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i was betrayed by my own kin today

Also can I just say that it’s good Magnus and Alec are talking about this right now and not later on? Like in the books Magnus and Alec didn’t have conversations about Magnus’ former relationships until Book Four, until after they’ve been together for a while and have already had sex. Getting this out and talking about Alec’s potential insecurities with never having been in a relationship before is important. It is not childish or stupid of Alec to feel insecure, he is allowed to have those feelings. I think most people do normally feel insecure if they have no romantic or sexual experience while their partner has had a lot of experience in relationships. Them addressing it now is healthy, and obviously their date goes well so it’ll end in a positive manner.

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Could you do a Jeff Atkins imagine of being Clay's twin sister and a good player on the girls soccer team and like Monty and Bryce keep harassing you because you're good looking but you can't stand them because they're jerks and Jeff comes to you're rescue when they get aggressive because he considers Clay and you friends and most of all he likes you (and you obviously like him back)??

title: i am lying in wait

word count: 1143

note: it took me writing this fic to realize how much i actually love jeff atkins he’s a cinnamon roll can i just like……. save him……….

Most of the time, attention had never bothered you. In fact, you were used to having all eyes on you. Being one of the best players on the Liberty High girls’ soccer team had proven time and time again that having people notice you all the time just came with the skill. You could, however, discern which attention was unwanted.

High school boys, for the most part, were really fucking stupid. You’d come to this conclusion on your third day of freshman year when Bryce Walker and Justin Foley had come into school smelling of weed and obviously very high. You made a mental note to never get involved with a boy until you were out of high school and into the world of college; you changed your mind when your twin brother, Clay, introduced you to Jeff Atkins, a boy in your grade whom Clay had met in his World History class.

Three years of flirting with one another had led nowhere. It was obvious that you liked Jeff and he liked you back, but it never happened. You were too shy to say anything to him about it and he wasn’t sure if he could bring it up on his own, so there you were, stuck in an endless flirtationship.

Soccer practice was always during the same time basketball practice was, but the basketball players were always done and out before the soccer kids were. You were running defense drills when the boys showed up to sit in the bleachers that lined the field; Bryce and Montgomery were there, as usual, with those shit-eating grins ever ingrained on to their face.

“Looking good, [Name],” Bryce shouted after you.

“Hell yeah, babe! Those shorts are extra short today,” Monty added.

If your face hadn’t already been burning from the effort you were putting into today’s practice, you’d be flushed from embarrassment. Thankfully, your coach came to your rescue the first time, yelling at them to not distract her players. It kept them from making remarks for a while until she left to get some more soccer balls from the gym to practice passing.

As the remarks went on, they grew more and more aggressive. It was obvious these guys were creeps, they always had been, but it made you feel like shit when they objectified you like that. You had to focus extra hard on passing to your partner to block out the comments. Nevertheless, they persisted.

Jeff was just leaving the library, his backpack slung carelessly over his shoulder as he made his way to the soccer field. He always stayed for your practices so he could drive you home and talk with you. Tutoring with Clay was getting done just as the coach was clearing the field, telling the girls to rest up for the game that weekend. He could have sworn he’d be able to hear those sickening catcalls from two of the biggest jerks on campus from three miles away.

As the bleachers came into view, he could see you seated on the very edge of the bottom row, your head down and your eyes focused on switching into a more comfortable pair of shoes instead of your cleats. Bryce and Monty had moved to sit in the two seats above you, and it was clear you were as uncomfortable as could be. With no signs of the two stopping, Jeff approached.

“Come on, [Name], we just think you’re really sexy,” Bryce was throwing down endless nicknames that made you feel worse by the second.

“Hey, Jensen!” Jeff called, smiling brightly in your direction; he could clearly see how relieved you were when he showed up. He grew closer and you stood up, focusing your attention on him instead of the two assholes behind you in the bleachers. The baseball player wrapped a protective arm around your shoulder as he glared up at them. “These guys giving you trouble?”

“Just a little,” you said, shrinking against his side.

“Aw, come on, babe. We were just complimenting you,” Monty supplied, a sickening smirk on his face, one that mirrored the one on Bryce.

You wanted to fold in on yourself, melt into a puddle right there on the sidelines, do anything that would get you away from the two basketball players who made your life a living hell when they were around. What they said was gross, something that really shouldn’t ever be said, yet here they were, clearly making you uncomfortable.

“Listen, de la Cruz. She’s not your babe. I suggest you stop treating her like she’s some piece of meat you can have. She’s clearly uncomfortable with what you’re saying to her and it needs to stop. Learn how to treat a girl and maybe you’ll finally get one,” Jeff retorted quickly, his free hand clenching into a fist.

He didn’t even wait for them to respond; they looked dumbfounded. As they stared, Jeff grabbed your duffel bag, slung it over his other shoulder and coaxed you to his car, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Sorry if what I said back there seemed possessive or something like that,” he apologized as he tossed your bag in the back seat and opened the passenger door for you. “I just know that they’ve been harassing you for a while now and I was getting really mad about it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t have the courage to tell them to stop and even if I did, I don’t think they would have taken no for an answer.”

“It’s no problem.”

The car was silent as Jeff pulled out of the student parking lot. You turned to look at him and rested your hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

“Seriously. That was really nice of you to do for me.”

He didn’t turn to look at you, but you could see the smile that pulled at the corners of his lips as you spoke your second thanks. When your hand pulled away from his shoulder and you looked back to the road in front of you, his right hand reached overs to grab yours.

“It’s not right that he was calling you babe and all that. Those are reserved for, like, boyfriends.”

You raised an eyebrow and glanced at him out of the corner of your eye. “Really? Are you trying to tell me something, Jeff?”

The blush creeped adorably fast onto his cheeks and you giggled quietly, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Am I?”

“You know, if you wanna call me nicknames like that, I’m okay with it.”

The roses bloomed an even deeper shade of red, adorning his cheeks with an adorable flush that made him look heavenly in the golden sunshine.





“You think if we go to Rosie’s right now, we could consider it a first date?”

“Gonna ask me out, Atkins?”



You Deserve Better

Can you do a fic where pietro is an ass to the reader and she is like best friends with Bucky? And pietro is mean because he’s jealous of their relationship but one time he takes it too far and he never gets her? Thanks- Anon /// I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader has feelings for Bucky but pietro is an asshole to the reader? But then Bucky says he loves reader and pietro gets all mad? Sorry if this is hard to understand - @lucihaspie

Note: hi guess who’s back. back again. ya girl. ok so I put these two together, I hope that’s okay! this took a while and I apologize! feedback is more than welcome and thanks so much for the request! .c

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You and Bucky have been best friends basically since he arrived at the tower. You were bold in trying to get him to be your friend, and he warmed up to you one night after you let him vent to you about what went on in his mind. 

He knew he could confide in you and come to you about anything. You knew you’d never match up to his friendship with Steve, but it was pretty damn close. You had to admit, you’ve actually fallen for the super soldier.

There was an issue though, you were bold, but not bold enough to tell Bucky how you really feel. So, you leave it hidden in the back of your mind, closed off until the right moment. If that would ever come. Most days, you had an annoying pest called Pietro to keep those feelings and thoughts at bay.

You had just gotten back from a mission, tired and covered in mud and grime. Your joints hurt and you had cuts littered all over your body. Though the mission was a success, you had Pietro yelling in your ear every step you took about how you almost messed it all up, even though you really didn’t.

