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Suga Moans Ver. 2
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Suga Moans Ver. 2

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Kookie Moans Ver. 2


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I have always lived violently…eaten too much or not at all, slept around the clock or missed two nights of sleeping, worked too hard and too long in glory, or slobbed for a time in utter laziness. I’ve lifted, pulled, chopped, climbed, made love with joy and taken my hangovers as a consequence, not as a punishment.
—  John Steinbeck
Monsters (Part 3)

<i>Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry.  With what you’re planning everything seemed perfect.  Though you didn’t mean to accidentally wake up the creature underneath your home sooner than he wanted.

All you wanted to do was hurry up with your plans.  This clown though seemed to keep showing up though, even in your dreams.  

Everything was going as planned.  And now maybe even better than ever.</i>

                                    Pennywise’s Perspective

              Someone had moved into the old run-down home. The presence of multiple people woke me much earlier than I wanted.  All I could feel was my hunger.  I was curious to who now lived in the home but once I had a full stomach I would investigate.

              Several bodies later and I watched from the shadows. This short girl was among these tall men.  She seemed to be the one calling the shots of what she wanted done and was the one who would be living in the house.  I’d walk through the home once everyone left to examine the work they had done.  The rooms were being fixed, patched up, and painted.  The foyer was a burgundy color.  The kitchen a light beige.  The bathrooms were both the same shade of dark purple.  Her room was a blood red color.  I admired the color and headed to the basement.  She hadn’t touched the well.  I had overheard she wasn’t planning on covering it up since you would need climbing gear to even go inside.  Besides it let in a cool breeze she had told them.  The storage room door was locked with two lock pads but I gave them no thought as I easily opened the door.

               The room had pale tile walls with pale tile flooring to match.  The shelves were filled with bottles, mostly cleaning supplies but some caught my eye. A bottle had the label “Arsenic” and others had names I hadn’t heard of before.  In the floor was sort of a miniature ditch that I noticed led to the well through some stone.  My eyes caught the back wall which had several knives hanging from it.

               “My, aren’t you an interesting gal.” I picked up a knife from the wall and twirled it in my hand. “What do you plan to do little one?” I set the knife back down and left the room, locking it back up.

               Several days went by and I kept watching in between feeding and scaring others.  Finally, when the men all left and night had settled I decided to introduce myself. Oh, her fear smelled lovely.  She was scared to be in a new home all by herself, especially a large home like this.  It was only her small self in this big empty home.  When I gave her the balloon, seeing her eyes widen with surprise, her heart pounding with fear, was almost too much.  I could have eaten her then and there but my curiosity for her special room won me over.  When she shut the door, I made my way over to the kissing bridge.  There had been some pesky teenagers there for some days now and their fear was too good to pass up.  

            I decided to come back afterwards to see inside her dream.  I could tell it’s one she’s had before. When she left the bed room with the man I walked over to investigate him.  He was tall, muscular, and even for me there was something unsettling about him. He was motionless, his hand still on the bed and a grin on his face.  A growl left my throat as I took one last look at him and left for the basement. I needed to give her a good proper scare after all and didn’t want to waste any more time on who this man was.

           I came back again to scare her in her dreams but something was different.  I didn’t want to utterly terrify her so I did some fun acts and even gave her a rose.  Something about her caught my interest so I followed her. Her date was becoming boring but she was only getting more interesting.  Not how I normally would but the way she smelled was almost as good as fear.  I replaced her date that she had for the evening and realized she had seemed to want blood just as much as I did.  I wish I could have teased her longer but my stomach was growling.  While hunting I kept thinking back to her.  I had never met a human who wanted to taste blood, who seemed to enjoy it and yearn for it as much as I did.  Perhaps when I decide to end the play thing routine I’d have her float in my personal resting area.

           The day after the nice little dream she finished up her room in the basement.  I watched as she put together a large metal table.  She played with adjustable part of it.  She grinned and giggled to herself.  It almost reminded me of myself.  Even though I wanted to devour her I felt a little bit of pride for her. She had something in mind and I’d let her see to it.  The town was already terrified that something was causing havoc again much sooner than they expected.  I guess I should have thanked her in some way.  In due time though perhaps, I will.

