i have done a very bad thing

Today I took a really close look at some SM64 maps in an attempt to get a better understanding of how they were made and how I can avoid further mistakes when making my own maps for the engine. Perhaps it could prove useful for you too?

Let me first say that I’m pretty surprised at how inconsistent and sometimes downright lazy the mapping seems to have been done. Seeing as this was the first true 3D game on consoles, the tools available at the time may have had something to do with it.

Here are the things I discovered (long post!):


All holes for canons and rolling cannon balls, etc. seemed to have been simply cut out with boolean functions (placing a mesh through another and “cutting out” the shape”). This leads to a mess of triangles and very bad topology, so it’s not something anyone uses much anymore (it causes bad lighting when rendering and bad transformations when animating). However, it is very economic in terms of polygon usage, which makes sense when you consider how huge maps SM64 was able to use on the N64.


In fact, topology doesn’t seem to have been a concern at all. Here’s a clear example of how the creator has simply collapsed a bunch of edges to save polygons (all the lines bunched up in a single vertex). I have no idea how this works, as Mario simply clipped through the floor when I did something similar with my map. Perhaps it depends on how sharp the vertical angles are?


Extrusions also seem to have been done pretty haphazardly. This is particularly strange, because it creates more polygons, and doesn’t seem to have any sort of benefit. In the example below, you can see how an object has been placed on top of a flat surface, instead of having it extruded from it. Both seems to work just fine, so why extrude?


Often objects are placed on the ground like this. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with collision detection, even if two separate meshes are joined together this way. There are some peculiarities to consider, though: The edges on these objects are always marked sharp. I have no idea why. The edges also never clip through the surface. They’re placed PERFECTLY aligned with the ground, never going through it. This is strange, considering the example below:

Here, the plank is clearly clipping through the ground, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Why go through the trouble of aligning the edges in the previous example, if it doesn’t matter for collision detection? Perhaps it just doesn’t matter for the plank because it is a fully enclosed volume, with no open bottom?

Here’s a smart use of the same technique. The blue line shows that an edge is marked as “sharp” (like the bottom of the previous rocks). Here, it means that instead of having the ground be one continuous surface, a perfectly aligned incision has been made across the section where the bridge begins. This saves polygons, which would have had to be drawn from the corners of the bridge legs if the surfaces were connected.

The same sharp edge disconnection is used on the side of stairs throughout the other maps as well. But why go through the trouble of making such extreme polycount optimizations, and then waste a bunch of polygons on needless extrusions? A lot of things seem very inconsistent…


Another point of inconsistency is the texturing techniques used. Here’s a really clever example, where the artist has taken two surfaces and used flat projection to unwrap them as two UV islands, but still managed to align the texture seams. He has done this by letting both islands have one part each which is of equal size, and letting this part be exactly 1:1 with the texture map. Sadly though, someone has later come and adjusted one side of the bridge mesh and made it a slope, which sort of ruins the seam a little.

This technique isn’t very relevant today, as you can simply use a UV unwrapping function to equalize the sizes of several island groups simultaneously.

Here’s a very dumb example of UV unwrapping. The ground and side slopes here have been projected as one surface seen directly from above, which has lead to very badly stretched textures on the slopes (which have a much larger surface than what they’ve been allotted in the UVs). It’s easy to tell that this is what has happened, because of the 90 degrees angle on the corner in the UV map.

A final little thing I found a bit confusing is that the back faces of fences are rendered in this map. I was expecting to find “double” fences with one mesh for each side, since everything I’ve seen imported to SM64 has only been able to render the front of any object.

Another thing to note: Yes, walls have to be 100% flat for Mario to be able to wall-jump off them. Ledges can be grabbed if the wall below is completely 90 degrees, or if the angle of the wall is inverted (so the wall slopes inwards). All walls which are angled outwards, even by a single degree, will be counted as slopes by the engine. All walls that are angled inwards by a single degree will function more or less like walls, but Mario will play a sort of negative sound and fall off it immediately if you try to wall jump.

Hope this autistic write-up is of use to someone!

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So I've seen pics of pigeons dyed different colors. Assuming the pij is not a feral and put at a higher risk of being hunted, and the dye is non-toxic, is this a safe thing to do? And if so, do you have any idea how long it would last? Obviously it would depend on the dye to some extent, but do you think it would fade before they had a full molt? I really have no idea about the ethics of this, so if it's a bad thing, I'm very sorry to bring it up!

