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Request (Anon): Teasing first kiss with Boyd? Something fluffy?

A/N: So I’m sorry…this is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve written but I have feels for Boyd. So don’t judge…

Words: 1747

You’re not sure how you ended up in this current predicament but you aren’t complaining. You like the bed that you are waking up in. It belongs to your best friend, Boyd. You were the one who picked it out after all. As you nuzzle your face against the pillow beneath you, you can’t help but smile at the memory of dragging Boyd through IKEA when he moved to his apartment.

Empty beer bottles are seated on the bedside table, next to the alarm clock and your empty wine glass.

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‘I wanted to give you something.’

‘Why? For what? Why are you giving me anything? What is it?’

‘Open it and see.’

It was a book—an archaic-looking hardcover book with a reddish-gold cover. The spine was elaborate despite the fact that most of the cover was faded with age. He could just make out the words ‘Paradise Lost’ on the spine.

‘You’re giving this to me? Why?’

‘I wanted to give it to you as a thank you.’

Sin had no idea what to say. A voice in the back of his head ordered him to give it back, but Sin’s fingers only dug harder into the cover. ‘Why do you keep thanking me?’

‘Because you’re nice to me. And you listened when I—You could have ignored me and you didn’t. And I… I appreciate that.’

‘Oh.’ Sin stared at the book. ‘I see.’

Evenfall, Santino & Ais

anonymous asked:

On the subject of what-ifs... How do you feel about Berica/Derek with a pack? What if Erica and Boyd survived the alpha pack mess (or were revived... We know wolves can be, sometimes, like Peter)... How might things have gone differently if Derek got to keep his pack? Would he still have given up his alpha powers? Would he even have been in that situation? Thoughts feelings opinions? ;)

I have so much love for Boyd and Erica, anon. One of the most infuriating decisions the show ever made, in my opinion, was killing off Boyd, because there was just… there was so much potential for this character to grow and do amazing things. (I miss Erica as well, but her death is less upsetting to me because Gage asked to leave, whereas killing Boyd just feels like… seriously? Without Erica around, there was no point to Boyd’s character? Or did the show just find it necessary for Derek to be completely alone when Scott was upgraded to Alpha? *sigh*)

There was so much they could have done with him, and I always imagine Boyd growing to the role of Derek’s second in command, his advisor and general sounding board… his best friend, honestly. I can just picture them hanging out together, understanding each other’s need for quiet companionship, Boyd tossing out a few choice words when Derek starts letting his tendency toward broody angst take hold…

But ok, but I’m drifting off topic. This is what happens when I try to meta after ten hours at work. ;P I think Derek would have grown to be an amazing Alpha, honestly. He had a steep learning curve in canon, with no role models, no one to offer advice, dual threats of hunters and kanima threatening his fledgling pack and the town at large, and Scott (with the best but, imo, very misguided intentions) trying to undermine him at every turn. It was inevitable that he would screw up here and there, but I also saw shades of an amazing guide and leader, and I think with more time to get solid footing, Derek would have become far and away the best Alpha we’ve seen on the show. To be totally honest, that’s more or less what I picture Derek doing now: forming a new Hale pack (along with a revived Boyd and Erica eventually) and learning how to protect a new territory.

If Boyd and Erica had never died at all, I don’t think that would have necessarily affected Derek having to give up his powers. He gave them up to save Cora who had been cursed by Jennifer, which would have most likely happened whether Derek’s betas were still around or not. Cora would have still been dying, and Derek would have still been compelled to give up his power and status for her. However, if Boyd hadn’t been killed on Derek’s claws (and Erica, earlier in the vault) Derek wouldn’t have felt compelled to scare Isaac away for his own safety. Since Boyd chose to stay with Derek after Derek rescued him from the vault, I can only assume Erica would have as well had she survived (Derek had proven himself a “worthy Alpha” at that point, and Boyd and Erica had been exposed to how much worse is waiting out there, which probably would have made them seriously rethink running off and trying to find new packs or survive on their own.) That in mind, I don’t think his betas would have defected just because he lost his status –– especially when he’d lost it to save a loved one’s life. So what would have essentially happened, then, would be a complete reversal of Derek and Scott’s roles from season two: Derek being the unconventional beta with a pack, and Scott being the new Alpha learning to control his power, looking to form a pack of his own. In my opinion that would have been a much more interesting arc, if the True Alpha arc needed to happen at all (which I have thoughts about, guys.)

And Derek still having a pack would probably mean he wouldn’t have left with Cora at the end of the season –– and Cora might well have stayed with him (ignoring actor obligations) –– because Derek only told her to stay away to keep her safe, and Derek would have felt much more secure with an entire pack of loyal betas behind him. That would also have meant Derek would have been around for the onset of the Nogitsune arc and, as Derek was shown to be able to sense what was going on with Stiles more than the other characters (chemosignals) that might have significantly altered the Nogitsune arc as well. 

