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oh!! i recently got back into sonic and ive been screaming at how clean and smooth your art looks!! i wanted to ask, did you ever play a sonic game? :0 Which was your first or favorite? I personally played SA2 with my brothers but absolutely ADORED Sonic Heroes when it came out! :0

1.) I also just got back into Sonic so HIGH FIVES. Shout outs to Mania, Forces, @missyzero@pretty-fly-for-a-shy-guy, and everyone who’s liked, reblogged, commented, tagged, and followed me/my stuff since it started to keep the flame burning.
2.) Thank you so much!! While I think my art’s been a bit on the sloppy side lately, I’m happy to hear you still think it looks clean! ;O;
3.) Oh man I am SO glad you asked!! -cracks knuckles-

I have played a Sonic game! Most Sonic games, I’d say. Certainly not all, but a majority. I think a better question would be what Sonic game HAVEN’T I played. XD Which would be the Game Gear games (except Sonic 1? I might have played it), Dreamcast SA and SA2, the legit Unleashed (I got the poopy Wii version as a kid :’c), Colors, Lost World, and ‘06. Though for Colors and legit Unleashed I plan to buy copies soon!

My first game was Sonic The Hedgehog for the Genesis many many moons ago. Wayyy back in… Gosh… It had to be in the 1990s still. Which was quickly followed by Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, and so on…

My favorite… Gosh that’s a toughie. There are so many good ones. But I think just by the sheer number of hours my brother and I have put into them, it’d probably have be either Sonic Adventure DX and SA2B. I don’t think I could pick between the two. The Adventure Era means so much to me. I think it was the apex of the franchise.

Those are both really great games to have as favorites, I’d have to say! I haven’t played Heroes in so many years I can’t remember what it’s like. But I did watch a playthrough of it and I couldn’t believe how much I’d forgotten and how fun it looked. Definitely thinking about picking up another copy of that someday too… Or playing it on something else. -wink wink-

Trouble in Canada // 2

a/n: You all have been so patient and I know I’m a bit late (4 months late soz about that). Every single one of you have been so amazing with the support of this, and it blows my mind every time I get a notification that TiC got another note. And when I posted earlier today that I was posting it, I absolutely loved the response I got in my inbox.  It made my heart incredibly happy and with each message that came in, not gonna lie, i teared up a bit. You all have been so lovely and good sports (especially when i posted that fake TiC2 WHAT A TIME). So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the support. I have met some of the most incredible people through TiC and I cherish every single one of you. I feel so emotional posting this, but you all finally deserve the second part to probably the most angsty piece I have ever written (and will ever write omg).  So, please enjoy the second and final installment to Trouble in Canada :)

THANK YA TO MY LOVELY @whitechocolateperfection for reading over this and giving me confidence :) you’re the best and i love you a whole lot 

Trouble in Canada (1)  |  Masterlist

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“We need to talk,”

        Those four words held a weight so heavy that you lost your grip on your tea.  Your mug dropped to the floor, shattering in pieces and tea spilling all over the hardwood floor.  You immediately went to pick up the broken pieces.  On your knees, you picked up the shards of glass as Shawn was stood in the same exact position; not moving a single bone in his body to help you.

        Collecting all the tiny shards in your hand you swiftly moved past Shawn to go throw the pieces out in the kitchen.  You opened the trash bin, and right as you were about to throw out the broken mug, Shawn’s voice interrupted your movements, “Is that the mug I got you?  The one from our first Valentine’s day together?”

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Happy!Magnus Headcanons 

Somewhere along the way, I realized I’ve been writing a lot of angsty!Magnus lately, which is probably because I’ve been so angsty lately. But my boy deserves happiness! So! 

  • The first time he talks to a customer and he realizes he didn’t have to trick them at all- they came to him because they heard that he was great, and they specifically referenced real past things he did. That was the moment he realized hey, I think I’m pretty good at this. 
  • The first time he walked into a store and realized he could afford everything in it. And he just starts giggling, absolutely giddy because he did it 
  • When Ragnor says he’s proud of him. It is the first time he’s ever heard it in his life, and he just feels like he’s walking on sunshine for the rest of the day because someone in this world is proud of him. 
  • When he first he fell absolutely, heart-stoppingly in love for the very first time- and suddenly he realized why poems were written and the world was just that much sweeter. You couldn’t pull a smile off his face if you tried. 
  • When his first book was published, and he saw it bound with the named Magnus Bane embossed on the leather cover. He just stroked the cover and was filled with pride with a small, honest smile painted on his face. 
  • The moment he woke up one day and realized he wasn’t alone anymore, he had a family and people who cared for him in Ragnor, Caterina and Raphael. It was the first time he woke up with a smile. 
    • And later, when he has his children and husband the realization struck him all over again. He realizes it because he’s woken up with a smile for weeks now. 
  • When he and Luke went out for karaoke together and he laughed so hard he cried for the first time in centuries. His jaw ached and his lungs hurt, but he felt so alive. 
  • When he was officially appointed as the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He was truly unbearable, and immediately changed all his business cards and chatted Ragnor and Cat’s ears off because he was excited. Like he’s practically vibrating, and no one has the heart to tell him to stop because he looks so adorable. 
  • When he took a younger Raphael shopping for his first suit, teaching him about fabrics and cuts and colors. His voice and eyes are gentle and kind. 
  • When he sat under the stars once on a beach and stared up at the stars in the sky and, just for a few minutes, felt completely at peace, and calm with a small, beautiful smile on his face  
  • What I’m saying is, consider: h a p p y  M a g n u s 


Kuroko’s birthday before entering Seirin would have been absolute horrible and look at him now, his friends are with him and he is part of the greatest team and… He is so incredible :’V

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hello!! do you have any art tips? your coloring, anatomy, and backgrounds are a HUGE favorite of mine, your pretty much my favorite artist!!

Hello hello Anons and @sevensity! I’m so sorry for the huge delay! ;___; Ahhh thank you so much, you guys are so sweet and you all give me so much more credit than I deserve. At the moment I primarily use only photoshop, but I have experience with traditional media.

Let’s see.. I’ve described some things that I do in previous asks. If I had to boil it down to some things that I find the most important it would be observing and drawing from real life, as well as thinking of things in their most simplistic of forms first and then detail dead last. Color is what I personally struggle with the most and I found it incredibly helpful to observe the world around me. Shadows being made by a warm light source will be a cooler color, but if the light source is a colder hue the shadow will appear as a warmer color. It’s really fascinating (although these rules apply to the real world and are a good foundation, as an artist you can ultimately bend the rules in your drawing to whatever you believe looks good).

As for cintiq/wacom @sevensity, apologies I only had the chance to play with a cintiq twice in my life haha so I’m not sure about ALL of the details. But I am positive that both the cintiq and the tablet have to be connected to a computer in order to be used (except for some “ipad/portable tablet” versions). Consider them extensions of your computer, they do not come with the actual coloring program installed inside of it and you will need your computer open and running in order to color on the cintiq or with a tablet. Also the cintiq is different from a tablet. A cintiq you draw directly on the screen (while still connected to a computer, so it’s like another monitor in a sense). A drawing tablet you draw on but the result of your drawing shows up on the screen in front of you, it’s similar to a complex track pad. You have to learn to draw while looking up instead of down at your hands :) I hope that makes some sense.. But good luck with starting up digital art ~ ! It does sound intimidating but it is so fun and convenient once you become comfortable with it. You’ll do great I’m sure!

