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okay so THIS is what I’ve been working on for pretty much the past two days straight

I know it’s a little late but I wanted to do something special for the sanders sides anniversary!! this is based on the stained glass thingies from kh, it was a lot of work but I think it turned out okay! c:

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BTS Headcanons: When you’re naturally pretty...

Before we start I want all of you to know that you, indeed, are beautiful. Social standards might make you feel like utter shit, it’s how the world functions. We all have flaws and imperfections but that’s what makes us who we are. You’re beautiful even though I’ve never seen you, inside and out. That’s a promise.


If you’re looking at it as a whole, the relationships between BTS and MC are platonic; though you can look at it individually. Without further ado: 

  • You’re never one to wear too much makeup, sometimes opting to wear none at all.
  • People might have been used to how you look, though you weren’t bothered with not receiving compliments too often.
  • Of course, the only exception are the boys.
  • They’ll make sure to compliment you at least two times a day!
  • But, really, you do the same for them.
  • Seokjin likes to feign defeat around you, often exclaiming how your beauty easily outshines his whole existence. You’d say that it’s rather too extra of him to do so, though he would never stop so—usually his dramatic words are accompanied with his body draping over yours or him clutching his own heart.
  • Sometimes you won’t believing him, concluding that it was all a joke and act as usual, and when he notices this it’s ensued that he’d reassure you, proclaiming that, yes, you are beautiful—both your image and soul.
  • Yoongi isn’t one to voice his thoughts about beauty and facial features. Really, the man would rather not step foot in that lane, though he acknowledges how pretty you are, smiling to himself whenever others would mention your looks.
  • You don’t need his words because him caring about you is enough as a stand alone to make you feel like the most special being in the universe let alone pretty.
  • Hoseok is a bit of a tease, really. He has creases from permanently smiling and laughing so much, perfectly hand in hand with that mischief in his eyes; it’s the result of constantly teasing the others and you—specifically how (Y/n) is just so pretty, prettier than worldwide handsome!
  • He’d say that it’s worth it in the end, despite having an outraged Jin at his tail; and, hey, he made you smile and laugh.
  • Namjoon would be the kind similar to Yoongi; never directly remarking what he sees and thinks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t acknowledge your looks, though he isn’t exactly a materialist. 
  • Once he might have expressed his thoughts, albeit he fumbled with his words, “(Y/n), yes, I think you’re really pretty but I don’t, uh, want you thinking that it’s the only reason we’re friends? God, no, please don’t think of me as that asshole, please—”
  • Jimin will use every single opportunity to remind you of how beautiful you are, and he’d use the excuse of missing you so much. You’d catch his drift and end up complimenting him back, and you swear that he made it a challenge then which resulted in an everlasting war between you two.
  • But he won’t back down. Ever. He wants to have the last word. Unfortunately for witnesses you’re just as stubborn.
  • Taehyung might be chill about it. It’s a given that he, too, is a little teasing shit much like his Hoseok-hyung but he knows how to be cool about it. He’s the type of person to value things in life, to just say it as innocently as possible with best intent in mind, of course.
  • Though, for one reason or another I see him comparing your beauty to other things in the cheesiest way possible, “you truly outshine every star that twinkles,” and the boy deadpans this, doesn’t even bat an eyelash because he definitely means it.
  • Jungkook would be on the same page as Jimin, ultimately wanting to provide and not having anything in return from you, though he might be a bit aggressive with it considering how competitive he is.
  • Then again, imagine the nerves he had to bundle up to actually express anything close to emotion due to how shy this little bunny is. Though, once he gets rolling he ain’t stopping until his kill streak is satisfying enough for him(I’m a video game nerd, don’t hold it against me).
  • The boys would really want to make you feel loved and a part of their family, that’s a given with how kind and amazing they are. 

If you’re ever doubting yourself or having a bad day, need some reassurance or encouragement, and/or are looking for something to smile about… remember that taylor is so full of love for us all. she genuinely cares about our lives, passions, personalities, every little thing. and no matter how down and out you may feel, the love you have for her is reciprocated and more. her weird heart loves every single one of our weird hearts. 

Nathalie Appreciation Week: Day 1

@wearemiraculous thanks so much for running this!

It was very, very difficult sometimes, for Nathalie to not roll her eyes at her boss.

“These meetings should have been rescheduled yesterday, Nathalie.”

“The distributor still hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but I’m certain we’ll work something out by-”

“I don’t want to hear excuses. This is unacceptable.”

Nathalie bit the inside of her cheek. “I wouldn’t have to reschedule them at all, if an akuma hadn’t attacked the city yesterday. Sir.”

She regretted it the moment the words left her lips. Mr. Agreste didn’t lose his cool composure, not a bit of it, but now he was looking at her. Nathalie far preferred it when he looked through her. “You’re not getting angry, are you?” he asked softly.

Nathalie forced her heart rate to slow down. “Of course not, sir.”

“You know how much I value your detachment, Nathalie, your composure. It’s extremely useful to me. If you were to become like everybody else… well, as you know, I have other uses for people who can’t hold their tempers.”

Nathalie’s veins ran ice cold. “I’m aware, sir.”

“Good. I expect those meetings rescheduled within the hour.”

“Of course, sir.”


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imagine having a day off with Hotch 

Requested by Anon~

You were smiling again. And it made Hotch a little curious. Not that you smiling so much was a bad thing; it definitely wasn’t. But still, he’d like to know why. “You’ve been smiling all day.” The agent pointed out.

Looking up, your light smirk erupted into a grin. One that was contagious and prompted one from Aaron, himself. “Guess I’m just happy we’ve had the whole day together.”

He slowly nodded, understanding fully. And the knowledge put a new warm, fuzzy feeling in his chest. So prominent, Hotch reached across the dinner table to hold your hand. His thumb lightly ran over the soft skin, appreciating the moment for what it was.


affordableautographs: Here’s my boy, now considered a man JOSH HUTCHERSON. I made a post recently about knowing Chloe Grace Moretz since she was very young, I’ve also known Josh just as long. I’m pretty sure that the first time I met him was at the Kicking & Screaming premiere back in 2005. It’s amazing how fast the years have gone by. One of the reasons I love my job is to see actors and actresses grow up and flourish in their careers. Josh has definitely done that, and more importantly he hasn’t changed a bit. He has still to this day been one of the nicest young starlets I’ve ever met, after all this time he continues to remember me and support me. Out of all the kids I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josh is one the top few that I am most proud of. I’m looking forward to watching his future movies or tv shows and see him become even more successful. 

Taron Egerton

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Every day had became quit hard for Taron. He had lost any interest in his life, work, everything. Taron did his best to make it look like he was alright, like he wasn’t broken inside. All of that was becasue you and him had broken up. It was a decision you came to together, but from the moment he woke up and felt empty without you around, Taron realized it wasn’t something that he wanted. Every day was more the prof that he missed you and never wanted to two of you to end things.

Taron had been doing his best, but his closest friends new that he wasn’t fine. They could see how he turned into someone they had never seen before. Someone who didn’t have any emotions. He stopped caring. If there wasn’t someone who dressed him before every interview, Taron would walk out in his sweats and a dirty t-shirt.

“Listen, I know you’re sad and all, but could you keep it together for an hour?” Mark said to Taron, who was slouching in the chair. Taron didn’t answer he shrugged his shoulders. That was his usual response for a while now. It had a lot of meaning, but mostly that he just didn’t care. Soon they all were called to the the interview. Taron was put together with Mark, to make sure the interview has some emotions, since the last time Taron did an interview by himself, it was a very depressing interview.

Mark was doing his best and kept it light and funny, but every time Taron was asked a question, it turned to a sad corner.

“So Taron, you seem down, working hard I guess” said the interviewer as Taron had drifted off.

“Oh no, I’m just sad” everyone kept quit, no one expected that kind of answer.