            Some weeks went by and I noticed how she left the house less and less. She’d leave to get groceries, maybe walk around a little bit and talk to some town folk but she preferred to keep to herself.  There were times where she was paranoid, usually after she was on the thing she called a desktop but only at certain times.  I noticed the picture of the man from her dream pop up now and then and it appeared when they were communicating.  Curiosity only got the better of me as I stayed more and more in the house to watch her.  I’d still eat but I wouldn’t linger and my scaring acts never went as long as they usually did.  After one night she was talking into a device and seemed a bit chipper despite knowing who she was talking to.  When her conversation was done my curiosity had reached its point.   She mentioned she was ready for tomorrow.  I’d have to make sure to be here so I went off to feed.

                                     (Back to Reader’s Perspective)

            “Alright (Y/N), you can do this.  Just tolerate him for some time and he’s all yours.” I zipped around the room as I got dressed.  I had decided on a burgundy skater dress.  As I sat at my vanity I could feel someone watching me.  I did my best to ignore the feeling but I had an idea of who it was.  After a while the uneasy feeling got too much and I smacked my hands onto the vanity.

           “Pennywise, what do you want from me!?” Anger filled my voice.  I had too much carefully planned.  I had too much to worry about.  This clown was getting on my last nerves.

           “I’m only watching, as I’ve done ever since you’ve started to fix this place up.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw him emerge from the shadow in my closet. “My resting area is just below here.  This house and I have a long history together. I was supposed to rest for another seventeen years until you started to make a ruckus.”

           “I’m so sorry for disturbing your beauty rest.” I picked up one of my favorite red liquid to matte lipsticks and began to apply it to my lips.

           “You’ve been a curiosity of mine ever since I explored that little room in the basement you have.” He stepped closer until he was behind me.  I tilted the mirror upwards so I could look at him. “That man from your dream, the one where I sent you down the well.  Who is he? What is he to you?” I could hear an angry tone in his voice, almost as each word became a growl.  Goodness gracious he thought this man was special to me.

           “Pennywise, to be honest, it’s none of your business.” I turned in my seat to face him.  He tilted his head to the side when he got a better look of the makeup I had done on my face. “If you do have to know though so you can drop that tone,” I stood up to somewhat feel like I had more control of the conversation, even though I was beginning to shake a little.  I placed my hand on my vanity to try to stable myself. “The man raped me years ago when we were teenagers.  I’ve talked to his past girlfriends to find out he’s only done the same to them. So,” I looked into his eyes, “I’m going to kill him myself since no one else is going to.”

           All I could hear was his laughs bouncing off the walls.  I don’t know why this angered me so much.  In a flash all I could see was my arm flinging my porcelain jewelry box into the wall, shattering into pieces and the jewelry scattering around.  His laughing stopped as he looked me over.

           “Little one, I assure you I wasn’t laughing at the idea.” His hand reached out to my chin and he lifted my face up to me. “Quite the contrary actually.  I’m rooting for you.  I promise to stay out of your way but I’ll stick by in case you need assistance. Besides,” His hand left my chin and brushed over the part of my neck he bit in my dream.  I could feel the wound again.  I turned in the vanity to see teeth marks right where he had bit me. His hand brushed back over, “You’re mine until I devour you and nothing will hurt what is mine.” The marks were gone but I could still feel their sting.

           “I am not-” My words cut off as he placed a hand over my neck, squeezing tightly.  A whimper left me and he grinned.

           “Now, now (Y/N).  You have much to do.  Have some comfort in knowing that you have a monster on your side.”  He let out a chuckle and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. In an instant he was gone, back into the shadows.

           After cleaning up the broken jewelry box and finding a new home for the jewelry I went to prepare for my guest.

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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sassejane  asked:

"Oliver, if we didn't get blown up, how do you think our date would have ended?"

Oliver opened his eyes at her question, staring at the wall as her words bounced around in his head. Felicity was propped up behind him, half sprawled across his body, her naked chest pressed to his side as she dragged her fingernail in random designs over his bare back.

Every few inches her nail hit a scar and she always took the time to make a special little design for each one, making sure not to skip any, making sure not to leave them behind. Because they were part of him, part of his history, as she had told him once. They helped shape the man he was, the man she loved, and so as a result she loved them, despite the still painful memories they were tied to.

Oliver sighed, thinking back to that night.

