i have been laughing for 2 minutes now

it’s ok for your first sketch to look like shit 2.0

i’m back with more for you to laugh at! I’ve been cleaning up files and found that I had a separate fils of the sketches for the thing i did for the HS calendar

Hooo boi look at this mess lmao. Do something like this to just get a really vague idea so you have something to look at and work from, especially if you have trouble visualising! Don’t spend any more than like 2 minutes on this, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to make it look good!

Ok now block things out a bit more, it’s fine if it’s still shitty, these are supposed to be quick. The focus of this bit is to think about composition and how everything works together, again don’t  worry about it looking good and only spend a few minutes on it.

Composition notes are useful too, mark out the flow of where you eye is lead around the picture, you want it to stay away from corners and join back up with itself ideally, esp if there’s more than one thing to focus on in the image.

Now you can spend a bit more time redrawing everything , don’t use the past sketches as a base, use those as a reference for where everything goes and redraw it nicely by taking your time on this one.

And then clean it up with another sketch or clean that one up  where needed!

It really doesn’t matter how shitty your first sketch is, as long as you can get the idea down you can improve and refine it.
This works really well if you get scared of drawing or freeze up, do some doodles that you can laugh at, as long as you’re getting the overall idea down you have something to work from rather than struggling to pull everything straight out of your ass perfectly first time.

please embrace the shitty sketches ty

Got7 Reaction to their best friend accidentally confessing ((part 2))

Someone requested a continuation of this reaction, so here it is!! I hope you all have a lovely day/night, and feel free to send in any requests that you have! love you!!

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