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looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!


a:tla + quotes

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I honestly love this photoset. Since I recently cut my hair, my curl pattern is finally coming back. It’s still a little confused but I’m sure It’ll make it! I love being out with nature, don’t you? It was cloudy but the sun came through just enough for the cute pictures! Thx for all the love hunny bunnies! My shirt is thrifted btw. I’d love it if you could check out my IG for similar posts! Have a beautiful rest of your day! Asks always open qts! 🌻



“how many times are going to have to save me before this is over?”    
as many times as it takes.”     //      sh13thers do not touch!


“I really give Misha, who plays Castiel, a lot of credit. What a pleasure this guy has been, both to work with and what he brings to the show. He just came in for the audition for the angel and was so complicated and brought such, this, innocence to the role and all of this different dimension. We just knew he was lightning in a bottle. And, sure enough, the fans have really responded to him in a way they’ve responded to no other, certainly, guest star on the show. We ended up snatching him up. He’s gonna be a regular. We just knew what we had on our hands. And he’s just been such a gentlemen and a pleasure to work with.” — Kripke on Misha in the 4x03 commentary

How many Waluigi cosplays do I have?

Too Many.


Wahttack on Titan:

Formal Waluigi:

Wahtoon Squid Kid:

Ouran Host Club Waluigi:

Mario Maker Waluigi:

and last but definitely not the least

Rave Waluigi:

For some reason I thought I had more but I mean there are quite a bit. Who knows I’ll probaby make photosets for each set when I have enough to show for them.



Hi!!! So I went to the IDKHBTFM show. It was amazing!! I’ve posted a few photosets of pictures I was lucky enough to take. I didn’t get so many cos I was too lost in the music, and Dallon kept wiggling. And I dont have any of Ryan because his drum set covered his face from my angle!!! :( I promise I tried but none turned out good. I did get a selfie with him after (he said he liked my hair!).

So Dallon is a really sweet guy. He knelt down on stage after the set and tossed me his bass pick and my heart actually stopped. They were so tired they were awake for 72 hours!! But they still stayed around for HOURS talking with fans and taking pictures because they’re amazing guys. I hope they got some sleep.

These are just some extra photos that I thought were funny, we made a lot of weird eye contact. I think it was bc of my hair LOL.

((I did just post this a second ago but then I realized that people’s faces were in it and I didn’t have permission so I edited them out with cute af stickers!!!!!))

Dear Journal,

I might have to leave for a little while. Father’s been increasingly stressing the importance of marriage, he sounds…. strange. To make matter’s worse he keeps bringing up that man- no… that PIG far too much for my liking. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Link! If I had known he’d…oh, but that’s in the past- the only thing I can do now is find a way to fight back on my own. It was foolish of me to think Link could do this all on his own, brave as he, is having an insider isn’t enough. It’s time for me to disappear for a while. Impa- my maid, mind you- said a little “trip” should be in order. I’ve heard it’s lovely in the South this time of year.

Not sure when I can write again, but still yours,


1920′s zelda au


That’s the amazing thing about New York is there are so many opportunities going on all the time. And you may not think that each opportunity is worth it. You may talk yourself out of seizing every opportunity, but you never know who’s going to be there and what is going to lead to what. That’s been the key to my life; random experiences that have led to so many things. So, seizing the opportunity and being present is huge, but also being yourself. I mean it’s the hardest and most cliché thing to say, but it’s true. I think it’s really important to trust your instincts and trust yourself and know that you are enough to achieve what you want to do.


I’m wondering why I shouldn’t just kill you.” There’s a pause. The tension had seemed to peak as soon as they had made eye contact. And yet it continued to rise.

Benny rebounds soon enough. A quick thinker, as was expected given his current line of business,but baby - you’d be disappointing me. All the trouble you went through to arrange this shin-dig? Must be something more you’re after…?

Was it another play? Another move to get him ahead? He couldn’t be sure. Regardless, the offer was intriguing enough to play along.

yamysquie replied to your photoset “bestlockscreens: bestlockscreens: Johnny Depp lockscreen set that…”

Ah all the people liking this I hope it never happens to you or anyone you know, because odds are, you won’t believe them or be believed!

Okay, this is enough. I’ve been running this blog for more than 2 years. I never insulted anyone, I never said something about my opinions  and I was never rude. But here you are. Somehow, you -and the people like you who wrote the rude comments-  feel like you have the right to insult me and my followers. 

Firstly, fuck you. I don’t care about your opinion. I don’t need your opinion. This is why I don’t follow you. This is how it’s works.This is a fucking “Lockscreens” blog, what did you expect to find here? Here, I make all kinds of lockscreens for every type of thing. If you don’t like me or the blog, just go. You can’t talk to someone like that and expect understanding. If you wanna make a statement or express your opinion, do it in your own blog. Did you really expect that you can change people’s opinions by insulting them? Really? Like there is not enough garbage on the internet?

Secondly, you don’t have to like Johnny Depp. You may not believe him. But this is your opinion. All I’m saying is that he wasn’t found guilty, police never found any evidence that proves Amber is saying the truth, Amber even apologised to him. In fact Amber was the one who actually got arrested for DM. And these are facts, not my opinions.

And lastly, to those who threaten to unfollow me, honesty I couldn’t care less. I actually don’t even know why you thought that I’d give a fuck. I don’t need followers. I don’t make money out of this blog, not even a fucking cent. I don’t even want credit from anything. This is my blog and I love Johnny Depp. I support him and I am proud of him. If you can’t deal with it, this is your problem and not mine. I just wanted to express “myself” in “my blog” with “my lockscreens”.

If there are still people who think like this, please feel free to go and fuck yourself. Because If you keep being that much ignorant and rude, no one else will.


David Tennant as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet (2000)

David Tennant on playing Romeo:
What I remember particularly about Romeo and Juliet is that people expect a chocolate-box love story. I think that’s what people imagine that story is, even though they know it’s tragic and it doesn’t end happily. They’re expecting some great essay on love. I don’t think that’s what the play is. Romeo and Juliet spend remarkably little time together and, when they are on stage together, the longest chunk of time you see them interacting with each other is the balcony scene, where the very definition is that they can’t touch, they can’t be together, there’s a physical and emotional barrier between them. I think the play is about all sorts of things, but I don’t know really that it is about love. That’s one of the things that you have to get over when playing Romeo, because if you come to the play thinking, ‘I’ve come to play a great lover’, that’s not a very helpful place to start.  The play is as much about society and the  politics of the world they’re in as it is the meditation on love which people expect.

Photo credits include:  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, photostage.co.uk, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and more

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favorite non-berlantiverse female character - tulip o’hare

“A woman needs to know how to be strong, stand on her own. Of course, boy or a girl, if you’re lucky enough to fall in love, you have to be even stronger. Fight like a lion to keep it alive, so that on the day your love is weak enough, or selfish enough, or friggin’ stupid enough to run away, you have the strength to track him down and eat ‘em alive.”