. Jones” Betty said mischievously, wading towards him. He was trying desperately not to drool at the sight of her beautiful body in that tiny blue swimsuit. He smirked at her, only to suddenly have a face full of water.

“A splash war? Really, Bets?”

The splash war ensued for several minutes, progressively getting closer and closer to their friends, Veronica screeching as she got splashed, Archie laughing at her misfortune only seconds before getting a face full of salt water himself. Jughead dove under the water as Betty tried to splash him again, coming up nearly pressed against her. Instead of splashing her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, smiling down at the giggling, out of breath woman before him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bounced onto her tippy toes, creating ripples in the water around them as they kissed. Kevin let out a wolf whistle as Betty pulled back. Jughead’s pupils had blown and his hair was a mess. Betty couldn’t get enough of the sight. After a few moments of staring intensely, Betty broke the silence,

“At least I’m not the one ruining our moment this time.” They both chuckled.

“One sec love, I’m going to go get a drink.” He kissed the tip of her dripping wet nose before wading to the beach. He winced as his feet hit the hot sand. He noticed Joaquin was still sitting on the beach, texting.

Jughead grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler, chugging a few gulps before flopping down on the green beach towel under the umbrella.

“Water’s nice.” He commented, looking at the other boy. Joaquin didn’t look up from his phone as he responded,

“I’m not a big swimmer.” Jughead shrugged,


A brief awkward silence ensued. Jughead took a few more sips of the cool water before trying again. He stared at the scene in the water, Veronica on Archie’s shoulders and Betty on Kevin’s, both trying to push each other into the water, all four laughing.

“Kevin is a good dude.” Joaquin looked up at his phone finally, taking in Jughead for a moment before nodding slowly. Jughead continued.

“You can get out you know. You’re young, and if I talk to my dad, they might let you out.”

“What if I don’t want out?” The response made Jughead shake his head. As he stood, he looked at Joaquin one more time,

“If you really care about Kev, you’ll at least consider it. I know what that life does to people. He deserves better, and I don’t know you, but you deserve better too. Everyone does. Just think about it, ok? You know where to find me.”

With that, Jughead dropped his empty water bottle into the trashbag and returned to the waiting arms of his girlfriend.

“What was that about?” Bety’s hand rose to gently caress his face, concern in her blue-green eyes.

“Just family stuff. It’s all good.”  He kissed her forehead, before running and tackling Archie to dunk him under the water.


A few hours later, after a small fire had been made, Betty and Jughead walked hand in hand down the beach, away from their chattering friends.

“I gave Joaquin an out.” Betty stopped, turning in front of her boyfriend to face him.

“Did he take it?” she asked tentatively, worried that he might suddenly clam up. Talking about the Serpents still wasn’t easy for him, even after she had met his father.

“Not exactly. I told him to think about it.” Jughead paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I don’t want him to wind up like my dad. Kevin deserves better than the life my mom had.”

Betty rubbed his arms, both warming and soothing.

“You’re a good guy, Juggie. You tried, he knows you’re there. But the next step is up to him.”

Jughead pulled her into a tight embrace, leaving a lingering kiss on the top of her still wet, blond head.

“Thank you.” He whispered into her hair.

“For what?” she pulled back slightly so that she could see his face, while still staying in his arms.

“Keeping me afloat.” He said simply.

They shared a long, gentle kiss as the first shooting star of the summer fell in the sky above them.

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On a unrelated note how did your exams go?

Thanks for taking interest <3 I’m actually. Calm on the outside. 

But I still have to make a huge project with some people due next week and they haven’t even agreed on the project theme yet, I need to hand in like six assignments before next thursday and I don’t even know when the exams days are because the calendar says nothing.

So I’m still calm on the inside too, but I don’t think it’ll last long. My reactions are a little bit delayed.

I’m still doing pages this weekend tho.

19/02/17 || I’m sorry I kind of went mia for a bit, I just am so stressed right now that I needed a bit of a break from everything, so there’s no point in me putting all the days I’ve missed into one. But I have studied and I’ve been productive during all the days I’ve missed out to updated, I’ve done my exam this week and I guess it went alright, I’ve answered to all the questions so I should’ve passed. I started studying for my next and (finally 🙌🏼) last exam which is in like three days, that’s why I’m probably so stressed, I have no time to do a huge amount of work.

