i have been laughing at this for thirty years perry's face

i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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The Ugly Truth : Part One

THE UGLY TRUTH: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader 


A distraught girl decides to quit on love, due to her romantically challenged past. But it wasn’t until Steve Rogers walked through the doors, that she knew she needed help. Looking to an old friend, a ploy to coach her in the romance department - she pairs with the likes of Bucky Barnes, the well known play boy who lives life on the edge. In the process of coaching into the arms of Steve Rogers - a very unexpected result is found between the two of them.

notes: cussing, some dirty talk, tension.

i worked so hard on this one haha. let me know what you think. :)

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No Control | Chapter Thirty-Seven


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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“How about Stevie?”

“Harry, we’re not naming our child after Stevie Nicks.”

“Why not?”

“Because you personally know her. That’s weird.”

He huffs and sets down the little brochure on birthing tubs and natural births that he picked up when we first got shown to the exam room. I’m sat on the exam table, dangling my legs off the edge, and he’s in a rolling chair beside me, trying to keep himself entertained. There was apparently an emergency with another patient just after we got here, so the doctor hasn’t been in to see us yet, and we’ve been waiting for about twenty minutes. While neither of us are upset about it, I can see Harry getting antsy. He never has been very good at sitting still for more than about fifteen minutes without something to entertain him. 

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It’s My Party (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Prompt: What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a piece of writing?

Summary: It’s Lin’s birthday! How could anyone forget such a special day?

Word Count: 923

Author’s Note: This just so happens to be take 2, as my wonderful new computer deleted draft #1! Needless to say, I am delighted to rewrite this entire thing!

Warning: Mild cursing.

Your POV

You paid for your forgetfulness when you woke up in the morning. Watching Marley and Me with Lin last night wore you out. The both of you, actually. All that crying really takes the life out of you.

You forgot to shut the blinds before going to bed last night, which induced an open invitation for binding rays of sun to make their way directly into your eyes. Your alarm wasn’t supposed to go off for another thirty minutes, but you were already up. Your boyfriend was fast asleep, still untouched by the sun. After softly kissing the top of his head, you swung you feet off the side of the bed and head off to the kitchen to scarf down a hard boiled egg.

You then shuffled to the bathroom, preparing for an extra-long shower to make up for your extra time. As soon as you hopped in, you began belting out some old Katy Perry. You soon finished up and stepped out, changing into a pencil skirt and blazer for work. You then blow dried your sopping hair and went back into the bedroom, noticing Lin beginning to stir.

“Morning,” you whispered as you looked in the mirror and applied some light makeup. You could see a reflected Lin smile at you.

“Good morning,” he said croakily as he rubbed his eyes. “I thought you were off today.”

You sighed. “I wish. Bev couldn’t make it today, so I’m filling in. She had appointments that couldn’t be rescheduled.”

Lin let out an over-exaggerated groan. You laughed, noting, “I’ll be back soon enough.” You walked over to him and kissed his forehead. “See you.” You hustled out the door, off to work.

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Rewriting History II

Read part I here

The plan is set into motion. This weekend, there will be a reunion, the school claiming that the original notifications must’ve been lost in spam folders of email inboxes, therefore justifying the last-minute-ness of it all. In five days, the remaining alumni in the area will descend upon their old stomping grounds. Of the thirty-seven remaining, all but four say they will be in attendance. Luckily, the four who can’t make it are all easily eliminated from the suspect list. That leaves thirty-three possible unsubs to work from. And of course, Reid himself will have to be there. The rest of the team will be hiding in the background – Hotch and Rossi working alongside the caterers, Morgan posing as a photographer, JJ as a representative from the school’s administrative office.

The high school gym will be decorated with streamers and balloons in yellow and black, their school colors. A large banner that says Welcome Back Class of 1994! Go Chargers! It all seems very quaint, as official as any class reunion can be. Reid spends his free hours pouring over the files of his former classmates, trying to remember as much as he can. So much of his childhood has been pushed to the farthest corners of his mind, places he can try to hide the memories he wishes he could forget. Some names he recognizes only vaguely, others spark a near-visceral response.

Alexa Lisbon and Harper Hillman, of the ill-fated date on the football field. Evan Y/L/N, the quarterback who helped to orchestrate it all. Louis Perez, who once stole a dead frog from the biology lab and hid it in his locker. Tasha Witcomb, who started a rumor that the reason he didn’t go on the senior class trip was that he still wet the bed. (In reality, he couldn’t leave his mother alone for a few days, was too afraid that something would happen to her).

With a touch of bitter nostalgia, he wishes there were more happy memories in his past. It’s not fair that his hometown should be marred by the actions of bullies, but there is no way to change the history books now. Those people were there, and they are still here, and now he has to face them. Thirty-three of them. Faces he would rather never see again.

“We managed to secure some personnel from the school,” JJ tells them, the day before the reunion is supposed to happen. “Some know what’s going on, but the majority are out of the loop.”

“That’s probably best,” Rossi says. “That way they can’t give anything away. We need this unsub to believe all of this is real. Otherwise he might get spooked.”

Strange, that such a vicious person can be spooked. And cruel, that Reid has to face his own fears for the sake of this killer. Unfair. Absolutely unfair. But this is the job, and nightmares are a part of it. When Hotch asks him if he’s been able to narrow down their suspect pool at all, he can only shrug.

“I’ve been looking over it, but to be honest I don’t know if I’m the best person for this.”

“Reid, you went to school with these people for four years. You know them far better than any of us.”

“Exactly,” he sighs. “It’s… it’s impossible for me to look at these people without bias. You look at them and see unsubs or victims. I look at them, and I see the people who tormented me all through high school. I can’t think about them without those experiences coloring my opinions.”

For a moment, a look of pity flashes of the faces of his colleagues, and he tries to pretend he doesn’t see it. He doesn’t need pity right now. He just needs to solve this case. To go back to DC, and leave this mess of memories behind.

When Saturday evening finally comes, he spends hours alone in his hotel room, trying to find something to wear that won’t make him look like a kid. He combs his hair three times, takes fifteen minutes to adjust and readjust his tie and even then he can’t manage to get it perfectly straight. Flips through pages of files. Stares at the names until the words seem the blur together. Stands in front of the bathroom mirror, looking hard at his reflection. All of those people, when they look at him, what will they see?

Spencer, the scrawny kid they used to shove into lockers? The valedictorian of their class who had to stand on a box to speak into the microphone, and withstand the snickering laughter he heard coming from behind him the whole time? Will they see Dr. Reid? A supervisory special agent with three PhDs? The man who has saved lives, shot killers, seen the very worst of humanity?

And what does he see? When hazel eyes stare back at him, what does he find in himself? Someone who has experienced too many sad things? Someone terribly lonely, terribly insecure? Someone who, after thirty-three years, is still trying to find the place where he belongs? Sure, he has the BAU. But outside of work, who is he? An IQ of 187, and he still doesn’t have an answer for that question.

