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wonder woman + too much steve trevor?

The question of whether there’s too much Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017) is a good one. The idea is that, yeah, Chris Pine is great and all, but is he too good? Is his character, the designated love interest, having a personality, character arc, and agency unfair given how superhero love interests are perceived to be shunted to the side?

Let’s explore.

#1. Falling in Love with an Equal Makes a Protagonist Stronger

Narratives where the love interest isn’t fleshed out diminish the hero and the hero’s journey. Stardust is a great deconstruction of the pervasive trope of “dude does a hard thing for a pretty girl.” …But like why? If the protagonist’s motivation is shallow, if the reasons for the protagonist to care about the love interest are shallow, the character seems shallow. It’s bad writing, pure and simple. I don’t want my Wonder Woman movie to have bad writing just because most other movies do.

#2. Steve Trevor Isn’t Really Her Equal

Best part is, Diana doesn’t really start to actually fall in love with Steve (I think) until he joins her across No Man’s Land. He isn’t her equal in strength or heroism, but he does the impossible led by her example. She admires that. Better still, Steve recognizes that he isn’t Diana’s equal. “Or maybe not,” the look he gives after Diana tells the boys to stay there, the, “You did this” — Steve Trevor Gets It. They aren’t equals. She’s a thousand miles above him, but, damn it, he’s a pilot, and he’s gotta try to keep up.

Remember, this is the guy who sacrificed his life: “I can save today. You can save the world.” He knows she’s destined for bigger and better things than he is. And he wishes they had more time together, but he knows her place is fighting the good fight.

#3. Steve Trevor is an Example of Efficiency in Writing

There is a lot of Steve in this movie, true. And some part of the creation of Steve as a multilayered character is because this is a male character — but it’s also damned efficient writing. And because there is so much Steve, we get more Diana. Hear me out. Steve is a shortcut. 

The plot calls for characters to be Diana’s: love interest (universal storytelling), McGuffin (reason for leaving the island), guide to the outside world (without falling into the Born Sexy Yesterday Trope), voice of cynicism (is Ares real? suspense!), and morality pet (it’s not about deserve). That’s five characters. Etta is Diana’s backup guide and the boys (the squad?) are her backup cynics and morality pets. But the movie would need far more time to develop these characters if it wanted us to be as emotionally invested in the deliverer of each of these messages. Do I want more Etta Candy? Hell yes! But that’s time taken away from Diana because of the extra character work needed. Steve’s audience goodwill builds on itself. (Although, like I said, I wanted more Etta, drastically more. Same for all the Amazons. And, like, random girls and women on the street. And nurses! More nurses!) 

Imagine if it weren’t Steve Diana thinks Ares has corrupted. If it weren’t Steve supplicating himself and begging Diana, a goddess, for help. Imagine if it weren’t Steve sacrificing himself at the end. Do we care? Yeah, sure, a little. But chances are higher that we care more when these things happen because we have had more time with Steve, so we know he’s not all good or all bad, but he’s doing his best. Like people.

#4. Steve Trevor is a Needed Symbol in the Mortal-God Relationship

In the end, Steve’s most important narrative role is this — he’s a symbol of why humans are worth fighting for, a touchstone for Diana to come back to. Not because Steve, mortal guy she fell in love with over a week or two, is the be-all-and-end-all of her life or the only reason she doesn’t hate humans.

Let’s remember, Diana already denied Ares. He asked her to join him in ridding the planet of these meddling humans, but she “could never be a part of something like that.” That’s when Ares attacked. Sure, grief overtook her when she died, but it’s the loss of Steve and the senselessness of the violence that humans unleash on each other. She goes after the soldiers who put the bomb on that plane and made Steve make that choice. It isn’t blind rage, it’s a (demi)god’s wrath. (See this post for my take on the ending scene). Of course, she realizes she’s playing into Ares’ hand and remembers Steve’s advice. She believes him now because he made the ultimate sacrifice — and how does a mortal prove themselves to any god?. 