It’s usually done by Squab farmers to tell one lot from another.

In and of itself, dying is harmless. 

But color is VERY socially important to pigeons!

Pigeons are kinda racist.

In a flock of a prey-bird species whose most effective/dangerous predators are hawks, a different colored bird is a neon target.

The hawk does not care if they hit dead on-target or not. That’s just one clear spot to aim for. If it hits the bird next to the target, it still gets a meal.

Not only is that different colored bird, itself, in danger, so is every bird in its immediate vicinity! 

So NO ONE wants to have a different colored bird in their vicinity! And they will do what ever it takes to that different colored bird to drive it as far away as possible.

Now, if the ENTIRE flock is comprised of birds who are ALL different, no individual is different enough to present the kind of clear and present danger that will make the flock turn on it.

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a week or so ago i asked for some advice with how to tell my friends, family, and teachers i want to be called something than the name i originally chose (thank you for your response!) and tonight i told my mom that i wanted to go by something else. she said something along the lines of "we finally got used to calling you this, now you want to change again? thats not very fair to us" and it kinda made me fell bad. what would you recommend i do now?

Hey, well done for overcoming that obstacle! It’s a shame that she reacted that way - unfortunately it is a common thing for people around us to say, as they don’t quite understand the importance of having a name that you are happy with. Maybe try to explain to her how your old chosen name makes you feel in comparison with the new one you have picked out. It’s definitely so important that you feel more comfortable, and if a different name is the way to go, I hope they will cooperate for you! Best of luck, -Alex

Feeling Anxious About the Tour of Mythicality? I Got Some Great Advice

Not Tour of Mythicality or RandL specific but I thought it was so useful. Thank you to @schiefergrau for sharing their insight and expertise in the meet and greet world.

First of all: don’t worry too much. I know, easier said than done. But there’s something you should always remember: this is going to be a very big deal for YOU. For them? Not so much.
This has good and bad sides. It’s probably bad when you come to a M&G expecting you all to be best friends for life now. But I’ve got a feeling that you aren’t that kind of person. ;)
So really, it’s a good thing. They have done this hundreds of times. They’ve seen it all. You’d have to be exceptionally outlandish to be the worst person. Any kind of fangirling (is there a non-gendered alternative? Forgive me, I’m obviously a none native speaker) will NOT shock them. And after all, meet and greets are a great way for artists to make a good chunk of extra money. Dealing with excited fans is their job at that moment. :D

I can’t tell you what you should do - this is your meeting and you should do whatever you want. Enjoy yourself. Just don’t cross any boundaries.
Hard social rules:
-leave out any shipping,
-don’t harass anybody (sexually); this includes bringing a sex toy box (no, I didn’t make this up. This is something that once happened at a Smallville Con. For real. )), if you need to, tell them they’re hot. Note that this could make them uncomfortable. Do at your own risk.
-don’t ask very personal questions (“what’s your favourite love song” is probably fine, “how often do you fuck your wife” rather not).
-hugging and touching are fine and standard, but look for social cues and try not to make people uncomfortable.

What you should do:

-Bring something you want to have singed. Be reasonable and don’t turn up with 25 shirts. I’d stay away from singing body parts, shoes or underwear. Some people are, rightfully, icky about them.
-did you interact with them in any way before? Send something in, got reblogged/retweeted? Bring it up if you want, leave it out if you’d rather stay anonym. Just don’t be disappointed if they don’t remember.
- tell them what they mean to you if you feel the need to. We’re all slightly embarrassed about our own soppy feelings, but can’t we all appreciate them when others direct them at us? ;)
- have fun, you paid good money for this

effects of parental abuse

+ the inability or struggle to say “no”, because disobedience meant punishment and you are used to being directed all the time

+ being unable to emotionally relate with your family (especially parents, if they are the abuser). concurring thoughts of “i won’t care if THEY die”, or “they won’t care if I die”

+ always afraid/hesitant to confide in someone else about feelings or thoughts, because you are used to being neglected/dismissed when you talk about your feelings, constantly being replied with “get over it”. the consequence of this is that the emotions/feelings pile up inside over time and, when you reach the limit, you suddenly become self-destructive or imminently violent/emotional

+ however, when given the chance to CONFIDE about your feelings with freedom confidently, everything spills out, even if it’s with a stranger or with someone you have not been in contact for very long.

