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today is last day of Big Work Project I’ve been slaving over since June its so close I can feel it and by feel it I mean the weight of all the bags under my eyes

I will never get how Oliciters mindlessly hate Katie for the stupidest shit.

I spoke to an Oliciter once who said they had no respect for Katie because when they met her at a con Katie “seemed like she didn’t wanna be there and showed up late so why did she bother going, and Katie has previously cancelled apperances claiming “work obligations” but then was spotted at a beach.“

Okay…..let’s fucking think about this as logical fucking people for a second:

1) a lot of celebrities are contractually obligated to attend x amount of cons annually. Katie already does more than most, which suggests that she chooses to do extra on top of her contracted number (if she even has a contracted number because not everyone does and i have no way of knowing). So, Katie goes out of her way to attend events and interact with fans far more so than many others. If Katie does in fact have a contractual obligation, she may HAVE to go to cons even if she isn’t feeling up to it on that given day.

2) Katie has previously spoken out about the vast amount of hate she receives on Twitter, and how she is reluctant to check her social media comments. She’s now a spokesperson for an anti bullying charity as a result. There are even screenshots of oliciters @‘ing her with hate on Twitter only to immediately follow up those tweets with “this bitch blocked me”. Oliciters on twitter gathered together and laughed about how they lined up at cons to ask Katie about the “new” canary just to try and “drag her”. You have no idea what was said/done to her at that con, when she’s surrounded by people who hate her unjustly.

3) Katie is not just an actress. Her work obligations could be related to her tomboykc fashion blog/company or her charity work with animal adoption or cyber bullying. Since cons require out of state travel, a work obligation could be something as small as a quick interview/audition, which might only take a few hours of her day. If she has an interview/audition before lunch, that leaves her afternoon free. Whereas cons are weekend long, plus travel time. Just because she is seen having down time instead of being at a con, that doesn’t mean no work was done that day.

4) Katie has previously attended a con the day after being hospitalized and stayed hours afterwards signing free autographs to make up to fans for the day she missed.

And most importantly 5) Katie is a human being. She has a right to feel however she feels and doesnt owe anybody shit. She’s entitled to make mistakes and be in a bad mood and not feel well and sleep late or what the fuck ever. And these oliciters judge her based on her mood/actions for 30 seconds as if they’ve never been grumpy or gone to work when they didnt want to, or taken a day for themselves or what the fuck ever. Celebrities aren’t display pieces that exist just to act how you want them to and pose for your photos. Jfc.

And I just think it’s so fucking hypocritical that these Oliciters tried to actively “prove” Katie was lying about her injury when she missed one day of a con, but they all just take it on blind faith about Emily’s “anxiety”. I have an anxiety disorder. I know it’s difficult. I sympathize with Emily. Yes, I find it suspect that the few cons she does attend include SDCC which is the largest and therefore theoretically the MOST anxiety inducing, but I don’t know how her contract works and it also makes sense that she would be obligated to attend the largest cons at least, so I can believe that.

But it really drives me up a wall that these Oliciters hate and pick apart everything that Katie does, but we all know that if Emily did loads of cons and then skipped out on one or was in a bad mood, they would bend over backwards to defend her. And it’s like????? You can’t have one rule for one and another rule for another???? That’s not how it works???? Y'all aint slick.

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Headcanons of RFA member reactions (including Saeran pls) of coming home to find MC had gone to the hospital because they injured their wrist from tripping...on nothing and didn't tell them? Like she there with a wrist cast? Lol

Pfft this is something I would do


  • You ended up calling him because you realized you had no ride home and you definitely didn’t feel like walking
  • You say very softly that you were at the hospital and you had to pull the phone away from your ear
  • “Yoosung it’s fine just come pick me up please”
  • “It’s just a sprained wrist it’s okay”
  • You were more embarrassed that you ended up spraining it because you were dancing in the kitchen and tripped over your own feet


  • It slipped your mind that he was on your emergency contact list
  • Listen. This guy SPED to the hospital he almost got pulled over like four times
  • He’s out of breath by the time he finally gets to the floor where you’re at (why didn’t he take the elevator??? it would have been faster than six flights of stairs jfc)
  • “MC are you okay???? What happened?? How can I help?”
  • He carries you out of the hospital even though your arm is hurt and not your leg
  • He worried his ass off all the way to the hospital no way is he letting you out of his sight for the time being


  • You texted her around the time she got off work that you weren’t home yet
  • Today was your day off. Were you at the grocery store? No. You were getting a cast because you broke your arm
  • She rushes (SAFELY) to the hospital and sees you with a bright blue cast on your arm, a sharpie in hand and a nervous smile on your face
  • “Why didn’t you tell me…?”
  • Your face goes red
  • “I broke it…uh…. i wanted to do a hand stand. I couldn’t do a hand stand”
  • She makes sure you take care of it properly so you can get it off as soon as possible (also she might have laughed a bit at your story. Also at the foot sized dent in the wall from your oh so graceful fall)


  • Liste n it might be small but he still acts as if you could have died
  • He talks to the doctor in his ‘I’m the heir to a multi-million dollar company’ voice to make sure you got the best care possible
  • You aren’t allowed to do anything physically demanding in the slightest until you’re fully healed
  • He carries you up stairs.
  • “Jumin my legs are fine”
  • “It is simply a safety precaution”
  • he hid a laugh when you told him you slipped on water you had spilled on the floor


  • He freaks out
  • only a little a lot
  • You’re hurt??? where. how. WHAT HAPPENED
  • you were texting him the details with your free hand
  • You were trying to be active on a treadmill when it TURNED ON YOU and flung you off at the speed of light
  • Turns out, the average human can’t run at speed 18 on a treadmill
  • He cuddles you for the entire day and he definitely filled your cast with memes and also a few cute messages
  • “When will my babe’s left arm return from war….”


  • He freaks tf out
  • MC???? Is hurt???????? INJURED??? WHO DID IT 
  • He’s prepared for Murder
  • “Oh haha I tripped. My foot caught on my ankle and I landed wrong”
  • He had been hacking for hours to find the person who did it. and. it was you.
  • He doesn’t let you out of his sight, “You’re too clumsy to be left on your own. What if you break the other arm?”
  • He’s a bit too protective but it’s the thought that counts