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i started watching black sails a while ago and i'm trying to like it but i'm only on season one and listen: i have no idea what's going on please tell me it is Worth It

I get this message every week and I try to find new ways to tell y'all it’s worth it but just trust me ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

season one? Okay. Back half is pretty good.

Seasons 2, 3, 4? Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally unique. Completely not ever been done before.

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i dont wanna be that person but I don't fucking care about battle!Malec at all like when Todd said that well get something that most of us have been waiting for then that's equal representation to me, in terms of intimate stuff like we got from every other het couple on the show. Not them fighting together. Which is fine, too but that's FOR SURE not what I've been waiting for all season... 😒

Honestly, I totally agree but actually… I never expected something like that happening in 2b. They messed this up in 2x07 for sure. We don’t have to argue about it. It was inexcusable. They could have done something like that in 2x15, sure, but with Magnus’ traumatic experiences after the body swap it wouldn’t be right if you ask me. Besides, they already had filmed those eps when the backlash happened so … :/ And now with the upcoming war, Magnus and Alec, being both leaders, have something else on their minds. (Yes, I know, the C/lace scene in the trailer but yeah… what shall I tell you?)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending them for the way they are treating Malec when it comes to sexual intimacy. I just think that with everything going on, especially following the books, this was something that was never on the table after 2x07—which I still hate for all of eternity, trust me. 

Knowing that, I can be really excited for battle!couple Malec because yeah…. I have been waiting for this since forever. The alliance rune most likely coming, I am so pumped for this. Besides, Malec were away for half of book 4, so they need to come up with something for them. I mean… just don’t lose hope, pumpkin. I know it is hard, annoying and frustrating. But well… ;)

"I had to be more than just a brother, I had to be a father. And I had to be a mother..."

“I was the only one who could stop him from crying by climbing into his crib, even when I was too scared and upset to talk.

I was the one who changed his diapers, and bathed him when Dad was just a shell.

I was the one who walked him to kindergarten on my way to school.

I was the one who made sure he had a lunch to eat, even if it was just a snack. And even if it meant I went hungry.

I was the one who patched up every cut and scraped knee. I was the one who wiped up every tear, and carried him back to the motel via piggyback.

I was the one who told him stories at bedtime, even if I couldn’t fully make out the words myself.

I was the one who helped him learn how to read and write.

I was the one who cooked for him when Dad would take off for days at a time.

I was the one who shared a bed with him after he’d have nightmares. I was the one who held him close and told him that nothing was ever gonna’ happen to him after Dad’s response was to give him a ‘45.

I was the one who stole Christmas presents from the nice house down the street just so Sammy wouldn’t wake up and think that Santa had forgotten him. Again. And I was the one who had to tell him Santa wasn’t real.

I was also the one who told him that monsters were real.

I was the one who rode him to the ER on my handlebars after he jumped from the roof and broke his arm.

I was the one who took care of him when he’d get sick.

I was the one who made sure he had clothes that actually fit him after each of his twelve-billion growth spurts. And I was the one who comforted him after the endless bullying he’d receive at school because those clothes had come from the thrift store.

I was the one who stood up for him every time someone picked on him in school.

I was the one who stole textbooks for him so that he wouldn’t fall behind.

I was the one who had to work an ungodly amount of hours at the garage to earn enough money so we could eat when Dad would spend weeks gone in our teens.

I was the one who scraped together the money for Sammy to go on every field trip his school put on so that he wouldn’t miss out, even if it meant not going on my own and losing class credits.

I was the one who watched him fall deeper and deeper into an ugly pit during his teens when he barely had the motivation to get himself out of bed. I was the one who had to remove meds or anything sharp from the motel, just in case. I was the one who sat awake by his bed every night during that period, panicked that my little brother was going to do something stupid.

I was the one who bought him his first laptop, and the look of pure disbelief and unadulterated adoration was worth every hour of overtime I’d done for the last three months.

I was the one who dropped him off at Stanford after Dad told him not to bother coming back and kicked him to the curb.

And I was the one who spent three years living in constant fear because my little brother was at Stanford all alone.

I did all of that, without anyone having to tell me to. So you look me in the eye, and you tell me if that was fair?”

NHL!Bitty, Pt. III - Post-Season

Bitty loves Seattle as much as a southerner can love a city that barely sees the sunshine, and he loves his boys, but god bless it if he doesn’t cross his fingers and toes every year hoping to get picked up by a Metropolitan team so he can at least live on the same coast as Jack.

