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Update on “Dust”!

Boy! The animation is alredy 10 minutes long… and here I wanted to make it “as short as possible” lol. I’m really excited to show you all what I have ready, prepare your tissues and relaxing pills, cus this is gonna be wild.Also! If I can actually keep dedicating 10 hours a day to this project as I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks, I might finish the ANIMATION by the end of this month. 

That means that I’d have to wait for Strelok and Nyx to give me the music and sounds and we should be ready to go!So… best case scenario, this thing should be released by early december 

I’ll post some screenshots to give some hype. There are a couple more of screenshots for my supporters on Patreon so go check them out too!

sans you adorable friend you

dealing with (or not) college jealousy

All around me, my friends are getting into college. My best friend just got into her dream school. One of my classmates got into Stanford last week. My Facebook feed is filled with posts about “_____ University Class of 2021!!” And I’m happy for them all. I really am. But, having been rejected from my dream school last week and now having to wait months to find out where I’m going, a part of me winces every time I see a new acceptance. 

I started writing this with the goal of giving advice for other people in the same boat as me, but really, I’ve got nothing. I am so, so, so happy for my best friend and all the other people who’ve gotten into their dream schools–they all deserve the world. But part of me will be a little bitter until March, when I get my own acceptance letters.

So I can’t really offer advice. But I guess I just want to say that, if other people are feeling like this, you’re not alone. We’re not bad people–we can be happy for people and sad for ourselves at the same time. Frankly, rejection sucks, and we shouldn’t be expected to get over it right away. However, just because other people are getting in earlier than us doesn’t mean that we’re not as smart or deserving or whatever. Come May, both those who are already in and those of us who have to wait will be deciding on great places, with great futures ahead of us all. Hang in there!

If any of my followers have been saving or thinking about buying a BJD, Doll in Mind is having their last sale before they retire all of their current sculpts. Their dolls are beautiful, well made, and completely legit. They would make a great first doll for anyone. The wait time will not be long either, I waited two months when I ordered last time (August this year), but some people only waited around two weeks.

There are some great deals:

A full YoSD doll (they are kind of bobble headed tho) for $124
A full MSD doll for $159 ($155 if you assemble it yourself)
A full SD doll for $205 (you will have to assemble it yourself)

Assembling/restringing a doll is not hard at all :) Youtube has plenty of restringing tutorials.

Shipping is EMS and will probably be around $30-$60 to ship to the USA
If anyone has any questions on how to order with paypal I will gladly help. 


OKie, so I don't obviously like talking about this but since this bs came up, I'm gonna talk about it. I had the same reaction to probably the majority of you, but soon I calmed myself down and got all the details behind this so I can understand everything and make this post which will hopefully help you calm down as well <3. 

1.) First of all, A LOT of people have been saying that this was taken today but it wasn't because Calum met a fan today wearing a different color shirt and also this looks exactly like the picture of them waiting in line for the museum that we got a few weeks ago which is this one: 

2.) SataNia looks like she’s kissing his cheek but really isn’t, she’s just really close to his face with her clingy self and basically acts likes this around others as well not to mention Calums own bandmates do it so it’s just a friend thing. They aren’t kissing, it’s like a normal thing she could even be whispering something to him you never know. So when I type “kissing” I’m just basically saying SataNia being close to his face. 

3.) Now I find it REALLY odd that somehow the pictures of SataNia “kissing” Calums cheek  got leaked now instead of then and how the Jingle Ball is soon to come and Bye Purple will be performing. We ALWAYS get Calum and SataNia stuff before Bye Purple has something big to do like, for example, a music video, late show with James Corden, Jingle Ball, and the list goes on. SataNia needs the publicity for her band to unflop it so they are going to probably do more Calum and SataNia sightings, I guess you can call it. This is basically PR which you can go to @calum-hood-could or @5sosdramarama for more. 

4.) Now I know this is very stressful and annoying but we are going to have to go through this and its tough but don't let this control you, especially don’t let this make you leave the fandom. I know a bunch of people who left the fandom because of this and just drama in general but again don’t let drama control you, try to think positive and if you need someone to talk to then I’m always up especially @calum-hood-could and @5sosdramarama . Here’s a breathing exercise that can help when you’re stressed out, anxiety, when there’s drama, etc.

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 5.) You can see in both pictures and all pictures that we get of them that are “close” that Nia is always the one to be clingy. She’s always clingy while Calum looks uninterested, and in this photo, you can see that pretty well. Calum is looking ahead while Nia is close to his face while holding onto his neck. Also, there’s a phone in Calums hand I believe and so there are also other rumours to this which one of them being Calum is taking a photo of Nia “kissing” his cheek. That’s not true because the screen is black and if he was to take a picture you would see Calum and Nia on the phone and basically the screen wouldn’t be black. This also shows that Calum is uninterested since he’s holding his phone in front of his face.  Not only that but again pictures can’t tell us everything perfectly. This can be taken at where all of this probably was fast paced but the photo makes it look like it was longer and has more effect on it. So SataNia having his arm around him and being close could’ve been for a couple of seconds. Nia is clingy in general and I’m surprised that there aren’t as that many Nia and Casey/ Nia and Ashton rumours as there is for Calum and Nia because she’s clingy to him too, and hangs out with him as much as Calum.

6.)  Also Nia is a tag along with Cashton and Cashtons the real couple SooOOOO.

