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(( OOC: Because of some important topics that have been discussed over the last few days in the community, I’m going to pop back on for a minute to make a post expressing my thoughts on the matter, then I’m going to head back out on my hiatus. ;) 

Once again, thank you all for being so supportive, thank you for all the messages I’ve received, and I hope to be back soon once I’ve sorted out my own affairs and gotten my life back in order. :) )) 

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Ooh!!! #12 with fuckboy! Taehyung 😏 please and thank you ☺️

✎ things you said when you thought i was asleep ✎
1.6k words ; angst [ pg-15 ]

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a/n: i tried to make this happy but i wrote this after spring day came out and went emo real fast

For as long as you could remember, you and Taehyung had always been an inseparable pair. Wherever he went, you did too. Whatever you did, he followed. Sometimes voluntarily, other times he’d force you out of your place to tag along as his wingwoman.

To say that it didn’t hurt whenever Taehyung pulled you out of your shell only to shove you back in would be the ultimate lie.

It was common knowledge amongst all the students that Taehyung was never one for commitment. A few have said it was because of his parents’ divorce, others because of a past lover who had shattered his heart. But you knew differently.

Taehyung didn’t have commitment issues, he had trust issues. Not with anyone else, but with himself. He didn’t trust himself to care for such a thing as fragile as love, didn’t trust himself to give his all to a relationship and a lover who would depend on him, lean on him, believe in him. despite the multiple times you’ve told him otherwise, he wouldn’t listen. He trusted you, but never your words, nor your actions that continuously reminded him how deserving of love he was.

And for as long as you could remember, you have always, always been in love with Kim Taehyung.

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Don: “- You have to talk to her! She’s drinking all day long, she lost her job and she only goes out to buy more nectar and one day, she is going tell your mom. I can see it in her face”
Dina: “- I hate this! Why are you still in our lives? Why don’t you just leave?!”
Don: “- You know I love Katrina. I don’t want to hurt her. Not after all she’s been through”
Dina: “- And now it’s my problem?! Because you have to woohoo every single sim you meet?”
Don: “- …don’t forget, we have secrets too..”
Dina: “- Get out of here Don! …you promised we would never talk about it!”
Don: “- Alright, I’m leaving… but you should go visit her… by the way, congrats to the new baby.”
Bjorn: “- There you are! You had fun?”
Dina: “- I’m tired… I’m gonna take a shower. Can you give him his bottle?”
Bjorn: “- Sure!”
Dina: “- I’m going to visit mom tomorrow, we might stay over… is that ok?”
Bjorn: “- No problem.. I have a lot of work to do.”



A valentine’s day themed spread I made last week! I had such a blast celebrating vday with my friends (I made cheesecakes for them! and got many lil sweets and cards in return) and it felt super nice spreading love around ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡ Hope y'all have been doing wonderfully and remember that i’m always here to send u a lil cheer and support <33 

cHECK OUT MY artstudygram (whr i’m a lot more active!) // what stationery am I using?

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Dick didn't become half romani until Devin Grayson run, right? so you must have hate his stories before that since he was a boring white dude.

I’m p sure he was casually mentioned as romani (w the g-slur of course yikes @ that) in the novelization of Greg Rucka’s NML that came out in 2000, shortly before Devin Grayson’s run? Either way, thanks to the retcon and the hashtag confirmed-as-textual-romani in rebirth, dick’s been a romani char since I started reading comics in 2006 and I’ve read him as romani since day 1 so it’s all good here 😎 💁🏽

I DID IT *crying*

For the last two days, my computer has been offline.

After massive extensive testing, I came to the conclusion that my very new mobo took a shit on me. :/  For some reason my ASROCK x99 Taichi just… died. Next morning after drawing that last drawing you saw me post? Just dead. Nothing.

After taking every single test I could muster and picking others brains, we definitely ruled out it was not the case nor the PSU, but had to be the mobo.


So now I have an ASUS x99 II and I’m all, all, ALL better finally…..

Gonna keep an eye on it and make sure, but I had no issues on boot, Windows 10 took to the new mobo quickly and with a couple extra drivers to make sure they were okay, seems they are all good!



I can now fully build my own PC by myself.. minus picking the parts (a little confused about that, still) but I can put it together and take it apart no problem! Even re seating the CPU and putting the thermal paste on (My worst fear and only thing I was afraid to do by myself.. but I taught myself fully today!!)

Ugh. I’ll delete this later I just

Had to cry.
For a little.

heavy breathing

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12 Yoongi

i hope this is meant for the fluff drabbles, because people have been reblogging the smut one a lot lately so idk ? but i’m writing it with the fluff one lmao. hope you enjoy dear~ 

send me a drabble request.