“Did something happened?” Taron sighed and sat up straight

““yeah, me and Y/N broke up, so I’m miserable as hell” again, silence in the room “I hate everything and I just don’t want to do anything anymore” Taron should not be saying those things, not only becasue his publicist will give him hell for that, but also becasue now Taron is more sad. Saying how he feels out loud, makes him really see that he’s alone and horribly sad, you’re not there anymore to help him feel better. Taron isn’t there anymore to help you when you’re sad. He would hold you in his arms, kiss your cheeks and just make you feel that he’s there for you. “Sorry,” Taron said under his breath and looked  back down. Mark picked up from there, but it wasn’t the same.

When the interview was over, Taron left as soon as possible, he went right home. A home that didn’t feel like home anymore. It was dark and cold. He sat on his couch and started to cry. He hated himself, for starting the conversation that ended with a break up. Taron hated himself for letting you walk out the door and letting you take everything with you. All that Taron had from you was some photos, that he took with him everywhere he went. Taron could have called or visit you and told you home wrong it was, but he was afraid to see you and find out you had moved on.

He laid down and wished that all of this was just a horrible dream.  Taron hoped that every time he went to bed, but yet every time he woke up it turned out to b real, too real.

I’ve been struggling with severe depression and anxiety lately, and every time I start having a panic attack my dog comes cuddling up with her crooked grin. She’s my best friend and the reason I get out of bed most days. This is Lemon, I just wanted you all to meet her

There’s a post that floats around this website where someone’s grandmother talks about how a marriage requires 100%, but that doesn’t mean everybody gives 100% all the time. It’s about recognizing the days when your partner only has 10% to give, and stepping up to fill the 90%. 

So, today, on our one day off together a week, and coincidentally the one day off every two weeks we have together that doesn’t involve groceries, my husband got called into work. And I was in the kitchen, frustrated that he’d been downstairs for an hour and a half after we’d talked about leaving to go out for the day. And he came upstairs and I was all ready to talk about “why the hell have you been downstairs for so long” when I saw his face. And he said he had to go into work. And all that frustration and anger just evaporated and I realized it was one of those moments that he needed that 90% from me. 

We found love in a hopeless place

It’s been such an incredibly long day. I just want to go home and soak in the jet tub with my bottle of whiskey and a pack of smokes.

I had to spend five hours in Erudite today. I fucking hate Erudite, I left for a reason. Unfortunately being former Erudite and having the superior intellectual intelligence out us five Dauntless leader’s, I tend to get stuck attending all the seminars.

When I get back Max has left a fuckton of paperwork on my desk and two disciplinary action. Not to mention the extra two hours spent working on a personal investigation.

Chip, a fence guard I completed initiation with, came to me two months ago with something he had heard out on a recent two month tour. If any of it was true it would be fucking life altering for me.

As I stalk towards the Chasm heading home I see a blur of black with long burnette hair drop over the railing.

Fuck! I burst forward looking over the edge. I expected to be looking for a body. What I saw surprised me.

She was hanging on by her finger tips looking down. The internal struggle clearly displayed in her emerald eyes. Quietly and careful not to startle her I crouch down to get closer.

“Hey there. Give me your hand,” I say quiet and calm reaching out for her

Those polished emerald eyes lock with mine and go wide. She struggles to move away without falling.

“Go away!! Leave me alone! I can’t do it anymore!” She yells panicking.

“Ok, ok relax. Whatever it is we can figure it out. Let me pull you up,” I coax calm but stern.

“There is nothing to figure out. It hurts to much. Leave me be,” tears are now streaming down her face. Despair and hopelessness on full display on her face.

Think Eric, think.

“This is a pretty permanent solution you can’t take back. Let me help you up. Let’s talk about it.” I desperately want to get her from dangling over the edge.

“I can’t. I don’t know how. I don’t want to do this alone anymore,” she is clearly hurting inside.

A unusual emotions of empathy and sorrow wash over me. I suddenly have the desire to hold her and tell her it will all be alright.

“Sweetheart, please let me help you. Whatever you’re going threw I won’t leave you alone in it. I promise,” the words slip out before I can even register what I just said.

