i have been for like 2 and half years


So here is a bunch of AU’s that I’ve collected over…. a long time. Enjoy

Awkward Meetings

  • I broke your nose in a mosh pit, sorry
  • I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital, this is sort of awkward, are you okay?
  • You’re getting chased by the police and you just jumped in my car and yelled drive, wtf man
  • You just punched me in the face while gesturing wildly to a friend, your friend can’t stop laughing and im too shocked to respond to your apologies
  • You laughed in a restaurant, but your laugh is really weird and I thought you were choking so I’m awkwardly humping you while attempting to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre and why isn’t this working, you’re just choking harder now this is aweful
  • We met on a Sunday morning, both doing our walk of shame
  • I get really sick on roller-coasters and you are sitting in front of me, im so sorry
  • You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker… ugh, oops.
  • I work at a department store and if you take out and unfold another fucking shirt and just leave it, I’m going to fucking shove it down your throat
  • You broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friends place and I should call the cops by my cat likes you so????
  • You’re my new dealer and you just friended me on Facebook and idk how to react to that
  • You saw me reading the same book you are and now we are arguing about the motives of the antagonist
  • This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and  you’re deathly afraid of flying. 
  • I got into a cab to find someone already inside
  • You thought I was your friend/sister
  • Holy shit, im in the wrong car.
  • I was walking by a roller coaster and your shoe flew off and hit me in the head and now I’m on the floor trying not to fall unconscious.
  • It’s 2am and I’m drunk and I need some salt for my fries and I know your awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR
  • You fell asleep on me in the subway and I should probably wake you up and its my stop next stop but it’s okay, I can always just catch the subway back…
  • I know nothing about camping and all my friends left me at the site. Please, help me, I think I just heard a bear
  • This has been a shitty week and you just grabbed the last box of my favourite comfort food from the shelf, do you really want to fight me rn?
  • We met in a movie theatre and now you’re clinging to me because your terrified and I’m okay with that because it means I get your popcorn.
  • You had a party and I got really drunk and stole your microwave, so now I’m at your place and your super hungover so here, I made breakfast?


  • The guy living below me has a really loud alarm clock that always wakes me up at the crack of dawn
  • I went to investigate a scream and found my neighbour standing on a chair to avoid a rat/mouse/cricket (etc.)
  • My neighbour has a really squeaky bed and my bedroom is below theirs
  • You keep stealing my doormat and HAH, I’ve got you this time thief!
  • The apartment above me has left their tap on or something and water is leaking through my ceiling
  • My neighbour’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident.
  • My roommate keeps stealing my coffee so now I make extra 
  • You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.
  • You’re my neighbour and you are stealing my wifi to watch porn and can you not?
  • You locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so please come into my apartment I’ll make you hot chocolate?
  • I heard you singing at 3 am and joined in and now you’re at my door and wtf mate I think your drunk but your voice is really nice so?
  • I just set the fire alarm in our building off again… sorry. I know its like the fourth time this week…
  • You keep mowing your lawn when I’m trying to sleep and seriously FUCK YOU
  • My new neighbour is really hot and wow I didn’t even like women until now? And now she is in the garden planting flowers in her bikini wow… im in too deep
  • It’s 3 am and you’re blasting off classic rock at full volume and your music taste might be awesome but soME PEOPLE are trying to sLEEP
  • We’ve never met but we shower at the same time and our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we start duets?


  • I’m out walking and my dog started chasing your dog. 
  • My cat/dog ran away and you just found it but refuse to accept the reward. 
  • We are neighbours and your cat got my cat pregnant… so, wanna raise this little kitty family?
  • My pet tarantula/snake (etc) escaped and I forgot to warn the guy below me who is terrified of snakes/spiders
  • I need you to pet sit my pet for a while and I forgot to mention it’s a snake, the mice are in the freezer. Thanks, bye
  • My cat really hates you cat and that’s the third time this week I’ve had to pry them apart.
  • My cat keeps breaking into your apartment and it ate all your plants… dinner to make up for it?
  • My cat sneaked out on the balcony and into your open window and he has this habit of destroying furniture and pissing everywhere so I followed him inside and you cam home earlier than I expected and found me in the middle of your living room and honestly I’m not a burglar
  • Your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and sorry not sorry I love this dog
  • You were walking your dog when you found me passed out on a park bench and thank you for waking me up and buying coffee instead of stealing my wallet


  • I’m on a bus and wow, you’re singing really loudly and everyone is giving you weird looks, hey bud, tone it down, also great choice in music
  • You play Double Bass/Cello and I play 1st chair Violin and we keep making eye contact and damn your super cute.
  • You play in an orchestra and I love these songs so much, plus you’re really cute. Shit man, you’ll never notice me in the huge crowd…
  • Music is kinda illegal and my friend just died and apparently he wrote music and wow I want to know what it sounds like and to play it at his funeral but I don’t know how to. You’re a well-known music dealer, do you happen to understand these notes? Can you help me?
  • I tried to act cool at this concert and I thought I was leaning on a wall but apparently it was a speaker and now it’s on the ground in pieces and everyone’s glaring at me… sorry?


  • I’m a wizard and I just accidently apparated into your house. Oops.
  • I died over 2000 years ago and you’ve been dead for like 2 hours, man, damn it now I have to explain this shit to you. Great.
  • I’m immortal and you’re mortal and I don’t know how to explain this to you and soon enough you’re going to realise that I’m not aging… shiiittt
  • You’re a greek god and I’m the roman counterpart. 
  • I’m a ghost and your alive and I think I’m in love with you…. Fuck. 
  • You’re a faun and I’m a Satry
  • I’m half demon and people often judge me based on my looks, but your blind and wow you actually like me? 
  • I’m a time traveller and I went back in time and wow I think I’m in love with you, fuck this isn’t good, I just faked being George Washington… wait what? George Washington doesn’t exist here? Shit… I actually am George Washington.
  • I’m a writer and your my character and wtf how the heck did you just literally climb out of my first draft? 
  • I’m a werewolf but I don’t want to tell you because my wolf form might be that really small chihuahua you keep mentioning you see when I go out…
  • I’m an android and you’re a human and wow what is that warmth I feel when I see you?
  • I’m a homesick telepath and you’re the poor soul who is receiving all these emotions, sorry
  • Somehow I’m in your body and you’re in mine and shit man being this close to the ground is fucked up.
  • I’m a genie an d you rubbed my lamp so congrats you get three wishes but you can’t seem to think of shit and why the fuck do I have to be stuck with you? Hurry up and think of some wishes okay?
  • I was an awful angel and as punishment I have to be your guardian angel and wow your super cute and nice but I still hate you
  • You keep having strange dreams that turn out to be us in a past life and you’re determined to fine me again but in this life I’m already dead.
  • We live in the year 3090, you’re a scientist and I’m your assistant. Unfortunately and experiment goes wrong and I die. Now you’re trying to put my brain into a robot but its not the same
  • I’m a vampire and I have a moment of weakness, you’re nearby and lets just say it doesn’t end well
  • I’m a dragon and you’re a really hot prince, that’s right, they locked up the wrong royalty.
  • You’re a pirate and I’m a siren and woah… are you asexual? That’s so cool, hey wait, don’t go I just want to talk
  • Your mirror is a doorway into my dimension and I can see everything…. 
  • Listen I am genetically modified and you WILL let me hide in your house
  • Ok, so I panicked and kissed this human so he wouldn’t drown. And I know you don’t want me to keep him, and we can’t let him leave if he knows about us mere people so what do you want to do?


