i have done this before but i dont care

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Collaring (petplay)


So collaring lets talk about that shall we. This post is manly for doms specifically masters in petplay but regular doms, littles, and kittens feel free to stick around. Collaring can be an amazing experience putting a collar on your pet for the first time can make you feel so powerful and in control. You might feel the urge to tug it a little or grab a leash and walk your pet around or if you two are into it maybe have them eat out of bowls. BUT wait! Stop! Before you do all that theres things you should consider. This is a very emotional time for your sub. They are giving you complete control just as if a real animal were to allow you to collar them; they are giving you ownership you didnt once have. Before you go tugging on collars,giving them commands or walking around you should first pet them in they’re favorite spot, Give them prase for putting their collar on so nicely, and maybe have treats ready (if thats your thing). Make them feel loved like they’re the best pet in the world. Then after about 10 or 20 minutes you might want to play with them (non sexual) so you may tug their collar but after they come over you play with them and tickle them. Rub their bellies and so on. Afterwards it maybe time for lunch (make sure you and your partner have discussed doing this before petplay has engaged) so you can (if you have been giving consent!) Put their food on the floor and eat lunch with them while you sit above them holding their leash. After you’re done eating lunch you can watch tv/a movie and have your pet lay on your lap and pet them wherever they like it the most. Most pets like the ears(if they are to big then have them lay only their head on your lap so they still feel close to you). During all this they still have the collar on but maybe you took the leash off to watch the movie thats ok because this is only about the collar not really the leashing. After the movie is over you might notice your pet is getting sleepy so you ask them if they want to go to sleep and they nods yes. You can choose to pick them up or you can choose to lead them on a leash another option is you could let them choose. When you get them to bedroom you might remember they haven'tcompleted their nightly routine so you help them brush their teeth, take a bath and put on pajamas all with the collar on (no leash obviously there is no point for that). Once they’re done you walk them to bed and tuck them. This is where you take the collar off you stroke their ear; tell them you love them and how good they are then cuddle them to sleep.

Things not to do:
Do not pressure your pet into sex and try not to ask its already an emotional time for them and unless they ask the FIRST time collaring is probably not the best time to act on sexual needs. Although some pets do enjoy the thrill of feeling ownership by their masters having sex with them the first time. Talk it out when they’re not in pet play and see if they would rather have you wait or when they’re first collared.

Do not just do something because you think you should. Like spank theyre butt out of the blue. Yes they might have enjoyed it before but not right now. After the first collaring then you can do it again. Remember they’re feeling very voluble.

Do not do anything until you’ve talked about it with your sub out of pet space. ANYTHING TO DO WITH COLLARING CAN NOT BE DONE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSENT. I DONT CARE IF YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE NICE. I DONT CARE IF THEY HAVE BEEN DROPPING HINTS AND I DONT CARE IF YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO SO BAD YOU MIGHT DIE! you have to talk to your sub before doing anything because maybe they’re not ready!

Do not collar if you are not ready for the responsibility it entails. Ive said this before and i will say it again collaring is giving up freedom to your master it is allowing them to be your master which means to protect, love, and cherish you. The responsibility that you will have is to protect your pet, love them unconditionally, and cherish them ever when they are misbehaving.

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Some headcanons for jeongguk being obsessed with playing overwatch and kinda ignores his perfect boyfriend for over a week already

+ Jimin pokes his tongue against his cheek as he glares at Jungkook glue to his computer chair with wide eyes and mouth.

+ he looks like a idiot. Jimin thinks as he walks to the kitchen to get water. Jimin sighs.

+ It’s been a week and all Jungkook had done is sleep and play over watch. If Jimin didn’t drop fast food near his boyfriend he would be dead. Jungkook hasn’t even taken a shower and he is having some serious B.O.

+ Jimin finishes his water before slamming the cup on the counter. Jimin won’t let this continue! They havnt done anything for a week! No sex! No going out! Not even a real conversation!

+ Jimin turns around and marches over to Jungkook who is ordering his character with words. Jimin stomps behind Jungkook’s chair .

