i have both a curse and a gift

bts as things I hear in my ghetto ass school
  • jin: who cares if there's weed in it, IT'S A FUCKING BROWNIE FAM. I'D GIVE MY RIGHT LEG FOR THAT SHIT
  • suga: i'm exhausted as fuck, i worked for 35 hours yesterday
  • namjoon: i just got hit in the face with a volleyball in gym. we weren't even playing volleyball. we were outside too what the fuck
  • jimin: coach you mind if I take off my shirt? my abs need to breathe.
  • taehyung: boats float??? but i thought they elevate???

Merry Christmas to @erika-paintbrush. Here’s your Secret Santa gift. I hope you like it. :)
Thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016 for doing all this!

Basically, Nico spends Christmas with Will’s family and they both realize the other might just return their feelings. Enjoy!

Make my wish come true (All I want for Christmas is you)

The rattling of medical tools falling to the ground brings Nico out of the daydream he was having a mere seconds ago, staring out of the window in the infirmary, waiting for Will to finish his shift and go to the bonfire with him.

Will loses a couple curses under his breath and crouches down to clean the fallen things with a sigh. He puts them back on the shelf and Nico watches him open the water tap to wash his hands with such force the water goes flying everywhere. Nico snickers good-naturedly.

When he’s done, Will smiles at Nico and walks up to where he’s sitting on one of the beds. ‘Ready to go?’

Nico jumps. ‘Ready to go.’

When they walk outside, the sun is already gone, but there’s still this little glow in the dark sky. Like the sun isn’t ready to say goodnight just yet. They walk silently, their hands brushing occasionally (Nico likes to pretend it’s deliberate) and every time they do, his breath hitches in his throat. Sometimes Nico imagines what it would be like to reach out and take Will’s hand in his own, imagines Will’s reaction. Images like that engulf him with a feeling of peace and serenity, but he can’t ignore the underlying pain because he knows it’s all in his head. And nights like this, where the world is quiet and it feels like nothing can go wrong, inforce these images to the point where he can almost believe it could be real.

Nico would be happy to stay like that, walking and having the stars fill up the quiet, but he doesn’t and instead he looks up into Will’s eyes and says: ‘So, what’s up.’

Will looks down at him and smiles, which only proves Nico’s feeling that something’s wrong with Will, because, although it’s still Will’s beautiful smile, it’s laced with something else. ‘Nothing. What about you?’

‘I’m fine. You’re not, though.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Something’s bothering you and I’m asking you what it is.’  

‘Nothing’s bothering me. I don’t know what you’re so worried about.’

Nico stops them from walking. From where they’re standing they can hear the bright chatter and laughter of the other campers, but it’s not loud enough to break the serene peace that’s settled over them. Nico raises his eyebrows.

‘So, you’ve been bumping into things and dropping stuff all day just like that? I’m not an idiot, Solace.’

Will only shrugs, but Nico notices he doesn’t catch his eye, instead looking just over Nico’s head. ‘I’m clumsy.’

‘You’re not clumsy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drop anything in the infirmary, unless you’re really mad.’

Will shrugs again. He doesn’t say anything.

‘If you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong, I won’t force you. But please, don’t pretend to be fine. You’re always saying I shouldn’t keep everything inside, why don’t you follow your own advice.’

Will bites his lip, something that drives Nico crazy, and taps his hand against his leg. He looks nervous, but Nico can’t think of anything he could be nervous about. He keeps looking at Will expecting something.

‘What are you doing for Christmas?’, is not what he was expecting, though.

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Gift fic #2: jongyu; wolves; nc-17

for fede!

(would like to point out that this is 4.75k and it should not have been and that is my fault but i like to pretend it’s fede’s because i can. the only thing i had in mind when writing was i wanted backhugs & biting and then this happened. also this fic is a tease, both to readers and to me and did i set it up so i can continue on with it? yes! will i? probably!

i like this verse a lot. but i still curse you fede. also i’m just calling these gift fics now so i don’t feel so bad about how horribly behind i am.)