He’d been so nervous. He didn’t think he’d ever been that nervous on a first date before. He’d been ready to chug his scotch and ask for three more just to calm the nest of butterflies beating a steady rhythm against the walls of his stomach.

Until they started talking.

Until they touched hands.

Until he was finally able to put into words the change she had brought to his life.

They rarely talked about that night, because of the darkness that followed, and he specifically chose to avoid thinking about all that. Because things had turned out alright. They were alright.

Oliver smiled, thinking back to how he had imagined a hundred times over how the night might go, how it might end, on his way to the restaurant.

Her fingers danced across his back as he said, “Dinner, obviously, and then dessert. Although I think we would have both eaten way too much because we were so nervous, so dessert might not have worked out.” Felicity chuckled. “That hadn’t stopped me from spending a significant amount of time wondering what your red lips would’ve looked like while eating a piece of chocolate cake.”

Her hand paused for a split second, inhaling quickly at the insinuation in his words - the reminder that they had been friends but that they’d been opening a door to so much more, and while it had seemed so innocent at the time, there was still the promise underlying everything that night of what could happen - before continuing.

“I didn’t want that night to ever end,” he continued softly, closing his eyes, picturing it as he said, “I would have suggested we take a walk, and then I would have noticed you were wearing those red heels that made your legs look like they go on forever and offered to drive you home instead. But you would’ve wanted to walk too. I’d have given you my jacket.”

Her hand stopped as she listened.

“I thought about a dozen different ways I would walk with you, Felicity, maybe more. I thought about what you’d look like with my jacket over your shoulders, how beautiful you were; I thought about holding your hand, or wrapping my arm around your shoulder.” He opened his eyes again. “I think as long as I was touching you, I would have been good.”

Felicity was quiet as she laid her head on his back, and he wondered if she could hear his heart racing from residual nerves of their first disastrous date night.

“We would have eventually made it back to your apartment, after spending way too long walking - I would have offered to carry you anywhere because I knew your feet would be hurting, but you would have rolled your eyes at me, just like  you do now.”

He felt her grinning.

His voice was heavy with emotion. “I would have kissed you goodnight, our first kiss, the way a first kiss should be; and I would have wanted so much more. I wasn’t sure how I would have responded if you’d asked me to come inside.” She hugged him closer. “But I think I would have said no. Because I wanted to do it right. Because I knew I was in love with you, and I didn’t want to mess it up.”

“You wouldn’t have messed it up, Oliver,” she replied, her voice quiet, before adding, “You might have tripped a few times,” Oliver laughed at that, “But you wouldn’t have messed it up.”

Oliver was silent for a moment.

“To anyone else it would have just been a first date, but it would have been the best night of my life.” He swallowed. “In a lot of ways, it was, actually. The best night of my life. It got me through those months afterwards.”

Felicity’s breath hitched slightly before she turned, pressing a gentle kiss to the center of his back.

My eyes are slowly forgetting. What I mean is, sometimes they find you in the crowd and mistake you for comfort. Listen, it’s true that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I have eaten too much of the past to know that fantasies are often liars. There is a sense of fullness in my gut from the dying butterflies. A lingering sensation of nostalgia in my mouth every time my eyes remember. I gnaw at all the stories and try to swallow them all down. But they get lodged at my throat because it still seems to recognize the taste of you. Please, forgive my hands. They know nothing else besides holding beautiful things.
—  N.J., the anatomy of me

I haven’t counted calories in two days, and I have most definitely eaten Too Much, and I am gaining weight Too Quickly, which is why I do NOT want to see a dietitian, ever, and I really and truly want to not exist anymore, but I also can’t wait for my hot AF husband to get home, because I love having the presence of mind to spend time with him and connect with him, mentally and physically, and he cracks my shit up all the time, so.. I have to.. accept that I’m hungry for a reason and that my body is growing larger for a reason and that I don’t need to be emaciated to be deserving of love and like and concern and that I can let go of the need to be that sad sack of shit-bones that I used to be.

