i have been wanting to make this since forever tbh

Spring Breeze (Afterdeath) ~Vampire!Geno~


Alright, first of all, I’m sorry I took freakin’ forever X’D And I know what all ya’ll are thinking: “TRASHY- WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??”

Tbh have no excuse pfft 

But seriously, thank you guys so much for putting up with my bullshit and waiting for me :’) I hope this long-ass fanfic is enough to make it up to ya’ll, and if it isn’t, I’m sorry for being a failure-

Ever since school ended, I’ve been staying up till 3 AM writing because I wanted to get this done, but it took longer than I thought it would because originally, it wasn’t even supposed to be as long as it is right now. This is by far, my longest fanfic and it probably sucks.

Anywho, enough of my rambling. I’ll most likely die after posting this here and on Wattpad, but you guys deserve to read whatever I have created :^)

Also, please excuse if you spot any mistakes. It’s hard to spot every one of them, especially with one this long. Plus, I’m so tried X’D

Have fun-

Word Count: 17,299

Click HERE to go to my Fanfic Archive. There, you can easily find any of my past works :) 

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Y’ALL….. I’m utterly and completely astounded by the reception I’ve received since revamping last year. I joined the RPC five years ago around this time with a skeleton of a muse and no idea what I was doing. I’ve made some incredible friends along the way, friends that have shaped me as a person. You guys have kept me sane, made me smile, and been with me through some of the toughest moments in my life thus far. I adore each and every one of you. You are all so amazing and I can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

                                 ˜”*°•.  GIVEAWAY .°*˜

                                                            PRIZES  INCLUDE : 

                          a background suited for a pre-made theme of their choice  ( for reference click here )
                                                                      a promo          a custom PSD
                                                     a moodboard for your muse or ship of your choice 
                                                         a playlist for your muse or ship of your choice 
                                                          a portrait of your muse drawn by yours truly~

                                                                     RULES : 
                                                                   You must be following me yo!  
                                                               Only role playing blogs are eligible 
                                                       Likes don’t count since this is a bias list too~
                                                      Please don’t spam your followers with reblogs

                                    GIVEAWAY ENDS JULY 20TH 2017

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anonymous asked:


Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, I’m happy you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

Anon said: Luv your Kenma so much, you draw so well, xoxo

!!!!!!!!!!!! holy heck thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

Anon said: How do you draw eyes and mouth?

Ahhh I’m sorry anon but you’ve picked the wrong person to ask this one, there’s literally no rule to how I draw those, I just go for what feels best? If what feels right is a straight line and two dots that’s exactly what I’m gonna draw haha

Anon said: Do you have a store or anything? Because I would love to buy a tote bag or hoodie or something with your Tokoyami art on it tbh.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnot yet, but soon (like, next week soon, if everything goes as it should) is this about a specific Tokoyami art, by the way? Or just any random Tokoyami?

Anon said: I love your OCs! D'you have more information about them????

If you go look at my original art tag there’s a few infos about them! But if you’re interested in anything specific feel free to ask away!!

Anon said: (your art is beautiful and i weep whenever i see it) whenever i get a new fav son, i look up the va and see if i know anymore of his roles. And kiri’s va is just. So. Much. Singing. Im just sort of amazed not many people have talked abt it?? This man has been in a number of idol animes and games, and im weak. Im just curious, but did you know abt my son’s singing prowess? I’m gonna cry he’s really good…..

I didn’t know! All I knew about Kiri’s va is that he voiced Ennoshita in Haikyuu tbh (which has always made me laugh because Ennoshita and Nishinoya… Kirishima and Bakugou… can you imagine Kiri and Baku acting like Noya and Ennoshita I cry it’s hilarious) ANYWAY I’m glad my making him sing so often makes actual sense lmao

Anon said: hey just wanted to let you know that i’ve been following you since forever and i’m in awe how much you have improved and i really love what you do! i’m blown away by your amazing art every time you update!!

OH MY GOD thank you SO MUCH!!!!! *O* this actually made me incredibly happy I’m?? smiling a lot right now??? B O I !!!!!

when i reached 500 i promised everyone i would make a follow forever and… it’s been sitting in my drafts since like the 1600s half finished

NOW i have reached 1000 and i just wanted to thank everyone by actually getting off my ass (while sitting in bed) and finally making this! It means a lot that so many of you have stuck around for my nerdy ranting

(if i missed anyone then i’m very sorry! i love you all and if you think you should be on this you probably should’ve been tbh… also it’s christmas season so im really fucking nervous i missed some buds that have changed their names.)

