i have been lazy lately ; ;

manbroo  asked:

Have you ever drawn Ushijima or Semi

 i have now!!


08.05.17 • a lavender spread.

Honestly I’ve been pretty lethargic lately… late summer laziness. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to not be super productive every single day


Recently finished Lovely Complex after years of telling myself to watch it. I’m such ml trash I immediately thought of them. Please consider.. smol kitty au. 

Click for higher res

I had more drawings planned but I got impatient i’ll post the rest later


2017 Summer Commissions

For most recent art examples, please take a look at this blog

Extra costs:

  • black/white coloring/shading is the same price as ‘soft shading’
  • extra character = half original price
  • complex background = 2 Euros


  • Fine with drawing OCs, canon characters and OCxCanon
  • Prices in Euro, payment via paypal with invoices
  • Max 3 characters
  • Soft gore/nsfw is okay
  • Men are not my strongest point
  • If you want something not on this post, send ask to see what is possible

Message me on IM if you’re interested


anonymous asked:

do you, perchance, have any shadowhunters blog recs? pls?

ahh these are in no particular order and i’m sorry if i leave anyone out but here are some of the nice blogs that i follow that seem to post lots of shadowhunters content, i hope you like them!

@courageincombat @isabellelightboob @willjtudor @sapphicalexandra @alexandargideonlightwood @jaceherondalex @canislytherinthings @clizzyiscanon @aleclightwouldyounot @matthewbane @malecshappiness @malecsbiscuit @jemcarstvirs @mammafairchild @alecsplushpillow 

Happy Haise at Anteiku because it’s been over a year since this second section of pain started and Haise hasn’t smiled in a while so i needed to get this out my system  ಥ⌣ಥ

Please don’t steal or remove my signature (◡‿◡✿) thank you! 

  • me: im cool with working up to five days a week, but i want to stay part time, only six hours a shift okay?
  • them: sure! :)
  • them: schedules me Hell.
  • them: oh my god im so sorry about last month i just dont know what happened, lets try again okay?
  • me: okay.
  • them: so this week youre working six days for eight hours a day, hows that sound?
  • me: