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When you were first starting out with art, what was your motivation to keep going along with it? I ask this because so many artists insist it's not the attention, so it makes me highly curious to ask what yours was.

i just really liked making my own characters and being able to make fanart of characters and people~ i used to draw mostly just animals/creatures when i was younger up until around 2014/2015 when i forced myself to practice drawing people cause i was tired of not being able to make fanart of things i like that aren’t, well, animals. 

being able to draw means you get to create whatever you want. want to see thor wearing high heels? well you can make that. 

as for motivation in general just seeing other artists’ work and them being productive pushes me to do the same. im the kind of person who gets motivational energy based on who i’m around or who i follow, in this case, since all my art inspirations are online


I was talking about how I’ve seen so many people obsess over what’s under G1 Soundwave’s visor and battlemask, and how so many things describe/show him as incredibly handsome, so OF COURSE my brain immediately jumped to Handsome Squidward, so of course I had to make an edit. And then I had to make a few more.

All your fave faceless bots are now Handsome Squidward. You’re welcome.

@treehouseart created the most BEAUTIFUL fanart of Virgil, Patton and Logan for my fanfiction ‘To Build A Home’ (they forgot the glasses but I don’t care because I think it’s absolutely gorgeous)

I have never had anyone create art from my writing before, and I’m absolutely honoured and touched that someone would do this for me. Thank you so so much. Honestly, I’m speechless. This is gorgeous.

You should definitely go give them a follow!

This is simply adorable.

And things will always get better 💕


it took me days to upload this please–

Hold Onto Me

This is a gift for my lovely friend @hikaru9. She requested a fluff fic for after 2x15 and it took me forever to get it done, but still here it is, Yuks! <3

Thank you so much to my lovely Parabeta, @sfjessii. She inspired me to finished this fic and I could not be more happy for it!

You can also read it here: Hold Onto Me

Also the rune is modeled after the plus happiness rune Matthew Daddario created. I have no art skills so it is cheesy but whatever I tried XD <3

The song they dance to is Unsteady by Mo

Alec wakes up, fully prepared to count this as the fifth morning that he wakes up to an empty bed. He understands that Magnus has opened up to him about what he endured in Valentine’s body, but he doesn’t expect Magnus to just get better because of it. He wishes he could take the pain away from Magnus, make everything better. He rolls over and to his surprise Magnus is still in bed, and finally sleeping.

He moves closer, a soft smile on his face as he watches Magnus sleep. His fingers trace Magnus’ jawline, starting just behind his ear and making his way all the way down, over his chin, up to ghost over his lips. He watches as a tear slips from Magnus’ eye before kissing it away.

At least he is getting some sleep, Alec should be glad for that, but his sleep is not restful if he’s still seeing the memories, memories that would still be repressed if Alec had only believed Magnus when he told him he was trapped in Valentine’s body. He had a part in this, in making Magnus relive his most horrifying memory.

He rolls back over onto his back staring up at the ceiling, one hand resting on his stomach, the other finding Magnus’ hand. He promised Magnus he would always be here and he meant it, nothing else matters right now.

“Alexander.” It is a soft whisper, followed by a series of kisses along his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“I think I should be the one to ask you that, Magnus.” He sighs, turning his head to meet his love’s eyes, “Did you dream of it again?” Magnus nods.

“Talking about it didn’t really help.” He sighs, his chin resting on Alec’s shoulder. “I mean I am glad you know now, and that you still love me, but I just want the memories to go away.”

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Will you ever make other AU charms? Or commissions? :O also hai I love ur art so much.

Do you mean other AU’s besides Undertale, Underfell, Underswap, and Horrortale… 

The next most likely candidate would probably be Fellswap… as it’s an AU I don’t go looking for, but see a lot of, and thus, little by little I’m learning more about.

And maybe a close second would be Ink Sans…? I don’t know…

I guess I should explain how selling charms (or stickers) work so I can explain why I can’t just make a charm of anything. In order to make charms I have to create the art, then send the files over to a company that specializes in cutting and printing clear acrylic. They process the order for a specified amount, then ship them back to me, meaning I have to first buy all of the charms myself. That means I pay for all of them regardless if I sell them later or not. And, I have to have a minimum number made for each design meaning I can’t buy like 2-3 of one design, I have to buy more than that.

So, when making charms I have to consider if the design will sell. Sure, I’m happy to make them (mostly so I can have one) and I’m happy that people want them. That almost makes me want to create them more than anything. But I would never make one I wasn’t fully confident in, or didn’t want myself. If I can’t sell them, buying a bunch of charms that sit in my room not selling could put me in a bit of a problem.

Basically this is what I consider when making them… Do I like the character/design I am making enough that I would shell out money for it if I saw someone else make it, and… is the AU popular enough that there will be a demand for the design or character and will it sell more than x amount so that I can pay off the initial cost of ordering it.

If so… then I would consider making other AU charms… or characters. For now I have not yet been convinced of an undying love for any of the other AU’s yet… but that could change in the future (Seriously just sending me silly jokes is all it takes)

And about commissions… I’ll look into it once I’m finished with my sticker designs.

To my dear art friends

I’d like you to take a moment and think about the questions I’m about to ask. It’s totally alright not to have an answer for all of them, but they’re good to keep in mind.

What do I like about my art?

What skills could I add to make my art even better?

What drives me to improve?

WHO do I want my art to be noticed by and for WHAT reason?

WHAT are the things I like about my own art that I wish people would notice more? How can I bring it to their attention?

What is it that makes me doubt my own skills? WHY does it make me doubt them?

Can I afford to ask for critique more?

What have I learned from creating art? What advice can I give to others based on my experiences?

As promised I have started creating fan arts of FableHaven. I admit I haven’t started to reread the first book yet, but I wanted to get a head start on this project. I was trying to think of something that was simple. Honestly I couldn’t remember what the fairy looked like, but I have a good feeling that she looks fine. Anyway tell me what you guys think.