+ you always assume that the answer to every question/statement you say is “no”, even if you definitely know the person is very likely to say “yes”. you prepare for denial and disappointment and feel a huge wave of relief when they say “yes”.

+ being secretive about enjoyment/liking things, or being secretive in what you’ve done for the day, even if it’s not deemed “bad” or “illegal”.

+ simultaneously confused whether you have affection towards your parent(s) or you hate them whole-heartedly, despite knowing that they abuse you. the confusion stems from “well, they’re my parent, so i think they’re doing this because they love me”, though the thought is, of course, false

+ being scared that people will only take advantage of you, as your parents consequently thought of you as an object to benefit from, and not someone to love.

+ being easily attached to others, because you had no parental figure. this can lead you to being easily manipulated and you are very easily controlled. children under parental abuse are also more likely to have “chosen families”.

+ having an “escape plan” or “last resort” if you still live with your parents, just in case they do something worse to you, thinking up of elaborate plans to get out, how you’ll survive, where you’ll stay, etc.

+ being surprised learning that other parents are unlike your parents, and having to have someone/a source to tell you that what your parents are doing is abusive, and as a child you thought it was normal to be unhappy at home.

+ liking school or days out because that meant being away from your parents

+ developing emotional/personality disorders and distorted thinking

Some very bad things have happened to me. So bad that if I ever tell you about it, you’ll feel sorry. But then I’ve done bad things to people, too. So I guess everyone has their demons. There’s no such thing as a ‘completely good person’. We just have flawed people who try to be good. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they don’t.
a honest study guide

As I am usually a straight A student, I thought I’d share some of my favourite study “hacks”, but be warned: i will not be gentle with you. I am going to tell you the brutal truth about getting great marks, because it is no use sugarcoating the fact that school is actually super hard work! 

discipline beats motivation

to be honest no matter how perfect your/any studyblr might be, looking at a blog will unfortunately never ever motivate you to study as hard as you will have to to get an A. Studyblrs may inspire you, but the one thing which will really get you studying is discipline. So, as cruel as it may sound, force yourself to be productive and you will get some serious work done.

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have no social life

… at least on some days. if you find it difficult to fit your studies into your social life, try reversing the whole thing. Don’t make plans with your friends on days during which you want/need to study. This definitely isn’t fun, I know, but for me, I often find it difficult to get work done when I have plans later that day as firstly, getting a certain amount of work done within a strict time limit stresses me out and secondly, you should definitely use all the time you can get - especially shortly before the upcoming exam.

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all-nighters equal bad time management

truth be told good students normally won’t have to pull all nighters as sleep is very important for not only your concentration but also for your health. To make sure that you get enough rest you should start studying as early as possible, for me that is normally one week before the particular exam, and plan what you will do on which day without trying to fit everything into the last minute. That will leave you relaxed, well rested and concentrated on the day of your exam.

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find something that keeps you going

i usually drink a lot of coffee when i am studying, because during a hard study session i need to stay focused and awake. If you don’t like coffee, you could also go for black tea or green tea or simply some fruit as it is very important to get some vitamins (or in my case caffeine) in your system to not fall asleep while working.

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ask for help

whether you swap notes with your colleagues or you mail the professor some questions doesn’t matter at all. It’s only important that you accept that you probably won’t be able to do everything on your own, so find yourself a study partner, ask questions when something seems unclear to you or even get a tutor. And definitely don’t be embarrassed about asking questions! Nobody knows everything.

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no distractions

studying is boring and you might find that music makes it a little more exciting, but often listening to music or taking a lot of breaks is only keeping you from getting work done. So suck it up and study either silently, to classical music or to relaxing noises you can find on the internet. Also try not to take too many breaks. Don’t overwork yourself, of course, but also try to stay focused for longer than 15 minutes as this will allow you to be more productive and don’t study with friends if you end up chit-chatting to each other instead of working.

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write everything down

even if you have a good memory, you won’t be able to remember a thing after class, so suck it up, don’t talk to your desk mate and focus on writing everything important down what the teacher says. even if you get handed enough material there will still be things which you should write down such as explanations, examples and additional information. that will help you later on to understand what you are actually studying.

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you absolutely need to study

don’t ever think, no matter how much attention you’ve paid in class or how good you are at a certain subject, that you won’t have to study. there is always work to get done and if you are already good at something work on being better to excel at academics. 

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(i added fun gifs, because it seemed a little too harsh - good luck, babes, you are going to pass your exams) 

How to study like a straight A student

I did really well during my first year of college, and aside from a B+ in statistics (which was really good for me, haha! I’m not good at math), I had A’s in all of my classes. I’m certain that the reason I did so well was due to the way that I figured out how to study, so here are some tips I have based on what I did to study this past year!

1. Sit in the front row.

This isn’t high school anymore, it’s not embarrassing or nerdy to sit in the front row. By sitting in the front row, you won’t be tempted to check your phone and you won’t be distracted by looking at the people around you. I focus best in the front row. This also gives you a chance to easily ask any questions you have.

2. Show up to class a little early.

Show up to class about five minutes early every day, if possible. During the time it takes your professor to get set up, read through your previous notes. If you do this every day, you’ll begin to memorize info that you certainly wouldn’t have learned if you spent those five minutes before class just scrolling through tumblr. 

3. Type your notes and print them out.

If you prefer to spend a lot of time on hand written notes, then go crazy. However, I don’t really have time to make aesthetic notes, so I prefer to just write my notes by hand during class, then copy them into microsoft word so I can organize and print them out. This makes the notes much easier to read, and it’s much easier on the eyes. 

4. Do every assignment. Yes, EVERY assignment.

I don’t know why there’s advice floating around on tumblr telling people that it’s okay to skip a ton of homework assignments, because I definitely wouldn’t recommend it at all. Of course some assignments might be stupid or seem too small to matter, but if you’re being graded on them, you need all the points you can get. Trust me, just because homework assignments only account for 10-15% of your final grade, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be the difference between a B+ and an A-. Think about it: if your homework is 10% of your grade and you didn’t do it, you would literally have to get NOTHING wrong on your exams just to get the lowest A- possible. 

5. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. 

Don’t skip if you can help it. If there is a serious emergency and you really can’t make it, try your hardest to get the best notes you can from someone who was in class. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a test and realizing that a ton of the questions are about content you missed when you were absent. 

6. Go over material in your head when you’re not busy. 

If you’re in the shower or waiting in line at the cafe, go over class material in your head. Think about what you learned that day. If you do this often, this will help significantly with retention. 

7. Make flashcards throughout the semester, not the night before the final.

Don’t be one of those students who has to relearn an entire textbook the week before finals. If you’re studying right, studying for finals should be relatively painless. Throughout the semester, make flashcards of class content and regularly go over them. The easiest way to do this is to use quizlet.com and fill in definitions and other things you need to know, and use their helpful games and quizzes to memorize the info. It even keeps track of the definitions you rarely get wrong, so you know what you don’t need to study as much. 

8. Makes specific agendas for what you need to study and get done. 

When I study, I need to have a very specific to-do list detailing exactly what I want to get done. This will motivate you to keep going because you’re able to check off what you’ve already done. 

9. Don’t get discouraged by a bad grade- take it as motivation.

This is much easier said than done, but I had to do this in my western civilization class when I very nearly failed the first set of exams. If this happens to you, you should definitely take time to be upset about the grade, but don’t let yourself think it’s the end of the world. If you do badly, at least you know what to expect on the next assignment/exam so you know how to alter your studying to prepare for the next one. You can do it! I started western civ with a high D+ after my first exams, but I pulled out with an A- at the end of the semester! 

I think that “this doesn’t excuse what they did, but” is an unnecessary addition to “I feel bad for character x”.

You don’t have to justify everything a character does, or clarify that you aren’t trying to do that, before you’re allowed to feel bad for them. It’s possible to feel bad for a character while knowing full well they have also done bad things.

Suffering is fundamentally kind of sad. Someone is in pain. Someone is hurting. And it’s actually very common to have villainous characters who are driven by fundamental dissatisfaction, hurt, and anger. Even the most stereotypical, immoral, conquering tyrant characters- you can feel bad for them. They often have bleak, desolate, unsatisfying lives, sometimes of their own creation sometimes not.

That’s sad.

You don’t have to morally agree with or forgive someone before their pain is upsetting. There isn’t a point where pain becomes a Good Thing.