A knock at his door pulls him from his thoughts, and Reid hastily throws on his suit jacket and grabs his bag. Morgan is waiting in the hall. “You know, you don’t have to do this if you’re uncomfortable,” he says.

“Yes I do,” mutters Reid.

“Kid, listen to me. You don’t have to prove anything.” Derek is right, but that small bit of pride within him won’t let this go. He wants to prove something. Whether it’s to his team or his classmates or himself, he can’t say. But he’s got a chip on his shoulder that he can’t seem to shake.

It weighs on his mind the whole way to Clark. What exactly does he want to get out of this? All his accomplishments, and he still wants to show these people that he’s more than just a victim or a geek. He’s got a revolver hidden in his waistband and a wiretap beneath his jacket and whole team of undercover agents around him. But it’s not the unsub he’s worried about. It’s the bullies.

It takes three deep breaths for him to gather the courage to finally push open the double doors of the gym, where outdated music plays softly and people mill about in groups. Some are easier to recognize than others, but the name tags make it possible to identify his former classmates.

The jocks are all together, wearing sports coats and laughing loudly. A few women with flashy jewelry and dyed blonde hair stare at their phones. There’s nobody he feels comfortable going to, so he grabs a cup of punch and stands back in the corner, glancing towards the door as if he’s waiting for someone.

Eventually Mrs. Sanchez stands up with a microphone to welcome them all back to their alma mater. She seems a little on edge, and he can’t blame her. After all, she’s among the few who know that there’s possibly a killer among them.

Formalities are gone through, little announcements are made, and before she steps away, she adds one last thing. “By the way, we’re in the process of archiving student records for the school. We would love to add to those files, so if everyone could please see Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N before the night is over” – the principal pauses and gestures out a table where the librarian stands and gives a short wave – “to answer a few questions, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Yet another reason for him to want to get out of this stifling gym. But he catches Hotch’s eye, and the chief gives him a stern look, nodding towards the other reunion-goers. It clearly means go and do your job. Talk to these people and find our unsub. Swallowing disdain and resentment, he starts towards Perry Maycomb, the guy who ran the school’s chess club. If he has to make small talk with somebody, he’d rather it be someone who tolerated him. Perry was smart, and nice enough when they were students together. His hair is a little more gray, and his glasses are as thick as ever. Presently he is engaged in conversation with a handful of the debate team members.

“Um, excuse me. Perry?” The man turns to him, and it’s clear he doesn’t recognize Reid at first. It makes sense, he’s much taller now, much older. He’s no longer a child out of place in a school of adults.

“My god, Spencer? Is that you?” It’s hard to tell whether the surprise is a good thing or a bad thing, but there is a hint of impression there as well, so perhaps it is the former.

He doesn’t get a chance to ask though, because another voice comes from behind him. “Spencer Reid?” Fingers curl into fists, and it’s all Reid can do to breathe in and stay calm.

Forcing a smile, he turns around to face the speaker. She has long, dark hair and thin eyebrows, heels that give her at least two inches. And still she is pretty. “Hello, Alexa,” he says coolly. “It’s been a long time.”

“It has.” Her eyes look him up and down, and she tilts her head with a smirk. “You look different.”

Under her stare he squirms, knowing that she’s seen him in far less flattering positions. With far less clothing. Instinctively he puts his hand in his right pocket, feeling a bit more comfortable with the reminder that he is armed, he is prepared, and he is not alone.

“I’m not twelve years old anymore.”

“No, you’re definitely not. So tell me, what did the genius Spencer Reid end up doing with his life?”

Reid stands a little taller, wishes he could rattle off the list of criminals he has brought to justice, the horrors he has endured, the nightmares he has helped to prevent. He has stared down the barrel of a revolver, been shot three times, survived a strain of weaponized anthrax, and overcome an addiction to Dilaudid. But he can’t say these things out loud. Cover cannot be blown, not yet.

“I’m a psychology professor. At Georgetown,” he adds. “And yourself?”

“Vice President of a large hotel chain,” she says proudly. Alexa Lisbon has always been shrewd, it suits her perfectly. “We do very well in Vegas.”

A few of the others have gathered around, eager to see how their ostracized target has turned out. Among them, he sees Evan Y/L/N. On that football field, he seemed like a giant. Unmovable and undefeatable. Now, Reid stands taller than him. Someone else starts to ask a question, but Mrs. Sanchez comes swooping in at that exact moment.

“Oh, Dr. Reid? Can you go see Y/N for a minute? You haven’t been over the table yet.”

He complies. Unwillingly and begrudgingly, he complies. When she spots him making his way towards her, the color drains from her face, and for the first time he feels the slightest twinge of guilt. For the sake of a decades old grudge, he’s made this woman blanche at the thought of having to talk to him. But then the feeling fades, and her face rearranges itself into a semblance of composure.

“Hello again, Dr. Reid.”

“Hi,” he says. “What’s this about?”

Y/N pulls out a pen and a little notebook. “Sanchez wants to add to the student files, so she’s having me interview everyone here. For future reference. I’ve already got your name and your job, so let’s make this quick okay? As painless as possible for both of us.” It’s a sentiment he quite shares. “How many post-secondary degrees do you hold, and in what?”

“BAs in psychology, sociology, and philosophy; PhDs in mathematics, chemistry, and engineering.” He rattles them off without blinking, though she raises an eyebrow in surprise.

“Of course,” she mutters. “I should’ve expected as much. Okay, next question: what are your current hobbies?”

What sort of questions are these? If he answers honestly, he’s only guaranteeing that he’ll be made fun of in the future. These people will continue to see him as a target, even in adulthood. Then again, if he mentions that he enjoys going to lectures on psychopathic formation and tendencies, and reading up on the cases of past serial killers, he’ll look creepy. He settles on a seemingly safe, “I play chess. Uh, and I read. A lot.”

The pen, flying across the paper in her hand, records his answer. “Are you married, and do you have any children?”

“No.” No, he’s still lonely, even now. He could’ve had a girlfriend, a wife, children. But those possibilities were taken from him in yet another casualty of this job.

Moving right along, Y/N asks, “What is your biggest regret?”

It’s hard to swallow over the lump in his throat, all of the people he’s lost along the way lodged there. “I…” He regrets not helping Maeve sooner. He regrets letting Alex walk away without a proper goodbye. He regrets the drugs and the outbursts and all of the people he couldn’t save. “Um…” He regrets putting his mother away, he regrets accusing his father of murder. “I don’t think I can answer that.”

For a moment he thinks he sees her look at him with pity, and the ice in her stare melts. He regrets lashing out at her, when she wasn’t the one who called him names or tied him up. “Who was your best friend in high school?”

Reid looks away. “I didn’t have any friends in high school.”

It’s definitely with pity that she regards him now. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He shrugs it off, and it’s as close as he’s going to come to apologizing for his behavior. There is still an association between the librarian and his bully, because he can’t trust anything about Evan Y/L/N. Not even his younger sister.