  • I just got partnered with you in dance class and I can’t dance for shit
  • You’re my science lab partner and how the fuck did you just explode that beaker?
  • I’m an art student and you just found my sketchbook and you’re going through it. Shit man can you give that back, I don’t care how good you think they are just don’t turn that page…
  • You’re the school dork and I’m the school jock and fuck you can see where this is going
  • We are the only two kids who ride this school bus, maybe we should carpool?
  • I thought you were my roomies new boyfriend so I invited you in but your actually the RA of the dorm and now you think I want to have sex with you
  • I accidently flooded the laundry room and you really need to do laundry
  • You’re sitting in my seat in this lecture and who even are you? I’ve never seen you before… wait what, stop checking me out!
  • We argued so much during a class discussion that we both got kicked out and we’re still arguing outside the class
  • You left your USB in the library computer and I had to go through your files to figure out who you are and in the end I read the entirety of this book you’re working on and wow you’re really good?
  • I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this
  • My pottery bowl exploded in the kiln and I feel like a failure, you found me crying about it in the hallway and are now trying to comfort me and your sweater is really soft wow sorry
  • You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and fuck it I’m trying to study over her so fuck you I’m going to put an end to this game by winning 
  • We are both teachers and at the end of the year we compare how many gifts we’ve received from student and you’ve won for the past three years
  • Romeo and Juliet of the math and English departments 
  • I want to get along with you roomie… but I like star wars… and you like star trek… this isn’t going to work.
  • I usually talk to my friends through morse code in class but… apparently you know morse too… and now you know I think your butt is cute
  • I got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and now I’m being adopted by someone who is really hot OH FUCKING NO

Near Death Experiences

  • Wow I was just in a fatal accident and who the hell are you? What is this I’m I dying? Wait no, I don’t want this, how do I get out of it? A deal you say, I’ll take it.
  • You’re an executioner and I’m about to be executed but you can’t seem to run the guillotine, wait what, why are we running away, man you’re my favourite executioner
  • Our plane/boat crashed and now it’s just us on this island. 
  • I just took a super dangerous job and your trying to talk me out of it, but we really need the money
  • It’s the middle of a war and I’m on a ship that you’re ship just torpedoed. Now I’m a prisoner and wow why can’t I feel my legs. I’m not cooperating until I can feel them again. What the fuck do you mean I’m paralysed?
  • I’m addicted to ____ (drugs/alcohol etc) and you found me in an alleyway due to after effects of my addiction (beat up, overdose etc) and decide to take me in.
  • I sold my soul to bring you back to life and I don’t have long left please make this time count

Mistaken and Secret Identities

  • I’m  a thief/hacker/murder and you’ve found out my identity and have been bugging me for days to take you on as your partner
  • I’m a superhero and you want to be like me but in doing so become a supervillain, what do you mean you don’t understand why I’m punching you?
  • I’m a superhero, you’re a supervillain, but we don’t know each other’s identities and we are actually best friends
  • I’m runaway royalty and you’re a commoner, fuck I’m so screwed I need your help, I’ll explain later
  • You think I’m a celebrity and you’re talking too much for me to explain I am defintely not… that dude. What was his name again?
  • You’re a superhero and I’m your best friend and what the fuck man? Why the hell didn’t you tell me? If you had maybe I would be fucking caught with this stupid ass monologue-ing villain
  • I have a very cute neighbour and very thin walls and one day I call you and err… your moans are very synchronised with my neighbour's…
  • I’m a superhero and you’re a supervillain and I saw you visiting kids at the children’s hospital and letting them act like they defeated you and now it’s really hard to punch you in the face

Profession Based

  • Your my mailman and I can’t help but notice that you linger at my door slightly longer than you need to ever since you saw me that one time. Do you want to come inside?
  • I’m a private detective and your my client and fuck man you’re in some deep shit
  • You’re a protester and I’m a police officer. Seriously can you please calm down a little bit, this is my job not my  beliefs.
  • I’m a make-up artist/hair stylist and I you’re an actor/model and are you flirting or???
  • You’re a celebrity and sorry mate, I have to take pictures to pay rent, I know its invasive seriously, sorry
  • You’re a store clerk and fuck, is that my ex? Can I please hide behind this counter?
  • You’re a lifeguard at my kid’s swimming competition and I fell in the pool with all my clothes on and you awkwardly tried to save me even though I didn’t need it.
  • You work at a pet store and I came in to look at tarantulas but somehow we lost the biggest one and its loose somewhere in the store and it really doesn’t help that you’re terrified of spiders
  • I’m a firefighter and you started a fire in your kitchen but you’re still flirting with me even though you’re not wearing pants and I’m carrying you down a ladder. Stop complimenting my muscles for fucks sake
  • We work at the same company and I kind of had a crush on you until I noticed that you’re the asshole stealing my lunch from the office fridge.
  • I’m a firefighter and you live near the station I work at and we talk/flirt with each other a lot. One day me and my team get called to put out a fire and it’s your home ablaze. You don’t make it.
  • I work at a fruit store and you come in almost every day and rearrange stuff on the shelves and then leave. Today you made the apples spell ‘call me’
  • It’s 2am and I was just trying to get home but I left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and I drove into a pole - stop laughing! You’re a cop, aren’t you supposed to be helping?
  • You’re drunk and want my name tattooed on your ass.
  • You always bring your dates to the restaurant I wait at and now you’re here alone… you okay mate?

Winter Times

  • It’s snowing and I usually walk to work but that’s not happening, hey roomie, can you please drive me? Yes I know its 4am
  • I accidently gave all my winter clothes to charity over the summer and not its not so much summer, but I’m broke and hey… could you give me your old winter clothes… maybe?
  • I love the cold, but I promised to visit you for a good 4 months and wow, why did I do this? There isn’t snow here?
  • I don’t know you, but you just threw a snowball at my face, mate, its on.
  • I don’t know who the hell you are, but my roommate has someone over and It’s really cold outside…. Can I come in? Or like, have a blanket, or even a towel?

Old Friends

  • I knew you in high school and I ran into you at a renaissance fair wearing full knight regalia
  • I met you once when I was 12, we started a pen-pal relationship across the world and haven’t stopped even though we are a lot older now. 
  • You were my best friend when we were younger but your family moved to the other side of the world, and we haven’t talked in years. But now your back and wow how did you recognise me when I can’t even remember your name?