She hesitates a moment longer before giving in and reaching for my hand. Quickly before she has a chance to change her mind, I grab her and haul her over the railing. She crumples into a sobbing heap in my arms.

“I’m Eric if you didn’t already know. What’s your name sweetheart,” I ask trying to calm her down while texting the infirmary.

I’m sitting on the floor holding her in my lap stroking her hair while she continues to sob uncontrollably.

“S-Sam. Samantha is my name,” she works on blurting out

“Well Samantha, we’re going to get you to the infirmary and get you checked out ok.”

Her heart is racing, whole body trembling and her pupils are diolated. Her glazed over, feral look leads me to believe she is on a drug of some sort.

“Don’t leave me alone Eric. You promised.” She whispers as she begins to calm down a little bit.

Shit. Me and my damn mouth. I am, if nothing else, a man of my word. A fucking asshole prick, but a noble one.

“Yes Samantha. I am going with you.”

I finally see the infirmary team heading towards us. Two females crouch down coaxing Samantha out of my arms to check her over. As I stand, Samantha thrashes wildly grabbing for my pant leg.

“Don’t leave me! You promised!” She shrieks wildly.

“Hey, hey. Shhh. I’m not leaving you Sam. I did promise. But I need you to do something for me. Let these two nice ladies look you over while I talk to Dr.Marx a minute ok. Can you do that for me Sam.”

I took her face in my hands talking to her softly. She looks into my eyes intently. I almost feel naked for a second. Like she is stripping away my layers and staring into my soul. After a moment with no loss of eye contact and final content she believes me she sits down. I run a hand gently threw her hair and use the other to stroke her cheek.

“Thank you. I will be right here. I promised.”

I turn to see the doctor and two nurses staring at me wide eyed and curious. Quickly I school my feature and narrow my eyes with clear disdain. Quickly the snap out of it and get to work on Samantha.

When I turn to Dr. Marx I give him a death glare. He just smiles, an amused look on his face.

“So the evil, ruthless,asshole leader does have a soul after all,” he says quietly, merriment in his voice.

“Tell anyone and you’ll be hanging over the Chasm next,” I grumble giving the doctor a pointed look.

“Your secret is safe witb me. Besides, nobody would ever believe me anyways,” he chuckled.

“So how do you know our Sammy girl here and how did you find her?” The doctor inquiries.

“I don’t. I was on my way home and I seen jump over the rail. When I got to her she turned histarical and spouted off about how she couldn’t take it anymore.”

She must have a history if the doctor knows her. Great. What did I just get myself into. I’m starting to regret my promise.

Dr. Marx gets a sympathetic look in his eyes. He flicks his gaze to the girl with compassion and sadness in his eyes.

“Sam has been a frequent flier in the psychward since she joined us three years ago from Candor. She has had a rough life that nobody deserves,” the sadness with a hint of anger laces his voice heavily.

“However I’m impressed. I honestly can’t believe she let you touch het let alone threw herself in your arms.”

I narrow my eyes at him. I have a feeling I am not going to like what I hear. I nod at him to go on.

“Samantha has been violently and repeatedly abused physically, mentally and sexually by those she should have been able to trust the most. General she doesn’t let men, especially essential strangers, get near her. She a strict female staff contact order in her Dauntless file.”

I feel the blood begin to boil in my veins. I have a sudden memory of training her. I remember an instances when Four went to correct her stances. She freaked the fuck out and had to be sedated. Max pulled her from training for three days. She returned with strict orders that she was only to face female opponents in training and to get Lauren if anything one on one was required of her. An explanation was never given. I’m snapped back into the present by Dr.Marx calling my name. I shake my head and return my focus back to him

“I’m sorry what was it you just said?” Annoyance clear in my voice.

The doctor just smirked and repeated himself.

“She has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. A strike on her records from secondary school for several minor assault charges. We’re ready to take her now. Are you coming?”

I give the good doctor a glare that usually sends even the strongest and bravest of Dauntless running in fear. Not the doctor, he just rolls his eyes

“Did you not hear the part where I promised to go with her. Besides, I would like to sit down and see what action plan we can get in place for her for permanent ungoing therapy.”

