i have been practicing colouring

redraw of @ayainu‘s drawing of @glittery-meme-rabbit‘s siren au
you can find the au here and i 100% recommend reading it; bun worked really hard on it and her writing is amazing (’:

Tbh I don’t recall ever taking a picture of this…
Or even drawing it, for that matter.



I have been practicing a new line less colouring style, and I really like how the results turns out. Right now i’m doing a series again on the ships from Assassin’s Creed in Modern AU. Edward and Mary’s clothes are basic on my previous sketch on them in modern clothes.  haha an excuse to draw them in modern clothes UvU and Valentines day os getting closer too

For sure there are more to come \(*T▽T*)/

hafsam1225  asked:

GAH YOUR ART IS AMAZING! the diversity, colours and style- just YES. I have been practicing to make my human bodies proportionate and "better" but I'm having difficulty and wanted to know what worked for you. Did you study anatomy to get it right? I know that practice is key, but I was unsure of how important it is to study anatomy. Also do you ever use references for your art? sorry this is incredibly long, I just really like your art and advice. Thanks so much :)

Did I study anatomy? Ha! I should have studied anatomy. I came into the online art world with no prior experience except from watching cartoons and anime. I was also very very green and copied many artists, the style generally. I also drew clothing on bodies very very close to the body.  I would advise to look at people and references definitely, they really help!

Have a pose/idea in mind and try and draw it first, then look at a reference or person, to see where you went wrong. It’s best to look at references for help, not to draw straight from (unless they’re you’re own observations/photos). 

I use references, from time to time. If I have a pose in mind, I even use myself as reference, and look in front of the mirror or take a photo (especially for hands and such).I also look at a few photos of people when doing detailed paintings and colouring, to get the shading and lighting right. I’ll do a lil exercise.

See this monstrosity, this is from 2010, and the poses look a bit off.  For this exercise I took some photos of myself.

(ignore my mirror, it’s very grubby.) Now look at the middle girl in the drawing, and then my photo reference, it is definitely off. The first photo and third show more accurate poses of the character arms, but I’ll focus on the middle girl for now.

And here is a quick digital sketch of a more accurate pose. Hope this helps you with your artistic endeavors :)

So now you know some of my process, some hella old ocs,  and what my face looks like :B