Fake Dating

  • I hired you to be my date for a wedding but your super cute, maybe we cannot fake-date? 
  • I’m fake dating you to have someone to vent to on family gatherings while also pissing off my conservative uncle that I never liked and wow… have your eyes always been this nice?
  • We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people always want photos of us in compromising positions and so we always end up fake-dating the entire day but you’re actually really hot and I’m head over heels for you
  • My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me, I’ll pay you.


  • I’m blind and wow your voice is absolutely beautiful can you just keep talking? Forever? Please?
  • My younger sibling is besties with your sibling and even though we hate each other I guess we’ve got to start hanging out a little
  • We are both at a grocery store at am and you offered to arm wrestle me for the last box of cereal, its on!
  • You’re sleeping on my best friend’s couch while your house is being renovated and you have really weird habits like attempting to sing opera in the shower and you keep eating all my Nutigrain 
  • We bump into each other every Friday at the supermarket to buy the same ice-cream and maybe we should eat it together?
  • Our parents are dating and thank god I’m not the only one pissed off about this
  • I went to museum to get some inspiration and then I saw you staring at one of the paintings in awe and wow you just noticed me drawing you and this is awkward
  • I decide to take a shortcut home that involves crawling through a really tight hole in a fence and I end up getting stuck and you just happened to pass by and now you’re laughing at me
  • I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because I could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly
  • We are trapped in a bank during a robbery
  • Your country is trying to take over mine and I might be a little attracted to you and stop this it’s really hard to retaliate okay?
  • I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me

HAIRvolution of @therealjacksepticeye - UPDATED 2

Hello community! 

It has been another half year and 2 more rows of hair shades and styles have been added to this chart. 

Through this half year we experienced the entirity of Anti-pocalypse on halloween and his comeback during pax. Pax itself. Some more amazing long gameplays like Oxenfree and Night in the woods. More insanity and collabs. RYC 100. And some streams to top it off.

I have to say I have driffted a bit away from the channel. I found other things I got exited about and watch, but I never want to leave completly, or not just yet :) Sean and this community are too precious to me still.

//firealapaca.    please do not repost to other sites, if you want to- ask if I permit it. I will be removing all stolen versions on instagram, facebook and everywhere else.

Theory: Keith is actually part Altean

Ok, so this theory is a little bit…out there, but if it were true it would actually explain a lot of things. 

I think it’s possible that Keith might actually be part Altean as well as part human and part Galra.

One of the mysteries that came with Keith being revealed as part Galra is the fact that he pretty much looks like a regular human. His unusual violet eyes are the only visual clue that he is partially not of this Earth, but it’s a pretty subtle one. Hence, many people have speculated about Keith having a “Galra form.” A lot of that is people being furries, but the fact remains that Keith just doesn’t look like an alien, so it’s certainly a possibility. 

But one of the only ways that could work is if Keith has the ability to shape-shift. Which aliens do we know of who have that ability?

Way back in Season 1, Allura shocked the paladins by demonstrating the Altean ability to shape-shift, which allows her to disguise herself as a Galra soldier and sneak aboard one of their ships. The fact that Alteans can freaking shape-shift is so wild that it seems highly suspicious it hasn’t come up again. You’d think Coran would do some pretty wacky stuff with that, at least. Plus, it seems unlikely that the writers would add shape-shifting to the mythology just for that one plot point. Thus, the shape-shifting reveal kinda seems like Chekhov’s gun. In other words, it’s a setup for something much more significant to happen later on involving the Altean ability to shape-shift. 

This all ties in with another enigma concerning Keith’s origins: his mother. It seems pretty clear that Keith’s alien heritage is from her, given the general air of mystery surrounding her character and the fact that his Marmora sword belonged to her.

In Keith’s vlog, he says that maybe he is naturally untrusting because his mom left him. It’s possible that she left before he was old enough to remember her, but the way he says it kinda makes it seem like he does remember her. She is probably even less human than he is, but she if looked like a giant purple space alien, then it wouldn’t have been much of a shock to him when he found out he has Galra ancestry in Season 2. But even if Keith doesn’t remember her, she was on Earth long enough to meet Keith’s dad and have a kid with him, and giant purple space aliens aren’t exactly inconspicuous on Earth. But this wouldn’t be a problem if she had a way of looking more human.  

Allura says that the ability to shape-shift has made Alteans great explorers and diplomats, but it would make them even better spies. The mystery surrounding Keith’s mom gives me hope that she is involved in something that’s super important and badass, and intergalactic espionage could certainly fall into that category.  

This brings us to the Galaxy Garrison, an institution that lots of fans think is hella sketch and probably in league with aliens. When Hunk, Lance and Pidge are surveilling the site of Shiro’s crash-landing, Lance zooms in on a certain military officer who has just arrived.

Who the heck is she, indeed. While this moment certainly works to establish Lance’s character, it seems kinda…unnecessary? Unless this character were going to play a more significant role later on… 

not saying she’s Keith’s mom, but

There’s definitely something going on with Earth. The Galra were hanging out near Kerberos, so they definitely know that Earth exists. Why haven’t they colonized it? Not only that, but the Blue Lion was on Earth: it must have ended up there sometime after Alfor disbanded Voltron, and considering those mysterious cave drawings, it’s probably been there for a really long time. What’s with all this Ancient Aliens stuff? Why don’t most people on Earth know that aliens exist, given that aliens have known about THEM for thousands of years?  

The topic of the Blue Lion brings up another mystery about Keith: How the heck did he manage to sense its presence all the way out in the desert when he didn’t even end up being its paladin?

None of the other paladins have demonstrated that kind of connection to a lion they don’t fly. But someone else has.

In the very same episode, we see Haggar reaching out and sensing the Blue Lion, much like what she helped Zarkon do with the Black Lion in Season 2. But Zarkon has a connection to the Black Lion because he used to be its paladin, while Haggar has never been a paladin. But she is Altean. 

One last thing: at SDCC this year, Lauren and Joaquim gave this interview, in which they said that Keith was originally going to have white hair and fangs. That doesn’t sound much like most of the Galra we’ve seen, but it does sound an awful lot like a certain half-Galra prince.

I think it’s pretty clear that Lotor’s mother is Haggar, which makes him half-Altean. The other people with white hair on this show are Allura and her family, alll of whom are Altean, and Shiro, who was experimented on by an Altean. It’s maybe worth noting too that the people in Allura’s family have white hair with a bluish tint, while Haggar’s and Lotor’s hair and Shiro’s floof are stark white and all seem to be related to experiments involving quintessence. Additionally, right after Allura finds out that Haggar is Altean, Haggar strikes her with a bolt of magic and Allura discovers that she has some sort of mysterious magic-bolt powers of her own.

It seems like contact with quintessence magic awakens latent magical abilities, or maybe just magnifies existing ones, since Allura has other magical powers. In the same episode as Allura’s shape-shifting reveal, a druid’s magic leaves purple splotches on Keith’s skin, and then he gets a container full of pure quintessence splashed all over him. Afterwards, he notices that the quintessence got rid of the purple marks.

Maybe what’s keeping him looking human has something to do with quintessence itself.