Dr. Marx expression was one of surprise and being caught off guard for a split second. But then just as quickly he schooled his features to a neutral look before speaking

“That is very kind of you Eric. I don’t think anyone has ever kept that type of promise to the poor girl. She could use any bit of support she can get.”

I felt a tightening in my chest. I usually never let anyone get close to me or I to them. Ever. I did that once and my trust was betrayed. I prefer to be alone with minimal non-proffesional interactions. I only do casual sex and I am an asshole.

However something about Samantha has me drawn to her. Plus still a noble asshole. Some Erudite traits where just impossible to break even after five years in Dauntless.

I nod my head for the doctor to go. I turn back to Sam who’s eyes are still locked on me. They have her on a stretcher. I walk over to walk beside her as we head to the infirmary. I was caught off guard when she grabbed my hand in a death grip.

I turned surprised eyes to hers and my breathing faulted for the briefest of seconds. Never in my life had anyone looked at me with so much trust, gratitude and some other emotion I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Ever.

Most people looked at me with fear or contempt. Occasionally respect and way too many times pure lust.

Something inside me I couldn’t identify with stirred my emotions. I reached my other hand out and gently stroked her cheek. Her eyes slipped shut as she leaned into my touch. The tiniest of a tingle shot threw my hand.

“We’re going to get you better Samantha. You will never have to deal with it alone again.”

Tears of relief filled her eyes. She has such beautiful eyes when they weren’t filled with so much pain.

“Thank you,” she whispered giving my hand the smallest of squeezes before those beautiful emerald eyes slipped shut.

Two hours later I sat nodding out off and on in the recliner I pulled next to Sam’s bed. They had drawn blood, hooked her up to an IV and various other machines to check her vitals. I stepped out of the room while a nurse helped her change into a gown.

I had also went and got coffe while Dr.Marx and Sam disgust what she would allow for disclosure to me and how much power I would be granted in her decision making. She had no family here in Dauntless.

Her mother passed away when she was five. A younger deceased sister. Both her father and her older brother where incarcerated indefinitely in Candor for crimes that where sealed to the public because they where committed against minors.

Sam had been placed to live with in Aunt in Erudite for the last six months before her choosing ceremony.

“Eric. Eric wake up. The notary is here. Let’s get this paperwork signed and you can be on your way.”

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced over at Sam. She was sedated and being given meds to detox off of some drug or another she had been taking. She looked peaceful, looks can be deceiving. I was being given partial patient history disclosure and full power of attorney whenever a doctor deemed her fit for decision making.

“Why on earth give a complete stranger this much power and leverage over yourself?” I had asked.

“Because in all her twenty-one years that stranger is the only person who showed initiative to give a damn abour her. Plus it doesn’t hurt your a leader and all.”

I had scoffed and reminded him what a dick I am and that people usually loath me.

“That’s because people never get to see the side of Eric we did tonight. I think you hide behind your authority to hide your own demons.”

I glared at the doctor for a moment before looking away.

“Carful doctor, don’t forget who the patient is,” I sneered.

He had just sighed shaking his head. I had known Dr.Marx since I was a child. He had been a friend and colleague of my father before he passed away.

“Alright Eric. Everything is in order for now. Go home and get some sleep. Should I tell Samantha if and when you will be back?”

“I’ll be back to have dinner with her. Call me if I am needed before then.”

I stretched and turned to leave. I paused looking at the broken girl lieing on the bed. What the fuck had I just gotten myself into? I bent over and placed a kiss on her forehead and turned to go.

“Eric,” I stopped and turned to look at Dr. Marx.

“You are a good man you know. Your father would be proud. Also call your mother once in awhile you little shit.”

My lips turned up slightly at the last comment. Of course my mother would use Elvin as her messenger.

“I will. When I have something to say.”

With that I left to head home for some sleep. As I walked uncertainty started to slowly creep into my thoughts.