“What did y-”

How that question ends, he may never find out. At that exact moment her inquiry is cut short by two loud bangs, coming from just outside the gym doors. Everyone in the room turns to see what has happened, and when the doors swing open, a look of surprise paints the faces of nearly everyone there.

The Only Larry Fic Rec You Will Ever Need

1. And Then A Bit by infinitelymint ( 159k)
“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”
Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

(AKA; Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

2. Another Hazy May by deLILAh (41k)
Louis is a terrible poet and Harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds.
(AKA; bookshop meets military meets summer romance AU ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.)

3. As You Are by zarah5 (139k)
Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.The only reason Harry auditions for The X Factor is because his best mate signed the two of them up as some kind of joke. Harry doesn’t get the big deal—not until he’s faced with this season’s judges and realizes that one of them used to be his desperate, impossible teenage crush.
(AKA; the Judge!Louis and Contestant!Harry AU that no one asked for ft. Niall, Liam and Zayn, too.)

4. Butterfly Gun by eravain (100k)
Harry has never been much of a fighter, but—as always—where Louis Tomlinson is concerned, a lot of things stop being true.
(AKA; the 1940’s AU. where even after six years apart, they can’t forget their shared wartime childhood.)

5. Empty Skies by green_feelings (134k)
For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfill his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him. Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?
(AKA; the sort-of-but-not-even-close-to-being-reality AU that no one asked for ft. Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.)

6. Escapade by dolce_piccante (146k)
In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for. 
(AKA; the ultimate fake-dating AU that no one asked for.)

7. Like A Bastard On The Burning Sea by  vashtaneradas (22k)
Harry breaks Louis, Louis breaks everything.
(AKA; the one where Harry makes a big mistake, and Louis is the one to end up paying for it.)

8. My Head’s Underwater (But I’m Breathing Fine) by infinitelymint (13k)
Harry’s a merman, Louis is a prince. Sometimes happiness can be found at the bottom of the sea.
(AKA; definitely not a ‘The Little Mermaid’ AU.)

9. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast by dancesongsoul and lookatyourchoices (61k)
“Tommo and Harry are gonna do it. I don’t know when, but they’re gonna do it. They’ve got the mattress, the pillows, everything’s in place, and they’re gonna do it. I really wish those two the best of luck.” –Taylor Swift, “Chapera”
(AKA; the Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better ft. Harry’s yellow swim shorts, Louis in snap-backs, and OT5 shenanigans.)

10. Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else by wildestdreams (18k)
Harry ran after Niall, out the door, pausing at the doorway, realizing he was only in his boxer briefs and yelled out, “Niall! You forgot your lunch.”
Just as Niall paused from all the way down the hall, the door opposite theirs opened and the hottest boy Harry had ever seen walked out, eyes widening when he spotted a half naked Harry.
Harry was so fixated upon the boy across from him, who was staring right back with his mouth now hanging open, he’d missed it when Niall bounded back towards him and grabbed the lunch before popping a kiss on his cheek and leaving again. The kiss snapped Harry out of his daze and he let out a breathy laugh as the pretty boy walked out furthermore, closing his door behind him. He gave Harry a small smile back, raising his eyebrows in amusement while looking down past Harry’s waist and then back up.

(AKA; the one where Harry and Louis are neighbors and there’s a lot of overthinking, misunderstandings, Backstreet Boys sing alongs, embarrassing moments in the hallway, and pining. They somehow still make it work.)

11. Pull Me Under by zarah5 (140k)
As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake.
(AKA; a glorious fake-dating AU ft. Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.) 

12. Red Brick Heart by hazmesentir (98k)
Harry has only had his room for thirty-two minutes when it stops being his.
(AKA; the Uni AU where Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.)

13. The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) by LoadedGunn (122k)
Louis Tomlinson, one-time Formula 1 World Champion, is looking forward to the 2013 season. He’s got Zayn in his garage and Liam in his ear, he’s got Cowell Racing backing him despite former indiscretions, he’s got experience and the best race car out there. Not to mention he’s the only racer they have, after Oliver dropped out late last year. It hasn’t occurred to him that Oliver would have to be replaced by February. That is, until he finds himself at a party celebrating Harry Styles leaving Ferrari for Cowell. Harry hotshot Styles, who broke a record last year and is probably looking to make a big splash. Harry Styles, who is talented and somewhat intimidating. Harry Styles, who left Ferrari for reasons unknown and seems kind of lonely and harmless in person. Lonely, harmless, hot as fuck. Whatever. The first thing Louis does is take him under his wing.
(AKA; the one with nine months of slow-burning romance, the past catching up to them, turning into the human puppy pile that is OT5 and a lot of feelings until, of course, reaching the finish line.)

14. The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats by LoadedGunn (10k)
“Mate, you can dress him up in a tutu and upload it to YouTube, I don’t care as long as he’s alive when I come back.”
Harry gasps. “How did you know I have three tiny cat tutus?”
“You sound like the crazy type.”
(AKA; the AU where Harry is a pet-sitter for the rich and famous, and Louis is rich and famous.)

15. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5 (141k)
As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies.
(AKA; the Royalty AU that no one asked for, but everyone deserves.)

16. Who Knew by sincewewereeighteen (125k - WIP)
Louis remembers clearly the night everything fell apart. There are moments in life you just can’t forget. For him, there are some that just will never leave his mind: singing Torn, his first Award Ceremony, What Makes You Beautiful on the radio for the first time, bus 1 with Zayn, recording Fireproof with Liam and the look on Harry’s face when he told Louis that he loved him, but they were done.
(AKA; the one in which my mind goes to a really dark place thanks to this ridiculous reality we’re living right now and Louis cheats on Harry and gets a girl pregnant.)

The Woes of Floor-Don Perry

Pairing: Laura/Carmilla

Summary: Perry has a very serious floor-don talk with Laura and Carmilla. (Post episode 36.) 

Words: 1240

Notes: I’m supposed to be working on Yuletide, but curtain fic, you guys. Fluffy. Curtain. Fic. So yes. Here is pointless, fluffy, dumb curtain fic.


“I think we all remember the Roommate Agreement from the start of the year, yes?” 

"I remember that it was more than thirty pages. And that it made an incredibly satisfying sound when it hit the bottom of the garbage bin.” 

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“My Barber Is BAE”

inspired by a recent conversation with an anonymous friend.

written by Xem VanAdams for XemSays.com

He and I have a longstanding, Saturday morning date. I arrive fifteen minutes to eight and park my car directly behind his copper-colored, Infiniti Q70 Hybrid. He owns the popular, mid-city barbershop – Perry’s Place. The modern, two-level building sits on the corner of Sedgewood and Middleton Parkway. It’s directly across the street from Gino’s infamous, pizza & sub shop. I’m always the first customer to arrive, as to secure my spot as Perry’s first cut of the day. He unlocks the glass door as he sees me coming, flipping the white, cardboard sign from CLOSE to OPEN. I greet him with a bass filled, ‘good morning’, and he replies, ‘wassup’. Between the heavy bites he takes from his sausage, egg and cheese, sour dough biscuit, Perry sips from a sixteen ounce bottle of water. He always offers me the half of his breakfast sandwich that is still wrapped. I routinely decline. We’ve never discussed the fact that I’m a vegetarian, but then again, there are a lot of details about my life that I don’t go out of my way to share at the barbershop.