+ “What the fuck!?” Jungkook yelps when his chair is turn to face Jimin who looks pissed. Jungkook blinks before frowning. “What do you want? Im in the middle the game, im-”

+ “I see and I dont care!” Jimin says crossing his arms glaring at his boyfriend “we are going on a date.” Jungkook blinks.

+ “But-” “DON’T YOU BUT ME JEON JUNGKOOK! YOU GET YOUR PERKY BUTT UP AND MARCH INTO THE SHOWER! WE. ARE. GOING. ON. A. DATE!” Jungkook swallows as Jimin pulls him up from the computer chair by his collar. Jimin narrows his eyes at Jungkook who looks scared. “And when we come back you are going to be tied to the bed and we are going to fuck until I SAY so.”

+ Jungkook is push towards the bathroom and he stumbles. Jungkook blushes as he slowly turns towards Jimin.

+ “why?” Jungkook asks. Jimin storms to the computer and turns it off.

+ “Because you ignore me for the past week.” Jimin says walking towards Jungkook “now tonight I’m going to take all the attention I want.”

+ Jungkook doesn’t play overwatch as much anymore thanks to his sore crotch and sore ass.

As Long As You Love Me..


sorry for it being kinda short

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hey, are you okay? you haven't posted hardly anything in like months and emily said you two aren't dating anymore, i'm really concerned

sorry about that. i’ve been kind of at a weird point in my life and i haven’t had the energy to do much of anything. emily and i did split but it was very civil and we both still respect each other very much, it just wasn’t working out in a romantic way as of late. i’ve kinda hit an all time low in my mental state, and this was a long time coming, way before emily and i started having complications, so i just wanna preface none of this is her fault, but i’m trying to rebuild myself from the ground up right now. it’s a process and i haven’t had the motivation to be active and happy or anything really at all, but i’m a trooper. i’ve been through this before and i’ll survive again. thank you for worrying about me, im hoping to be on here again real soon

ID #47716

Name: Danielle
Age: 16
Country: USA

Um idk what to write but imma a girl and i like plants, candles, and socks. I love to read and I’m re-reading the Last Olympian right now. My favorite movies are Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Little Prince, and Grease. I have commitment issues with tv shows but I love Skam, Skins, Parks and Rec, Doctor Who, and Supernatural. I am super in love with trees, and space. I constantly question existence and love to talk about theories, politics, and morality. I’m sorta nihilistic but hey what does that matter we’ll all be dead soon anyways lol. I don’t think I’m very interesting but I want someone to talk to! I’ve never done this before and have no idea wtf I’m doing I should be doing homework but screw it. I also like to hike and bike and look at stars and eat waffles. Oh and my music is idk really but sorta early 2000s indie rock or something im not really sure. I dig modest mouse, dcfc, sublime (ugh yes pls), K.Flay, and loads of other stuff.

around my age would be groovy, and if ur hella creepy pls don’t. Other than that I dont rlly care! Also i think snail mail would be cool but it doesn’t matter.

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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life is really unfair

//vent time//
i’m a 14 y/o transboy who lately came out to his mom who…is really transphobic. she wont let me even get a haircut or buy a new sports bra to flatten my chest a bit. my dysphoria is there 24/7 and i cant do anything about it. she makes me feel so gross for “wanting to be a guy”. i hate it.
i knew i was trans for about a year, i was questioning my gender since i went to primary school.

…meanwhile there is another transboy who imidiatelly after realising he was trans (about 1 months ago) he came out to his parents and they turned out to be really supportive. i tried to ignore it until…he got a top surgery. A TOP SURGERY. a 16,000zł (zł is a polish currency) (i live in poland tbh) top surgery. THEY MANAGED TO GET HIM A TOP SURGERY IN 2 MONTHS DONE BY ONE OF THE TWO SURGEONS IN POLAND THAT ACTUALLY SPECIALISE IN THAT.

so yeah i’m really fuccing done with my life and dysphoria is making me unable to function properly, i would give anything just to get a 5$ binder from amazon (tbh i dont care if it will break my ribs and kill me, if it will flatten my chest i’m getting it and i’m wearing the shit out if that), i dont care anymore about my health, i harmed myself before many times, why not do it again jUST TO GET RID OF THE DYSPHORIA PLEASE SOMEBODY TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME

i know so many people have it worse than me. i’m sorry.

//end of vent time//

Jace: Alec. Alec!

Alec: What do you want bitch?

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: Yeah, I said it.

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: Yeah, I said it.

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: I don’t even care….and he, he agrees with me.

Simon: Yeah what do you want bitch?

Alec: Will you shut the fuck up?

Because I Care • Lexa

“(Y/n) please dont do thins.” Lexa tells me in response to my plan to tear apart the clan that has moved to close to my own.

“What do you mean? They could be planning to attack!” I explain unable to understand why she was suddenly against wars.

“I’ve been worried about you lately, you’ve been so mad and have been fighting anyone you have an excuse to fight,” She responds wide eyed.

“Why are you worried, I can handle myself, these people could hurt mine.” I respond angry that she was so against me fighting.

“I worry because I care (y/n)! I dont want you to get hurt and no ruthless commander has made it long. We all die in war and I dont want to lose you!” Lexa shouts almost in tears.

“You risk yourself for your people why cant I risk mine! I love my people but I also love you. It is my clan and I will rule it however I choose!“ I reply. I couldn’t believe she was telling me how to run my clan after a year of love and trust.

"That is not what I am trying to do, I want you to be safe and I want your people to be safe. I will not tell you how to run your clan I just want you to keep your humanity. Dont be afraid to do what you have to but remember the morals you used to have that you’ve abandoned in the last month.” She rants quickly and she looks down at the ground to hide her crying.

I wanted to hug her. I hate to see her upset and see that I am the reason she is so sad. It made me realize that I had changed recently. A part of my clan was brutally murdered and ive changed since them, Ive seen wars before, I know what pain looks like but the sight of my a village in my clan staked and crucified hurt me. I have dropped my old ideas of ask first kill later and have embraced that blood must have blood and my clan deserves revenge. I found myself wanting others to suffer for what they have done and caused me to become heartless.

I hugged her, “I love you, I love that you care. I know I have changed I’m just so angry, I want to protect my people and I cannot stand to let them be abused.“

“I know just remember who you are, you can grow and learn but dont try to be a completely different person, I miss you.” She said into my shoulder.

I nodded before pulling away to kiss her promising to be true to my old ideas.

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-cant i feel anything? something?

-havent i changed?

-cant you stop?

-am i scared of you?

-do you like seeing me cry? 

-dont you need water to feel like your drowning?

-cant you leave me alone? youve done it before.

-is it my fault?

-have i always been like this?

-do i feel dead?

-do you always act like that?

-do you care?

-cant we talk about this?

-dont you understand?

-dont i trust you?

-do you like seeing me vulnerable? 

-would it be better if i disappeared?

-am i like this?

I like the idea that Team Rocket mass produced Porygon to be prizes in the Game Corner but they were pretty terrible and tacky because Team Rocket stole the plans for them from Silph Co. before they were done with Alpha testing. But I dont care, I like Poygon! 

UPDATE: Iva had a few people request prints of this, so Ive added it to my redbubble page, why not pop over and have a look, every sale gets me a little something to help support me as an artist: http://www.redbubble.com/people/purplepixel/works/14817649-porygon-the-digital-pok-mon

UPDATE #2: Some variants of this poster can be found here: http://purple-pixel.tumblr.com/post/132467536247/more-porygon-posters-had-a-pop-up-gallery-in-my

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Care to tell us about your EO5 Guild?

Naturally, even before the game comes out over here i’ve already done plenty of thinking for my guild in EO5!

They are Guild Guardia, for starters, I dont really have a set main objective for the guild yet as I want to see what I can take from the game for that. Likewise, I have plenty more info for some over others. At the moment, the guild posseses 12 (14 if you count the pets) members, but I’m more than certain that’ll change once I get my hands on the game.

“The Queen” (Eye-patch Dragoon)- Not known by any name, but by a title, she is a woman of mystery and the leader of the guild. While her motives for her actions can at sometimes be unknown or even questionable at points, she does, in the end, seem to be looking out for the folks shes recruited into her guild. When shit starts going down, she’s the one that stays calm and organizes a plan of action, when someone tries to cause harm for the ones she protects, she’s the one to put them in their place. While the rest of the guild sometimes do wonder about her, they know she’s a reliable leader and gladly follow her guidance.