The team followed behind you and Pietro, watching him scream at you. “You’re stupid! An idiot! You could have gotten me shot!” Pietro yelled with his thick accent, his arms flailing around. You bit your tongue, tasting the metallic iron rising to the surface from biting so hard. You stared straight ahead, trying to drown out the man yelling at the top of his lungs at you.

You heard heavy footsteps approaching and someone shoved Pietro to the ground, just to have him speed back to his feet. “Enough! She didn’t do a damn thing wrong! I am tired of you acting like she’s nothing! Leave her alone!” You heard Bucky yell at Pietro. The two were toughing noses and both breathing heavily. “Hit me. Go on, if you’re so tough.” Pietro spat menacingly as Bucky’s metal hand clenched.

Wanda stepped in between the two, both of their chests crowding her. “If anybody hits anyone, it’ll be me hitting the both of you. Stop it.” Wanda ordered, staring up at her brother’s face. Bucky growled and you heard his arm whirring. 

He stomped off towards your direction and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his side as he placed his lips on your head. Pietro watched as you two walked off, his fists clenched.

A few hours had passed and you were all cleaned up. You were relaxing in the common room on the couch with Bucky, your head in his lap. Bucky’s hand was raking through your hair, gently scratching and massaging your scalp. You hummed in content with your eyes shut and Bucky stared down at you, a smile on his face. “That feel good?” Bucky asked, his voice just above a whisper.

You nodded gently as you opened your eyes to look at Bucky. He was staring down at you and you immediately blushed. Bucky chuckled, his body gently moving against you. “You’re cute when you blush.” Bucky said, caressing your hairline, letting his hand move down the length of your hair. “Are you serious? She’s not cute at all.” You heard Pietro’s annoying voice chime in.

Bucky’s head snapped towards Pietro, his jaw clenched. “Might wanna get your eyes checked.” Bucky grumbled, his hand ceasing it’s movement. You sighed and sat up, leaning against Bucky’s chest. 

A loud “ha” escaped from Pietro’s mouth. “My eyes work perfectly fine,” He said with a smug grin, taking a seat in the chair near the sofa, “I can see that Nat’s a goddess. Y/N? Nowhere near.” Pietro finished, his fingers tapping speedily against the arms of the chair.

You swallowed the lump that was forming in your throat. You had confided in Bucky one night about how insecure you felt about yourself and how you thought Natasha was better in basically every area. Bucky told you that he thought you were perfect and you should never talk so lowly of yourself.

You tried to move off of Bucky, but his arm slithered around your waist, holding you against him. Bucky sighed heavily. “Pietro, do us a favor and just leave, please.” Bucky snapped, his voice wavering between angry and calm. 

You sank into Bucky’s hold, feeling your face heat up. “Okay, tell me this, Barnes. Who would you choose between Nat and Y/N?” Pietro asked, causing Bucky’s breathing to stop and you to sit and wait for his answer.

Your heart was thumping in your ears as Bucky stayed silent. You shoved yourself off of Bucky, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Pietro’s arm stuck out as you walked by him and he gripped your wrist. “Don’t touch me.” You spat, yanking your hand from him. 

Bucky stood to his feet, watching you two. Pietro smirked at you, his eyes staring into your watery ones. You saw a flash of something in his eyes, but you couldn’t place your finger on it. It almost looked like guilt, sadness, and pain. But you knew he could never feel bad about how he treated you.

Pietro shrugged and chuckled. “So, you know I’m right then.” Pietro said to Bucky as you walked away, not being able to handle standing there any longer. You weren’t there to see Bucky snatch Pietro up by his shirt and defend your honor, telling Pietro how you felt about yourself and how much he loved you. You didn’t see the anger take place in Pietro.

You ran to your room, shoving past a team member every now and then. Steve finally stopped you in your hallway, he had been in Wanda’s room, discussing Pietro earlier and what they should do to stop it for good. “Y/N?” Steve asked, his blue eyes observing your current state. You sniffled and looked at your shoes. “C-Captain.” You said, your voice breaking.

Steve stepped closer to you, his finger lifting your chin. “Y/N, you can call me Steve off duty. Tell me what’s wrong.” Steve said with a slight frown, wiping your tears. Your lip quivered and you threw yourself into Steve’s arms, sobbing into his navy blue shirt. “Pietro.” He said with a firm voice, he was all too familiar with this. His arms tightened around you before he pulled away.

You choked on another sob and Steve held your arms. “I’ll be back. Go to Wanda, talk to her, please.” Steve said before he placed a kiss to your forehead. You nodded and he left, his strides long and angry. You stood in front of Wanda’s door and she turned to you. “Hey Y/N-” She gasped at your wet cheeks and puffy eyes. “Again?” She asked, shaking her head as she walked over to you and hugged you.

You sighed into the hug, your arms holding her. “He’s so mean all the time.” You whispered as you felt Wanda’s hands rubbing your back. “I tell him to stop, he just doesn’t listen.” Wanda said softly, “Y/N, there’s something you should know.” Wanda said as she pulled back from you. You listened closely.

Wanda sighed and looked around her room, as if she were searching for what to say. “My brother is jealous of your relationship with Bucky.” Wanda finally said and your eyebrows creased together. “Wh-why? Why would that give him any reason to treat me so horribly?“ You questioned as you felt the anger in your stomach start to boil. You watched Wanda’s face as she gave you a look.

Wanda shook her head, her hair falling from behind her ear. “I-I think he likes you.” Wanda said, almost whispered. Your mouth fell open and you took a step backwards. Pietro treated you horribly because he was jealous and likes you? Who the hell does that? How is that right at all? You scoffed and wiped angry tears away, leaving Wanda’s room.

She rushed after you and grabbed your wrist. “Y/N! Please, don’t-” You turned to her. “What? Don’t hurt him?” You spat, squinting your eyes at her. She recoiled and frowned. She nodded and tucked her lips between her teeth before responding. “I can’t stop you.” She said, meeting your eyes. You scoffed. “No, you can’t.” You said before stomping away.

Your anger was something you hardly act on but now, you just wanted to lash out. You breathed in and out heavily, ignoring the sudden lightheaded wave that hit you. You took the elevator up to the common room and heard Bucky yelling already. No doubt at Pietro. You walked in cautiously, listening.

Bucky growled, shaking his head. “You’re the biggest piece of-of CRAP! You profess love but treat her like she’s nothing!? Yo-you-” Bucky pointed at Pietro, “are a waste of her time!” He yelled, his voice growing hoarse. Pietro was standing still, his shoulders slumped. You walked in and gained the attention of everyone. Wanda walked in beside you now.

You bit back your anger, deciding to spare Pietro your own wrath. Pietro turned to you and Bucky looked like he had been crying. Your heart sank as you walked up to Pietro. You looked up at him and he was about to speak, until your hand flew up and across his cheek. You heard gasps fall from the mouths in the room. Pietro held his reddened cheek and wiggled his jaw.

His eyes filled with tears and he looked down at you. Your hand stung but you shook it off, straightening your back and shoulders. “I deserved that.” Pietro said softly. You scoffed and shook your head. “You deserve a lot worse after everything you did to me.” You said, your voice smaller and weaker than you wanted it to be.

Pietro clenched his jaw and nodded, his cheek slightly swelling. “I, uh, guess you don’t feel the same, huh?” Pietro asked you, his eyes meeting yours. You shook your head, looking up at him. “No.” You said before turning on your heel and making your way back to your room.