7.)  I’ve also have been seeing a lot of people telling others to just get over it and to just stop hating calum and Nia, basically telling others to ship them or like them or to believe that they are dating. First of all, you can’t tell anybody to like someone or dislike someone nor to believe something. It’s their decision to like/dislike someone and to believe something or not, not yours. The last thing I want right now is someone telling me to get over Calum and Nia or just accept the fact that they are “dating” (their belief). You can ship them or you can believe that they are dating and I won’t mind but don't tell me or anyone to believe or like them together. Same goes with Luke and Arzaylea and Michael and Crystal (which I have different opinions for each). So if you don't agree with this post then it’s fine, just scroll past. AnYWAys, If you wanna talk to me about it, you can always message me or send me an ask ❤️ - A❤️🌹   

Hello, things to celebrate!

Alright, this has been in the works for about a week and a half. I met a goal of 1.3k + followers and wanted to do a mutuals post. BUT, I decided to wait until Valentine’s Day to do a LOVE YOUR FELLOW MUTUAL post.  ♥ ♥ ♥

AND to celebrate all the followers, I am gonna open up a little thing until tomorrow (2/15) at 10PM PST. If you would like an icon made (or a sidebar, I can work with that too), send me an ask. I’ll put some examples of stuff I have done AFTER the mutuals under the cut. I love you guys too  ♥ ♥ ♥


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This is the second part to “Hidden Truth”, I’m posting it now because I am leaving tonight to celebrate Christmas with my family until tomorrow night, so I won’t be able to post. I decided I wouldn’t make you wait on this one and give you the second part immediatly since there will be no imagines tomorrow! I wish you all an early merry Christmas! You have probably been the best thing that happened to me this year, including Joe and the buttercream squad. Thank you for all your love xx

Part 2 of Hidden Truth


It had been now over a week since I’ve been staying at Joe’s house. He had been an absolute sweetheart to me, I mean, he always have but ever since I showed up at his house in tears,he was treating me like a princess and it meant the world to me. I had to admit that for the past few months, where things were completely out of control with Tyler and I only developed hate towards him, I’ve felt something I’ve never felt before. Maybe something called love towards my best friend and it was scaring me to death because whenever our hands would accidentally touch, I would feel shivers all over my body. And this never happened with Tyler or anyone else before. 

As I was sitting on a chair next to the pool watching my friends having their own fun and hearing their beautiful laughs, I was writing in what teenagers would have called a diary but it was not exactly that. After he broke my heart,I began writing a lot. I wrote and wrote and I’ve described him as a hurricane, a drug. Now that I’ve started to move on,I don’t see him that way anymore. He wasn’t anything above ordinary,he was just a boy. A boy who abused my kindness and love and that was that. 

My upper body was covered with one of Joe’s sweatshirt that I bought him a long while ago and I wore a short since the bruises on my legs were all gone unlike the ones on my stomach,arms and back. That was the secret I haven’t told anyone. I haven’t seen my brothers in a while and I missed them a lot but if they knew that I’ve been hit and abused by Tyler since the last 4 months, they would lose their minds.


Oli and I were fighting in the pool and laughing like crazy as Caspar was vlogging us. I looked over to see Y/N  standing next to the pool, writing something. I noticed her outfit and I couldn’t understand why the hell she was wearing a sweatshirt when it was 40°© outside. I took a minute to admire her beauty. She was so focused on her writing. She had her hair in a messy bun and it was my favourite haircut of hers. I had to admit that having her around for the past week was amazing. Having the company of your best friend felt great, plus I could easily picture the two of us living in the house for the rest of my life. 

I felt Caspar hit me in the arm and I break out from my stare. “When are you going to make a move on her? Look at you,staring at her like a creepy stalker.” Caspar exclaimed and they both laughed. “Shut up.” I rolled my eyes and made my way towards her,swimming. I threw a bit of water towards her and she stopped writing. “Hey!” She whined with a smile. Oh my god, her smile made me bubble up on the inside. “Come on and join us. It’s like boiling hot, right now.” I laughed and her expression completely changed, she just looked down, not glancing at me or even giving me a small smile. She got up. “I’m fine,I’m just,um, going to get something to drink.” She said and walked off quickly into the house. I frowned at her reaction. Something was wrong. “Well done,buddy.” Oli said and they laughed. 

I just ignored them and got out of the pool. I noticed that there wasn’t any towel. I made my way towards the glass door and Y/N stood there. “Would you mind giving me a towel?” I gently asked and she smiled and bend down to the couch to take the towel. As she bend down,my eyes got wide as I noticed something that looked like a bruise on the small of her back. I felt myself filled with worry and anger. I truly hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was. “What’s that on your back?” I asked,frowning and her face turned pale. “There’s nothing on my back.” She answered but her voice cracked and I knew her all too well, she was nervous. She handed me the towel and I put it around my shoulders. She was about to leave but I grabbed her wrist. “Please, don’t lie to me.” I said dryly, still holding her arm. “Joe,it’s nothing.” She said, her eyes not meeting mine and I knew she was lying when she avoided my glance. I let her go and she walked towards the couch. “Y/N, please.” I said, still staring at her upper body. “I’m not lying to you.” She almost yelled at me and I couldn’t stand her lying like that. 

I quickly walked towards her and pulled up the jumper she was wearing. She tried to stop me but she knew I was a lot stronger and I felt my heart shrink as my eyes felt on the marks on her stomach. “What the bloody hell is this?” I snapped at her and I was sure that the boys heard but I didn’t even care. She took a step back by surprise and I could see that she was panicking but I was so pissed. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down and got closer to her slowly. “Take it off.” I ordered and she wasn’t saying anything. She just looked down. I knew she was wearing her swimsuit,I could see the lace of it on the back of her neck. “Joe-” She tried to speak but I cut her off. “Just take it off.” I snapped again and she just sighed and pulled the jumper off. My jaw dropped as I saw more and more bruises on her arms and her back. I could feel the blood getting hot through my veins from anger and shock. As my eyes examined her body, she made a step back. “Who did that to you?” I asked in a softer voice even though I wanted to scream at her for not telling me. She kept looking down and it was getting on my last nerve. “Y/N, look at me and tell me who the hell did that to you?” I snapped and she suddenly looked up to me and when our glances met, I swear I could read her mind. “It’s him,isn’t it? It’s this fucking prick?” I snapped again and she nodded. I just let my hands go above my head and I was so fucking pissed. Not at her but at him. “How long has he been hitting you?” I asked, not yelling this time. “4 months.” She answered and her voice cracked. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have kicked his ass!” I snapped again and it seemed like it was all I could do. “Why? Am I not supposed to be your best friend? We’ve known each other for years! How could you not tell me about this?” I yelled and it was clear that my words were hurting her but that’s not what I wanted. She didn’t answer, she just kept looking at me. I could see some tears coming out of her eyes and I felt bad for reacting this way.

I sighed and got closer. “I’m sorry. It’s just..pissing me off.” I said, accentuating the word ‘pissing’. “Because I love you.” She whispered and I frowned. “What?” I whispered back and our glances met again. “I didn’t tell you because I love you.” She said with tears streaming down on her face just as fast as they were the day she showed up at my door. “That’s also why you’re the first person I went to when I ran away from his flat.” And this time I was the one being quiet. My anger suddenly took off and my heart started to race. “And that’s also why I lied to you about what happened. I didn’t want you to freak out like you just did.” She managed to say between her tears. Even when she cries she’s beautiful. I felt like my heart was going to explode. “It’s because I’m in love with you.” She said and my heart skipped a beat. She loved me too. I’ve never felt such an amazing and overwhelming feeling. I was still so pissed and shocked and freaked out about what I just found out but her words were soothing. She suddenly wrapped her arms around my chest and I was afraid to touch her just like she was made of glass but I slowly wrapped my arms around her as well. I sighed and kissed her forehead. “I love you too.” I whispered and her head looked up to me with a small smile. I smiled as well and I was just about to lean in when I heard the guys coming in and we both pulled away from our embrace.


{Later that day ; 10:30pm}

After Joe ‘invited’ my brothers over and I explained everything to them and our friends, I sat outside on the couch that Joe had put here. Conor was absolutely freaking out about Tyler, he wanted to beat the crap out of him when Jack was more concerned about how I was feeling and about the bruises. They all wanted me to go to the hospital but I didn’t. All I wanted was to forget about everything and just spend time with the people I love. I held a blanket over my shoulders because it was a bit cold at night. 

I suddenly heard someone joining me. I looked up and saw Joe smiling. He was wearing the jumper I borrowed to hide the bruises this afternoon. He sat down next to me. “Are you okay?” He nicely asked and I nodded. “Yeah. I’m just thinking.” I answered and flashed him a smile. “I’m sorry about earlier.” He said and looked down. I frowned,looking at him. “For what?” I asked and he sighed. “Yelling at you.” He answered, looking up to meet my eyes. “It’s fine. You don’t have to be sorry, Joe.” I admitted and he just shook his head. “Of course, I have to.” He said and smiled. 

He stared at me for a minute and I frowned with a smirk. “What are you looking at?” I asked and his eyes met mine again. “Just you.” He said and couldn’t keep his eyes off my face. His answer made me blush. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He said and leaned in slowly,looking between my lips and eyes. “And I am so in love with you.” He added and I felt my chest tightened from his words. 

I closed my eyes and felt our lips collide. One of his hand made its way to my cheek and pulled me deeper in the kiss, which was slow, steady and magical. I felt this butterflies in my stomach and it was one of the best thing I’ve ever felt. Probably the best thing actually. After a long minute, we both pulled away to catch some breath. “Wow.” Joe breathed out and smiled. Our foreheads were touching. “I never thought our first kiss would be that intense.” He whispered and it made me laugh. “Me neither.” I whispered back and we both chuckled before we kissed again and all of the previous actions were forgotten for the best.

This is about the soft awakenings,
the brave realisations, the happening miracles.
This is about loss,
and what you find after.
This is about how the sun loved the moon so much
she’d let her shine even in the day.
This is no longer listening to the room of echoes,
of finally letting go,
of getting to know lightness.
This is the swallows singing the sky home.
This is about the way you look at me
when you’re drunk. Like
I’m a miracle. Like
maybe this is all enough for us.
And this is laughter claiming home
in our mouths.
This is about the words you say
when you think I’m not listening.
And these are the battles that have left us defeated,
the wars we’ve won, and
the bloodshed that keeps on coming.
This is slipping through forever
and catching the moments as we fall.
This is what happens after.
The healing.
The days of barely making it.
This is setting yourself on fire
to burn through the darkness,
to get to the other side.
This is searching for something, anything.
This is walking through your ghosts and
finding pieces of yourself everywhere.
This is building yourself a home and having
every wall leaning a little bit to the left
because your hands couldn’t stop shaking.
This is standing at the edge
of some unknown
with a gentle tremble in your chest.
This is it.
This is it.
This is it.
—  A.Y. // this is it
Are you up for a second ride? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Peter Parker imagine where Spider-Man takes the reader all over the city? Obviously the reader would know it’s Peter. And can it be really cute and sweet? Thanks! by @stantasticstan

A/N: I’m back!!!!!! I will be posting three imagines a day from now on for a week or so(or that I do hope). I’m sorry for the time I was gone, but I used it to write and relax(I was on vacation at the beach with a friend). Hope you enjoy this one!

