i have created the best gifset ever

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Since they cleared out the Three Bears "their storage location" in Van, if they get an S7 I wonder if it will be in a new location? Part of me says no because JMO said she wanted to be home (NY LA) but the other part of me says they know its not coming back so they cleared house. I will miss the spoiler pics/bts and fan accounts from an awesome show. I don't know of any other well connected group like this one. I'm trying not to think about it. The worst hiatus of all - no more show :(

no matter what will happen - we, the cs fandom, will be here!

i don’t like idea of 7th season without Emma, but no matter what will happen we need to remember that

Captain Swan is the best, epic love story that ever happened in tv history and we were here and saw it happening

that we will be here after the show ends

ouat will not show us CS happy beginning? don’t worry - we have brilliant writes and they will write lots of stories - the stories that will be full of feels or smut or fluff or humor or adventures!

we have talented artists - they will create fanart, gifsets, manips!

(you must remember that there is lots of art and fics and gifsets that were created in past and are waiting to be found and visit your dash - i know - in last months i found hundreds of them!)

(there is lots of arts and fics that have little notes (because author just started and had little followers or didn’t know how to tag them - so we didn’t notice them - and trust me - there are brilliant top and waiting to be found!)

and always remember:

we are part of the best fandom and Captain Swan is the best ship of all time


I look back on that person I was and think of how I had such a different life, different priorities, different opinions on things. If I were to say: ‘Okay, what am I going to be doing when I hit 40?’ I have no way of knowing but I hope I would still have music in my life. But if I were to give you my best guess I’d say I’ll write songs for other people, or I’ll create an album that’s about what I’m going through at that point in my life. 

Im so happy that the Merlin fandom is stronger than ever

That people are still creating beautiful new things whether its art, fanfic, gifsets or spotting parallels in scenes Ive watched a million times but made me see them differently AND ALL THE MERTHUR Im just so happy that its not the end, we never got an ending, we’re left waiting with Merlin,  so we’re carrying on the story and I can honestly say its the best fandom to be a part of, hands down.  Everyone is so sweet and funny and talented and intelligent and have the most epic tags that often leave me either laughing or crying and I am just making this ugly text post because even though I miss Merlin, I REALLY MISS MERLIN, knowing something new is just around the corner on Tumblr is the best feeling ever.