Now he belongs to her. She carries his words and his talisman (watch) with her. Part of her, sure, wants ice-cream and breakfasts and to know what it’s like to do what people do when there are no wars to fight. But there are wars to fight. And she’ll fight them. And when she doubts, she’ll think of the one who sacrificed himself believing with all his heart that she could save the world. Love is strength, and he lends her that after death. I get that it’s hard to see past the man-woman dynamic, but the movie is giving us a mortal-god dynamic. We just need to recognize it.

#5. Love Interests Should All Be Feminist Takes

Patty wanted Steve because (a) he’s arguably one of the most consistent things across Wonder Woman’s mythology (b) women should not be denied universal storytelling. The presence of a man does not diminish a woman, amen. Loving-and-losing is a time-tested way of bringing maturity to a character. Usually, this is called “manpain” or “fridging” — the female character is killed off to motivate a male hero. Here, it’s reversed, but Steve at least gets agency in the way he dies. This is a good example for writers who want to kill off a character but can’t think of how to do it without undermining the character. 

In general, Steve is a positive template for every superhero love interest going forward. He’s a feminist love interest because feminism isn’t flipping the script on misogyny. It’s throwing misogyny out the window and building something equal from scratch. I don’t want to watch a movie where it’s back-and-forth “he’s on top, now she’s on top,” spokes on a wheel. I want my movies to break the wheel (ha, sorry, had paraphrase the Mother of Dragons).

#6. Audiences Read More Into Male Characters Than Female

Ask yourself this: is Steve Trevor really that fleshed out? Or does he just have a penis? Sure he gets to do a bunch of stuff, but his character doesn’t change so much as respond to Diana’s evolving character. He’s clearly subordinate to her arc, so why all the hand-wringing?

I swear to Athena, anytime a female character has or is a love interest, suddenly people become blind to all her character nuances and arc and agency — if they even bothered to look in the first place. It’s honestly so frustrating. For all my complaints about the DCEU (and they are legion), it does not sideline female love interests. Lois Lane gets shit done, she’s treated with respect and makes her own decisions. Even Harley goddamn Quinn, the poster-girl for unhealthy relationships, makes small moves toward breaking out of that mold in Suicide Squad. And outside of that, CEO Pepper Potts doesn’t take shit from Tony Stark. The Wasp’s defining trait is that she’s more capable than Ant-Man. Jane Foster may be written out of Thor, but at least she’s getting a Nobel. Etc., etc.

Like, we actually are getting some meaty or at least accomplished female love interests — we need more and they need more screen time, for sure, but let’s stop dismissing female characters as “boring love interests” in favor of plumbing the depths of characterization for “male side character #1453.” That is honestly my biggest pet peeve of fandom. “It’s not our fault we don’t write meta and fic for more (especially POC) female characters! The creators don’t give us interesting ones!” As if most of the “interesting” parts of any of their exclusively (white) male faves aren’t 75% fanon. Half the reason I never jumped on the Pine/Kirk bandwagon was all the shit Uhura got dragged through because she had the audacity to be the love interest for Spock. I see you.

#7. We Got a Steve That Made Unimaginative People Uncomfortable

How many articles have been written about Steve being too “woke?” Like, there are people who believe the fact that Steve isn’t a sleazeball who learns some manners is a character flaw. Excuse me while I barf. We have to deal with that storyline all the damn time and it is so tired (*cough* Guardians of the Galaxy *cough*). In Wonder Woman (2009), Steve Trevor is a misogynistic bro who gets a tiny bit better by the end, but you’re still left wondering why the hell Diana would give him the time of day. Loving that version of Steve Trevor makes Diana look weak. The Wonder Woman (2017) version of Steve is selfless and charming. He doesn’t need to be taught that women should be respected because he already knows. You get why Diana cares, you care about him (usually), and caring for him doesn’t cost Diana or the audience anything in terms of dignity.

I don’t want a movie that makes me actively hate Steve Trevor just so Diana gets to spout some overwritten girl power catchphrases. If this were a movie where it’s all “Girl Power, She Sure Showed Him!” or even “Wonder Woman Had to Have a Weakling/Milquetoast Love Interest to Look Strong in Comparison,” then these unimaginative people would get their misogynistic/misandrist movie and feel good about how the world works. Well, screw them. 