’’I’m bored’’ you say as you lie on Peter’s bed. You have been there for an hour, waiting for him to finish whatever he is doing. You had been fine with just lying there for the first thirty minutes, but it was boring now.
‘’I’m almost done’’ he whispers, a screwdriver in his hand.
‘’What are you even doing?’’ you say, rolling over and trying to see something from your spot on bed.
He doesn’t answer and just keeps working. You don’t insist, knowing he isn’t going to answer anyway, and take out your phone to text your friends.
‘’I’m done!’’ Peter shouts, startling you and making your phone fall on your face. He looks at you when you mutter and ‘ow’ and laughs, getting up from his chair. ‘’I’m done, [Y/N]! I have finished the improvement of the web shooters!’’
You laugh and get up from the bed, walking to the table and checking the web shooters.
‘’These are incredible, Pete’’ you whisper. ‘’I still can’t believe you are so intelligent.’’
He laughs and blushes, turning around while you are still looking at the web shooters. You turn around moments after and find him in his underwear, and you just stand there, shocked. When he turns around and sees you looking at him, he blushes again and quickly covers himself with what he has in his hands -his Spiderman suit.
‘’I-I was going to change and you weren’t-you weren’t looking so…’’ he rambles.
You laugh softly and turn around, giving him privacy to change.
‘’Are you gonna go fight crime right now?’’ you say, still turned around. You don’t want him to go, but you know he has to.
‘’No’’ he says, and you can tell he is struggling to put on the suit for the sounds he is making. ‘’I need to test the web shooters. I know they will work, but I just want to make sure they can hold nicely.’’
You finally turn around to look at him and see him having trouble to zip up the suit. You walk to him and, turning him around, start to zip it up his back.
‘’How do you manage to zip this everyday?’’ you ask, a small smile on your face.
‘’I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I’ve left the house with the suit unzipped more times than I would like to admit’’ he says. He suddenly shuts up and furrows his brows, and you know he has had an idea when he grins at you. ‘’Can you pass me the web shooters?’’ he asks, and quickly puts them on when you give them to him.
You don’t even have time to think about what’s going to happen before you feel yourself being pulled up into the hair, your arms wrapping quickly around Peter’s neck.
‘’Peter!’’ you shout, eyes closed. ‘’I’m gonna kill you!’’
He laughs and wraps his arm around your waist harder, not letting go of you. When you finally open your eyes, you let out a strangled breath and open your eyes wide in awe, taking in the amazing view.
Peter swings around Queens, shooting webs at different buildings and laughing whenever you flinch in fear of getting hit with something. You know people are watching you -after all, Spiderman is swinging around Queens when there is no trouble around and there is girl in his arms.
You hope nobody will recognize you, but you try not to focus on that. You are swinging around Queens in the arms of your best friend -and the guy you’ve had a crush on for forever-, and it could not feel better.
You press your head into Peter’s neck, a smile making its way onto your face. You laugh when Peter shouts in excitement, and he laughs with you.
He finally puts you down on the top of a building, his arm still wrapped around your waist. You take off his mask, an arm still around his waist, and ruffle his hair with your hand, messy after being under the mask.
The smile on your face slowly disappears as you get nervous after realizing how close you are. Your eyes wander to his lips and back to his eyes, noticing his eyes are fixated in your lips. Taking a risk, you get closer, your lips almost touching his but too scared to touch them completely. When you are about to pull apart, he pulls you closer, his lips finally crashing into yours. You wrap both of your arms around his neck instantly, pulling him even closer until there are no gaps between you. It’s not a passionate kiss, but it is indeed a kiss that proves that you have both wanted it for a long time.
When you pull apart to breathe, Peter and you are smiling, a huge grin on his face. It suddenly disappears as he remembers something, his eyes open wide.
‘’Shit, Aunt May thinks we are supposed to be home’’ he says. He furrows his brows for a second before smiling again. ‘’Are you up for a second ride?’’
Before you have a chance to answer, he is swinging off the building, you in his arm, the sound of your laughter echoing through the city.

anonymous asked:

Have you done a breed analysis post for Beagles yet? If not, would you mind putting one together? Thank you!

Sure I can, I know you’ve been waiting for about 6 weeks now, but please note the disclaimer.

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life. 

Originally posted by nala-thebeagle

Ear infections are the most common reason a Beagle will see me at the clinic. Those big, droopy, heavy ears seem to trap moisture particularly well and frequently end up with ear infections.

It’s quite possible that seasonal allergies contribute to the frequency of ear infections too, That’s another common reason for these dogs to preset. Fr some reason, so is blocked anal glands.

The breed has a reputation for following their nose, and for eating whatever they find at the end of that search. This might result in intestinal foreign bodies, gastroenteritis or garbage toxicity, depending on what the dog decides to eat. They’re also prone to obesity for the same reason. Pancreatitis is not uncommon due to their indiscriminate eating habits.

Hypothyroidism may be an underlying reason for obesity, but it’s equally likely that the dog is just very food motivated.

I’ve seen a couple of these dogs get cherry eye for no obvious anatomical reason. Some individuals have more skin on the head than average, and these dogs sometimes have drooping eyelids, but that’s not a consistent risk factor.

Intervertebral disc disease is reported to be common in this breed, and while I have seen a couple of older dogs go down with prolapsing discs, it’s more common for me to simply see arthritic spines.

Demodex mange is probably more common than average in this breed, but not as common as in dobermans or staffords.