I AM AWARE this is super long okay i have a lot of love


@ffawkes for being the absolute best friend in the entire world?? what a cutie honestly. we bonded over sin and also switching blogs, we tried that url twinning for a hot minute before you remembered your branding, and we went multi fandom together…thanks for being there every step of the way ilysm this is gay (i promised you a special shoutout you big nerd)


@jenmish @aintnome @dorkywincest @kanonoo

ily guys sm thanks for being nerds and amazing friends

mutuals are bolded 

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asdfghjkl i cant believe im even making this follow forever tbh 3k has always been my goal since 3 is my lucky number and all :”) as always i want to say a big big thank you to all my followers, people who have sent in requests and ofc my lovely mutuals, ever since my last ff ive met and spoken to so many great people  thats the only compliment u guys are getting u know who u are ;)  these blogs are fab and make my dash such a happy and wonderful place to come on to so once again thank you !! i hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)*:・゚✧

italicized : super nice people ive spoken to

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Hello everybody! Well, today was my birthday, which I spent sick in bed because my stomach is broken. I know I said earlier that I kindda stopped caring about birthdays, but this was really sad; no dinner, no cakes, no ice-cream because of my broken stomach. I’m not the partying type anyway, but I like having sweets :$ But tbh, I WASN’T THAT SAD BECAUSE I HAD FUN WITH THE PEOPLE I LOVE ESPECIALLY THOSE HERE ON TUMBLR. The birthday wishes I received today are great treasure. I really want to thank my followers from the bottom of my heart, you guys are the best in the universe

And since I haven’t been posting graphics for a while, I decided to start with a follow forever. Thank you all for making my tumblr a very nice and comfortable place and filling my dash with beauty. I love you all


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Sorry in advance if I’ve misspelled any URL XD

since i got to 100 followers im tagging some people i love and i wouldnt be able to live without and give each a compliment :) here it goes:

4am-phonecalls your blog is amazing
5sos-audio you ruin my life with every audio i swear
5sos-official idiots
acidcxlum your icon omg
amnesiaclifford i secretly love you ashtonhasmyheart you were the 10th person i followed and ive been following you ever since
ashtonirwin-tbh your blog is so fetch babyclifford you are bae bangmelikey0urdrums nice everything bro
be-fearless-brave-and-kind your blog makes me feel a lot of different ways (in a good way)
blink-fivesos YOUR BLOG IS PERFECT blink18muke blink and muke and 5sos like dude *heart eyes*
blowmikey i want your icon tattoed to my buttcheek
bonerlucas also nice everything
calsgang i consider you a homie calumfood i just love your blog girl calumsturbation B)
clemminqs <3
cliffophobic i have been following you since forever i swear
connorfranta idol, role model, fashion icon
danisnotonfire you are a human kitten
downunderirwin your blog for president
emo-jupiter babe <3
empaniall youve gotten hotter
extrasad i love you man
fairyflossmuke you are one of my favorite people on tumblr
fallenforbands been following you since the fall of the roman empire ((aka forever ago))
flannelukee you are the bestest
fletcher one of my punk rock princesses is you
fuckblink182 you are my favorite blink blog
fuckingmichael *heart eyes*
fxckyeahemmo one of my favorite bligs ever i swear
g-o-t-t-a-g-e-t-o-u-t i love you and your url man
giggly-mikey *heart eyes intensifies*
gon-zalos bitch kun do i even have to explain
heartbreakirwin hope you get laid this year
hemmoan your blog is life
hemmosquiff you give me life man
holyfuckhemmings dude just <3
hommietommo #lesbiancrush4life
honeymalum your blog makes me smile
hotdamn5sos you look cute today
impalaorbust you are my all time favorite spn blog
intoxicatedlucas *sings* yOU ARE MY GETAWAY
kawaiidan i followed you on my first day of tumblr and guess what #noragrets
lemonlucas same as ^^this^^ plus you are a nice human
letsgoyoutubing best youtube blog ever
loveslucas <3
masturbassist B) nice url B)
mikeyyycliff you are a sweet sweet catterpillar
moanhood hope cal’s face ends up between your thighs at some point of your life
mukenope as adorable as muke but as hot as mali
ohemmoh *drools*
penis-colada-af penis colada af for life
plaidmikey wish you lots of plaids and sweaters
radicalemojis your icon gives me life
radioirwin just perfect
smileylucas your blog make me smile :)
stonerlucas hope you get hugged a lot today
straiqht-up-hustler favorite atl blog and extremely adorable human
sunnylukey i want to kiss your forehead, cuddle you and read to you till you fall asleep
tattoosvsflowercrown perfect mix between hot and cute
teasecalum i love you
that-boy-with-scars you deserve so much better
therapyforamnesia your bf is cute and so are you
troyesbooty <<<3
troyesivan your smile is the cutest
troylerrocksmyworld you wake my inner lesbian
tyler-oakleys-pickle ^^so do you
tyleroakley strongest hair game alive
watermalum your url is my favorite url on tumblr
whynotfour hOT
yescuddlymuke hope you get lots of cuddles
yoursbraveboy your url makes me all warm inside
ziouis your blog gives me life
zachgarry you are one of the sweetest humans ive even seen

you guys make my day every day, and i love you for that :)