Instead, we got Steve Trevor, Feminist Fantasy. And, yeah, it’s obnoxious hearing so much praise heaped on Pine, and it’s agonizing imagining the writers bending over backward to bring him back somehow. But for this movie, I think we got the amount of Steve Trevor we needed to make it work.

wondertrevweek day 6: free choice (so I’m doing meta)

Reveling in Richonne

#93: The “We’re Together” (7x16)

Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. 🙈 This was one of the funniest and most cringey moments of the series. So let’s talk about this mess where Richonne and us are completely and utterly tried. 🙃

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

So the Garbage Patch Kids roll up on bicycles and in garbage trucks because they’re really committed to the garbage life. And then Rick and Michonne are standing to greet them.

Y'all the king and queen vibes given off in this shot are so great. 👌🏽 They just feel like such equals and such a unit. Like it really feels like Jadis is approaching the King and Queen of ASZ.

I love that they’re both greeting her cuz so far Rick has been more directly and individually communicating with Jadis but, especially after 7x12, I think R&M don’t want to do anything separately if they don’t have to lol.

So as royal co-leaders, R&M both stand to greet Jadis and get their army. Jadis takes note of ASZ being a nice place and asks if this is what they fight for. Rick says, “Not the place. The people. Each other.”

I love this response because one it reminds you that TF is different than any other community because they truly are family. They don’t just fight to survive, they fight for each other. It’s stronger than some of the other groups because they all genuinely know, love, and care about each other.

And I just love that he looks at Michonne like he’s this 😍 emoji as he says “each other”. Like it’s just a subtle way to let us know that, as Rick said this, Michonne was definitely one of the people atop the list of who he fights for.

Then Jadis must have noticed that Rick looked at Michonne like this, because then she decided to get real trifling. 🙄

Alright y'all, I need to take you with me on a gif journey of everything I thought about this scene. 😂

So after Jadis says her whole “may be another way” thing she looks Rick up and down and smirks. And I was like…

Cuz Jadis was too bold for that look right there and needed to stay in her lane lol. And then Jadis’ bold self turns to Michonne, nods her head over to Rick, and ask, “Yours?”

And you guys! I was replaying the scene again for this post and I literally just noticed that when Jadis looks Rick up and down, Michonne notices and has a little reaction to it!

Originally posted by thewalkinggifs

Lol I’m probably late to the party with this one too, but I never realized that Michonne catches Jadis give Rick this look and she sort of has this subtle reaction where you can tell Michonne’s low key like, “Alright careful boo, cuz I see you looking my man up, up, up and down.” 😂

I remember I heard Jadis ask this and I was legit like…

Originally posted by tonitamar

I know she nodded over to Rick but I was still in denial like “Wait does she mean Rick? Is she asking Michonne if Rick is hers!? Did this chick really just look Rick up and down and smile and then ask this?” I was very curious to see where this was going and I was so eager to see how Michonne would respond.

I would love to know the exact thought that went through Michonne’s head when Jadis asked "Yours?” Cuz you can tell she had some thoughts lol. 

And saying “Yours?” is just such a weird possessive way to ask. It really does objectify Rick and then to ask that while he’s right there. Like…

Originally posted by amithatperson

But at the same time it’s kind of funny because in a non-weird unhealthy way, it wouldn’t be a totally false statement. Like Rick pretty happily and willingly belongs to Michonne and with the amount of power she has over him, Rick really is hers lol.

But Michonne slowly nods and says “Yeah, we’re together.” and y'all I was like this…

I had to turn up! Cuz this was R&M’s first time verbally acknowledging that they’re an item to other people. Like yes!! 🎉🎉🎉

I love that we got them verbally acknowledging they’re a couple, even if it had to come via some trierization. It’s also kind of funny that she just says they’re together cuz they are so much more than that but Jadis doesn’t need to know all that. 😂

And at first when I watched this it felt like Michonne was simply just answering Jadis’s question but you can actually tell that there’s some subtle attitude in her tone. Like it sounds like she had a tone like, “What exactly are you getting at? Cuz it’s def not my man” lol 

And now that I know she saw Jadis look at Rick, I think that’s why. Cuz she already caught that Jadis might be feeling some type of way about him so she can sense that Jadis is possibly gearing up to try her with this conversation.