Answering asks below. You guys are so supportive and lovely, it makes me tear up! I wish I had the space to answer them all (I’m pushing it already), but know that I have read ALL of them and if you are non-anon I will pm you! Also I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to get to them until now.

Hey there @haikyu-haiku :) it is just the crests! Since they all coexist in the same kingdom they all wear the same clothing. Their crests are the only thing that differentiate them (apart from the sun clan having mostly bright, outgoing members and the moon clan being comprised of mostly quiet, methodical thinkers)

Thank you so much Anon! Yes of course, he is also a fav of mine! It’s hard to imagine Bokuto in anything without Akaaaaaahhhhhshi by his side hahah. Akaashi will likely be his right hand man/guard.

Hello Anon! Yes I would and I want to! It might not be anytime soon, as I have been struggling with my art lately, because I’m finding it more helpful atm to do more studies and draw “less complex” fanart on the side. Apologies! But I definitely would love to get back to the fantasy haikyuu as soon as I’m able <3

Hey there Anon! Thank you so much, I’m really happy that you like the AU <3 it’s so encouraging to hear! I am not planning to write it personally (as I am not a particularly fantastic writer haha), but you can read @mikazau‘s really amazing written first chapter of the AU -> here <- :)) It was an absolute joy to read! 

@the-ultimate-trash Ahhhhh! This is. I cannot. But ILY too <3 Thank you so much for this, I can’t stop re-reading! It just made my day to see and I feel so honored that you took the time out of your day to write for this AU ;___; You are so amazing and thank you again for sharing your work with me!

Hi Anon, absolutely! Everyone is allowed to cosplay anything I’ve drawn! It is an honor and apologies again for the lateness (I’m probably way too late ;___;)

Ahhhh hello there @preciousghouls! Thank you so much, you are so sweet ahhhh ~ It is ABSOLUTELY OK with me if you want to write the timeloop AU! In fact I’m extremely flattered that you even WANT to write it. It’s such a huge compliment (to me at least) to have a writer say that they saw your drawing and felt like writing for it ;____; thank you so much for the interest! I had a couple Anons ask the same Q and the answer is the same for everyone! Yes, you may write for any of the AUs!

OHHHHH YOOOO Anon. I should have known this. I’m a huge fma fan too but that really slipped my mind hahaha. Thank you for the correction! In the end I really just drew it thinking blandly “oh I want it in his eye so I can have fun drawing the mark” LOL

Hello @scgawara and @picturethosesmiles! Thank you so much! I actually do have an instagram! But I hardly used it until now and I never really thought to share it because of that haha. Here’s my IG: here username: mikkapi :)) but I don’t really plan on posting many finished drawings on there in the future ~

Hey there @saikimin and Anon! Thank you so much! Also thank you for asking! Anyone may repost my work and use them as icons as long as there are credits :) Reposting on IG is also fine even though I have one already. Just applying credits is all I ask <3

Hello Anon! Thank you so much you are too kind! And I’m sorry unfortunately no I am not taking any commissions at the moment, as my top priority is building my portfolio and working on a couple personal projects that I have already started. But thank you again for your kind comment and I will let you guys know if I ever do open commissions! <3

Haha hi there! I love Yuri in a ponytail as well <3 hmmm but yeah, good question! I have way too many haha. In terms of more traditional artists I’ve always loved the styles of Monet, Michael Malm, and Glen Keane. Since I’m very into the digital age of art as well, I also REALLY admire the work of @wlopwangling and @mmcoconut and @princecanary. They are amazing and unique and everyone should check them out!

Hey there @just-a-little-nerd! Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I have considered it but I get worried about keeping up, as I have a portfolio to polish first and foremost. But one day I’d absolutely love to! And I hope I’ll be able to create quality work for you guys then :))

Ahhh thank you so much Anon ;___; I do like them. Quite a lot. I had a whole mafia/cop comic strip for them based on “Welcome to the Madness” buuuut… no time… hahaha. Here’s this sketch instead??

Thank you again to everyone for all the wonderful messages! I love you all and I’m sorry again I’m so terrible at responding within a reasonable amount of time. Take care and hope summer is going well for you all! 

Felicity has had it

Last night’s episode showed one thing very well: Felicity is through having people try to tell her who she is. 

(credit to @olicity-i-believe-in-you for the original gifs which I squished together)

Dig means well, bless his heart. But he’s dealing with Felicity the way he remembers her being a year ago, not the Felicity she is today. Felicity has been through untold amounts of AWFUL in the last year. In true pistachio fashion, she’s buried that awful way down deep and put on a happy face but that awful is there, it’s festering and it’s burning. She told Dig that the dark is compelling for her in a way that it’s never been before. 

But he glossed that over because for Dig (and yes, for Oliver too), he can’t comprehend a Felicity that actually wants to delve into the dark. He’s not hearing her. He kind of sort of mansplained her state of mind to her. It was a bit of “you’ll do the right thing because that’s who you are”. And she’s trying to say “what if that’s not who I am anymore, though?”

Can you imagine how frustrating??

Tell me this is the face of a woman who feels encouraged and supported: 

(credit to @comicbookstuffdaily for the gif)

Yeah, she’s not happy. So she goes to Helix and joins up. I mean, it’s no surprise, right? Maybe they will listen. At least she feels they’ll understand her darkness. She feels they will support her. It’ll end up being the absolute worst sort of support and she might not recognize that until too late. 

But I have high hopes that Dig and most of all Oliver will recognize it in time. And we’ll finally see the catharsis we’ve been needing for this character for over a year now. It’s been building all this time… something’s gotta give. 

Sirius Imagine 4

Request: Hy there! Could you do a Sirius imagine where the reader is really close with the Marauders, and they are passing notes in class? Either the reader see it or not, it’s up to you. Maybe some teasing because Pads keeps watching us or something, just thought it would be funny. :) Love your works btw! <3″

omg thanks for the smiley face and the little heart they make me so happy!!! anyways i think this is a super good idea and it sounds so cute and i just love this idea so much ur so smart, i’ve been having serious sirius fever lately (lol) so i absolutely love all the requests!! 


You sat down in class and pulled out fresh parchment, and sat your ink well on the desk. You looked at the two desks in front you you and smiled as you saw Sirius seated next to Remus and James next to Peter, with the little row in between the two pairs. Sirius looked back at you and smiled. You were so lucky to have them as your best friends, even if they did do really stupid shit sometimes. 

“Hey, n/n,” you heard James whisper, “Do you have an extra quill? I forgot mine.”

“That’s literally the third time this week, Prongs! Where are they all going?”

He shrugged, genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright,” you pulled a quill out of your bag, “But give it back, I’m running low.”

“Thanks, n/n,” he patted your shoulder and winked, making you giggle.

What you didn’t notice was Sirius shoot James a dirty look.

Soon enough, the Muggle Studies professor came in, and the class quite down. You dipped the tip of your quill in ink and began to take notes. 

Sirius felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a folded parchment on his desk. He looked over at James, who nodded towards the note, signaling for him to open it. 