Suga + 12. “Hey, don’t cry. Please don’t cry.”

“You’ve been in here all day. Come to bed with me please.” You whine, leaning back against the desk that Yoongi is working at. He doesn’t look over at you, instead he removes his headphones from one ear and continues clicking and changing things on his computer.

“What’d you say?”

You let out a groan at this, and roll your eyes. “I’m tired. Come to bed with me.” Your voice is verging on annoyed now, rather than desperate, and Yoongi sighs deeply.

“I’m working,” He says gruffly, and you can hear the loud music blaring from his headphones. “Go to sleep, I’ll be there in an hour or two.”

“You always say that. Then you fall asleep in here, wake up and ignore me for another day.” You say, frowning.

“Listen Y/N, you know I have to work. Sorry to tell you that the world doesn’t revolve around you. You signed up for this when we started dating.” His words were cold and harsh, they stung like pins and needles. You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes.

“O-okay.” Your voice broke, and you started to walk away, when finally Yoongi looked up to you.

“Hey,” His voice is soft now, and he takes his headphones off and follows you into the hallway. “Hey, don’t cry.” He pulls you into his embrace and rests his chin atop of your head.

“Please don’t cry,” he whispers. He rubs his hand softly up and down your back, and moves to rest his forehead against yours.

“I’m sorry that I said all of that. I’m just stressed out right now. Our comeback is soon and we’ve still got so many things to do–” You cut him off by pressing your lips to his.

“Let’s go to bed.”

Another 2 Day Post


I brought workout clothes to work.

Since Tues/Thurs are my non stop days, sometimes I come home at 5:30 and I can’t muster the gusto to change into work out gear and walk over to the gym. By bringing my bag and changing at work, I eliminated the need to walk all the way up to the apartment, thus making the gym trip more likely.

It’s a good thing I changed too. It got cold(er) again, definitely below freezing by the time I got home, so had I walked into the warm apartment, there would’ve been no way I would have gone out again.

30 minutes in the gym. 15 elliptical. 15 bike. Rowing and Triceps to end it.

Leftovers for dinner. I stuck my hand into the Russel Stover’s box one too many (three too many) times after, :/ 


Class. Grading. Submitted Midterms.

A few errands

Odd weather, freezing with wind and light snow, so a workout on the treadmill it was. 40 minutes of intervals. 2 minutes brisk walk. 5 minutes jog.

Either the wifi, or Pandora, or my phone was being finicky, because my music kept randomly stopping, or took forever to buffer. That really threw a kink in my motivation to run, but I powered through the silences and commercials (which had no trouble playing). And pushed a little harder when the music did finally play.

Ended the sweat session with legs and a core workout. Someday I know these planks will get easier and I will be able to go beyond 30 seconds.

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I've been following your blog for a little bit now and have seen people talk about a question tax. Can you explain what this is please?


The ‘Question Tax’ was an idea I implemented because this blog is supposed to be fun for me. The internet as a whole has been consistently bombarding me with questions ranging from “What do I do with my puppy?” to “Am I smart enough for vet school?” and everything in between, including several anonymous people desperately needing someone to reach out to.

Frankly, that’s work. That’s what I get paid to do at my day job. Having a list of 60 asks to get through (as of typing) that all want information that is work is honestly tiring. It was wearing me down.

So I made the Question Tax. If you’re asking questions, or just appreciate the blog in general, I asked that in return you ask/answer a completely non-veterinary question. Makes my brain think of something else. I suppose it’s not really a tax, more of a toll, or a game.

It keeps in interesting for me. I mean I have 24 asks in line wanting to know my ‘thoughts’ on different dog breeds, and though these questions just keep coming, it’s not that interesting for me to write about. I’m not sure if they’re that interesting for you to read about since they don’t get many notes, but they do generate more questions.

That’s all it is. A moment of your time in return for some of mine. Some questions have been things like ‘what pokemon would I be’ or ‘what fictional characters do I remind you of’, but the current one is still:

“I came to your blog for ______________ but I’ve stayed for ______________.

Though I should probably change it soon to “What sort of content would you like to see on my Patreon?

SLBP introduction

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All are welcome to fill this out!!! You don’t need to be tagged to do it!!!!! @ing your friends helps get it going, but regardless please tag it #helloslbp so it’s easy to find. 