Back in the common room, Bucky walked over to Pietro. “You fucked up. But at least she has someone to treat her right and who loves her.” Bucky said, walking away. Pietro scoffed and chuckled, getting angry again. Before he could speed over and give Bucky a swift punch to the face like he wanted, Wanda trapped him in her red shield.

Bucky kept walking, taking the elevator to your room.

You were sitting on your balcony with your legs dangling through the openings, letting the cold wind dry your fresh tears. You wiped at your cheeks and inhaled shakily, a little sob breaking through your mouth.

You couldn’t believe that someone would treat you so horribly and say such mean things to you, cutting you down to nothing but insecurities, and say they like you. You just couldn’t believe it.

You heard your balcony doors open, not able to see who it was as you stared down at the busy city far beneath you. “Wanda, if you’re here to scold me for slapping your brother, I’m not going to apologize.” You said through your sobs. “I was going to say it was pretty impressive, though I expected a punch.” You heard Bucky say with a small chuckle.

You couldn’t help but blush at the sound of his voice. You felt him pick you up by your waist, pulling you from the railing. You turned to Bucky and shivered from the gust of wind, your hair whipping into your face. He tucked it behind your ear and pressed a kiss to your forehead. You let Bucky take you back inside of your room, shutting the balcony doors.

You sat on your bed, leaning against your headboard. Bucky sat beside you and pulled you onto his lap. “Y/N, please don’t cry.” Bucky whispered, cradling your head onto his shoulder. 

You sniffled and held in your tears, a tired sigh escaping your lips. “I just don’t know how-I mean, he-” You sobbed again, shaking your head. Bucky held you closer and shushed you gently. He rocked you back and forth, his own heart breaking at your tears.

You sat in silence, listening to Bucky’s slow and steady breathing. You played with his metal fingers, finding comfort in the cold. Bucky placed kisses along your head, his flesh hand drawing random shapes on your thigh. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky suddenly whispered, leaning his chin on your head. You stopped your movements and your breath hitched in your throat.

You sat up and turned in Bucky’s lap, straddling him as your eyebrows creased. “What?” You asked, your voice soft. You stared into Bucky’s eyes and he held your waist, his thumbs rubbing the small bit of exposed skin from your shirt riding up. Bucky smiled and looked at your face, studying every inch of it as if he would forget it.

Bucky inhaled nervously. “I love you.” Bucky repeated, his eyes searching yours. Your mouth fell open a tad as you processed what he just said. “But, earlier you didn’t say who you’d choose, I assumed you said Natasha after I left.” You said, looking away from Bucky’s eyes. “No, I’d choose you any day. I just didn’t know what to say, Pietro was pissing me off.” Bucky explained, rubbing your sides.

You looked up at Bucky again and looked at his lips. You leaned in slowly, building the courage to finally tell Bucky how you felt. “I love you too, Bucky.” You whispered before closing the distance between your lips and his. Bucky smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer, his metal hand cradling your head gently.

Your lips moved against each others perfectly as your hands found his long locks, gently raking through them. Your stomach flipped with happiness and you realized that you belonged with Bucky and nothing would change that.


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I know I said NO SU spoilers here but this thing have been floating in my mind a good while… WARNING: SPOILERS BELLOW

I know people is complaining about “Rose shattered Pink Diamond but then told Bismuth and her weapon to gtfo!” and yeah I am as mad as everyone for bubbling Bismuth but…

In this bomb we met other Quartzes, aka: other soldiers, people who would have REALLY been in the war, and we learn that they are not inherently bad.

They are afraid of their superiors and because of that they follow their orders, using Bismuth’s weapon would’ve imply shattering many soldiers like those Quartzes, innocent gems that are just too scared of the ones upon them.

Because let’s be real, the possibilities of many of the “higher” gems going to battle is really low, since they are more “important”. Like in The Answer where Ruby acknowledges her presence in Homeworld is irrelevant, but Sapphire is important, because of that they where commanded to protect her.

Rose tried to not harm innocent gems, but the only way to “free them” was killing their dictator.

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HI! Do you or anyone know or have any idea why Jongdae and Yixing are not friends anymore?

Hey friend. Unfortunately, the xingdae drama is one of the biggest mysteries to come out of exo. They’ve never even suggested a reason as to why they won’t look at or interact with each other anymore. I suspect it must have been pretty bad considering neither of them have even vagued about the other, and I mean, yixing is the King of passive aggression and kjd is the king of passive aggressive poeticism. So. Anyway, while nothing is confirmed, here are some theories.

  • It all has something to do with the day Yixing lost all of his compositions on his hard drive, many if not most featuring Jongdae like the demo version of promise or this song.
  • ZYX made the mistake of paying attention to someone who wasn’t JD and that was the end of it.

  • Xing got mad because Xiuchen eloped without his blessing.

  • Nothing necessarily even happened, it’s just a libra dealing with a virgo/libra cusp.

  • We have a main vocalist and a dancer/singer/composer and only one of them could have the first solo album.

  • A situation of one of them holding open a door and saying “after you” while the other said “no after you” that spiraled out of control.

  • SM tore Exo-M apart with their talons and nothing we love can remain.

  • JD wanted pepperoni on their pizza and Xing didn’t.

  • Somehow, it’s all Chanyeol’s fault.

Anybody notice where Jess is standing in this picture?

I’ve commented tangentially on this before, but I want to point it out very directly. First, think about the home in which Jess grew up…the one in which he “[didn’t] like any of the guys” his mom dated, but, as he put it, “She r e a l l y doesn’t care what I think. I’ve got 19 years of proof to back me up.” Want a glimpse of those years?

He watches her in his peripheral vision. She’s on the telephone, anxiety mounting. He knows before asking who was on the phone, and even if she doesn’t say so, he can tell that HE is on his way, and she’s scared, even though she doesn’t want to show it.


But there’s no way he’s leaving her to face him alone. When h e gets there, keep things light and casual. …Nope… H E ’ S MAD. Change of tactic. Just keep talking–keep h i s eyes on YOU–draw h i s fire while you casually step in front of her…between them– …That’s right, buddy, I’m your target, over here, if you’re gonna hit somebody it’s me, if you’re going to yell and scream at somebody, I’m right here, I caused all of this trouble, anything you don’t like about this situation? ALL ME.
EXO Reacting To You Being Attacked By Sasaeng Fans

Here is another reaction!! Enjoy!!


Xiumin: He wouldn’t be able to hide how upset he was. He would blame himself for being famous enough that you were in the position to be attacked at all. He would feel overwhelmed by what was happening.

“I never meant for you to get hurt…”

Luhan: He would feel bad, but wouldn’t know what to do, other than comfort you. He would want to make sure you were alright before he handled the situation with the sasaengs.

“I just need to know you’re okay.”

Kris: He would show his soft side and break down. The tough exterior the sasaengs would experience later on would be hidden. He would be upset that people would treat you that way and would not be afraid to show you how he really felt.

“You don’t deserve this!”

Suho: He would go into full leader mode and would have his company hunting down the people who hurt you. He only wants your safety and by stopping those who hurt you by making an example out of them, he would feel like he was doing his part.

“They will pay for what they did to you.”

Lay: His dark side would come out. He only would want you safe and the sasaengs are putting you in danger, which he isn’t okay with. They would get a whole new side of Lay that people haven’t really seen before.

“Nothing will hurt my lady.”

Baekhyun: He would be upset about what happened. He would blame himself and wouldn’t know how to fix it. He would sit with you and let you cry into his shoulder while he moped that he couldn’t protect you.