The most serious condition that surprises nobody when a beagle develops it is epilepsy. They can develop this at any age, but the most common age range in my experience has been between 4 and 7 years. These dogs were traditionally put onto phenobarbitone to control the seizures, which has a side effect of causing hunger and weight gain. This is on top of the beagle’s normal love of food.

I see a fair few of these dogs with cruciate ligament tears too, usually torn doing something active but foolish.

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This weeks dose of fanfic pt.1

sorry for the wait guys, here are some fics that have been updated or posted from the month of august till now! :)


Die Young, Stay Pretty

Zayn is happy being a hairdresser who minds his own business; that is, until someone called “Liam” has to come in, dragging his friend on the back of a bet. And, really, Zayn didn’t stand a chance.

Do you have to let it linger?

“We’re married, I swear. It sounds crazy but we are. I was in 2020, and then I woke up back in 2010 and life is very different but there has to be a reason why I found you again, right? Please, listen to me.” Zayn pleads while Liam looks freaked out, “Uhh, sorry mate, but I don’t even know you, you must’ve gotten me wrong for some other bloke.”

between the past and future (we’ll find a forever)

❝ He feels like he isn’t doing it for Zayn anymore, because the interest in his mind starts building a tower for itself and he brings himself not to mind anymore. ❞or where Liam and Zayn fall in love over Bollywood-y things.

Start again

This last 18 months have all been about endings and not just temporary endings, permanent change and Liam just wants to feel like the ground isn’t quicksand under his feet anymore.A story where Liam’s parents head for Australia leaving him with no choice but to find a nanny to help him take care of Hannah. This is what happens next.

Swipe Right

Liam, 26
less than a mile away
“Daddy gets high, but daddy takes care of business"Or the one where zayn gets out of a relationship and decides to try out tinder and meets the one and only Liam Payne.

words will be just words till you bring them to life

He lived in a world where people are born inked with words forearms and wrists. Words that have meaning and reason. The first words your soulmate directs at you.
(Or alternatively, just another soulmate AU)

Tattoos and Superheros

Inspired by this tumblr post:
"AU where everyone is born with a very unique tattoo on their ankle, nobody else in the world has that tattoo. Every time you fall in love with someone, their tattoo appears somewhere else on your body. (not necessarily soulmates, just who you fall in love with)."Zayn Malik, who only has one tattoo on his body that wasn’t his own, and that was enough. He didn’t need anymore than that, it was difficult enough the first time.Liam Payne, the popstar who falls in love too easily, whose body is scattered with tattoos.So what happens when they meet and find a new tattoo on each of their bodies? I blame the Superhero Incident.

Pup Fiction

The lives of two dads, a baby, and a puppy intertwine in a (short) tale of giggling and yapping.–
It’s entertaining to the point of Zayn belatedly realising he’s no longer behind Liam. Instead, he now watches the adorable ‘massacre’ from Liam’s lap, soothed by a gentle warm hand on his back. Gentle circles on the small of his back underneath his shirt. This is certain to make him melt every time."It’s cute, but— we’re watching this 'cos…?”“Obvious, innit?” Liam grins, eyes crinkling up as his whole face lights up with excitement. “Alim’s getting his own dog."Well, Zayn can’t say he saw this one coming.
– Or the one where Zayn should learn how to say 'no’ to Liam.

Zayn, The wonder photographer

“you killed him..how could you do that? I thought we were brothers man.”

Thirst Has No Curfew

Zayn and Liam have a Halloween movie night, but an innocent night turns into something else.

They don’t know we know

Inspired by the Friends episode “The one where everyone finds out.”Liam and Zayn decide to see how long it takes the other boys to figure out they’re together, added to them not allowed to leave their hotel, turns into a battle to see who wins.They don’t know that we know that they know that we know.

I thank God you came (how many more days could I wait?)

Four years ago, Hawkeye saved the Black Widow. Now Zayn has to save Liam.

Zayn + Liam [Romeo and Juliet au]

Romeo and Juliet, their love story is one of the most told around the world, except, aren’t love stories supposed to end with happily ever afters?So what happens when Zayn Malik, son of one of the most well known and richest CEOs in London, falls in love with the son of his father’s rival, Liam Payne?Will their love story end like Romeo and Juliet’s, with poison and blood, or will theirs be different?

Just a four letter word

Zayn’s fine living in this world where love’s unspoken. Not allowed.Till he’s not.

The Money Maker

a fake relationship AU where Zayn struggles to hide his fond for Liam, and maybe–just maybe–Liam has the same problem with Zayn

Sink or swim

Zayn hates swimming pools. He has to go pick up his daughter from one, when he sees her swimming teacher, he may just forget how much he hates them.(a prompt fill from Tumblr for Single Dad/Teacher AU. and another exercise in how I can’t come up with titles for love nor money)

Cupcakes & Confessions

Ethan giggled at that, pressing his little fingers into Zayn’s beard. “Your kisses tickle, papa!”Zayn froze, his lips on the tip of Ethan’s nose. He and Liam had only been together a few months, and Ethan routinely called him ‘Zee’……so this? This was new.

Leave The Past Behind 

Apart from a failed relationship and a secret that he’s not sharing with anyone, Liam likes his orderly life just fine. Zayn hates people like Liam and when a chance encounter throws them together, neither of them are prepared for what follows.

Every Day With You

Liam and Zayn have been married for years, and have three beautiful sons. Liam works from home to take care of the house and the kids, while Zayn spends all of his time working. Dealing with an angsty teenager, a hyper 7 year old, and a quickly growing toddler (mostly) alone is dragging him down to a place he hasn’t been since before he and Zayn met. At least their dog is cute.