To recap: Given Keith’s very human appearance, the situation regarding his mother, and his ability to sense the Blue Lion, I think it’s possible that Keith is part Altean, or perhaps his human appearance is due to something involving quintessence. 

World Enough and Time + Disability Representation

Warning: Spoilers

I expected World Enough an Time to be an amazing episode because, hey, two Masters and Mondasian Cybermen.  I did not expect this episode to be amazing because of disability representation, but it was.  In fact, I might call this episode one of my favorites, not because of the story, but because it was the first time I have seen myself onscreen.

I don’t talk about my disabilities on this blog since my main blog @spoonieswimmer is my platform for that.  I am chronically ill.  I am disabled.  I have been sick for four and a half years.  My illness was actually what got me into fandom in the first place, and it effects every second of my life.  In all that time, tonight was the first time seeing someone like me on screen.  And the character is the co-star on Doctor Who, my absolute favorite show.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Disability representation has been getting better.  (Class, anyone?)  In the past two seasons of Doctor Who, we have had 2 disabled characters.  (3, counting World Enough and Time.)  That’s great, but still a little weak.  And, disability is not one size fits all.  As a person with an invisible illness, my life is very different from someone who is D/deaf.  So, tonight was not the first time I have seen disability on tv, but it was the first time I have seen someone with a disability like mine.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about Bill Potts.  Up until this episode, Bill was not disabled.  I am not even sure she was written to be disabled in this episode, but that does not change the fact that she is disabled.  In the absolute broadest terms, a disability is a condition that causes limitations in a person’s life.  Now, it is actually much more complex than this, but Bill’s fake heart definitely posed limitations on her.

I’m going to break down aspects of the episode and how they relate to me as a disabled person.  We’ll start with some superficial comparisons between Bill and myself and get deeper as we go.

  • Bill has a large device (her artificial heart) sticking out of her chest.  This is what keeps her alive.
    • I have a device implanted under the skin of my chest called a portacath.  A thin tube connects this device to my aorta and the tube ends just above my heart.  Every week, I have a needle inserted through my skin into the port and it can be used to deliver lifesaving medication.  Although my port is much smaller than Bill’s heart, it is still noticeable and uncomfortable.
  • Bill spent a significant portion of the episode dragging around an IV pole.
    • As part of my treatment, I get IVs done twice a week, though it used to be daily.  I spend six to ten hours a week hooked up to an IV, and, let me tell you, those things are really hard to drag around.  I actually spend most of my time watching Doctor Who while the bag drips.
  • At one point in the episode, Bill sat down into a wheelchair.  She could still walk, but it was on hand, which means she was likely a part-time wheelchair user.
    • Mobility devices are part of my life.  I have used a cane for some time, and lately I have been thinking of getting a wheelchair for part-time use.  I can walk, but it is painful and takes a lot of strength and energy that I don’t often have.
  • Bill cannot leave the hospital or her heart stops working.
    • Due to my disabilities, I am effectively housebound.  I leave my house about once a week, and get extremely sick every time I do.  I have had to quit school, sports, and all social activities because of it.
  • Bill has one friend for her entire stay in the hospital.  
    • It is very alienating to have a disability.  This is not only because it takes so much energy to go out and often you aren’t able to, but it is extremely hard to make and keep friends when your lives are so different.  
  • Bill’s one friend betrays her.
    • When you get sick, you quickly learn that friends don’t stick around.  Once they realize you won’t get better, they slowly stop talking to you one by one.  Four and a half years later, I have no friends left.  I thought that they were true friends, but they betrayed me, just like Bill was betrayed.
  • Bill spends the entire episode waiting for the Doctor.
    • When you are disabled, you spend a lot of time hoping, praying, and waiting for someone to help you.
  • Bill gets turned into a Cyberman.
    • Help does not come fast enough for the disabled.

I’ve cried over this episode.  I have spent a long time writing this, and I still have not managed to convey how important it is to me.  How important it is to have representation.  I could probably spend days pointing out metaphors for disability in this episode, and I sincerely hope that this is not the only time I will ever see myself on screen.  Representation is so important for every minority, but please, please, do not leave the disabled out of your activism.

honestly? everyone is asking way too much of high schoolers and it’s fucking insane. 

every weekday they’re all expected to get up early enough to be at school by 8am and then they usually spend their whole day sitting in desks but are expected to be wide awake. each hour they have to go to a different class but they only have like five minutes to get there. more or less rinse and repeat until 2:30ish with the tiniest break for lunch and that’s their whole school day.

lunch is like only half an hour and both the quality and quantity of food served at the cafeteria has been on a steady decline for a while now. i seriously went home for lunch every single day of my senior year because the food was so truly awful. there was this point where they stopped caring so much that they literally served a piece of garlic french bread (the shitty frozen kind, you know what i’m talking about) with marinara sauce and that was the whole lunch entree. 

along with their required classes, in order to look good to colleges they’re expected to take AP classes and advanced classes and extra classes what have you, as well as get good grades in them. all those teachers then proceed to pile ridiculous amounts of homework onto them in order to “prepare them for college” but you know what? as someone who took six AP classes in high school, i think AP classes are harder than college classes. they’re probably about the same content-wise but the general environment of high school is so overwhelming and stressful that it’s so much harder to focus on actually learning.

on top of academics they’re expected to be involved in extracurricular activities, sports, music, volunteering, internships, etc. and of course this is all in order to look good for colleges. because what is free time, right?

by the time they turn 16 (or maybe earlier) they’re also often expected to get a part time job. some of my coworkers who were still in high school worked 25+ hours a week, which is a fucking insane amount of time when you’re also a full time student. 

along with all this, they’re expected to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, which is A) a fucking joke, and B) literally impossible if you’re doing everything they want you to, and also if you’re not. high school is just such a truly awful environment to be in. i played sick really often because i hated being there so much. i overslept all the time because i never got enough sleep. i graduated two years ago and i still have anxiety dreams about high school because it was such a blight on my life for four years. 

anyway if you’re reading this and you’re in high school i want you to know that it’s okay if you’re unable to meet all these expectations because they’re absolutely outrageous

hi! i’ve been having kind of a struggle and i want some input from witchblr or people who practice witchy things

ive always been like. half-skeptical at the concept of crystal energies and tarot cards, but i find myself wanting to learn more and more and eventually want to develop my skills w these things (my tarot cards are in the process of being shipped to me now!). whenever i’m tending to my crystals, i sometimes feel a sense of shame and a thought similar to “what am i doing? they’re just rocks” and im not sure where this feeling of shame is coming from.

for background, ive literally never been religious, i wasnt brought up in any certain religion, and im not looking to become wiccan. i have no childhood experience with spiritual things, and i’m thinking this lack of spirituality and the fact that im so grounded is where my feelings are coming from.

i’ve been in possession of crystals for at least 2 years now, paying attention to them on and off, half because of my feelings, and half simply because of life. i genuinely want to pay more attention to them and delve into them more, and im also super excited for my tarot deck to arrive in the mail.

if anyone’s had any experiences like this or has any insight, id love love love if you could give me your input. thank you!!

