i have better eyebrows though

Thank you amazing people!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my amazing followers! I’m blessed, that so many of you follow me and that you enjoy the content of my blog!  Thanks to all those amazing artists, who share their art and make my heart burst everytime they post something (and especially to those, who follow me - I feel like such a fangirl!!) I’m grateful for everyone of you and I hope you enjoy my blog further on! Stay awesome   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Rin. Where the hell is your coat.

He Tweets About You

He Tweets About You (Preferences)


Cameron: @camerondallas: “Glad I could call you mine beautiful, I love you (Y/N)”

Nash: @Nashgrier: “She’s such a dork, y did she have to steal my hoodie?! She looks cute anyway”

Carter: @carterreynolds: “Can’t keep my eyes off her body damn”

Matthew:@TheMattEspinosa: “She will always be my cupcake”

Taylor: @taylorcaniff: “My baby girl is my Cinnamon Apple and ain’t nobody stealen her from me”

Aaron: @AaronCarpenter: “I adore her, you’ll always be my one and only. Love yaaa”

Shawn: @ShawnMendes:“(Y/N) has an angel voice, can’t deny. Love singing with my boo”

Jack J: @JackJackJohnson: “My girl says the wisest words, love her to death”

Jack G: @jackgilinsky: “I have to admit, her eyebrows are better than mine though”

Jacob: @JacobWhitesides: “When she’s on tour with me, it’s always full of fun. You’re so energetic babe ily”

Hayes: @HayesGrier: “Stop flirting with her @Nashgrier, bae’s mine”

Dillon: @Ruppism_: “Love teasing (Y/N), she’s s'cute”

Sam: @sammywilk: “@natemaloley HA! She’s finally mine, can’t believe she chose me over you, sorry bro I’ll always love you”


Nate Maloley (had to add nate, bc he’s my bae so hope y'all dont mind)

: @natemaloley: “When baby girl cuss though, she looks so hot when she’s mad haha love you my queen”

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