Inhaling the aroma of wintergreen skin oils blended with musk-like pomades and lemon based Lysol, I take the empty seat in front of Perry’s barber chair. A crinkled, five by seven photograph of his daughter hangs above the row of dangling, gray and black clippers. Beside a collection of white, hand mirrors, Perry has a copy of his owner’s permit and license that are framed and on display. His center booth is always the cleanest and most organized amongst the other barbers who tend to stroll in around nine o’clock or nine thirty.

There’s a reclined manliness that shapes Perry’s Place. I never feel as if I have to go out of my way to butch up before coming to get my haircut. I wear my favorite, yellow flip-flops from Abercrombie & Fitch, paired with light denim shorts that are cuffed at the knee. Though I have friends and associates who put on their baggy, high top, colorless boy-drag before they go to the barbershop on Saturday mornings, I’m comfortable wearing the same clothing I run my errands in. Sometimes, tension mounts between the neighborhood boys and myself, as they walk in with no appointments, wearing sweats and other nonnegotiable, masculine attire. I know they see me in my foofoo accouterments of style and wonder where I get the guts to ingrain my expression of manliness into their urban dwelling. Visually digging for the pink cues and soft hues that would normally color a black man queer, these locals aren’t able to make sense of the easy back and forth that flows between Perry and I. Perry is the razor sharp alpha male; father, business owner and big brother figure to many of the patrons.

He scurries around the shop in his black, Adidas flip-flops. Carrying a broom in one hand and his partially eaten sandwich in the other, I watch Perry slide between stations. The telephone has already begun to sound off. Perry dashes into the back of the shop to take the calls. He tosses me the television remote and asks if I can power on the flat screen that hangs above the wall mirror. I always turn to CNN in an effort to create a moment where Perry and I aren’t forced to negotiate conversations that either focus on my love life or his affection for sports. He is more intriguing to me when openly expressing his views about Obama’s most recent executive orders, than he is when he discusses the pre-season, football lineup.

Perry heated the white towels by the deep, basin sink. He raised his voice over the CNN correspondent to tell me how crazy he thinks people are for even talking about impeaching President Obama. I responded, telling Perry that Obama will forever be chastised for basically being a civil rights politician. At that moment, one of the young, neighborhood guys sitting two seats down from me jumped up and shoved his iphone in Perry’s face. He’s one of many who respects Perry’s hustle. “This the bitch I smashed two weeks ago…the one I was telling you about!”, the boy shouted. Perry laughed out loud, covering his mouth with a bald up fist. He then joked in response, “if she has an older sister, you need to find out and give me her name on Instagram”.

Perry is a typical guy on the surface, but then again, he isn’t. His only tattoo is of praying hands, inked onto his upper, right arm. The tiny, black diamond studs he wears in each ear compliment his basic, tee shirt and basketball shorts style. We’re just about the same height, maybe five-eleven. He’s six feet tall at the most. His face is clean-shaven and butternut smooth. Aside from the thin, dark brown hairs that coil beneath his chin and strap across his top lip, his facial hair is barely there. Perry is an attractive man, but seemingly unaware of his physical appeal.

In the eight months that he has cut my hair, I’ve seen a side of Perry’s character that makes me believe it’s possible for gay men to form healthy relationships with our straight, male allies. He and I share similar political views, and are able to discuss our thoughts and ideas every Saturday morning. Perry and I never discuss women or sex, but more so because he doesn’t bring up those topics with me. He may sense that my sexual interest in women crossed the finish line over ten years ago. I just appreciate the fact that Perry does not make me feel like I have to be silent in order to blend in with his other customers.

Despite my attractions towards Perry, when I take a seat in his chair, and he wraps his black, barber cloth around my neck, our interaction is social and professional. (B)efore (A)ll (E)lse, we are two men who have established a mutually respectful relationship. Sexuality does not hinder our ability to openly engage with one another in an environment known to strictly tolerate traditional forms of masculinity. When Perry is done cutting and lining my hair, I pay him twenty-two dollars and I tip him five. I leave his barbershop as a customer who has been provided the type of safe space service that makes me want to uphold my longstanding, Saturday morning date.

Sugar on the Asphalt: Thirty-Two
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One day this will be updated on time! Sorry about the wait! Hope it was worth it! I’d love to hear what you think <33

Previous chapters


(chocolate chip muffined you) good night; august 12, 2013

Catherine woke up Monday morning with so much energy that I had to feed her oatmeal with bananas (much to her dismay) for breakfast because I was afraid the chocolate chip muffins I made contained too much sugar for an already hyperactive three-year-old. I thought once the morning wore on, she’d eventually stop running laps around the kitchen while I tried to load the dishwasher. However, that ended up being wishful thinking. She was still bouncing off the walls while I tried to stack plates accordingly. Thankfully, Rebecca had her driver drop Jane off at day camp for me. That gave me a few hours before I had to attempt to strap Catherine into the car to take her to ballet and then to swim. Until then, I had to figure out how to calm her down enough so that she wouldn’t be hanging off the barres or diving face first into the pool. After trying to get her to sit still to color, I decided there was only one way to get rid of all this pent up energy.

I had to dance it out of her.

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That 7 Minutes in Heaven Fic pt 2

Part 1 can be found here :)

You kind of regret calling her, because now you’re driving to a diner you would never set foot in otherwise and your stomach feels all weird.

You’re wearing a black mesh top that is practically see through and leather pants. You don’t know why you can’t stop thinking about your oufit because you wear things like this every day. It really shouldn’t be as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be.

When you make it to the diner you sit in the parking spot for a while. Just sitting there, staring through the giant windows in the front of it. You can see Laura sitting at a booth nervously playing with a laminated menu and you can’t help but smile.

Your take a deep breath and finally step out of your car. This isn’t a big deal and you shouldn’t be treating it as such. It’s not even a date, it’s just getting to know each other better.


The diner has a bell on the door that you weren’t expecting to ring when you entered. All of a sudden it feels like everybody is looking at you. Your heart starts racing and you’re contemplating leaving right there and then because why are you even here an-

“Carmilla! Hey!” Laura’s cheery voice cuts off your line of thought. You notice that she’s standing right in front of your now and you try to hide a blush as you take in her outfit.

It’s a simple jeans and button-up ensemble, but it still somehow makes your heart flutter like its a bird trapped in a cage.

Laura grabs your hand unexpectedly and pulls you to the booth she’s chosen. You sit down across from each other, Laura practically bubbling with excitement that she tries to keep hidden, and you a grumpy bundle of social awkwardness.

“I’m glad you could make it!” She says enthusiastically. You smile back and she shifts slightly in her seat.