For a few blissful months every year, Bitty gets his husband back; and promptly does none of what he’s planned to do with said husband.

(Also, point-of-order, Jack’s three-year, 1.2 million a year Falconers contract is on the lower end of the spectrum. The average (2016) NHL salary is around 2.9 mil a year, meaning Jack went pretty cheap for someone being scouted by so many teams. Did our beloved Canadian hockey robot turn down mad-money elsewhere to sign with the Falconers? Probably.) 

Part I - Hug Check |  Part II - Chirping


They’re both snuggled up together in a rare moment of post-season calm. Neither are keen to move any more than the absolutely have to; tucked into lopsided couch cushions while the television plays split-screened between another film missed in theaters and the NHL Network.

It’s been a long, hard-fought season for them both: the Falconers knocked out of the playoffs in the second round, the Schooners barely making a dent in the first. Combine that with their newfound ‘chronic’ injuries and Bitty is happy to just lie here, mindlessly groping any part of Jack he can reach: he’s currently got a handful of pec, while Jack alternates between Bitty’s ass and lower back. It’s not arousing at all, just comfortable; until Jack’s wandering fingers hit a sore spot.  

“You okay?” Jack whispers when Bitty flinches.

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4/2 Interview with Yuzuru and Shoma after the Worlds gala. Translated by @cantilovertranslations

Y = Yuzuru, S = Shoma, I = Interviewers

I1: Congratulations!!

Y and S: Thank you!

I1: Hanyu-senshu. Your free was unbelievable.

Y: Thank you.

I1: After getting 5th in the short, how did you get over it and have a strong mentality for the free (literal translation: how did you switch your feelings)??

Y: I actually did not prepare myself mentally (literal translation: I did not switch my feelings), and it was my fans’ voices and the voices of support from my team that motivated me.

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So In My Feelings About The Morgan Situation

I saw the post on Pandora’s Page.

*Side Note* I hate that there’s shit going down but happy that Season 2 is getting shine because I LIVE for Season2!

From what I have gathered, Tyra wrote a LONG post on Facebook where she shaded Raven especially, and it seems like Morgan a little. Morgan was pissed that she came for Raven and decided she didn’t want to perform with her. Morgan and Raven are the weekly headliners at Micky’s, so obviously that’s a problem. The owners at the club dropped Tyra. Tyra posts on her Facebook that Morgan is dead, like literally R.I.P. Morgan McMichaels. All of these post are still live by the way. Also she posted some other shady shit about Raven losing twice. Tyra has done some shady shit but this is super low. If she is mad at Morgan because she lost a booking that’s fine. But this is really the type of stuff that needs to stay behind closed doors. THEN Tatianna texts Tyra to take it down. Tyra post a screenshot WITH TATIANNAS PHONE NUMBER ON INSTAGRAM!!!!! So obviously Tatianna did the same. This is a Season 2 blood bath!! I just hope this doesn’t get too out of hand. Also, this is why Tyra doesn’t have as many fans and isn’t as visible. Every time her name comes up its in some mess. And she is young but not THAT young. It’s really not an excuse anymore. I don’t expect all the queens to like each other but this shit is low. She is literally not only the least deserving winner but the most ungrateful as well.

I know some of you will think I’m being dramatic but you have to at least try to understand I saw Even getting the season as me, as someone who has a mental disorder, finally being heard for my struggle.

Disorders on TV and film are always 1 of 3 things at least: 1. downplayed 2. dramatised 3. inaccurately represented.

I wanted, just once, for it to be done right and I truly believe Julie would have taken the time to give me that.

A few episodes touching on it isn’t enough, I saw after the finale that people were saying ‘okay so Even’s fine now’ NO. Mental disorders are never that simple, there’s no magic fix, they are something people struggle with every day, even if they’re on medication, that only eases it, it doesn’t magically go away.

That’s why I wanted an Even season, so people can see the every day struggle of a disorder, from the perspective of someone with one. Disorders are always from an outside perspective and the person who has the disorder rarely gets to explain how it really feels; at the end of the day, that’s all I wanted… to be heard.

       Traits & symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in Bum

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to do this post for so long, but decided to wait for the season to end instead.

Since so many people have their doubts on whether Bum has an accurate portrayal of BPD or if he even has that disorder, I’ll try to explain that over here as best as I can, coming from an actual person diagnosed with BPD and a psychology student.

