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Let's Make A Mental Illness Inclusive Witchcraft Community

I know I’m not the only one. There are other witches who hide their mental illness on their witchcraft blog. I’ve never personally seen hostility towards the mentally ill in the witchcraft community here, but I still made a whole separate blog for my craft out of fear of judgment.

I have seen other witches vaguely mention their mental health, so I know I am not alone here. I don’t want my personal blog and my witchcraft blog to be separate anymore. My practice IS personal, and keeping them separate takes too much energy. I have already begun posting witchcraft related things on this blog, but I still hesitate reaching out to other witches from this blog.

PLEASE REBLOG if you are a witch who has or is supportive of serious mental illnesses (including but not limited to Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-polar Disorder, etc.) I want to know who I can safely reach out to.


Inspired by @deheerkonijn ‘s awesome and hilarious Aggressive Hufflepuff Arthur Au, here’s Merlin, the Slytherin with the dorkiest Hufflepuff boyfriend in the castle!

What is he looking at? Arthur. What’s Arthur doing for Merlin to be looking at him like that? Probably trying to look cool but failing, but who knows? I don’t, haven’t drawn it yet.

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Hi there! Love your work on deviantart and finally found your tumblr. Quick question: are you going to continue your Hate The Day Job comic? No pressure truely a question of curiosity because I love egypt mythology and your comic is so good!😆


The sad fact is that while i desperately want to define myself as a comicbook artist, I also have a frightful tendency to berate and stress myself until sitting and finishing a drawing more complex than a simple sketch can physically hurt. This makes it doubly difficult to finish ambitious projects like HTDJ, particularly as it was a graduate project, and I have since graduated.

The best way i’ve found to cure my mental hangup, somewhat, is to just dive in, and after this truly heinous hiatus i have finally begun to stockpile finished pages to start posting again.

The whole thing’s scripted. Half of the thing’s drawn. But people like you who remind me someone’s reading it really, really help me keep going.

Thank you very much, and I hope to be getting you and everyone else new pages soon.

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well the phandom seems to be slowly dying. the interest in gifs and tumblr posts of phan moments in new videos is slowly decreasing. and not many new people are joining the phandom, while some are leaving and switching to other things like kpop. i think d&p have begun their decline phase on youtube view wise too.

I think its been dying for a while…but I’m not really sure as I don’t go that much into the tags. 



I am addicted to pain and quiet numbness and driving too fast. I’ve drowned myself in all of it but I’m still here and I know there’s a reason for that. It’s just crazy to me how life can feel so long when I look back at all the things I’ve done and it’s still only just begun. One thing I have figured out is that everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning and we all have chosen a different thing to live for. Most of the time it feels like art keeps me alive because I get sad and it helps me cope. But I have to remember that I also have chosen to live for art, to create it and contribute to the rest of the world in that way. When waves come crashing down and fuck everything up, I remember all of that and I keep going. And I really hope everyone finds that if they haven’t already.

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I know this seems like an odd tip, but if you're an ADHDer and you find yourself having a hard time doing stuff like brushing your teeth or flossing one of the things I've begun doing is I have my tooth brush and tooth paste right next to where I spend the most time in the house. For me it's right by my computer. It helps to do it right after you eat a meal instead of late at night you're more awake and have the mental energy to do it.

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“I see you brought your girlfriend to take care of you, Kaioh.”

“Yes, my apologies, so rude of me to forget how painful it is to be reminded that not all of us achieve companionship only on pain of death”


“I see Manic Panic is still very popular here on earth.”

“Yes well, we haven’t quite reached the cutting-edge of 13 year old drugstore fashion that your palette suggests.”

“Shame your offensive isn’t as sharp as your snark.”

“Oh, I think we’re mostly insulted that things have just now begun to get interesting. Was that really your best, or were you just going to war with the army you had?”


“Your planet has fallen awfully fast for you to be so glib.”

“Forgive me if I don’t tremble at the sight of a woman who couldn’t find three alien pop stars in hot pants.”


I'm Pregnant and Pro-Choice

To the ignorant commenter on Facebook: yes, it is possible to be pregnant and pro-choice. I know this is true because currently I am both.

I have suffered five miscarriages, and if this pregnancy goes well this will be my first baby. I can’t tell you how many hours I have cried over the babies I lost, and how my heart aches over the quietness of my household and the emptiness of my arms.

But let me tell you: pregnancy is HARD. And even though I’m not lucky enough to have my baby yet, I know that raising a baby is also HARD. And expensive. And stressful. And so many other things that I have barely begun to comprehend. Yes, it will be rewarding, but only because to ME, having a baby is the reward.

I hurt every day for the babies I’ve wanted, loved, and lost, and I hope beyond hope that this will be the pregnancy that sticks. But no matter what, I will always stand by a person’s right to not be pregnant, to choose when to have children, and to know what is best for them.

I am pregnant, and pro-choice.



here are my 6 selfies of 2015… i’m redoing this tag just because i felt like i wanted a better embodiment of my year. lots of things have happened: i’ve gotten more acne, begun to get blind(er) & in result have glasses, developed a new (better) wardrobe, gotten more comfortable with my body, and created healthy new relationships. 2015 has been rough to say the least, but i’d like to believe i’ve progressed in a positive direction. sorry for rambling but i wanted to share…

i was not tagged by anyone but i tag @lovlae @oeus @tsarism @rarnon @emigration @chalcon @obtuseboy @moonlightangel @slimybaby @perimele @ponprincess and @qeeth. if you’ve already done this my apologies definitely don’t feel pressured to redo it or anything it just means i wanted you to see mine and get to know me better. hope your years were good as well and that your 2016 is even better.


Home At last

Living in a small, far away town for the whole summer, in a place that I have never thought of actually living in, was, personally, so crucial. So crucial, in fact, that during the first week of moving in, all I could feel was anxiety. Because living alone made me feel very fragile. Everything felt very tentative. It always felt like “okay, what’s the next roadblock? What’s the next thing that is going to detour my plans?” I remember thinking: how long is it going to take for me to become a complete, awful mess? Is it a month? Three days? 

I used to believe that things happen for a reason. But lately, what I have begun to realize is that, sometimes, things gain reasons because they happened. And lately, I have been thinking, maybe it’s really all in your perspective. But I am home now. I am home. At last.