Let’s kiss a little instead

Zayn and Liam are the world’s best football players and they both play for opposite teams. Zayn had a hard time growing up and struggles a lot with anxiety and pressure problems and he hates Liam for always being cool and chill and perfect. So when the two rivals finally meet, things go down a completely different road than Zayn had expected.

Temporary Fix

Liam’s boyfriend recently broke up with her and Zayn decides to have a girls night in… just one tender touch leads to a passionate night and Liam can’t help but wonder if this temporary fix can solve her heartache.

Begin Again

Zayn watches Liam everyday on the bus, he has a sketch pad full of drawings, half written songs about the boy with the brown eyes but absolutely no desire to get his heart broken again.

Nobody Compares


I don’t want to be without you anymore

They broke up. He’s broken.


In which Liam’s girlfriend of 2 years breaks up with him, leaving him an absolute pathetic, wreck, so his friends [Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn] take it upon themselves to take him out to a club after weeks of solitude.While they’re there, Zayn unknowingly helps Liam hook up with a girl, which results in Liam begging Zayn to be his wingman and help him hook up with anyone he deems worthy.Zayn agrees [sort of], but unbeknownst to Liam, there’s just a faint problem.Zayn is helplessly, irrevocably, and unbelievably in love with Liam.

Shades of Blue

The moment the sentence drops on the table he notices the way Liam starts to shake before he’s looking into his eyes with this incredulous look on his face. “You’d want that?” He heaves out his tone almost bewildered.
Zayn just grabs his fingers under the table and presses. “If I didn’t – you’d know by now I wouldn’t have stuck around.”
“But you’re so – I don’t really know how to put it – just –”
“Shush it.” He orders maybe a bit too harshly. “You’re one of the best things that have entered my life since she left it. Kiss me.”
He watches as Liam’s eyes divert towards the girls lost in the tablet Liam handed Vi in the car. “Kiss me.” He says again. “From the look of them, they’ll be just fine with the news.”

I Like the Color Red, So I Let It Bleed

(Or the one where Zayn is not interested in thinking about the consequences of making Liam his).

We Are The Worst

Liam and Zayn meet up on Grindr and screw it up the first time. Niall wants to rectify that.

Never Gonna Wanna Let Me Go

Zayn Malik is one of the highest paid escorts in London. He’s good at his job, he knows this. But it’s not his chosen field, it’s easy money so he can have a chance to pursue his chosen field without becoming homeless. His employer Caroline has many rules to keep him safe but Zayn only has one ‘Don’t Get Attached’. Of course, there was always going to be one, the guy who would come in to the picture and make Zayn’s easy job almost impossible.

Guess I always push my luck when I’m with you 

the Tinder AU nobody asked for. 

When I’m with you

They’ve been pushing their luck since the day they met, difference is they do it together.This is canon but of course AU. The lead up to the kiss in 2014 at the NRJs.

amentation (MCD)

What is grief? In technical terms, it is a multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. My mum likes to say that grief is the invisible anchor that has kept me in my bed, too weary to properly function. Grief is what cause people to look at me strangely when I suddenly can’t breathe because I saw something that forced me to think of him. It shouldn’t be this hard. He was just a boy. A boy with freckled cheeks that crinkled by his eyes every time his frown that would curve upwards and instantly have everyone surrounding him grinning too. To me, grief had very little similiarities to what I have been going through since the day his mum called mine with news that would change my life forever.


Liam’s been blind since he’s eight, and he’s now twenty three. Zayn’s a painter who plays his music too loud, and always wears a collogne that sticks in the hallways. Liam has an imaginative mind, and Zayn has the brushes to paint it. They help each other out.


Zayn and Liam are two complicated and slightly dysfunctional people trying to craft an uncomplicated and functional relationship.


Basically, I wrote this for the first round of the 1D Lyric Wheel on tumblr.
I got Happily and it ends up with poor Liam getting drunk because Zayn goes on a date with someone else.

We came all this way (but now comes the day to bid you farewell)

my angsty take on the "come on then, come on” kiss.

Let’s Be Alone Together

maybe in the end it doesn’t matter so much where you end up, as long as you aren’t alone.

My Bestfriend’s Wedding

Zayn’s getting married.

so come on give me a taste

Liam gets really drunk and when he’s drunk he gets horny.

this dawn monologue

for the first time in a while, zayn allows himself to crumble.

Beyond the sea

This story is played in the mid 19th.. Zayn, Louis and Niall are pirate friends and their captain is Louis. Harry is a British nobleman who will join in by a few chapters.. And the major character is Liam, the captain of a birtish navy ship.
All of them will eventually get together, with Some accidents..

a solid thousand percent

ziam coffee shop au.

chasing something in the night

Another drabble from the SPN universe. I have so many head canons. So many.

sequel  from we’re riding out tonight to case the promised land

A Pirate’s Love for me

In the early 19th century, The two most prestigious packs of London, the Paynes and Maliks hate each other guts. So The Alpha king, who was mostly a peaceful man decided to have an end to this feud by tying an Alpha with an omega of the other pack. Once this agreement achieved the couple would get a tempting prize, but would the two families allow the chosen couple to have some peace?

The Edge of Everything (8)

Happy Saturday! I’ve been trying to post all week and have been behind trying to also write for Nano! So here’s a nice long chapter. The next chapter is one of my favs and I cannot wait to share. Thanks for the love and comments on this story they mean the world to me. Enjoy =)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chapter 8

The best part about my job at the coffee shop was that the owner allowed me to bring Rey even when she was a baby. She understood how hard it was for me to find a job and take care of my child. She was the first and only person who truly cared to offer me a place to work while I was still learning how to be a single mother.