Married people; what’s your favourite tradition you started with your spouse?

I knew I loved her from the day we first got together. About the third day in dating, 10 years ago, when we were 18 I didn’t want to seem like I was rushing the Love thing. So instead, because I have poor impulse control and just had to “tell” her, I squeezed her hand 3 times for I Love You. She didn’t catch on until about 2 months in, and when she did, she hadn’t realized how long I’d been doing it (three days into knowing her.)

We broke up two and a half years later. Her parents were controlling growing up and she wanted to experience more. I moved away.

8 years later I had some stuff of hers I always moved with me just in case I ran into her again. I dropped it off to her mom when I moved back. She called me crying, that I’d kept it all this time. I had been married, divorced, through college and everything in between but always kept that box of her stuff, unopened. Pictures of us, some important heirlooms to her., etc.

We found each other again, and realized for years we kept trying to replace each other with someone else. She got her experiences; I grew up some.

On the first date after we found each other again I instinctively held her hand and squeezed it three times. The look she gave me terrified me at first, because it had been so long. She started to tear up and squeezed mine back.

So that’s what we do now, all the time.



The Talk

Summary: You and Sherlock have recently had some little domestics and there’s was no better option than paying a visit a marriage therapist.

Request: John x reader #56 and Sherlock x reader #64. All the fluff :D thank youuuu


Prompt: “Are you still interested? Because I am.”

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Title: ‘The Talk

Content: Humour / Fluff

Warning: Mild swearing.

Word count: 2.657

A/N: As soon as this idea crossed my mind I knew I had to write it down and God, this reminds me of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ so bad!

PS: I love the way Sherlock and the Reader fight and the fluffy end, so I hope you like it too. (I seriously hope you’ll like it)

*gif not mine

Masterlist // Requests // Prompts

Sherlock and you have been married for one year and a half and you were meant to be together; but let’s say the truth, being married to the only consulting detective the world was a little bit tiring and annoying.

Both of you truly loved spending together and caring of each other but when it came to have an argument you would wish you had never met before.

Recently, you and Sherlock have been arguing every night before going to bed. You usually argued about his job or your current behaviour. Both of you knew it was not healthy for you, to be fighting every single night. Anyway, you still did, even when you were trying to get asleep.

“Sherlock?” you asked as you lied your head comfortably on your pillow as you faced his back.


“Do you…” you stopped before getting your husband go crazy.

He turned around to face you. “Do I what?”

“Do you need to go to work tomorrow?” You asked whispering.

“Oh, God,” he cursed and got up from bed. “How many times do I have to tell you it’s important?” he shouted angrily.

You sighed, rolled your eyes and sat on the bed. “Well, our marriage is important,” you complained.

“You know that I’m doing this for London’s sake!”

“And I’m doing this for our sake!” You shouted annoyed. “I don’t really know what the hell are you thinking of when you’re mad at me.”

“Oh, please,” he protested. “Not again,” he shook his head, rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

“Where are you going?” you inquired.

“I’m sleeping on the sofa,” he yelled from the living room. “…as usual,” he added.

You jumped from the bed you’ve once used to share together. “Well, good luck because I don’t want to listen to your complains about your back ache in the morning!” You shouted and slammed the door.

And that was how you used to argue every single night and let’s say the truth, it was really tedious. Therefore three months later you both tried to stop this and pay a visit to a marriage therapist.


You were both sitting on a sofa looking at a man in a suit with a serious face. He didn’t even give you a smile when you greeted him. You found it odd but it was necessary, you had to stop this stupidity of yours.

Sherlock was playing with his fingers and tapping with his feet. You glanced at them and noticed he was anxious. Really anxious.

“So, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, right?” the therapist asked. You nodded but Sherlock…he just rolled his eyes.

“Oh, good Lord,” he complained under his breath.

You turned your gaze up to him and heavily sighed. “Would you mind to take this seriously, please?” You scolded.

“I don’t even know why are we here,” he protested as he gestured with his hands.

You were sick of this childish behaviour of his. It was getting you angrier every time he said a word. You buried your face into your palms and shouted.

He sighed and turned his gaze away. “I told John this was a bad idea.”

You lifted your gaze up to him and looked at him in disbelief. “It was your idea!” Sherlock looked at you and raised an eyebrow.

After your shout the therapist looked at you and crossed his legs as he wrote down some words on his notebook.

“So you’re angry, Mrs. Holmes,” he said as he stared at you. It was uncomfortable and you didn’t know what to do.

Frustrated, you shouted. “I’m not angry and don’t call me like this.”

“But you are married to him, Mrs. Holmes.”

Sherlock smirked and pointed at him with his finger. “He’s right. You’re married to me.”

“Of course I am, but I’ve been feeling like we’re not together anymore,” you stated.

“Funny,” he scoffed.

“Yeah, funny,” you said sarcastically as you glared at your husband. Instantly his smirk disappeared. You had a question; one single question. “Doctor, have you ever worked with a couple like us before?” You asked as you put your elbows on your laps. Sherlock glanced at you and frowned.

“Each single couple is different, Mrs. Holmes. Your couple is unique.”

“I’ve already noticed that,” the detective said as he leaned his back against the armchair and folded his arms. “We are one in a million, Y/N,” he said sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up,” you muttered and yearned.

Sherlock’s crystal eyes were now on you. You wondered what he wanted so you turned your gaze up to him. He didn’t say a word and so did you. There was silence. An uncomfortable silence, which the therapist broke in a second.

“On a scale of one to ten how happy are you as a couple?” he asked.

“Seven,” you said without hesitating.

Instead of answering the question he frowned and turned his gaze to the man. “Wait. So, like ten being perfectly happy and one being…totally, bloody miserable?”

“Mr. Holmes, just respond with your wife instinctively.”

“Seven”, you both said simultaneously and then exchange gazes as the man wrote down the answer.

“Now, what about your partner’s happiness? On a scale of one to ten how happy would you say your partner is?”

You started to hesitate, “That depends on the day.”

“Seven and a half,” Sherlock confidently muttered.

“Sorry, what?” You asked him in disbelief.

Sherlock look at you up and down and read you. “You’re upset. You are not happy and on a scale of one to ten…well, you know,” he replied and shrugged.

As he saw that you were about to collapse, the therapist jumped with a question. “Alright. How would you describe each other?”

“Arrogant…” you snapped at him.

Sherlock sighed. “Annoying…” he added.

“Ignorant…” you said and glared at him.

“Boring…” he rolled his eyes.

“Cold…” you complained as your gaze was getting piercer.

He looked at and confront you “Intolerant…”

“Psychopath,” you quavered.

“High functioning sociopath!” he corrected you furiously and gestured with hands.

You knew that calling him ‘psychopath’ or ‘freak’ hurt him, even if he didn’t show it. Anyway, you were extremely mad at him that you didn’t care about his feelings.

