i have done this before but i dont care

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

i was tagged by @bedhead-kitten thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Relationship status: single (thumbs up emoji)

Favorite color: blue + soft pink + yellow

Lipstick or chapstick: i actually dont rlly care!! i like both

Last song you listened to: LIABILITY BY LORDE ((MY LOVE))

Last movie watched: tres metros sobre el cielo during spanish class eyyy

Top three characters: nightcrawler, yamaguchi + josh dun whO ISNT a character but a real person i know but i love him :)))))

Top three ships: daisuga, malec, klance i guess

Books I am currently reading: just finished les miserables (again) !!

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“sawamura-senpai is a lot louder than i expected.” 


“I- I’m sorry! i didn’t mean anything about it, i-”


“i- i….sawamura-senpai?” 

“HARUCCHI!!!! Did you hear that Harucchi?! I’m Sawamura-senpai!!!” 

it’s only natural to be called that Eijun-kun. we’re second years now after all.” 

*eijun’s obnoxious laughing**

“You! Do you like pudding?! I, your ever so great and trustworthy sawamura-senpai shall treat you to the best pudding you’ll ever have! has any of your other senpais done that for you, huh?? NO! because no is as amazing and trustworthy as me! sawamura senpai!!! 

Hello! I’ve never seen you around before, are you new?
Yes… hehe, names Jack.
Well, hello Jack!  
…Oh goodness! What’s happened to your eye?
I tore him out… hehehe funny isn’t it?
Not really…
The nurses took him away from me…
They took who away?
My eye, Sam! They took my only friend in this hellhole, keep him locked in some kind of box. Says he’s dangerous, needs to be clean.
Is there any way I can help?
Can you get him back to me? Hehe… they keep him stuffed away in the doctor’s office.
I’ll see what I can do, bye! 

(Just in case i didn’t make it very obvious, therealjacksepticeye is bold and italic and Fran is just italic.)


hi everyone!!! my name is clarence!!! im a mentally ill masculine-identifying individual!

so , lately i have been in a bit of a money rut. not a lotta places nearby are hiring rn, and i dont have wa working vehicle to get to farther places. not onl y that, but i have three pets that need taking care of!!! so, im opening sketch commissions!!! sorry if this is poorly put together, as i ve never done commissions before..,


these are the examples  and prices!!! 

sketch: $5-$8. a simple sketch drawing in the above shown style!! prices may vary depending on difficulty.

sketchy lineart: $8-$10. im not very good at lineart, so its kind of a sketchy lineart?? i guess?? prices vary depending on difficulty!

colored sketch: $10-$12. its a sketch but colored! sadly my shading isnt best so the coloring style is what is shown above! prices vary depending on difficulty!

any extra character is an extra $3-$5  depending on difficulty!

backgrounds are an extra $5-$8 depending on difficulty! (please dont expect anything super fancy sorry!!!)

will NOT draw: mechas, non-con/rape scenarios, underage nsfw.

will draw: basicaly anything else! OCs, furries, cartoon characters, non cartoon characters, nsfw (may charge extra!)

my paypal is aatoonhead@aol.com (also please feel free to donate if you have the spare money!!!)

please reblog this, signal boost, anything!!!

thank you very much for your time!!!

yknow ive been getting angry asks all day from offended bronies that keep demanding me to justify my extreme distaste for the brony fandom but honestly i dont feel any sort of need to explain myself because all the people i respect understand all the horrible shit most bronies have done and still do

i dont care enough about angry strangers on the internet to explain stuff that has already been pointed out by thousands of people before me

i dont care if you enjoy MLP, i personally think it’s a fun show that i will probably watch more of in the future, but at this point the word “brony” instantly makes me feel negatively

  • me 2 years ago: so the final exams make 33% of your grade, the other 75% are what you do in two years. so basically u have to study SO HARD FOR THAT FUCKING EXAM EVERYTHING YOUVE EVER DONE FOR HIGH SCHOOL IS IMPORTANT NOW. YENNA REMEMBER. FINAL FUCKING EXAM THE THING YOUVE BEEN PREPARED FOR 12 YRS.
  • me 1 month ago: you need at least a B
  • me 1 week ago: you still got time you can still have a C
  • me today, one day before the exam at 11pm: well fuck still havent studied a THING SHIT lmao who cares