He folded it opened and saw in James’s messy handwriting, ‘Wanna go to the forbidden forest later? there’s this super cool trick i can do with my antlers i just learned. - J’

Sirius scrawled back a quick, ‘yeah, sure- S,’ and looked back at you, getting lost in the way your nose curved, how your hair fell, how- he felt Remus jab his side and looked over at him. Remus grabbed the note from Sirius’s had and wrote something before folding it up and passing it to James. James opened it and giggled silently before writing something back and and passing it over to Remus. Sirius angrily intercepted the note and opened it.

Remus had written, ‘sorry, pads isn’t here at the moment, he’s to busy fucking y/n with his eyes. -R’

James had responded, ‘he’s obviously in love with her, he should just grow a pair and ask her out already. -J’

Sirius took his quill and very quickly wrote, ‘I would, but we all know that she doesn’t like me back. Maybe if one of my ‘deer’ friends didn’t spend so much time “asking her for quills” i would have a shot.-S’

He handed the note to James, who read it and rolled his eyes. He wrote back and passed the note to Sirius again, ‘I don’t think ‘asking for a quill’ really means anything. Besides, I’m already taken, Evans is in love with me. And maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time staring at her from a distance and talked to her you would see that. -J’

‘I DO talk to her!’ Sirius wrote back, ‘I’m her best friend! -S’

‘Just ask her out, for god’s sake!’ Wrote Remus, who had intercepted the note, ‘I’m tired of hearing you gush over her every five seconds and stare at her whenever you’re too scared to talk to-’

The note was ripped out of Sirius’s grasp in the middle of him reading the sentence by a familiar hand… Yours.

The Professor had left the room for a moment while they had been passing the note and the class had begun to talk, and you became curious as to why your three best friends were being so secretive and writing angrily on the parchment. 

“Y/n! Wait! You don’t need to look-”

“No! I want to see what’s so interesting that you can’t pay attention to your best friend!” You responded, smiling a tad while holding the note out of Sirius’s grasp. Sirius was halfway on top of you now, not that you were complaining, and you were leaning over the back of your chair, you head turned so you could read the note while keeping it out of Sirius’s reach.

“Y/n, really! You don’t need to read the-”

“Is this true?” You had a serious look on your face now, the smile gone, and you were holding the note to your chest. 

“W-well, I,” Sirius’s voice faltered, realizing he was still very close to you.

He took a deep breath and sat back a little, which only allowed you to move closer to him.

“I-I… yes.”

You closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him, within seconds he was kissing back with just as much passion.

You pulled apart and looked at his face, his cheeks red and his face flushed with nervousness and embarrassment. 

“Why didn’t you bloody say something!?” You questioned, smiling.

Sirius grinned, “I thought you would think I was out of your league.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ha ha.” 

He pecked your lips again and whispered, you feeling his breath on your lips, “Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t love me back.”

You gave a small smile, “That could never happen.” 


It came out kinda short, but I really like it :)

ships are open! 

requests are open!

I just want to say Thank You!

Basically, yeah, I just want to say a big Thank You to all you guys!

The messages, replies, and support I’ve received lately has been absolutely incredible, and you have no idea how ridiculously happy it has made me :D

I wanted The Wayhaven Chronicles to be something fun, romantic and interesting (and at times, a bit melodramatic ;) ) that people could lose themselves in for a while- get away from reality and enjoy a bit of supernatural! So, to know that it has been doing that for people, and that you guys are taking the time to message me or reply to posts to let me know, and encourage me, is something I am amazed and grateful for!

So, thank you for being so lovely and making the process of writing The Wayhaven Chronicles (which can be a little overwhelming and hard-work at times) such a positive experience :)

You keep me motivated!


I’m so tired from working all day, but training is going well and I’ve been happy the last couple days.

So today I came home after working 10 hours, took a shower, then made dinner and it was absolutely the best steak I’ve ever eaten!!!

I’ve been trying to eat really well lately and to eat correct portions.

Now wishing I had ice cream, watching hockey, and going to bed soon!

Hope everyone is having a good day/evening!


Coming Together

This is my first time posting my work to this site so please forgive any technical errors. I’m going to post the second part after this so that should be up shortly and I’ll link it when I can.

Part 2


Vox fears she’s made a fatal mistake. Being a Savior isn’t easy and she may have just blew her chance at survival after a one night stand with the group’s leader, Negan. It’s not the fact that they slept together that’s the problem, it’s that she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant.

The whole affair had been brief, only one night, a little more than a month ago. Vox sighed once again as she waited for the Sanctuary’s doctor to appear. The exam room had been open when she arrived, so she’d simply sat down to wait. And of course, any idle time meant she was going to think about him. Ever since it had happened, she couldn’t stop thinking about it and if what she feared was true, she was going to be thinking about it even more. It wasn’t that it had been bad, it had actually been pretty enjoyable, perhaps even the best night she’d had in a very long time. But it was with him and that was a problem. She couldn’t decide how she felt about him. Part of her hated his guts but she had also laid in his bed, so her hate wasn’t all consuming. But he was..himself, conflicting and confusing in a way that drove her absolutely crazy sometimes. And now with this, if it was true, what was he going to think? Vox swallowed thickly, a small part of her terrified he would resort to violence.
The new doctor, whose named she couldn’t remember, came bustling in then, clipboard in hand. He looked up, clearly surprised to see her. 

“Uh, hello? Vox, is it? How can I help you?”

“I need a pregnancy test. I heard you’re the only one that keeps them.”

“Well yes, that would be correct? May I ask why you’re in need of one?”

She gave him a scathing look. “Really?”

“That’s not what - I was just going to say -”

“Gonna give me the ‘unprotected sex in the apocalypse is a bad idea’ talk, einstein?”

“No, no - let me just get one, yes?”

Vox visibly relaxed a little. “Yeah, thanks.” He moved about, looking a tad lost, until he pulled out a particular drawer and picked up one of several boxes. “Here. Mind letting me know what it comes back as? I did specialize in this sorta thing and I’d like to give you some prenatal vitamins if need be.”

Honestly, if it was positive, Vox wasn’t sure if she was gonna be able to make it from the bathroom floor, but she nodded anyway before hurrying from the room. Back in her own quarters, one of the few with its own bathroom, it took her several minutes to force herself to take out the little pink stick and use it for its intended purpose. At least with this one there was no place for confusion, as it read either pregnant or not pregnant. The waiting felt endless. Vox paced the length of her room over and over, trying to keep her anxiety down. She timed the wait by her watch, nearly jumping when the alarm went off. Hesitantly, she stepped back into the bathroom and nearly collapsed. She didn’t even have to pick it up to read what it said. She had to get ahold of herself as her stomach lurched, the small meal she’d eaten this morning threatening to come back up. Carefully, she lowered herself to the floor beneath the sink, curling in on herself. How could she have let this happen? How could she have been so damn stupid? She knew better than this. Things were complete shit already and now she was going to have to deal with this. She wasn’t sure she was strong enough to do it, not all alone. Tears pricked at her eyes and she clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms to hold them back. He was going to be so angry with her. Maybe he would even hurt her. He was so hard to predict, she had no way of knowing how bad it would be. For the first time in a long time, she was terrified. It was not a feeling she was happy to have back. And what about everyone else? She wasn’t even his wife. She could only imagine how that would go over, especially with the wives themselves. She wasn’t in the mood for more fistfights. She felt like she’d aged significantly when she finally hoisted herself up, gripping the edge of the sink. She made the trek out the room and back to the doctor. He said nothing when he saw her, instead searching around again until he produced a white pill bottle. 