I loved working in this place. It was small and quiet, I knew most of the customers by name. I didn’t have a lot of hours, but it was nice to get out of the house and do something other than laundry and chores. It was nice to be needed as more than a mother. It kept me sane in those months when I thought the depression would drag me under.

The cafe was crowded today. I set Rey up in her corner table, the one where I could see her and yet she could color to her heart’s content. I kissed the top of her head as I grabbed my apron.

“Remember I can see you,” I pointed to the counter.

She giggled, “behave.”

I nodded and tapped her nose, “that’s my girl. And no talking to strangers.”

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so i SAID i was gonna wait until tomorrow to start posting these as a little birthday gift from me to you guys, i figured one night early wasn’t gonna be a huge deal!

this is part 1 to the unseen, mysterious comics that reside beyond the covers of God’n’Gabe II! it’ll make a lot more stuff make more sense. i’ll post the rest throughout the week! ENJOY

[part 2] [parts 3 & 4] [part 5]

I’ve been seeing this stuff all over the damn place lately and was 100% skeptical about using it as a primer. But earlier this week I was in the men’s shaving aisle at Target, waiting for Devin to pick out razors and this stuff caught my eye. And so for $5.54 I figured, what have I got to lose?

I’ve been wearing it under my foundation for the past three days and oh. my. gosh. The hype is so real! I usually have a problem with my foundation looking really cakey in between my eyebrows, around my nose, and on my top lip and it usually wears off on the tip of my nose after a few hours. But when I use this, not only does it make my foundation lay better and look super smooth on the skin, even in my problem areas, but it keeps it on all. day. long. It smells a little manly at first but otherwise, 10/10 do recommend, pick this stuff up next time you see it!

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I can't learn my target language on duolingo yet! I have been waiting for this since the day it was first approved in the incubator. The course completion status says 100% but they haven't released it yet and every time I go to check when it's supposedly coming out, the date has been moved back a few days! The creators haven't posted anything for weeks and I have been asking all over the place to see if I can get some information on when I will be able to finally start the skill tree, but I can't get in contact with anyone who knows anything more than me on the matter. All I want is to learn this language, why don't they just release it in beta already??


Have You Been Drinking Again

a:n// YOOOO, I’M ALIVE. but for real, I promised I’d have one up tonight so here it is. A lovely request for a lovely anon. I hope you like it, and I’m so sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys like it a lot and I’m also dead ass tired so if it’s kinda poopy it’s cause I was like half asleep writing this. So sorry if it sucks. Love you all. I’ll get better at posting I promise.


Another pointless date, with another random guy. This is the 4th date I’ve been on this week. And no, it wasn’t a sex thing, where we go out, go home together and have sex. I ended every date with a hug and just never contacting them again.

I just couldn’t. Literally every conversation we had, I couldn’t find anything to spark my interest. Clearly the guys had a nice time, the excitement in their voice and body language as they talked all about themselves and their lives, and they all seemed boring to me quite frankly. There was just no connection.

The reason why I’m in this situation? It’s kinda complicated. Prior to this dating spree I had this guy I was kinda seeing. We met through a mutual friend, Nate. I worked the boards in his studio sessions, and he did a song with his best friend. The one and only Sammy Wilk.

Sammy and I really hit it off and we became really close. As my relationship with Nate grew, so did my friendship with Sammy. I started hanging out with them more and more and then Sammy and I just kinda became a thing.

Fans found out and shipped us hard, and well neither of us were the relationship type, so we just didn’t really label it. He called me his, and only his and I called him mine. Yeah we were together, but just not labeled. Unofficially, official. And things were good for the longest time. A year and a half, calling each other babe and baby, lots of I love you’s and a great sex life.

But then one night I showed up to his place for a party he was having. I had a late night at the studio, so I had arrived like 3 hours after the party started. I was greeted by people, all my friends since becoming so close with the boys, but I couldn’t find Sammy. Nate said he thought he was outside, so I went out looking for him, only to find him sitting by the fire, Stassie straddling him and she was whispering to him, and I started walking over there, but then her lips were on his, and I felt my heart shatter.

“hey (y/n) what’s up?” Gilinsky spoke from next to Sammy, who pulled back from Stassie panic written on his face.

“hey G” I replied, and then turned around, getting ready to leave.

I heard Sammy calling out behind me as I moved through the crowd of people. I was done with this. Stassie was always all over Sammy, and he never did anything to like, push her away. She always talked about how hot he was and the things she would do to him, literally right in front of me when she knew Sammy and I were like, a thing.

He caught up to me, grabbing my elbow, spinning me around to face him. I had tears in my eyes cause I love him. He tried to explain, but I was just too stubborn and too caught up in the moment. I was yelling at him, screaming at him, tears streaming down my face.

Johnson came out and pulled me away from Sammy, G and Nate grabbing Sam and taking him back inside. Johnson drove me home and let me cry about it the whole way home. He listened to everything I had to say and he just really helped me, talking me through it.

Well the next day Sammy showed up, but I was still pissed. We fought. I was screaming at him, and he would yell at me because ‘I wasn’t listening’ but I didn’t care. I wanted him to know exactly how I felt. I threw a plate at him when he called me a bitch, which caused us to fight even more. And I finally had enough. I told him to get out and leave and that I never wanted to see him again, tears staining my cheeks, and Sammy’s face softened at the sight before he sighed and left.

So after that, I just needed a few days to cool down. Sammy would still text me, ask me if I was okay, if we could talk, but I ended up just ignoring them. I needed some time to think things over. But then I saw pictures of him at the studio with the boys, and fucking Stassie.

