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Romancing the Captain

Just a little lunch-time Drabble that was rolling around in my head.

Pairing: Captain America x reader
Warnings: fluffidy-fluff-fluff
Words: 388

Why they gave him that office, you’ll never know. Sure, he needed an office so he could type up his reports, although the computer was a bit of a learning curve. But why that one? Why did they put him right where you would have to see him every day? It wasn’t actually a hardship, he was a super soldier after all. Easy on the eyes, to say the least. But he was incredibly distracting! His perfect body and blond hair that just begged for fingers to touch every inch of it, eyes that were so crystal clear a person could get lost in them! And he said “good morning” every stinking morning and it was rude not to reply, so you smile and return the greeting. And at the end of his work day, “Have a good evening, Y/N”. Every. Single. Day. What did they honestly expect from you?

Steve’s POV:
I asked for an office and I got one. An office with a view! Ignore the floor to ceiling windows, my view is through my door. She sits at a desk in just the perfect spot for me to watch her profile all day, every day. Her name plate on her desk said Y/N, but I prefer to think of her as “sexy”. Watching her answer the phone, I wanted to be on the receiving end of that smooth voice. When she stretched her back in her chair, did she know her breasts were beckoning to my hands? Her y/h/c hair floated around her like silk, begging to be touched. Her y/e/c eyes smiled up at me every morning when she says “Good morning, Captain” and every evening she said, “You too, Captain Rogers.” Every. Single. Day. How am I supposed to work like this?

Bucky: Just ask her out, Steve.
Steve: She’ll say no. Why would she say yes? She doesn’t even know me.
Bucky: Have you seen yourself in the mirror recently? You’re hot, man.
Steve: *eye roll* Whatever.
Bucky: Do it or I will do it for you. Tomorrow. Ask her out. Do it.
Steve: Okay! Geez!

*The next morning*
“Good morning, Y/N.”
“Good morning, Captain.”
“Yes, Captain?”
“Um…. W-would you like to have lunch with me today?”
“Yes, Captain.”

Thus, began the romancing of Captain America….