“Oh, that explains your lack of real emotion in response to events, and your limited capacity to feel love,” you stated and saw him being hurt. You saw that coming

Sherlock bit his lips, lowered his head and inhaled so he could respond to you. “If I were a sociopath I wouldn’t have married you and I wouldn’t stand you as I do everyday,” “I don’t know what can I do to show you that I really care about you,” he said, lowered his head once again, lied his elbows on his laps and put his hands together. He was heavyhearted and you could see him close his eyes tightly. You felt really guilty so your eyes were filled of tears.

The therapist saw this coming since you were really out off your rails.

“How about your family? How close and warm is your family?” he inquired changing the subject.

Sherlock laughed and slowly raised his head. “Close enough to annoy me.”

You looked at him in disbelief. “Your parents are nice, why do you hate them?”

“I’m talking about Mycroft,” he stated.

You chuckled and nodded. “That’s true. He hates him.”

“You hate him too,” he looked at you and added.

“No, I don’t,” you shook your head. “After all, he’s my boss.”

Sherlock scoffed. “Oh, come on. You work for the MI6 because of me. You should be thankful.”

“Sherlock,” you muttered and tilted your head to the man.

“What?” he asked confused until he realized what he has just said. “Oh…god. Sorry,” he said to the therapist and gave him a fake smile. “That’s not true, she is only a lawyer. Actually, she works for Scotland Yard. That was nonsense.”

You chuckled. “Just ignore him, he’s a twit.”

The man nodded, though he was not convinced about was Sherlock said. “Then, I would like to know when and how did you first meet?”

“Royal Albert Hall,” he informed.

“I attended a concert,” you added

“I was solving a case…”

“…and then accidentally poured my drink on my shirt,” you finished the sentence.

The detective glanced at you. “What? I have asked you for forgiveness a million of times.”

“And that’s all?”, the therapist asked.

“No,” you both said simultaneously.

“Stop it,” you gave him a prod and lightly chuckled. “He apologized and then cursed because he lost the criminal.”

“And never solved the case, which I still regret,” he rolled his eyes but smirked. “Oh, yes, back to the subject. She wanted to buy another drink and I offered to pay her one as an apology,” he showed off and then turned his gaze at you.“By the way, you were practically nervous when you saw my face.”

“Oh, really?” You scoffed. “Actually, I think I was surprised. I was lucky,” you said proudly.

“Lucky? You are pretty lucky to meet me,” he showed off once more.

“Here we go again.”

“Mr. Holmes, are there any past conflicts you think you both should resolve?”

“Umm…well, the time she wanted me to cook dinner,” he frowned.

“I was sick and you volunteered,” you muttered.

“When you told me to stop playing the violin because you wanted to sleep?”

“Tiring day,” you added trying to defend yourself.

“Our anniversary, yes! When I wanted to take you to a crime scene and you started protesting. That was cruel. You know that I am married to my job,” he said and leaned his back against the sofa.

You sighed. “I remind you we are here because you are married to me, not to your job.”

“What about the time we argued about the experiments in the kitchen?” looked at you challenging you.

“Sherlock, you almost drugged me!” You exclaimed

“Well…” he murmured.

“Oh, you didn’t!” You hissed with your mouth wide open. “Sherlock!” You roared and he turned his gaze away.

“Fine. Let’s change the subject, may be it will calm you down Mrs. Holmes.”

“Trust me. I’m fine” you said ironically.

The therapist changed the position of his legs and read the next question from his notebook. “Have you ever talked about having children?”

When he asked that question both of you paralyzed. You were in shock, especially Sherlock. You have never talked about it because you knew that it would make Sherlock freak out. But there you were, being asked about having a baby. A baby.

“Never?” He asked again.

Sherlock blinked a several times and frowned. “I’m don’t understand.”

“Of course, you do Mr. Holmes,” he nodded.

“No, seriously. Could you please repeat the question?” Your husband asked in shock.

You looked at him and sighed. “Sherlock, he’s talking about babies.”

“No,” he said with his eyes fixed on you. “I saw this coming,” he muttered and stood up from the sofa.

“Coming what?” You asked as you saw him pacing around the room. He was definitely panicking.

“Mr. Holmes, could you please sit down?”

Sherlock stopped and looked at him. “Can’t you see it?!”

“See what, Sherlock?” You asked confused. “Sherlock, sit down. Now!” you ordered.

He started pacing again with his face pale as paper. “Change the subject, change the subject…” he quavered.

“Jeez. Sherlock stop it!” you scolded.

“I can’t stop it! I can’t talk about this, I just can’t. Babies, no. Definitely not!” He said and began walking faster.

“Sherlock, they are just babies,” you tried to calm him down.

He shook his head three times and kept pacing around. “I’m not prepared. Not now. I don’t even see myself as a father. I never thought about having a child.”

“Mr. Holmes, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Sherlock, please!”

“I’m not ready, I would never deserve to be a father. Not like this. I’m a disaster.”

“You’re not a disaster. You are just…you.”

“What does that mean?” he stopped, looked at you frowned again. “I’m a coward. I knew someday we were going to talk about this.”

You stared at him and calmly tried to stop him. “Look, if you will keep thinking that you are a coward you’d never be brave, but if you face the situation I bet you’ll be the best father a baby could ever have.”

“Mrs. Holmes, you’re progressing.”

“No, doctor, we are both progressing. Isn’t that true, Sherlock?” You asked him tenderly but he ignored you.

“I’m not ready to talk about this. Not now. I don’t even know what  they do or want!” He cried to you.

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to,” you said smirking.

“What?” He froze and his eyes were wide-open. “You…you are…no,” he stammered in shock. “No. You cannot be pregnant. No you can’t.” He said shaking his head in awe.

“The doctor said that I am, twice,” you gave him a small smile.

“How much?” He asked terrified.

“Sorry?” You frowned.

“How much time? When did you know it?” he ordered you to answer his question.

“One month ago…I guess,” you hesitated.

His jaw clenched. “One month? Fabulous!” He blurted out and scoffed.

“I’ll let you two alone. My presence won’t help. Excuse me,” said the therapist and looked at you two.

“Yes, good idea. Bye-bye,” he said sarcastically.

You turned around and apologized. “Just ignore him, he’s…you know.”

When you turned around to resume the talk Sherlock looked daggers at you. “A month, Y/N. A month!” he shouted at you.


“I cannot believe it. My wife. My wife lying,” he began pacing around the room again gesturing with his hands. “That’s not how marriage works, Y/N,” he finger pointed at you.

“I was expecting to tell you as soon as things got back to normality,” you explained.

“Normality? Huh.”

“Sherlock, calm down,” you asked

Suddenly he stopped. His eyes started moving quickly. You suddenly noticed that he was thinking. “Wait. This explains everything,” he smiled at you. “Stupid, stupid!”

“I told you that you’re not a stupid!”

“Blind, Y/N. Totally blind,” he exclaimed and clapped his hands.

“What? Sherlock could you go deeper?” you asked worried about him.

“You have been behaving like you do – what I actually, find annoying – because you… you” he started to ramble unable to say it out loud. “…because you’re pregnant.”

“You think so?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I just observed,” he simply said.