“I wish I could have been there to help…”

Chen: He would be mad that people went so far as to attack his girl. He would make sure that SM took serious action towards the sasaengs and he would be very vocal about how upset he is.

-see gif for dialogue-

Chanyeol: He would be upset and frustrated. He would be mad that his fans would go so far that they’d hurt the person he loves. He would be serious about it and make sure that you had extra security so it could never happen again.

“I promise I’ll keep you safe next time.”

Kyungsoo: He would flip out. I could see him running out to where the sasaengs were and yelling at them himself with his security team. He wouldn’t let it drop until every last one of them saw his rage.

“THAT’S IT!!! I’VE HAD IT!!!!!”

Tao: Tao would take matters into his own hands and would want to be your security at all times. He would make sure you were always safe and that no sasaeng could come within hundreds of feet of you.


Kai: He would be upset and disgusted with the sasaeng fans. He would be upset that the one thing in his life he thought would be safe from the crazy really isn’t. 

“ *sigh* This has gotten out of hand.”

Sehun: He would openly show his distaste towards the sasaengs. He would be rude back to them and would never let it go. He would be crazy overprotective so that fans couldn’t go that far again. Be prepared for a seriously pissed off Sehun.

“No one… I repeat…NO ONE goes near her!”

winner is having a comeback!!!
i just saw and so here, have some winner hp!au stuff


  • gryffindor prefect who wishes he was the head boy but is fine with his job because it’s still important,,,,,,,if only the first years weren’t the only ones who listened to him,,,, 
  • plays on the quidditch team, is a beater 
  • is really good at muggle music because he taught himself to play guitar the manual way (didn’t drink a potion or put a spell on the instrument to play itself 
  • even though seunghoon teased him about for a whole semester)
  • does ok in all his other classes but has a knack for divination even though he hides it from his classmates who make fun of the subject
  • you’re pretty sure he isn’t lying when he reads one of the tea leaves and tells someone they’re going to fail their OWLs because the person who he said it to literally sleeps in every class you have with them 
  • so you go over and ask seungyoon to read yours and he’s like “sure,,,,is there something you’re interest in knowing specifically?”
  • and you put your hands up on the desk and shrug like “how about my love life?" 
  • seungyoon kind of flusters for a second but agrees and as he’s looking at the leaf he frowns and is like "there’s not much, which means something is going to happen really really soon-" 
  • and just as he’s about to finish seunghoon walks by and is like "i heard you were watching seungyoon games over the weekend, was it fun?” To you 
  • and you’re like hOON SHUT UP but he’s just chuckling like a madman before skipping away and seungyoon is like “you came to watch me play?” and you’re like m,,,maybe,,,,yes 
  • and he suddenly gets a bit pink in the face and he’s well,,,,if you have time after this i can teach you some tricks on the broom????? and you’re like OMG id love that 
  • and long story short he didn’t see anything in the tea leaves because,,,,,after he teaches you some stuff you guys decide you’ll have a proper date at diagon alley,,,,,next week hehe 


  • hufflepuff whose part of herbology club and likes plants,,,,,,,,and being nice to people,,,,,,,,,,
  • and is fiercely loyal to his friends because people like to downplay hufflepuff’s as serious, studios wizards but,,,,,,if one of his friends gets hurt jinwoo is the first person to perform healing spells and to put himself on the line to protect those close to him
  • but he’s all like,,,,,,,,,,the most handsome wizard ever,,,,,,,,,like he’s famous among the entire school and other schools overseas because like Have you Seen his Perfect Face
  • when his photo got printed in the newspaper for a discovery by the club he was in on a new kind of magical plant, the newspaper literally was sold out. that has never happened????? but everyone wanted his moving image for themselves?????? jinwoo’s impact
  • you’re his underclassman but you really like herbology just like him and you’ve got a first press copy of “one thousand magical herbs and fungi” and phyllida spore is literally your Idol
  • and no one has ever really shown interest as passionately as you do, especially with how outspoken you are during club meetings and how you even insist that you guys shouldn’t be scared to go into the dark forest to find more samples of plants
  • and sometimes your overexcited voice and overflowing knowledge gets on other students nerves, but jinwoo,,,,,,,,really sees you only have good intentions to learn and so if he hears anyone start whispering something mean he mutters a spell under his breath that makes it impossible for them to speak above a certain volume for a bit
  • and he thinks you don’t notice, he thinks he’s doing a great job at being subtle but you do know
  • and you,,,,,,,,are really thankful but you’re way too shy to ever approach him and thank him,,,,,,,,,until one day it’s just you two left in the club room
  • and jinwoo is humming softly, using his wand to put away all the chairs and books and you’re watching the way he’s so gentle when handling a wand and performing magic and it makes you just like him more
  • and you’re like “,,,,upperclassman if i can say something,,,,,” and jinwoo is like “go ahead!” and you’re like swallowing your fear and you’re like tHANK YOU !!!!!!! FOR PROTECting,,,,,mE,,,,,,,,,i know i can get annoying and talk too much but you always try to hide peoples negative thoughts from me,,,,,,,,,and i-it’s very sweet and im very happy for you,,,,,,,,i really like having you,,,,,,,,,,on my side!!!!!!!
  • and jinwoo is so shocked that he almost drops his wand and the chair floating mid air almost breaks but he manages to regain his wand and you rush to catch the chair before it comes crashing down
  • and jinwoo is blushing, bringing up his sleeve to shield his face and he’s like “so,,,,,,you’ve known all along what ive been up to?” and you’re like “Yes,,,,,,,,,,,it’s very nice,,,,,,of you” and he’s like “then if it’s ok, ill keep doing it?” and you’re like !!!!!! please do and then you see him smile as he lowers his sleeve and he’s like “ill always be on your side, does this mean i can count you to be on mine?”


  • ravenclaw who looks like he shouldn’t be in ravenclaw,,,,,,,because everyone is prime and proper and mino doesn’t even bother tying his tie correctly or wearing his robe to class
  • and his broom? it breaks every month. the poor thing is falling apart its been bandaged so many times that seungyoon thinks mino is a flying hazard when he gets on it
  • surprisingly though,,,,,,he takes studying serious. especially transfiguration.
  • is actually a metamorphmagus, meaning he was born with the skill to alter his appearance to look like a completely different person. his hair and eye color change along with his emotions,,,,,,,he’s kinda learned how to control but it’s still something that happens
  • “im not mad seunghoon. i promise.” “mino, your hair turned red and your eyes are swirling into a dark black abyss, i can tell that you’re mad.”
  • doesn’t talk about it much, but he wants to be an auror,,,,,,,,,because like it’s such a cool job and no matter how messy he might present himself to be or laidback,,,,,he can be really serious and determined
  • is in a punk band called ‘gremlins and goblins” along with seunghoon. neither of them play instruments they really just scream into mics and fool around LOL
  • you’ve always been super jealous of mino’s abilities as a metamorphmagus because you have to be born as one to be able to transform like that
  • and for a while you tried to teach yourself spells that would at least let you change hair color or your nose or something but it’s super hard
  • and mino’s just,,,,,,,,so good at it because it’s natural and when everyone in class is like “turn into the professor before they get here!!!” and mino does it in like the blink of an eye and everyone is like wOW
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,,why can’t i make my magic strong enough to do that
  • and mino’s sweet so he’s always nice to you and you kinda act cold out of your own jealousy and accord
  • until one day he’s got to sit next to you in class and transfiguration of all,,,,and you’re like grumbling to yourself and the teacher is like “alright, we’re gonna turn a dinner plate into a mushroom!” and you’re like omg this is such an easy spell,,,,,
  • and you do it in a flash and mino,,,,,,,you see is struggling even though he has the highest scores for this class???? and you’re like “um,,,,,are you ok? are you sick?” and mino chuckles and he’s like “nope, ive just always been bad at this one.” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,let me help
  • and you help him repeat the spell and you’re like leaning over to help re position his wand
  • and like,,,,,,,wow you’re the one helping mino,,,,,,the top student and he’s smiling at you and thanking you and ok,,,,,,what,,,,,,he’s so cute,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,allowed?? him??
  • and after class mino catch up with you and ok seriously he looks so cute with his shirt untucked and his tie loose around his neck and his ravenclaw scarf thrown over his shoulder and he’s like “OWLS are coming up and you’re super smart, we should study together?”
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,like a study group?” and mino laughs embarrassingly and he’s like “is it bad that im kinda hoping it’s a study DATE instead?”
  • you: drops your wand lfkjdgsmgg


