i have been laughing for 2 minutes now

au ideas you never asked for
  • “HEY STOP! YOU’RE STEALING MY NEIGHBOR’S DOG! WHAT THE FU – oh, they hired a dog walker? hahaha haha.. ha… carry on”
  • “i’m in the nurse’s office a lot with migraines and you’re always in here organizing her tongue depressors and i really don’t think you go to this school so what gives”
  • “the building manager neglected to tell me the window washers would be coming by today so excuuuuuuse me for thinking that twenty three floors up was high enough that i could dance around in my office without being seen”
  • “you’ve been awkwardly inching your way towards the human sexuality section of the bookstore i work at for like fifteen minutes are you looking for something in particular or –?”
  • “you and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and i’m really just trying to study over here so i’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game”
  • “it’s 2 in the morning and i was just trying to get home but i left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and i drove into a pole – would you please stop laughing you’re a cop. you’re supposed to be helping
  • “my favorite band dropped a new single today and i’ve had it on repeat for seven hours and i can see you judging me but that isn’t going to make me shut it off"
  • “hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and i’m sorry but not really because hellloooooo there”
  • “you can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk”
it’s ok for your first sketch to look like shit 2.0

i’m back with more for you to laugh at! I’ve been cleaning up files and found that I had a separate fils of the sketches for the thing i did for the HS calendar

Hooo boi look at this mess lmao. Do something like this to just get a really vague idea so you have something to look at and work from, especially if you have trouble visualising! Don’t spend any more than like 2 minutes on this, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to make it look good!

Ok now block things out a bit more, it’s fine if it’s still shitty, these are supposed to be quick. The focus of this bit is to think about composition and how everything works together, again don’t  worry about it looking good and only spend a few minutes on it.

Composition notes are useful too, mark out the flow of where you eye is lead around the picture, you want it to stay away from corners and join back up with itself ideally, esp if there’s more than one thing to focus on in the image.

Now you can spend a bit more time redrawing everything , don’t use the past sketches as a base, use those as a reference for where everything goes and redraw it nicely by taking your time on this one.

And then clean it up with another sketch or clean that one up  where needed!

It really doesn’t matter how shitty your first sketch is, as long as you can get the idea down you can improve and refine it.
This works really well if you get scared of drawing or freeze up, do some doodles that you can laugh at, as long as you’re getting the overall idea down you have something to work from rather than struggling to pull everything straight out of your ass perfectly first time.

please embrace the shitty sketches ty


Hey guys! I finally sat down and I feel like I could actually put some coherent thought into a sentence. 

Yesterday was awesome~ Just gotta say that right off the bat. It was so cool. I never actually thought I’d be picked for a call, especially not first! I was pretty shocked when skype started to ring. I’m so glad that this was something they decided to do. I think it was a great idea to interact with the community more. 

They were all so nice and it was fun talking to them. I hope I have a chance to talk to them all again in the future. I was also really glad I got to tell Mark that I’m also from Cincinnati! And so the Skyline, Goldstar discourse continues lol

I feel very lucky to have gotten a few minutes to talk, it’s more than a lot of people get so I really appreciate that. Thanks Ethan for saying I was nice cause I was really unsure of how I came off lol And thanks to Tyler for laughing at the silly things I said.

Also Amy mentioning my blog later in the stream to Mark! That was so awesome of her! Like wow! I know I’ve said that on my other social media but that was really cool, thank you~

I’ve been here for a long time, over 2 years now and I’ve been watching Mark for just a little bit longer. I’m so happy to be a part of this community and I’m so happy that I get to make things and get creative. Just thank you all so much for being here and following my blog for all this time. And thanks for tolerating me talking about the game all the time. It is coming, don’t worry~ 

I’m getting rambly so I’ll leave this here. Thank you Mark for inspiring me to make things and thanks to all of you (team markiplier) for talking to me yesterday~

Also if any of you want to see the part where I get called on skype, you can see it here~


camping pt. II

continuation of camping :)


 after a day of cliff jumping and hiking, we all were very very sunburned, tired, and hungry.
“y/n, please tell me you brought pizza.” c/f/1 says as we arrive back to our site.
“just for you, c/f/1.”
“awww. thanks man.” he says. we head over to the car to grab the pizza and things necessary to start the fire.
“is it just me or did I just get like 10 degrees colder.” f/2 says.
“no it totally did…” f/1 replies.
“well, we’ve got a fire!” I say with a laugh.
“and blankets.” c/f/2 says, bringing them over.
“you have no idea how good this tastes.” f/2 says.
“trust me, I do because I’m eating it.” c/f/2 says.
“shut up.” she laughs, playfully hitting c/f/2. he shrugs and gives her a kiss.
“hey where did f/1 and c/f/1 go?” c/n asks after a minute of us silently enjoying our pizza.
“they’re probably like fucking in the tent or something.” c/f/2 says. we look over to their tent.
“it doesn’t really look like they’re in it…” I say, getting up and walking over to it. I put my ear up to it and see the others laugh.
“nope, not in there.” I giggle, and walk back over to the fire.
“should we look for them?” f/2 asks.
“do we have to?” I ask, “they’re probably fine.”
“if they’re not back in like a half hour then we can.” f/2 says.
“yeah, that makes sense.”
“y/n, it’s been 45 minutes…” f/2 says.
“we should probably look for them now,” I say, “I’m actually like nervous, what the fuck.”
“y/n, they’re fine!” c/n says, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and resting his chin on the top of my head. I turn around in his arms and look up at him.
“can you come with me though?” I ask.
“yeah, of course,” he smiles, a smirk growing at the end, “I don’t want you to be scared.”
“I’m not scared!” I pout, “but this is like a horror movie scene!” c/n looks over me.
“what.” I ask.
he just points. I gasp and turn around to see nothing, then turn back to him smiling.
“relax, y/n. nothing’s gonna happen!”
“stahhhhhp!” I giggle, “you’re so mean. and I wasn’t even scared.”
“whatever you say!” he smiles and we go out to look for them.
“it’s been an hour that we’ve looked for them.” I say, stopping for a second. “I bet they’re back at the tents already.”
“see y/n, nothing to worry about.” he smiles. I look at his big e/c eyes and bring my hands up to his neck. “this is so fun.” I whisper. he answers with a kiss. i feel him backing us up so I’m against a tree, one hand of his on my waist, the other next to my head on the tree. I intertwine our legs, my own hands moving to his face. his hand slides towards my stomach and onto my shorts, pulling them down.
“what do you think you’re doing, c/n?” I whisper with a smirk.
“well, y/n,” he says, placing his lips on mine between phrases, “I’m going to make love to you in the woods.” I kiss his nose.
“oh, how I love you.” I whisper as his face meets my neck, sucking to leave marks for later. I move my hands down to his pants, unbuckling and unzipping them. his hands fumble with my underwear, sliding them down just slightly. I push aside his boxers, taking hold of him and gliding him into me as he brings his hips closer. with his lips still lingering on my neck, I moan out his name.
“fuck, y/n. two nights in a row.” he laughs breathily.
“I… know.” I say, split between thrusts. my fingers grip his shoulders tightly, our bodies in rhythm.
“you feel so fucking amazing, y/n.” he whispers, kissing just under my ear.
“c/n? y/n?”
we freeze, terrified to do anything.
“what the fuck!” c/f/1 says, coming out from behind some trees.
“what are you-” f/1 starts, just behind c/f/1, “oh.”
“LEAVE!!!” both c/n and I yell.
“what are you doing here?” f/1 asks.
“we were looking for you! now go!!” I say hastily.
“why were you looking for us? we were just stargazing over there…” she says. c/n tries to cover us up as much as possible. luckily we do still have our clothes on.
“ok ok got it. please go now!” c/n begs.
“alrighty, have a fun night!” c/f/1 smirks, and they walk back towards our site. I look c/n straight in the eyes and we begin laughing hysterically.
“what the fuck!” I giggle, “why didn’t they leave?”
“I have no fucking idea, y/n.” c/n chuckles.
“alright. well,” I begin, cut off by laughter, “should we continue?”
“right.” he smiles, entering again.
“shit.” I breathe out.
“you ok?” he asks.
“yeah, good.” I smile. he returns it and continues to bring both of us to our climaxes.
I zip up his shorts as he pulls up mine and we make our way back over to the site.
“what took you guys so long?” f/2 asks.
“uhh, we must’ve gotten lost.” I say, hiding a smile.
“yeah, they ‘got lost.’” c/f/1 smirks. we walk over to the fire and sit down.
what happens while camping stays with camping. ;)

Grow Up (Bobby-iKON)

Originally posted by goojunwhore

Group: iKON

Member: Bobby

Genre: Smut/Angst

Request: you are trying to break up with bobby because he is kind of childish for you?


I had been waiting in the dorm for about an hour. The other boys had gone out and they said Bobby would be back from the studio soon. He had been working on some choreography or something, but he knew I was here. I sat on the couch looking at my phone. I wasn’t even worried about him, I was mad. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. And whenever he does show up, he just laughs and acts as if it’s all a joke. He didn’t treat this relationship like it meant anything to him, I hated that. But I really cared about Bobby, so I tried to look past it, but it was getting much harder.

A few minutes later, the door finally opened, Bobby walking inside. “Oh, hey baby.” I scolded him as his big smile faded. “What’s wrong?” I scoffed as I stood up walking toward him. “Really? You have to ask? Bobby I’ve been here for like 2 hours! I’ve been waiting for you. You told me to come over.” He looked to the floor, scratching the back of his neck, as he grabbed a water from the fridge. “Ugh, I’m sorry. I just got so caught up in trying to perfect the choreography. But I’m here now!” He laughed as a smile spread across his face. I wasn’t having any of it. “Yeah well I wanted you here 2 hours ago. This is getting annoying Bobby. I drop what I’m doing to come over here whenever you ask, and then you’re never even here. You show up late, and then you act like it’s a joke and give me an insincere apology.”

“Look I’m sorry.” He noticed that I was serious, and that this time I wasn’t gonna be okay him making me wait around. “I just, I got distracted. What do you want me to say? It’s not like I don’t love you or anything, but.” “But what? Bobby, you say you love me, but you hardly put any effort into this relationship. I mean you always treat it like a joke when I get mad. You just act like this relationship isn’t anything serious. I mean, I’ll leave right now. If this means nothing to you, I leave now. I can’t date someone who acts like this.” “Like what?” “Like a child Bobby! I mean you can’t ever be serious. I try and have conversations about these things with you, but you always change the subject. You always joke around making up dumb excuses. If you don’t want to be with me than tell me.”

“Are you kidding!” He threw the water bottle aside as something I said obviously upsetting him. “How can you stand there and think that I don’t want to be with you? I can’t believe you would ever think that! And, a child? You think I’m a child? I can be serious y/n, but that’s not why you fell for me, you didn’t want to date me because of my serious side. You fell for me because of my funny, goofy, joking side. So I’m sorry, from now on I’ll be sure to be more serious around you.” “Oh my god, Bobby I’m not saying you need to be serious all the time. But I expect you to be able to be serious when it matters! You need to be able to switch it on and off, you’re not a teenager anymore! I’m not gonna wait around for you to figure out how you feel about me. If this is really what you want, you need to decide now.”

We stood inches from each other, our chests rising and falling quickly. Bobby looked at me, and I didn’t know what would happen next.

Before I could blink, his lips crashed onto mine. He quickly pressed my back against the wall. My arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him close, deepening the kiss. His hands gripping tightly at my waist, surely leaving bruises. There had been so much built up sexual frustration between us, that finally we’d hit our boiling points. He broke the kiss pulling me to him room, closing the door and pressing me against it. His lips going back to mine as I played with the hem of his shirt. He broke the kiss to remove his shirt, as I did mine. “Jump.” I did as he requested, wrapping my legs around his waist, my hands getting tangled in his hair while he lips moved down my neck.

He carried us over to his bed, laying me down as he kissed from my neck down to my stomach, stopping at the hem of my shorts. He smiled up at me, slowly unbuttoning them, pulling them down my legs. He smiled at the sight of how wet my panties were. He kissed my lips as he slowly pulled down the fabric. He slid one finger inside as his thumb rubbed my clit. I moaned into the kiss, Bobby soon sliding in a second finger. My hands gripping his hair as he curled his fingers causing my hips to thrust forward. “Bobby, I won’t last much longer.” He quickly pulled his fingers from me, licking and sucking them clean. He pulled down his sweatpants, quickly sliding on a condom not wanting to waist anytime. He lowered himself down on top of me, placing his tip at my entrance, I pulled him in for a kiss giving him to permission to continue.

He quickly thrusted forward, waiting for me to adjust. I gave him permission to continue, and he pulled himself out, only to thrust back in. My nails digging at his back as his thrusts became harder, causing him to moan out. I felt myself getting closer, so I pulled his lips back to mine. Both of us moaning into the kiss as we reached our peaks. Once we both had come down from our highs, we both pulled some clothes back on. An awkward silence had filled the room, neither of us wanting to break the silence. Bobby moved across the room sitting next to me. “Look, I’m sorry. You’re right. I need to take this relationship more seriously. Because, I don’t want to loose you, and I don’t want you to think I don’t care about you because I love you y/n. I’m just used to making jokes to deal with things. But I’m willing to try, for you, for us.” I gave him a soft smile, kissing his lips. “Just promise me one thing?” I looked at him confused. “Never call me a child again.” We both laughed as I pulled him back in for another kiss. “I promise.”

au where the reader and josh are at a party and they’re playing 7 minutes in heaven and they get picked.

“Hey I know! Let’s play 7 minutes in heaven.” Some random guy shouted earning cheers from all of the other party goers. Great. I gently shake my head at the situation, expecting no one to see, except when I look up I spot Josh looking at me and smiling. I grin back as he walks over to me. “Not a fan?” he asks, nudging me gently. “Not a fan.” I agree. “I’m not really a fan of any party games.” I admit, looking down. “Hey, you don’t have to play if you don’t want. I’ll sit out with you.” He offers. Sweet as ever. “No, no I don’t want to ruin the fun, come on lets play. I’m sure neither of us will get picked.” I say, taking Josh’s hand as I often do and lead him to where to group of people who are playing are. I’ve known Josh for about 2 years now, and we’ve become close. However, there’s never been any romantic relation between either of us. Tyler always jokingly teases us whenever we hug or hold hands but we both just laugh and brush it off. At this moment I can’t help but think about what would happen if we did get paired up. We’d probably just stand in there for 7 minutes doing nothing. Not like he’d want to. “Right, so this is how its going to work. We’ll have all the girls sitting in a circle and one of the guys will spin the bottle in the middle. Whoever it lands on is his partner. Okay, lets play.” Some blonde guy said. I followed the other girls’ lead as they all sat in a circle, I slotted in between a blonde and a brunette. Josh was second in line and I looked at the blonde next to me and then back at him and wiggled my eyebrows. Josh instantly pulled a face and shook his head no, making me laugh. The first guy steps up and spins the bottle and as it slows it looks like its about to land on me, but thankfully lands on the brunette next to me. I let out a sigh of relief as the brunnette giggles as she gets up and follows the blonde into the small closet. Someone starts the timer and we all sit in silence. After a minute or so we all hear a thump and a very loud moan come from the closet. The whole group erupts into laughter while Josh and I look at each other grinning and shaking our heads. The 7 minutes is quickly up and someone goes and knocks on the door to tell them that their time is up. About 30 seconds later they both stumble out. The brunette girl’s hair is slightly messed up, her shirt is on inside out and she has a dark hickey on her neck. The blonde guys hair is also messy but he however doesn’t have a hickey. “Sounded like you two had fun in there!” someone shouts causing everyone else to cheer in agreement. The brunette blushes while the blonde smirks at his friends and they both sit down. “Next!” someone says as Josh walks to the bottle. I look up and smile at him, looking at the blonde girl and wiggling my eyebrows again and he smiles shakes his head as he spins the bottle. These next few seconds seem to go in slow motion. The bottle spins and spins and causes my head to spin as it lands on none other than me. Shit. I furrow my brow and Josh and I look at each other at the same time, our mouths hanging slightly open. “Off you go then!” someone yells snapping us both out if it. Josh apologetically offers me his hand and I take it, as we head to the closet. As we enter, I close the door behind us and then turn to face Josh “I’m sorry, you could have got with someone that you actually liked but now you’re stuck with m-” I’m cut off by Josh planting his soft lips on mine. I don’t kiss back for a moment as I’m to overcome by surprise but then I kiss him back, locking my hands behind his neck. He pulls away with his eyes still closed and opens them, and I see that they’re full of lust. “Y/N, I’ve liked you for a year now and this was my chance to finally tell you.” Josh says in a low voice, his eyes asking me to say something. “Josh.” I breathe. “I like you too.” I say. Josh smirks and kisses me again, this time the kiss filled with lust and passion, as he gently pushes me against the wall. I tangle my fingers into his hair and gently tug as he hums gently in pleasure making me smile. His hands grip my waist slowly wandering down to my ass as he lightly squeezes it causing my heart rate to increase. I moan quietly into his mouth as he runs his hands up my shirt and over my lace bra. He begins to trail kisses down my neck sucking and biting gently on my collar bone as I muffle my moan remembering how loud the last couple were. He lifts my shirt over my head and does the same with his own. We connect our lips again as I roam his torso with my hands feeling each defined muscle. He lightly pats my thighs signalling for me to jump up, so I do, locking my ankles behind him while my legs cling tightly around his waist. I rake my hands through his pink hair as he moves down to my neck again, licking and sucking slightly making me yet again muffle my moan. Our lips part for about 5 seconds as he slowly places me down, not breaking eye contact. He then kisses me again, his hands gliding up my back as he quickly unhooks my bra. As it falls to the ground I quickly cover my chest. Josh looks at me concerned. “Whats up?” He asks, cupping my face in his hands. “I don’t know. You might think I’m ugly or something.” I reply, looking at my feet. “I could never find you ugly, Y/N” He says reassuringly and I smile as I kiss him again, completely forgetting about my insecurities and putting my arms again around his neck causing our bare chests to press together. I begin to feel something hard against my leg and I smile and bite my lip as I pull away, and look at Josh. His eyes are asking me what I’m doing, but just as he opens his mouth to ask, I kiss his neck gently and move my hand down to softly palm him through his jeans. He throws his head back and lets out a low growl like sound. “Fuck, Y/N he groans and I smile while still kissing his neck. His hand finds its way to one of my breasts and begins to squeeze it. My lips vibrate as I moan against his neck causing him to moan more. Just as I’m about to unbuckle his belt there are three loud knocks at the door. “Times up!” The guy from before yells and Josh curses under his breath. I smile as I put my bra back on. “Disappointed?” I tease, pulling my shirt back over my head, the right way around. “Next time, y/n, next time” He replies, straightening out his shirt. “Next time huh?” I smirk as he puts his toned arms around my waist from behind. “Well that is if you’ll be my girlfriend.” He breathes into my neck and I turn around to face him. “Of course I will.” I smile, planting a soft kiss on his lips before we leave the closet.


I hope you guys enjoyed this I wrote it on the spot so you guys could have a peek at what my writing is like! But I will be writing another soon as I’ve had a request as you may have already seen (thank you for that by the way!!).

But anyway, until next time!


Got7 Reaction to their best friend accidentally confessing ((part 2))

Someone requested a continuation of this reaction, so here it is!! I hope you all have a lovely day/night, and feel free to send in any requests that you have! love you!!

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BTS reaction to you getting car sick


You’d been in the car for about an hour when you began to feel a bit sick. However, you didn’t want to make a fuss, so you just lightly laid your head of Seokjin’s shoulder and shut your eyes. Jin noticed and knew something was up as soon as he saw your breathing become heavier. Intertwining your hands together, he asked you what was wrong. After telling him what was wrong as shyly as possible, he decided to discreetly help.

‘Don’t worry Jagi, I’ll ask to stop at the next rest stop, that way people will think I have a problem not you~’ *kisses your cheek*

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It’d only been 30 minutes and you already felt ill. You felt stupid for getting that way so early in the trip, but you couldn’t help it. Nudging Yoongi, you whispered that you felt sick due to your motion sickness and straight away, he started to think of ways to help. He rested his hand on your thigh, lovingly, before telling you his solutions.

‘Okay, well we’re not out of the city yet, so maybe we can stop off at a Pharmacy and get you travel sickness tablets? Don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted so you can enjoy yourself!’

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Hyperactive Hoseok was so excited for this trip that he didn’t notice you flagging not far into the car ride. It was when you got out at a rest stop he finally thought something was wrong. The rest of the boys had run in to get food and such, but you’d only sluggishly made it out the car and half way towards the building. He asked you what was wrong and when you said, he started to worry a little.

‘Aish, I’m sorry I didn’t notice earlier! Maybe we could get you come water to sip? Or medicine? Is there anything I can do to help?’

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Namjoon noticed you weren’t your usual self after about 20 minutes of you resting your head on the head rest, looking kind of pale. He asked you as lovingly as he could what was wrong, not wanting to make you worse or anything. When you explained, he understood completely. Whilst he rummaged in his bag, he gave you his water to sip. After 2 minutes, he handed you some travel sickness tablets and one of his headphones to share.

'I tend to have these for journeys incase the boys, or now you, need them! Also music usually makes me feel better when I’m ill, so yeah…’ *shy but caring bf!namjoon*

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You’d been on the road for 45 minutes and you already had a terrible headache, brought on by motion sickness. Rubbing your temples, you looked to your boyfriend for help. Jimin had been laughing with Hobi, when he felt your eyes on him, and turning to look at you, he knew something was really wrong. You told him you didn’t feel too good and about your headache. He asked around for headache tablets, getting you some, before putting his arm, the best he could, over your shoulder.

'Now you’ve had the tablets, try to sleep love. I’ll be here if you need anything else. I love you~’

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Taehyung had been snoozing peacefully when he felt you nudging him awake. Although you felt guilty, you really needed to get out of the car. With your vision blurring slightly due to your dizziness, you explained to Taehyung the best you could, still feeling shy about the whole thing. More or less instantly after hearing what you had to say, he asked for the car to be stopped as soon as possible, and thought of ways to keep you calm until then.

'It’s okay baby. Just breathe slowly and hold onto my hand as tightly as you need to. I’m here to keep you safe and healthy, I’ll look after you!’

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You two had been reading WebToon’s together, when your car sickness hit you, without warning. Turning your phone off, Jungkook’s first reaction was to ask why you’d done that, as he was reading it, but when he looked up at you and saw how pale you’d gone, his worries tuned to you. He’d kind of guessed what was wrong by the time you told him about your car sickness.

'We’ll stop soon, as the others need the toilet and stuff, so when we take a break, we’ll get you some medicine or something to help. Do you want my neck pillow? Will that help until we stop?’

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What are your favourite songs on the album? I have so many 😅 - Admin BP 💫

TIFU by tickling my boyfriend of four years

I live with my boyfriend in a house that is all ours. We are both twenty something full time University students and have four jobs, five pets and approximately 9 key family members between us, all less than 20 minutes away at all times. Its pretty damn busy.

Cut to late last night.

We had had our friends over for approximately 7 hours for dinner and drinks, this seemed like a good idea to socialise before Exams amped up and really started to choke us. It was about 1am and we had just heard the final car pull away from the house. Success! A full night of entertainment and mature behaviour we both knew we were not usually capable of.

My attention quickly turned to my very full bladder. As I was the lady and host of the house I kept up the idea that I never use the toilet. Now my house way empty and all I wanted was to sit on my thrown with my DS and slippers. Now I knew my partner would also need to use the bathroom as his system had the strength and size of a five year old.

Now people… as he had used the toilet not 2 hours before, I decided logically I would use it first. That was not the case. We both looked towards the bathroom at the same time. No one moved for at least three seconds. After that it was pretty much a fight to the death. Trying to push him out of the way and he in turn pulling me back to get in the lead. Now I am pretty small, 5’1 in height and flexible. He sits at a comfortable 6’2 so I would honestly say I had no chance. But I am not above biting and playing dirty. We were both laughing hard so it was all well and good till he flipped me over, opened the door and made a great deal of taking his prize with cheering /whooping as he sat down.

I gave up and though my bladder was constantly alerting me of the danger level we were at… I allowed him to claim victory. I went and retrieved my sweet sweet slippers and Ds from the lounge room and came back to wait in the doorway.

Something about the stupid smile on his face, the wine and the feeling of losing the race to the toilet made me want to get even.

Heads up people… He is ticklish. Not the ‘hahaha - stop that’ but the full on ‘spasm and seizure’ type reaction. My slightly tipsy self did not take this into consideration… AT ALL!

So I took the two or three steps to meet him at the toilet and wrapped my arms around him. He caved instantly and gave me a hug back (happy). Now my arms had moved secretly to just between his ribs. The “Weak Point” If you will. So without thinking, without a moments hesitation or thought I went for it. He laughed so hard and tensed at such an angle that he leaned back from the toilet while he was stilling peeing like a horse and I was sprayed in urine.

I had finally stopped screaming about 2 minutes later. My eyes were squeezed shut and my clothes were suddenly uncomfortably moist. He looked at me with such a mortified expression that would have been hilarious if I was not covered completely.

Three things were abundantly clear. 1) I was about 50% covered. 2) He had finally stopped peeing


3) I would never tickle him again.

I stayed silent and he tried to find the words to apologise. I looked down and stifled a little sob. My duckie slippers had taken the full brunt of the tidal wave my boyfriend had unleashed upon me. They would never be soft or innocent again. My black jeans were even blacker in certain patches and my good white top had questionable splotches. Still deathly silence as my grimace had changed to a stare. I was surprised he was not stone by then. My boyfriend had just urinated on me. Full blast and uncensored. That’s honestly a first for both of us. Also I didn’t like it so this will definitely not be a thing we have together.

I slowly removed my slippers one by one and deserted them on the floor. The soaked jeans were next then the top, followed by everything else. I left them in a pile at the doorway then proceeded immediately into the shower. He was still sort of frozen to his seat staring at my slippers, still processing what he had done to me. I scrubbed my skin with my apple shaped loofa until my skin felt clean or theuntil the next layer of skin was coming through… Your choice.

I am now in bed, hair wet and lights off. It has been 20 minutes since leaving the shower and I have not said a word. I keep hearing giggles then long periods of silence from him downstairs as he ponders on how hilarious this all was. I can also hear the washing machine whirl quietly so I think my clothes and slippers are in the process of being revived. Reddit, I will never touch a man on his thrown ever again. For the sacrificial slaughtering of duckie slippers will be the outcome.

TL/DR: Had friends over. Raced my boyfriend to the toilet. Lost. Tickled him. Got peed on. Slippers were murdered. Cried.


The Dorms Part Two

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You win Big Hits dance contest, which secures you the chance of a lifetime…you get to train and live with BTS for year. Nothing could make this experience bad for you…then reality sets in. You realize living with seven men will not be as easy as you thought.

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Stiles Imagine #1

Requested: yes
Plot: Reader is sick and tries to hide it from Stiles but fails

The day could not have started off worse. Waking up at 4 in the morning feeling hot as ever with a stuffy nose. So after not being able to sleep again, your stomach decided to empty itself of almost everything you’ve ever eaten.

“Ugh.” Came the groan at 5:45 when you finally felt the slightest bit better. Right after, you jumped into the shower to help clear your sinuses and get rid of the nasty feeling. Yeah that lasted about 40 minutes.

“Lazy day, today.” You said to yourself while you slipped on some joggers and a sweatshirt.

You very slowly made your way to the kitchen to make tea and take some medicine for what you assumed was cold.

“DayQuil, where is it?” You asked yourself again. There was way too much talking to yourself when you were sick that happened.

“Honey, what are you doing up?” You mom asked.

“It’s already almost 7.” You answers her in a nasally voice.

“Oh honey, you sound awful.” Your mom sighed.

“Yeah, well I feel awful too. I think I’m coming down with a cold.” You groaned.

“You can stay home if you’d like.” She offered.

“Yeah except I can’t because I have a big test in AP Psych and another test in Calc.” You whined.

“Darn me for raising a nerd! Well, if you feel any worse I’ll call the office at lunch and Stiles can bring you home.” She smiled.

“No he can’t, he gets weird when I’m sick. Like I’m a baby and he has to protect me form everything, including oxygen.” You laughed weakly.

“Well I’ll make you some toast and tea, and you go upstairs and try to use some makeup to cover up your red nose and especially dark under eye circles.” She said shooing you away.

You dragged your feet to your room and began to do as your mom has told you but more. Just to throw Stiles off. Like curling your hair, a tad bit more makeup than usual, and a little bit extra perfume.

After you finished you were feeling slightly more refreshed and ready to get some food in your system.

“Ok, go get ‘em honey! You look great!” Your mom cheered as you got your backpack stuff ready.

“Headache mom, but thank you.” You chuckled.

Lydia pulled up right as you stepped out.

“Ready for school?” She asked.

“I’m sick.” You sighed.

“You don’t look sick.”

“I have a cold, I did extra, and I have a pound of makeup on my face.” You sighed, lying your head on the side of the door.

“Oops! Sorry, you know Stiles will go berserk right?” She laughed.

“Yeah, that’s why I put a little extra effort today.” You answered.

When you pulled into the parking lot Stiles pulled in right after.

“Good morning sunshine! My love bug!” He smiled.

You wanted to vomit at that exact moment, but you held it down.

“Hey love! How are you?” You asked, trying to seem normal.

“Eh, I could be better. I like those sweats on you, but how are you?” He replied pressing a kiss to your forehead. Thankfully not your lips, or he would get sick next.

“You know, I’ve never felt better. I woke up feeling super refreshed and I had time to take a long shower.” You lied.

“That’s nice.” Stiles mumbled, while he walked you to your locker.
He stood near you as you unloaded your books into your locker, and put the little plastic baggy with DayQuil and Advil.

“What’s this for?” He asked you.

“Winter is coming, always gotta be prepared.” You replied.

“Uh huh.” Stiles said suspiciously.

“Time for English!” Stiles cheered, steering you through crowds of students and some teachers.
The dust in the air from all the old books caused you to have a sneeze attack.

A groan left your mouth as you reached for the tissues on the teacher’s desk. However, they weren’t there because Stiles was holding them above his head.

“You’re sick.” He said in a threatening tone.

“What? No, it’s all the dust in the air!” You argued.

“Just let me check something…” He trailed off. Next thing you know he’s trying to wipe the makeup off your face.

“I have literally never seen under eye bags this bad, and I was possessed by an ancient evil spirit.” Stiles gasped.

“Stiles, please, just hand me the tissues.” You sighed.

“No, you’re going home right now! And I’m texting your mom!” He exclaimed.

“You can’t! I have 2 really big tests today.” You argued.

“No, your physics and call test? Those are next Friday, so now you get to got home for real.” Stiles laughed.

He set the tissues down and you finally got to blow your nose. No lying- it felt amazing.

“Alright, time to go.” Stiles smiled.

“I can’t stand you some times, I haven’t even been at school for 20 minutes.” You growled, hoisting your backpack over you shoulder and stalking out to wait for your mom.

“Wait for me! I got excused by the old man, you get me all day! I get to watch my precious baby.” He cooed.

“Piss off.” You said whilst shoving his arm off your shoulder.

“Oh come on! I want you healthy and happy! Then I’ll get off your back and we can have some…fun.” Stiles winked.

“I’d rather stay sick forever, your on my nerves right now.” You spat.
Stiles drive you home, helped you slip into your pajamas, and made you soup.

“I love you, you know?” You told Stiles.

“Yeah, I love you too. Sorry I get weird when you’re sick, I really want you to be ok. All the time.” Stiles mumbled, slipping into your bed and letting you cuddle him.

“Thank you for that. Now, I need a DayQuil and some ibuprofen. Please.” You smiled.

“I love catering to your every need! I hope your sick everyday!” Stiles exclaimed sarcastically.

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high luke

warnings: drugs, marijuana, parties, alcohol, etc

I was so not in the mood to go to Luke’s birthday party. Although he was my best friend, I’d had a horrible week, was tired, and just wanted to go home. I flipped open my phone, dealing his number, and he picked up almost immediately. 

   "Hey Luke,“ I started, but was cut off instantly. 

   ”(Y/N), get your ass over here before I’m too drunk to acknowledge your presence,“ he said, already tipsy. 

I sighed audibly. "Luke,” I whined, “I’m tired,” I complained, but Luke laughed in return.

   "It’s only 10, now get over here, I miss you, you don’t want to be the worst best friend in the world, do you?“ Luke protested, his voice drowning with excessive hurt, and I could practically see him making those stupid puppy eyes.

I gave in grudgingly. "Ugh, fine, I’ll be there in 20.”

   "Yay!!! See you soon!“

I hung up dismally, sighing as I squeezed into jeans and a black teeshirt, quickly putting on some lipstick and eyeliner, still annoyed as I walked over to Calum’s house, where the party was being hosted. 

Calum’s place was surprisingly not as crowded as I’d anticipated, with only fifty or so people dancing outside. This, however, did not take away from the loud music and giddy party atmosphere that presented itself through the drunk dancing and array of alcoholic beverages. I scanned Calum’s backyard until I finally spotted my favourite boys huddled together with a couple of eager, very attractive girls. 

Michael spotted me first, breaking the circle and wrapping me in a friendly, slightly drunk hug. 

   "You came!” he exclaimed, his breath smelling slightly of vodka. 

Soon, I was sandwiched between all four boys, and I squeezed myself out, giggling. 

   "You guys are so annoying!“ I teased, and Luke pretended to take offense. 

Grabbing my hand, he pulled me away from everyone, leading me into the house. 

   "Where are we going?” I half laughed, half complained. 

Luke’s grip was tight on my hand as he brought me to the kitchen, pouring a shot for each of us.

   "To get drunk. Cheers to me being another year older!“ he grinned.

   "And another year more annoying,” I laughed, and we clinked out glasses together, downing the liquid as it burned my throat pleasantly. 

Luke and I continued to socialize, drink, and just.. well.. part, until 2, where we found ourselves in a circle of slightly drunk, energetic band members. 

   "Ah, finally. Just the lads. And (Y/N, I guess,“ Calum slurred, and I pushed him playfully. 

I was the fifth and honorary band member, after having earned their appreciation when I had met them at a show almost two years ago. Something had clicked, and we soon became good friends. In particular, me and Luke. 

I watched as Luke shuffled through his pocket, until his hand came out holding an already rolled joint. My eyes widened considerably at the sight. Luke noticed my apprehensiveness, smirking because he knew I’d never smoked before. I’d had a couple of opportunities, but never felt the urge to try. 

  "Luke, you sneaky boy,” praised Ashton, giggling and wheezing in a tipsy rage. 

We all shared a knowing look and laughed. Ashton was the giggliest drunk I’d ever met. Luke brought a lighter to his lips, flicking the top so that the joint burned at the top. I was sitting next to him, and his arm wrapped loosely around me. 

Bringing the joint to his lips, Luke breathed in deeply, exhaling a puff of grey smoke. He looked peaceful, biting on his lip ring softly.

I was so turned on.

Luke passed the joint over to Calum, who took a couple hits, the same routine hopping with Ashton, then Michael. With a cocky smile, Michael handed me the joint, testing me to see if I’d take it or not. To my surprise, my fingers accepted the offer, and I looked at Luke for reassurance. Luke grinned, leaning into my ear. 

   "Put it to your lips, don’t be scared, we’ll take care of you,“

I giggled, a shiver running down my spine, following his poorly worded instructions. 

   "Now take a short breath, and then a longer one so that the smoke goes into your lungs,” he explained, and I sucked in. 

To my surprise, it wasn’t that hard, but I coughed slightly at the impact. 

   "Take another,“ Luke suggested, and I breathed in again. 

The joint went around the circle two more times, and we waiting for the effects lazily. 

   "Wanna play a game?” Michael suggested, his voice raspy. 

   "Sure,“ Calum and Ashton replied, and it was decided we’d go for a typical game of Truth or Dare. 

Michael went first, daring Calum to tweet something embarrassing. 

Then, Ashton had to strip and parade around the entire yard while singing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. 

By the time Ashton came back, around ten minutes had passed, and I leaned eagerly into Luke. 

   "I think I’m starting to feel weird,” I whispered huskily, my mouth suddenly incredibly dry. 

Luke looked down at me, his eyes slightly glazed over. He was close, but looked far away. I reached out an arm, touching his cheek, attempting to bring him closer. 

   "You’re so tall,“ I giggled, the proceeded to cover my mouth with my hands. 

Luke looked amused by my developing high state, and he smirked. 

   "You good?” he reassured, his voice a long drawl. 

   "Mhmm. The trees are floating a bit though. Like the leaves, you know?“ 

My face felt, hot and I pushed Luke into the grass, lying slightly on top of him. Our faces were separated by a few blades of grass. 

   "The grass is so cold,” I mused, cuddling time fading into nothing/

I could have been staring at the grass for 5 minutes or 2 hours.It was so cold on my skin. MY mind was jumping everywhere, thinking on random thought after random thought, and I giggled to myself. 

   "What’s so funny,“ Luke breathed, putting an arm around my waist and bringing me even closer. 

    "That I can’t speak dog,” I laughed, then blushing at my own stupidity. 

Luke just laughed in return, his forehead coming closer to touch mine. 

   "You look so pretty like this, right now,“ he murmured, face buried in my neck, and I slowed.

It was just the two of us now, lying in the yard, a summer sky of starts reaching up above us. 

   "What?” my stomach fluttered. 


Then Luke jumped up, laughing loudly. I’d obviously gotten high before him, but I could see now that his eyes were puffy and red.

The remainder of the next hour was blurry, everything happening at once, but also, taking forever. It was a weird feeling, but I was giggly, and I liked it.

Luke was loud and laughed at everything, and I was glad I was high with him in this moment. After an hour of being stupid and doing nothing together, I collapsed into the grass again.

   "I think I like this,” I mumbled slowly and stupidly, Luke coming to lie by my side. 

The stars were starting to disappear and it was now very early morning. Pulling me into his arms, Luke hugged me close into his warm body.

   "I’m tired,“ he yawned, and I nodded.

   "Me too,” I agreed, snuggling closer into him and closing my eyes, falling asleep wrapped in his embrace. 

   "I’m so happy you came,“ Luke whispered into my neck, before following my actions and drifting into a deep slumber.

Stage Whispers (Harry Smut)

This is for hellorebecca123love. Hope you like it…ENJOY!!!

You walk into the backstage area of the concert, quietly closing the side door as you can hear that the boys are on stage, singing the last song before they start twitter questions. Perfect. They’ve just had their break, meaning that your plan won’t be foiled by Harry coming backstage for a costume change for at least another 3-4 songs. You wave at Paul who hands you the headset with the attached microphone that clearly states “Harry E. Styles”. You were assured that to only get Harry’s earpiece to tune into channel 8, as channel 1 was all of them, including stage managers, body guards and lighting guys, channel 2 was the guards, channel 3 was the band, channel 4 was Niall, channel 5 was Liam, channel 6 was Louis and channel 7 was Zayn. You were nervous about doing this, but you were also excited about getting revenge against Harry, for making you nearly cum in front of the boys the other night at dinner, through a dare to wear the vibrating panties he brought you as a birthday gift.

You sat down in a secluded chair that had no one near it so no one could hear what you were going to say to Harry. “You look so good in those jeans, I can’t wait for you to take them off and show me what’s underneath.” You say into the microphone in your best sultry voice. Obviously it does the trick as Harry’s head snaps up. Gladly, his face is broadcast on the big screen and you look at his facial features, noticing how his pupils have dilated. So it begins. The boys decide to start Twitter Questions and you silently thank them for being so spot on with their timing tonight. Harry starts to read a question when you think of something to really get him going, something that always makes him hard in seconds.

“I can’t wait to feel your hands in my hair as I suck your thick, hard cock.” As soon as you finish your sentence, Harry gasps and chokes on his sentence, making Niall clap his back as he coughs, trying to catch his breath. Harry finishes his question and then looks around backstage trying to find you, but the beautiful thing is, is that you have found a perfect spot where you can see him clearly, but he can’t see you at all. “What’s the matter baby? Are you getting hard for me? Do you wanna fuck me so hard that I scream your name? Is that what you want? Do you wanna fuck me baby?” You can see it, Harry is turning red and the front of his jeans is tightening substantially.

“God, I’m so wet baby. Please, fuck me. I need you inside me, just imagine, fucking me right here, where anyone could walk by and see or hear us. God, just think what the boys would say if they heard you fucking me so hard and telling me to take it, all the while I’m screaming out your name, telling you to go faster. God, please go faster Harry.” Harry sits down on the stage couch, carefully and as best as possible, to not attract attention, palms himself through the front of his jeans to try and relieve some of the pressure.

“I’m sitting here backstage, rubbing myself off to the thought of you fucking me right here where anyone could walk by and see us. You know that’s one of my biggest kinks, is possibly getting caught? I want to get caught, especially by one of the boys. To see their faces, their reaction. To watch closely and see if they get turned on, watching you thrust in and out of me, as I yell out for you to go harder and faster. God Harry, please I’m so close. I wish you were here right now. I wish it was your fingers pumping in and out of me instead of mine.” You look back over to Harry and it’s lucky that Louis just so happens to yell into his Mic at the same time Harry whines into his hands-free mic. You smile triumphantly, and get up quickly, knowing that they have a clothes change after twitter questions, which they are finishing now. You wink at Paul as he hides you in the supply closet.

You see, Paul has been in this from the night of the dinner. He asked you if everything was ok when you got into the black car, choosing to go in a separate vehicle to Harry as the boys all piled in and there was no room left, but you were glad, as you were pissed at Harry. Paul sat next to you and pulled you in for a tight hug as you told him what happened, not worrying about giving up too much information, as Paul knew Harry for the exhibitionist he is, that includes public orgasms for your girlfriend.

“Caitlyn, I am one of the main bodyguards for five boys, do you really think I wouldn’t have some paybacks up my sleeve, especially for Harry?” Let’s just say that Paul is one of the best bodyguards known to man. On the trip home, you and Paul devised a plan to get even with Harry and not in a way that he would like. He loves public displays of love and sex, but public humiliation, especially in front of his, mostly, underage fans, that was a big “NO” in Harry’s book. So the plan was set in motion.

You were to arrive, just before the twitter questions section of the concert, knowing that they just had a break before hand and they wouldn’t need to come off until after the questions and poster reading. You would sit somewhere where you could see Harry, but he couldn’t see you, then you would tell him things, anything, that would get him going and embarrass him in front of millions of fans, and you knew just what to say to make sure that happened. Harry was weak when it came to you talking dirty to him, as you didn’t do it that often. So when it came time for them to come back stage for their last wardrobe change of the night and Harry would, most likely, be looking for you, you would be in the, previously planned, spot of the storage closet. The upside of having one of the top bodyguards in on the payback scheme was that he knew where everything backstage was, including places that the boys wouldn’t even think to look.

“Where is she?!” You hear Harry exasperated and pissed off tone. His voice deeper and slower due to his arousal. You force yourself not to laugh at how smoothly the plan is going.

“I have no idea who you’re talking about Harry, but you have to hurry, you’re back on stage in 2 minutes.” Harry huffs and runs off towards the change room to get ready and Paul knocks once, a signal that Harry is gone. When Harry comes back, a new t-shirt on and a different bandana in his hair, Paul laughs loudly. “You must be looking for something really important, I haven’t seen you change this quickly since your first concert.” Harry must shoot Paul a dirty look as he bursts into laughter again.

“Caitlyn, have you seen her? She’s been talking to me all night and I need to speak to her now!” Harry emphasizes the “now”, making a shiver of arousal run up your spine.

“It’s a game Hazza, hide and seek. I can see you, but can you see me? Winner gets a prize, I’ll give you a clue as to what that is. It’s hot, wet, tight and waiting so patiently for you.” You say so smoothly to him. Harry groans, his aroused as all hell, groan and you can just imagine palming himself through the front of his jeans in front of Paul, and he must have, cause seconds later, you hear Paul say.

“Harry please! Not in front of me. Oi! Times up! Get back out there. Enjoy!” Paul has a slight knowing tone to his voice as he says the last word and you can hear Harry turn around and say “What?” as he is shocked, thinking that Paul does know something. Paul really needs a raise, but before Harry can ask anything further, his platform is raised and he’s back on stage.

“Aw, poor baby, didn’t win the game. It’s alright, you still haven’t found me, but I’ll give you a clue each time you can rub yourself off without being seen by one of the boys.” Harry whines high in his throat and covers it quickly with a cough. You can hear Niall’s voice coming over the speakers.

“You alright mate? You’re coughing a lot tonight, I hope you’re not coming down with something.” To that, he gets thousands of “AWWS!” and “NO’s!” You laugh and Harry comes back with;

“No mate, I’m fine, just keep breathing in to sharply.” To that, the fans cheer like crazy and the boys start their second last song “Rock Me.” Just to be an extra help, you whisper naughtily into your Microphone, directly into Harry’s ear along with the song.

“I want you to Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck Me Yeah. I want you to-” Harry takes his earpiece out as you hear him nearly sing exactly what you said and he can’t take it anymore. Harry only has one more song and he looks pissed, he’s bright red and Liam is staring at him now, hearing Harry slip up that bad, he knows that he is going to get a massive talking to by Management.

This was it, the last song of the night and Harry looked ready to scream out. Perfect, you had him right in the palm of your hand and you knew exactly where to go. You stood and walked away from the side of the stage, passing Paul you gave him the signal, a slight nod of your head, and Paul nodded back, knowing to tell Harry to put his earpiece back in. You walked down the hall and noted the sign on one of the doors “ONE DIRECTION” and then underneath, “5 SECONDS OF SUMMER”. The door just opposite it was unnamed. You opened the door and knew that your plan was finally tying up seamlessly. The room was an exact replica of the other one, directly opposite, but the boys, being like family, never needed an extra dressing room, preferring to use the one, therefore Caroline and Lou didn’t have to continuously walk in and out of the rooms. Harry didn’t mind, and the boys grew to accept their fate of seeing Harry naked at least once per location.

You heard, down the hall, Paul telling Harry to put his earpiece back in and Harry growling lightly before Paul’s laughter was slowly muted out by, most likely, Harry’s dirty look. You put your best sultry voice on and said, “You have three hints, if you don’t find me by then, you get nothing.” Harry screamed then, sexual frustration really starting to egg him on. “Hint 1: This is an exact replica.” Harry was heard down the hall running the opposite direction yelling;

“What kind of a hint is that?! CAITLYN!” You laughed and that just made him angrier. “Don’t you dare laugh at me! Just wait until I find you!”