Calcifer (Wavy-Haired Necromancer)- The second in command of the guild, he is one of The Queen’s oldest allies. His memories have greatly faded of the life he used to posses before his untimely passing and subsequent return. He isn'too bothered missing memmories, considering that they mustn’t be too impportant for him to have forgotten them. He often tries to provide words of wisdom to those around him, he’s not the best at it, but hey, he tries to be a kind person when he can. His most prized posession is a plush (Of which is very worn and has no idea what its a plush of) that has a strong sense of importance to himself.

Gareth (Piercings Reaper)- Hailing from a rather disfunctional and cruel family, he’s got some issues. He views himsef as a rather creul and brash person, he isn’t and he fails to notice his own true self, one who is cautious and calculating, instead choosing to delusion himself into thinking the former of himself in an effort to more approved in the eye of his family. As one who often does consider the end results of his actions, he won’t attempt on things he views are pointless, likewise he does’t consider winning the main point of things and will sometimes do seemingly reckless things for his own amusment. He posseses romantic feelings for another in the guild. *random note, the shitty version of him I drew when i was dead tired past midnight one day is my icon*

Razz (Tired Warlock)- Coming from a poor family, he tries to work hard to help provide for them and currently watches over his younger brother away from home. He often pushes aside his own needs for the sake of him family, he’ll even take more tasks than he can handle, which, more often than not, has the effect of him passing out from exhaustion from time to time. Something that he tries to deny isn’t heathly for himself. He cares deeply for those close to him and will often try to help them as much as possible, but on the other side, can be a little judging of people he doesn’t know, to the point of denying trying to know them. Gareth unnerves him and he often tries to avoid him.

Pollux (Covered-eyes Shaman)- Razz’s younger brother. He has no idea who his birth family was, but is perfectly happy being adopted into Razz’s. While his brother may be hard working for everyone elses sake, Pollux has taken it as his duty to look out for his older brother and tries to make sure he does things like eat and sleep. As such, where ever Razz goes, he goes. He’s a very trusting person and will often try to make friends with everyone he meets, its doesn’t always go well, but hey, he tried.

Gage (Turban Cestus)- Possesing a fiesty spirit he loves to fight and dreams of being one of the strongest in the world. He’s always raring to go on an adventure and while he may look it to some, he isn’t some headstrong fool. While at this point in his life even he wouldn’t consider himself a master at what he does, he does consider himself knowledgable in hand-to-hand techniques and is always looking for opporitunities to sharpen his skills.

Ari (Young Rabbit-Ears Hound)- A Young falconer in training, she has a hawk she calls Cheeri. She and her twin sister hail from a community know for training animals and have ventured out for their own training. Ari considers herself the more calm and collected of the two, but she tends to panic when things start to go awry. She also rather protective of her sister and may pick fights with those mean to her sister.

Dawn (Smiling Canid-Ears Hound)- Ari’s twin sister, she has a wolf she calls Chuto. Much like her sister considers herself to be the calm one, Dawn considers herself to be the reasonable one. She’s the more shy of the two so sometimes her thoughts and suggestions fall on deaf ears and will just end up following what others are doing. *Note, she is trans*

Echo (Ponytail Fencer)- Possesing elegant swordsplay she often looks to assist others, most notably her girlfriend, Ophelia. She believes herself to posses the least amount of skills or special abilities out of the guild, but still tries to lend a helping hand where needed. While she doesn’t have any large goals for herself, she’s pleased to try and help others reach theirs.

Ophelia (Stern Rabbit-Ears Matsuro)- While skilled with many blades, she is blind and relies on excellent hearing, other senses and her girlfriend for navigation. Even with skilled combat skills, she much prefers a more passisive style of life. She may or may not have become the designated “therapist” and is often the one the others go to when they have issues to talk about. *Her personality was made up by my sweetheart, not me*

Mattie (Fluffy Canid-Ears Matsuro)- The apprentice to Ophelia, while she may not like to participate in combat, he does, or at least wishes to. He doesn’t wish to be the strongest in the world nor to really achieve a great title, perhaps someone others would look up to, but nothing grand. He wishes to be skilled in an artful combat style and go on adventures.