We are gonna go through the DSM V criteria along with other traits that I consider worth mentioning.

Please bear with me!

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A-Level Advice From A Newbie

So I’m (almost) done with my final AS exams, and having at last completed my first year of college, I feel like I’ve picked up on a lot. I know that there are a LOT of GCSE students on here - particularly in Years 10/11 - who are planning to start their AS Levels in September, so I thought I’d make a post of things I’ve learned (both through success and a lot of failure) that might be helpful!


This definitely sounds pretty basic, but you would not believe the amount of people who either switch their subjects around or drop A Levels entirely within the first month or so. As much as the change is definitely okay and it’s great to switch to what works for you, if you make these changes after a week or two, you’re going to have a LOT of work to catch up on regardless of what course or subject you move to. In regards to A Levels as a whole, here are some aspects that could be helpful to consider based on how you work:

  • AS moves fast; content is covered extremely quickly and although you’ll be eased in gently, you’re expected to keep up.
  • There’s a lot of content. I struggled more revising three AS subjects than 11 GCSEs.
  • They’re very academic; although some subjects have coursework, a lot of this is written (essays, investigations, etc), and there’s a big reliance on exams.
  • It’s much stricter on homework. In my college, if we don’t keep up with work, there’s a pretty high chance we can be kicked off the course.

In terms of individual subjects, I feel like there’s a big misconception that all of your subjects should relate to one another, which isn’t true at all! If you have a specific career plan in mind, sometimes similar subjects can be helpful (for example I know people taking chemsitry/physics/biology or drama/media/film), but having a backup plan is always nice! A couple of things to consider with subject choice are:

  • How will you be assessed? This is a pretty important one; if you don’t like writing, but take three subjects which evaluate you on your essay writing ability, you’re going to struggle.
  • What’s the content of the course? You may think a subject sounds great, but not the actual curriculum and topics!
  • Do you like the teacher? This is an iffy one, but if you meet the teacher and absolutely 1000% can’t get along with them, it’s going to damage your motivation. Just make sure you can tolerate their class.


I am telling you now that you will be told this by every single adult you meet in college. every. single. one. And you’ll probably argue that you don’t have enough work to fill all of the time, or that you’re too tired, or, you know, something that seems reasonable at the time but regrettable three months later.

At my college, we’re expected to put in five hours of study per subject per week, not including homework or in-class time. For most people, this’ll mean around 15 hours a week, which doesn’t seem much, but whEN YOU DON’T USE IT, IT IS SO MUCH TIME LOST. I don’t know anybody who puts in 15hrs/week, but now that it’s exam season we’re all regretting it real hard.

Get your homework done, and find a way to revise your work. Flashcards. Posters. Past papers. If you don’t have any new content to learn, put in the time every week to study the stuff you do have, and I promise you it will pay off.


Honestly this shouldn’t even have to be something that I have to remind people, but here we are.

In sixth form and particularly college, there’s much less of a power imbalance between students and teachers than there is in school; we’re on the same grounds, we’re both pretty independent, and we’re both there doing what we’re doing because we want to be. So have some respect.

A lot of the time at colleges, teachers have actually had experience in the field that they’re teaching and they’re so genuinely excited about the topics; one of the best things I’ve found at my college is how enthusiastic the teachers are, and how much interest they have in anything you have to say, especially if it’s relevant to the subject.

Also, when you show respect to teachers, they show respect to you. Many a time I’ve been given a short but extended deadline on a piece of work just because I’ve dropped a teacher an email or spoken to them before/after class, and in the words of one teacher, ‘the fact that you’re concerned enough to ask is enough proof that you’re putting effort in’.

But yeah. Talk to your teachers. Let them know if you’re missing a class. They’re human beings; don’t be a dick.


Not all places do a lot of these, but I know my college has done a few bits. What I mean by this is things such as higher education/career fairs, work exploration,  and visits from people in specific careers. Even if you think that it isn’t relevant to you at all, you could learn or come across something that could be beneficial or helpful to your future, a qualification, or even just enjoy an hour or so.

I did an afternoon at the StonePillow Homeless Shelter in my town; I didn’t change my mind about my career, I didn’t gain any qualifications from it, but I definitely found it interesting and it certainly had an impact on my worldview.

On the same note, join a club. Not only is this something which can be later used on CVs and personal statements, but you can learn a lot of skills which can help you in your actual subjects.