I have a lot of feelings about Matt Boyd. He’s with the weakest and most ridiculed Class I team but loves them like family. He feared is future girlfriend and was scared shitless even when asking her out. He’s the tallest on the team but worst enemy on the team is five feet tall. Nobody will stop fighting around him. His five foot enemy tricked him into drug relapse for said enemy’s brother’s sake. His best friend got kidnapped and nearly died. His best friend ends up dating his five foot enemy. Nothing ever goes right for an entire year. Nobody ever explains things so he probably loses a lot of bets. He keeps getting punched. All he wants is to play exy and for everyone to get along but suddenly there’s the mafia and the FBI and murders. Someone help Matt Boyd.

Matt’s and Neil’s relationship after Matt graduates

  • Matt is constantly checking up on Neil
  • he will literally text him everyday to just ask how he’s doing because he knows that Andrew isn’t really concerned with that
  • Neil will fill Matt in on random things happening in his life 
  • like about how one of the cats has to cuddle with neil before he can fall asleep 
  • or that Neil decided to start learn another language
  • Matt will also randomly just call Neil during the day and start talking about his job and how it is coaching little kids 
  • and soon Neil starts looking forward to those calls because even if Neil doesn’t admit it, he misses rooming with Matt and all the random conversations they would have
  •  And talking to Matt just fills him with so much happiness that he cant even explain it to himself
  • One day during the call Matt notices that Neil is quieter than usually so he just decides to drive down and visit Neil all while still talking to him on the phone
  • And Neil is so confused and ecstatic like he cant believe that someone drove this far for him just because he might be a little sad
  • Matt doesnt force neil to talk about his feelings because he knows that isn’t how Neil deals with his problems 
  • so they go out and gets some dinner and then just like old times watch a movie
  • and neil doesnt even realize it but by the end of the night he feels so much better
  • even if Neil doesnt admit it he thinks of Matt as an older brother, as someone who he can always count on and after that night neil is a little more open with Matt
  • Also every once in a while Neil borrows Andrew’s car to go visit Matt and Dan
  • He goes for dinner but eventually Dan persuades him into staying the night 
  • He doesnt even feel uncomfortable with the spontaneous plans because it feels like a second home
  • because they are always so welcoming and caring towards him
  • Like as soon as he walks through the door Matt and Dan give him a hug and everything feels better
  • And sometimes Matt just texts Neil that he’s proud of him and Neil saves those texts forever 

-you’re goddamn right. where’s the money?

Dan and Matt Boyd-Wilds.

I just have all the feels for these two. All of them. Like, Andreil for life, but Dan and Matt are both so precious and deserve each other