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let’s talk about wizard relationships.

conjurers and diviners are the rarest kind of couple you can find, but they’re the most romantic and loving. they’re the kind of couple that will fall hand in hand with each other and whisper sweet poetics to each other after emotionally tiring battles - “at the end of the storm, i found you.”

theurgists and necromancers who don’t know when life will gift them or curse them, so they have the most fun in their relationships. they’re the kind of relationships that can be found swimming in the fountains of marleybone at two in the morning, running from scotlard yard. 

pyromancers are the most passionate lovers, romantically or otherwise, but thaumaturges are known for being docile and soft-spoken. these kind of relationships take the most time and communication and growth on both parts, but they are the most beautiful.

sorcerers find it hard to love because their magic is so logical; it causes them to be logical as well, which deters them from their emotion. sorcerers also know how to love unorthodoxically - they know how to love everyone methodically and carefully. all they need is someone to pull them from their fear of relationships and their necessity to rely on logic.

please ask me about wizard relationship headcanons of any kind i will instantly be your best friend if you do 

A little something about Autism


It is not a pretty little name or title or “preference”
It’s not something you call yourself so you get to feel a little special.

Autism is a serious mental disability with its own pros and cons, as well as a serious disorder that can severely effect one’s life.

I HATE people that try to make autism look like a type of “fetish” or a cute little head canon for their characters! If you have even HAVE autism, you would know that autism is NOT CUTE in any way. It is a complicated brain disorder caused either by genetics or mercury exposure! It is both a gift and a curse.

If you have not been professionally diagnosed by a doctor or certified therapist, YOU DONT HAVE AUTISM, no matter how much you wish you had it.

Do not even pretend that you have it. It’s doing nothing but harm to the people that do! Stop lying. There is nothing wrong with just being a normal fucking person!

Libra —
darling child, didn’t the gods tell you the mob sees dancers as something of the devil, especially
when their preferred stage is the sharp edge of a sword? few in this world love truth, and fewer still
are fond of things like righteousness and justice. your ability to remain indiscriminate in the face
of contradictory realities and deny none of them is both a blessing and a curse. your mind, I fear,
is the Pandora fate has crafted specifically for you; a beautiful gift that hides such doom and sorrow.
and you are aware of all of this – how you were meant for greater things, with your noble mind
and your true heart, yet on you dance, fighting against the windmills of adversity. how brave you are.
(know that your effort will not go without reward. know that you won’t be forever unloved, nor
will you be forever misunderstood. there will be those whom, like you, have the makings of just men,
and they will understand. keep your eyes open and search the crowd; that is what you do best.)
—  poetry for the signs: the “you’ve done well” edition, L. Schreiber
Cursed child as a piece of theatre

However much act 4 scene 14 causes me physical pain, I can’t deny that we have been gifted with actual theatrical genius.

I’m not referring to the story line because, honestly, that’s not what made it enjoyable for me.

I’ve seen different types of theatre and been in my fair share for a 16 year old so…

Straight away with the opening scene the music, staging and choreography blew me away. I remember physically shaking at the start of both parts because they were so intense. I honestly need a cursed child cd with all the music because it’s phenomenal.
Also, the ensemble are stunning. I honestly dedicate my standing ovation to them because they made the show for me. The movement with the robes added so much to the story (especially in the AR in part 2).

The special effects got applause just for being there, people audibly gasped at them. If you want to, you can figure out the use of trap doors and people dressed in black hiding in stage corners, but if you go see it just let yourself be immersed with the magic.
(although I am still to work out how the bloody hell the phone boxes work???)

I went in being ready to be disappointed at the story but I came out buying more tickets the next day. The actors are all great, they all understand their characters and I don’t think they’re OOC at all.
You will laugh so much and you will tear up too and I was scared and angry and excited - it makes you feel so much.

Yes, the ending did leave me wanting more, both about Rose and the scene with Albus and Harry. It does genuinely make me really angry. But. But but but. It is possibly the most well executed piece of theatre I have seen.
People start living this story and you are all in this story so together and it’s great.

The story, for me, will not go down in history. The storyline is no les mis etc but it does leave with an impact.
We did beg for another story and I think we should concentrate on all the fantastic things we have been given, I mean, Scorpius guys.

I went for the story but I stayed for everything but the story.

     the newly turned wolf strolled into the shop, looking for a gift for each of her brothers; something that might soften the blow when she told them her news; fingers crossed. “i’m looking for something cheap and perfect” she called out to the shop owner, all the while not noticing someone else in the store.

After a long week of taste testing cookies and cupcakes, scratching our heads for ideas, and cursing at the weather forecast, Natalie and I are both pretty excited to have everyone here for Sam’s shower today! There’s tons of food, root beer floats, a million cookies & I have it on good authority that the keg comes out later. Don’t forget to design a onesie, grab a gift bag and uh… be careful with the cupcakes. There could be a plastic baby waiting inside for you. Nothing better than a snow day shower, right?