  • slytherin troublemaker and captain/seeker of the houses quidditch team
  • likes to play pranks on everyone. even the house ghost, the bloody baron
  • is only passing his classes because he has to to be able to stay captain,,,,,,,,,,pretty sure he has some method of cheating but like,,,,,,who knows,,,,,,,tbh seunghoon is probably the most cunning in that whole house and that’s what the house is known for so can you imagine,,,,,,
  • tried to smuggle in a dog onto the platform when taking the train to school, but it was confiscated and seunghoon was forced to make due with only his frog,,,,,,,
  • like mino, he’s part of ‘gremlins and goblins’, and his lyrics are all incoherent noises and sometimes lowkey disses at some of the teachers at school and mino is like bro,,,,,,,,,,,we can’t and seunghoon is like bro,,,,,,,,,no one listens to this “music” but us let me talk shit about the charms professor-”
  • seunghoon is actually an animagus. and most people are shocked because to become one you need a lot of patience, the process is super long
  • but he did it, and his form is the same as his patronus,,,,,,a cheetah 
  • and he shows it off like all the god damn time like WE GET IT you’re an animagus seunghoon sit down before you knock something over with your long limbs or your cheetah tail
  • and ,,,,,,,, there’s a certain person seunghoon likes to show off the most to,,,,,,,that person is you
  • and most of the time you just roll your eyes and play off his corny pick up lines and that time he drank a potion to be able to imitate your favorite actor at the time
  • and like,,,,,,you’ve been friends with him for a while so you really just think it’s all teasing so you don’t take it seriously
  • not until one day he’s trying to show you a cool trick on his broom, but end ups falling back first onto the hard floor of the hallway and you hear something crack and you’re like seunghoon,,,,,,,SEUNGHOON
  • and you drop down and move his head into your lap and you’re like turning his head this way and that and you’re like “can you lift your hand???? leg???? listen if you can’t ill levitate you and get you to the-”
  • and seunghoon suddenly starts chuckling and you’re like ???????
  • and he’s like “i knew it,,,,,,,,you do actually care about me. so are you free after the match this afternoon, i know we’re gonna win and as a victory gift how about you let me take you on a da-”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you fall down on PURPOSE and you take out your wand like “im going to seriously poof off your eyebrows for that”
  • and seunghoon is like nOOO spare my handsome face, which you totally like, pleaaaaaaaase
  • and you really wanna do it because he messed with you but at the same time you just sigh and you’re like getting up
  • and seunghoon is like “wait - where are you goi-”
  • and you’re walking down the hall and with your wand you pick up his broom without looking and use it to thunk him on the head and you’re like
  • “pick me up after the game. you better win.”  

bonus their patronus’: seungyoon = brown bear, jinwoo = deer, mino = coyote, seunghoon =cheetah 

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Hi sweetie ❤ I love your blog and can you bts and got7 reaction to their girlfriends hand always cold... Sorry for my English 😢

Hi there! I’m sorry but I only do Bts stuff on this blog I hope it doesn’t bother you :3

I hope you like the reaction :)

(your english is fine hun) 

Bts Reaction to you having cold hands


You would be taking a walk outside. It wasn’t very warm outside so your hands were even colder than usual. You tried to warm them by rubbing them together but it wasn’t making much difference. Namjoon saw you were struggling to warm them up.

“Jagi if your hands are cold just put them in my pockets.”

Which you did and it felt better right away, you walked around with a hand shuved in his pocket with his hand in yours feeling all nice and toasty.

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You were in a restaurant eating some of the nicest food you had eaten in a while. The only problem was that your hands were pale and cold and all you could focus on was warming them up. You didn’t mention it because you didn’t want to worry him just because of your hands. Jin saw they were pale but didn’t say anything since he knew it would bother you. Instead he just held your hands to keep them warm, for time to time he  would drop a few warm kisses on them. You were thankful Jin was so considerate of your feelings.

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You were watching a movie, and of course your hands were cold again. You had them stuck under the cover with you and Yoongi but they were still freezing. You had had enough and just stuck them under his tshirt, to which he squealed.


i feel like this gif expresses his reaction well :’) 

Once you had explained your hands were cold he would accept you warming them up against him.

“Just warn me before you freeze me to death.” he would say with a small smile, not wanting to admit he liked having you this close to him.


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You were at a friends house for the afternoon. You had been complaining about your cold hands for a while now. Hoseok wasn’t really paying attention because he was laughing so much with his friends. But once he saaw you pouting in a corner with your hands under your armpits trying to warm them up he would come up to you to apolagize.

“Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t realise.”

gif is him apolagizing 

He would take you in a big hug and would hold your hands for the rest of the night so they could stay warm.


Originally posted by join-the-kpop-army

You and him would be laying in bed trying to sleep. You could hear his heavy breathing behind your back and you knew he was asleep. No matter how hard you triend you just couldn’t go to sleep yourself because of your freezing hands. After a while you turned around to face Jimin and approached him slowly with your cold hands that you stuck against his bare chest.

He sighed softly but didn’t move because he knew that your hands were stopping you from sleeping.

“Goodnight jagi..”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

You were sat on the beach in the sun, but even if it was warm your hands were still cold. In this case you were happy they were always cold because you used them to cool your face off. Teahyung was all sweaty and couldn’t cool down so when he rembered that your hands were always cold he just grabbed them and put them on his face with a sigh of relief.

“Omg Jagi I love your cold hands!”


Originally posted by myjaebutt

You two would be at the movies, and yet again your hands were cold. It hadn’t been long since you two had started dating so you were afraid to hold his hand in case it might bother him. You had them on your lap but in the end he found your hands and took them in his. He didn’t say anything so you asked him if he minded your cold hands.

“Y/N don’t be silly if I’m holding them right now it means I don’t mind.” he would tell you, with a kiss on your cheek.

You spent the rest of the film hand in hand.

(gifs aren’t mne credit to owner) 

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21, Lip, please? ❤

Hi! Thank you so much for the ask  ❤ I’m sorry this took so long.


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“Lip!” You angrily hiss. You rush down the stairs of the Gallagher house, looking for your boyfriend. He wasn’t there when you woke up and realized that he let you sleep in. He knew that bothered you. You were a part of the Gallagher household now, so that meant you knew each member. You’d realized that Debbie liked to tell you bye, and Carl always hugged you before he left. You also received bye’s from everyone else. It was natural at this point, you had stayed so long.