But I do miss being partially dead and objectively Too Thin.. but not as much as I enjoy being able to read for hours and remember the plot and characters and definitely not as much as I enjoy being able to feel my husband’s body next to mine at night and not feel panicked or terrified and absolutely not as much as I enjoy being able to do my job well and think clearly and focus on what my boss is telling me. I miss being a walking dead person that receives concern and care and gentle treatment because I am Very Sick, but I would miss living life so much more than I could ever miss being that shadow-person.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself, every day.


sasuke definitely comes up with roundabout ways to spend time w hinata

he has a massive crush on her but is in denial, or can’t say it

like if this were an office au, he calls her into the conference room to go over some project the company has been working on

he strategically calls her in right before her lunch break

and he has all this fucking food laid out…. but it’s just him and hinata, and he wasn’t exactly sure what she liked to eat so he purchased the whole menu lmao

“Come in, I was just about to have lunch.” He’s sitting at the head of the table and pretends to act super casual, leaning back into the ergonomic chair.

Hinata eyed the feast on the table.

A wide variety of take out items was spread out on the long table of the conference room. Disposable containers with dishes like pasta, stir fry, and sushi took up a majority of the space; she would barely be able to tetris her documents amongst all the food. The litany of appetizers and main courses and desserts teased her senses and the emptiness in her stomach became magnified tenfold.

Was this how CEOs regularly ate? She reasoned that her boss could certainly afford it, even if it seemed a bit excessive.

“Wow, that’s quite the lunch,” was stated in a friendly, neutral manner.

“Yes it appears I ordered too much…” Sasuke cleared his throat, “Have you eaten yet?”

He knew damn well that she hadn’t, so when she shook her head, he smoothly followed up with, “Why don’t you join me?”

The turkey and spinach sandwich she quickly threw together this morning paled in comparison to the banquet in front of her, making her quick to agree.

“Sure,” she smiled, “It is almost lunch time and I know Ino and Kiba are also about to go on break so if you wanted to invi-”

“No no, I think there’s only enough for two,” he was quick to interrupt. While Yamanaka and Inuzuka were good employees, sometimes their personalities grated on his nerves. He already had one energetic loud mouth that followed him at his heels.

Besides, he didn’t want anyone to get in between their… er, meeting.

“… Okay, Uchiha-san…” She fought to keep the skepticism out of her tone, cautious of offending him due to his generous offer and his status as her boss.

“Sasuke,” he insisted. “You can just call me Sasuke.”

friend: how are you? me, having just eaten too much cereal bc i have no conception of portion sizes or self control: ive just eaten too much cereal bc i have no conception of portion sizes or self control

Food Cramps

After a long day, you and Hanzo had decided to get something to eat. The best restaurant in town, so people said, so it was worth checking out. It had a buffet and everything, and it’s safe to say both of you got your fill.

After returning home, about an hour or so later, the night dwindled down and you now sat on the couch, your knees tucked against your stomach and chest as you tried to focus on the movie playing instead of the insistent cramps and waves of pain that poked at your stomach.

Letting out a small groan, you momentarily closed your eyes, and sighed. When you opened them, though, Hanzo had walked into the living room at the sound of your discomfort. “Are you alright, darling?” he asked worriedly, sitting next to you.

You looked at him with a small frown. “I think I might have eaten a little too much…”

He raised an eyebrow, but let out a small hum. “I tried to tell you not to eat too much,” he mused quietly. But, he stood, and walked over to the kitchen.

“What are you dooooing?” You called out, crawling to the other end of the couch – or trying to – and leaning against the arm. “Making me some more food isn’t going to exactly help my problem here.”

Hanzo chuckled, his voice sounding a little raspy. Now that you thought about it, he looks as if he was sleeping. A small pang of guilt hit you at the thought that you might have woken him up. “No,” he shook his head, grabbing a package of maruchan ramen from the cabinet above the fridge. He grabbed a small pot, opening the package, and pulled out the small little metallic package of seasoning. “you’ll see what I’m doing.”

He was only confusing you even more.

“It tends to help me whenever I’m in your situation.” He let out a small yawn, clearly trying to cover it up, but grabbed a cup and turned on the faucet.

Another jab of pain hit your stomach, making you let out another groan. Though, a couple minutes later, and your boyfriend walked out of the kitchen, handing you a cup of broth. Chicken broth.

“Why did you go through that whole process when we have some broth in the cabinet?” You deadpanned. Hanzo gave a slightly sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I prefer the ramen stuff. I hope you don’t mind.”

You stared at the drink, but…took a sip. It was hot, though not too hot to be uncomfortable. As you swallowed, it warmed your chest, and when it hit your stomach, it surprisingly soothed the pain. With another sip, it did the same, and you couldn’t help but look at your groggy Hanzo, smile, and pressed a kiss to his cheek, leaning on his shoulder as he curled up next to you.

“Thank you.”

My heart feels so full at the end of this night, I have personally never been one for my own birthday, but my joy comes with sharing it with my best friend. This year has been a bit stressful, and to wake up to not only my son and uncle preparing breakfast, but a Skype call from my family back home? It makes the start of 25 that much brighter. I have eaten far too much dessert,, and I do believe there will be food leftover for at least a week, but I am very happy. I do hope that everyone has had just as a pleasant of a day.

I Want You For Christmas

Hi I was wondering if you could write an imagine were its Christmas Eve and your crush gives you a present which you open that asks you to be his girlfriend. If you you can’t or not until after Christmas because your enjoying your holiday that’s fine 😊 Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏻 xxxxx

“Come on (c/n) we don’t want to miss our Christmas dinner with the family let’s go!” You say dragging his arm to your car at the bottom of the hill. “Let’s race (y/n) come on there’s no point in walking down!!” You sigh and pick up a sled, setting it down next to (c/n)’s. He grabs your hand while you take a seat on the slippery sled and plop down, grabbing the rope. He sits in his and grabs the rope as well. “Ready?“ he asks with a nod and glorious smile.

“On three (c/n).” He wiggles a little down the hill so he’s ready to push off. “Three!!” He yelled out, before you could even comprehend what was going on, he started pushing down the hill. He was no more than a few feet in front of you when you pushed yourself off as well. Your mind was filled with excitement and nerves and also competition. (C/n) may be stronger but you were just as athletic. You sped up due to your lightness and we’re now head to head with him. A look of fright appeared on his face when he noticed you were slowly ahead of him. He went back to looking ahead at the bottom of the hill, where a big pile of snow awaits.

Needless to say, for the sake of the friendship, it was a tie. You both had quickly thrown the sleds in the trunk of your car and pile into the two front seats, away from the cold winter snow. He instantly blasted the car heater along with the stereo.

The drive had long, slightly windy roads, which only made it easier to have conversations with (c/n). “What did you ask for for Christmas (nickname)?” You ask taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds to look for a response. “Uh not much, just new sport shoes and some hair gel. What about you?” He plays with his hands nervously as you think about the question for a few seconds before saying, “uh I haven’t really asked for anything except clothes and girl stuff I guess.” He makes a little scrunched face when he hears “girl stuff" but nods nonetheless.

“How are my two babies doing?” (C/n)’s mom says excitedly that you guys have finally come home. She takes a big hug from both of you, squeezing so hard you could hear (c/n) stuggle for breath like you. “Go warm up by the fire lovelies,” she says patting yours and (c/n)’s butts into the living room, also causing giggles and blush.

“Ugh now it’s getting too hot, (c/n) switch places with me so I’m not as close,” you say standing up and nudging him a little. “What if I don’t want to move we know I’m already hotter anyway (y/n)” he says with that obvious smirk. You grin for what’s about to come out of your mouth.

“Well your heart can cool you down so do me a favor hun and move for me,” you say bringing him a little speechless at first all until he murmurs, “oh wow your so gonna get it now sweet cheeks". He pushed himself off the couch also containing both his and your siblings who are in their own world. He ducked his head and had his shoulder mold into your stomach, lifting you up off the ground. You let out a gasp of shock from his spurt of spontaneity. He spins himself around and tosses you lightly onto the couch. Your eyes widen when he dives for the couch, right on top of you. You grunt from his legs hitting yours with a clunk but giggle as his hair tickles your face and fingers dance on your skin.

“Are you done yet Nacho Libre?” You say pushing his head up with your hands and pushing his cheeks together to make him look like a chipmunk. His body stays supported by his elbows with hands resting on your waist, threatening to tickle you at any moment. He shakes his head and sticks his tongue out, making a obnoxious noise and almost getting spit onto your face until you push his head back, to the side. His face turns to fear as he suddenly starts reaching for you but it’s too late as he falls flat on the ground with a thud, groaning in response.

“Wanna tell me how you got that bump on your head now (c/n)?” His mom says giving him a small ice pack that he places on the back of his head and leaning it against the kitchen cabinet. He shrugs his shoulder with no big deal and looks at you with a smile. “(Y/n) pushed me off the couch” he says with a pout only his mother could believe. You on the other hand had your jaw hit the floor and your hand hit (c/n)’s arm, of course while his mom was turned the other way of course. He gasped a little and rubbed his arm. “On the contrary Mrs. (l/n) I didn’t push him. He simply rolled off and tried to reach for my help while doing so.” (C/n)’s mom shakes her head and looks at both of you. I don’t know who to believe just don’t do it again” she said to the both of you and returning to the stove, stirring the food.

Ugh I’m so full, somebody take me away so I can’t eat any more,” you say pushing your plate a few inches away although it wasn’t much help. (C/n) was sitting like you having eaten too much food as well. “I think I’m going to have to take a short jog just to save room for dessert.” The kid table of which you sat at started chuckling with each other’s short comments of how much food everybody ate.

“Here (c/n), I got this for you.” He looks at you in shock. It soon turns into a smile as he rips away the paper and opening the box. Behind the cardboard laid a picture. Not just any picture though, it was from say ten years ago. You and him would always have play dates in your backyard and the smiles between the two of you were captured in this moment.

He seemed speechless as he grazed the border and frame of this memory. “I love it so much (y/n), thank you” he says, giving you a hug. Before he pulled away too far a gave you a kiss on your cheek, something that wasn’t uncommon between you two. He reached behind the tree, pulling out a small box of which you knew would contain some type of jewelry. He hesitated slightly before handing it to you. You blushed and struggled to contain a straight face as you slid the lid of the light blue box. Inside held a simple gold necklace with the first letter of your name on a small circle on it. You looked on the back of the treasure and it was engraved the first letter of his name. “I love it (c/n)” you huffed out, as you tackled his body into a tight hug. He nodded and held the now empty box while you placed the necklace around your neck.

“(y/n)…there’s one thing I want for Christmas this year” he says. It’s confusing that he would say such a thing considering in the car ride home he didn’t want much. “And what could that be (c/n)?” You ask with some concern. “I…I want you to be mine for Christmas (y/n)” are the words that escape his lips. All the weight on his shoulders have been lifted now but now he waits for a response. You ponder for a moment. “Can you come with me somewhere?” You say to him. He pouts and stands up, taking your lead. You take his hand through the house until you appear in another secluded room with nobody in arms reach other than (c/n) of course. Your backs lean against the doorway.

“Look (y/n) if you don’t want to its fine just please tell me-” You push a finger to his lips, shushing him. He takes a breath and looks back in your eyes. You point up, to the mistletoe above your heads. “You don’t want bad luck do you (c/n)? I think you’ll find my answer not under the tree but under the mistletoe.”

He kissed you. It wasn’t perfect, it was insanely hard with a smile stuck on his lips but nonetheless it worked out. His arms led his hands to your neck where he eventually found the small chain of the necklace, fiddling with it. You on the other hand grabbed some of the ugly sweater stuck to his skin, pulling him closer. Your heads twisted and turned all until his head hit a little too hard on the wall causing him to jump and for you two to separate. He rubbed his head where the bump from earlier was placed causing you to giggle and pull him back to the kitchen where some ice awaits for his head.

“Oh (c/n) if you keep hitting your head any more you won’t be around next Christmas!” He rolls his eyes towards his mom, “yeah yeah whatever,” he says jumping down off the counter. He threw the ice pack back in the freezer. He took his cold hand from the ice and grabbed your warm one, pulling you away from the families. “Where are we going now?” You ask quite curious as his strides get longer. He stops in the same place, under the mistletoe.

“So now I can kiss you again.” He pulls you in closer, now being more careful not to hit his head on anything as he kisses you. “You realize now you don’t need to be under mistletoe to kiss me right?“ He smirks at your quirkiness and pushes some hair out of your face and away from your neck. He takes the opportunity to kiss the base of your neck, sucking your skin slightly along with it. “Mhm shut up baby it’s Christmas”. You couldn’t agree more.

Meet the New Boss Part 8

Summary: Sam comes back into the picture, only things don’t turn out quite like you plan.
Warnings: None. I don’t think.
Word Count: 1762

You spun around lazily in your office chair, your eyes trained on the ceiling. Bored; that was the only word to describe it. You were bored.