Sometimes, hurting others may be necessary, but that doesn’t make it good. I don’t think there’s actually a point where people deserve pain. And I think, especially in the world of fiction, where things fit comfortably to narrative structures in a way that reality doesn’t always, it is safe to say “this person is in pain” without either suggesting, or being assumed to be suggesting, that this means they aren’t responsible for what they did.

why danganronpa 1 is a good game
  • theyre trapped in a school so overall its a lot more intense than bein on an island

  • having junko be evil was actually a good plot twist and wasnt overused at that point

  • hangmans gambit was pretty cool

  • sakura oogami? nobody talks about her but she is very good

  • no ouma/komaeda very popular cursed character who has done lots of questionable things with tons of kins and mmds equivalent

  • like. the worst is togami but he hasnt done anything really EDIT I forgot about chapter 2 yeah that was pretty bad tog pls leave chihi alone

  • the least problematic game tbh

  • theyre actually dead and im very sad

  • please appreciate class 78

I Lost It (Part 1 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: bumbling Bucky, none for this part, fluff?… idk reader beware

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. Gonna try to finish the next two parts in the next day or so. 

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I must’ve missed the ignition ten times from how bad my hands were trembling. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. It was time. I just couldn’t have her as my girlfriend anymore. So, dinner was planned —somewhere very public— a handkerchief folded neatly in my pocket, and every move I made felt surreal. The last five years had flown by.

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Queen of the moment on breathtakingqueens » Amy Adams

My parents instilled a lot of traditional values and I think those values are in my fiber now and part of who I am. One of the things I grew up with was the concept: ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’. That is very important to me. If I am ever mean to someone, I feel really bad about it and I do my best to be kind.


You have to understand that there is a larger picture involved. At that point it’s not about your talent. If you are at the network test you are clearly good enough to play that part. After that, it’s assembling a production, a cast that looks good together, that works well together, everything just kinda needs to fit. That is not a very obvious thing. You can’t take it personally. You just can’t. It’s easier said than done. But if I were not to have gotten the role I would have been devastated and really sad, but I wouldn’t have taken it personally. It wouldn’t have made me feel that I was a bad actor, I just would have been pissed off about my luck. Because this really is a game of luck.


4/2 Interview with Yuzuru and Shoma after the Worlds gala. Translated by @cantilovertranslations

Y = Yuzuru, S = Shoma, I = Interviewers

I1: Congratulations!!

Y and S: Thank you!

I1: Hanyu-senshu. Your free was unbelievable.

Y: Thank you.

I1: After getting 5th in the short, how did you get over it and have a strong mentality for the free (literal translation: how did you switch your feelings)??

Y: I actually did not prepare myself mentally (literal translation: I did not switch my feelings), and it was my fans’ voices and the voices of support from my team that motivated me.

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Daddy Tip #2

As an experienced daddy dom I’ve had the chance to get close to quite a few littles, and unfortunately have heard a lot of examples of ways they should NOT have ever been treated from past daddies.

The Dd/lg bond is a very special one that needs to be handled differently than most relationships. Many littles are quite sensitive and the small things you do (or don’t do) can have a very big impact on their feelings. The best daddies will do everything they can to lift their littles up wherever they can (and I don’t just mean physically!) so I wanted to put this out there and share my experiences with others.

In this series I cover many tips I think that every daddy should know, and it’d also be great if other daddies could share theirs with me as well. Some of the things I share might seem obvious, but this is only a sign that you’re likely already a pretty good daddy yourself.

Littles are also encouraged to share these tips with their daddies or simply reblog them to spread more awareness, hopefully resulting in more happy littles and couples!

Finally, regardless of the pronouns and titles I use, most of these tips will apply to all Cg/L relationships.

So without further ado, here’s tip #2:

Daddy Tip #2: Ease Them Out Of Little Space Slowly

Remember how precious and important Little Space is to your little. Little Space is a state where they can feel comfortable, carefree, and secure. They can be the truest form of themselves and are not as focused on all the stresses of modern life.

If for some reason they need to come out of little space for a little while, it’s very important you don’t yank them out of it suddenly, regardless of how impatient you may feel. I have made this mistake myself, and I didn’t realize at the time that it was one of the meanest things I could’ve possibly done to my little.