“So, are you still interested? Because I am.

“You mean us? God, no,” he said sarcastically.

“And the baby?”

“I’ll stand it,” you looked at him seriously. “I mean, we’ll try our best,” he corrected himself.

“Sure?” you asked him.

He rolled his eyes. “You know babies are not my speciality.”

“Mmm…then start trying,” you chuckled. “So, baby, check. Marriage, check. First day, check…”

“No,” he interrupted you. “The case, Y/N. That…that was mean,” he pointed at you in disagreement.

“Oh, come on. How many times do I have to tell you it was for amateurs?” You sighed and gave him a tender smile. “After all, you decided to stay with me.”

“Yeah…” he muttered as he looked away.


popsicleofdeath  asked:

Hey. 30. Junithena. We need more junithena in this world Mesa.

Hi! I mean you’re not wrong about that 

30. “Too quick, muffled in your scarf”

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Athena had secretly taught herself how to knit so she could make a scarf for Juniper’s birthday. She figured it couldn’t be too hard, and it would be a nice, heartfelt gesture for her childhood-friend-turned-girlfriend. 

She was dead wrong about it not being hard. 

Athena was good at a lot of things: psychology, law, running, cooking, etc. Fine motor skills were not her strong suit, and knitting required a lot of it. 

Couple that with her stubborn insistence to teach herself how to knit, and her birthday present plan was going poorly, to say the least. 

She eventually did get the hang of it, and miraculously managed to make a scarf that was long enough to wear. It wasn’t a very good scarf; it had uneven stitching, random holes and knots from where she’d fucked up, and it was only one color as opposed to the beautiful patterned scarves Juniper regularly made, but it was a scarf, and that’s what mattered. 

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Does he like you, or does he have a black woman fetish?

It’s no secret that lots of white guys have a fetish for black women. Is it our glowing brown skin? Our beautifully unique hair? The way we stand up for ourselves and what we believe in? It’s probably all of these things and more let’s be real. But is fetishizing really a bad thing? Where’s the line drawn between admiring and fetishizing? How do you know if a guy really likes you for you?

I’ve been in the dating game officially for the last 2 and a half years and I know when someone likes ME and when someone likes me specifically because I’m black.

The guys that genuinely like me never say things like “I love your brown skin” or “you’re sweet like chocolate” or any other descriptor of the skin color I have. They only ever compliment things ABOUT me that they like. They’ll say things like “I love your eyes” or “I love how witty you are.” There is little to no mention of skin color unless it’s like about how an article of clothing looks against my skin. Guys that genuinely like you are going to compliment you for the person that you are, not the skin color you have. They’ll compliment the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. They’ll say they love your laugh, your passion, your determination. They’ll say they want to hold you, not they want to f*ck you. When a guy really likes you, he’ll want to know the person behind the skin color.

But sometimes, because they’ve been surrounded by and accustomed to pigment-challenged skin their entire lives, they truly do love brown skin. They’re fascinated by it. The way I’m fascinated by their lack of melanin. And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with loving black women for our curves, our hair or our skin. SO LONG AS they also love us for our brains, our hearts and our personalities. As long as those things are held on just as high a pedestal, I don’t think appreciating the things that make black women special and different is a bad thing.

I think fetishizing is bad when it turns into a conquest. When it’s no longer about wanting to get to know you, but it’s about wanting to be able to say they’ve been with you physically. When it’s about wanting to prove something to either the world, or themselves. But if that’s not the case, then don’t push people away who love the things that make you different!

A lot of guys have bad intentions. But a lot of guys also have good intentions, they just don’t know how to properly and appropriately compliment you. I’ve seen a lot of girls of color jump down a guy’s throat for making a comment that could be taken either way, and my advice would be this: don’t be so quick to assume he’s fetishizing you. If you get a creepy vibe, then by all means dip out of there ASAP. But remember that not all white guys have experience with black women and it will take them some time to know what’s appropriate to say and what isn’t.

I found an iphone 4s in my car.. I have no idea whose phone it is and of course its locked.. the only hints I have is
1. that they love Kpop, panic at the disco, and fall out boy among a few others

2. they get notifications from Oklahoma state, last given note was 717 days ago meaning its been in my car for like a year and a half
(I live in florida so wtf? WHO ARE YOU)

3. they have alarms set in the morning from 2:12 am to 8:11 am in a weird fashion; including 4:20am

4. their world clock is set for new york, cupertino, and tokyo

5. that they have a friend named L (or at least nicknamed)

and finally 

6. that they played tsum tsum and have a line account. 


(edit: this is driving me nuts, if anyone has any tips on how i can get into it PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Also siri wont work cuz its not connected to the internet, poo)

EDIT! I FOUND OUT THROUGH THE ALARMS THAT LET ME SEE THEIR MUSIC ON THE PHONE THAT THEY HAVE A 235 SONG PLAYLIST CALLED TO FLORIDA! ..not like thats a big hint but ahskjdfslskfgja at least it didn’t teleport there from oaklahoma

​Ooookay fandom, can we have a little chat about this “M'gann is now Space Mom” thing that’s been going around since the final? At first it was just making me a little uncomfortable, but @hufflepirate mentioned something that got me thinking about it more, and now I am very uncomfortable with the whole concept.

Because, look, just because J'onn and M'gann are an ~official couple now, doesn’t mean M'gann has to, or wants to, or is even remotely comfortable with taking on that role. Like obviously I don’t know for sure, and she very well might, and next season may give us more insight into it, but to me, with what we know about her, it just…doesn’t feel like something she’d be keen on at all? Especially not yet.

Space Dad/Papa Bear is a natural role for J'onn, because he’s already been a parent, because that role or relationship is incredibly important to him and was an important facet of his identity (eg: “My first daughter. When she came along, I finally realised I had a mission in life. I had someone who relied on me. Having her gave me direction.”). Even so, he’d been working with Alex for more than 2 and a half years, and with Kara for something like 8 months (?), and presumably looking out for them a lot longer, before he first even acknowledged that he considered them like daughters (1x11). And it really wasn’t until the very end of Season 1 and through Season 2 that he started being more open and affectionate and really embracing that father-figure role, first with Alex and Kara, then Winn, and then Maggie a little too.

Which is to say, he’s had a lot of time to figure out what he wants his relationships with the other characters to look like, and even though he’s already been a father, it’s still been a long process for him.

M'gann, on the other hand, has never been a parent (I mean, as far as we know, I suppose). More than that, she’s hardly ever even had a family: “I had a mother, once. She wasn’t warm, that wasn’t our way, but she cared for me, I know she did. I’d forgotten that feeling until now, what it felt like to have a family.” She literally hasn’t had any close, familial relationships since she was a child, something like 500/600 years ago (ugh @ martian ages, I make that up completely).