Chuck Shurley had been more than accommodating; meeting nearly every demand you had thrown at him. Not that you could be that picky, you had a mortgage and other bills to pay; bottom line, you had to keep working. At the time you jumped at the opportunity to get promoted to Finance Manager, but you hadn’t realized how much smaller Carver Printing was. You often found your day’s work done right after lunch. Getting your work done was great; the problem was there wasn’t anything to occupy your mind, and often enough you found yourself thinking about Dean.

It had been three months since you’d slammed the door in his face, refusing to talk to him. He called a few times after you first started with Chuck’s company and you told your assistant, Ruby, to stop transferring his calls.

The phone on your desk rang, startling you out of your thoughts. “Y/N Y/L/N speaking.”

“Hey!” Meg exclaimed from the other end, clearly excited. “Just wanted to let you know I got your R.S.V.P, but there wasn’t a plus one….” She trailed off, letting the sentence hang between you.

“Yeah, just me.” You snapped, a little more harshly than you intended.

“I just-” Meg paused, shuffling some papers.

“Are you at work right now?” You asked, mostly out of curiosity and partly to try to change the subject.

“No, I took a day off to get these R.S.V.P’s in order.” More shuffling paper. “I’ve only got eight weeks, you know. Hey, are you still coming over this weekend? I want to get the seating chart finished.”

“Yea, I’ll be there. No worries. Although I don’t see why you have to have one. You’re stressing to put people that like each other together. Aren’t they gonna just sit with people they like anyways?”

“It’s just something Cas wanted. Something about his family being– Look, I don’t know, but you’re not helping with your attitude.”

“Sorry, Meg.” You honestly were, and you knew she was working hard on this. Your thoughts went back to the R.S.V.P. You weren’t going to ask; you didn’t want to know. That’s why you were so surprised when the question popped out of your mouth.  “What about Dean?”

She stayed quiet, giving you all the information you needed.

“What about Sam? He would go with you.” She offered, sensing your desperation.

“Go ahead and mark me plus one, I guess.” You sighed heavily. You would ask Sam before going home today.

“Yay! Okay I’ll talk to you later, don’t forget to ask Sam!” The phone clicked loudly in your ear and you gave it a disgusted look. Like it was in any control here.

You took a deep breath and dialed the number for Sam’s law office.

“Campbell Law, Jo speaking.”

“Hey Jo. Can you transfer me to Mr. Campbell?”

She inhaled quickly, her silence deafening. She finally found her voice and croaked a, “Yeah, one second.”

You weren’t sure what to make of her reaction; you hadn’t called there in forever. Which, when you thought about it, was probably what prompted her reaction. After a minute Sam picked up.

“Y/N?” Real confusion loaded in that one word.

“Yeah, hey. Look, I was-” you paused, unsure of how to proceed. You hadn’t talked to him in months; did he even want to talk to you? Apparently you were taking too long to answer.

“Y/N…everything alright?”

“What? Yeah!” You sucked in a deep breath, deciding to just toss it out there. The worst he could do was say no and tell you to fuck off. “Did you want to go to Meg and Cas’ wedding with me?” You waited, gnawing on the inside of your cheek nervously. When he said nothing, you whispered into the phone. “Sam?”

You waited, listening to him breathe for what seemed like forever, but in all reality was only a few seconds. “Y/N, are you sure?”

That was unexpected. “What do you mean?”

“I just want to make sure this isn’t about something else.” A pregnant pause hung between the two of you and you sighed.

“I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather be there with.” The words fell from your mouth in a false tone; it made you sick to your stomach to hear yourself say it. Everything in you rebelled against using Sam to your advantage but you’d be damned if you arrived at the wedding single and wanting. He was…convenient.

“Sure, I’ll go. On one condition.”

You could practically hear him smirking through the phone. You waited silently.

“I want a real date.” His words stunned you, to say the least. Before you could respond he plowed on, the rest of his sentence jumbling together. “I’m willing to try again, but only if you are.” He paused and took a breath. “I don’t want to be a placeholder for someone else this time.”

Your heart fluttered in your chest and you nodded for a second before remembering he couldn’t see you. “Sure. When and where?”


