i have been too abused in this fandom to make it out unscathed

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Can we talk more about nurturing Todd and touch-starved Dirk? It seems there is much to be said.

You are asking a lot. Or rather two separate things that I suspect will dovetail neatly together. Unfortunately that means this answer is going to be long. Fortunately I can wax lyrical on both.

Let’s start with Todd.

We know a few things about Todd. We know Todd was kind of a self-absorbed asshole for a significant portion of his life. We know that he has a tendency to lie, cheat and steal. We know that Todd spent a significant portion of his life putting himself and his own interests ahead of everyone else’s. We know that all of this changed the second Amanda got sick. We know that he carries a tremendous amount of guilt for the things he’s done. We know he is mired in self-loathing.

We also know that he is the first person to help when no one else ever has. We know that he prioritizes Amanda above even his own safety.

Now I suspect some people would assume this is Todd’s version of atonement. I don’t think that’s the case.

Now, don’t get me wrong. People can change. People change all the time. Life and experience shapes and molds us, and we in turn adapt accordingly. But a person’s core personality is still their core personality. You don’t start an ESFJ only to become an ISTJ*.

So I suspect Todd’s caregiver tendencies have always been there. This isn’t counterintuitive. People who are drawn to care for others are more than capable of hurting others, just as a nurturing personality type does not always preclude selfishness.

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Ugh, Anti-Plec

Honestly, I’ve been anti-Plec slowly for a while, but now….full on.

Caroline “He will be the man that I always loved”
This line pisses me off because she didn’t always love him. She had a crush and moved on with Damon (ugh), then Matt. If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t of given up or it would of taken much longer to move on.

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Yep, she really loved Stefan when she was getting Tyler’s D.

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Yeah, she was really thinking about her “love” for Stefan, here.

Julie Plec has not only disrespected Forwood, but also Tyler. He came back for three seconds only to be killed by Damon and NO ONE IS UPSET! She literally excuses killing Tyler. Then she belittles Forwood. Who are probably more loved that Klaroline. A portion of Klaroliners (like me) also like Forwood but we prefer Klaroline.

I know that a lot of Forwood stans hate Klaroline for ruining their ship, but at least we acknowledge it:

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Klaroline don’t dismiss Forwood, we acknowledge it for the greatness it is.

There are a lot of reasons why I can’t buy into Steroline, the main reason is that they are my BrOTP. they had this beautiful emotional chemistry as friends, and fans loved that. I admit I could see them as a couple, but the way it happened just went to shit.

1) They don’t have the physical chemistry or the passion to anchor a show.
2) Stefan was the reason she turned her humanity off (along with Liz’s death). Don’t fight me she said it!
3) They were bad for each other. Ok, on paper, they are fine. But I’m talking character development. Caroline went from an insecure human to an independent vampire, full of snark and sassiness, she showed no fear and managed to attract the Original Hybrid! With Stefan, she cried over a guy, always forgave him too quickly and was insecure again, it never felt like Stefan deserved Caroline. It just felt like Stefan could do what he wanted because he knew Caroline would always be there. If he messed up, like leaving Caroline and travelling and dating Valerie, or sending her to the wrong location of the twins - it was “I’m sorry”, “Forgiven” ½ episodes later. I want to see Stefan grovel and beg. He needs to know that he’s done wrong and how to avoid it, he needs to know that Caroline can’t be treated like that, earn her forgiveness.
4) Stefan also suffered. Now, I don’t know if this is down to Paul Wesley, he loves the epicness of Stelena. But Stefan felt more selfish with Caroline. With Elena, you knew that it was Elena and that he wouldn’t stray and Elena was the priority. With Elena gone, Julie shifted it to the brothers, but this meant that Stefan prioritised Damon over Caroline, but at times it would also be other people, he liked to keep Caroline out of the loop.
5) Caroline’s only storyline for S8 was the June Wedding and Stefan. In S7 it was Stefan, the twins were only involved due to Candice’s pregnancy. Julie just didn’t give her a proper storyline.
6) The quick steps: They got engaged just after moving in, and a couple of months after they reunited. Yeah they known each other for long. 4 years as friends, A few months in S7 as a couple, then 3 years off. - but they haven’t dated long enough on to know if they are a stable couple, what if they broke up. Spoiler alert: They did. Then they get married and it wasn’t about them. It only happened because of Katherine and Damon organised it, with Caroline getting no say, she had a Steferine song and Katherine’s necklace. Not to mention they just got back together the episode before. I’d buy the wedding more if it was fake, but then they eloped or agree to do the real thing after Katherine was dealt with.
7) When Enzo died, she went to Stefan and not Bonnie. I believe in ho’s over bro’s and I think she should of gone to Bonnie first, even if Bonnie rejects her and let Damon handle Stefan. I think that if she did that, Bonnie might not immediately reject her.

