i have dreamt of doing this

Roll for Initizzzzzzz...

[We play over Roll20 because we live in different cities.]

DM (me): Okay, the animated bear trap is in bad shape, but it’s still together. Elzenya, it’s your turn. What do you do?

Elzenya: …

Chorizo: I think she might have disconnected.

Elzenya: [muffled vocalization]

Kassarine: No, I hear something.

Elzenya: [sound of breathing]

Two-Tone: … Is she asleep?

Kassarine: But she was just talking.

Elzenya: [more muffled sounds]

DM: Okay, I’m worried now. [Calls her cell phone. We can hear it ring in the background.]

Elzenya: What? I’m here. What’s up? [rolls an attack]

All: You fell asleep? In combat!?


six-word sentences.
  • frankly speaking, i wanna give up.
  • they love me cause i’m hot.   
  • just try to guess the answer.
  • everyone here knows you don’t care.
  • fine, do things your way.
  • i want to be in love.
  • no, i would rather make money.
  • shut up already, i’m not going.
  • because you said that, fuck you!
  • i hate you more than anything.
  • just sit down? let me explain?
  • can i be a little nasty?
  • there’s nothing wrong with being sexual.
  • i want you to like me.
  • don’t you dare lie to me.
  •  i’m way too scared to fall.
  • terrified of my love for you?
  • we were both afraid, shut up.
  • it wasn’t anyone’s fault. not really.
  • life’s too short to care anymore.
  • i dreamt about you last night.
  • really? what did you dream about?
  • i dreamt you chose me instead.
  • how did you become like this?
  • this isn’t any of your business.
  • i’m losing my mind, losing control.
  • you weren’t there! i needed you!
  • please don’t start with me, okay?
  •  why do you always leave me? 
  • this is all we have left.
  • i turned around. you were gone.
  • all i can think about is you.
  • wow, you look like shit today.
  • i called and you didn’t answer.
  • i wanna be a child forever.
  • today, my love is in mourning.  
  • your words felt like sharp knives.
  • “ say something nice or don’t speak. 

doctor who meme [1/7] episodes → vincent and the doctor 

It seems to me there’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of.


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Here’s a masterlist of everything I’ve written so far for easier navigation! I’ll put it up on the sidebar and try to update it whenever I can. Thanks for reading and supporting, I reaaaally appreciate it ♥ 


  1. “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”
  2. “It reminded me of you.”
  3. “No, no, it’s my treat.”
  4. “Come here.  Let me fix it.” - Simon Dominic
  5. “I’ll walk you home.” - Simon Dominic
  6. “Have a good day at work.”
  7. “I dreamt about you last night.”
  8. “Take my seat.”
  9. “I saved a piece for you.”
  10. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
  11. “You can have half.”
  12. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
  13. “Sorry I’m late.”
  14. “Can I have this dance?”
  15. “I made your favourite.”
  16. “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
  17. “Watch your step.”
  18. “Here, drink this.  You’ll feel better.”
  19. “Can I hold your hand?”
  20. “You can borrow mine.” - Simon Dominic
  21. “You might like this.”
  22. “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”
  23. “I’ll wait.”
  24. “Just because.”
  25. “Look both ways.”
  26. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”
  27. “Try some.”
  28. “Drive safely.”
  29. “Well, what do you want to do?”
  30. “One more chapter.”
  31. “Don’t worry about me.”
  32. “It looks good on you.”
  33. “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
  34. “That’s okay, I bought two.”
  35. “After you.”
  36. “We’ll figure it out.”
  37. “Can I kiss you?”
  38. “I like your laugh.”
  39. “Don’t cry.” - Jay Park
  40. “I made this for you.”
  41. “Go back to sleep.” - Jay Park
  42. “Is this okay?”
  43. “I picked these for you.”
  44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
  45. “What do you want to watch?”
  46. “You can go first.”
  47. “Did you get my letter?”
  48. “I’ll do it for you.”
  49. “Call me when you get home.”
  50. “I think you’re beautiful.”
  51. “Are you sure?”
  52. “Have fun.”
  53. “Sit down, I’ll get it.”
  54. “I made reservations.”
  55. “I don’t mind.”
  56. “It brings out your eyes.” - Simon Dominic
  57. “There is enough room for both of us.”
  58. “You don’t have to say anything.”
  59. “Wow.”
  60. “Happy birthday.”
  61. “I’ll pick it up after work.”
  62. “It can wait until tomorrow.”
  63. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
  64. “It’s two sugars, right?”
  65. “I’ll help you study.”
  66. “Stay over.”
  67. “I did the dishes.”
  68. “You didn’t have to ask.”
  69. “I bought you a ticket.”
  70. “You’re warm.”
  71. “No reason.”
  72. “I’ll meet you halfway.”
  73. “Take mine.”
  74. “We can share.”
  75. “I was just thinking about you.”
  76. “I want you to have this.”
  77. “Call me if you need anything.”
  78. “Do you want to come too?” - Simon Dominic
  79. “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”
  80. “Is your seatbelt on?” - Jay Park
  81. “Sweet dreams.”
  82. “I was in the neighbourhood.” - Simon Dominic
  83. “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.” - Jay Park
  84. “The key is under the mat.”
  85. “It doesn’t bother me.”
  86. “You’re important too.”
  87. “I saved you a seat.”
  88. “I’ll see you later.”
  89. “I noticed.”
  90. “You can tell me anything.”
  91. “I hope you like it.”
  92. “I want you to be happy.”
  93. “I believe in you.”
  94. “You can do it.”
  95. “Good luck.”
  96. “I brought you an umbrella.”
  97. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
  98. “Take a deep breath.”
  99. “Be careful.”
  100. “I love you.”