Hailey (Really Happy Bronie)- A rather happy-go-lucky fellow, they have quite the knowledge in herbs and are naturually an Herbalist. Besides just herbs, they enjoy cooking, although are the best at it, but practice make perfect and thats just what they’re gonna do.

And that’s all of them at the moment and now I’m getting excited for Etrain Odyssey 5 again. Feel free to comment what you all think of them or even ask more questions! 

illegal in new jersey

my preorder of journal 3 came in while i was away at mechacon last weekend, and i thought it was about time i revisit something i drew after the finale. i got plenty of the base coloring done, but with the con stress and the ebb and flow i go through going in and out of fandom stuff, this was left behind from march. but im glad i finished it.

stanley may be banned from new jersey, but i have no doubts that before heading off anywhere else, stan and ford visited illegally for just a little while and talked some things out before going on their next big adventure together.

tag game

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Name: lenin

Favorite drink: just ask ur mom ;)))))) (its cherry slushies, ur mom knows bc we went to see cars 3 last night and she bought one for me, ur mom is gr8)

Favorite Snack: cheez-its 

Favorite meal: swaghetty and memeballz

Favorite memory: uhhh not sure overall but my best recent memory is literally any conversation i have with my great friend and comrade @kiimone

Favorite tv show: steven universe i guess idk i dont keep up with (non-anime) tv much

Favorite tumblr blog: literally all of my ffucckin mutuals??? aLL of them???

One random fact about you: i care more about tolstoy than literally anyone else u will ever meet in ur life 

One random fact about your day: i just woke up so nothings happened yet (but i was really happy to see i got tagged in this !!)

One random fact about your job/school: im the only one of 6 ppl hired for my job (curriculum planning/teaching a summer law camp program for 9th graders) that doesnt have a college degree so im massively unqualified haha,,,

One random fact about your favorite tv show: white diamond hasnt even been shown yet but i’d still let her step on me

What is one thing you would sell your soul for: my souls not worth shit tbh, i would sell my soul for a particularly shiny rock

If you could only have one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be: as long as i get to wear my chuuya hat and thigh-highs im good

What was the last song that got stuck in your head: kalafina “to the beginning” i dont even know the fuckin words but the tune has been stuck in my head for like the last two days 

What is your weapon of choice: a fucking sword that shoots lasers

Did you have a baby blanket? Do you still have it: yes and yes its soft as shit!

What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: i wear a halloween costume every day and its called my horrible personality, ohhh spooky!

Beach or Water Park: beach bc i fuCKing love the ocean

Name a song that you dislike: “shape of you” by ed sheeran 

What do you think is your spirit animal: 

What is the most played song on your MP3/MP4: i dont have an mp3/4 but i listen to fucckin “my neck my track” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmmCW8Cz7mE on repeat over and over so ill say that

again ill tag @theseerofdoomisunaltered and whoever else wants to get in on this spicy memery

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the honest opinion one but im not sending u a heart

Goddamn you’re a stubborn little soul huh? Mkah…

A lot of this is stuff you’ve probably heard me say before but… I dont care. When we first officially met and started talking, I was trying to make it past some dark times in my life. I’d almost done something stupid, and if I had I’d have never been able to really talk to you as I can now.

Jordan, you’re the sweetest, stubbornest, kindest, hardest working, stunning-est, and utterly determined person I’ve ever had the honor of having in my life. Every time I see you in my messages, my heart races from happiness. I still can’t believe you’re in my life, yknow.

You’re also one of the most patient and understanding person I know. I am a handful, and sometimes I can be overbearing…maybe even stupidly jealous. Somehow you don’t hate me for that.

You’re incredibly talented and motivated about everything you do. Even when you procrastinate, you still get things done and wonderfully done at that!

There’s so much I wish I could do for you. You deserve to be spoiled and loved and comforted and hugged and pampered and supported incredibly much…

You’ve got a ridiculously awesome future in store for you, I know it. And I’ll be here for you every step of the way as you traverse your life with that future in sight. I wish only ever the best for you, and you deserve nothing less.

You’re one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for us, too. ❤💛💜💖💕💗💙💘