Also, it’s interesting that Jadis asks this cuz I feel like she knows R&M have to be together cuz they’ve done so much PDA at Trashland and now here they stand in front of her looking like a royal couple. 👑💯

But Michonne also says “yeah, we’re together” in order to correct the way Jadis asked. She’s like, “We’re together, as in the two of us are in an equal and mutual relationship. This isn’t some weird unhealthy thing where he’s one of my possessions, fool.“ 🙄 Like there’s definitely a hint of “don’t mess with me” in the way she responds and I’m here for it. 👌🏽

It’s funny cuz you could see that Michonne was trying to be all nice and nod while Jadis did that extra way of talking, about how maybe their way is another way and whatever, but then she starts to subtly have a more “Alright chick, wrap it up” demeanor once Jadis asks “yours?” lol.

It’s funny too cuz Michonne noticed Jadis checking Rick out but Rick clearly did not notice so he’s a little caught off guard rn. You can’t see Rick’s exact reaction when Jadis asks this, but you do see him abruptly turn to Michonne and then turn to Jadis and then back to Michonne looking like he’s thinking “What the actual heck is happening right now.? 😂 

But y’all, I had to make a part two cuz you know Jadis ain’t never done being trifling and she proceeds to take trying it to new heights as this little conversation continues. 🙉🙈

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on Mor & Az

Hey friends,

I’m here to talk about moriel. Not just my feelings or headcanons or whatever, but to put down in writing some responses to arguments that I have seen that have been bothering me. I’ve already made this post about the nature of their relationship - Mor & Az have a comfortable relationship. It’s not dramatic, it’s not crazy, it’s not tumultuous. It’s easy to miss, tbh. Unless you pay attention to how they act, rather than what they say. I have also made a separate post about the way that Mor takes care of Az (and by extension cares for him). I framed this in the context of emotional labor because I wanted to show why people might miss a lot of these hints. Much of that argument is still relevant, and you can find it here.

*I am addressing a few things that have come across my dash, comments, reblogs, and/or direct messages with multiple people. This is not an attempt to call anyone out. (And I was asked to tag @stephaniemac8) And clearly, most of this is under the cut because it ended up over 4k words.

In order to create this post, I pulled together a bunch of evidence from the book; some of it I already had from other metas, some of it I had saved for this purpose. I’m going to focus on how Mor feels about Az because that seems to be the biggest point of contention. A lot of this will implicitly apply to some other common arguments – that they are unhealthy, that they don’t communicate, etc. But the bulk of this is about how Mor feels.

With that said: please don’t respond to this post with arguments/issues that I am intentionally not addressing. This includes: how Rhys or Cassian fit into this, what happened between everyone when they first me re: The Incident, events that may or may not have happened in the last 500 years for which we have no evidence, or whether there is a Mor/Az/Cassian love triangle. Those are all different issues. I am discussing how they/Mor feel based on the evidence we have, which is all coming from the present timeline. (Clearly they discuss the past, but I am intentionally not discussing that, for reasons I have mentioned before in previous posts, namely that time, maturity, perception, etc. color how they might explain/see it.)

The following are several examples of Mor showing that she cares for Az – I also want to note that this is what we see from others’ perspectives (namely Feyre and Cassian, with some commentary from themselves and Rhys). We never see how she treats him when it is just the two of them. And we never get a direct statement of her saying how she feels. But in this case, actions speak much, much louder than words. One of the things I realized while writing this was the fact that it is explicitly stated more than once that Azriel loves Mor – the same explicit statement is not made in reverse. However, that doesn’t make it not true.