Uh I honestly don’t remember? I have a really wacked up sense of time. Something happened like 2 days ago and I felt like it’s a week ago. I was in the voltage fandom but with BMPP ending I just sort of…grew too sad and cut myself off from other games. That being said, I remember seeing a few of the old voltage fandom people reblogging about SLBP and a drama surrounding one of the lord’s rp blog suddenly got to my dash? So I guess I went to check what the big deal was because I’ve never seen drama this big around voltage rp blogs before or ever. lol.

I have a small budget I set aside every month for leisures and I never go beyond that budget so I usually have to adjust according to my needs. So if I need to buy a new skin care for example, then I won’t be buying anything game-wise or just buy from what’s left from that budget if needed.


I always am good with picking my first guys, 9 out of 10, they always end up being my favorite and not just because they’re my first choice lol. I guess I’m just wasting my life’s worth of luck uselessly like this, not that I can control it. My first lord is Hideyoshi and he is also my favorite lord.

I chose him because he was so kind to the MC in the prologue, it’s something in the way he talks and approaches her and there’s a kindness in his eyes behind the mirth and playfulness. I guess I like that.

The thing about Hideyoshi is, he’s very thoughtful, he’s very observant though he may not show it all the time, and he’s so very kind and selfless. Though he always kinda masks it and when you call him out, he’d just say “I’m not kind at all, I just protect who I want to protect, I’m just selfish~” or something along that line, it’s been so long lol. And also when Hanbei took the food MC was eating, Hide who usually would protect and side MC, let him take it and instead ordered another one because Hanbei was sick and he knew it even though the other tried to hide it from him. Another thing is in his first ES where he bought so many fireworks, obviously from his own pocket, to cheer up the people of the castle. He didn’t mention it to anyone though, not even to MC. He just has this innate altruism that he never boasts of bc it’s what natural for him, I suppose. It’s this simple gesture of kindness and how he never tries to take credit for it that makes him my favorite.

He’s humble despite everything he’s achieved too and never ever mind being the butt of the jokes if it meant everyone can have some fun and laughter. Do you know how hard that is? You have to be completely comfortable with yourself to be able to pull that off. And in Inuchiyo’s route as well as his event stories, it’s almost clearly established that Hideyoshi also likes MC but after being rejected he still goes out of his way to support MC and Inuchiyo. This also happens in his most recent ES where he pushed MC towards Inuchiyo instead because he knew Inuchiyo likes her. Like? Dude? Again, do you know how hard that is? 

I guess the latest ES do have a lot of mistakes in translations and having had friends showing me the tenka stories as well as playing them myself, I am very disheartened that his portrayal in SLBP is altered, in what I think is an attempt to adjust him to better fit the western character trope. If it is, then it’s very unnecessary. He’s just a friendly, kind and easygoing dude and while maybe it seems like a weak (as in impact-wise) character/personality compared to the other lords, that’s all he needs to be. That’s enough for me and I believe to all of you as well.


Yes! I am actively playing and chatting with everyone in game. Please feel free to chat with me! My ID is 


Everyone is very very sweet and supportive and I’ve met some very great friends here! I really wish I could meet @cottonballwithmustache and @laurifakristalina irl for sure though! So close yet so far away?? Maybe mainly bc of my work schedule though sobs.


I would love it if they give us more ES for the second batch of lords. I know, I know, I am very biased. Hideyoshi, Inuchiyo, Ieyasu and Mitsunari are all there, so what can I say? Sorry Masa and Yukkin, but it’s 4 against 2, you’re losing the battle of my heart lol.


Hello I’m Fran! I’m an OL in my early twenties, seeking to save as much money as possible to go to school again lol. I can’t keep a conversation so if I sometimes die in the middle of talking, I don’t hate you or anything. I love girl groups

I’m tagging, but obviously y’all don’t need to do it if you don’t want to lol. And if you have done it, please tag me in yours, thank you! I’d love to get to know you better but I follow like 1.5k blogs so I can’t keep up with things on dash @.@

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Damnit. I’m working on my Dragon Age OC page and I’ve decided I want to have a character that romances Harding in game. That way I’ll be ready if Harding is involved with DA4 at all. 

And I know everyone is thinking ME right now, but I keep wondering about DA4. I wonder if we’ll hear something at E3 in June. Cause by then it would have been two and a half years since DAI came out. Hmm.

