i have driving lessons in a few hours

37/100 Days of Productivity

My goal for this month was to get my sleep schedule back on track for school. I woke up at 6:30 today which counts as a success. This morning, I read for a few hours before work and bought some used textbooks. I looked really smart drinking my chai tea latte with a book in hand and two physics textbooks in front of me!

Anyways, I have another full day shift at work and then I’ll have a driving lesson later. School starts soon enough so I’m going to review my precalc and chem notes as well.

Piece of shit POT meeting

Hey lovelies. A POT and I had been texting for a bit and, stupidly, the pre-set offer of good money made me ignore small red flags. There are lessons to be learned here from my mistakes. We decided a few weeks ago to meet and talk over coffee, the only thing is that he lives 3 and a half hours away. He’s been background checked by the site and over text something seemed a bit off but I pegged it on English not being his first language. I agreed to make the initial drive if he’d compensate me for my gas. First mistake, in my opinion. I’m beautiful, intelligent, witty, busy and kind. He’s wealthy and should have been willing to meet halfway when I asked or offered to come to me at first. This would be the true gentlemen thing to do, or to throw out a comfortable set sum for me to drive to him.

Okay, so I drive for fucking ever to meet this guy at a Starbucks in a state I’ve never been to. He said to text him when I left so I did. I also asked for a picture so I know who I’m meeting. Another mistake, should have asked earlier. It’s a simple request. I saw much later after driving he responded “You will see me when you come. Sweetheart we have been talking for long time.”

Red flag. He should have been able to send me a picture. But I was on my way long gone by now. He then sends a bunch of texts in a row. “If you have changed mind please tell me. No bad feelings. You are probably not coming. It’s OK no big deal. Now you know the reason why I can not drive half way.”

Mind you I’m 30 min away from arriving and I read these thinking what the fuck, we’ve had plans for ages. My intuition was thinking, okay maybe he’s handicapped and can’t drive. No big deal though he should have told me. But his insecurity became super clear and that’s a huge no no. I HATE that. I’d rather deal with a cocky motherfucker and throw it in his face with sarcasm.

SO. THE CRAZY PART. Our 60 second interaction:
I get there and wait quietly in a corner. In comes an Indian man who approaches me rapidly, sits down and I smile and turn on the charm to introduce myself and shake hands but I’m SHUT DOWN. This asshole is so nervous and paranoid as fuck. He doesn’t introduce himself or smile or say hi, he sits and says “Yes okay. I can’t talk here. People know me, I am very rich man who own many businesses.” I said “excuse me? You chose this place.”

Then he says “We must talk IN MY CAR or you can go leave, I give gas money. No problem. No big deal.” I’m in shock and say “Ummmm hell no I’m not getting in your car, I don’t fucking know you.” He says, no lie “You know someone after 30 seconds, you feel you can trust them, we know each other.” And he keeps wanting me to get in the car and I say no. He has the nerve to say “You must trust people”. He actually SHAMES me for not getting into his car with him. I say, “You told me we would talk over coffee during a coffee date. Do you own this shop? Why would you pick somewhere you can’t talk.” Then he rambles, very paranoid, that everyone in town knows him and he can’t. He says “I give you gas money. You go. I not even touch your fingernail.” He gives me 40 bucks and says “See, I give charity. Not even touch you. No hard feelings. I very rich man. See, no big deal.” And yes his wallet was fat as fuck but his cheapass gave me 40$. Then he gets up and leaves and I’m just floored.

This all happened SO fast. In under a minute. I hung around a bit and bought myself coffee. Then he calls me and I click ignore. And then he texts me the following messages which I used ALL MY GOD GIVEN STRENGTH to not reply to and tell him off. He’s so far out there, he would never ever come close to realizing all he did wrong so it would have been pointless. “No bad feelings at all. You probably had lot bad experiences. I can tell. We can talk on the phone if you want. This not somebody who is fake or cheap man. You look nice. Very pretty. And seems like good girl. But you may have to trust people to certain extent. People underestimate me…. Until they see my connection with Kristen. And I wanted to show you that connection in the car. Discrete is very important to me.”

First off. I don’t know wtf he was talking about with “Kristen”. Did he have another girl in the car??? A dog?? Good gracious I have no idea and will never know. Weird as fuck. I just ignored this excuse for a human being and didn’t respond. Now, I do think this all didn’t come from a predatory mindset, he just seemed unnaturally and scarily paranoid. He probably does own quite a few businesses and feels super paranoid and guilty for engaging in an exchange like this. But it’s no excuse to be a liar, impolite, disrespectful and cheap. So I drove my ass back home, wiser and back to my drawing board. Never again ladies, never again. I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh at this when I have my 5K allowance from an actual man in the future. But for now I’m still pissed at him and myself for wasting my whole day.

How to write a study plan!

1. Find a plan that you like, and that suits your needs! I have a few versions of the one featured (as well as a few other printables) on my google drive, which you can find here! Otherwise, there are plenty of other ones available on the internet, or you can just make your own! I also find that it helps to colour code your activities, so it’s the perfect opportunity to crack out your coloured pens!

2. Fill in weekly events! In my final year of high school, all of my extra-curricular activities happened within school hours, so I didn’t include any here. But if you play sport, have music lessons, go to church or have any other weekly event (including travel time if needed) write it in now!

3. Fill in your study slots! Figure out how many hours you want to work on each day of the week in accordance to how busy you are that day and write it in! I decided that I wanted to try to do 4 hours on weeknights, and 6 hours on weekends, and wrote them in with spaces for meals and breaks in between.

4. Fill in the blank spaces as free time! Instead of leaving them blank, I found that it helps to fill them in, because if you begin feeling bad for taking time off, it’s literally on your schedule to take a break! 

Now you’ve written a weekly study plan! If anyone would like me to do a daily study plan, let me know, and i’ll do one of those as well! xxxxx