“You have to find me first.” You say, giggling again before giving your second hint. “Hint 2: There is always another one, at each venue, like yours.” Harry knows, at least you think he knows, but when you hear him growl again you know that he is somewhere near the headpiece/earpiece/microphone tables.

“Close, but no cigar baby. Final hint! Come on, I’m so ready for you baby. Hint 3: You never use it, but it’s always there.” You hear footsteps running down the hall towards you and you hold your breath, knowing that Harry has found you, but when they keep going, you feel a pang of sadness, really hoping to see him, red, sweaty and angry. I guess you were too caught up in your own thoughts to hear the footsteps coming back to the spare change room door, because the next thing you know, the door was flying open and Harry was marching up to you and kissing you fiercely.

“Fuck you!” Harry hisses in your face, after he pulls away to catch his breath, before he pulls you in harshly for another piercing kiss.

“Please.” You breathe out, making Harry laugh before he picks you up, wrapping your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck, and he walks back to shut and lock the door before he throws you onto the couch and attacks your neck.

“Where. Do. You. Think. You. Get. Off. Saying. Those. Things. To. Me. On. Stage!” Harry says between nips, sucks and licks to your neck and collar bone. “Fuck Caitlyn, do you want me to get hard in front of the boys? In front of all of those girls?” You giggle and then moan as he sucks your earlobe into his mouth, before biting it lightly.

“You loved it, you loved the chance of getting caught, rubbing yourself off in front of everyone, you secretly want me to be loud just in case someone is walking passed and hears how good you make me feel. You want everyone to know that only you can make me scream as loud as I do when you fuck me just hard enough.” You pant into his ear as you work his jeans open, finally slipping your hand inside, finding he’s gone commando- of course he has, I mean, this boy wants to be as close to naked at all times -to start jerking him off.

Harry grunts in your ear as his hips twitch forward before he pushes you solidly up against the wall so that he can move his hands down to pull your flowing red and black dress off of you before he rips- yes rips -his shirt off. Harry lowers you to the ground just so you have enough time to slip your panties and bra off, whilst he takes his jeans off and starts to stroke himself, watching you undress in front of him.

Harry surges forward once more to push you up and against the wall, forcing you to wrap your limbs around his muscular frame, kissing you heatedly before pushing into you forcefully, making you break the kiss with a sharp gasp. Harry doesn’t let up though, he continually thrusts, hard and fast into you making you let out short sharp whimpers when he thrusts into you. Harry sucks bruises into your shoulders and neck, making your fingernails dig further into his back as he slams particularly hard into you.

Harry shifts his hips, just ever so slightly, making your head drop back against the wall, your mouth opening wide as you let out a loud moan. Harry holds onto the backs of your thighs and moves the two of you over to the couch and sits down, allowing you to take control. Harry’s large hands grasp your hips and help you to lift up and slam back down on him, the sounds of skin slapping skin fills the room, with the occasional grunt or moan from either you or Harry, but when you lower yourself back onto his leaking cock and roll your hips you subconsciously clench around him, making Harry moan louder as his eyes roll back into his head as his grip tightens on your hips and his head hits the back of the couch.

Harry lifts you once more, turning towards the small table before he places you on top of it, resting your ankles on his shoulders, before he grips your arse and pulls you toward his cock as he thrusts forwards into you, making your head loll on the table. Harry shifts his hips, looking for your g-spot, until, all of a sudden you scream out “Har-Haz! Fuck!” Harry drills into the one spot making you scream out his name over and over again. Your walls start to slowly tighten around Harry, making him thrust faster and harder into you.

“Fu-ck Caitlyn.” Harry’s voice breaks as he thrusts really hard into you, then rolls his hips, making your eyes roll as a loud moan is ripped from your throat. Harry’s grunts become more and more high pitched as his thrusts become erratic. Harry leans down and bites into the join between your neck and shoulder making your back arch and your nails dig into his thighs.

“H-Harry, I’m gonna c-cum!” At this, Harry sucks on the bite, making you gasp, your eyes flying open as you cum hard, your walls tightening around Harry, making him groan loudly before spilling into you, his hips stuttering their movements before he stops all together. The warmth of Harry’s come in you makes you smile up at him as he pulls out, eliciting a whimper from you, before he rests the top half of his body against yours. Your hands come up to tangle your fingers in his curls, your nails scratching gently at his scalp, making him hum in approval.

Harry picks you up carefully and then carries you over to the couch before lying you down on top of him. He kisses the top of your head and pulls the blanket, that just so happens to be placed there conveniently, over the two of you before mumbling his love for you into your hair. “We have to do that more often.” He says, practically purring at you, making you laugh at his kitten-like qualities every time a blanket is placed on top of him.

“You have to make me want revenge against you more often then.” Harry snorts at you before looking down at you lovingly. “What?” Harry shakes his head at you.

“That isn’t going to be a problem love.”

I hope that you liked it…yes, it took me a lot longer than it should have, but it’s finally finished and up! So much for a relaxing month off of school…so far every day for my first week, I’ve been out of the house all day! So thank-you hellorebecca123love for waiting for this story because it’s a lot longer than I said it should be…but now…I am free for 3 more weeks, so send in those requests and I can’t wait to hear what you thought of this story. Until next time. xx

Dominant By Choice Ashton Irwin Smut for Helena (acut-here-acut-there)

“Ashton you’re home!” I yelled in an excited tone as I ran from the kitchen to the door and jumped into his arms.

“Hey love I’ve missed you.” He whispered into my hair and I hid my face in his neck and I smiled.

“I’ve missed you to babe. I’ve missed you so much.” I whispered before kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt.

“Helena I’m not in the mood. Please I’ve been flying all day and have had only for hours of sleep in a total of two days. Let’s just cuddle in bed and watch a movie.” He offered and I sighed and nodded my head.

“Yeah that sounds like fun to.” I said and he smiled as he dragged me to our bedroom and changed into his boxers and laid on the bed.

“Love come lay down with me.” He said and I smiled and nodded my head.

“Let me just change into something more comfortable.” I said and he smiled.

I changed into one of his baggy t-shirts and only with my underwear. Ashton didn’t even notice and kept his eyes glued to the screen.

“What movie do you want to watch?” He asked and I cuddled with him as he brought me closer to him.

“I don’t care. Whatever you want to watch.” I said and he smiled and kissed my head.

He just held me while he watched the TV and didn’t bother paying attention to me and I really needed him.

“Ashton?” I asked and he didn’t bother answering me and I was confused and when I saw him I realized he was sleeping. I was about to wake him up but then I had a better idea. I straddled his waist and was glad for the first time that Ashton sleeps like a rock.

I kissed down his chest and easily took off his boxers. I kissed Ashtins sweet soot and he let out a moan and I couldn’t help but smile. He was semi hard and I easily pumped him a couple of times and as soon I was about to go down on him I felt his hand over mine.

“Helena. Don’t–”

“Ashton I’m choosing to be the dominant one. So be quiet and moan loudly!” I commanded and he put on a small smile.

I brought him into my mouth and he gasped while his hand automatically found my hair and pulled on it.

“Love please don’t stop.” He said and I smiled and stopped causing him to wine and give me a confused face.

“I’m the dominant one this time. I’m going to be in control and you’re going to like it.” I said and he nodded his head pleasing for attention.

I striped from my clothes and straddled his lap once more and sink onto him causing us both to moan out loud.

“Not having you inside me for months is insane.” I yelled as my hips moved and he threw his head back.

“God I’ve missed this.” He moaned out and leaned into my chest and bit down on one of my breast.

“Fuck Ashton stop that. I’m not going to last long.” I moaned out and he chuckled and but down again and again. I soon came onto him and he followed right after and we were both panting hard.

“I was supposed to be the dominant one! You’re supposed to listen to me!” I complained and he laughed and brought me onto his chest.

“I know why you were dominant, you’re usually never dominant. It’s because we didn’t go straight to sex when we got home. I’m sorry I just was tired and–”

“It’s my fault I’m sorry. I should’ve been more considerate of your tiredness and touring.” I said and kissed his chest.