Kim Hanbin never loses 


Him doing something stupid to cheer you up in a LDR

You looking hot in your jersey and him checking you out

When he wakes you up earlier than usual but you just wanna cuddle

You handling a horror video game better than him

Him being overly affectionate in front of his members

When he thinks you’re pregnant but you’re just down with a stomach flu

When you notice he’s been feeling ‘low’ and you hug and coddle over him

When you’re on your period

Fried chicken delivery

Jay Park

Lazy stay home date

Cancelling on you at last minute

Being protective of you at the gym when you’re making heads turn

Jay being excited about his unborn son

When you’re on your period

Talking about having kids in front of the AOMG guys

AOMG teasing you when you bring Jay’s lunch to the office

When his fans ask you if he’s a good kisser and you tell him about it

When you wake up from a nightmare crying

Accidentally touching his crotch on stage

When he doesn’t want you to leave for class in the morning (M)

Going on a vacation

When you unintentionally leave his side for most part of a family party

When he calls you while at work because he misses you

Him being clingy + you being sad the night before he goes on tour

Having to sleep separately at your parents’ place

When he dirty talks to get you to stop ignoring him (M for language)

When you’re a model and you do a photoshoot with him

Meeting him for the first time cos of a false fire alarm and he’s shirtless (AU)

When you’re a model and he pranks you saying he can’t make it to your show

Grocery shopping + him staring at your butt

Talking about the future

First meeting with AOMG

Taking you to the dentist 

Coming home drunk and calling him sexy

Teasing him while he talks on the phone

When you’re trying to study but he’s horny


Pillow fight (M)

You flipping out over a spider

AOMG teasing you about your hickeys

Fluffy mornings

When you’re pregnant but can’t keep the child



Getting jealous over you dancing with another member

First (M)

Liking each other behind your members’ backs


Reciprocating his interest while filming for a halloween special

Eating you out…for lack of better summary (M)

Meeting his parents

Getting jealous when you stick to another member during a horror movie

Being dance partners (M)

When you’re trying to study but he wants attention (M)

Meeting Bobby for the first time

Jay Park

Reassuring him when he gets jealous of your best friend gd

Panic attack

Your son liking Jay more than you and you getting jealous over that

Finally getting pregnant after trying really hard

Giving him a blow job (M)

Distancing himself from you upon realising he likes you

Make up sex when he sees you flirting with Bobby at his show

When you’re left alone in the studio with him and things get heated

Pregnancy woes

Celebrating your birthday with AOMG (M)

Merry Christmas, baby

When his ex calls him over at 4am and you misunderstand

Cheering you up after the passing of a family member

Leaving the house and getting into an accident after a fight 

Betting on no sex for a week (M)

Bumping into him after breaking up

Hiding your teacher-student relationship (AU, M)

When he neglects you for work and makes you feel insecure

When you almost got physical with an anti fan and he stops you



When you’re wearing their white shirt and they can see through it

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview


When you’re wearing their white shirt and they can see through it

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview

Baby-sitting Bobby would include

Liking a best friend

Finding out his girlfriend is a great dancer

Dating Bobby would include

Taking care of a sick Bobby

Jay Park

His 16 y/o daughter wanting to go on a date with one of the AOMG crew’s sons

If a guy were to flirt with him/ask him out

You cussing

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview

Refusing to wear something less revealing to an AOMG party

Rapping to his songs in the car

Dating Jay would include

When a host teases him about you

Imagine Steve Rogers showing off just to check if you’re interested


A/N : This is my first fanfic, don’t judge / No warning except for language, maybe?

It was driving you crazy. You were not particularly shy or anything, but the way he would smirk at you, or just wink was giving you chills. Steven. Grant. Rogers. To say you had a crush on him would be more than a euphemism. You were head over heels for the boy, who seemed to enjoy seeing you flustered. But letting him see that wasn’t even a possibility. 

It all started slowly though. At first, he would just stare at you without saying a thing. Then, went the smiles, the smirks, the winks, and finally the showing off. Oh my God the guy was such a drama queen. Sometimes, you would be eating breakfast and he would be here, without a shirt on, talking casually as if it were normal. You tried your best to avoid looking at his torso - it was hard not to look - and keep the conversation going, but you failed miserably every time, to his pleasure.

He was doing all of that just to make fun of you. At least, that’s what you thought. Truth was, he had liked you for quite some time, but didn’t know how to approach you. He wasn’t keen on being a show off, but the idea was from Stark. He was the one - surprisingly - who helped Cap with some ‘relationship classes’ as he liked to call them, and boy, it worked. 

 Not only did he act cocky all the damn time, but he would spend hours and hours with you. Sometimes making snarky or flirty comments, sometimes staying on the couch in front of a movie, trying to get closer to you. But most of the time, you tried to focus on the screen. You didn’t want to get your hopes up.

The thing, with Rogers, is that he sent mixed signals to all the girls in a 10 mile perimeter. He was hot. Sure. He was beauty and grace and whatever that would make you drool on the spot. But you didn’t know if you were some sort of special snowflake or if he would flirt with all the girls in town. He wasn’t. But you had no idea. 

Today was one of those days. You were having breakfast with Sam in the kitchen of the compound talking about nothing, as usual. He knew about your crush for Steve and liked to tease you about it every now and then.  

 ‘So…’ he started ‘how’s Steve?’ 

 ‘Steve is very fine, I’m sure. And I don’t know why you ask me and not him.’

‘Come on y/n! What are you waiting for?! Is it really what you want? Talk with me every single morning when you could be in bed with him?’ 

 Okay, the idea was not that bad, and the crimson building up on your cheeks wouldn’t say otherwise. But no. No time for that, no will to try and certainly not enough courage to face him. 

‘Sam. It’s not that simple.’ you tried to answer calmly. 

‘Yes it is! I’m so fucking tired to see him half naked in the living room. Go and convince him to wear a damn shirt!’ he was looking frankly pissed. 

 ‘Not that I mind, though…’ you mumbled 

‘What is it you don’t mind, y/n’ you heard a voice behind you and froze. ‘I didn’t catch what you were talking about’ 

Calm down, you thought. You’re stronger than this y/n. Don’t cry. And don’t speak, you’ll make a fool of yourself. 

‘Starring at your coffee is not going to make it magically give you the answer.’ he added. 

‘Okay I’m out of this. Y/n you gotta do something or I’m out of this place. Its fucking cold and this kind of sight is driving me mad.’ Sam walked away, leaving you and the object of your not so nightmarish dreams alone. You were going to kill him for this. But later. The buzzing sound of your heart to your ears was preventing you from thinking straight. 

Breathe, y/n, breathe and don’t look up to his face. Shit he’s just wearing pants. Yes, focus on the pants. Fuck they’re tight (A/N : the ones he’s wearing in Avengers). Look at the coffee, focus on the coffee, drown in the coffee, become the coff- 

‘Y/n’ he said 

‘YES!’ you looked up. Shit. 

‘How are you?’ he smirked ‘you looked quite deep in thought’ 

‘No shit’ it was too much. ‘You’re trying too hard for nothing, quit it.’ 

‘Nothing, y/n? given the look on your face, that’s not what I’d say.’ he looked so pleased it made you nauseous. 

‘I’m sorry Cap, but yes, this is all for nothing. What is it? Do you like to make me struggle to keep my cool? I’m tired of you. You’re just acting like that to make fun of me.’ you were having too much. 

‘Who’s been telling you that?’ he looked pretty hurt. Too bad, you had to finish what you started. 

‘Well, I am. I’m sorry Steve, but I can’t believe anything else. I saw how you were with Sharon, with Nat, with Wanda. How could it be any different with me?’

 ‘You have no idea what you’re talking about, y/n’ 

‘Bullshit’ you cut him. 

‘You should watch that pretty mouth of yours, y/n’ he smirked 

‘And what are you gonna do about it?!’ You felt tears of anger build in the corners of your eyes. It had to end. 

‘I don’t know, I might just have a few ideas in store’ he got closer to you. 

…You froze. What. In. The fuck?? You were probably a dark shade of purple by now. 

‘…’ you couldn’t say a thing. 

‘What? The cat caught your tongue? I’d rather it be me, though? How’d you like it, y/n?’ He was basically a few centimeters away from your face. 

‘I…’ you tried to say something but couldn’t think straight. You took a deep breath. ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea… Given the fact that I’m the only one interested here’ you whispered. 

He put a strand of hair behind your ear ‘God, you’re driving me crazy, what more should I do for you to see it?’ He pressed his forehead against yours. ‘I wish you could see it… I’m tired of playing those games. You have no idea what you mean to me.’

‘Neither do you’ you timidly looked into his eyes for the first time today. 

‘I think I do now’ he cupped your face ‘may I?’ 

‘Do it already’ you had dreamt of this moment for months. 

He smiled and pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was simple but perfect, it was everything you had ever wished, if not more. He had his hands on the sides of your face and was definitely smiling. He removed his face from yours and took a deep breath. 

‘You’re driving me crazy… I hope you know it now’ 

‘That’s a possibility but I might need a couple more moments like this to make sure of it’ 

‘Don’t worry, I’m not planning to stop after one kiss, darling’

Shawn Mendes 100 ways to say ‘i love you’

This “100 ways to say ‘i love you’“ Shawn Mendes edition. Tell me if you like it, feedback is more than appreciated. i can make 10 parts if you guy like this. Love ya, enjoy!

  • You’re going home after the Christmas dinner at your parents house, overly stuffed with food, spent and sleepy. You’re driving, and Shawn has his left hand on your thigh, his head leaned towards you, talking about your families and it’s all sweet but you’re tired and he can see that. “Pull over, let me drive for a while”
  • You barely met a couple of weeks ago, through mutual friends and got to know each other better one night, at a party, outside, on the grass, when he told you about his music and you told him all about the stars and your passion for astronomy. Then when he sees you the following time, he gives you a book about the big bang because “It reminded me of you”
  • He calls you at 3am because that’s when he landed and told you he wants to see you before he got home. You put your jeans on and only take your phone with you thinking you’d just be out of 10 minutes. He drives you to McDonald’s and when you try to convince him not to because you didn’t have any money he says “No, no, it my treat”. You park in front of a lake and eat on the grass even if it’s really cold out.
  • You’re getting ready for your first party together as a couple and you’re excited but mostly nervous. In your rush, your hair gets tangled in your earring and in frustration you yell out curse after curse. Shawn comes in when he hears you, and lovingly says “Come here. Let me fix it.”
  • You’re out with friends and it’s getting pretty late but the party is in no way dying down. You decide to have another drink and then walk home, because a cab is expensive and it’s still warm out. Later, when you stand up to leave, a few people protest and insist on calling you a cab but Shawn takes your hand “I’ll walk you home”
  • You’re in the kitchen and have your coffee cup in your left hand as you’re applying mascara with your right. Shawn is shuffling around the house looking for some papers he misplaced. You’re already late and can’t wait for him as you planned so when he says goodbye, he kisses your lips and huggs you “Have a good day at work.”
  • You’re in his dressing room, a few weeks after becoming an official couple. You stop in front of his guitars and pick one up, clumsily strumming the strings. Shawn comes up behind you and wraps his hands around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder, which causes you to put the instrument down. He peppers your neck with kisses “I dreamt about you last night.”
  • It’s a small party and everyone is gathered around the table playing cards. You get there later because you had some work to do, so there are no seats left. Shawn stands up, “Take my seat” and comes behind you, and you two finish the game as a team, winning 1st place.
  • After last year’s Christmas party, Shawn absolutely fell in love with your mom’s signature cookies. You told him they were your favourite for a reason but he had to taste to believe. So this year, when your mum bakes a batch especially for Shawn, when you get home after work, he’s laying in bed, under the covers, watching Friends, crumbles everywhere. You look at him annoyed but he assures you “I saved a piece for you”
1. When I talk about you I still feel my throat tighten a little but at least your name doesn’t taste like pennies in my mouth.
2. I know we existed once. Four months ago was a different lifetime where maybe we were meant to be together. Pieces of us have died since then and I’m not so sure we’ll fit together anymore. I’m not going to try and make us either.
3. I dreamt about another boy three nights ago and I didn’t wake up afraid or wishing he was you.
4. I don’t make excuses for you anymore. You could’ve loved me better. You should’ve.
—  sometimes i think i don’t love you anymore

Warnings: Illness, if this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read further, as there are parts where the reader is in agony. Fluff. Angst, some.

