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Dear Markiplier

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I’ve been in the community now for almost a year and it has helped me so much more than I can ever say. When I joined the community I wasn’t in a good place. I struggled through every day and most times I couldn’t push myself to get out of bed. I still have hard days, but being surrounded by all these wonderful and talented and kind people has helped me finally get my shit together and help myself. I started drawing again because of you, and I’ve realized that I don’t have to follow the path I’m expected to go on. I have my spark back for the first time in a long time, and even though sometimes I have to fight to keep it alive, I know that I can do it. I can’t describe just what you and this community mean to me, but I will always try. Thank you so much for everything.

Dear Markiplier

Inspired by the every lovely @dogiplier

I started watching completely by accident. I was looking for a walk through for evil within, and a bright pink moustache drew my eye. I watched it from beginning to end, and totally ruined the game I had been waiting years for. It was entirely worth it.
You make me smile when nothing else can, you make me believe in the best in myself, and that even when it seems like the easiest option to give up on trying to be a good person, that it is worth it.
Most importantly it’s because of you I started my charity, other side of the screen, which by far is the best thing I have ever done, and brings so much joy and a feeling of accomplishment every day.
So thank you @markiplier for making my life brighter


So Tao lost his case against SM …

I really want to know what will happen to him know.

I doubt they’d have him go back to EXO, they’re doing good and Tao is doing quite good on his own as ZTao. Besides it been about 2 years since he’s left EXO, that be probably be awkward for him to suddenly rejoin.

I hope they let him continue to do what he has been doing but I mean *shrugs*

It is SM we are talking about.

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I really like what you have written so far so could you maybe write some headcanons for mtmte megatron, red alert and tfa ultra magnus where they comfort their very tired but very stressed s/o (I have this big project of some kind which can single handedly determine if I fail this year or not, the stress and anxiety that this gives me is enormous. These feelings have been present since the beginning of this project which was almost 8 months ago and I'm just so tired but also so very afraid)

Oh my! Good luck on your project lovely!

-He doesn’t like seeing you upset, so whatever your project is angers him because it’s stressing you out so much
-He suggests taking breaks often and even sits with you helping out when he can
-He’ll give you a massage if you get too stressed while telling you soothing thoughts

Red Alert:
-He gets stressed out easily too
-He takes you away from the project for a bit to play some quiet board games or color in coloring book
-If you’re getting really upset, he’ll tell you it’s time for a nap, you can’t get anything done when you’re like this and it’s time for you to rest, you can lay on his chest too if you want

Ultra Magnus:
-He sees you stressing/upset and stops whatever he is doing to sit with you
-He asks you to tell him what’s wrong and listens intently so he can tell you what to do
-He will help you if he can do what it is you have to do, if he can’t he’ll ask you to then take a break and come relax with him someplace quiet

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Quick question, does JOEY have any family in this au? Or any one else who worked at the studio? Does Sammy or Wally or Susie have family that Henry and Bendy might encounter?


Okay this is a minor spoiler, but I say it in the opening lines, so fuck it. It’s been about three years since everyone left in the studio vanished without a trace, complete with the police finding absolutely nothing in the upstairs portions of the studio, so if they do, said family has long accepted they’re gone– whatever the rationale they have for it– and probably don’t live in town.

Given what happened in the studio, this is probably a mercy.

I’m sorry - my last post was vague and most joking. 

Here is my issue right now: 

As opposed to last year where I basically had nothing to do in the two weeks following busy season, this year I’ve had several things to work on every day. Which is good in terms of reaching my hours goals for the year but cruddy in terms of having some time off to do what I want. And that’s frustrating.

I don’t need a break from the comic. I need a break from the rest of my life. 

I’m not tired or annoyed by the comic. 

Been having some minor writer’s block here and there but who doesn’t, ya know? 

Just a little frustrated that I still can’t seem to get some good editing in which is what I really want right now. 

So yeah - just wanted to clear that up. 

Not ending the comic - just bummed that I can’t get STARTED on it right now. 

Appreciate the support/understanding comments though. <3 

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Hook me up with some of that good-high-school-au-kush pls and thank:^^^)

Ayee, can’t beat some good old high school fics, here ya go! (I went for fics where they’re both students, but if ya want that student x teacher stuff just hit us up.)

Summary: Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street…

Do You Want Me, Or Do You Want Me Dead?
Summary: It’s decided that the school douchebag, Levi, needs a tutor to help get his grades back up. It’s also decided that high school senior, Eren, is perfect for the job.
At first, the two hate each other. But after their pasts come back to bite them in the ass, they realize that maybe that’s not the case.
Edit: Read the mother fuckin tags (on ao3) cuz there is a lot more than high school going on here.

Maybe Third Time Isn’t The Charm
Summary: How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that’s sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn’t lose either.
An intimidating dorky senior chases a passionately dorky sophomore. It’s high school.

Stand Up, Don’t Be Shy
Summary: Theater is serious business. They’re bound to be a bit dramatic, especially when it comes to bets.

Summary: Levi Ackermen is a player, and has been breaking hearts for years. He doesn’t believe love exists because he’s had stepmothers in and out of his life since he could remember. Enter Eren Jaeger, the secret president of the PBC. What is the PBC? Well that’s quiet simple, the Player Breaker Club. What does this club do? Another simple question. They break players through many different methods. And when Levi’s gone through everyone in the PBC, it’s time for Eren to go in, though it’ll be his first time going into the relationship field.


TalesFromYourServer: Busiest night I've worked. Thank god for good people.

Mobile formatting, whatever.

Tonight was the busiest night I’ve worked in the five years I’ve been in the industry. I was on fire 90% of the night. Drinks were full, tables were happy and I felt great. We don’t have sections (which is ridiculous) so we count on the hosts to tell us when we have a table. I see a table of nine hasn’t been helped, they’ve been there for 10 minutes. I ask the host what up and she tell me it was J’s but she’s too busy to take it, maybe you can? I can, so I bring drinks and bread to the table, they’re bugged, but I totally turn it around. By the end we’re joking around and I’m expecting a good tip. They leave $19 on $100, which I feel great about. They leave, I go to put in my tip, and the POS freaks out (we’re running Windows Vista still, I have no idea why) and their payment disappears. My manager takes tables (which is sooooo stupid) and she told me to “Deal with it!!” And huffed away. I’m head server so she thinks I should be in charge of everything. 80% of our tables are reservations, so I had the phone number and called them. The man who paid came in, paid again, left me an even better tip, told me that my service was impeccable, and they’d be back soon.

They didn’t get my best service, even though it wasn’t bad service. The patriarch of the family was so kind. He didn’t have to come back and pay for the meal, many times people wouldn’t have. He didn’t t have to leave a tip the second time, but he did.

Log story short: I am so grateful for kind people. And though I always strive to give great service, the if I see any of this family again, they will get free dessert, and the best damn service I have in me. I’m not used to nice people, but I’m so grateful.

tl;dr nice customers are nice. I am so grateful for them. They’ll always get my best service.!

By: Twilight_Princess_13

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never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | favorites

I was there in the beta and pre-ordered the deluxe edition… (I had a lot of free time, don’t judge me). I’ve been back now for 3 weeks after over a year long hiatus… So let me tell I do have a lot to play before I’m up to date… (It’s all my SO’s fault!)

But now I do not play as much as before. It’s hard when you try to adult on the side…

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Hi, mice blog! Do you have any advice as to how reduce/eliminate flabby arms? Ive been doing gym for a year now and they look awful, i do dumbell curls, tricep dips, push ups (diamond, wide, regular) i usually do 40 reps of each exercise and my arms look idk i dont like them, help out a girl?

Hi! Thanks. You can’t spot reduce so I would suggest incorporating more calorie burning activities and include compound movements (bench press, chin ups). You also might want to consider counting your macros. Good luck!

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You should write another one shot or maybe like 800 more one shots bc damn. You are the reason we holtzbert fans read fanfictions. I know I can speak for each one of your readers when I say that you make us feel so many different things when we read your work. Sadness, happiness, humor, surprise, and more. We also love the drawings. It makes the story even more real. Please never stop writing because we love you and your work. Have a fantastic weekend! 💕✨😊

Oh my goodness this is like the nicest comment I have gotten in my life THANK YOU THANK YOU I am blushing and giggling (and dying a little)! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Originally posted by myloveholtzy

And I will definitely continue to write and draw; you all in the holtzbert fandom have been so supportive of my work and your comments and feedback like this are what push me to create more.  It’s, honestly, very refreshing, since I haven’t had input from a fandom like this in YEARS and I had forgotten a little why I was even doing this.  I hope you have a fantastic LIFE because it’s feedback like this that make it all the work worthwhile and I encourage everyone to tell this stuff to creators they love. 💖✨

(P.S. I have a oneshot written and a multi-chapter thing that I’m proofing, so those are a-coming once I find time to crank out some illustrations.  Also, I have a bunch of original sapphic comics that I’m hoping to get to that I think you’ll all enjoy.)

Maybe people have forgotten over time but Wacom deliberately makes their tablets with a rough texture that has been getting increasingly more and more severe over the last decade or so to increase wear on both the nib and the surface itself and if you buy a $10 surface protector you will never have to replace the nib again, and, more importantly, your tablet will last for years as opposed to the surface getting scratched to hell after a few months.

Wacom makes good tablets but they’re a shit company as I’ve said many times throughout the 10-odd years I’ve been using their tablets.  After putting the protector on over a year ago I have not once needed to replace a nib.  And anyone who knows me knows that I use a lot of pressure on the pen.

Get a surface protector.  Don’t put fucking pasta in your pen.


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin


wow! so as it turns out, a LOT of you loved my idea of a shirt based off of the famous sweater, “i’m a luxury few can afford”!

while not a sweater, you can buy these designs, created by the WONDERFUL @the-clockwork-dragon, on redbubble!

apparel wise, they come in many different colors! and you don’t just have to buy these designs as shirts either- they can in things such as posters, mugs, and phone cases!

all profits will go to supporting each of us, so it’s for a good cause! my mother lost her job and was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of last year, and i’ve been struggling with the fact that i may have to get a job to help support when i’m only 16 and transgender, and so we’ve really been struggling. purchasing these shirts will help us TREMENDOUSLY!!!

keep in mind that there may be new designs with other cryptids in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

Link to @the-clockwork-dragon’s redbubble where you can purchase these designs!

The mad bartender.

God I spent countless hours as a teen playing on a heavily modded and roleplay enforced ultima online server. I played Cedric Sartone, simple farmer turned tavern owner who eventually turned it into THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN. It was poppin every night, I was buddies with every adventurer, soldier, mage, druid, and ranger that played the game. After they went out and grinded their skills and did their quests, I was waiting for them with a warm fire and plenty of ale. I’d buy their ingredients and make awesome food and booze (max level cooking!) and was privy to all the gossip.

Little did they know I had a side hobby, I was brewing massive amounts of the most gamebreakingly toxic poison possible. For over a year I roleplayed with these people as a simple barman, pretended to be their friend and confidant, and then during a harvest festival where every player on our server was in attendance and I was payed to provide the food and drink… I poisoned every last morsel of food, every drop of drink and after the reagent delivered his speech and all of these fools raised their goblets for the toast and took that deadly sip, I stepped onto the stage and revealed what had happened. They where all going to die, and die they did.

Now this was a permanent death server (hardcore rpers mind you) and some had been playing those characters for 8 years and there they all were, collapsed and dying. Soon they were all unconscious, as you could only die if you went unconscious three times in one day or if a certain psychotic bartender came and cut off your head… which I did to every player in our group of 38. They were all there, and unfortunately so was I.

Revenge against what, you ask?

So the server had a pretty strict policy regarding pvp and pk, essentially the GMs had to determine if there was in character justification for any instance of disputed player killing, obviously my situation prompted a call for an investigation. I understood those rules from the start though, and I kept a written log in the game where I detailed my character’s building hatred of every single other player character in the world. He would keep track of every little thing from petty slights, to unpaid tabs, but more importantly I adopted the little mannerisms that people roleplayed to develop their characters into the madness of mine.

So Elias was always whistling, well I recorded how infuriating Cedric found it in his journal, and soon he had multiple journals packed full of a thousand reasons an unstable maniac could use to justifiably (re: server rules) murder anyone. The reagent who was also the server admin had some ornate cloak with a custom texture, so I wrote like three pages about how pompous it was, and extrapolated what kind of insufferable prick he must have been for wearing it.

I would just write one or two things down every day for over a year, so I had many books full for the GMs to locate in the tavern basement and read through. The result was that they found my massacre to be in good form and in-character, so the server was not rolled back and instead they decided to reset and implement a new landmass they had been working on. Some people were really pissed off, mostly a handful of the veteran players who had been top dog for several years in their little gladiator arena.

I only did any of it because my first character was murdered by some overzealous asshole who just used his character to project his inferiority complex. He killed me on my second day on the server because I wandered into the funeral of his friend (it was taking place in the middle of town and there was a crowd, of course I was curious) and because I was not invited and he was a known prick it was found justifiable for his character to kill mine because of the emotional turmoil blah blah. So yeah I said f*ck that, and rolled a new character who was ostensibly eager to please and non-threatening. I won.

honestly nothing is better than having a day to yourself where you’re free to stim constantly and submerge yourself in whatever your special interest is like this is the ultimate form of healing


OK SO baby kiibo was a thing on twitter and i fell in love and well do you see where this got me