  • When they get Married, Matt wants to hyphen their names. He never wants Dan to feel like she has to give up anything, and if she wanted, He’d take her last name.
    • This is confusing in ExyWorld at first, because two Boyd-Wilds, but then Matt shuts that shit down because you best not be calling his wife “Mrs. Boyd-Wilds” instead of “Coach Boyd-Wilds”. Respect, bitch.
  • They’re both so busy with college and Exy, and then jobs and Exy! That most nights, date night is takeout and a movie.
    • Disney movies are their favorite. Matt loves them more than Dan, but Dan loves how much Matt loves them.
  • Matt has this complete internal monologue (complete with starry kawaii eyes) every time Dan does anything.
    • “This woman. I love her so much. How did I get a woman like this. She is so out of my league. I am the luckiest man alive. Fortune shines down upon the kingdom of my life and has blessed me in love with this Woman. There is no one else as perfect as this goddess.”
    • also, “SHIT! She is so out of my league! Step the game up son!”
  • Dan loves the fact that Matt never takes her for granted. She loves surprising him to show her appreciation.
    • Some surprises are renting out a gym to have private boxing lessons for his birthday.
    • or having his favorite protein shake mix shipped overnight when the store runs out.
    • Some surprises are the surprises we don’t talk about in public. (They do anyway. Matt always walks in on Dan giving Allison tips on that thing she’s does with her tongue. Or Allison telling Dan where to buy the really classy sexy lingerie. Or Renee giving out advice on how to safely spice things up in the bedroom.) 
  • But lets be real, Dan loves the way Matt makes her feel sexy but not cheap. And he never expects anything out of her.
    • so if she’s in workout gear and smells like the locker room he’s just like “Wow. My girl is on fire! Is she hotter today than she was yesterday? I didn’t think it was possible, but yes!”
    • And if she’s dresses up to go out, he’s just like “Wow, this girl! Gorgeous and graceful on and off the court! Is there a more perfect captain or more beautiful woman! No.”
    • And if she gets sexy with some stilettos and thigh highs, he’s like *cries* “This beautiful woman! Such confidence, such beauty! How did I get so lucky!”
  • Matt ends up with a copy of Dan’s dorm key. He uses this to buy breakfast, and sneak inside in the mornings before the girls are up.
    • Renee and Allison would find this creepy, if they didn’t find the fact that he stares like a dope at sleeping!Dan adorable. (it’d be creepy if it wasn’t so cute. And he brought muffins, so they deal with it.)
  • Dan has her copy of Matt’s key too. She just doesn’t like using it. Matt lives with other dudes (who are gross and dude-ly) and it’d be weird because they’re not upperclassmen, and she’s not very comfortable with them.
    • Instead she makes breakfast at her place, and then texts Matt. He comes over grumpy cause its like, an hour earlier than he needed like “What’d’you need babe?” and like, Dan is standing there still in pjs with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, coffee and a protein shake, and he’s like “This woman. Is it possible to love her more? Yes. Yes it is.”
  • Dan loves going dancing with Matt. With her skills and his athleticism, it’s great to have a guy who can keep up with her on the floor.
    • Matt loves going out with Dan, but seriously. She wipes the floor with him, but he fights to good fight.
  • Once, after a couple of altercations with assholes and Dan, Allison, and Renee at the club, Matt decides to teach Dan the basics of self defense that he knows.
    • Dan ends up loving it, and starts taking kickboxing or Krav Maga.
    • Sparing is now basically flirting for them. Matt loves the fact that Dan could possible kick his ass.
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by JT is their jam.
    • Along with all the other sickly sweet upbeat songs about being in love and happy. Everyone else dreads their ringtones.)
  • They use stupid couple-y nicknames for each other whenever they can on the court (usually just to annoy the team as much as possible.)
    • Great pass, sweatheart! Good hustle, babe! Honey, can you toss me the…”
    • It becomes an unintentional habit, so even when the practice or game goes south, and Dan has to be captain-y and chew everyone it’s like  “BABE! YOU COMPLETELY MISSED YOUR MARKS TODAY!” and Matt’s like “Well, DARLING! If Kevin would pull his racket out of his ASS!”
  • Their fights are epic. Lets face it, they love each other, but they’re both strong willed.
    • Renee and Allison are basically the judges in these fights. When Dan and Matt storm off, they’ll each pick a person and go talk to them.
      • Renee usually gives sage advice for strong relationships, regardless of whose side she is on.
      • Allison is more blunt. “The fuck Dan? Totally uncalled for. Yes, he’s clueless, but you could’ve explained it better.” or “Go buy some of that cheesecake she likes, asshole, and say you’re sorry. “But I don’t even know what I did?!”  “Just go to the bakery and say you’re fucking sorry!”
  • When they get married, Allison wants to Plan It! And Dan doesn’t know how to say no to her. Sooo…Matt bites the bullet and takes Allison aside and explains that, yes, she can plan the wedding, but Dan and him aren’t going to be happy with some big over the top Kardashian style wedding.
    • Allison knows this. She’s not dumb, she just wants to make them sweat.
  • They end up getting Married in North Dakota.
    • It’s beautiful. There’s open fields of wild flowers. (Allison paid a farmer a lot of money to grow wildflowers instead of crops)
    • It ends up being very vintage country chic. (Not something Dan would ever think she wanted, but it’s so classy and relaxing compared to the Extravaganza she was dreading that she loves it so much.)
    • There’s this old barn for the reception, and Andrew is Not Happy to be practically in the middle of nowhere, but he and Neil end up spending half the night smoking in the hayloft regardless.
    • Neil catches the bouquet. Andrew tells him no. and then throws it back at Dan’s head. (they end up the next to get married anyway.)
  • Matt totally starts bawling the first time he sees Dan in her Dress. Like, full on ugly cries.
  • Dan is so happy, that she and Matt ruin half of their wedding pictures by kissing each other or laughing.
  • Matt tries to plan this whole synchronized dance for the reception (like you see on youtube! It’d be awesome!), but Andrew and Kevin said No and Neil is hopeless. So, he gets some of the kids that Dan coaches to sing her their wedding song.
  • and Dan loses it. Like. so happy she’s sobbing, and then mad because Matt made her a hot mess, but so happy because he loves her enough to do that for her.
  • Their wedding song can really be anything, if you want. But in my mind it’s “I see the Light” from Tangled.

It’s an end of an era
And I’m seeing clearer
That nothing will ever be the same (x/x/x)