You both sit in awkward silence for a moment as you stare at the marble table and she fidgets once more with the menu.

Laura giggles suddenly and when you look up she has an adorably scrunched up face. “Well, this is kind of awkward, isn’t it?”

There’s a quirk on the edge of your lips that you try to pretend doesn’t happen because of how absolutely adorable Laura Hollis is.

You clear your throat and nod. You pick up your own menu and suggest, “Shall we order? If we are to get to know each other we may as well eat while doing so.”

Laura nods quickly and picks up her menu. After a few minutes of silence as you both read through the menus, you see two pairs of curious chestnut eyes peaking over the menu. They immediately flit back down when they see your own eyes staring back at them.

You smirk.

After a while you sigh and say, “I guess I’ll just have an order of fries. It’s not like there’s anything interesting in this place anyway.”

Laura frowns lightly but nods. “Um, I know what I’m getting. I’ll call over a waitress.”

You take the time to gather yourself. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so cold, but distancing yourself from people has become a force of habit. You make a mental note to loosen up as a brunette waitress walks over.

“What would you lovely ladies like to order tonight?” They ask cheerfully.

Laura smiles and answers, “I’ll have a cheeseburger with fries on the side. Oh! And a chocolate shake.”

The waitress nods and then turns to you. You order a simple basket of fries, Laura says her thanks, and the waitress takes your menus as she walks away.

Laura looks back at you and you clear your throat.

There’s another awkward silence before Laura shakes her head and says, “You know, you don’t have to be here if you don’t want to be.”

For some reason what she says and the way she says it sparks a shot of fear in your chest. Fear that you’re somehow makingn her feel unwanted. You sit up straighter and try to soften your expression.

“No, I want to be here.” You say quietly, but quickly. “I’m just… Not used to the whole…” You look around and mutter, “Making friends thing.”

“Oh.” Laura seems to mull that over for a moment. “Okay. I can see that. How about I start a coversaion?” You don’t reply but she must take your somewhat apathetic look as a go-ahead. “Why haven’t you come out yet?”

You chuckle lowly. “Getting to the heavy stuff first I see.”

“You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to!” Laura says quickly.

“No, it’s fine.” You look around again, run your tongue along your teeth, and say, “My mother isn’t the most accepting woman.” Laura nods. “And you?”

Laura shrugs and looks down. She bites her bottom lip for a moment, perhaps in contemplation, and you can’t help but find it equal parts cute and sexy.

“I guess, I’m just really not sure about how my dad will react. I hear all of these stories about kids being really close to their parents, but then when they come out it all changes. I don’t want that to happen. My dad and I have a great relationship, and I guess I just don’t want that to end yet.” Laura shrugs again and looks up at you.

You smile sadly back and raise an eyebrow as you say, “If you being gay ruins your relationship with your father, maybe it wasn’t really a relationship worth keeping in the first place.”

Laura’s mouth opens and closes like she wants to say something back, but in the end she just ends up frowning and looking down.

The waitress drops off your food with another smile and then leaves. You take a bite of a fry and say, “So, how did you end up at beefcake’s party?”

Laura looks up from taking a long sip of her chocolate shake and frowns. “Beefcake? Oh! Kirsch. Yeah, um I was invited? I feel like I should be asking you that question, actually.”

You shrug and twirl a fry between your fingers. “My brother Will. Him and the beefcake are best friends, for some inane reason.” You sigh and finish the fry. “Will said he’d keep my secret if I played nice. Which means pretending to actually like him and going to his friends’ parties.”

“Your secret? So, he knows?”

You answer, “He caught me making out with a girl in freshman year.”

Laura blushes and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear. It might seem selfish, but you’re kind of hoping she feels a little bit jealous.

Does that make you a bad person?


“Well, it’s not cool of him to blackmail you like that.”

You shrug and eat another fry. “It’s what siblings do.”

Laura crinkles her nose, and with a small smile and a smaller laugh she says, “I’m… not so sure about that.”

You have the urge to kiss the crinkle of her nose, but that’s all too domestic and sappy and something that is completely and utterly not you that you shove it away immediately. Instead you ask, “Do you have any? Siblings I mean.”

Laura takes a bite of her burger and swallows it before she answers. “Nope. It’s just me and my dad.” She wipes her mouth and gives you a look that you’re not sure how to decipher. Her shoulders are tense and she’s holding her hands together. It almost looks like she’s preparing herself for something.

“That’s cool.” You say, and her shoulders become less tense. “So, you’re friends with the ginger twins?” She relaxes completely and you decide to ask about her reaction later.

Will there even be a later?

Laura smiles and says, “I’m assuming you mean LaF and Perry. Yeah, LaF is one of my best friends, and you can’t have LaF without Perry. Those two are inseparable.”

You nod and look around. You spot the clock and notice that you’ve been here for almost thirty minutes.

It feels like it’s been five.

You turn back to Laura and see her quickly look away from you.

After a silence filled with the soft sound of chewing, Laura breaks it by asking, “Is this a date?”

Your heart halts for a moment and color gathers in your cheeks. “I don’t know. Is it?” You ask quietly.

“Well, conventionally you would kiss someone after the first date, not before. So I guess we’ve already kind of broken the rules.” Laura says with a cute smile.

You smirk back and, in a hopefully sexy drawl, you say, “I’m always up for breaking the rules, cutie.”

"Oh really? Well…” She gives you a look that makes your knees weak. “What about that rule that says you can’t have sex until after the third date?”

Bianca felixdawkins and I were talking about a hollstein mistletoe AU that goes with this (x) post and she wanted me to make it rebloggable and it’s mostly me rambling but yeah

-They’re both in college but have enough money to scrape by living in an apartment/townhouse thing where it’s one door but splits off to two seperate houses.
-Laura’s been living there for ~3 months and she loves it. It’s a friendly environment and her landlords, Perry and LaFontaine, are super chill and when things need fixing they’re on it and sometimes they help Laura financially because they know she’s in college and struggling. They’re more in touch/closer than other landlords and it’s kind of weird but no one questions it.

-Then, someone moves in across the hall. They blast their music too loud and people go over every night and there are so many sounds that Laura starts to think she’s living directly across from a brothel. One night it’s really bad so Laura in a tardis onesie probably knocks furiously on the door until someone answers and when they do she’s taken back because Oh no she’s hot. For a moment Laura forgets what she came for until someone shouts for Carm to get back to the party. She snaps back into it and goes off about how her “constant partying doesn’t let me sleep at night“ and ”the amount of times I’ve tripped on the litter in the hallway“ and how she doesn’t understand how Carm hasn’t been arrested yet because ”the smell of marijuana overrides anything else”. And Carmilla is very amused and is just leaning against the door frame, sipping soda as this tiny human being rants.  Laura realizes Carmilla’s messing with her and storms off.

-Laura e-mails Perry + LaF about how infuriating her neighbour’s behavior is. LaFerry says they’ll work on it as soon as possible. Over the next few weeks, Laura notices the partying has decreased. She e-mails LaFerry ‘thanks’ but they say they haven’t had the opportunity to get in touch with
Laura’s neighbour yet. She realizes maybe Carmilla did listen to her. Laura bakes thank-you cookies and puts them by Carmilla’s door, knocking before rushing back home. She watches through the peephole as Carmilla opens the door, and smiles at the confused look on the brunette’s face as she picks up the plate.

-Everything is calm until one night she hears fighting and a door slams and there’s cursing and Laura’s way too curious to leave it alone. She pokes her head out the door and sees a very drunk Carmilla aggressively jiggling the doorknob. Carmilla’s words slur as she explains her “witch of an ex“ locked her out of her own apartment. She starts rambling in a foreign language—German, Laura thinks—and she only understands small fragments until Carmilla switches back to English. Something about texting a “Shady George” to pick her up, but like hell Laura’s gonna let anyone go home with someone who goes by Shady George. So she ushers Carmilla into her apartment and makes her hot chocolate and lets her crash on her couch for the night. When Laura wakes up, Carmilla’s gone, but there’s a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a note that says Thanks, liebchen. Won’t happen again on the counter. It takes less than thirty seconds for Laura to google what liebchen means.

-But it does happen again. It actually becomes a regular thing. Whenever Carm’s piss drunk, she stumbles over to Laura’s and Laura makes her hot chocolate and let’s her sleep on the couch. And Laura knows Carmilla keeps a spare under the doormat and that she could drop her off no problem. She knows she doesn’t have to listen to Carmilla’s drunken rambles about philosophy or how she hates her English professor for biased teaching. Laura does it because Carmilla helps her realize people are layered. There’s more to Carmilla besides drugs, fantastic eyebrows, booze, and hot chocolate. One night, about an hour after listening to Carmilla spiel on about how much she loves jazz and surrealism, Laura’s in bed. She’s about to sleep when she feels the bed dip. She tenses and starts to freak out. But Carmilla let’s out a breathy laugh and reassures her that it’s fine it’s just “the couch hurts my back” and “this isn’t sexual. Shut up and sleep. It’s like you’ve never shared a bed before, liebchen”. And so Laura falls asleep to Carmilla’s steady breathing. When she wakes up, both Carmilla and the yellow pillow Laura was sleeping on are gone.
-Things begin to change when Carm starts coming over sober. First, it was to return the pillow (Laura never got a reason as to why she took it in the first place), then the plate. And then one night Laura’s struggling on a paper and it takes an hour to muster the courage to knock on Carmilla’s door because “Hey, you took this class last year, right? You talked about it once, when…you know”. And so they pull an all-nighter and deck out on hot chocolate and Laura doesn’t mean for it to become a regular thing but Carm’s just so good at essays that she has to invite her back over.

-And eventually Carm’s over all the time helping on schoolwork and Laura starts to feel guilty because all nighters have turned into all-day-and-nighters and Laura’s sure Carm hasn’t seen her own home in days. As an act of kindness, Laura buys glow in the dark stars and puts them all over her walls and ceiling because she knows how much Carmilla loves them. But when Laura first points them out after a long night of studying, she’s a nervous wreck. She stumbles over her words as she explains that “I know they’re nothing like she real thing and you could really just look outside if you wanted but you talk about them a lot. And you’re here so often I figured there should be something for—-um…anyway, I tried to line some of them up to make constellations and…yeah.” And it’s silent for the longest time and it makes Laura uneasy. She’s about to apologize for whatever reason, but Carmilla gives her a small smile and says “They’re perfect for here, liebchen.”. Laura’s words die in her throat. They spend the rest of the night on the floor, lights off so they can see the stars. Laura points out which constellations are which, until they get to one Laura can’t even pronounce. Carmilla tells her she lined them incorrectly, and tentatively grabs her hand. Using Laura’s pointer, Carmilla traces the constellation in the air for her. And the entire time Laura’s staring at Carmilla like she can’t believe someone like her could exist.

-LaFerry e-mail Laura asking if things are okay with the neighbour. Laura’s response is a little too over enthusiastic and LaFerry just know Laura’s in deep, even if she doesn’t know it yet. They keep e-mailing Laura concerning the status of her relationship with Carmilla. Laura’s very confused why they’re so invested but plays along anyway.

-It’s December, the weather below freezing. It’s dark by 3:50 and Laura’s just coming home from a workday. There’s a figure bundled up on the steps in dark winter garb that is unmistakably Carmilla. She states she lost her keys and she’s only been waiting for about twenty minutes. But Laura’s already fumbling to get her keys out because as cute as a pink nosed Carmilla is, a pink nosed Carmilla without hypothermia us even cuter.
-It takes her moment, after she inserts the key, to notice the green plant lining the entire door. It travels onto the ceiling, part of it dangling above Carmilla’s unsuspecting head. She stares at it for a moment, not sure if she should actually do anything about it. She blushes at the thought of doing something about it, and her eyes are drawn to Carmilla’s lips…which are moving but Laura has no idea what she’s saying. She sputters an apology and Carmilla repeats herself. “Are you going to let us in, cutie? It’s not exactly summer out here.” And Laura’s blushing even more because yes yes I’m going to let us in I’m definitely not thinking about kissing you I’m just letting us in. Laura shoves open the door and enters the hallway.

-The hallway is almost unrecognizable because every foot is covered by mistletoe. And they’re just standing side by side taking in the entire thing. Laura’s sure her face is completely red. It’s silent until Carm turns towards her and says, “You know, in some countries it’s considered rude not to follow certain traditions”. And Carmilla’s looking at her with such intensity that Laura’s wondering why she was reluctant to try anything. And suddenly Carmilla’s face is in Laura’s hands and she’s so gentle and soft and Carmilla’s lips are so smooth against her own and the winter that surrounded them before is melting away and everything is warm.

anonymous asked:

promt where carmilla + laura are dating but carmilla breaks up with laura after graduation and runs away because she wants laura to have a normal life. but instead of the usual ending where "laura ages and eventually dies and carmilla visits her grave filled with regret" ending, laura searches for another vampire after carmilla leaves her, convincing them to turn her, and then laura spends a century looking for carmilla and finally finds her after carmilla is sure she's been dead for years

Forever and After


(Okay so this fic got the hell away from me but omg was it fun to write in the best damn way. I apologize for breaking any hearts but seriously this prompt sort of does it all on its own)

The note is on the bedside table the morning after graduation. Carmilla never had a lot of things but the absence of them is sharp and startling. Her curling script tells Laura to not be afraid, that she’ll find someone one day, that she’ll be happy. 

Laura cries for three days and then does what she always does when she’s lost something. 

She gets it back.

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TITLE: Extraterrestrial


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki getting an annoying song from the radio stuck in his head.


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. But note: NAF stands for New Avengers Facility - I was just too lazy to write it out. Sorry.


Loki smashed the palm of his hand into the dashboard, growling in frustration. “Careful,” I warned from the driver’s seat. “If you hit that thing too hard you’ll deploy the airbag and break your face.” He scoffed sarcastically and not for the first or last time I wondered why I was dating him. “What’s wrong?”