“Take two everyday.” He murmured, placing it in her hand. She simply nodded, quietly returning to her room. She decided then that she wasn’t going to tell him, not until it was impossible to deny what was going on. And even then she promised herself she would tell him that it belonged to someone else, that it had nothing to do with him. In a way, she felt bad. It was his and she wasn’t exactly doing a good thing by lying to him about it, but Vox felt there was no other choice. Taking a deep breath, she placed a hesitant hand over her stomach. She was going to do this. She had to. She was going to get through this, even if it meant doing things she wasn’t proud of. She wasn’t just protecting herself anymore, she was protecting her child. 

Avoiding him was easier said than done. Vox was constantly ducking into the closest room to hide herself. It wasn’t so hard when they were in a crowd and she could easily disappear among the people, but it was harder when navigating alone. She had to continue to do her job and usually that meant interacting with him, so it made everything harder. She knew it was stupid, she was making this more difficult than it needed to be, but she couldn’t help it. Frankly she was terrified of him, flinching unconsciously at the mere sound of his voice. But the one benefit of her job was that it kept her moving and often sent her outside the walls. She knew in her condition she shouldn’t be risking herself by going out, but if she tried to get out of it, she would need an explanation she wasn’t prepared to give. She took the pills the doctor had given her dutifully, though it was sometimes hard to keep them down. She would eat in the morning, only to feel the urge to puke as soon as she was finished. It was hard to hide, people inside the Sanctuary walls liked to talk, especially when you were seen hurrying away from the mess area with a sick look on your face. Eventually she sought refuge in her room, taking all of her meals there. All of it was exhausting to keep up and Vox grew increasingly worried that it would all be for naught. 

The Sanctuary gates creaked open before her, maneuvered by the poor souls working the barrier. She strode through, ignoring the aching wound in her thigh, blood stained down the side of her fatigues, though it certainly riled up the walkers as she passed. She nearly hesitated as the second gate opened when she saw who was waiting for her. Negan stood in the courtyard, Lucille perched on his shoulder. He was not happy with the shape she was in, if his expression was any indication. Vox wrinkled her nose as she approach, noticing Simon by his side. She disliked most everyone here at the Sanctuary, including the two men that were closest to Negan, so he was not a welcomed sight.  

“You’re late. Where the hell have you been? And what the fuck happened to you?” He demanded as soon as she was within earshot. 

“I ran into some trouble, I’m fine.”

“Fine? You look like absolute shit!”

“It’s nothing I couldn’t handle!”

“Is that why you’re bleeding?” Simon wondered aloud. Vox gritted her teeth, sliding off her bag and coming to shove into Simon’s chest. He stumbled backward before catching himself. 

“I got what you wanted. Now leave me the hell alone.” She pushed past them both, praying her leg didn’t give out now.

“Get yourself to the damn infirmary! You are off runs until further fucking notice!” She heard Negan yelling after her but didn’t care enough to look back. 

She did see the doctor. He’d been keeping a closer eye on her ever since she’d told him the news, so he was definitely unhappy when she returned to him with a bullet wound in her leg. Nonetheless, he pulled the fragments from beneath her skin and sewed her back together without much more than a deeply disapproving look. When it was finished, he didn’t give her much for the pain, except something to take the edge off, not wanting to risk the baby’s safety. He also insisted she stay at the Sanctuary from now on, unwilling to listen to her protests. Vox was forced to give in, agreeing to transfer to more safe duties at least until the baby arrived. Quietly she walked back to her room, grateful to get cleaned up. As she changed, she stopped in front of the full length mirror, one of the few luxuries she had. She couldn’t help putting her hands on her belly, already beginning to detect more fullness. Vaguely she wondered what it would be, a boy or girl. She then decided she didn’t much mind either way, as long as it was alive and healthy. 

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A trading card shop I went to had a big sale on Animal Crossing e-cards from back in the day! Before amiibo cards, Animal Crossing on the GameCube had trading cards that allowed you to interact through the e-Reader. The villagers couldn’t move to your town like in New Leaf, but it was still fun to get letters from them and such.

I bought a bundle of 10 packs for ¥800. Besides being nostalgic, because the GameCube AC is my favorite, I can actually make use of these. I’ve been playing ACe+ in Japanese lately, and I actually have an e-Reader. Here’s a picture of some highlight cards I got. I’m so happy I got some of my favorite villagers, such as Pinky and my absolute favorite, Sven! I can’t believe that penguin’s name is literally Hockey.

PSA: Armin Tribute Week

Hi loves!

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Big Boy Pt 1.

Jungkook X Reader
This one ended up being SUPER long, so I’m cutting it into two parts. The first part is pretty fluffy with some angst. A large age gap plays a big role, so if that bothers you, whomp whomp whomp. 
There’s nothing wrong with being a noona.

“Kamsamnida,” you said bowing towards the taxi driver who had just lifted your ridiculous suitcase out of the trunk for you. Turning around to look at the tall building before you, you smiled, feeling like you were finally home again. Walking up the steps, dragging your suitcase behind you with heavy thuds, you thought about the moment that lead you here. The moment you were sure you’d never forget. The day you met the Bangtan Boys.

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2p!England x @yanderehetaliareactions

This is for the lovely @yanderehetaliareactions for her birthday! This is an insert story, but not for reader! I’m sorry this is so terribly late and I know it should have been posted sooner! Happy late birthday, sweetie! ((Also forgive me, I did this all on my mobile, so it may look odd to anyone reading on an actual computer!))


Oliver watched the recording with rapt interest for what seemed to be the six trillionth time that day, the upbeat pop songs blaring from the TV along with his angel’s incredible voice telling all her fans to have a nice night. So polite! Oh yes, Marvi was absolutely perfect and cute. Oliver stared at her long brown hair and her oh so stunning green eyes as he clutched one of his colorful throw pillows. That’s his Marvi alright. Always so sweet and soft and kind.

A knock on the door distracted him and, with a slight irritated growl, the Brit stood up and marched to the door, baby blue eyes swirling with a venomous pink. If it wasn’t important, then everyone else should just leave him alone to plot how to get his love. He paused for a moment with a blush. Yes. His love sounded very nice. With a slightly rough yank, the door was opened. All of a sudden, the pink haired man couldn’t see for something was thrust into his face. He didn’t flinch.

“Here. Louis said you’d like this gift…. it’s a sorry thing, I guess. Me and James breaking your window and shit.” Allen’s voice muttered the words and Oliver sighed, remembering the incident and Al and James’s promise to make it up to him. He had long since fixed the shattered glass and vacuumed up all the shards that were too small to pick up.The irritation melted slightly at that, realizing that the American was trying to be nice in his own standoffish way.