Not exactly a tip, but something that I really think A Level students need to keep in mind.

There’s a big thing that I keep seeing of A Level students joking about being better than people doing other courses (BTEC, apprenticeships, vocational, etc), and it’s not true at all. Everybody is working equally hard to get the qualifications that THEY need to get to where THEY want to go.

If you’re thinking like this, just stop.

I really hope this was helpful to anybody considering A Levels - best of luck to anybody currently sitting exams!

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what are your favorite movies and shows? maybe top 5-10 each? just for fun!

OK. I will do 10 each because there will be categories. The first five are movies/shows I respect and admire in terms of the form, I think they’re excellent examples of that medium and well-crafted and the second five are movies/shows that may not necessarily be the best or movies/shows and ones that don’t necessarily have my utmost respect as superb examples of the medium but they’re ones I consistently rewatch.


1. Do The Right Thing

This movie is always relevant, there are so many layers and I’m introduced to a different theme or issue every time I watch it, it is an extremely important movie and it is well-crafted and well-written and well-executed.

2. GoodFellas

One of the very few movies that can pull off a voiceover. Scorsese is my favourite director and this movie is well-acted, well-directed, brutal and entertaining.

3. Raging Bull

Like I said, Scorsese is my favourite director and Raging Bull is heralded as his masterpiece. At the time he thought it would be his final film and De Niro is credited for saving his life by persuading him to make it.

4. Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood lacks subtlety but then again it’s not supposed to be a subtle movie, it is extremely powerful and tragic and had a very big impact on me at a young age.

5. The Godfather

I mean, it’s a masterpiece.





1. The Wire

It took me 11 tries to get into The Wire but I have yet to watch a show that is so thorough in its crafting, in its acting, in its perspectives, it is excellent television.

2. The West Wing

Like everything, there are issues with The West Wing but it is well-written, witty and well-acted.

3. Underground

Listen, I just found out that this show got cancelled and I’m hella pissed right now but it was a beautifully-acted, beautifully-shot, important, powerful show.

4. Breaking Bad

A very tight show, well-crafted, no season, no episode is wasted, extremely well-done.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is a show that goes into both categories. One I can watch over and over again and one that I deeply respect as a show.

*bonus* Avatar The Last Airbender

A study in plot, character development and world-building. Excellent.


6. LOTR Trilogy

It’s epic, it’s grand and I find it extremely comforting. If I’m having a really bad day or if I feel really anxious or upset, LOTR calms me down. During my time in the mountains (which sadly ends this week) every time I’ve gone on a hike or a long walk I make an LOTR reference. I just love this trilogy so much.

7. POTC Trilogy

I watch any of the three movies when I need to go to sleep and I put them on for background noise and the cinematic nature of it, the panoramic shots, they usually help me write.

8. The Breakfast Club

I grew up watching this movie because my mom had it on tape (which I don’t know why, she is not someone who would like this movie at all) and every year I got a new joke and I of course appreciate as a teen classic.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Very smart, very witty, very light, very funny, very feel-good, like everything it has issues, but it’s just, it’s the perfect romcom.

10. The Mummy

So much nostalgia.


6. Goblin

I could go into it as I’m sure my followers know so I just won’t.

7. Sons of Anarchy

I don’t know what it is about SOA that I can just rewatch consistently but I do and often.

8. Spartacus

There is gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence, but it is also really funny and really intriguing and really suspenseful and entertaining.

9. That 70s Show

I mean, it’s That 70s Show.

10. Archer

So raunchy, so smart, so funny.

A lot of thoughts on season 4

Okay, okay I haven’t done a real post about all my thoughts on season 4 yet. I’m a sucker for long posts and I looove analyzing everything. And SKAM is just the perfect show to analyze. The metaphors and symbolism is EVERYTHING! This post will be long!! (sorry)

We have already got sooo much from the season. Multiple updates a day. Clips every day (so far). I really hope they keep it up the entire season. So far, we have a little more than 16 minutes of eps 1. We could get a short clip today (maybe Sana talking to her brother about not getting involved with her friends?) And then a longer clip Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that the episodes will be a bit longer this season compared to season 3, because it seems like they have A LOT to cover in 10 episodes. So, I’m hoping they are aiming for 30+ minutes rather than 20. But we’ll see!