                “I have that stupid music stuck in my head and it refuses to leave!” he exclaimed.

                “What song?” I asked curiously.

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I don't wanna be your friend (I wanna kiss your neck)

When Louis asked his best mate Zayn to recommend him a nice place where he could study for his finals without being interrupted, he didn’t think he’d end up in front of a coffee shop that was more hipster than the ones you see in pictures on tumblr, full of teenagers listening to indie rock music and writing poems about true love like they have ever felt it happening to them. (Larry Coffeeshop AU)

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seriouslythoughnourlisavailable  asked:

I've just read your hollstein library AU and I loved it :) please right a sequel :))))

Hollstein Library AU Part 2.

Laura left the library with a spring in her step as well as a book Carmilla had recommended to her, they’d agreed to meet for cocoa at the Silas Coffeehouse the following night.

A million things were running through the book-smart girl’s head that night as she brushed her teeth, contemplatively gazing at her appearance in the mirror. She swilled out her mouth and checked her teeth before turning off the light and getting into her head. She fell asleep to the thought of all the books Carmilla must have read and had peaceful dreams involving a stunning black cat.

The next morning she was as excited as she was well rested, nothing could put a dampener on her day, not knowing she had something to look forward to.

She was scribbling away in her Lit class when it hit her; no, it couldn’t possibly be- Was tonight a date? Like an actual date? She’d never been on one of those before. It continued to weigh on her as she walked out of the building, making the way to her dorm. On the way she bumped into LaFontaine, who had so generously told her about the Bio study group they were starting a few weeks into the semester. 

“Hey, Hollis. You doing alright?” They asked, smiling before waving to your floor don who was apparently their best friend, though, you were certain there was more to it than that.

“I’m great, thanks, LaF. Are you?” LaFontaine nods and Laura decides to ask for her advice.

“I uh, I was kinda hoping for some advice actually”

“Is that tall redhead giving you the stink-eye again?”

“No” Laura shook her head. “No, actually.. I’m meeting a girl - woman, tonight and I think..I think it might be a date”

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chaptered fics.

please read the tags/warnings before you read!

with a broken heart and a ticket home - larry - fluff.

“So, Louis,” Harry turns to him properly now, posture completely at ease, “You seem like an agreeable fellow. How do you propose we entertain ourselves until such a time as we can get on a plane, and get the fuck out of Knock?”

Harry and Louis’ flight is delayed, and they’re the only ones to not get the memo. Cue a night spent in a tiny Irish airport with only each other for company, and the hand of Fate delivering a swift smack on the wrist and a demand to try again.

celebrity discount - larry, prince!harry - fluff, smut (one of my favourites).

Louis fell for Prince Harry when he was ten and Harry was eight and peeked behind the Queen’s elegant gown for his first public appearance—a shy smile and a mess of curls. He fell for him when he caught Lottie putting up a magazine cover of Harry on her wall and all she had to say for herself was, “He’s such a good person, yeah?” and, yeah. He fell for him when Harry gracefully accepted his demotion. He fell for him when Harry came out and stayed out.

red brick heart - larry - fluff, smut, angst.

Harry has only had his room for thirty-two minutes when it stops being his.

Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.

louis lucas - larry, ziam, harry/ofc, louis/omc (larry is the main and end ship, no worries) - smut, angst, fluff (warning for homophobia and alcoholism/alcohol abuse. one of my favourites).

Pornstar!AU. Louis is a pornstar with more issues than he can drink away. Harry is a bisexual singer/songwriter who is desperate to be signed to a major label. Zayn and Liam are Louis’s long-suffering best friends (who also happen to be pornstars, and also happen to be dating each other). Niall just wants to play his guitar.

empty skies - larry, zerrie, niall/barbara - fluff, angst, smut (one of my favourites).

For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.

Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.

the best laid plans - larry - angst, fluff, smut (one of my favourites).

Harry Styles is England’s answer to Justin Bieber. He has taken the country by storm and everybody loves him.

However, there is one band that absolutely cannot stand his success, and that band is One Direction, who only years before was the biggest, newest, best thing to happen to the music industry.

When Harry Styles publicly admits to having a crush on One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, the band makes a plan:

Use Harry’s fame to get back into business.

truth be told (i never was yours) - larry, ziam, louis/aiden, ashton/gemma, niall/barbara - angst, fluff, smut (warning for homophobic language/slurs).

Harry watches Louis as he scrunches up his nose and bites the end of a pen in concentration. He’s been working on seating arrangements for the past hour and getting more frustrated by the minute. Louis huffs out a breath and glances down at Harry with a soft smile on his lips before he returns to the task at hand. It’s easy, right then, for Harry to let himself believe that they’re planning a seating chart for their own wedding and bickering over who is going to sit where from a list of their own family members. He can let himself daydream about a white picket fence and a dog that they could have within the next year.

It’s like a cold slap in the face when Harry looks to the top of the page to see “Aiden and Louis Grimshaw” at the head table, and Harry has to mentally remind himself for the thousandth time that Louis is not his. Never was, really. He’s just the wedding planner that’s been in love with Louis since he was sixteen.

(or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.)

anonymous asked:

what is a really really good larry fic

SO MANY!!! SO FREAKING MANY!!!!! here’s some like rly big name ones and just some personal faves!!!

Pull Me Under ~140k

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Red Brick Heart ~98k

Harry has only had his room for thirty-two minutes when it stops being his.

Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.

Empty Skies ~134k

For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream — making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.

Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.

just me, you, and this box of matches ~87k

Louis is fairly sure that his new neighbour is going to destroy him. And also their apartment building, and the dumpsters outside, and all the forests within a thirty mile radius. But. Mostly him.

things have gotten closer to the sun ~49K

it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.


when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

like a bastard on the burning sea ~22k

au; harry breaks louis, louis breaks everything.

not ready to lose today ~8k

“I don’t mean, like,” Louis starts, coughing a bit, “I don’t think he’s become a diva or summat. I’m not trying to start shit. But like - he’s different, yeah? Or am I different?”

“Maybe neither of you is different,” Zayn suggests. “Maybe just, like, your relationship has changed.”

That much is obvious, but the way Zayn says it makes it sound profound.

“Tour’s gonna be weird as fuck,” Louis says with a laugh that’s a lot lighter than how he feels.

(Or, the one where Louis figures it out.)

i’m not calling you a liar (just don’t lie to me) ~33k

Louis can’t stop lying. Harry runs a farm. Somehow, he squeezes the truth out of him.

take my hand (take my whole life too) ~9k

“What would you do,” Louis begins, knowing that this will only hurt him more, “If this was your last day on earth?”

Harry thinks for a bit, brow furrowed in concentration, and then he says sort of cheekily, “Go skydiving. See my family, see my friends.”

“What else, Harry?”

Purer Than The Water (like we were) ~33K

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.

“Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.”

