i have disgraced my ancestors

buckle up babes. imma take y’all through a rollercoaster journey of my most iconic Looks™ as a trans man, from lil girl to the sexy motherfucker u see before u today (jk). we in for a wild ride

Look 1: starting off easy. average. pretty much my entire life from the ages of 8 to 14.

Look 2: someone call 0800-FORSHADOWING. the signs were there. the signs were always there smh

Look 3: the bleached hair symbolises dissassociation

Look 4: E M O

Look 5: spot the difference me or sue perkins~ /first public outing as a tran

Look 6: um.. trailer park bieber?

Look 7: ok actual Bieber™ . er’y transguy gotta do a bieber at some point, right? like its like a right of passage i s2g right? no? ok

Look 8: yaaas dirty ass mirror punk boy,, pre-t whom? know ur angles bicth and the world is yours

Look 9: ICONIC honestly PROFILE PIC ON EVERYTHING. the only picture i acknowledged of myself for a century

Look 10: we.. no. we do not talk about this. do u hear me. we do not talk about this it never happened ok?ok

Look 11: I, you see, traumatised from the previous disaster, did not set foot in a barbers for many many years. too many years. you can grow your hair out pre-t and still pass right?.. right..? ..guys..? “ma’am shut up”

Look 12: uh-oh. sweaty fuckboy found a hair curler

Look 13: U know what? cute. pre-acne face. cute smiles. not bad i was makin do with what i had

Look 14: Jimmy Neutron

Look 15: obligatory first day on T selfie. life was good. i thought i had reached the top of the mountain. this be it. no more i say.. no more bad look days

Look 16: BANDANA™ i wore this bandana for so long the first month on T honestly it counts as it’s own hairstyle. my eyebrows are in pain it seems, okthen

Look 17: i feel like every trans man has one really good hair week like 2 or 3 months on T. this was mine. it was fluffy and easy and times were simpler 

Look 18: no more bad hair days WHOOPS i was wrong attention @ me being a man doesnt mean having awful hair pls do SOMETHING with it for christ’s sake

Look 19: on holiday. hair too long to stick up. inability to remember how to do an accurate Bieber™. result:  Hat™. hat. for 2 weeks straight. hat

Look 20: thinking i can pull off a middleish parting where my hair was CLEARLY not long enough to pull off a middleish parting in any way, shape, or form. someone please save me

Look 21: Christmas 2016 F I N A L L Y i was not disgracing my ancestors by having that middleish parting. i am on the path to a clear, full life

Look 22: Me like 2 days ago what u think? like nearly 10 months on T. am i gonna be roasting this look next year idk it’s what im feeling rn tho so imma just go with it. hope u enjoyed this basically list of awful hairstyles i have sported let me know which one u hated most and please dnt be scared to come in my inbox and roast any of these yourself i will welcome u

my reaction when chris evans does ANYTHING is absolutely disgusting, how could i let this white man DO THIS TO ME i have disgraced my ancestors because the thirst is really real