Though that didn’t exactly stop Oliver from making a sarcastic comment. What fun would it be if he couldn’t ruffle Al’s feathers once in awhile? “Allen, dear, I can’t exactly see my gift if it’s right in my face.” Al snarled at the use of his full name and pulled the envelope back a little before thrusting it into the Brit’s hands and stomping away. Poor Oliver couldn’t even remind him to put fifty cent in the swear jar before he stalked off. “Thank you!” He called after his brother, smiling slightly when his truck door slammed hard and the sound of tires squealing left his driveway.

Genuinely curious at this point, Oliver looked down at the pure white envelope in his hands, which had a messily written ‘my bad’ on the front. He shakes his head before heading back to his living room and sitting delicately on the couch, careful not to wrinkle Al’s gift. “I wonder what my dear Allen has gotten me.” He cooed as he grabbed his knife off the end table closest to him, slicing the top in one neat flick of his wrist. The first thing he pulled out was a piece of notebook paper with James’s handwriting on it as well.

‘Oliver, sorry we broke your window. Louis said this would be a good makeup gift or whatever. -James’

The Brit smiled at his son’s attentiveness. Gently setting the letter aside, he dumped the contents of the manila envelope next to him. Shock nearly caused him to drop his knife as he screamed in absolute joy. There, on his sofa, laid a ticket and a VIP pass. Not to just anything. To a concert and not just any concert. In bold lettering at the top of the ticket, sat her name. His Marvi’s name. What a perfect opportunity his sons had gifted him!

The concert that was scheduled for tomorrow! ‘How in the world have those two managed to get their hands on a ticket and a VIP pass on such short notice?!’ Oliver thought as he squealed happily, pressing play on his remote as he placed the pass around his neck, walking towards the TV. “Soon, darling… Soon, we’ll be together. Forever and ever.” He purred at her form, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.


Exhausted from another wonderful show full of adoring fans, Marvi waltzed to her dressing room, wiping a bit of sweat off her skin with a soft towel. Feeling tired and smiling a little in joy as she took a breath. Her manager and long time best friend, a tiny Vietnamese woman with bright amber eyes and raven black hair peered in. “Your VIP guest will be here in two minutes.” She said, her voice soft and gentle, befitting the soft looking woman. Marvi whipped around with a smile, brown hair fluttering and her green eyes shimmering with a mirthful light, waving at the woman.

“Thank you, Linh! You should get some sleep. You must be exhausted from all the work you’ve done for tonight’s show.” She said, concern for her friend and manager evident in her voice as Linh opened her mouth to protest. “Good! I’ve already sent everyone else home. Now, get to the hotel and rest!” Marvi ordered good naturedly and pointed towards the parking lot, smiling as the smaller woman gave a sigh and a nod before heading to her car.

“If you’re sure…” Linh mutters softly, looking a bit conflicted as Marvi waved her off before heading back to her dressing room and shutting the door.

“I can totally deal with one fan! How hard could it possibly be?!” She asked with a large grin. Linh sighed and began walking down the corridors of the stadium to get to her car. Large blue eyes watched the scene and the scowl on Oliver’s face twisted to a large grin as he pulled the small Asian woman to him, knowing that Xiao had his eyes on her as well…Come to think of it, Kuro had mentioned some woman managing a famous singer too. Someone who came on TV during an interview, maybe…? Oh well. Two birds with one stone, as they say. She let out a sharp cry before Oliver put his hand over her mouth and placed the knife at her neck.

Linh froze and looked down at the blade slightly before tensing up as an arm snaked around her waist. “You’re going to allow me to escort you to Marvi’s dressing room and you two are going to come with me quietly.” Oliver stated cheerfully, though his swirling eyes told her a different story as he glared at her. She gave a small nod as he allowed her to lead the way. She took a deep breath, but before she could say anything, Oliver pressed the knife closer.

“Try to warn my angel… try to scream… try anything that could ruin this… and, poppet, I’ll slice your throat open so quickly, you’ll be wondering what happened. I don’t care who wants you.” He growled slowly as the Vietnamese woman let out her breath shakily, tears welling in her eyes as they made it back to the dressing room. “Knock, dear. It’s only polite.” Oliver said sweetly as Linh brought her trembling hand up and knocked twice.
“Did you forget something, Linh? I didn’t expect you to-” Marvi started before seeing her friends testy eyes and the shine of a silver blade at her neck. Linh sniffles slightly and bit her lip as Oliver leaned over her shoulder. Marvi opened the door wider. “Well, hey there… As rude as this may sound, please get that knife away from my friend’s neck.” Marvi spoke, anxiety welling up in her chest as her friend began to panic lightly.

Oliver leaned closer to her, gently grabbing a few strands of her brown hair and smelling it. “Oh, angel, your hair smells better than I thought it would,” He stated dreamily as he smiles. “But I’m afraid I can’t do that. Please, grab your things, darling, and come with me. Or else Miss… oh goodness, I didn’t catch your name, poppet.” He said to Linh as she trembled.

Silence rang heavily over the three for a moment before the Brit quickly sliced the Asian woman’s cheek, causing a small cry of shock to come from Marvi. “Name?” Oliver asked, the pink swirling faster in his eyes. “L-Linh! M-my n-name is Linh Kieu!” She gasped and Oliver grinned. “Lovely. Now I know you’re the one they’re looking for. Oh! Right! My angel, Marvi, please grab your things and come with me or Miss Kieu will not be breathing much longer.” Oliver threatened, his heart shattering at the upset and fearful look on his love’s face as she grabbed some clothes and pulled the bag over her shoulder.

Marvi nodded and grabbed Linh’s hand gently as they both trembled. “Alright, Sir… Are you the fan I was supposed to meet? Oliver Kirkland, I believe the name was on the ticket?” She asked softly as his eyes lit up with a joyful glint. He could not have looked happier as he took a step forward. “Yes! Yes, I am! I’m so glad you know my name!” He squeaked as a blush made its way across his freckled cheeks.
“Oh! Pardon me for my lack of manners! I just got so excited!” He said softly and pulled out a needle and stabbed Linh’s neck and injecting half the liquid. Marvi screamed as her friend let out a slightly strangled groan and fell limp into their captor’s arms. A horrified and concerned look crossed Marvi’s face as she looked to her limp best friend, whom Oliver was now tossing over his left shoulder.

“What did you do to her?!” Marvi shrieked as Oliver grinned. “No worries, angel. It was just a sleeping medicine… I didn’t need her to run away if the chance arose…. The same as you.” He spoke softly as a sharp pain registered in Marvi’s brain and soon, darkness overtook her.


Emerald eyes blinked blearily open as the sharp sound of a deadbolt lock opening reached Marvi’s ears. Cheerful humming swam through the air and cut into her pounding head. A small groan escaped her lips as she sat up, body aching as she did so. The pop star, looked around the room, her heart pounding as she looked all around and down. Her heart seemed to stop as she found he had changed her from her jeans and top from her concert to a pink and baby blue Lolita dress, complete with frills and Mary Janes strapped to her feet. The next thing she noticed was the pain, hot and throbbing. It radiated from a large area on her left arm and as she looked around, she lifted the appendage and nearly threw up.

Gauze covered her forearm and a pink spot told her that she had been bleeding there. Gasps escaped Marvi’s lips as her eyes looked frantically around the room. In the corner, dressed in a qipao dress, a short one at that, was Linh. Her friend was still unconscious, but was breathing deeply, giving the brunette a sense of relief as Oliver pranced through the door. His eyes lit up and he clapped his hands loudly, causing his angel to jump. “Oh goody! You’re up, darling!” He squeaked and rushed over to her, sitting beside her on the mattress she was chained to by her ankle.