Hi everyone,

I realised I have never properly introduced myself on here, and I’m almost at 6k (still cannot believe ppl like my blog) so I guess it’s about time I do! Here’s all you need to know…

- My name is Beth, I’m turning 18 next week (23/05). I’m from the county of Devon in England although I have family everywhere ^-^

- Everything I own is baby pink (I mean everything)

- I self taught Japanese since the age of 13 but I have not studied it since I’ve battled with my mental health in the last 2 years :c 

- I’m doing pretty well now, and I truly believe that life is worth living

- I’m currently taking my Alevel exams in Geography, History and Philosophy and Ethics

- I’m a vegetarian

- I am an atheist because I question everything, but I identify with a lot of the thinking in Buddhism

- I’m a bi who likes pie

- If you see artwork like this or this, it’s drawings of me and my girlfriend Anna who I am very grateful for 

I truly have a lot of love to give so please, if you ever need someone to talk to do not hesitate to send me a message ❤  

Let’s Second Year of Physiotherapy begins

This year, everything will be different. I’ve decluttered my desk, sorted my notes and catch up on the classes I’ve missed (or skipped tbh). 

This year needs to be different. No more about depression and/or bipolar disorder. I’ll do my best to treat it but that’s not an excuse anymore. Life is hard and life doesn’t care I have it. 

I’m not ready. I should have study and review my notes in anatomy. But well, I couldn’t nourish my bank account and my brain. And actually my summer job as a massage therapist made me realize that I’m really not a people person when bored. Because it was fucking boring. And I had a lot of time to think, and I did. I’ve always known I wanted to do research. Even though I didn’t really know what it was, when I was seven I told everybody I’ll be a neuroscientist. I’ve always love the brain and its mystery. And a path cleared up and I think I can see something. I can use both of my degrees to be a research scientist, do psychology and applied it into rehabilitation. That could be okay. That could make me happy. I think. I hope. 

But anyway, I need an amazing record when I’ll graduate to be accepted for a PhD abroad. 

So let’s have some rules : 

- STUDY. Not in bed. Real desk studying. Open your books once a day, even to review something. So 30 minutes a day won’t kill you. Be prepared for your next class. And exam. And please, get your notes clean and ready, and read them at least by the week end after the class. You’ll be happy to have done that. 

- CONCENTRATE. I know it’s very hard to stay focus because you don’t care. Well right now, I don’t either. You’ll put an app on your tablet blocking the internet and listen to the speaker. You’ll thanks me later. 

- PRACTICE. Your job isn’t all-brainy, you need to build muscle memory and be effective and confident in your movements. Soon enough, you’ll have patients and you don’t want to look like an imbecile. 

- BE FUCKING SOCIAL. Please ? Show up to a dinner or a party for once. Stop being lazy please. I know you like your solitude but heck, do this twice a month. That’s nothing and you’ll meet people.  

- YOU’RE YOUR OWN MASTER. You don’t care about the mean girls in your sports team. Find your voice and use it to tell them to mind their own business.

- BE PATIENT. Yes, you’ll graduate in 2020 and it might seem in a long time, and that what you’re doing right now doesn’t matter. But somehow it does. You’ll be rewarded for it. So don’t feel desperate because your goals seem far away. Yes I know you’ll have to work first to pay back your loan and then apply. But you have something to look for. Be excited about that. Make an inspiration wall. Do like those kids in high school for their dream college. Remind yourself where you want to go. Doors are never closed. 

Oblivion, Chapter 8 – My Light In The Dark II.

A/N: I had the plot of this chapter in my mind back when I posted the first one, I even had the title! Only it was chapter 4 back then whoops. !It contains smut. Not really explicit, but still smut, I warned you! Thank you for all the nice feedback again, you always make my heart melt. And thank you  @siriusblackfoot for bearing with me. <3

Oblivion Masterlist

“I really need to pee,” Juliet whined loudly, her steps quick but unsteady as they were walking home in the dark night.