Word Count: 2803

A/N: Requested by Anon.

Oooo I have an Kylo X Reader if you aren’t to overwhelmed!!! Could you plea write one were instead of Rey having the connection with Kylo it’s her sister who is resting severely ill with an unknown illness at the base, no one knowing she too has the force and her not knowing what he’s done and maybe she ends up in Rey’s place and decides to go with the grey agreement, on the condition that neither sides die? 

Originally posted by writingreylo


Y/N’s ran as fast as she could. The Resistance base was blown to bits; She saw him… the one that the resistance spoke of, feared.

He stalked behind her in the forest, and she ran as fast as she could; the leaves crinkling beneath her bare feet. She was still in the gown that she wore constantly, as she was always in the infirmary.

She paused, trying to catch her breath and she silently cursed her wretched illness. It was quiet, suddenly, she heard the sound of a deep humming.

Y/N turned, searching her surroundings, aware of the warm sun on her back. When she turned again, he was there. His lightsaber a few inches away from her neck. Her breathing became labored, fear creeping into her mind.

Oh… oh dear.

He tilted his head, his breathing heavy, amplified by the mask he wore. His hood was draped over his helmet, and he started, “Y/N…”

“Y/N, wake up!” She was startled awake by the sound of her sister, Rey, who stood over her, “Are you alright?”

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❛     you  mustn't  be  afraid  to  dream  a  little  bigger  ,  darling  .     ❜
❛     i'm  going  to  improvise  .     ❜
❛     what's  happening  ?     ❜
❛     no  ,  it's  perfectly  possible  .  it's  just  bloody  difficult  .     ❜
❛     i  need  to  get  home  .  that's  all  i  care  about  right  now  .     ❜
❛     don't  you  want  to  take  a  leap  of  faith  ?     ❜
❛     i'm  asking  you  to  take  a  leap  of  faith  .     ❜
❛     sweetheart  !  look  at  me  !     ❜
❛     that  price  on  my  head  ,  was  that  dead  or  alive  ?     ❜
❛     your  world  is  not  real  !     ❜
❛     dreams  feel  real  while  we're  in  them  .  it's  only  when  we  wake  up  that  we  realize  something  was  actually  strange  .     ❜
❛     have  you  come  to  kill  me  ?     ❜
❛     how  do  you  translate  a  business  strategy  into  an  emotion  ?     ❜
❛     why  can't  you  go  home  ?     ❜
❛     i've  come  back  for  you  .     ❜
❛     when  we're  asleep  ,  we  can  do  almost  anything  .     ❜
❛     you  remember  when  you  asked  me  to  marry  you  ?     ❜
❛     quick  ,  give  me  a  kiss  .     ❜
❛     why  is  it  so  important  to  dream  ?     ❜
❛     thank  you  .     ❜
❛     we  all  yearn  for  reconciliation  ,  for  catharsis  .     ❜
❛     listen  ,  there's  something  you  should  know  about  me  .     ❜
❛     we'd  be  together  forever  .  you  promised  me  .     ❜
❛     i  miss  you  more  than  i  can  bear  ,  but  we  had  our  time  together .     ❜
❛     in  my  dreams  we  are  together  .     ❜
❛     i  have  to  let  you  go  .     ❜
❛     what  do  you  want  ?     ❜
❛     i  am  impressed  .     ❜
❛     your  condescension  ,  as  always  ,  is  much  appreciated  . ❜
❛ come  back  .     ❜
❛      i  just  want  to  understand  .     ❜
❛     you  said  you  dreamt  that  we'd  grow  old  together  .     ❜
❛     i'm  the  only  thing  you  do  believe  in  anymore  .     ❜

First Time: Kissing

Request: I’m a sucker for first kiss reactions, could you do a first kiss reaction for monsta x? ps. not sure if this is deliberate but your anon is turned off :)

Thank you for requesting! We hope you like it and we have now turned anon on for requests.

- Admin Wonhoe & Admin Hyungwon

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anonymous asked:

An happy ending for part 2 pleaseeeeee


  • you and pea didn’t see much of each other that summer, neither one of you wanting to face the music that you were really leaving and that the fucked up little love story you two made for yourselves was really about to end. 
  • new york and columbia was everything you could have hoped for and more. in the four years you had curated a great group of friends, a job you loved that didn’t even feel like work and a life you dreamt about since you were in middle school.
  • but after your graduation you promised your dad and brother you’d come back with them to visit everyone and tell them about the glamour that was new york…. that didn’t end up happening though. you were wrapped in too many projects to get down there.
  • finally it took jughead getting down on one knee to propose to the girl next door for you to drop everything and come down for the wedding.
  • for two weeks, it was you and the town who shaped you after six years of being away.
  • so there you stood, a naive teen transformed into a total take charge, kick ass babe, in front of your old stomping grounds. the white wyrm was redone, the outside became cleaner and the inside was completely renovated. 
  • “woah, what happened here?” you’d ask to jug as the two of you made your way around the building.
  • “guess we forgot to tell you. pea and fangs managed to get themselves off their asses and bought the place, re-did it and everything.” 
  • sweet pea. 
  • you looked over at your brother, crossing your arms.“jug, where is he?”
  • “where else?” he motioned to his usual pool table, leaning forward, ready to hit the ball in. 
  • you walked over, grabbing the ball and waited for the serpent to look up at you. and when he did, it was like time froze and nobody else was in the bar. 
  • “pea.” “y/n.” 
  • he stopped the game completely, setting the stick down, handing his opponent a 50 dollar bill and slowly walking towards you. 
  • both of you looked damn GOOD. 
  • he embraced you in the biggest hug you’d ever experienced and it was like for once, the cards were in your favor. 
  • “hey can we talk?” he’d ask, you agreeing automatically. 
  • he led you back towards your spot, this time a red, neon heart sign sat on the wall, above the table. “nice touch.” you commented. 
  • there you sat for hours, talking about how he had cleaned up his act and he bought the bar with fangs and how you had become a junior editor at a publishing company, both of you ignoring the most anticipated topic. 
  • having to excuse yourself for the night to pick up a business call. 
  • kissing sweet pea on the cheek and walking out of the bar, leaving the man awestruck that you had finally returned after convincing himself that you weren’t ever coming back. also silently praising jones for popping the question to cooper, giving you a reason to come back around. 
  • the wedding was beautiful, not a dry eye in the house. (reggie mantle ugly cried, but he’ll never admit it)
  • the ceremony was held on the back patio of the bar, jughead’s choice of course. 
  • you watched as the newlyweds took to the makeshift dance floor for their first dance as the sun was setting and the entire moment looked like something from a movie. 
  • you looked over to sweet pea sitting next to you, his eyes following the two, a soft smile on his lips. “sweets.” 
  • “hmm.” he replied, still focused on bughead. 
  • you grabbed his face and smashed your lips onto his. “i don’t know if it’s romance in the air or the amount of champagne i’ve drank today or what.. but i love you, pea. i love you.” 
  • “what about the long game?” he asked, his forehead leaning against yours. 
  • you sat up, your hands holding sweet peas face while his hands rested on your hips. “fuck long game. i love you. i loved you then and i love you now.” 
  • “i’ve been waiting six damn years to hear those words. come here, sugar.” he pulled you into another kiss. it wasn’t just any kiss though. it was that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, home run, world series kind of kiss. 
DAY 3568

Jalsa, Mumbai          Dec 31,  2017/ Jan 1,  2018          Sun/Mon 12:29 am

An end of the week .. an end of the month .. an end of the year .. something unique welcomes this new 365 .. today .. !!

A Sunday - end of week, a 31st day of December - end of month, and the end of 2017 to 2018 .. 

Its mid night .. !!

A few crackers around the surroundings in Juhu .. a subdued cheer from the crowded streets around .. the family comes up and wishes the new year .. and I get down to wishing all Ef .. with the best there is ever for all ..

The well wishers are in greater enthusiasm .. their love and their voices more passionate and in cheer .. the wave is subdued due to the strappings on the shoulder .. but not the love .. 

The members of the family step out to nearby dear friends, to bring in the already brought in New Year .. I remain chair bound with my wishes and the calm of the next 365, in wish .. 

Sundays are special at 5:45 pm at the gates of Jalsa .. and the enthusiasm of them that stand for hours to get that presence for a mere few minutes, is such an endearing thought .. 

there is never a moment of respite during those minutes of appearance .. and I often wonder where all that energy comes from in the multitudes that collect outside  ..

There are banners and diaries and calendars and mementoes of varied kind and aesthetics .. they need pictures and an authentication on papers for an autograph .. they are complied with .. they are all simple and loving and in the seeking of an audience .. that is all .. this is a need , a desire, a compulsion to give .. and it is ..

Be blessed dear ones at the gates .. my attention and respect and love remains unchanged and in greater depth .. be with me .. for that is my life line eternally !

Contemplative yes .. confirmed always ..

The family sits out in the ‘angan’ my most favoured destination in the house .. the wife has decorated the table and the food .. it is intimate and warm and delicious .. the grand children are there in smiles and affection .. and what more can one ever desire ..

.. and the little one removes here ‘tiara’ hair band , places it on her Dada ji’s head and finds it hilarious ..

the happiest of new years .. and more .. she designs gentle decorative cards for all and presents little gifts for us .. urging everyone to open the gift and give opinion on it  ..

Another year has gone by and the proverbial philosophical out reach on what went by invades us .. what does it really matter to recollect what went by .. I would rather you told me what the next days and years hold for us .. what is to happen or to be made to happen ..

Blessed are they that predict and announce what the next shall hold for them and how confidently they proclaim its merits and value much before it is even dreamt of .. where does such deliberation of coming events and how they shall turn out to be, come from .. 

I shudder to enter such domain .. prudent to be in silent work, show diligence and intensity and allow the predictors to do their job .. if we take over they the predictors lose their job .. that is not fair at all .. so .. 

Have the blessings of the Almighty and the force unknown to be compassionate to us all .. may it keep us away from evil and sadness .. may it bring the joys and happiness that we all endeavour for earnestly .. and may we remain together in peace and harmony .. as extended family ..


Amitabh Bachchan

Alice, Oh Alice || Jisoo || Pt. 10 (Final)

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 (Final)

Word Count: 4315

Genre: fantasy, Alice in Wonderland based!au, based on a oneshot (rewritten)

Summary: With a missing princess, a desperate fiancé, and the craziness of Wonderland, you wondered if you would ever make it back home with your head still on your shoulders.

There was a rumor of a coup. An elaborately planned coup the required the disappearance of the princess and the loss of her memory. The rumor died out when the princess didn’t return but slowly, it was coming back. The whispers through the halls, the gossips of the dead; Songs being hummed and nursery rhymes being sang. The townspeople chattered and the servants of the castle ignored them. Their princess wouldn’t do that. Not their princess.