You smoothed the wrinkles from your v neck tank top, exhaling unhappily and checking your reflection for the hundredth time. A pile of clothes mocked you from the bed where you had tossed them. You hadn’t been able to decide what to wear, settling for the satin burgundy tank top, faded jeans and sandals, capturing your hair in a loose side braid.

Just as you headed down the hall the doorbell rang. You turned the handle and yanked the door open, your face breaking out in a wide smile at Sam. “Hey, just give me a second, I’m almost ready.”

“No problem.” He stepped into the foyer, shoving his hands in his pockets. You grabbed your purse and tossed it onto your shoulder, turning the lock on the door.

“Ready?” You smiled up at him.

“Definitely,” he grinned back, excitement evident in his hazel eyes. He led the way to a sleek black Charger, holding the door for you as you sank into the soft leather seat. “Any special requests for dinner?”

“No, Sam. Wherever you want to go is good with me.” you shook your head and smiled as he shut the door, jogging around the car to slide in next to you.

“Mexican?” He reversed out of the driveway smoothly, barely tapping the shifter to put the car back into drive.

Your face lit up in a grin. “Sounds great!”


You learned quickly that Sam was a lot of fun when you weren’t thinking about Dean. He had you laughing so hard at one point you begged him to shut up so your stomach would stop hurting.

“You can’t be serious!” You gasped, your hands still clutching at your sides.

“No, I swear! Born again virgin!” He raised his right hand as if taking an oath. “Still got the certificate and everything!”

“That ridiculous!” You giggled breathlessly.

He chuckled into his drink. “I know, but at the time it seemed like a great idea.” He let his voice trail off and you regarded him curiously.

“So,” you couldn’t stop the question from leaving your mouth. “Are you still?” You wiggled your eyebrows, fighting back a smile.

He laughed out loud, trying to hide his face before you saw the blush on his cheeks. “No! Definitely not.” He didn’t elaborate and you didn’t ask any further. You pushed your plate away, so full you felt your stomach might burst. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, for sure. I think I may have eaten too much.” You stand and stretch, feeling a little better afterwards.


“Thanks for dinner.” You unlocked the door and turned back to him, still not used to having to crane your neck to look into his eyes.

“I had a really great time, Y/N.” He scrubbed his knuckles over his jaw, a habit you had come to realize he did when he was nervous. There was an almost awkward space; you were on the verge of saying goodnight when he leaned in to kiss you, his large hands cupping your face gently. You eagerly kissed him back, your hands fisting in the dark gray Henley he was wearing.

You kissed him harder when you felt nothing. Well, it wasn’t nothing; it was more like a…wrongness. You abruptly pulled away from him, his hands jerking away from your face as if your skin had burned him.

“I don’t…what just happened?” You let go of him, stepping back until you bumped into the door. “That was-”

“Weird,” he finished lamely, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. He ran a hand through his hair in exasperation. “I’m sorry.”

“Why?” You stared at him, bewildered. “Sam, this isn’t your fault!”

He refused to meet your stare. You desperately tried to make him see reason. “Look, it just wasn’t meant to be, okay? We gave it a shot. I wanted it to work, trust me. You have no idea how badly I wanted this to work! It just…doesn’t.”

“Then explain the last time!” He exclaimed, spreading his arms wide and shrugging. “Explain why I wanted you so badly then! And now…” he made a face. “It’s like kissing my sister.”

A wild laugh bubbled up from your chest, your hand immediately flying to cover your mouth, but you were too late. “You don’t have a sister, Sam. And we were drunk, it’s not the same thing.”

He stared at you incredulously for about fifteen seconds before a loud laugh escaped his lips.

“Well, I guess I’ll just find another date for the wedding.” You sighed and rubbed your temples.

It was his turn to gaze at you in confusion. “Why?”

You motioned between the two of you, your eyebrows raised.

He laughed again, resting his hands on your shoulders. “You kept your end of the deal. I’ll keep mine. We’ll just go as friends, is all.”

You smiled at him gratefully, throwing your arms around his midsection tightly. “Thanks, Sam. You’re a lifesaver.”  

“It’s no problem, really. It’ll be kind of nice to make Dean think about what he’s doing.” he hugged you back briefly. “Alright, well I need to go. I really did have a lot of fun.”

“Me too. Good night, Sam.” You twisted the doorknob and stepped inside, waving to him before watching him trot back to his car.

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