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yall see this???? 👌

honestly? everyone is asking way too much of high schoolers and it’s fucking insane. 

every weekday they’re all expected to get up early enough to be at school by 8am and then they usually spend their whole day sitting in desks but are expected to be wide awake. each hour they have to go to a different class but they only have like five minutes to get there. more or less rinse and repeat until 2:30ish with the tiniest break for lunch and that’s their whole school day.

lunch is like only half an hour and both the quality and quantity of food served at the cafeteria has been on a steady decline for a while now. i seriously went home for lunch every single day of my senior year because the food was so truly awful. there was this point where they stopped caring so much that they literally served a piece of garlic french bread (the shitty frozen kind, you know what i’m talking about) with marinara sauce and that was the whole lunch entree. 

along with their required classes, in order to look good to colleges they’re expected to take AP classes and advanced classes and extra classes what have you, as well as get good grades in them. all those teachers then proceed to pile ridiculous amounts of homework onto them in order to “prepare them for college” but you know what? as someone who took six AP classes in high school, i think AP classes are harder than college classes. they’re probably about the same content-wise but the general environment of high school is so overwhelming and stressful that it’s so much harder to focus on actually learning.

on top of academics they’re expected to be involved in extracurricular activities, sports, music, volunteering, internships, etc. and of course this is all in order to look good for colleges. because what is free time, right?

by the time they turn 16 (or maybe earlier) they’re also often expected to get a part time job. some of my coworkers who were still in high school worked 25+ hours a week, which is a fucking insane amount of time when you’re also a full time student. 

along with all this, they’re expected to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, which is A) a fucking joke, and B) literally impossible if you’re doing everything they want you to, and also if you’re not. high school is just such a truly awful environment to be in. i played sick really often because i hated being there so much. i overslept all the time because i never got enough sleep. i graduated two years ago and i still have anxiety dreams about high school because it was such a blight on my life for four years. 

anyway if you’re reading this and you’re in high school i want you to know that it’s okay if you’re unable to meet all these expectations because they’re absolutely outrageous

Does he like you, or does he have a black woman fetish?

It’s no secret that lots of white guys have a fetish for black women. Is it our glowing brown skin? Our beautifully unique hair? The way we stand up for ourselves and what we believe in? It’s probably all of these things and more let’s be real. But is fetishizing really a bad thing? Where’s the line drawn between admiring and fetishizing? How do you know if a guy really likes you for you?

I’ve been in the dating game officially for the last 2 and a half years and I know when someone likes ME and when someone likes me specifically because I’m black.

The guys that genuinely like me never say things like “I love your brown skin” or “you’re sweet like chocolate” or any other descriptor of the skin color I have. They only ever compliment things ABOUT me that they like. They’ll say things like “I love your eyes” or “I love how witty you are.” There is little to no mention of skin color unless it’s like about how an article of clothing looks against my skin. Guys that genuinely like you are going to compliment you for the person that you are, not the skin color you have. They’ll compliment the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. They’ll say they love your laugh, your passion, your determination. They’ll say they want to hold you, not they want to f*ck you. When a guy really likes you, he’ll want to know the person behind the skin color.

But sometimes, because they’ve been surrounded by and accustomed to pigment-challenged skin their entire lives, they truly do love brown skin. They’re fascinated by it. The way I’m fascinated by their lack of melanin. And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with loving black women for our curves, our hair or our skin. SO LONG AS they also love us for our brains, our hearts and our personalities. As long as those things are held on just as high a pedestal, I don’t think appreciating the things that make black women special and different is a bad thing.

I think fetishizing is bad when it turns into a conquest. When it’s no longer about wanting to get to know you, but it’s about wanting to be able to say they’ve been with you physically. When it’s about wanting to prove something to either the world, or themselves. But if that’s not the case, then don’t push people away who love the things that make you different!

A lot of guys have bad intentions. But a lot of guys also have good intentions, they just don’t know how to properly and appropriately compliment you. I’ve seen a lot of girls of color jump down a guy’s throat for making a comment that could be taken either way, and my advice would be this: don’t be so quick to assume he’s fetishizing you. If you get a creepy vibe, then by all means dip out of there ASAP. But remember that not all white guys have experience with black women and it will take them some time to know what’s appropriate to say and what isn’t.