I have these in the order they appear in the book, mostly (as usual, with chapters instead of page numbers bc I’m using my ebook – I don’t want to search my physical copy); most of these quotes are examples of things that Mor does to show how she feels, and are not things that she does with other characters:

“But I quieted my own curiosity as Cassian again shrugged, not even bothering to take note of the silence that seemed to leak from the shadowsinger. Mor saw, though—even if Azriel didn’t bother to acknowledge her concerned stare, the hand that she kept looking at as if she’d touch, but thought better of it.” (chp. 16)

I’ve discussed this before, but we have a clear contrast here between the way that Mor treats Az when he is potentially upset and the way Cassian does. Someone who is in love would not ignore the way that person feels, especially when they are upset. Even if she doesn’t act on it, she is in tune with how he feels and feels that she needs to take care of him in this scene. There are many examples of these two acting differently towards each other than they act towards their other friends. This is a major indicator that they are not just friends. Cassian has no responsibility towards Az other than a friend, and so his ignoring of Azriel is fine – the point is not to demonize him, but to show the difference between how a friend (Cassian) treats Az, and how someone else does (Mor, obviously, and I don’t know how to classify her e.g. lover etc.)

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OQ Prompt Party {Day 2}

Prompt #185. OQ adopts a baby… or three.

Read on ff.net


All they wanted was to be parents.

And, oh, how hard they tried.

He still remembers the moment he first saw her. Every little detail. Exactly.

The curl of her hair (flipped out where it reached her chin), the shade of her lipstick (berry plum) and the color of her dress (light blue with a navy blue floral pattern).

It was supposed to be a simple presentation, one he’d done at least a dozen times before but she’d knocked him off his game. The minute he’d looked into her dark chocolate eyes his heart had skipped a beat.

He’d basically made a fool of himself in front of 25 kindergartners, stuttering over stranger danger tips simply because she’d been there.

Luckily, she’d found his fumbling attractive enough to agree to a date. He’d taken her to a local place, nothing special but the food. Still she liked it.

He never expected a schoolteacher to hold her whiskey so well.

Falling in love with her was the easiest thing he’d ever done. He was head over heels in a matter of hours.

In his heart he’d known that she felt the same. But getting her to admit it? Well, he’d never had a harder job in his life. Or a more rewarding one.

Earning her open heart was the most important thing he’d ever done.

One year after stuttering through stranger danger tips he recited his vows to her. And he didn’t stammer once.

Those first two years were some of the happiest of his life. He loved her, she loved him. They were happy, stable, together.

Children were the next step. The last thing they needed to complete their happy ending.

They’d both wanted it.

They just… hadn’t foreseen the struggle.

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Fat Fingers part 1: Coffee

Note: I know that I am not that active and I am really sorry about that. I post more regularly on my main account, @hamiltontrashfam, if you’d like something more regular. Also, it will probably be a couple of days before part 2 of this is out, sorry. :/

Word count: 2302

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing, I guess. Do not read if you are a Trump supporter.

Originally posted by jayvoom

You had openly been supporting Bernie Sanders since the election began. But, when Hillary turned out to be the candidate for the Democrats, you felt that you had no other choice than to vote for her, as you never wanted Donald Trump near the presidency. You had often discussed this with your parents, as they were unable to understand, how you could possibly hate Donald Trump that much. You never really felt like any of them understood you. And unlike you, they wanted the country to be run by a Republican again and whether that was Trump or someone else, they did not care at all. And because of your family’s opinion on politics and your lack of social interactions throughout your childhood and teen years, you did not have a lot of friends who agreed with you either and you felt very alone.

The only distraction from the fact that you had no one’s accept or understanding of your political views, were the celebrities and online friends who felt the same way about Trump as you did. You never actually expected to meet anyone who felt the same as you and befriending them, because your family had gained quite the reputation after taking action in several demonstration that were against woman’s rights and especially against rights for people of colour and queer people. You thought that no one could possibly feel that your views were any different from your family’s. You found comfort in music, especially tracks against the Donald, like the song Fat Fingers by the California based experimental hip hop group clipping.

You had just picked up your morning coffee from the small coffee shop on the corner of your street in downtown Sacramento and were on your way to work. You walked down the street with music in your ears while you sipped from your coffee. You had to look up when a police car passed by quickly on the street, with the deafening siren and the constant flashing of the red and blue lights on. You were unfocused for a short moment, which made you crash straight into someone’s built chest, spilling your coffee all over the guy in front of you and knocking your headphones out in the process. It took a moment for you to gather what had just happened and when you did, you really could not help the embarrassed blush that spread across your cheeks. “Oh, God. I am so sorry. I should have watched out. Are you okay?” You rambled. You did not dare to look at the person in front of you and instead you stared straight at the grey pavement, feeling really embarrassed about spilling your coffee on a stranger.