So, we got the trailer. I already wrote a bit about it, but I didn’t fully cover it. I think it’s safe to say the correct timeline of events is the timeline of the reverse trailer: Starting with Noora and then the domino effect going from there. According to the trailer Sana will be the one starting it all. She trips Noora, who falls.

From what we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that this will have something to do with boys! Either something with William or some of the boys from The Balloon Squad (or both). It is clear, that Sana doesn’t want the girls to get involved with her brother and his friends, but at this point they are not respecting her wishes (let’s get back to this later). They want Noora to find a new crush/hookup and The Balloon Squad is the target. At this point I think this will be what triggers Sana to do what she does. The girls will push her to the edge, and she will do something. In the trailer, she clearly trips Noora on purpose, so I think she is definitely triggered by something (because otherwise why would she do it?). But I don’t think she knows what kind of drama this will start (the domino effect).

The next in line is Vilde. Noora falls into her, and tears her pearl necklace in the fall. A white pearl necklace is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, and I don’t think that the use of a pearl necklace to be torn is a coincidence. 

Vilde has so far been portrait as a bit oblivious and very absorbed with her own image and appearance. Her thing with Magnus also seems very sweet and innocent. This will somehow crack, and Noora will be the one starting it. Vilde has already begun to appear really shady. She seemed head over heals with Magnus, but she was very quick to find other boys interesting (= Sana’s brother). She may play it off as finding love for Noora, but be careful Vilde!

Next up is Eva. She is not directly affected by Vilde, but more indirectly trips do to what happens to her when the necklace tears.

She spills her drink on Chris, and I think the drink-spilling may symbolize that this has to do with her drunkness. We know the girl can get wasted!! I have no idea what it will be about, but she may do something when she is wasted, which she may regret and will affect more than herself.

To be honest, I have no idea what the Chris thing is, but I may think Chris is not symbolizing herself. It is more likely that she symbolizes ‘the one filming’ (I did write a small post about this earlier)

We know the one filming is Mikael, and it would make sense that whatever hurts Even, is something from his past. I look forward to knowing what happened in Even’s past, but I’m also very anxious to see him hurting. He is my baby, and if someone hurts him on purpose, I will end them! But the trailer also shows us that Isak does not leave Even’s side for one second! He goes down with him and has his back. This really comforts me. Evak is power couple no. 1!!

Okay, so moving on from the trailer… We have yet to make it to the first full episode, but sooo much is already building up. It is clear, that Sana feels like she doesn’t fully fit in with her friends. They clearly don’t understand her religion/culture and it annoys her! You can’t blame them for not knowing everything, but I think the issue is that they don’t even try to understand. They just assume things instead of actually talk to Sana about it. I think she would gladly answer their questions and talk about her religion and the culture her family comes from. All this adds on top of them not respecting her wishes for them to not get involved with her brother and his friends. I think all of this will strengthen her relationship with Isak. The two of them became close last year, and he actually talked to her about her religion and views on the world. He asked questions and they both challenged each other and grew as human. I think Sana will feel like she could actually talk to him about things she cares about. The fact that the girls only talk about sex and boys clearly frustrates her. I think she would love to talk about her feelings on the subject, but that their lack of interest makes her keep her facade of not caring about it at all.

We don’t know how her relationship is with Even yet, but they could easily had become friends over the last couple of months (the time between the end of s3 and now). The fact that he knows the Quran and therefor maybe understand her more and doesn’t just assume things could be a big deal.

From the latest text update, the girls could end up partying with The Balloon Squad (against Sana’s wishes). This party could be the first step into drama town! Maybe The Balloon Squad ends up having a clash with The Boy Squad – Magnus being jealous of whatever Vilde is up to and Even being confronted with his past. He could even be taking totally off guard, if they randomly end up at the same party. Does Isak even now what happened at Bakka yet? It has to be something big, since it made him change school and take his last year in gymnasium all over again.

I’m excited and anxious about this season!! Oh boy, oh boy. If you made it this far (I know this is a really long post) Please give me your thoughts!

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did you ever talk about your job on here? If not would you mind sharing a little bit about how you started working on boats? I'm really curious !

Yeah, no worries! It’s pretty simple, really - I thought it would be a cool summer job and then I fell in love with it.

The longer version is that I’ve always been pretty starry-eyed over tall ships, and in my hometown there’s a lot of them, so I grew up watching them from an awestruck distance. Then a few years ago there was a tall ships festival, and my boyfriend looked at me literally clinging to a chainlink fence to get a better look and said cautiously, ‘you know, people actually work on those? like, real people.’ Which is a pretty obvious thing, but had still somehow never crossed my mind - I’d just kind of pushed all of it into this mental category of ‘mythical historic adventures’, which weren’t really meant for bank tellers, you know?

Anyways after a pretty bad year I dropped everything and went to work in a hostel in Italy, bc ‘being in Italy’ that was pretty much the only thing I could say I wanted, and I didn’t know what else to do but I had to change something. And then my tourist visa expired and I had to go home, and I remembered that conversation and figured ‘what the hell’ because I had nothing else to go back to stateside, in the career sense. So I emailed virtually every captain between Maine and Maryland going ‘hey I’ve never done this before but I have a lot of enthusiasm and customer service experience and after three months in a hostel I am reasonably certain the living conditions won’t bother me at all either’

I wasn’t even really expecting anything to come of it, but I got a job as a messmate (basically cook’s assistant/busboy/dishwasher and assistant deckhand when you have the time), which didn’t need any sailing experience at all. I spent the two months of fit-out (painting, sanding, making the boat beautiful for the upcoming season) ravenously learning everything I could about knots, the proper nautical terminology, etc. and when we began sailing I helped as much as I could on deck. And I got lucky - when we were down a deckhand, the captain moved me to deck crew halfway through the season, and although I’d been pretty enamored of the job already, that was the point at which I really fell in love with it, and started thinking of it as something I’d keep doing. It’s the first thing in a long time that I want to be good at just for the sake of being good at it, just because it matters to me personally that I understand it.

A lot of these posts “””defending””” Molly Hooper after that last episode are really rubbing me up the wrong way, because I swear NONE of y’all have given a single shit about Molly until now. I’ve had to endure 3 years of people saying it’s “pathetic” that Molly slapped Sherlock because he “didn’t return her feelings” (WHICH IS NOT WHY SHE HIT HIM OH MY GOD), and I’ve had to listen to people say her silly crush on Sherlock is embarrassing or that she needs to grow up and move on. Even when she’s been praised, she hasn’t been praised as an engaging and interesting character, as the sweet, kind and intelligent young pathologist she is, she’s been praised because she allegedly serves as a prop to further a relationship between two gay men. Which - guess what guys, IS NOT PROGRESSIVE. 

But oh, now that her feelings have finally been vindicated, now suddenly it’s poor Molly and Molly deserves better. But listen. I’m the first person to say that Sherlock’s got major problems with writing women. Ask me about Mary’s fridging sometime. And yes, I wish to God Molly had more screentime, but this idea that her final scene is about glamorising abusive relationships or that Molly was nothing but a prop is killing me.

Do you know what I saw when I watched that scene with Eurus and Molly?

I saw a character who had undergone tremendous growth over the past four seasons. Originally intended as a one-off, but so spellbindingly brought to life by Loo Brealey that she was made a non-canon recurring character, Molly has grown from timid, mousy and submissive to a woman more than willing to stand up for herself, whose kindness is her strength and whose love was the undoing of Moriarty. She’s smart - she’s the literal embodiment of medical and pathological knowledge in Sherlock’s mind palace. She proved you can be soft and strong, that vulnerability doesn’t have to mean weakness, and that you can stand up to someone and demand better treatment in a gentle voice. 

And, God forbid, she’s also in love with a man. But she’s never been given the opportunity to say so. Her feelings, which have been a strength and a weakness, are visible enough to us and everyone in the show, but she’s never said it out loud. 

Now, truth in fiction is a rare substance. It always takes a tremendous amount of pressure for two people to be completely honest with each other, especially if that truth concerns feelings of love. The question, “what will it take to make Molly tell Sherlock she loves him?” is answered in this scene. And the answer is: Sherlock needs to say I love you first. 

And do you know who was in control in that scene? Molly. Every single step of the way. At any moment she could have told Sherlock to stick it up his arse and hung up. There would have been no repercussions for her. Sherlock tries in myriad ways to get an I love you and she blocks him every time, says “leave me alone,” tells him she won’t let him make fun of her, tells him she’s not an experiment. She hasn’t been treated well by Sherlock and John this season, is still grieving over Mary, is probably suffering depression, and she’s sick of Sherlock’s nonsense. She’s willing to help if it’s urgent, but she’s done playing games. 

She tells him she can’t say it because it’s true. It’s always been true. She’s always loved him. Do you have any idea how long we’ve waited for her feelings to be validated? At last, no, it’s not a stupid girlish crush, it’s not infatuation, it’s a beautiful, selfless love that she cherishes for him. She loves this man. She saved his life. She stood up to him. She refused to tolerate shabby treatment from him. She was happy to be his friend. She moved on and found a new man, but when Sherlock came back, she had to be honest with herself, and she decided it would be better to be alone than marry a man she doesn’t really love. She is so brave, and so selfless, and she’s never once made her feelings his problem. That’s why she begs him - don’t make me say it because it’s true, it’s always been true.  

And then, still feeling like this must be a game somehow, she challenges him to say it first. Go on. If you want me to make a fool of myself, then you have to go first. I’m not jumping until you do. Molly can see through him; he can’t manipulate her like he did in S1. She’s not that person anymore. And he’s not that person anymore, either. Eurus didn’t rig Molly’s flat with explosives, and Sherlock didn’t win when he supposedly saved her life, because it wasn’t about that. It was about torturing Sherlock emotionally, and where once he manipulated her without a second thought, hurting Molly now is like vivisection to him. Eurus - Molly - both get him to admit “I love you” - twice. Once, because he was trying to save her life - the second time because he realised it was true. As a friend, or something more, who even cares, he loves her and he realises just how much. 

And still, Molly is in control. She can hang up, if she wants. She contemplates it. But then, almost kissing the phone, perhaps having recognised the note of sincerity in his voice, she whispers, I love you.

Too often an unrequited crush ends when a character suddenly finds a new man or woman, falls in love, and gets over their old feelings, and has a happily ever after with this random new person. But I’ve always found that maddeningly dissatisfying, and even though it comes from horrific circumstances, I’m so glad that Molly’s feelings were validated, not because Sherlock returned them, but simply because those feelings are hers, and they are real, they’ve always been real, and it hurts, god it hurts, but at least she was able to be honest. The cut has been made, the truth is revealed, and now she can begin to heal. She doesn’t have to keep those words festering inside her. Molly loves Sherlock, and it took him telling her he loved her to admit that. 

And Sherlock’s a wreck afterwards. He caresses those words “I love you” and thinks about how he always believed caring was not an advantage. He thinks about selfless, kind Molly Hooper, who had always loved him, and saved him, whose love was her strength, whose love was doomed, who would not suppress or deny her feelings, but merely kept them to herself to spare him discomfort and then - 

He thinks about Molly in that coffin. He thinks about losing her. He thinks about what he’s just said to her. He thinks of how he’s hurt her.


He loses control. Always, he’s pretended to be pure intellect, has always clung to rationality, but in this moment he is nothing but emotion. Rage, pain, fear, sadness, needing to destroy this coffin, smashing it to pieces, screaming in agony because of how much he feels for this woman. 

Molly loves Sherlock. We’ve known for a long time. And I truly feel that Molly being allowed to own those feelings, because they are hers, regardless of whether they are reciprocated or not, is far more powerful than sweeping them under the rug and pretending they never existed or that she got over them just fine. This is how she feels, and no she won’t tolerate poor treatment because of them, and no she won’t put up with him playing games, but yes - she will be there when he needs her, because that’s just who she is. 

Steven U.

aka “How did Steven go from being a kid with lots to learn to the moral center of the show?”

I’ve decided to take in depth looks at the characters of Steven Universe, their relationships, their developments and the places I think the story line failed them. I decided to start with Steven because he is the main character of Steven Universe. This will likely be a series of posts, which I’ll compile together later. This one will focus solely on Steven as a character, so let us begin.

Pre-Series Steven

Steven Universe is the very first Gem/Human hybrid born approximately 6000 years after the gem wars. His birth meant that his mother could no longer exist, she had to give up her physical form. From that point on Steven was raised by his father Greg Universe presumably in his van until around the time he was 12/13. During this time Steven resided in Beach City and was close to the residents while looking forward to his magical destiny with the Crystal Gems.

So at this point, Steven is this innocent goofball who loves people, music, video games, and food. He doesn’t know a lot about the gems besides they’re magical warriors and they know Rose Quartz. 

Actually, that means that Steven has probably witnessed the gems fighting monsters in Beach City before. Like imagine the magic of seeing these warriors ladies fighting giant monsters, protecting you, your home the world, and you’re supposed to become one of them… That must have been so amazing for him.