You’d been up all night with Lip anyways, even though he told you to get to sleep. Liam was having nightmares, and you would do anything for that little boy. You knew how much he meant to everyone in this family… Well, except for Frank. But you also knew that he meant a lot to you too. You loved him like your own little brother.

You had finally buttoned up your pants while you find everyone leaving. A huff leaves your mouth, a frown following it, “Phillip Ronan Gallagher.” This made him look over at you. He had a smile on his face where he had just been making faces at Liam. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.” You make sure to have your angry face on.

He laughs while standing, quickly handing Liam over to you. “I know that.” He presses a kiss to your cheek, still noting that your frown hadn’t left. “I love you,” He says as he quickly jolts up the stairs. About three minutes later he comes back down, dressed to impress. You make sure to still act mad as he grabs some things to leave and the three of you were on your way.

Lip still had to go to college, and you always made sure he was up and running. You’d kill him if he was ever late. He deserved his education. You loved that he was so smart, and how he could sit and talk to you for hours of quantum physics. You also liked that he would talk to you about everything he learned in his classes. You were a year behind, quickly finding your way to graduate early, but you knew when you went to College it would be with him. 

You couldn’t stay mad at him for very long, though. He started playing with Liam on the L and you had to smile at him, “Look, Lip. I love you so much, but your an asshole.” He laughed at you as you kissed him, “You’re too much.”

“I try,” he grins, wrapping an arm around you as he keeps his eyes on his little brother. You couldn’t believe how lucky you had gotten with him. Life couldn’t get any better than this. 

Drunk Confession // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by y--oko

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (ft. Yoongi)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary//Request: You’ve always been the one to come to Namjoon’s side when he needs you the most - and tonight is no exception. But just when you think it’s going to be like any other night, Namjoon tells you how he really feels about you.

A/N: I was planning to make this into smut, but I’m just not feeling smut for this type of story. So, enjoy fluffy, drunk Namjoon instead ^^

This scenario contains text message imagines ^.^

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But that was before | Stiles fluff/smut

A/N: hi guys, this is my first time writing a short story so please give feedback :) I am planning on making another part to it which will be a little smuttier.

Plot: Stiles X reader. You return to beacon hills after some time away to find that Lydia is having a party and the girls are desperate for you to go, but you just want to see Stiles, who doesn’t know your back.

  *Y/N- your name, Y/L/N- your last name, Y/E/C- your eye colour

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

“Come on y/n” Malia begs for the fifth time today as she jogs up beside you “you have to come”
“And why is that exactly ?” You say as you continue to walk down the corridor towards chemistry.
“Because it wouldn’t exactly be a pack party without the whole pack”
You couldn’t help but laugh at her naivety “I hate to break it to you Mal but this isn’t a pack gathering” you grin as you pull Lydia’s party poster from your pocket and pass it to Her “it’s a school gathering”

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Mutual Naps And Comebacks (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader 
Request: Could you do a peter maximoff x reader where someone is flirting with the reader and he’s jealous so he tries to out dork said person flirting with reader
Featuring: Roberto da Costa (Sunspot), Charles, Jubilee, Hank
Word Count: 1305
Warning: Fluff, swearing, jealous Peter, ???
A/N: Ripp ignore timelines and shit okay. Also I hoped this is what you were looking for, and enjoy!!
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @stovehairington, @littlemissvicki,

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((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                The sun was shining in Westchester today, and Charles had long owed the students a free day. Most were still cramming for the upcoming exams while others enjoyed the nice weather, taking advantage of being allowed off campus. Peter often would head out too, but he found himself laying on the lawn with you. His backpack was tucked under his head while you were laying on his chest. You held a book over your face, reading aloud while Peter listened along, smiling at your dramatized tone. He glanced down at you, your side profile shaded from the sun, lips moving and eyes following the words. There was a sense of tranquility wrapping around you two.

                Peter found himself tangling his fingers in your hair, making you sigh contently. Peter could spend the rest of his life with you like this. “Peter, you’re distracting me.” You hummed, eyes falling closed. “Babe I’m pretty sure distractions are a bad thing.” He quipped. You forced your eyes opened at sat up, arms stretching over your head while Peter pouted. You looked over at him, laying down with sun rays cascading over his skin. “You’re making me sleepy, I need to finish reading this.” You waved your book around as Peter shrugged. “We have a free day, let’s just sleep or something, I’m tired too.” Peter suggested, and honestly the sound of mutual naps was appealing, but before you could agree the Professor’s voice rang in your head.

Y/n I hate to interrupt your relaxing, but I need to ask a favour of you. Please come to me office as soon as possible.

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Spain - Alfie Solomons

Request: can i ask for a fic where you spent some time in spain and speak fluent spanish but nobody would guess it and the shelbys find out and use it for business? Or with alfie or whatever you feel like (: maybe like alfie/tommy/john/arthur think its sexy when you speak spanish?

Spain - Alfie Solomons

You stood by the corner of the street, far enough away from the bakery that no one would pay attention to you loitering there. Though it was an unusual business endeavor you had been sent to London to speak to an Alfred Solomons about the export of his whiskey to Spain. You had grown up in Spain to a Spanish mother and an English father. With new export laws your father hoped to capitalize on a business that other Spaniards had not tapped into yet. English whiskey.  

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Preference: How they frustrate you.


When he works himself to hard.

“You want to help those boys, Darry? You want to be there for your brothers? Then you’ve got to slow down! How do you plan on being there for them if you wind up in the hospital.” You frown at Darry and stop rubbing his shoulders so you can wrap your arms around him from behind. “I love you. But you’re not Superman and you shouldn’t try to be.”

When he tells the boys what you two do in private. You asked him when you started dating to keep these things to himself and normally he’s pretty good at keeping quiet but when they’re all going around talking about their most recent girls they’ll pressure Soda and he’ll let some details slip.

You storm away from the fire that the gang was gathered around after a drunk Two-Bit and Dally started teasing and joking with you about what you and Soda had done the other night. You glared at your boyfriend before you stood to walk away and he immediately followed you so you spun around angrily to look at him once out of sight of the others.

“I am not some cheap thrill, Sodapop Curtis. I am a lady and if you think you can go around telling your friends about what I do when I’m alone with you then you can forget about it ever happening again.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He frowned and tried to take your hand.

“They made me feel awful. I don’t like to think about the kind of things you tell them okay?”

“Okay. He nodded and hugged you.

When he tries to hide when he’s emotional or upset because he hates when they gang treats him like a kid so he wants you to see him as a tough guy.

You had slept over the Curtis house last night since your parents were out of town for the weekend. They went away once or twice a month to visit your sister so you always stayed at the Curtis’s house. Sodapop always insisted in sleeping on the couch so that you and Pony could lay together. This particular morning you woke up just as the sun was rising and you rolled over expecting to see your boyfriend asleep only he was sitting up and reading, his eyelids heavy.

“Ponyboy, how long have you been up?” You frowned a bit and pushed yourself up.
“A little while.” he brushed off and set aside his book.

You gave him a knowing glare. “If you had a nightmare you could’ve woken me up. Jeez, Pony, I’m not gonna judge you or love you any less. I’m not mad but it hurts when you don’t trust me enough to think that I will.”

When he can’t even be serious for one minute. His jokes are what you love most about him and they never fail to make you laugh but sometimes you want to just be able to look into his eyes say ‘I love you’ and get a simple response back.