“Shit. It’s okay, man.” You heard a very familiar voice answer softly. Your head snapped back up to look at the person in front of you and your mouth hang open slightly at the person in front of you. You knew who this was. Very well, actually. As a matter of fact, you were just listening to one of their songs on your phone. It was Daveed Diggs. Fucking Daveed Diggs. You had just spilled your coffee all over a man that you had developed somewhat of a celebrity crush on since you discovered clipping. when the election started.

Your mouth went dry as a desert for a second and you sort of forgot how to even function. You swallowed and took a moment to gather your thoughts before you answered. “I am so, so sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your shirt Mr. Diggs.” You answered, unable to stop yourself from mentioning his name and your eyes grew wide with the realisation. You had just mentioned his name. Not creepy at all.

“Oh. You have an advantage, I see. You don’t strike me like a musical kid. So, how do you even know who I am?” He asked curiously.

While it was true that you were not much of a musical kid, you still knew what he was referring to. Practically every person who was the slightest amount of clipping. fan, knew that he had been a member of the cast on the hit musical Hamilton. You had not listened to much of it, but you actually sort of liked the small bits that you had listened to.

“I hate Trump.” You blurted. You felt another blush spread across your cheeks, as it did not offer much of a explanation as to how you knew who he was. “I mean…. I listened to Fat Fingers and I agreed with a lot of it and after that I sort of just became a fan of clipping.” You added with a nervous chuckle, trying to explain how you knew who he was in a way that actually made sense. At least more than your first explanation did.

“Oh. Me too.” He answered with a soft smile. You were very much aware that he did not like Trump and the fact that you had a lot of the same views as him made you really happy, because you thought that he was a pretty amazing human being and if you shared a lot of views, that made you a pretty decent one too, right?

“You don’t really strike me as much of a hiphop fan, though?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

It made you chuckle softly. “Yeah, no. I know….My family is very conservative.” You admitted with a soft sigh. You then realised for the second time during the last couple of minutes that you had indeed spilled all of your coffee over him. You were actually about to offer him a new shirt, because there was no way in hell he was getting the coffee stain of off it. However, it seemed like he beat you to it.

“I see…. I am fine, by the way. It was an accident and just as much my fault as yours. How about I buy you a new cup of coffee?” He asked. You were actually sort of surprised that he thought that this was his fault too. You were the one focusing on the police car that drove by after all.

You chewed on your lower lip lightly, not really able to make up your mind. On one hand, you had to get to work. But, you always showed up really early anyway and what could it hurt to let him buy you a cup of coffee? On the other hand; If your family figured it out in anyway, they would probably murder you. You looked at him thoughtfully. “I…. I don’t know.” You answered honestly and lowered your gaze.

“Oh… I see. Is it because of your family?” He asked, hitting the nail right on the head.

You nodded. “Yeah.” It was indeed about your family. Of course it was. It always was. They were always the once that fucked up everything for you. If they ever figured out that you had let a clearly democratic, black rapper buy you coffee, they definitely would not let you in their house ever again. You had discussed this with your parents several times. They even tried to send you to an all- white high school. However, that definitely did not work out.

He looked at you thoughtfully, before a soft sigh escaped his lips. “Right. Okay… No coffee then.” He answered. You felt really bad for disappointing him, but you had to think about your relationship with your family after all. “Can I at least have your name?” He asked. It was a pretty simple request, but you still found yourself wondering whether you should tell him or not. Not because you did not want him to know. But, if he figured out just how racist, homophobic and close minded your family was, he probably would regret offering to buy you coffee.

“I am…-” You were about to answer, when of your dad’s friend, Garrett pulled up beside you in his car. It felt like you were stuck in the middle of some terrible movie scene. Everyone who knew your family, knew who Daveed was, because you were unable to shut up about him when with your parents and they had obviously told their friends and no one approved of what they called your unhealthy obsession.