Avoid phrases like “Grow up” or “Quit acting like a child, now’s not the time.” Remember that this is who littles are. Statements like these tell you’re little you’re not happy with an innate part of their personality, and it’s somehow wrong or bad. Use gentler words or actions to and remind your little of all the fun you’ll get to have later, or when you get back home.

Finally, only bring your little out of little space as much as you need to. Little space generally isn’t like an on / off switch. It’s a spectrum. By only easing them out as far as necessary, it will be easier and quicker for them to get back into a greater degree of little space later on.

Patrick Stump ask game

Fall Out Boy: Do you prefer working in groups or on your own?

Public Display Of Affection: Are you comfortable with hugging/kissing people in public?

Xgrinding processX: Do you like your url?

Patterson: Do you want to join a band?

Truant Wave: Do you have a project that you’re working on?

Porcelain: Have you ever met a celebrity?

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia): What do you miss about your childhood?

Cute Girls: What are three turn ons for you?

Love, Selfish Love: Are you selfish?

As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid: What’s something you wouldn’t do for $1.000.000?

Big Hype: When was the last time you were let down by someone?

Soul Punk: What is something that you’re proud of?

Explode: Are you good at controlling your anger?

This City: Name three things you love about the city you currently live in.

Dance Miserable: Do you enjoy dancing?

Spotlight (New Regrets): What is something you regret?

The “I” In Lie: Are you a bad liar?

Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers): What is your favorite beverage?

Greed: Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Everybody Wants Somebody: Are you in love?

Allie: Have you ever been betrayed?

Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better): Name three things that make you feel at ease.

Bad Side Of 25: What age has been the best for you so far?

People Never Done A Good Thing: Are you very cynical?

When I Made You Cry: Have you ever made someone cry? If so, what did you do?

Mad At Nothing: Do you get irritated easily?

Saturday Night Again: Would you rather have dignity or love?

Evening Out With Your Girlfriend: What would you tell your 11-year-old self?

Take This To Your Grave: What’s the first song you heard by your favorite band?

From Under The Cork Tree: What’s your favorite book?

Infinity On High: Do you draw?

Folie A Deux: How do you react to criticism?

Believers Never Die: Do you believe in an afterlife?

PAX AM Days: Have you ever been drunk?

Save Rock And Roll: What’s your favorite genre?

American Beauty/American Psycho: What’s your favorite movie?

M A N I A: Are you looking forward to anything?

ADHD: Do you have any mental disorders?

Prince: Who do you look up to the most?

Elisa: Are you single or taken?

Glenbrook South: Do you go to school? If so, do you like the school?

Evanston: Where were you born?

Glenview: Where did you grow up?

Chicago: Where do you go to calm down?

STUMP-O-MATIC: Do you play any instruments?

Martin: Do you have a middle name?

Vaughn: Would you like to change your name?

Stumph: Does your name get misspelled a lot?

Declan: Do you want kids?

Cobra Starship: Do you have a “squad”?

April 27: When’s your birthday?

So if you play Junkrat in the current event and revive someone he kinda goes “C’mon get up, here you go..”
“There ya go– back in the fight!”
“C’mon, all betta now. Let’s go!”

And like?? Where did this nice shit come from my guy.
Like it wouldn’t suprise me that Junkrat would have a “Alright, we’re on the same side, you’re watching my back and i’m watching yours– fuck, you’re down, don’t worry i got you” mentality.
I imagine in the outback you have to keep your group working together and alive till shits done and over, and you have to keep things running as fast and efficient as possible– especially when fighting upgraded as all fuck Omnics that are very intent on tearing you and all you want to go after apart. And their goal is to tear up Omnics in this mission, something Junkrat is aces at, so he’s jamming to go at it. 

I imagine the kinda reviving thing would just be a “i’ll care if i like you or not after we’re done, yeah”. 

Then when he’s down it’s “I’m hurt, bad.”
“I need.. healing?”

Sounds kinda like he’s embarrassed to need healing. Like there’s shit needing done and he got his ass fucked up.

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Could you write some fluffy platonic thing about Patton being like supper mama bear when Roman thinks Virgil's the fan favorite and he feels guilty about being jealous?

jealous/insecure Roman is one of my fave things i absolutely can my friend (this makes me sound so evil im sorry i love him)

Jealousy & Family Love


“Kiddo, look at all this neato fanart of you! The fanders like you just as much as they like Virgil! Heck I think both of you are the favorites!”

Roman sighed, and avoided looking at Patton’s laptop.

“I suppose you are right, but.. Ugh, I still can’t shake this feeling, and I feel horrible for it. He deserves to be the favorite. Not me. I’ve always been an.. arrogant idiot.”

Patton gasped, and glared at the younger side.

“Roman! You are not an arrogant idiot! You’re our lovable prince! Sure, you’ve made some mistakes, but everything’s better now.”

Roman sighed once again, and stood to leave the moral side.

“It’s alright, Patton. You don’t need to do this..”

Patton jumped up, and blocked Roman’s path.

“I’m not letting you leave until you accept that you’re an amazing prince, and deserve to be loved by everyone!”

“Patton, I truly am not worthy..”

“I will physically fight you, Roman! I did it to Virgil don’t think I won’t do it to you too!”

Speak of the devil; Virgil appeared out of nowhere startling the two elder sides.

“Whoa, what is going on here?”

Roman subconsciously glared at the younger side.

“If you must know, Mr. Fan Favorite. Patton here is trying to convince me of something that is simply not true. Now, if you will excuse me.”

Roman sunk down to his room without another word leaving Virgil confused, and anxious.

“Uhh, what did he mean by that? Did I.. Did I do something wrong?”

Patton quickly shook his head no, and sighed.

“No, kiddo. He’s just.. having a bad day. It’s not your fault. I’ll talk to him. Uh, do you wanna come with me?”

Virgil was hesitant for a moment, but nodded.

Patton smiled, and took Virgil’s hand as he started to sink down.

Roman turned his attention to the familiar whooshing sound of someone popping up, and sighed.

“You two shouldn’t be in my room. I really don’t need to hear Virgil’s anxious yet creative rambling again. I could barely even understand him.”

Virgil blushed, and glared at the princely side.

“We’ll be quick, kiddo. We just need to make sure you’re okay!”

“Morality, I am fine! Please give it up!”

“No! I’m not letting one of my kiddos feel bad about himself!”

“It doesn’t matter!”

Virgil stepped forward, and coughed to get their attention.

“Uh, listen, Roman. I really don’t understand why I’m the “fan favorite.” It should be you. In fact there are a lot of times you’re favored over me. It really just depends on the person. If some people happen to like me more that doesn’t say anything bad about you. You’re.. You’re cool or whatever. Just.. leave the self deprecation to me. It’s a much better look on me.“

Roman smiled at the younger side, and was about to respond, but was cut off by Patton tackling the both of them to the floor.

"I told you I would physically fight you if you guys kept talking bad about yourselves!”

Roman laughed, and pulled Patton & Virgil into an awkward hug.

“That was very sweet of you to say, Virgil. Thank you.”

“Pfff, whatever. You’re welcome I guess.”

“And thank you for your relentless, and aggressive fatherly care, Patton.”

“It’s just what I do, kiddo!”

The three snapped their attention to the sudden whooshing sound to see a very confused Logan. He walked over to the three sides still wrapped up in each others arms on the floor.

“There you three are. What are you doing? We have many things to get done. This is highly unproductive. Really why do you do these things when there is-”

Virgil cut Logan’s rambling off by grabbing his tie, and pulling him down into the cuddle pile.

“Virgil, was that really necessary?”

“Yep sure was, teach.”

Roman chuckled, and sat up as best as he could with the three other sides on him.

“Okay, okay. We really should leave now. I don’t wanna hear Logan dramatically recite any more Shakespeare, or hear Patton come up with crazy stories either.”

Logan stood up first, and straightened his shirt & tie out. He then reached a hand down to help Patton up. Patton helped Roman up, and then Virgil.

“You three are quite lucky that I love you.”

The three turned to look at Logan in shock, but he was gone.

“Welp. Didn’t expect that.”

Virgil shrugged, and sunk back down to the commons.

Roman started to do the same, but Patton stopped him.

“Hey, kiddo. I love you too. Just the way you are.”

Roman smiled, and took Patton’s hand.

“Ah, love ya too, Padre.”

The two sunk down together to meet back up with the two other sides they loved in the commons, and all was well again.


familial LAMP gives me so many feelings im crying ok bye