i have embarassed myself enough now

You are the DISNEY FANDOM.

People have believed you dead many times, but thanks to your FAIRY STABMOTHER, TRUE LOVE’S KISS always brings you back.

DF: Well, quite a glittering assemblage, Homestuck Fandom. Hetalia, Supernatural, the BBC, and–  How quaint. Even the anime.

DF: I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.

DF: Or would, if I wasn’t already there.

If Fandomstuck has a Lord English equivalent, my best bet goes to Disney. Disney, who has been around for a century, who’s fandom pre-dates the internet and attracts people who don’t even know what a fandom is. It’s self-sustaining, creating fans of animation to become animators. While Disney loves the sweet and romantic, she’s got plenty of other powerful Fandoms to do her dirty work; Tim Burton, Miyazaki, Marvel and Starwars.