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hey lovelies! i’ve decided to make a lyric masterlist full of songs that i’ve appreciated and enjoyed. i’ll be adding more periodically. :)

  • 01. i don’t know where i stand / so just watch me fall apart / ‘cause i know i break my hands / just holding your heavy heart — violent smile, hotel books
  • 02. because nothing says “i love you” quite like your iron fist — van nuys, hotel books
  • 03. there’s no grain on these brown eyes / but they can be green if they really want —  crash, eden
  • 04. if i could sleep, i’d dream of what we’d be / but i can feel you slip further from me — lost, the eden project
  • 05. all alone i watch you watch her / like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen/ you don’t care you never did / you don’t give a damn about me / yeah all alone I watch you watch her / she’s the only thing you’ve ever seen / how is it you’ll never notice / that you are slowly killing me  — i hate u, i love u, gnash
    06. and i almost thought that i could change the past / and i almost, but that never really lasts  — man down, the eden project
  • 07.  i’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks — heart-shaped box, nirvana
  • 08. we were supposed to be forever ever / that turned into worse and ever ever — down 4 u, blackbear
  • 09. and i swear to god if the alcohol and drugs don’t kill me / i don’t know what will / other than you — hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone, blackbear
  • 10. i’m dreaming bout those dreamy eyes — everything will be alright, the killers
  • 11. heavy hearts weigh us down/ and the waters getting deep / do we swim or do we sink? / cause there’s still a long long way to go — die trying, michl
  • 12. still alive for you, love — perth, bon iver
  • 13. i was never sure of how much of you i could let in — heavenly father, bon iver
  • 14. i’ll close my eyes so then i won’t see the love you don’t have when you’re holding me — i can’t make you love me, bonnie raitt
  • 15. i care for myself the way i used to care for you — hard feelings / loveless, lorde
  • 16. cause I remember the rush, when forever was us / before all of the winds of regret and mistrust / now we sit in your car and our love is a ghost / well i guess i should go / yeah I guess I should go hard feelings / loveless, lorde
  • 17. oh, my heart hurts so good / i love you so bad, so bad  ilysb, lany
  • 18. there’s only one place that I want to be / it’s home with you, girl, so i can hear you breathe — cherry, moose blood
  • 19. she’s not mine and she never will be/ i’m reminded everyday/ she’s not mine and it fucking kills me / she won’t look at me that way — cherry, moose blood
  • 20. you’re the reason why i can’t listen to the same songs i used to  — i’ve given up on you, real friends

I’ve dreamt about you nearly every night this week
How many secrets can you keep?
Cause there’s this tune I found
That makes me think of you somehow
And I play it on repeat
Until I fall asleep…

…Do I wanna know
If this feeling flows both ways?…

So have you got the guts?…

…I’m sorry to interrupt
It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp
Of trying to kiss you
I don’t know if you feel the same as I do
But we could be together if you wanted to

Do I Wanna Know? de Arctic Monkeys por acoustictrench [IG] feat maple.the.pup [IG] en los tambores.

Do I Wanna Know?

Sweetpea x Reader

So I sorta had an idea to create small imagines based on songs. I’m happy to take requests and if you guys could give me any ideas that would be great.

Originally posted by petroltears

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

Have you got colour in your cheeks?
Do you ever get that feelin’ that you can’t shift the tide
That sticks around like summat’s in your teeth

Ah, there’s some aces up your sleeve
Have you no idea that you’re in deep
I dreamt about you nearly every night this week

How many secrets can you keep?
‘Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow
When I play it on repeat

Until I fall asleep
Spilling drinks on my settee

(Do I wanna know?)
If this feeling flows both ways
(Sad to see you go)
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay

(Baby we both know)
That the nights were mainly made for saying
Things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Crawlin’ back to you Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?

'Cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you

So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open and
If so I wanna know what time it shuts

Simmer down and pucker up
I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly
On the cusp of trying to kiss you
I don’t know if you feel the same as I do

But we could be together if you wanted to

(Do I wanna know?)
If this feeling flows both ways
(Sad to see you go)
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
(Baby we both know)

That the nights were mainly made for saying
Things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Crawling back to you

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few? (calling when you’ve had a few)
'Cause I always do ('cause I always do)

Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you, (do I wanna know?)
If this feeling flows both ways
(Sad to see you go)
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
(Baby we both know)

That the nights were mainly made for saying
Things that you can’t say tomorrow day

(Do I wanna know?)
Too busy being yours to fall
(Sad to see you go)
Ever thought of calling darling?
(Do I wanna know)
Do you want me crawling back to you?

Sweet Pea shot awake, panting heavily, sweat-slick across his forehead. Another fucking nightmare. They wouldn’t have been so bad if they were about a crazed killer or a monster chasing him through the woods, but these nightmares had actually happened, tormenting him day and night, never stopping and constantly on a loop. He sighed and looked over at the alarm clock, time reading at 03:27. Great, he thought. Now even if he did want to go the school in the morning, which he definitely did not, he would be in no shape to wake up, shower and dress without being severely late, which would draw more unwanted attention to him. A few weeks ago he couldn’t have cared less what the other students at southside thought about him because the only thing he cared about was Y/N And she held the only opinion he cared about.

He could start to feel the effects of the alcohol pound against his skull, causing him to heave and curl his muscled body into the fetal position. Why am I such a fucking idiot? He thought. He hated himself for what he did. He broke the only girl he had ever loved, his best friend, his girl, Y/N. Now he was a drunken mess having a pity party all on his lonesome. Toni had been spending all of her time with Y/N, completely icing him out, he knew he deserved it though. Fang’s was the only one talking to him but only because ‘No serpent stands alone’ even if that certain serpent happens to be a complete asshat.