Season 1 Steven

So, Season 1 Steven is the Steven we meet in the first episode.

He’s just recently moved in with the gems. He hasn’t learned to use any of his powers yet. Over the course of the first half of the season (the first 26 episodes), Steven learns the ropes of being a Crystal Gem. In almost every episode it’s like Steven vs the problem of the week. 

I think the general tone of the show was done fairly well, because I remember a few people used to get agitated that we were just watching Steven fumble around while the gems were off doing cool stuff. We wanted to be where the gems were and so did Steven. Anyway by the end of this portion he becomes an actual part of the team.

In the second half of Season 1(episodes 27-52), there’s much more focus on Steven and the gems bonding. During these episodes Steven is much more experienced with Gem stuff than he was before. He still has a lot to learn, but he’s got the basics down. He gains a new power, he experiences fusion, and he tries hard to prove that he deserves to be a Crystal Gem. 

In contrast to the first half where he was goofy and didn’t seem to take things as seriously as he should, this Steven is taking this job more seriously while keeping in place his optimism. He seems aware that there is a lot he doesn’t really know about and he’s ready to learn those things.

Season 2 Steven

 At the beginning of Season 2 and throughout the season even, we have a Steven who was negatively impacted by the events of Jailbreak. He wants to cut off his connections with humans because of all the danger and he’s scared. A whole bunch of pressure just collapsed on him. He’s beginning to wonder about his mother and his humanity. Season 2 had a much darker tone than the previous season and that was at least partially because Steven was starting to struggle.

Honestly it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the shift of Steven becoming the moral center happened, but I feel like it started when Peridot was unbubbled. Steven was Peridot’s introduction to the earth and during this arc the the focus switches from Steven to Peridot while still being in Steven’s point of view. At this point they kind of dropped everything that was building up with Steven to focus on the Cluster situation which is fine, but they didn’t really pick it back up until mid/late season 3.

Season 3 Steven

And I think this where the crew really started to drop the ball with Steven. This is when the world starts to feel like it revolves around Steven. So Steven locates Malachite using his watermelon dream powers, then Steven prevents the cluster from forming by talking it out of it, then Steven convinces Lapis to stay on earth, then Steven convinces Lapis and Peridot to be roommates, then Steven tricks the Rubies. It was even Steven’s idea to bring Pearl on Greg’s trip to Empire city. Steven who is just a kid is suddenly fixing all the problems and giving all the advice.

Then the story remembers the build up from season 2 and tosses him in an arc with Amethyst. Then he bubbles Bismuth and almost immediately after finds out that Rose shattered Pink Diamond.

Season 4 Steven

So far Season 4 Steven has been a continuation of Season 3 Steven. He’s still giving out advice and fixing everyone’s problems with the occasional mention of his problems, but I feel like they kind of lost him. Like they reversed his character development because he seems less mature now then he was in season 2. And I’ve discussed this before so I’ll just quote myself,

Before I end this post, I’d like to take a moment to address a big part of Steven’s portrayal which is his innocence and naivety. I think the story line often treats Steven’s good nature and will to help others as if it’s tied with his innocence and lack of experience and I think that’s part of the reason they avoid addressing the effect these experiences would have on Steven for too long. The writers might be worried that if they go serious for too long than they’ll lose his childlike sense of wonder and his will to help people, but I think that’s not necessarily the case. My favorite quote from Wonder over Yonder is, “The Helper seeks to help because he knows what it’s like to be helpless.”

That is to say, I believe that growing up a bit wouldn’t hinder Steven from being caring or from having fun. I think it’d be a great way to show someone choosing to be kind and enjoy life despite being hurt or realizing the world isn’t as nice as they first thought.

mod kk

PLL cast on their favourite A pranks:
  • Lucy Hale: The pig in the trunk was pretty awful.
  • Troian Bellisario: The dollhouse.
  • Shay Mitchell: One that always stands out for me was early on in the series when Emily sat down for a meal at school and all of the alphabet cereal was made of “A’s” — I always loved that one.
  • Janel Parrish: Soooo many to choose from — I think keeping the girls in the dollhouse. What can top that? It was the sickest thing “A” has done.
  • Ian Harding: I loved when “A” some how managed to get the alphabet cereal box to contain only “A” letter cereal, then somehow, magically gets it to Emily. Hilarious and super cold.
  • Keegan Allen: Season 1. “A” was a savage in every way.
  • Andrea Parker: You’ll have to watch the finale!