“Jeez Two-Bit,” You sigh and scoot away from him so his arm isn’t hanging over your shoulder anymore. “Is that all this is to you? I love you. My love isn’t a joke! It may be to you but it isn’t for me.”

How often he’s arrested. You knew when you started seeing him what type of guy he was and you knew he’d never change. You honestly didn’t mind it most of the time because you knew he was breaking the law and mostly deserved the time he served. But sometimes it really just hit you the wrong way.

“But you just got out three days ago, Dal. What the hell do you mean the cops are after you?”

“I needed cigarettes and I didn’t realize the store owners kid had his eyes on me. It happens, doll. They’ll only hold me for a night or two, relax.”

“Relax? Damnit, Dallas, you just got out and I’ve barely seen you for five minutes. Can’t you stay out of the cooler for one week? For just one damn week can you stick around long enough to take me out on a decent date or something!”

When he thinks he’s not as handsome as Sodapop.

You sat on a stool at the DX while you watched Steve look around under the hood your car that he was fixing. He looked up as he saw the crowd of girls chatting with Soda as he pumped their gas. Steve frowned and shook his head. “Ain’t no crowd of girls coming to visit me.”

“I’m here.” You say crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yea well I bet you wish you were out there chatting up the movie star don’t you?”

“Well Soda’s single isn’t he?” you ask and Steve nodded. “And haven’t I had plenty of opportunities to chat him up? But I don’t want to. You’re the one I want. You are the movie star to me. Now shut the hell up and fix my brakes please.”

When he stays in the lot instead of going to your house or the Curtis’s.

“If you don’t want to be home, Johnny, then come through my window and spend the night with me! Or go to Buck’s or the boys house or something! I mean they leave it unlocked expecting to wake up and find you or someone on their couch so I don’t get why you stay out here.” You frown and cross your arms stubbornly. “Look I know I’m being mean but jeez.. I don’t like worrying about you catching a cold or getting beat up again when the solution is simple.”

Rebound Girl, Pt. 2

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2405

Warnings: still a bit Anti Danneel but other than that, none really I guess.

Summary: You haven’t talked to Jensen since that night. When he suddenly texts you you can’t resist and meet him for dinner. 

A/N: Part 2 to my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower writing  challenge (I couldn’t tag you this morning somehow and I hope it is even okay that I still tag you in this and sorry for the chaos with my accounts 😇)

A/N2: I’m sorry, I like to be a tease 

Catch up here 

Originally posted by artemiskitsune

Reader’s POV

It’d been two weeks since you last talked to Jensen. There had been several times where you wanted to text him but then again you never knew what to say. What was there even left to say?

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Past and Future

So @shepherd-hunt/@omeliafics asked for something angst involving Megan Hunt, PTSD, comforting Amelia and her Unicorn Baby, so I took advantage of the shitty mood I’ve been feeling lately to write it.

This is probably the most emotional fic I’ve ever written and also the longest… There were just too many feelings and it was really hard for me to put it all into words.

Hope you all like this // Previous fics can be found here (x)

She found him in an on-call room.

It was dark inside, his back was facing the door and she could hear him muttering something, though she was having trouble understanding the exact words.


“Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?”

She walked around him, now facing him, and could see the tears running down his face. His entire face was frowned, the lines on his skin more evident than ever. His whole body was shaking and sweating. He look like he was in so much pain, she just wanted to take it all away.

“Owen?” She was standing right in front of him and looking him in the eye, but he kept looking ahead, as if he was staring right through her, as if he hadn’t realized she was even there.

“I have to find her! I have to find her! I have to-“

Amelia reached up to cup his wet cheek and called for him with the smoothest voice possible, failing to hide the worry, “Owen!”

Next thing she knew, she was being pinned against the wall, his strong hands tightening around her arms, lifting her from the floor.

“We have to find her!” Owen was no longer muttering, he was now shouting.

Amelia loved him, and most importantly she knew him, all of him. There was no way he’d ever hurt her, but the situation they were currently in was scary, nonetheless.

“Owen!” The grip on her arms kept tightening, “Look at me Owen!”, she shouted.

Suddenly, it was like he snapped out of it.

“Amelia?” He set her down and could see the fear in her face. Amelia flinched away from him, rubbing her arms, which were surely going to have bruises soon. “Amelia, I’m so sorry.”

“I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Amelia, I’m- I’m sorry, you know I’d never hurt you.” His breathing was still erratic.

“Owen, you were having a PTSD episode.”

“No, no, that was nothing.” He tried to deny it, but as always, Amelia saw right through him.

“How long have you been having them?”

“It’s not- I’m fine.”

“How long?!”

“Damn it Amelia! I told you it wasn’t PTSD!” he screamed, took a deep breath and tried again in a softer voice, “I’m fine. Just leave it alone…”

“Owen, just talk to me, I-“

“Like you talk to me?”

The room became silent.

That was a low blow, but with the way things have been between them lately, all was fair. They didn’t really know where the lines were anymore.

Amelia decided to ignore his jab, “Was it about Megan?”

“Why did you run away?” he threw back at her as a response.

Amelia shook her head in clear disappointment. She just wanted to help him and make him feel better. And deep down she knew it was a little hypocritical of her to be mad at him for refusing her help, especially when she’d been practically ignoring him for quite a while now and shutting down every attempt he made of getting her to open up.

“I’m not gonna force you to talk. You know where I am when you feel like it.” Amelia already had her hand on the door handle when his voice stopped her.

“There was this patient…” Owen cleared his throat and continued his sentence once she turned to face him. “It was around the time you were on leave. There was this guy who came in, he was disoriented and dehydrated and kept asking for a woman, saying he was looking for her and had to find her.”

Amelia took a seat next him, on the uncomfortable bed, and took his hand in hers.

“We hooked him to an IV and gave him a sedative. I came back the next day, checked on him and found him awake and lucid. And we talked.”

“What did you talk about?”, Amelia asked softly.

“His sister.” Owen paused and swallowed hard, “He was looking for his sister. He told me he was around 17 when he lost her. He went to the park to meet with some friends and his little sister wanted to go too, you know, typical younger sibling behavior. Anyway, he got distracted hanging around with his friends and when he looked up to see where she was,-” a tear slipped out of his eye and he quickly cleaned it away, “she was nowhere to be found. They never saw her again.”

“He was still looking for her? Now?”

“Turns out he is schizophrenic and had been off his meds for a while, which caused a crises. That’s why he had been wandering around the woods looking for his sister. He said it’s been 20 years since he last saw her, and he just missed her so much…” his voice wavered.


“I just miss her…”

Amelia nodded and laid his head on her chest. She could tell there was more he wanted to say, so instead of saying anything to make him feel better, she simply ran her fingers through his ginger curls, hoping that gave him so comfort.

“Before my dad died he built a swing set on the background for me and my sister. And one morning, it was raining really hard, you know Seattle style, and Megan and I snuck out of the house and went to the swings. I remember going down the stairs holding her hand and telling her to be quiet but she couldn’t stop giggling.” Owen paused and smiled at the memory, “We got outside and started playing around. Eventually Megan started complaining she wasn’t going as high as I was on the swings, so she asked me to push her higher. She had me wrapped around her little finger, I couldn’t say no. So I pushed her. And she fell.”

Owen started laughing, and as confused as she was, Amelia had to laugh along with him.

“What happened next?” she asked, her fingers still in his hair, though he was now lying on her lap.