I just completely let a stranger in just to save her life. From what I had gathered she had a fucked up childhood and just couldn’t seen to cope as an adult. Besides my leadership duties I just made the biggest and second commitment of my life. Did I just change my life for the better or make the biggest, foolish mistake of my life?

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Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC

I do not own any part of Divergent

Strong language and mature content

S4E8: Here’s the Plan

So here’s the final part to my s4 fix it fic! featuring the amount of hunk we all deserve and bringing the real shiro back. you can read part one here, as it doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t read it in order. (sorry this is like days late I wrote the bulk of it last night at 1 am)

Characters: Keith, Lance (does bp lance is real??), Allura, Hunk, Pidge, Matt, Coran, Lotor, Shiro,

Words: 2.7k

Summary: Upon discovering that the Shiro they all knew was a clone, unlikely (or perhaps very likely) members of the team step up in ways they’ve never have, but always could.

Keep reading

I hate self doubts and they’ve been very crippling lately. I have been trying to think positively but it’s been hard.

This is just a post to say that when my queue runs out in 5 days, I don’t know if I will have gone in-game by then and gotten screenshots.

This is just a heads up that in case I haven’t, I may just not post Giu stuff unless I feel like I can. I’ll do my best of course.

Hope this is alright with y’all. I’m going to keep up my Twitch cause rn it’s the only thing I enjoy.

I hate doing posts like these but felt it was necessary.

Kiwiw 🥝💜

askcrimsonpetal  asked:

Hey, so it turns out they finally have a trailer out for the new Equestria Girls online series. It said it's been out two days, so was surprised since you're usually how I hear about new EG stuff. Anyway, we finally get to see some more characters humanized forms, some hints of an actual relationship for one of the mane six, and the main part I want your feedback on, we can finally see the outfits for all seven of the characters. Mind giving your thoughts when you're able to watch?

Oh yeah–I saw that trailer the day it came out. I probably didn’t mention anything because I’m really occupied with Midterms. x_x

I made a post some time ago give my thoughts on their general outfits/designs. Now that I can see Rarity’s I do really love her outfit in general, but at the same time, something about it seems less practical for daily wear. And while I would believe if anyone would wear something fashionable but unpractical on a daily basis, it would be Rarity–I’d still like to see her wear something that seems both casual and Fabulous ™. Hrm…I may have to take a stab at design of that.

Getting a better look at Pinkie’s I’m not thinking she REALLY needs better contrast. The shape of the skirt is a nice new touch, but without the blue of her old outfit, she’s looking a bit bland hue-wise. Otherwise than that, my opinions of their outfits are all still the same as that old post (Spoiler: Twilight’s is still awful)

As for the story and plot? We’ll see.

I was worried that the 11 minute shorts wouldn’t give stories with much meat on them, but some of the shorts have actually been pretty good with that length–and hell, as someone pointed out to me, if Steven Universe can deliver the kind of impact it does in 11 minutes, why can’t Equestria Girls?

I just hope the content of the series is varied–There’s gotta be some magical girl adventures mixed in with the slice-of-life stuff. AND ROCKBAND STUFF. I WANT MORE CONTENT LIKE RAINBOW ROCKS.

I don’t have a particular issue with Spruce being there, though I know some people do. On that note, I do actually kinda hope to see some Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry stuff going on, though that might be an unpopular opinion…

All things considering I’m looking forward to it!


I smile, I smile
This could only be sometimes
That I get to see you
I have to, I smile

✨ 💜

this was one of the most beautiful moments i have been lucky enough to experience and i cant get over it, from the bottom of my heart, thank you day6 for this day and all the other days that you’ve made me smile.💜💜

also not that anyone would but pls dont steal or repost the gifs


I’ve been doing graphic layout stuff all day so I thought I’d take a break by exploring around in TEW2 and this caught my eye??? I snorted afterward omg who wrote this //// Since it’s hard to read:

Your Body, Your Success

Modern technology affords us opportunities that our forefathers could never have dreamed of… but it’s all wasted if you’re not ready for whatever life throws at you.