So my little sister dosen’t like to read, literally she’s 13 and has never read a book outside the ones for school, you could even say she hates reading… 2 days ago she finally started to read The Selection (Something i have been begging her to do for like a year and a half)… She LITERALLY can’t put it down, she’s already in chapter 20… IM SO HAPPY :) 

Okay continue with your beautiful day you beautiful person:)

   It’s been about a year and a half, maybe 2 years, since I last did a big sleepover with the other pastas! If you weren’t here (or didn’t see the posts) last time, Creep Week is where I invite 3-5 pastas to stay with me for a week and we usually fuck around, play games like strip Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever, and you guys get to send them asks and stuff! 

  This time around I’m trying to plan out some parties (Christmas and New Year’s), we’re gonna try to go out to eat (prolly fast food), and pop in to visit some of the pastas that weren’t invited/couldn’t come.

  Now, to make this happen I need your help! Vote who you want me to invite by sending me an ask! I can invite up to 5 people. They can be a Creepypasta or from the Slenderverse! I’ll be keeping track and adding up the tallies until December 20th!

  Creep Week Sleepover starts Christmas Eve and ends New Year’s day! GET VOTING!

Avenging Angel: Part 23

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1704

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry the last few parts have been so slow! I promise that the next part will make up for it ;) 

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21 – Part 22

“Hi, I’m here to see Braxton Covington. I’m Y/N.”

The young secretary narrowed her eyes at you for a moment before slowly looking through her appointment scheduler. “Mr. Covington is in a meeting right now.”

That was weird. He told you he’d make time for lunch with you. “Then I’ll just go wait in his office. Twelfth floor, right?”

“Mr. Covington doesn’t let people stay in his office when he’s not there.”

Okay. This chick was really getting on your nerves. “I think Mr. Covington will make an exception for his girlfriend.”

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me: damn I need to stay away from my dash because I don’t want to see any malec spoilers but I don’t know if I can do it :/

me: *suddenly has so much discourse in my activity that I literally have no time to even look at my dash because I have to answer everything*

me: wow

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Soo ever since spring day came out ive been having a bts marathon 😂😂 but OMG ive loved bts for like 2 n a half years but i just realized how soft a soothing jimins like talking voice is 😍😍😍 HE ALWAYS SEEMS TO SOUND SO PEACFUL AND IT KILLS ME I CAN LISTEN TO HIS VOICE AND HIS SINGIG FOR DAYS AND NEVER GET TIERD!!


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October 9th // 9:52pm

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: a ‘diary’ entry of Peter’s, confessing his true feelings for his best friend. 

Warning: none

Word Count:  368 – it’s so short omg, maybe part 2??

A/N: if it’s written like ‘this’ it means Peter has scribbled it out!

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can i have first time with Soonyoung?? (dating for 2.5 years)

I really hope you like this ♥

Sitting comfortably on the couch between Soonyoung’s legs, you played with his hands that were resting on your lap. The movie that was playing had lost your interest a long time ago, so your mind had been flooded with the closeness of your boyfriend of two and a half years. The warmth of his chest was evident even through his and your pajamas, and he’d give kisses to the crown of your head every now and then.

“Is the movie boring?” Soonyoung asked suddenly, turning his hands around and taking yours into his. You started, confused as to how he had noticed your lack of focus even from behind.

“Ah, no…” you mumbled and leaned more against him. You raised your eyes at him, meeting his curious ones. Then your eyes fell to his lips, slightly pouty, and temptingly kissable. Shifting around a little, you leaned in to kiss him, one of your warm hands resting on his cheek and the other one on his shoulder.

He placed his hands on your hips as he kissed you back sweetly, pulling back slowly. “Something on your mind, then?”

You bit the insides of your cheeks a little and averted your eyes from his. “I’ve been thinking… I think I’d like to have sex with you.”

His eyes widened for a second as he processed your words. It wasn’t like you hadn’t talked about it, or thought about it, or experimented, but there had yet to be a moment for either to completely voice the wish. You’d been touching each other on more than one occasion, sometimes more and sometimes less, but the prospect of actually sleeping with you? That was new, but he didn’t mind.

Soonyoung’s eyes softened and he pulled you closer to himself, kissing you gently on the lips. “I have nothing against that, love.”

You rolled your eyes a little and let yourself be absorbed by the kiss that slowly escalated from a gentle peck into a dance of tongues before falling apart as Soonyoung moved his lips to your jawline instead. “I’ll be good to you.”