Marvi stared at him intensely for a moment as she took a shaky breath, wanting nothing more than to scream and cry. He gave her a sympathetic smile and placed a warm hand on her knee. “I understand this is a lot to take in, yes? I’ll be frank. You’re mine.” He states and leans in, kissing her porcelain cheek gently. The pop idol immediately draws back, trembling as tears bubble in her eyes, falling down her cheeks as she shakes her head. “Wh-what?” Her voice was small before she broke out into sobs and Oliver grasped her hand.

“Oh dear, did I frighten you? I apologize, dearest… Would you like for me to wake your friend so you two can chat a little? Would that make you feel better?” He asked sweetly as he stroked her hair, knowing that Marvi was a little too distressed to resist the small advancement. She quickly nodded, green eyes looking towards Linh quietly as she sniffled. He nodded and quickly lifted the small Asian woman into his arms, unlocking her own chain and carrying her to the bed. New chains were soon placed on Linh’s ankle and handcuffs placed her hands behind her back. Oliver produced a phial from his inner vest pocket and read the label that had been lovingly written in blue glitter pen. Opening it, he waved it underneath the woman’s nose for a moment before she surged forward, her leg shooting up to kick him and hands jerking to try to hurt him.

He sighed and grabbed her leg by the thigh, just as quickly as she had thrown it towards him, and grabbed the other. Her legs were soon spread open and Marvi jerked forward to try help her friend, blood dripping from her wrists as she yanked on her own handcuffs too hard and heart hammering in her chest. Was that why he took the two of them? To rape them? Linh shook horribly as Oliver placed a knee in between her legs and loomed over her. “Now, poppet, this is very ungentlemanly of me and I’d prefer not to scare you like this, but you’re struggling and it is useless and if you try to hit me once more, there will be consequences and then I’ll have to give you away all damaged,” The Brit spoke, his voice saccharine sweet, but his eyes betraying the vicious bitterness he felt. “Am I getting my point across, dear?” He asked as the Vietnamese woman beneath him shakily nodded her head, agreeing. Visibly displeased, Oliver pressed his knee to the apex of her thigh, causing a terrified whimper to escape her as he leaned in closer, staring straight into her liquid golden eyes. “I asked, sweetheart, ‘Are. We. Clear?”

Marvi frantically wracked her brain on how to help her friend, who was almost crying too hard to answer the seemingly mad man on top of her. “U-umm.. Oliver,” The emerald eyed woman started softly as Linh let out a pitiful sounding ‘y-y-yes’. Oliver immediately whipped towards the speaker, his eyes going back to the electric blue they normally were as Marvi’s shaking voice continued. “Linh and I are terribly hungry… You see, we forgot to eat dinner after the show… s-so I was wondering if we could possibly have something to eat since we missed dinner… Please.”

Oliver’s eyes shone in unbridled joy. Oh how polite his angel was! He nodded enthusiastically, jumping up and away from the terrified woman. “Of course, love! Anything for you!” He said and skipped up the steps, closing the door. The sound of a deadbolt lock sliding shut allowed Marvi to relax slightly as Linh tried to compose herself. “Linh… Linh, listen,” Marvi called gently, her voice soft and urgent, the woman beside her casting hopeless golden eyes into her own strong emeralds. “We need to stay calm and think of a way out of here, okay? Be strong, girl.” Marvi encouraged as Linh tried to wipe her tears on her shoulder. Linh’s face twisted into a more thoughtful one as she stopped crying and took deep breaths. Marvi knew that her original plan would fail. To ask for the chains off and to try and hit him would practically be suicide.

A small exclamation escaped her friend and Marvi turned to her, anxious about any plan that she could come up with. Linh looked to her friend, her eyes hard with determination. “I have a plan,” she said slowly, as if unsure of the idea. Marvi nodded, an attempt to look encouraging and comforting to the still tense woman. “I’ll try to hit him again once he unlocks my hands. Then, when he does, I’ll take the keys from his sweater’s front left pocket… I’ll toss them to you, you unchain yourself, and you run for help.” Linh whispered softly, Marvi shaking her head furiously.
“Do you have a deathwish?! There’s no way that would work! Besides, you know that he’d ra-” Marvi cut herself off, bile rising to the back of her throat as Linh gave a wan smile, her face pale in terror and her eyes darkening. “It’s crazy, but it might work… just as long as you run, okay?” She asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper as she bites her lip gently. She looked positively sick to her stomach, Marvi noted as she rolls her shoulders.


Oliver giggled softly. So, the little Asian thought she could help his angel escape? How funny. The baby monitors he had kept from the time Allen and James came around still worked perfectly and neither of the women knew he had them under the bed and in the nightstand drawer. A large, Cheshire Cat grin curled on his face as he baked the cupcakes with the ‘special ingredients’ he had taken from his little songbird down the stairs. Oh, she had absolutely no idea that what she would be eating was the sweetest thing he could think of.

He poured the mix into the wrappers in his cupcake sheet, humming a small tune as he grabbed his oven mitts and placed the tray into the oven. He ruffled his hair slightly and took a small breath, picking up his landline and dialing a familiar number. One ring…. Two rings…. Three rings…. Oliver silently decided that if he didn’t pick up, his brother would be called and he would get the prize. The early bird gets the worm or so they say. Four more rings permeated the silence he had created, the only sound being the shuffling from his basement. An additional ring happened and then a click.

“Mōshi mōshi…” the tired, groggy voice rang out and then Oliver checked the calendar on the wall and winced. It was his friend’s day off. Of course he would be sleeping this late! Working for Luciano Vargas was absolutely exhausting!
“Ah! Kuro, darling! How nice it is to hear your voice! How have you been?”
“Oliver… I have been doing well for myself, thank you for asking… what is so important that you decided to wake me at this moment in time?” The tone was polite, but the edge in his voice was anything but pleased and it was a bit threatening.

Oliver didn’t mind. He would soon change his attitude once he got his prize. He had to separate the two women completely. Or else they’d make good on their plan and Oliver didn’t exactly know how Linh would try and take him down.

“I have a little gift for you, my dear friend… You’re very lucky I decided to give this gift to you instead of your brother. I just trust and like you more than Xiao.”

“A gift..? You called me on this day for a gift? If it is another two dozen cupcakes, I will politely decline. I’m still eating the four dozen you sent me last time.”

“Oh no, no, no! Kuro, this gift is much sweeter. For you anyways. Would you please come over, old chap. It will only take a moment or two and you can even take a nap in the guest room before going on home.” Oliver knew his offer was too tempting for Kuro to resist. Through his stolid nature, he was quite the curious soul. Additionally, he had gotten the mattress in that room specifically for Louis’s bad back. The entirety was made of the most cushiony material he could find. A few minutes past and Oliver was almost afraid that Kuro had hung up on him.

The silence was broken by a soft breath being taken. “I’ll see you in ten minutes… please make my favorite sweet. No one can create it as well as you do in this god forsaken country…” Then Oliver got the dial tone. He clapped his hands together, quite pleased with himself, taking the sakuramochi he had made the previous evening (after settling in the two ladies, of course! What sort of gentleman would he be if he didn’t make sure his guests were properly settled in?) and setting them on marble counter. Oliver then grabbed his kettle, brewing some tea for his good friend and took the cups to his sitting room. Oh how much fun!

The Japanese man arrived forty-five minutes after the phone call, not living all too far from their ‘work acquaintances’, but far enough not to bother them. Pleasantries were exchanged, quiet conversation, and then Kuro raised a brow, looking around the sitting room and noted how itlooked more like an old woman’s house than a grown man’s. He wisely didn’t say anything about that. “You told me you had a… ‘gift’ for me… sweeter than the treats we have on the table.” He spoke, much more alert and awake at this point than he would have liked. Oliver grinned, the pink swirling happily with the ice blue in his eyes. He was absolutely delighted. Tickled pink. This would be perfect. “I do! Stay right here and I’ll bring it right up!” He exclaimed, bouncing from the antique lounger he had been sitting on to go and get the ‘gift’. It wouldn’t be hard to hand the chains over to Kuro. Then at least he’d be alone with his sweet angel at last!


Marvi and Linh talked softly, tense. “Do you think… we’ll escape if we put the plan into motion like this?” Marvi asks tentatively and Linh sighs. The pop star sat quietly and bit her lip, silently hoping so. This was nerve wracking. Soon enough, the deadbolt slid open and Oliver quickly stepped down. “Miss Linh, I would highly suggest not going through with your plan. Because I have an eager guest upstairs awaiting your presence.” He said and quickly slapped cuffs over her wrists behind her back and slid duct tape over her mouth as he unlocked the chains from the walls. “Up you go now, dearie. Don’t make him wait.” He said and Linh looked over at Marvi, tears streaking down her face.

Marvi felt her own trailing down her face. “Please, please don’t!” She shouted to Oliver as her small Asian friend was taken away for god knows what. “No! Bring her back, you son of a bitch!” She shrieked as she heard Linh’s muffled cries for a moment before the soundproof door sealed out all noise. Marvi trembled. The chains and cell were more bearable when she had her friend with her, the soft breathing and rattling of chains other than her own were so much better than the silence she now had. “Bring her back!” The emerald eyed woman shrieked before she dissolved into broken and terrified sobs.


Oliver presented the woman to his friend with a flourish. “Ta-da!” He exclaimed as she looked up towards Kuro and tried to motion towards the basement. Kuro just smirked after the shock in his bloody red eyes died down. Oliver grinned, knowing he did well. And in return, Kuro would tell everyone to leave him alone for a few weeks, and that included his family. No one needed to know about Marvi until she was well and trained to love him.

Kuro nodded approvingly, his gaze hungry. “So you managed to acquire my little blossom? How?” He asked and Oliver put his index finger to his lips. Oliver’s eyes shone as they swirled once more. Kuro, sensing the mood perfectly, gave a smirk and nodded. “Alright then, friend. I’ll make sure you aren’t bothered in exchange for her. Wonderful choice in outfits, by the way.” He said and Linh shook her head, the tears in her eyes coming back full force after her hope had been crushed.

The Englishman’s eyes glimmered in delight as he transferred the chains in his hand to Kuro’s. “Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.” He said silkily and the Japanese man nodded, pulling his new prize to the door and towards his darkly colored car.

“Thank you for the tea, friend.” Kuro called, slamming the trunk closed once he had his prize in there. Oliver waved as he drove off, smirking once his car was out of sight. “Distraction is gone. She’s all mine now.” He said softly before heading back to the basement. He just couldn’t let his angel sit there all by herself, now could he?


Marvi hadn’t known that she had fallen asleep. She could still practically hear the muffled sobbing of her best friend as she was taken away and the psycho who had taken her just turned back and gave a gentle smile. Did he expect that to help?! She tried to sit up, heart nearly beating out of her chest when she realized an arm was wrapped around her waist. A pale, freckled arm.

“Oh, goodie! You’re awake! I’m just here to hold you!” The Englishman exclaimed happily and cuddled into her back even more, resting his face in the crook of her neck. Marvi could feel herself tremble from rage and fear. What had he done to Linh? What was he going to do to her?

Marvi didn’t want to be here. She wanted to go home. Her emerald eyes searched around for an escape before Oliver flipped her onto her back and looked at her. “Poppet, I’ll only say this once. You’re not ever going to escape here and after awhile, you won’t want to. Because I love you and you’ll be mine…. Forever.” He said and kissed her despite her struggling.

“Mine… Forever and ever…” He said and tears blurred her vision once more.

Turn a Blind Eye (pt 1)

Summary: After managing to escape Ian in a Jamaican airport, Ruben’s been on the run ever since. He knew returning to America had its risks, but he never could have imagined the benefits that came with those dangers. And when Ian reappears in his life, Ruben finds himself surrounded by people who are actually willing to help, rather than turn a blind eye. 

Word count: 1627

Warnings: None really? I guess you could go with death threats?

A/N: Happy really belated birthday to @thisstableground (I’m so so sorry this is late!). Also special thanks to @hamilficsfordays for helping me outline this puppy and putting up with my stupid problems (you’re an absolute doll). Pt 2 will have the promised ot3 stuff in it, I just…went a little overboard. 

part one | part two | part three (in progress)

She’d been watching the two men the entire flight, unable to help herself. She was surprised none of the other attendants had noticed, to be perfectly honest. The smaller man looked on the verge of tears, visibly trembling when she walked past. She’d tried speaking to him, but the man sitting next to him had spoken over him. The man seemed charming enough but there was something she felt was just…off about their whole dynamic.

“Hey, Steph…you see those guys over there?” She hummed, catching the arm of one of her fellow attendants and pointing over to the two.

“The guy who looks like he’s about to piss himself and the blondie sitting next to him? Yeah…why?”

“Something seems weird about them.”

“Oh come on, I think you’re overthinking it. I’m sure the little one’s just scared of flying. Relax.” And with that she was alone again, standing at the front of the plane with a small frown. She watched the two men for several more moments, tilting her head as the blond man leaned in close to the other, who then appeared to lose all of his colour and looked on the verge of passing out. No, she certainly didn’t believe she was overthinking anything.

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anonymous asked:

hey! i just discovered your blog and found out that you really don't like lucas or peyton (neither do i) and i wanted to know your reasons for not liking them (i wanted to see if they were the same as mine :))

I feel like when you asked this you maybe didn’t know that questions like these are things that I feel I have spent my whole life preparing to answer.  I hope you are prepared for a somewhat in depth explanation of my feelings on the subject. Also, there will be spoilers for late seasons so that’s my “spoiler” warning.

First of all, let me start by saying that I don’t always hate Peyton.  And by that I mean that there are a few moments that I don’t hate her, but I’m not here to talk about those.  I think my #1 reason for absolutely hating Peyton is that she broke Jake’s heart and, honestly, I will NEVER forgive her for that.  Mark Schwann even said that Jake and Peyton would have been perfectly happy together, but no she had to be with Lucas. Honestly, Peyton.  Jake is 100x better than Lucas and he has proven that he is responsible and committed.  Fuck you for breaking his heart.  Then, we can talk about how she was consistently a terrible friend to Brooke. I will admit that Peyton did like Lucas first and yes, maybe Brooke shouldn’t have gone after him before Peyton had a chance to.  But if I’m going to argue that point, I also need to bring up the fact that Peyton never said flat out to Brooke that she was in to Lucas.  Peyton was too busy being all wannabe loner I’m going to hide my feelings for this boy and hope my friend notices and maybe if I’m lucky he will like me back too.  Which he did.  But we will get to that a bit later.  Then Brooke starts dating this boy, and Peyton goes after him anyway.  Now that would be bad enough by itself, but NO.  She does this again.  Multiple times.  How could you fuck over your best friend like that consistently?  Remember that time you both burned the letter together because fuck boys we shouldn’t let a boy come between our friendship?  Remember, “He was on the door Peyton, he was on the damn door under me.”  Maybe treat your best friend with a little more respect?  Especially because Brooke deserves the world but she chose to have you and that boy in her life when she could have done SO MUCH BETTER.  THEN, you finally get the boy of your dreams, with the baby your best friend will probably never have.  Remember the time she said, and I quote, “You are going to have a huge role in this baby’s life.” Except the minute she gets home with the baby, her and her now-husband ride off into the sunset with said baby never to be heard from again.  Does Sawyer even know the girl she was named after (middle name, but still)?  Does Sawyer have a relationship with her Aunt Brooke like Jamie does? NO.  You literally just got the guy and the baby and fucking left.  Brooke CAME BACK TO TREE HILL FOR YOU AND YOU JUST LEFT WHEN YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED?  Selfish bitch.  AND THEN YOU DON’T EVEN COME BACK FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING? WHAT THE FUCK PEYTON?  People always go on and on about Peyton and Brooke’s friendship, but honestly?  Haley proved to be a MUCH better best friend to Brooke than Peyton ever was.

Lucas time.  Oh Lucas.  Before I get into the good stuff, let me just say that I think the way he treated Haley in the beginning was awful.  I mean, I know the guy your best friend is into is currently treating you like crap, but get over it.  She’s doing this for you and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap.  I mean, when she got the tattoo, it was long past the time he was allowed to hold a grudge.  Get over it already and just accept that your best friend found a man that is a thousand times better than you and stop being jealous and just be a good friend.  Now… The thing with Lucas is that he literally just cannot make up his fucking mind and decides to destroy a friendship in the process.  I mean, who does that?  Selfish assholes that’s who.  He knows he wants to be with Peyton.  You know he knows that.  He knows that the whole time.  When he’s with Brooke.  When he’s with Lindsey.  Youkeep going back to Peyton so why the fuck aren’t you just with fucking Peyton? Why do you have to hurt other people in the process?  He gives Brooke all these speeches.  “You’re the girl for me Brooke Davis.”  “The difference is I love you, Brooke.  I wanna be with you, not Peyton.”  blah blah blah.  And then when Peyton asks him who he wants standing next to him when all his dreams come true, he says Brooke.  But he knows its Peyton.  And then when the moment comes, who does he go to? Oh, that’s right, Peyton.  Don’t worry about Brooke though.  She doesn’t care that you just fucked her over again.  Helped destroy her friendship with her “best friend” and then just leave her for her best friend.  I repeat, selfish asshole.  Okay, so then he proposes to Peyton when they’re 19, and gets all offended when she doesn’t say yes.  NEWSFLASH LUCAS:  You’re not Nathan and Peyton is not Haley.  There is only one Naley on this show and you certainly are not it. So he moves on and gets together with his editor and then starts fucking around with Peyton some more.  Like that time he said to her, “He’s not good enough for you.”  Excuse the fuck out of me Lucas, but who the fuck do you think you are?  What gives you the right to say that?  AND HE PROPOSED TO LINDSEY WITH KEITH’S RING! Does he not understand the meaning of that ring?  That was Peyton’s ring and he’s lucky as hell that she still wanted it in the end. Okay, and THEN he writes The Comet while he’s with Lindsey as if it’s just some book about a comet when he knows The Comet is about Peyton because she drives a comet and seriously Lucas are you still trying to pretend that you don’t want to be with Peyton.  Lucas literally spent 5 seasons playing the longest, most destructive, and most painful game of “hard-to-get” that I have EVER witnessed.  Finally, let’s not forget that he leaves with Peyton and his baby. As if he doesn’t have a nephew/godson looking up to him.  As if he doesn’t have a “best friend” (*cough*Haley*cough*) he’s leaving behind. He, too, just drives off into the sunset with his now-wife and his baby and forgets about everyone.  Where was he when Haley was going through her depression? Why weren’t you at Brooke’s wedding? Why did you disappear, and then, when Nathan gets kidnapped, you show up in an airport (with awful hair to match your awful insides), take the kids, and run.  At this point even Chris Keller is a better friend to Haley than you are.  (side note: in case you didn’t know, I love Chris Keller)

In conclusion:

  1. Brooke deserved better, and got it with Haley and Julian.
  2. Haley deserved better, and got it with Nathan and Brooke.
  3. Even Nathan deserved better, and got it with Clay and Julian.
  4. Jamie is lucky to have Uncle Skillz and Mouth and Aunt Brooke.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the world of Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton.
  6. The selfish asshole and the selfish bitch were fucking perfect for each other.

Several weeks after Chloe had her baby, things had begun to settle down around Asher and Elena’s house. Things were going well between them and the kids were all happy and thriving. They couldn’t ask for much more.

“I’m glad you suggested we take the day to relax. I’ve been so buried in schoolwork lately, it’s nice to not be in front of a computer screen.”

“I thought you could use a break.”

“It was absolutely needed. With my tests coming up soon I have been busy non-stop.”

“Yes, you have. But soon they will be over and then just one more year of medical school before you can do your internship. That has to feel good.”

“Providing I don’t fail my tests and get accepted to a good program, yes.”

“You will. You’re at the top of your class. I’m sure you’ll have your pick of places to intern at.”

“The one I really want is Dr. Erenston’s. It’s close to the house and since we take the kids there, I pretty much know all the staff.”

“I’m sure he would be happy to have you,” Asher replied, smiling at her fondly. “He loves the kids and I think he likes you, too. I’m sure if that’s where you want to do your internship you could make it happen. Then maybe work there after you’re finished.”

“That would be amazing.”

“Then I think you should go for it. He would be lucky to have you if you want my opinion.”

“Do you ever get tired of being my cheerleader?”

“No, never. And I’m not just saying that because you’re my wife. You’re smart and great with kids, you should have your pick of where you end up after all your hard work.”

“Thanks, Asher. And I hope you’re right and that I do get my pick of where I end up. It would be great to work so close to the house.”

“We would get to see you more and I wouldn’t mind that.”

“I wouldn’t mind that either. Not at all.”

After discussing their future plans at little further, Elena and Asher joined Briella in the pool. And once they were finished swimming, they all headed into the house to start dinner and watch a movie. The perfect way to end the day. 

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Oh my god, I just want to say I absolutely love all your art and you're one of my favorite artists. I have notifications on for your account and I get really happy whenever I see you post something. Also, your OCs are amazing and I love them all. I can't even express how much I love your art.

This ask cured my depression as of which has been beating my face into the ground as of late

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This is so kind, thank you my dear! <3