“Y/N? What a coincidence! What is a nice girl like you doing talking to a stranger like him?” Garrett asked through the window that he had just rolled down. You felt like a deer in the headlights in a way.  He could have just meant, that you were talking to a stranger and that was it, but you knew Garrett and that was definitely a racist remark. The sticker on his windshield of his car, a man resembling the confederate flag kicking another man resembling the rainbow flag with the lettering ‘Trump 2016’ made it very clear where this guy stood politically.

“Garrett. I um. I accidentally spilled my coffee on this nice young man’s shirt.” You shot back. You were already caught talking to someone you apparently should not and you knew that you were already screwed, so you might as well defend Daveed.

“Nice? Okay. Aren’t you late for work young lady? I can drop you off at the office, if you’d like.” The thing about dropping you off at the office might have sounded like an offer, but that was definitely not the case. You knew that you had to obey, because otherwise you would get even more shit from your family and that you definitely did not want.

“I am really sorry about this asshole, Daveed. I am Y/N. I hope that I get to take you up on that coffee some day.” You finally decided to say, though not loud enough for Garrett to actually hear. While you hated the guy, you definitely did not want to get on his bad side. He could make your life hell after all and you really do not have any intention of letting him do so.

“I should go.” Daveed answered, obviously completely disgusted. You had thought that it had been with you at the time, even if it had not. You had no chance to say anything, before he left and you could feel your mood fall even more. Another thing your family had managed to fuck up, again.  Your gaze followed him shortly, before you got into Garrett’s car hesitantly, as he had told you to.

You knew that he was about to comment on what had just happened, so you simply held your hand up to cut him off. “Just go, Garrett.” You sighed. You did not want to hear any of his disapproving and racist comments. You just wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

On your way to the office, you passed Daveed in his coffee soaked Oakland hoodie and you felt really bad for not being able to make it up to him. You could practically feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. Your family always managed to fuck up your every attempt to meet someone who had the same views as you. It was like they followed you day and night to make sure that you felt isolated and alone.

Once the car came to a stop outside your office, you did not even bother to thank Garrett for dropping you off, because he honestly did not do you a favour at all. You did not say goodbye either, instead you just left without a word. You knew that you had to make it up to Daveed somehow, you just had no idea how. It was not like you knew him at all. But, you felt like you had to apologize on behalf of your racist, homofobic, Trump supporting family, even if it really had nothing to do with you.

You spent the rest of the day knee deep in work, yet your mind kept wondering back to your run-in with Daveed earlier that day. It was on your mind pretty much all the time, inevitably distracting you from your work. You just felt so bad. Now that you had finally met someone who shared your views, you had to fuck it up. Not really you, but your family, but you somehow got into your head, that it was you who Daveed was mad at and not the racist asshole who had picked you up after you spilled your coffee all over him.

Nearing the end of your shift, you were feeling even more defeated than when you arrived. You wanted badly to contact Daveed somehow, but you thought that it was perhaps not th smartest idea after the incident earlier. You sat there, your head pounding from all the thinking you had done during the day and perhaps from your lack of morning coffee, when someone placed a soft hand on your shoulder. “Miss Y/LN. I have noticed that you have been very distant today. Are you alright?” Your boss asked.

You knew that he did not care at all, but you nodded half heartedly. “Yes, I am quite alright, sir.” You managed as you gathered your things to leave. You were really not okay though, but you managed to hide it pretty well.

“Well, I want you to focus tomorrow, okay? We have an important meeting coming up.” He said sharply. You knew that you had fucked up today, both with Daveed and your job. But, luckily you could actually do something about the later.

“Of course.” You simply stated, as you got up from your office chair, stretching lightly from sitting down during most of the day. Then, you left without another word, just wanting to go home and go to bed early to forget everything about what had just happened.


If you’re a 2.0 fan, you probably won’t like this, so either open your eyes and ears or turn away. 

The countdown to Warren Leight’s last episode as showrunner is coming to a close in a few days. 

But for a good portion of #SVU fans, the days can’t come fast enough. #TheLeightWasOnTooLong

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