The last one isn’t about Steroline, it is about the stans. I’m not going to generalise everyone, but one of my peeves is that they claim that KC are a bullying fandom and make themselves sound perfect when I’ve heard worst. I’m not saying that Klaroline is perfect, there is a lot of ugly in ships, especially these days and in current shows. But I remember when Steroline were split and I saw stans give a lot of hate to Julie and the writers on twitter, also getting in a strop if another ship gets honoured or referenced. Also another peeve is when Steroline stans say that Klaroline stans must hate Caroline. But I’ve seen a lot of Steroline stans who like Damon and Daroline friendship and that is worst. He abused her, made her feel terrible and got away with it. Yeah, there scenes are cute but they forget the S1 context. Damon got away with it and Caroline never got an apology, Plec just address it in S8 as if he was always guilty, and she already forgave him. - The big injust is how they handled that. Prime time to approach that was S1 and S2 but they skimmed over it.

On paper, they should work. I love the friends-to-lovers- trope, but they approached it wrong and they created a couple that can’t anchor as a main couple that goes through angst, I’ve seen more people go off it. Trust me I wasn’t against this from the start. I try to love all the ships that happen, I’m Stelena, but when Delena happened I was okay this is the new thing. But the writers did not create an epic story.

Not to mention the humanity switch. It just surprises me, how much people get away with it, especially if you’re a main character. Damon and Stefan do the worst off it and they come of unscathed by the gang. Stefan has an addiction to blood, that changes someone which equates to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It changes someone, to the point that sometimes they want to switch their humanity off and not care. Vampires can actually do that! It would just be nice for the main characters to go “No! That’s not cool, be guilty for a while” - obviously not for too long, that doesn’t make good TV, but when you compare to when they condemn someone who isn’t in their inner circle it’s shocking.

Now, you may not agree, I expect many not to. But the big fanservice isn’t great. Yes, Klaroline were a little fanserviced - but not completely otherwise they’d be together. But Steroline has been fanserviced all season this year. All you guys are so happy you got your wedding, that it doesn’t even bother you that it wasn’t about them and the only reason they had it was to lure an enemy out. Yeah, they love each other, and probably would have eventually have the wedding but it wasn’t their wedding. The wedding will forever be tainted by that. If the wedding happened with no ulterior motive, I’d be upset, but I’d be fair enough and try to move on. But I can’t be happy for Caroline in the circumstances it happened.

Tyler Lockwood deserved better. Forwood deserved better. Klaroline deserve better (if you don’t intend to have them together, don’t lie and bait us).

A note for Forwood fans, if KC weren’t endgame, I would of been happy with Forwood.

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But what was the point of that audio "leak"? This has put a bigger target on larries, they are putting fans in a bad light when the hacker wasn't even a fan. People are starting to harass us, what do we do?

The audio didn’t even confirm that the girl was a Larrie. Maybe someone else did, but the audio itself could be from anyone and in fact, a Larrie wouldn’t even believe the baby was real more than likely.  You don’t usually wish death on something you don’t think exists.

However, a lot of fans are going to jump to the conclusion that it was a Larrie because of the abuse towards the baby.  Narratives don’t have to be logical to have the result they’re looking for.  The amount I see Larries get directly thrown under the bus by 1DHQ is absurd.  Ziamists get thrown under the bus indirectly, but Larries are targeted with laser sights.  I think the point was specifically to throw Larries under the bus yet again.

So yes, I think causing more fandom uproar could be one objective in manufacturing leaked audio like that.  Another objective is ticking off another of those objection boxes.  Fans have been saying for a long time that Louis hasn’t spoken up to protect the baby and it was a point that was relevant very recently when the Danielle topless pics came out and Louis’ account tweeted about privacy.  You can tweet about Danielle, but not about paps taking pictures of your baby multiple times a week?  

So now they’ve ticked that box.  Louis has protected his so-called son. Congratulations 1DHQ.

I said before that I don’t have all the details on this, but every time I see something, it doesn’t quite add up.  Most of my first post still stands, but there have been a few things since. 

I was wrong about the middle of the audio being missing, but in it, Louis says that he’s the one recording the call.  How did the hacker end up with the audio then?  Were they both recording it?

Starting from the assumption that there is no Freddie Tomlinson as that’s been more than proved, why did it come up in that call?  How likely is it that a fan would get his number, call him, he’d pick up, she’d get nasty, and she’d say such a gross thing about a baby that normally people wouldn’t say?  

I’m not saying that no one makes death wishes/threats because it does happen, even outside of the internet.  Fans do say things like that, but it’s less likely when actually talking to your idol directly instead of typing anonymously on the internet.  Also, there are many things she could have said, but it’s less likely that she would specifically choose to say something about the baby.  It’s possible, it’s just that each aspect of the situation makes it less and less likely.

The fact that this came out is also curious.  I can’t believe that no fan has ever gotten Louis’ number before.  There’s a reason the boys have talked about changing their numbers multiple times and it’s not because they’ve never had a leak happen.  Why did this fan in particular get hold of him, why did this fan in particular say something so over the top, and why did this audio in particular get released when we haven’t heard similar audio before?

The biggest question is why is Anne’s iCloud hacker apparently involved? I’m unclear on whether Louis’ number was supposedly from the iCloud hack or from contacting people while pretending to be Zayn afterwards.  The first scenario I find unlikely because all the boys should have changed their numbers at the time of the hack.  

The second I find unlikely because how exactly do you talk to 1D crew while pretending to be Zayn?  And especially after Zayn left the band and is supposedly no longer in contact with anyone?  No one thought that was weird?  I certainly don’t believe that Zayn isn’t in contact with anyone, but there’s still the hack to consider.  If someone hacked Anne’s phone, pretty much everyone should have changed their contact information just in case.  Even if they didn’t, they should have at least been a bit skeptical if anyone made odd requests for personal information over text.

Again, all of this is technically possible, but seems pretty unlikely.  

Also, to reiterate the point, why is Anne’s iCloud hacker still free to do these things, why are they putting a huge target on their back again if they managed to be lucky enough to escape unscathed the first time, why did Anne’s leak conveniently not include anything Larry-related, and why were some of those Hendall pics taken with Harry’s digital camera on Anne’s iCloud?  

Why are they so happy to give up audio of their (former?) friend harassing Louis and getting yelled at?  I think they gave their friend the number, so don’t they realize saying that implicates them big time in privacy invasion, especially by apparently impersonating Zayn?

All of this is too convenient and it serves a certain agenda.  I was annoyed, but I thought it was legit when I heard the beginning and end audio yesterday morning.  However, the second I heard babygate was involved, it became too suspicious to believe.  

It sounds just like the situations we’ve seen with fans who supposedly met Louis and said Louis gushed about the baby.  It’s just like people on Twitter who claim to have seen the boys kissing and being cute with their girlfriends even though there’s never proof and it’s always only one person or one group of people claiming it per occasion.  They’re using fan stories to try to make people buy a certain narrative.  This time they have audio, but how authentic is it?

I don’t know exactly how involved Louis was.  Audio is easy to edit and the things he said on the recording could easily have been in response to someone else.  They stole pictures off of Zayn’s phone to create a cheating scandal, created several scandals with audio that was supposed to be Zayn and Harry propositioning people, and probably released Anne’s pictures themselves without permission, so it’s right up their alley to do the same to Louis.

Louis could have been obliged to play along as well.  Goodness knows he’s had to do plenty of other things in the name of babygate.

Either way, based on my experience in the fandom and the circumstances, I think this was a setup done to cause fandom discord yet again and to shore up babygate by responding to the objections in a “subtle” way.

I don’t know what to tell you to do.  This targeting of Larries has happened over and over in the fandom.  It’s important not to be rude back because that just makes things worse.  Otherwise I would suggest trying to avoid it or challenge it in a respectful way, but be ready for nasty responses if you do.