What would happen if you met your future wife just as you were lying in a ravine, dressed in a filthy, ill-fitting tuxedo covered in moss, too out of shape to climb out and propose? You’d cause a time paradox, that’s what.

What if the president of the lottery came to your door with a giant novelty check made out to you for all the money in the world, but your apparent lack of care for your own physical well-being caused him to recoil in horror, running off into the night, never to return? What if it were the creator of the universe, a being with the power to make you young again? You’d be ravaged by despair.

And that’s exactly why we’ve created Opulesca. Don’t let success pass you by. Because it’s not just the body that you want; in this world, it’s the body that you need. Ask your doctor for more information about Opulesca.


anonymous asked:

i tried coming out to my brother a few days ago and he responded with "you're not a boy! you have a big bulging chest" and god i fuckin.. hate him. even with a binder on ive been having terrible chest dysphoria because of my goddamn sorry excuse for a brother. i thought i passed decently well before this but now i just feel fucking terrible. i know this is all oddly specific but any help?

Well that’s really gross. All in all brothers can be hell sometimes (I’d know, I have two). Just ignore him, he’s really only saying it to be a jerk. Try and find distractions for your dysphoria, something you enjoy doing that can take your mind off things when it gets really bad.

- Michael

I’m tired and bored so have some random, completely unrelated headcannons

- “Sure, let’s not have lunch, like animals” is definitely something Allura has said and then Lance laughed in agreement

- Shiro says “buffoonery” all the time, the other three have a betting pool (of chores) of how many times he’ll say it in a day, Keith and Allura are best at it, Lance just likes to guess big numbers and always asks Shiro to help out with his resulting chores

- “I love you but your solution to everything is to live inside of a mountain” has been said to Keith and me multiple times by the other three

- Allura is fascinated by a lot of minor human things (light switches, vacuums) and she keeps asking about how these things work and after she asked about how a microwave worked the other three realized they don’t understand this stuff so they all start having nights where they look up how random things work

- Keith asks Coran to teach him how to make an Altean meal and he almost started a fire after he tried to make it on his own and later, after explaining to everyone, Allura explained that the food was barely edible for the general public so it’s totally okay that Keith almost blew up the kitchen and didn’t finish dinner

- Shiro is great at gift giving and loves it, that’s it, he just has so much fun and just loves it and his lovers

- karaoke night is bomb.

- on the ship, when they get moments to themselves to just relax, forget about the Galra and the enormous responsibility that rests on them, they just sit or lay together or more or less silence, enjoying each other’s presence and allowing themselves time to breathe.

- when that happens, they’re usually not all free at once so they’ll just slowly gather in one place and flop down with a grunt and whoever else is there grunts in an understanding response

~ mod Zippy

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that blows my mind wtf... i love your content so much like what poor taste? i'm so excited to see all of your future stuff i'm sorry you have to like. Deal w that i hope the rest of your day is nice regardless love u 🌟🌟🌟

haha ty!! im not really broken up abt it i mostly just ignore…ppl that don’t like me online, but ig it’s always startling to see someone posting abt you like you’re a Bad Person (n freaking out thinking uve done something offensive) and it turns out they just don’t like u bcz u post memes and self inserts…….. it’s like… ive alwayz been transparently all about tht shit so idk what made em think i wasnt. idk it doesnt matter to me anymore but ty anon, love u

Interview with Ilaria Catalani

Monster Allergy Week, Day 7


And since I had no clue what to do for this day I thought: “Why not an interview?”. So here we are!

For the last day of the Monster Allergy Fandom Week you are going to have two very special and exclusive interviews. The first one could not be with any other than the one and only Ilaria Catalani, to whom I will never be thankful enough for this!

Huge thanks to @shikadora-momo as well for helping me out. This would have never been possible without her.

If you want to read the original interview in Italian, click here.

If you want to read the interview in English, keep reading.

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Omg I didn’t mention to anyone! Last week at work; I got an email from someone called Amy and her email was @modestmanagement. I was instantly so mad and have never been more relieved that she had phoned in the day before and her problem was solved.

lol rip