So after crying to my friends about it they told me to ‘get the fuck over it and show him what he’s missing’ so that’s why I’m on these little dates. And I tried to have fun, and have a nice time, but these guys were just all duds. It’s been a month, and I haven’t found one guy that sparks my interest.

“(y/n), are you even listening?” my date, Evan asked.

“oh, uh, yeah sorry. I’m just not feeling that well. I think I’m gonna go home. I’m sorry.” I flashed a sympathetic smile and grabbed my stuff, kissing him on the cheek and thanking him and headed home.

When I got home I took a bath, the warmth relaxing me. I lost track of time and next thing I know it’s midnight, but I was so relaxed. I had actually fallen asleep I was so comfortable. I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of black booty shorts and a bob marley tee shirt I stole from Sammy, but he let me keep it cause ‘I look so cute in them’ according to him.

I was now in bed, watching the boy. I hadn’t seen it yet, but I heard it was good. Now I love scary movies, but it was nearly 1 in the morning. It was getting pretty intense, you know how scary movies go, the dramatic, suspenseful music starts playing, so you know something is gonna happen, so I was just waiting. My phone starts ringing, making me jump and fall out of bed.

I climbed up off the floor, picking up my phone and answering it.

Hello? I asked, my voice a little shaky.

‘(y/n), what’s up babe?’

Sam…. I sighed.

‘baby girl. Come here.’

Sam…it’s 1:30 in the morning.

‘so what baby, I just wanna see you. Please. Baby, it’s been so long since I seen you. Please. I love you.’

Sammy…have you been drinking again? I sighed.

‘aye ma, you know me so well’ he laughed and then I heard a thud.

Sammy? No response. Sammy are you there? And I heard nothing.

Despite what he did, I still cared about him. I still loved him. I hated to admit it, but I did. I can’t just unlove him ya know? We went through so much together, and I don’t regret it.

I got out of bed, not bothering to put on a bra and change, sliding on my boots on. I rushed out to my car and sped off to Sammy’s. I ran inside, knowing where he kept the key.

“Sammy!” I called out, panicking. I was about to run upstairs when I saw Sammy stumble out of the kitchen with a taco in his hand. He saw me and smiled his cute little smile he has when he’s high.

“baby. You came.” He smiled.

“Sammy, what the hell?”

“what babe?” he asked, setting his now empty plate on the table and walking over to me, throwing his arms around me.

“baby, I’ve missed you so much.” He mumbled in my ear.

“Sammy, I thought you got hurt.” I sighed, rubbing his back.

“I’m sorry I scared you baby girl” he sighed, caressing my face.

I couldn’t look away from him. His eyes were mesmerizing, and I haven’t looked in them in forever. A month or so. And I just couldn’t look away. Sammy pulled away, and started to walk to the couch, stumbling and running into the table and nearly falling. I caught him and we both laughed.

I helped him up to bed, laughing when he fell and crawled up the stairs. It was quite the sight. And then I helped him into bed, and I was getting ready to leave when he grabbed my arm.

“baby, stay.”

“Sammy.” I sighed, but smiled at his dopey little smile.

“please baby. I miss waking up with you in my arms. I love you so much (y/n)”

I rolled my eyes. He knew I could never resist him, or say no to him really. I relaxed in his grip and he smiled, scooting over and opening his arms for me to crawl into them. As soon as I crawled into his arms, not even 2 minutes later I heard Sammy’s little snores. I smiled to myself and ended up falling asleep, and finally I was able to get some good sleep.

I woke up the next morning, and felt two things. Firstly, was Sammy’s arm wrapped around me, and his even breathing, signaling he was awake. The second thing I felt was a little further south.

“Sammy.” I laughed

“hmm?” he hummed, pulling me closer into him.

“um, you have a slight situation.” I muttered awkwardly, only to have Sammy laugh and readjust.

“hey, it’s not like you’ve never seen it or felt it before.” He said so nonchalantly.

“Sammy” I sighed, turning to face him.

“what?” he asked.

“don’t do this. Don’t start talking about the past and try to make everything okay by thinking about it.”

“she came onto me.” He said, staring up at the ceiling.


“Stassie. Every time you saw photos and shit, she came onto me. That night of the party I tried to avoid her, but a few drinks and a few hits later I was done trying to hide and avoid her. I mean, it was my house and my party for fucks sake, so I went out and I knew you would be there soon. I was out smoking by the fire and she walked up with my sister and they sat down. And Stass decided to sit on my lap, and then she started saying all this shit in my ear and the next thing I know she’s kissing me.”

“Sammy…” I sighed.

“no please you have to believe me. (y/n) I still love you. And I would go back and change that moment in a heartbeat. Please babe. Can we just try one more time? I’m so sorry for what happened and everything that got blown out of proportion. Please.” he spoke.

I looked over at him and looked in his eyes, and they were full of sympathy. Yeah, it was one mistake, and we weren’t ‘together’ but it still hurt. Maybe I was wrong. But I mean, I still love him, I shouldn’t let that one little hiccup get in the way.

I love him and he makes me happy, why wouldn’t I be with him?

“well.” I started, Sammy looking hopeful. “I think it’d be hard to say no to that when you’ve already got me in your bed.” I giggled.

“so you forgive me?”

“yeah.” I smiled.

“good, cause I missed waking up next to my girlfriend.” He said as he grabbed my face and turned me towards him and connected our lips.

“I love you.” He muttered as we pulled away, our foreheads resting against one another’s.

“I love you too Sammy.” I muttered before snuggling back into him.