i have completed art

Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

wowie.. haven’t drawn much on my tablet since that boba tea drawing of jack i did before xmas.. my hard drive got fried, so i had to get a new one ;-; there goes 74$ from my bank account :’)
Also, sorry if the colors are off.. my monitor’s color stuff seems to be wrong and idk really how to get it to the correct colors, but it’s whatever i guess.. at least i can draw now…


So last night was a mess, I danced and sang in front of the camera until I puked but otherwise it was fine and dandy and fun, so thank you my friends for hanging out with me while i was drinking alone! <3

guess who ;)


Time taken away and wasted or given up willingly, but is it wrong to believe there is still time to make it worth it?

clearing out my wip folder ready for the new year; heres a whole buncha stuff that i didnt get the time/have the motivation to finish. ive been fiddling around a lot with my art style so everythings kinda… a mess lmao.. but i mean, good stuff for starting a new art blog, right? set the bar low B^)

I just found out that this piece will be included in the 2017 Monsters & Dames book to be sold at Emerald City Comicon this coming March. So happy to hear it made the cut :D. 

Emerald City Comicon is coming up fast and I am super excited to be tabling there for the first time. I’m not going to have the Travel Art Book completed on time for the show. Some work came up so my concentration will be adding to my print selection until I have to head up to Seattle. If your attending the show I hope you’ll stop by my table to say Hi. :D

Tweek x Craig