J'onn had a wife, children, friends, a career… We don’t know all that much about M'gann’s life on Mars, but we do know she felt like an outsider in her society so it’s unlikely she had many friends. We know she was in an arranged marriage, she was a soldier, and then she was a fugitive. She is far, far more emotionally inexperienced than J'onn (and honestly, than most of the other characters on the show). Like, my heart breaks every single time at the vulnerable, open way she tells J'onn, “I wanted…to be your friend,” in 2x10. And that it takes her a long time to figure out that what she feels for J'onn is romantic instead of platonic (“I feel it too. I have for awhile. I just didn’t…know what it was.”), whereas J'onn is far more confident in his feelings, suggests to me that she hasn’t had anywhere near enough close, caring and emotional relationships of any kind. (Also, did you notice she always says “care” and not “love” (2x11). Has she ever had anyone tell her they love her? Has she ever told someone else? (On a scale of 1 to 10 how badly does she need a hug?))

So she’s only just, just getting used to the idea that there are people who care about her, who want to help her, who want to be her friend, and who consider her family. To throw her into the deep end and expect her to suddenly take on an incredibly intense and demanding role? Surely, that would terrify the crap out of her? It’s way too much pressure too soon. It’s unlikely that she believes in herself enough yet as well. She seems so insecure in accepting that she means something to people. Already in 2x22 she seems more confident (the easy way she calls the other white martians her “friends”, my heart), and that confidence will hopefully only grow. But she needs time.

It’s also just like, not ever something she’s given any indication of being interested in… She wants friends. She wants a family. Never, ever has she suggested that she wants to be a mother. Like, fuck, she needs a mom just as much as any of the other characters do.

Which is not in any way to say that parent-child relationships can’t also be friendships, can’t be incredibly strong and mutually supportive. But it’s undeniable that the nature of a parent-child relationship is different than a regular friendship, and that for the most part the parent takes on the carer/support role. Which, yes, we know she’s nurturing and caring and good at looking after people - with both Kara and Alex in 2x11 for example. But I really feel like M'gann needs support and she needs friends/family in a very different way than J'onn does.

The parent-child relationship is something that has been missing from J'onn’s life, so it heals something within him [But also, can we please not make him be a father figure to every single character? Can we please let him just have a friend? James had a good dad, can’t they just be mates? I digress..] But the relationships that have been missing the most from M'gann’s life, the ones she most needs, are friendships, are equal relationships, are people who will support her and look after her and tell her they’re proud of her and with whom she can be as emotionally vulnerable with as they are with her.

I just… Can’t she just be? Can’t we let her choose for herself where she fits in the Superfam? Can’t we let her develop her own relationships with the other characters, outside of J'onn’s?

I don’t know, it just feels like a huge disservice to her character, and it feels like fandom just wanting her to fill a role without really giving any thought to her as a character and whether it’s one that actually fits. And we should also maybe think about why we’re so eager for the only black woman on the show to take on a maternal and emotionally supportive role towards the other mostly white characters, despite not giving any indication that that’s what she wants. And then…maybe not do that.

Like I get where this trend is coming from, and I love that people are including M'gann more, and I get that it works to slot her into the superfamily in this position. But like, we’re clearly all already capable of exploring non-traditional family dynamics, because obviously that’s what the superfam is, so it really shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to include M'gann as part of the family, as J’onn’s partner, while not necessarily ‘co-parenting’ with him. And I guess if people really do think that that’s what she’d want, then I feel like you owe it to her to give her the narrative importance to explain that choice and what it means for her, instead of just taking it as given. Because unlike with J’onn, there’s (currently) no canon backstory to ‘Space Mom’, except that she’s dating ‘Space Dad’. And that is really not a good enough reason.

Okay so I feel like this is not explained well at all, but as an example have a read of this fic by @aeveee. It seamlessly balances M'gann’s relationship with J'onn, J'onn’s relationship with his kids, and M'gann’s friendship with Maggie and Kara, without minimising any of them, and it’s a really lovely exploration of how these women might relate to and support each other (which the show has squandered). When M'gann is relegated to a purely maternal figure, that depth has the potential to get lost, and that’s a huge shame.

(And just to be clear, I’m not talking about like, tagging M'gann and J'onn as like ‘my parents’ or whatever, because that’s a personal thing and a general fandom phenomenon I think. I’m more thinking in relation to the fic/headcanons/meta etc that I’ve seen, and making her in-universe 'Space Mom’, rather than just an individual fan calling her mom.)

Tldr: J'onn has had a lot of time to process and get comfortable with being a father figure to the other characters, there was a very clear historical reason he chose to be, and most importantly he had agency in choosing it. Let’s not take M'gann’s away from her. Just because she’s J'onn’s partner doesn’t mean she’s also the Spacefam’s mom. That very well may be a role she chooses to fill in the future, but it’s highly unlikely she’s ready for it yet, and regardless we should let her choose it for herself (which requires actually give her the space/focus in fan works to do so).

A Diary Detailing Lovers

Request: “What about some Newt x Leta x Gryffindor!Reader, where first it’s Newt x Leta and Bruno Mars - Grenade and after it’s Reader x Newt Bruno Mars - I think I wanna marry you? sorry it’s just I have a wave of Bruno inspiration, I would very much like if you could do something like that 💕

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: None

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Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live oh
Take, take, take it all, but you never give
Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss

15th March 1913


I have some wonderful news concerning Leta.

Oh great and wonderful Leta, she’s been so sweet to me lately. And now I’m sure she feels the same way about me. She met me after Potions today at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We took such a romantic walk, and I even introduced her to the unicorn that lives in the Western depths, the one I named Lucy. Well, Lucy loved Leta, obviously. Who wouldn’t? Leta, with her beautiful brown curls, her perfect smile… oh Merlin I’ve really fallen deeply for this girl!

Then after we stopped to watch the moon, she turned to me. She told me that she cared for me profoundly, and that she knew how hard it was to care for creatures. She showered me in an array of compliments regarding the beasts, she’s always been so supportive of me! She said exactly what I needed to hear, exactly what I wanted. And then, she pulled me by my tie, and she kissed me. She kissed me!

It was the most magical thing I’ve ever felt, I know it sounds ironic. Anyway, I should be off, I’ll be writing a letter to Theseus about this! He will be so glad to hear that I’ve finally bagged a girl. I might even have mind to attach a picture of Leta, just to spite him with her sheer beauty. He will certainly be jealous.

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I honestly want to commend BioWare on their promotion of ME:A. Just about a month and a half until the game is released, and they’ve built this huge amount of hype using just a handful of trailers over the last two years. 

It’s also worth noting that those trailers consist of almost exclusively in-game cinematics and/or gameplay. They seem to be shying away from the hyper realistic CG trailers. Granted, there have been a couple of these types of trailers (like the E3 announcement trailer) but they’ve been fairly indicative of what the game’s cinematic moments seem to look like. I love the CGI trailers for Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, but for some people it set the bar too high graphically.

And as we’re getting closer to the games release, they are teasing with small character details and gameplay showcases. No alternate tactics to build excitement. Just gameplay and genuinely interesting tidbits of lore given out through things like the Andromeda Initiative briefings and squad mate run-downs.

It’s just really nice to be excited about a game, and feel like I know exactly what type of product I’m going to receive.