Elsie sighed, as she’d heard this sentence at least sixty times in the last fifteen seconds from her friend. She wanted to Apparate home, but Elsie reminded Juliet that the last time when they Disapparated from a party, both drunk, the blonde puked all over places they only got glimpses of.

“We’re almost home.”

“Okay, okay,” she grumbled in answer, but her voice became more playful in the next seconds. “Will you ever tell me what happened on that half an hour when you disappeared with Remus?”

“It wasn’t a half an hour,” Elsie said a bit embarrassed under Juliet’s piercing gaze, but couldn’t wipe the smile off her face that was there for hours now.

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The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 2}

Part 1 

Hamilton – Modern AU (law school) 

Jefferson x Reader

1537 words 

Originally posted by jamesbahrnes

The pink watch on your left wrist tells you that it is 7:58 PM, only one minute different from the last time you checked. You take a deep breath to banish the butterflies in your stomach but it is no use. Reminding yourself again that Jefferson is just a dick, there’s no need to be nervous does nothing to calm your nerves. Your body refuses to get the message and pumps adrenaline through your body as you ascend the front steps of the library.

Despite reminding yourself over and over again that your meeting with Jefferson is merely for the project and has nothing to do with any romantic interest, you made sure to wear a nice blue shirt (Peggy said it sets off your eyes) with your jeans, heels, and a thin necklace that rests against your clavicle. You even put on perfume, which made Herc, the only Revolutionary studying at your apartment after you met the guys for dinner, suspicious.

“Y/N,” he said, raising one eyebrow as he looked you over. “Why do you look so good? It’s just Jefferson. You hate him.”

“I do, Herc, but I’ve had enough of his jokes about my hair and clothes.”

“Uh-huh,” Herc nodded, his eyes narrowing. “Y/N, is there—is there anything going on that I need to know about?”

Your heart skipped a beat, but you shook your head. “I just want to keep him off guard, make sure I have the upper hand.”

As you ponder the truthfulness of that statement, you enter the library and climb the stairs to the second floor where you and Jefferson can collaborate quietly. The third floor was reserved for silent studiers while the second was for group projects and those who like to talk while they study. You spot him almost instantly thanks to his (ridiculous) signature magenta blazer and unruly curls and make your way to the table near the window he is sitting at.

“Jefferson,” you greet, your voice cold, trying not to wince as his head snaps up and he slowly looks you over. His eyes linger too long in certain areas, and you clear your throat harshly to grab his attention. “Like what you see?” you ask sarcastically.

There’s a beat of silence before he shakes his head, as if clearing his mind, and looks back down at the papers he’s reviewing. “Not my type,” he mumbles.

That statement puts you on the defensive. You look good; two guys had smiled at you en route to the library. You glared at him though his head was down and slid into the chair across from him.

“Your opinions about my looks are completely irrelevant,” you say, pulling out your copy of the case you had reviewed three times since class that afternoon. “What’s relevant is your opinion about this case.”

“Our man’s guilty,” Jefferson states. “The prosecution’s got enough evidence to convict.”

“While it is a difficult case, I think that we can give him the best chance if we focus on that one character witness that says he has a past of violent behavior.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“What?” you snap at him. That character witness was the best thing you’d brainstormed that afternoon. You’d talked it over with the Revolutionaries over pizza dinner and they’d applauded you for your good thinking.

Jefferson sets down his papers and deadpans, “Disproving the character witness won’t do anything. The DNA evidence has him at the scene of the crime. We should look at it from that angle.”

His condescending tone makes your jaw set. “Though you do make a point,” you begrudgingly admit, “don’t just dismiss my idea. Alexander even said it was—”

“I don’t care what Hamilton thinks or says, Y/N,” Jefferson says, his voice a little louder than before. “This is my case and I’ll not be taking advice from a bastard orphan.”

Alexander’s past—his unmarried parents, his mother’s death from a preventable illness—was a sore spot for both him and you. You had comforted him many nights as he mourned her loss, silently crying with him.

You leaped to your feet and slammed your hand on Jefferson’s open textbook in front of him, forcing his attention to you.

“Don’t you ever dare insult my friends to my face,” you warn, your voice scary low.