Things I have looked up in the past two days for fic-writing purposes:

  • a map of all the campsites and hiking trails at Yosemite (now I really want to go; it’s one of the only major national parks I haven’t been to)
  • a photocopy of the newspaper article about my dad making Eagle Scout to figure out how old he was (14, btw; Wikipedia just said the requirement was “before 18”)
  • the best coffee pot for use when camping

At least my fictional characters can go live the life I want…

ps - Both my dad and the dude who has been my friend since 6th grade found being asked the age at which they attained Eagle Scout really odd. The hazards of knowing a writer. (You’d think they’d be used to me by now.)

Darling Y/N

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I wanted to take some time out to write this letter to give you a reminder of how much I love you. Whenever you are or whenever I maybe your always be able to have this to look at whenever you feel sad or insecure. We all have our days, 

I love how you’re my polar opposite, I’m loud, harsh, I command everyone’s presence but you, your quiet and shy and you hate having attention on you. I love that because I get to keep you all to myself.There is no one trying to take you away from me. No one dares to try and take you from me because they will wish they had never been born. I will crush anyone who attempts too. 

Back to my point, your kind and considerate and you bring out the best in me and I don’t know what I do without you. I don’t think I could exist without you. The whole point of this letter is to remind you just how much I love you and how beautiful you are. 

I love you, Darling, 

Pete x 

I feel very thinly spread these days. I am tired all the time. If I want to work out, I have to sacrifice sleep. And on the few days I have off, I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s so nice and sunny today and I just want to sit inside. I will make myself go for a walk this afternoon but it will be harder than it should be. I’m not really sure what’s going on with me lately but I’ve just been in a funk. I’ve noticed a couple of times this week this weird, heavy sadness come over me while I’m at work. It passes pretty quickly but it’s confusing. I have nothing to be sad about. I’m just busy and tired. I’m having to force myself to do things as simple as taking a shower. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m really hoping it’s transient and that I feel better soon. This sucks.

Sneak Preview

A little something that may or may not have been inspired by certain people and events at last weekend’s Fetish Fair Flea:

I almost didn’t see it at first because the room was so dim, but then Joanie moved the curtain a little and I noticed a subtle reflection from behind a stacking chair nearby.  It was a pocket watch.  

You see bunches of those at hypnosis cons, of course, and there had probably been a several pulled out of pockets that day just in this room, which was used as an informal practice lounge.  But this one was different.

For starters, it was all black.  The metal casing had a satiny sheen to it, as did the equally dark chain and clip.  Embossed in the black metal on the back was a crest comprising a two-headed eagle, a crown or scepter, winding lengths of thorny vine – or perhaps barbed wire? – and the motto potentia regere.  A similar design adorned the front cover.  The effect was striking, looking both regal and vaguely sinister at the same time.  And I felt certain I’d seen it before, but couldn’t quite place where.

“Dave! Are you going to help me or just stare at your hand?”

Joanie’s annoyed voice snapped me out of my fog.  "Sorry,“ I gulped, slipping the watch into my pocket.  "What should I do?”

“Just straighten out the chairs and pick up anything people left on the floor.  Nobody is using the room until tomorrow morning, so we don’t have to stack them or anything.”


The practice lounge was a hotel room with the two queen beds and most other furniture removed and a bunch of standard-issue stacking chairs and ottomans brought in.  The result was a practice space that could seat as many as two dozen people in clusters of typically two to five, and have each cluster sufficiently separate to keep the general din of voices under control.  There had been times during the day when we’d pushed the upper limit; fortunately hypnokinky people tend to be very friendly.

It only took a few minutes to straighten up for the next day.  We collected water bottles and stray cups for the recycling and put the chairs against the walls to make a big open space in the middle, and we were basically done.  Which was good, because I’d been trying all day to work up the courage to ask Joanie for a play date.  Joanie she loves trance and has very few boundaries, which makes her extremely popular during the evening parties; my best chance was to ask her before the party started.

And there she was, holding out the blue recycling can in front of me. “Find anything interesting?” she asked.

“Actually, yeah.”  I dropped the plastic items into the can, took it from her, and set it aside.  "Do you have any idea who this belongs to?“  I fished into my pocket and took out the watch.  Just out of sheer habit, I dangled it from the chain in front of her face.

Joanie’s eyes locked onto the watch instantly with a surprising intensity. Her pupils dilated as her eyes tracked the slight movements of the watch on its chain.  I hadn’t been deliberately swinging it, but the way it captured her attention left no doubt as to where her mind was going.  "Oops,” I said.  "Should I stop holding it like this?“

"No,” her dreamy voice replied.  "Keep going.“

Well, I thought to myself, you were going to ask her; I guess she just asked you instead.  "That’s right,” I heard myself say, and Joanie shuddered a tiny bit at the words.  "It feels so good to look at this beautiful, shiny watch … to notice every detail … the way the light shines off it … the intricate decorations.  But somehow, the more closely you study this watch, the more you can imagine your eyelids getting heavy, drowsy, droopy, sleepy.“  And they were, big-time. Joanie’s bright, sparkling eyes had gone glassy and hazy, blinking heavily and often.  She was losing the battle to hold them open.  

"So sleepy now,” I continued, feeling a confidence that was almost alien to me.  "And the more you struggle to keep those eyes open, the more they just want to close down.  That’s right.  Closing … down … now.“

Joanie shuddered again at the words that’s right, and it wasn’t remotely cold in the room.  Sliding the watch back into my pocket, I deepened her trance while gently guiding her into a nearby chair.  She slumped into it, dropping her shoulders and leaning a little bit forward, and the straight male in me just couldn’t not look down the scooped front of her tank top.  The view was breathtaking, and for a moment or two I just stalled mentally and drank it in.

No guarantees as to when it will be finished, but it’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to share this as a preview.



all credit for the photos goes to projectbuddy on twitter!!!!

*everything after this is very personal information. please read at your own risk as it involves talk of my mental illness.

this is something i have been hesitant to post about because it hits so close to home for me but i want to rationalize my behavior to u guys so it all feels a bit less…… destructive???

u may have noticed i have been absent on tumblr the past couple days & it is because i am currently recovering from a particularly bad episode/fit of depression. something these pictures dont mention (as it isnt something everyone with hpd has) are the violent mood swings which i struggle with daily. this means that i could be feeling on top of the world but something as small as my hair being out of place could put me into an incredibly negative state of mind. 

i could go a lot further in depth of how this affects me specifically, because there are a few things listed on the pictures that i do not personally struggle with, but ill leave that out unless u guess were to ask me. this was purely for u guys to know that me disappearing a couple days ago was not to be *dramatic* but because i am not… mentally stable?? but i promise u i am trying & i care very much about all of u. i wouldnt be sharing this type of personal information about me if i didnt. 

i love all of u. thank u for reading xoxoxo

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hii. i'm not having the best day so i thought why not send Mikki a question to light up my day a little bit! <3 so can we please talk about evak inside jokes? do you think they have one? cause now im just like imagining these two giggling at something that jonas, magnus and mahdi have no idea about! can you picture confused Magnus being all like: guys? did i miss something? i dont understand?? haLP?? cutie.

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this my darling. I have been at the beach all day with my college. I mentally sent sunshine and the sound of the ocean your way so if you suddenly felt warm and at peace that was me :) haha

omg yes they have so many. Can you imagine every now and then when Isak comes to lunch, Even will just - out of nowhere, look down at Isak’s food and be all “any kardamomme?” and then Isak will respond with a big grin and a long loud high pitched “KARDAMOMME!” and then they will just laugh and smile and stare at each other with hearts in their eyes; while the boys are all just like “what the fuck just happened. And it happens a lot so just think of Jonas or Mahdi or Magnus finally saying after the 6th time it happens “Okay seriously though, what the fuck is up with this kardamomme shit?” and instead of answering like normal human beings, Even and Isak just stare at him blankly before saying “Kardamomme!” and then the boys roll their eyes and sigh and give up. 

oh em geee and then there is man of my life ahhhh this is so cute and gross and omg sometimes they are all hanging and talking like friends do and Isak goes up to get himself a drink and Even is all “can you get me one too baby?” and Isak is like “no get it yourself. I ain’t your slave.” and then Even pouts and is like “babbbbyyyy I’m thirsty.” 

“then you better get yourself a drink” 

and then Even puts on his loved up eyes and his sweet pleading smile and is like “Isak are you really gonna let the man of your life die of thirst?” 

and Isak just rolls his eyes and blushes while the boys all laugh and scream and now they mock him even though they have no real idea what this is about. ahhhh it’s so sweet. 

I really hope your day got better my love and you’re feeling loved and sparkly today. <3 I’m gonna finish up a headcanon tonight just for you :) xx

They tear me apart from the inside out.
A winter coming on so strong.

A machine, a weapon,
never to feel, never to think.
A metal man with a golden heart kept on ice.

But hope, how it sparks brighter than the sun.

I have memories, you see, of a boy I miss desperately.
A punk who knew not when to quit, a fire that warmed my soul.

Every now and then I long for that boy again.
A man now, a man who carries justice for all on his shoulders. I long for him, but I could not bare, placing my weight on his already heavy load.

So I watch from a far, and pray that these memories stay as they tear me apart.

—  j.b.b.