“Well, Megan started crying and screaming so loud my parents woke up. They came outside and my mom picked her up and carried her inside, while my father dragged me by the ear inside the house.”

Owen was still laughing, but suddenly the laughter mixed with the tears, thought they weren’t falling, simply blurring his vision.

“You know, you were right. Before. That was a PTSD episode.” Amelia simply nodded, she didn’t need him to say it, she knew. “It started a few weeks ago, this patient brought up a lot of stuff and that added to the fact I haven’t been sleeping properly…”

“Why aren’t you sleeping?”

He paused before answering.

“You’re not there…”

The guilt was evident in her face. She never meant for that to happen. She just didn’t know how to deal with her feelings, or how to make him understand them, so she ran. But she never meant to cause him this much pain.

“I’m sorry…”

“I know…” Owen turned to look up at her face, gave her a small smile and got up from the warmth of her lap, sitting by her side. “I just wished you’d talk to me.”

Amelia turned her face and looked away from him.

“I’m not ready yet…” she whispered.

Owen nodded, not even mad or disappointed in her. He was simply tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of feeling like he was the only one invested in this marriage. Not that he doubted her love for him, but it can’t be just one doing all the work.

He squeezed her hand, and got up to leave.

Amelia felt the squeeze in her hand, realizing how much she missed the feel of his skin against hers.

Why was it so hard for her to open up? Why was she always so willing to help others but whenever someone showed concern for her, she completely shut down her feelings and ran? She was a runner, always had been, no surprise there. But every time she thought she had grown a little and was ready to face anything life threw her way, her mind proved her wrong. And that was frustrating as hell.

The thing is, right now, at this precise moment, Owen was leaving, walking out the door. And for some reason it felt like he wasn’t just leaving the on-call room… She had to say something to stop him.

“I’m pregnant.”

It was a whisper, but Owen heard it. 

The words he so longed to hear danced around his head, loud and clear.

He turned around just in time to see her break down. Much like she had when he took a bag of oxy out of her hands on the porch of her dead brother’s house.

“I’m scared, Owen. So scared.” She said in between sobs.

He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her face between his hands “Are you sure?” his face an unreadable mask. He couldn’t handle another pregnancy scare.

He saw her nodded as tears kept running down her face. He looked up, as if saying thank you, but kept his happiness to himself, knowing that, right now, that was not what she needed.

“Amelia, breathe! Alright? Just breathe.”

Once she had her breathing under control Owen placed a tender kiss on her forehead, “Why are you scared, uh? Talk to me.”

“There are a million things that could go wrong, Owen. That idea you have, of a family, of a normal family… You might not have that.”

“I know tha-“

“No, you don’t!” she shook her head, trying to keep the tears that were threatening to fall, under control. “Rationally, you know there’s always the possibility of something going wrong. But you’re not actually considering it. No one ever really does. Everyone thinks that kind of stuff only happens to other people. Until it happens to them. And reality hits them so hard-”

Owen grabbed her hands, “I know, okay? I know life isn’t perfect. I know there’s always the possibility of you having complications during the pregnancy, I know there are a million things that could happen to the baby, I know-“

“Have you ever seen an anencephalic baby?”

Her question took him by surprise. 

And the fact she was staring him dead in the eyes gave him a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“I gave birth to one.”

Her revelation was met with silence.

Owen’s reaction was normal, expected even. How was the appropriate way to react when someone you love tells you something of this magnitude?

“It was already too late to do anything when I realized I was pregnant. I had just gotten out of rehab when the symptoms started. I thought it was just my body adjusting to being drug-free. But then I remembered I hadn’t bought tampons in months, so I bought a pregnancy test, instead.”

Owen was at a loss of words. There was genuinely nothing he could think of that would be appropriate to say right now. But then again, maybe it was better to stay silent and let her say everything she needed to say.

Also the look in her blue eyes… It was as if with every word she spoke, she transported herself back to those days.

“I was scared. Gosh, I was so scared when I told Addison. I thought she’d be mad at me, I was afraid she’d think I was still the irresponsible teenager she once knew. But then she hugged me and I just let myself be happy about it.”

He nodded, letting know he was listening closely. His mind saving every word she said.

“Addie did the scan, and I’ll never forget the look in her face when she saw there was something wrong with my baby.”

Amelia took a deep breath, as if to get herself together, but it was futile.

“I was alone, Owen. Everyone was there, asking how I was, everyday. But I was alone.”

“I understa-“

“When I gave birth to him, it was beautiful. He was beautiful.” She had such a radiant smile on her face that he couldn’t help but smile as well, despite the tear marks along her cheeks. “You know for a moment, I forgot I had to let him go. I was holding him, and I was so happy. That baby was my son and I was his mother.”

“What was his name?”

“I never named him. I only called him my Unicorn Baby.”

His brows frowned in curiosity, but the smile stayed on his lips. “Why unicorn baby?”

“When I was twelve I believed in unicorns. You know, beautiful creatures that bring nothing but joy and do magical things. That was just like my baby. He donated all his organs and brought joy to dozens of parents and little babies around the country. And to me.”

Owen noted the proud look that made her whole face glow. And he made a mental note to acknowledge the fact that Amelia said ‘he donated’, as if it had been her baby that made that honorable choice, and not her. She really didn’t give herself enough credit, and it amazed him that she didn’t realize just how amazing she was.

“I would’ve loved to meet him.”

“I think you’d have liked him.”

“For sure.” He nodded and smiled. He already respected her before, but now, the pedestal he had already had her on was so much higher.

“I have this reoccurring dream, you know. I picture him giving his first steps and taking him to his first day of school, and him telling me everything he learned and the friends he made. And then everything suddenly changes and I’m lying in a bed. I know it’s Mother’s Day so I’m waiting for him to come in and give me a kiss and say ‘Happy Mama’s day’. But he never comes…” she breaks down, crying, “And I’m just left there, alone…”

He had to hold her. He hugged her so, so tight.

“Owen, I’m so scared.” – she cried. “It would kill me.”

He didn’t have to ask what ‘it’ meant, he knew.

“Amelia, you-“

“It would kill me, Owen.”

He desperately wanted to make her feel better. Seeing Amelia in pain was one of the worst things he had ever had to face.

“Amelia, I can’t promise you everything will be fine. As much as I want, I can’t do that. I’m scared too.” He said, with the utmost honesty possible, while pushing her scrub top up and kissing her exposed skin. Their baby, their miracle, was in there. “But I can promise you, no matter what happens, you’ll never have to face anything alone. Ever again!

He said it with such fierceness.

Such certainty and conviction, that she had no choice but to believe him.

“I can see us, you know. Waking up at 3am, to change smelly diapers. Constantly looking at the clock in ORs afraid we will miss a football game or a play. Fighting, because our kid asked for a dog and you want to say yes, and I’ll have to be the reasonable one and say no, but you’ll eventually win me over, as you always do, and I’ll be stuck walking it every day. I can see myself, waking up one morning, turning over and reaching out to wrap an arm around you, and I’ll find a little body curled up on yours, and you’ll both be smiling in your sleep and you both have that cute dimple on the left cheek.” Owen smiled, looked at his wife and stroked her temple, “I can see it all. With you.”

She could too.

And she’d be thankful every day, if they got to live every single one of those scenarios.

And many more. If they’re lucky.

They were silent for a while, before Amelia murmured againts his neck.

“I missed you.”

All Owen could do was smile and bring every curve of her body closer against his.

“I’m right here.”

The past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whaterver form…

Silver Spoon Pt. 2

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

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