Jefferson’s eyes grow dark as he rises from his chair, soon towering over you. Your heartbeat increases as you begin worrying for your safety. He wouldn’t hit you, not in the library. Intently watching his face for any tells of what he is thinking, you brace yourself to run if necessary. He slowly moves his hand near yours, grips your wrist, and lifts your hand off his textbook.

“Don’t mention them again and we won’t have a problem, Y/N.”

And then, calmly, gracefully, elegantly, he finds his seat and returns his attention to the open case in front of him. You feel your heart nearly beating out of your chest and your knees are weak. The blood rushes into your cheeks (an unfortunate and involuntary reflex to embarrassing, frightening, and/or uncomfortable situations) as you mirror his actions, sitting and gathering your case papers.

There’s a tic in your cheek that you know only twitches when you’re highly stressed. You tighten and release your hands, wishing for one of those stress balls the Counseling and Testing Center were handing out in the Student Center earlier today. Why must he be such a condescending dick? This partnership was everything you had worried about. He doesn’t play well with others; he’s arrogant, a know-it-all, dismissive of your ideas and contributions… the list goes on. You don’t know how he’s managed to stay above you in the class rankings with his lazy, nonexistent work ethic. He probably went back to his room after class and smoked a joint or two (a rumor you’d heard about him).

But that doesn’t make sense, you realize. He must have reviewed the case at least once to offer a valid, logical strategy just now. The DNA evidence idea is good, though you hate to admit it. Jefferson must actually have put some effort into this. He does not look at you or acknowledge your presence, which gives you an opportunity to study him. He isn’t a bad-looking individual. His mouth catches your eyes immediately, his full lips hiding those straight white teeth. You remember him laughing at something Madison said, his broad smile taking up most of his face, eyes crinkling at the edges. The kind of unadulterated joy and enthusiasm that shows you the goodness in their soul, that reminds you of their utter humanness. Despite his faults, Jefferson is motivated by the same emotions that you are—fear, happiness, sadness, apprehension, anger. Perhaps there is a possibility that the two of you can work together. You doubt he will be the one to set aside their ego and acknowledge the other’s strengths, so you release your pride and clear your throat to get his attention.

“Jefferson, look.” You break the silence, trying to speak calmly.

He sits back and folds his arms across his chest, his biceps straining against the magenta material of his blazer. He still looks ridiculous in that color.

“Obviously you like to work alone,” you say, resting your arms on the table and leaning forward. “But we are stuck together whether we like it or not, so we might as well accept the help and different viewpoints we both have to offer. As unbelievable as it may seem, I actually have some good ideas about defending this case. And, news flash, I’m actually fourth-highest in the class, so, though you may think I’m nothing more than a Midwestern hick who can’t even form grammatically correct sentences or count higher than the number of pigs I own, I am smart too.”

You actually manage to get him to grin because of the self-deprecating farming comment. “Smart and funny,” he muttered.

That is a good sign, so you continue: “I think we should take a couple of days to look this over and make some notes before we meet again. Friday afternoon after Washington’s class should work. And bring a rough outline of your defense with you.”

“Y/N, that is too much to do in so little time!” he protests, “I have a Civil Defense Theory exam on Thursday. I am only human!”

“I made a schedule for us to keep us on track.” You pull out a printed out Excel spreadsheet, color-coded, and give it to him. “To give us enough time to practice, we need to have our rough draft of our defense done by next week.”

The look he shot you was incredulous. “When did you have time to do this?”

You shrug. “Unimportant. Just remember Friday after Washington’s class.”

He shook his head at you and ran a hand through his hair. “Unbelievable.”

“Hey, I will not get a bad grade on this because of your bad attitude. So suck it up and put the effort into it.” You raise your eyebrows at him to silently ask if he understands you.

He holds up his hands in surrender. “I guess I better get started.”

“I guess you better.”

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Can you please make a story with mc and yoosung but yoosung isn't paying much attention to mc so mc tries to pay more attention to other stuff to annoy yoosung to get his attention

Hello! Thank you so much for requesting me! 
this has some stuff from Yoosung’s route so I guess “Spoilers” I hope you enjoy it, I had fun writing it <3

Since MC had gotten Yoosung onto the right path with finally taking college seriously, he had become the ultimate studying zombie. In the 24 hours of the day, Yoosung would spend those hours studying, sleeping, and eating. MC could only watch as he walked around her with droopy eyes whenever she would come over to hang out for him to just sit at his small table just staring into textbooks like they were sucking his life away. Since he had recently been cleared by his optometrist, he was awaiting a pair of glasses in order to take care of his current eye situation. Without the glasses, he shouldn’t exactly be spending so much time stressing it otherwise his eye may never heal properly. The only breaks Yoosung had been taking were ones where he would just get food or he was extremely frustrated so he threw his books off to the side and sighed very loudly. 

It never mattered what MC tried, whether it was giving him kisses & massages, or just plain out calling for him to pay attention to her. Yoosung kept his head down with music in completely avoiding her existence. This was very discouraging, especially due to him being the one to ask her to come over and help him with his work and cheer him on. However, MC really wanted to be someone in his life who was encouraging this behaviour in him, but it made her feel more like a mother figure than a girlfriend, with him never taking any down time when she was there,

This particular day it stung the worse. MC checked the calendar on Yoosung’s wall where he wrote down every different test, exam, and project he had to hand in for the next months until the year was over. To her surprise, Yoosung had absolutely nothing due or coming up for the next couple weeks. This was a head scratcher for her as she looked over at her boyfriend’s lifeless-esque body hovering over a pile of Biology textbooks. “Yoosung honey…what exactly are you working on right now?” there was silence so MC slowly made her way to tap in on the shoulder.

“Just leave me alone for a moment okay MC? I have a lot to do right now and I don’t need interruptions. This needs all my attention.” MC felt her heart drop into her stomach as she balled her hands up into fists, silently backing up in defeat. This was the first time in their short period of dating that one of them had snapped at the other. So this dynamic was new and practically scary. “ Okay hun, don’t stress out your eye too much okay? I’ll just be leaving them.” Without even checking for a wave goodbye from her boyfriend she scurried away into the hallway of the complex Yoosung lived in. If she wasn’t going to get to hang out with him what would she be doing? It was a long time away from the next RFA party so MC had no emails to respond to, so what should she be doing? It was almost like her life before the RFA was years ago, rather than months. Then, she got an idea so she quickly pulled out her phone to call someone who could pay some attention to her.

It had been a few days since Yoosung and MC had the little outburst, yet Yoosung still hadn’t been in the chatroom, yet neither had MC. Only for totally different reasons. For the past couple days, MC has made plans with Zen, who was currently in between plays right now so he had lots of free time to spend with MC! So Zen and MC would hang out and watch different musicals during the day and would talk all the time in the chat at night. MC thought that this was fine because Yoosung hadn’t even spoken with her since he brushed her off like an annoying classmate. Only the biggest reason she was spending so much time with Zen is that she knew how much it would bother Yoosung and maybe it would bring him in so that they could have a talk together. If only he would ever enter the chat sometimes so that he would see how much fun her and the handsome strong Zen were having.

Yet, every evening right before bed Yoosung would go into the RFA chat just to read all of Zen & MC’s stories of their time together which only made him feel more insecure about what had happened. The past couple weeks Yoosung had been doing extra credit in order to make up for the time he had been game addicted and slacking off of work so that he could graduate with the rest of his class and make his dear girlfriend (and Rika) proud of him. When he had been so stuck on something he could feel his eye twitching and it hurt so bad but there she was, poking at him just at the moment frustration had peaked in him. Yoosung felt terrible about what had happened with MC, whom he felt so strongly towards but he just couldn’t apologise seeing how connected she had been with Zen, who was such a healthy attractive man that Yoosung felt he could never compete with. So poor Yoosung would spend the evenings afraid to even call her if just to be broken up with because MC had finally realised how ‘’superior’’ Zen was. He wouldn’t let her get away, now she had caught his attention and this time she would never lose it.  

The next morning MC and Zen decided to take a jog around the park so that Zen could show her some of his health regimens to possibly get MC interested. Just before they finished their jog, a small very tired boy was tailing them down the path screeching like there was someone coming to kill him, he was screaming MC’s name over and over. MC stopped and turned around to find Yoosung, currently in his pajamas with his hair down in a messy bed head way with his deep brown roots showing through his gold spun blond dyed hair. “MC! I am so sorry! You will always be more important to me than anything! Please, I can be a better man to you than Zen can, no matter what he says.” MC looked into a pair of tired amethyst eyes while listening to her favourite voice begin to become hoarse from all the screaming. Without a word, MC pulled him to her chest and Yoosung whispered quietly “Please don’t forget about me. It was all for you. All the work, I want you to be proud of me.” All Zen could do was smile and pull both of them into a tight hug and say “Well aren’t you two just so dear I’m almost revolted!” Which made them both laugh.

From then on out, both MC and Yoosung worked together in order to have Yoosung complete his goal of graduating on time with his class.

I’ve done a mindmap on Elizabeth, actually starting to like her now.

Her reign is reign is relatively long, I haven’t actually finished A2 history at school yet, so I cannot actually do many more posters (probably another 1) on Elizabeth until I have finished the course, plus I also have to do some on the Germany side of my course.

To those who have been asking, AS history tudors mindmaps have not been made yet - I will be making them at some point next week, but since I have mock weeks over the next 2 weeks it will be quite difficult.

If you want a copy of the mindmap please just message me, I don’t mind taking a clearer picture for you.

02/06/2017 Message me if you do A level history pleaseee I NEED some help with essays :)

Today marks 2 months of recovery

I need to do a bit of reflecting on the past couple of days because they’ve been a struggle but I need to figure it out to keep moving forwards.

So I purged twice on the weekend. This is the second “slip up” I’ve had since I started my recovery in March, but the difference is that the first time I picked myself back up straight away and got on with it. This time picking myself up has proven to be more difficult. I think that the first time I was still thriving on motivation and if anything that one slip up made me even more determined to not use behaviours again, so this time my hope has been hindered. For the past couple of days I’ve been stuck in a mindset of “What’s the point in recovery? It’s clearly not working and won’t make anything better…” and all that crap which I know is untrue.

I fell into a bit of a restrictive mindset over Monday and Tuesday because in all honesty I was afraid that if I ate I would have to purge. Food has been getting more difficult lately and bulimia has been piping up and sticking its nose in left right and centre. Yesterday I told myself that I *had* to skip breakfast and morning snack to make up for the “amount that I’ve been eating lately” even though the amount I’ve been eating is NORMAL. I don’t know why I ever listen to bulimia because I know that it’s nothing but a liar and manipulator. I got to school and had a drama mock which didn’t go very well because I couldn’t concentrate, I was freezing, shaking, etc. and I refused to admit to myself that it was because I hadn’t eaten enough. I knew that I was walking on a very fine line between recovery and relapse and this is the point where I have to decide which I want. I either keep pushing through with recovery or I let myself keep slipping.

I told my drama teacher that I’d slipped up *again* and she gave me the kick up the ass that I needed. She made me a bowl of porridge and I sat in her classroom and ate it and although I ate breakfast 4 hours later than usual, I ate breakfast and I didn’t purge. Something she said to me that stuck was “Even if you take 5 steps forwards and 1 step back, you’re still 4 steps ahead of where you started. Focus on how far you’ve come.” It’s SO easy to let the negatives take over. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve achieved more than I ever thought was possible and I can’t let all of that go to waste because of, what, one bad day? I can’t pretend that for 2 months before this I haven’t managed to eat 3 proper meals without purging *almost* every single day. Bulimia telling me that “I can’t do this” is a pile of bullshit because I’ve proved to myself that I can. Like I said, these past couple of days I’ve been walking the line when recovery and relapse. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been drawing up relapse plans in my head and thinking about how much happier I would be if I lost “just a bit” more weight but I know that as long as I live by Bulimia’s rules I will not be happy at all.

The thing is, I know that things ARE going to get better because I’ve been in a place where they are. I’ve been in a place where I have gone days and weeks at a time without using behaviours and honestly it was the best I’ve felt in years. My eating disorder won’t make me happy. It isn’t there to comfort me or be my friend or get me through the hard times. My exams start next week and I’m so scared of failing but how on earth am I supposed to pass if I can’t think straight because I haven’t eaten? Part of the reason I’m not prepared for my exams is because I honestly didn’t think I’d be here to sit them so for most of the year I didn’t do any work because I didn’t care. I thought I’d either be dead or out of school by then because the only thing I cared about was hurting myself. But, I’m here now. I’m here and my exams start next week and I have a shot. If I can sit my exams and scrape passes I will be able to continue sixth form with the rest of my year group and tie up the loose ends or resit exams next year if needs be, but if I don’t eat then I will definitely fail.

Relapse isn’t going to give me anything. From recovery I’ve gained the ability to go to school, go out with my friends, my family’s trust, eat foods I haven’t eaten in years, I’ve laughed a lot, gone to concerts, performed, made progress with my driving lessons, written copious amounts of essays as an attempt to catch up and I’ve walked to school by myself without doing something destructive. Over the past few days that my eating disorder has piped up I have been miserable and cold and lost my motivation. Why would I want to live like this? I skimped on breakfast this morning but I just made up for it by having two pieces of toast with butter and I’m gonna do everything I can to eat properly for the rest of the day. My head constantly swimming in calories and numbers and nutritional info is exhausting and these thoughts are one thing that haven’t changed a bit in the past 2 months, but they definitely won’t go away unless I keep challenging them. I have to keep separating myself from my eating disorder and do what I need to do to have a life worth living.

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Hi! Can you write 13 for Keith? (cuz he's my babe.)

13 from [this list]: running a 39/102 fever

surprise, this is my first time writing a character with the flu since 2013 *jazz hands* i guess you could say i’ve avoided it like the plague? but anyways, i hope it’s okay. pre-relationship college au klance.

(also, this was supposed to be ~100 words. instead it ended up being a long unstylized wreck.)

The door swings open. Keith doesn’t bother to change; he drops his backpack onto the ground, kicks off his shoes, stumbles down the hallway. It’s been a long day. He’s going to sleep.

His bedroom is an entire fifteen feet away from the door, which isn’t that far, all things considered. Except, a few steps forward are enough to send his vision swimming, and he has to lean onto a wall because his legs aren’t enough to support him on their own.


His head is pounding and everything’s too hot, too bright. God, he really needs sleep. Maybe two all-nighters in a row wasn’t the best idea. If only he could just get to the damn bed.

He staggers forward, one hand gripping the wall so hard his knuckles are turning white. The floor is cool and nice and a nice alternative for his bed, he thinks. He contemplates laying down right then and there and going to sleep.

Except, then the fifteen feet are over, and he’s leaning heavily against the doorframe to his room, energy sapped. He takes a few steps and practically collapses face-first onto the bed, not bothering to properly pull the covers over himself.

His phone is still in his hoodie pocket, and it’s getting crushed by his weight. Heaving a sigh, Keith pulls the device from his pocket and sets it on the nightstand beside him, not bothering to look up. He’ll skip class tomorrow, he guesses.

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So I’m a junior and I’m taking an exam that’s kinda tough at the end of the year. Also everything we’re seeing this year is going to be used next year, so I want to study as hard as I can (but being the procrastinator I am I can’t 🙃). Any suggestions? I started writing down notes because it seemed fun to but I’m bad at it and kind of too lazy to keep up with it.

The thing that works for me is making sure I’m accountable to other people. If I tell myself ‘I’ll just have a quick break then I’ll do some work’ and I’m by myself, I’ll inevitably get nothing done that day. But if I let someone else down by not doing the work, I’m much more likely to be productive

Maybe talk to someone else doing the exam and arrange to go through a topic each week? Or I tend to take myself off for the library because I know people will judge me if I spend two hours on YouTube so I tend to be a lot more productive there!

Notes aren’t for everybody but if you’re going to need this stuff next year they’ll be a life saver in the future!! Personally I would advocate taking detailed notes but that’s the way I learn- I take things in much more when I write them down. Maybe make videos of you talking a topic through so you can look back at them next year, or just make very brief notes and make sure you look over them regularly?

Anybody else have any study tips?