I Had The Life Of Ordinary, I Spat It Out ~22k

Harry Styles falls asleep a sixteen year old boy nervous about his upcoming X-Factor audition that could make or break his career. He wakes up a twenty-six year old man with a husband and two children, and no recollection of the past ten years.

Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay ~(WIP)

A George of the Jungle AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

one more for the stars ~16K

It’s different, and Louis knows that, because Harry’s got so much riding on this - a career and a future and his whole life. There’s talk of him going first overall in the draft, of entering the NFL after only two years in college, of going to New York or Seattle or Green Bay, and Louis wants to be there for him, wants to support him and help him make decisions, but he also kind of wants to pin him to the bed and cry and scream, What about me what about me what about me?

(au. Harry’s the star quarterback and Louis is about to graduate. It’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.)

These Roads We Stumble Down ~18k

He’s completely drenched, not one millimetre of him not covered in rain, and the old sheepskin cover over the seat is probably going to stink afterwards from the damp. But even with what seems to be a constant tremor shaking his body, brown hair plastered to his forehead, and a blue tinge to his skin, he’s still probably the most gorgeous person that Harry has ever seen.

Or, Harry picks up a hitchhiker in Oxford, and it’s a long ride to Glasgow.

Isolationist ~8k

A Sky High AU where Harry can fly, Louis is shocking (literally), and Zayn really wishes Harry would stop thinking details at him during every spare moment.

my heart is breathing for this moment in time ~ WIP (warning for underage scenes)

When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five years old.

Because Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. Fate, it would seem, is just getting started.

A story about growing up and growing together, and the impossible love that makes it all worthwhile.

Tie Your Heart ~38k

Harry grows wings.

The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) ~122k

Louis Tomlinson, one-time Formula 1 World Champion, is looking forward to the 2013 season. He’s got Zayn in his garage and Liam in his ear, he’s got Cowell Racing backing him despite former indiscretions, he’s got experience and the best race car out there. Not to mention he’s the only racer they have, after Oliver dropped out late last year.

It hasn’t occurred to him that Oliver would have to be replaced by February. That is, until he finds himself at a party celebrating Harry Styles leaving Ferrari for Cowell. Harry hotshot Styles, who broke a record last year and is probably looking to make a big splash. Harry Styles, who is talented and somewhat intimidating. Harry Styles, who left Ferrari for reasons unknown and seems kind of lonely and harmless in person. Lonely, harmless, hot as fuck. Whatever.

The first thing Louis does is take him under his wing. From there it’s nine months of slow-burning romance, the past catching up to them, turning into the human puppy pile that is OT5 and a lot of feelings until, of course, reaching the finish line.

you and me were kings ~28k

harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn. au.

the whole world, it is sleeping (but my world is you) ~22k

“Louis knows who this boy is. He saw him at the audition, on the chair in line getting interviewed. He’s called Harry, and he’s got the most brilliant voice and the biggest sob story that Louis has ever heard, and what Louis knows is that he doesn’t want it to be a sob story at all. His eyes are a wide, glossy sea glass green, and he can’t see a thing.”

Louis never really knew commitment, never really knew love, until Harry.

i’m a moon at midnight ~4k

where harry gives and never takes and louis throws pieces of paper into his hair during class and there’s a stranger leaving harry gifts on his doorstep.

Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble ~13k

Louis continues to watch as the fit boy waggles his eyebrows dramatically at the penguin. Clearly, he’s very invested in winning the staring contest, which means Louis still has time to come up with a plan of attack. He turns to his sisters. “Girls, look cute. You know how to snag a boy right?”

College Au where Harry leads an army of penguins and rocks purple penis headscarves, Louis is generally covered in pigeon shit and panicking over worm dissections, Liam just wants to save his pet bird from Harry’s ill thought out sacrificial plans, and Niall and Zayn are definitely not dating.

i hear it all in the center of my heart (you are the love of my life) ~4k

Getting married has turned Louis into a properly whipped sap. Harry may or may not want to punch him in the face.

Fringe ~19k

A boy with erogenous scalp and a hair stylist; a match made in heaven.

Louis is the hair stylist who likes to flirt and tease but never dates, and Harry is the boy trying to change that.

we’ll take the trail marked on your father’s map ~21k

louis is a single father and harry just wants to be part of the family

Weigh Us Down (We’re In Love) ~23k

Harry’s eyes widen slightly at that. “We’re friends?”

Louis nods eagerly, smiling even wider. “Of course we are! You’re like, my first ever friend here. We just moved in, you see. Did I already tell you about that? Anyway! Maybe you can stay for dinner and I can show you my toys?”

Harry smiles. “You’ll let me play with you?”

Louis nods again, excited. “Of course!” He looks thoughtful for a moment, and then he’s slipping off the couch and crouching in front of Harry. “Oh, and Mum always kisses my wounds after she fixes them up. It makes me feel loads better all the time, so.” He leans forward and puckers his lips, pressing them over the bandage on Harry’s knee.

(harry and louis first meet when they’re eight and ten. this is their story throughout the years.)

If You Wanna Try Me On ~18k

To be fair, Harry’d been half asleep when Niall convinced him to put in his CV in the first place. Like, Harry wants to be a proper serious journalist—he’s not about to give up that dream in favour of becoming a personal assistant at a fashion magazine, or…whatever. Harry’s not actually all that sure what Tomlinson Styles even is, beyond his ticket to fame or any of the other things Niall’d spouted off at him, but when he shows up for the interview and is unceremoniously shoved into an office with the Tomlinson part of that equation, all Harry can really think about is that he would like to be a Tomlinson-Styles.

…or the Devil Wears Prada AU that no one wanted. Sort of.

with your love we could breathe underwater ~28k

Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.

Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.

AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.

love is simple, it’s just that simple ~6k

“Love,” Harry says, and it’s kind of a routine now, because they’ve been together for 3 years and Louis has had insomnia for way longer than that. “Come back to bed.”

louis has insomnia, and harry has a whole lot of love for louis

and darling i will be loving you ‘til we’re 70 ~11k

“Well, you deal with the football team, and we’ll handle everything else,” Teddy answers. He sits up confidently and crosses his arms – Harry always tells them that believing in yourself is 90% of the job – with his head held high. Louis sees a flicker of determination in his eyes, mixed with a bit of mischief and youthful exuberance. It reminds him of himself, when he was younger and even now, 32 years old and married with four children. He’s really fucking grateful for the life that he lives and the kids that he has. (And his husband is pretty alright, or whatever.)

A canon spin on Posh/Becks where Louis coaches their daughter’s football team for the very first time and Harry comes back from a summer working for Saint Laurent.

Before You Came Into My Life (I missed you so bad) ~16k

Louis has made a lot of bad decisions after smoking up with Zayn at one in the morning. Oddly enough, texting a random phone number he found tucked into a library book turns out not to be one of them.

Or an AU where Louis is a closeted A-list actor and Harry is just your average Uni student who only signs things with smiley faces.

im sorry this is probs too many i got rly carried away D: