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[Somebody Else] - Chpt. 3

The Baths of Ostend

Jason x Sofia

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Chapter 2 || Masterlist 

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He’s wearing a different cologne. 

There’s still that distinct woody amber scent, but there’s something different. An added spicy flare, like cardamom…it made the scent much more…


“W-what…h-how did you find me, wait, never mind, that’s a stupid question…” 

Of course, that would be the first thing I would ask my investigator ex boyfriend. 

Jason bit his bottom lip to stop himself from smiling, “are you nervous?”. Even in the most awkward situation, he always manages to stay smooth. 

I allowed myself to breath out a small sigh. “A little…I’m just a bit surprised…” I interlocked my fingers together, resting my hands on the table. “It’s been a while since I last saw you” 

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