“Well I’m not tired and since I disobeyed you and now I should be punished. Round 2?” He asked as HD pecked my neck and I laughed.

“You deserve to be punished but give me a minute.” I said and he laughed and kissed my lips.

“Take all the time you need. We have the rest of the day.” He said with a laugh and I smiled and gently slapped his chest.

Someone else ( Matt Espinosa Imagine ) Part 2

Part 1

Song: Another Man by Itch 

I wish I told him.. I wish he knew.. I wish he knew I still love him

“ Hey Babe, whatchu’ thinking about?” Luke asked breaking my thoughts

“ Oh.. I was just thinking about what we could do to decorate our room” I responded

“ of course” he says laughing

“I’m going for a walk” I stated

“ Okay babe” Luke responded and went back to watching the tv.


I have been walking around the park for at least 30 minutes now, thinking about Matt and I can’t stop thinking about him. I walked over to the nearest park bench and I sat down taking a break from my walk.

“ Y/N?….” I hear someone say

“ Cameron? Nash?” I question, surprised bumping into them

“ Hey Y/N, How have you been?” Nash asks sitting down next to you and Cameron sitting next to him.

“ Good, What about you guys?” I return the question

“ Good, Matt misses you so much” Cameron says 

“ I know, I saw him at the shops the other day and we sort of bumped into each other.” I say looking down to the floor

“ We Know… and apparently you have got a boyfriend and you guys have moved into a house together” Nash says slinging his arm my shoulder

“ yeah.. his names Luke, he is really nice and I am happy” I saying smiling…well fake smiling.

“ Your Lying Y/N, I know that smile anywhere! It’s the I’m missing you, comeback smile!” Cameron says poking my cheeks

I just stood up and collected my things and said my goodbye;

“ I got to get back home… nice seeing you two again..umm bye” I say walking off but I could hear Cam call out;

“ He still has that photo of you two on his bedside table and He still has everything you gave him! He Still loves you" 

Hearing that I began to walk faster and faster, trying to forget Matt.


I arrived home and I opened the front door to find a worried Luke standing there;

” What took you so long!!“ he asked furiously

” I was on my walk! and I bumped into some old friends" I respond

“ oh" 

” I need to say something" I say really nervously

“ Ok” he mumbles

“ I think we need to break up.. I don’t feel a spark anymore.. oh well I never really felt any spark” I say now walking to our room to collect my things.

I came down the stairs to find Luke crying and chucking things around, breaking them obviously. 

“ I’m sorry I couldn’t make you feel like the lying cheating ass Matt would” he says angrily and you ran out crying.

Here is Part 2!! Sorry it’s late! Hope you enjoy it and give it a like and yeah! love you guys xx

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Clearing a Few Things Up
Clearing a Few Things Up

Just an audio post clearing a few things up.

For those of you too lazy to listen to the full 6 minutes, my points are thus:

1. There won’t be any artwork made by me; I can’t draw. Art (if absolutely needed) will be made by either sonja800​ or brb-gotta-piss​, meaning sorry, I don’t need any other artists.
2. Keep sending hate if you want, I’m only going to get a laugh out of it. I’ve been through the Homestuck and Dangan Ronpa fandoms, I’ve heard it all.
3. I’m a huge procrastinator, meaning I still haven’t started on the FNAF3 writing nor have I started Mike’s replies yet. I’m going to start on them both now, however.
4. What am I gonna do when I reach 10,000 followers? I want your suggestions.
5. I suck, that’s all.
6. Read the fucking FAQ and AU pages, you fucking holly jolly sonsabitches.
7. If I don’t respond to your happy message, sending me sweet things, or giving me hope for the future, it doesn’t mean I don’t care; it just means that I get a lot and don’t want to post 50 asks saying “thank you”. I take your messages to heart, but simply don’t respond.

Harry Styles Imagine

“Don’t say that…” You mumbled looking at him from across the living room. “Don’t you dare…”

“Why? It’s true,” he sniffled, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down towards the floor. “No one would really care if I just ended it.”

You were shocked.

“How could you say such a thing with your best fucking friend standing in front of you? No one would care Harry? No one would fucking care?” A sarcastic laugh left your mouth as you shook your head. “I know you’re hurting Harry, I know everything seems like it’s crashing down around you. But I’m not that person who just gets up and leaves like the rest.”

Stopping for a minute you took a moment to look at him. The boy who’s had his heart broken way too many times and was finally hitting his breaking point.

“Harry I have no idea what I would do without you… You’re the only boy I ever loved… From grade 2 until now, we’ve been best friends and I’ve loved you more than you can imagine this entire time. All those girls who think they can come into your life and leave, don’t know what they’re missing… But I do. I don’t see the famous Harry Styles from One Direction, I see my Haz, sitting here with feelings that have been hurt way too many times. But Harry, suicide can not be an option. Ever, and I refuse to let it be the way your story ends.”

As you finished, you kept your eyes glued on your best friend the whole time. His eyes remained stuck on his hands that were crossed firmly in his lap.

You went over to sit next to him, keeping your distance because you didn’t know what he was feeling at the moment. A sigh of defeat left his mouth as his body slouched forwards even more, and his eyes began to water.

“Harry…” You mumbled, slowly reaching out to place a hand on his back in comfort. “Love please don’t cry…”

“I can’t help it,” he whimpered out, his voice deep and husky. “I can’t help but cry because all of what you said is true. All the girls I bring home, think it’s just a one night stand sex thing, but they don’t realize that I want, and I need something more.”

“Maybe you’re picking from the wrong crowd,” you said softly, trying to lighten the situation a little.

“I know you think that’s funny, but you’re right. Maybe I am going for the ones that would rather just sleep with me, hoping they’ll feel something after. But no. It’s like any one night stand. They get up and leave before I get up.” A deep sigh left Harry’s mouth as you continued to rub his back.

“I wouldn’t leave…” You managed to confess, averting your gaze to your own lap. “I think a man like you deserves to find someone that cherishes every moment, that looks at you like no one else can, and that just loves you for everything that you are as a person. Not just a famous person that wants sex, because that’s not you.”

Harry shook his head, finally matching your gaze. “I shouldn’t be rushing into a relationship, but it gets lonely when the other boys have someone there to support them. And don’t get me wrong, my family supports me and I can’t appreciate that enough because it means so much to me… But seeing that special sparkle in their eyes when someone brings up their girlfriend’s name I mean… It brings them up even more. They’re so happy and I am to I just feel like that something is missing.”

You nodded, understanding exactly what he meant, moving in closer to him. You wanted him to see that you were willing to give him all of that, and more.

“Harry what if… What if you and I…” The words were harder to find than you imagined.

“What if we what?” He asked, looking at you softly slowly putting his arm around your back like he usually did.

Sighing you just decided to blurt it out. “What if you and I went out… Like not just as friends… Like… A real date as a couple…?” You could see Harry contemplating it in his mind, his eyes getting a bit lighter. “I know you inside and out, and you know me like that too. I mean, we’ve been best friends for such a long time and just maybe… Maybe this is what you need..? Not to make me out to be anything special, of course not, but… I wouldn’t necessarily be disappointed if you were completely mine…” You finished, giving him a shy look.

“(Y/N), you’re really serious about this?” He asked, wanting to make sure. You nodded quickly, chewing on the inside of your lip. Harry looked away for a moment to think before the first smile you’ve seen in days spread over his face. “I just, this is so perfect… You’re right, we know everything about each other, we’ve been best friends, I mean we’ve even kissed,” he chuckles making the treehouse memory pop up in your head. “I love you, and I always have in a friendly way but come to think about it, there’s always been something more behind the I love you’s. So yes, I will go out with you, as a couple and not friends,” he chuckled softly pulling you closer into his side and kissing your forehead.

“I promise Haz, you won’t regret this,” you said, muffled by his shirt.

“I know I won’t babe. I have no doubts that this is the best decision I’ve ever made.”