The familiar sound of a phone vibrating forced Pea to slowly uncurl and strain to reach the device that was on his bedside table without moving more than he had to. He guessed it would be fangs calling to make sure he was still alive, which he personally didn’t know the answer to, Sweets turned the phone on and hissed as the bright light burnt his already bloodshot eyes. Once his eyes adjusted a pang of dread forced its way through his body, making his scramble out of the bed and onto his feet, instantly regretting his decision as his head starting to spin. He glanced down again to make sure his drunkenness wasn’t playing cruel tricks on him. It wasn’t. 

2 missed calls from Y/N at 03:30

Y/N/N: Sweet Pea, Whats going on?                                        Time: 03:32

Y/N/N: Why the Hell have you called me 12 times!?                Time: 03:35

Missed call from Y/N at 03:36

Y/N/N: okay I’m worried now, I’m coming over. And I swear if you’re not dead I’m going to kill you myself.                                                            Time: 03:39

Sweet peas eyes widened with shock and horror. Why was she coming here and when did I call her 12 times?. All at once it dawned on him that he must have drunk called her. A mix of emotions surged through his body, causing the wind to be knocked out of his chest. The memory of what he did still fresh in his mind from the nightmare. He collapsed onto the floor next to his bed, burying his head in his lap. He knew what was going on and he also aware that there was nothing he could do now to stop it. He was having a panic attack. He knew this because it had happened once before. the night his friendship with Y/N ended.

Y/n had walked this way to Sweets’ place close to a million times but never had she been this worried. Never. She sprinted the last long narrow piece of the path before the trailer park. The place that she spent so many of the summer night lounging around with her best friend. The place she had had her first kiss. The place she had first confessed her burning feelings. The place she had been rejected, humiliated and heartbroken. That was two weeks ago, two god damned weeks ago her life had been perfect, and now look at her. She was a mess. Smudged mascara illuminating her dark circles. Her Pale skin somehow becoming even paler, showing the constellation of blonde freckles that were scattered across the whole of her face. These freckles being the ones Sweetpea used to trace when she had fallen asleep in his arms when they were having a movie night.

Now look at her, she was broken.

Y/N ducked into the trailer park and made a B-line for his trailer. The one that was glowing feverishly due to the faint fairy lights that she had draped all around it. Why has he taken them down? When she had first put them up he said that he had hated then but she begged him to keep them, and he complied saying the only reason he was doing it was that he loved her. That obviously wasn’t the case now though.

She walked up the crappy steps with more caution then she had ever done so before. Before this, she wouldn’t even think twice about jumping up them and making as much noise as she possibly could, even at this time of night. She knocked on the door and waited a few minutes. Nothing.

She knocked again and still to no avail. She tried for the handle and as usual, it was unlocked, which was stupid really because with the ongoing war with the North Siders and the Ghoulies Sweetpea would be a prime target, Head of the snake and all that…

Y/N pulled open the door and the smell of cheap alcohol instantly burnt its way up her nostrils, forcing her to take a step back.

“Sweet Pea, you here?” She called out, not seeing him in the darkness of his sitting room. Not that there were any hiding places anyway. She stepped deeper into the trailer, her lungs begging her not to. How could he stand it in here?

She walked down into the long narrow passageway which leads to sweet peas bedroom, her converse clad feet rubbing against the laminated floor. She stopped dead in her tracks once she reached his door pressing her ear to it. She could hear something that was almost inaudible. It sounded like crying?

Y/N lightly pushed the door she that she had a clear view of him. He was on the floor, leaning against the thin wall. His head was resting on his knees with his long arms covering him, almost like someone was kicking the shit out of him. Like she wants to. His chest heaved erratically as his salty tears ran down his cheeks and onto his bedroom carpet. Her eyes softened once she saw how much pain he was in.

Y/N walked into the room and sat on the edge of Peas bed. Crossing her legs underneath her she reaches out for one of her hands that was covering his head. He was shaking fear and what she might say or do. His skin was ice cold even though his body felt like it was on fire. She took his trembling hand, caressing it lightly with her thumbs.

“Sweetpea, look at me,” She said softly, he shook his head and wrapped his remaining hand even tighter around himself like he was trying to hide raw, vulnerable emotions from her gaze.

Y/N dropped his heavy hand onto her lap as she scooted closer to the side, boxing his curled up body between her legs. He didn’t move his hand away, mainly due to the fact that once Y/N had repositioned herself she had grabbed it again softly and hugged it close to her body.” Sweets I can’t help until you look at me, and trust me I would rather be sleeping” He thought about moving, but if he did and she saw him like this everything would change. Not even Y/N had seen him cry before, not even when his parents left. Y/N sighed, she once again let go of Sweet peas hand and reached to pull his other one off of his body. He didn’t fight her, he was too tired and just didn’t really care about anything anymore, he believed that he had lost that right.

Y/N place her now shaking hands on either side of his wet face slowly dragging him up to meet his gaze. His face was patchy with red blotches, his tears still freely falling. He quickly moved his hand in an effort to wipe the tears away, still refusing to look up at Y/N in her eyes. Y/N let go of his face once she was sure he wouldn’t shy away from her again and trapped his large hands in her own. She tilted his head up so he no choice but to look at her. “ Its okay to feel stuff Sweetness” Y/N whispered looking at him in the eyes. “ you don’t need to keep it all bottled it, you’re not a soulless monster”

Sweets choked on his tears again and Y/N stood up, using all of her strength to pull him up with her. She wrapped her arms around his waist tightly and he hugged her back.” I I-I’m sorry” he managed to stutter through the tears. He ducked his head into the crook of Y/N’s neck.” I Ca-cant do this anymore” he finally let out, hugging her even tighter.

“Well i hope you cant, because if you even think about drinking this much again its probably going to kill you” she shrugged her shoulders knowing full well that’s not what he was talking about. “ now get into bed, ill be back in a sec” She stated and forced him to at least sit on his bed. She went to walk out of the room but he panicked and grabbed her hand as she walked past him.

“Please, I need to explain, please don’t leave me” Y/N smiled at him, nodding her head wiping the last of the tears that were still lingering in his brown eyes.

“Pea, I was just going to get some painkillers for you” He shook his head but instantly regretted it. The room starts to spin again. He pulled her closer to him so she was standing between his legs, pushing his head into her stomach.

He sighed, wishing he was still as drunk as he was earlier, needing the extra confidence. “ I have been in love with you since the first day of south side high when you told the ghoulies exactly where they could stick it.”

“why didn’t you ever say anything, you absolute asshole,” Y/N said as she slapped him on the back.

“I thought we would change that you would hate me, that we could never go back, “ he said as he dragged her down and threw her onto the bed next to him.

“You see Sweetpea, that the whole beauty of it, I would have said I felt the same and we could have avoided with the whole ordeal…” Y/N said with bitterness lacing her words.

Sweetpea moved closer placing his head back in the crook of her neck, winding his arms around her, vowing then and there that he would never let her go again.” I’m an idiot, Y/N you should have probably known that by now.”

Y/N smiled and mimicked his actions, “yeah, probably” And for the first time ever sweets kissed her without an inch of fear of rejection, without the fear that he was going to totally fuck up the girl he has loved for years.

Sorry if it was shit but I did this all in the space of a night and I really wanted to get it finished, Again if you would like to request and song for an image I would love to hear them.


New Knight | CH 1

‘When war breaks out in your kingdom, a new knight promises to help you escape from the fiery dangers.’

 Pairing | Min Yoongi | Reader

Word Count | 4,452

Genre | Romance, Adventure AU, Fluff, Angst

Warning | Character deaths. Gore, blood. 

CH 1 | CH 2 

Author’s Note | Should I continue to write this series? 

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From a Friend.

This is the writing of a friend who would prefer to be anonymous. 

What is Shifting Sands?

This abusive tactic involves constantly changing the rules of the game, so you never know what to expect. The same action on your part can result in drastically different, even opposite responses from your abuser. And there’s no way to predict how they’ll react; there’s no way to stay on their ’good side’ for long, or to avoid getting in trouble again. Their goal is not to solve problems, but to keep you feeling guilty and walking on eggshells, which is not a normal part of any healthy relationship. Test it out: next time they complain of something you do, attempt to brainstorm solutions. They’ll get enraged by your desire to resolve the problem, no suggestion will satisfy them, or, as the last resort, they’ll immediately change the subject and find something else to blame you for.

No, you’re not crazy. It’s abuse.

Five of the Most Harmful Narcissist Manipulation Tactics:

1. Playing The Role Of The Victim

You are the one being victimized, but a narcissist is a pro at making you second guess that fact. They have a way of constantly turning things around to make themselves look like the victim in every situation. If they are late for something or they stand you up, they’ll tell you it’s because you didn’t tell them the correct date and time. Regardless of the situation, a narcissist will never take the blame. They’ll say things to make you question yourself and eventually, you’ll start believing them.

2. Public Or Private Shaming

Whether it happens when you’re out in public or in the privacy of your own home, narcissists make a habit out of shaming. They make comments that belittle you and make you feel small, look weak or appear less intelligent than they are. These comments may be followed by “just kidding” or “can’t you take a joke?” But what they’re doing is completely intentional. Their goal is to hurt you and to make you feel small.

3. Gaslighting

A master manipulator often uses gaslighting to gain complete control over another person in their life. Gaslighting is a type of manipulation that causes you to doubt your own sanity. If you bring up something hurtful that they said, they’ll tell you you’re crazy and they never said it. If you refer to a situation they don’t want to talk about, they’ll tell you that it never happened. They’ll accuse you of being to sensitive or tell you you’re tired or acting irrationally. After a while, you’ll begin to doubt your perception of reality.

4. Being In Complete Control

A narcissist wants to be in complete control of everything. The conversation, meals, social outings, bills. One by one they begin taking over until you feel like you can’t survive without them. They might control what you wear, who you talk to or where you go. Eventually, you forget about what you want. You’re living in a world that they control.

5. Making You Feel Worthless

When your relationship first started, the narcissist may have complimented you constantly. After a while, that changed. The compliments began to turn into things you need to change about yourself. They tell you that they don’t like your hair or your clothes. They tell you that you talk to much or that you’re not intelligent. The negative comments come so often that your self-esteem begins to suffer. You feel like you aren’t worth any more than what they say you are.

What is Gaslighting?

It’s an extremely effective form of emotional and psychological abuse. It’s essentially long term brainwashing that makes the victim think they deserve the abuse, or that it’s not really abuse. How do they do it? ..Constantly discrediting you and making you think that you’re crazy, irrational or unstable, so that eventually you begin to doubt yourself and believe their version of everything.

Changing the subject. The gaslighter diverts any discussion that isn’t going in their favor by asking another question, or making a statement usually directed at you: “You’re imagining things—that never happened!”  “No, you’re wrong, you didn’t remember right.”  “Is that another crazy idea you got from your (family member/friend)?”

Minimizing you.  By trivializing how you feel and what you think, the gaslighter gains more and more power over you : “Why are you being so sensitive?” “You don’t need to get angry over a little thing like that!” “I was just joking around, why are you taking things so seriously?”

Denial and Avoidance. By refusing to acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, the gaslighter causes you to doubt yourself more and more, and makes you believe your feelings have no value.  For example, “I don’t remember that, you must have dreamt it!” “You’re lying, I never said that.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about, that never happened.”

Twisting and reframing. The gaslighter will confidently and subtly twist and reframe what was really said or done so that it comes out in their favor.
They can cause you to second-guess yourself—especially when paired with fake caring, making you feel as though you are “unstable,” “irrational,” and so forth.  
For example, “I didn’t say that, I said _____” “I only keep your money because that’s what all good (fathers, mothers, friends, etc) do. If you remember correctly, “I was only trying to help you”