“Aren’t you always?” you mumbled, one hand tangled in his faded light blue hair and the other one still on his shoulder. “Can we close the TV?”

“What, you don’t want Will Smith watching?” he snickered while turning off the TV and returning his attention to you, placing his hands on your waist, touching the skin between your night shorts and shirt. “So… how do you want it..?”

Forcing the embarrassment away from your mind, you got up from the couch and walked to your bag, returning with a condom. You gave it to Soonyoung without a word and sat down on the couch, turning towards him and turning his head to you with your hand on his jaw. “Nice and slow, thank you.”

Soonyoung smiled at you and gave you a nod, placing the condom on the top of the backside of the couch, leaning down over you as you lay down. He kissed your neck, sucking at the skin lightly while his careful hands started pulling your shorts down. After he had discarded the piece of clothing, he ran his hands up your sides, pulling your shirt upwards at the same time and revealing your bra-covered breasts.

Swallowing, he looked into your eyes while moving his hands underneath your back. “Can I..?”

You laughed nervously. “That’s kind of the point.”

He grinned a little, unhooking your bra and discarding them after he had helped you out of your shirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you and felt himself starting to get hard the more he looked at you. “You’re so beautiful.”

Biting your lower lip, you nodded as a thank you and tugged at the hem of his night shirt. “You, too.”

He pulled his shirt off before leaning over you, pressing light kisses along your neck and collarbones while his left hand moved down on your chest, holding your breast and rubbing your hardened nipple with his thumb. You stifled a quiet moan and leaned against his touch, roaming your hands on his toned back and dragging your nails on the skin.

Soonyoung moved back up, standing on his knees between your legs, his hands soothingly on your bare waist. “Are you sure about this?”

“I’ve had plenty of time to think,” you said with a bright smile, placing your hands on top of his. He smiled back at you, but it was quickly gone when you moved your hand from on top of his to his crotch, palming the bulge. Unprepared and sensitive, Soonyoung groaned and pushed against your hand, his hold on your waist tightening. “Looks like you’re quite sure, too.”

“I love you, what else can I say,” he panted and pushed his sweatpants and boxers down his thighs, allowing you to see his cock in its hard, slightly leaking state. You licked your lips and wrapped your hand around his shaft, pumping him a few times while he ripped the foil of the condom. “Oh, I’ll do that.”

Before Soonyoung had enough time to react, you had already taken the condom from him and put it on him, leaning back on the couch afterwards. He swept some sweat off his forehead and pulled your panties off, trailing soft kisses along your inner thigh towards your heat, only to run his fingers through the wetness instead. Your back arched at the touch as he flicked your clit before circling your entrance with one of his fingers.

He looked into your eyes, asking for permission, which you granted with a nod and a buck of your hips. The first digit slid in fairly easily, and Soonyoung pumped it a few times, rubbing your clit while doing so.

“Go on,” you gasped, clenching your teeth as the second finger slowly pushed through your tight rim. He stopped as soon as he noticed the frown on your face, but you pushed your hips against his fingers. “I’ll be fine.”

“Just… say if it gets too uncomfortable, okay?” he asked cautiously and resumed the movements of his fingers, scissoring you open in small motions, careful not to make the stretch too much at once. You continued bucking against his fingers steadily, soon asking for him to move on - you were more than ready.

Swallowing, Soonyoung pulled his fingers out of you and pumped his cock a few times before aligning it with your core, eagerly waiting for him. You wrapped your legs around his waist and placed your hands on his shoulders, your eyes staring into his as he started to slowly ease himself into you. You held your breath and he leaned down, making sure he wouldn’t push in too much while doing so.

“Breathe,” he said quietly, kissing your jawline and massaging your breast, refusing to do anything else until he heard your breathing get back to normal. He pushed in little by little, doing his best to distract you with whatever way possible whenever he heard your breathing get more difficult. When he was all the way in, he stayed still for a while, moving from your neck to your lips and caressing your thigh with one hand while supporting himself with the other.

“Move,” you gasped against his lips when the pain disappeared and pleasure washed over your body. He grunted and pulled almost fully out of you before slowly pushing back in, groaning at your tightness.

“You feel incredible,” Soonyoung muttered, keeping his thrusts slow and sensual as he found his pace, his breathing gradually changing into heavy panting. Your quiet moans joined his panting and you dug your nails into the flesh of his back when you felt him brush against a spot inside of you, causing your back to arch.

“A bit faster,” you moaned, tightening your legs around his waist and crying out when he picked up his pace, hitting your spot every now and then and pushing you closer to your climax. Claiming his lips in a heated kiss, you mirrored his movements with your hips and came a moment later, shuddering underneath him.

“Ah, Y/N,” Soonyoung panted, the clenching of your walls bringing him to his orgasm as well. He let himself fall on top of you, staying inside of you for a while longer.

After you had both caught your breaths, Soonyoung pulled out of you and disposed the condom, pulling you up and holding you in his arms. “How was it?”

You gave him a slightly tired smile as you leaned against him, kissing his neck and hissing quietly at the ache between your legs, but you both knew it was almost inevitable. “It was perfect. Thank you, Soonyoung.”

He smiled brightly at you, caressing your back as he kissed your forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” you replied, leaning up to kiss him on the lips, your hands playing with his hair.

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HAPS B MY DEARIE 🌟🎉🎂💋💞 you’re officially 2 decades old and entering grandma territory now, time to get out that cane. The world and I (especially me) are very blessed that you exist!! I can’t believe it’s already been ~half a year that you came into my life, but it feels like you’ve had a place there for so much longer. You are the sweetest human being and deserve all the wonderful things in life, and more. MY CUTIE PATOOTIE BEAUTIFUL SKYE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB. 💋💋💋💋💋

amber im….. what have i ever done.. what could i have possibly ever done in my past lives, to deserve meeting an angel like you in this one? thank you so much for blessing me with your presence, your friendship and your love!!! i am yet to meet another soul that is as pure and wonderful and good as yours. i love you so much ambi bambi~ thank you again and once again for the beautiful bday gift! i hope we can be continue being friends for a long time *hand you your cane* you’ll be needing this too ^^ 💞💞💞💞💞💞

i was tagged in this ages ago by @maddiganhatter

1. nickname: EriX, tom, tommy

2. zodiac sign: scorpio

3. height: 5′6

4. current time: 1:03 pm

5. favorite musical artist: i don’t really have a singular favorite that i could define for ya

6. song currently stuck in your head: i’m stuck on impossible year by panic! at the disco and thank you for the venom by my chemical romance

7 last movie you watched: i watched like half of v for vendetta the other day. i should finish it

8. last tv show you watched: voltron: legendary defender season two

9. what are you wearing right now: a button down shirt, a pair of black nike shorts, and a pair of black socks with pink trim

10. when did you create your blog: uhhhh well my first post was apparently on 25 may 2014 so shortly before that probably. i know i’ve deleted a few of my earliest posts so

11. what kind of stuff do you post: preeeetty much everything? a lot of homestuck, lately

12. any other blogs: yeah, 4 of them. one is for an undertale oc, one is for a book i haven’t made progress on in months, one is an inactive dan and phil fanblog, and one is a redirect page with my old url. if you want my book blog’s url hmu i guess?

13. do you get asks regularly: pfffft no. i’ve got 1,112 followers and none of them ever talk to me haha

14. why did you choose your url: i’ve been going by EriX online for a while now and ‘notEriX’ was kinda a thing that i’m not going to talk about bc i’m too tired. but anyway i was really tired of my old url and so now i have this one

15. what’s your gender: i’m a transmasculine nonbinary dude

16. what’s your hogwarts house: i can’t remember, i think i was a gryfendor or however the fuck you spell it. it’s been like a year at least since i took the quiz thing

17- what’s your pokemon team: ngl i kinda hate pokemon? like if you like it that’s cool, whatever, but i used to follow some people and suddenly pokemon was all they posted about so now i get an involuntary rage response when i see stuff about it haha

18. what’s your favorite color: blue. any shade, but mostly darker ones

19. average hours of sleep: pfffft like 5 or 6 on a good night

20. lucky number(s): 4, 6, and 11

21. favorite character: ffffuck, right now probably a tie between tavros nitram, equius zahhak, and eridan ampora. i can never decide on one for these things.

22. how many blankets do you sleep with: i have a ratty old afghan that my mom crocheted for me ages ago, as well as a top sheet and comforter

23. dream job: i’ve always wanted to write books and/or sell art. though i will admit that i’ll probably need to also be doing something else to put food on the table lmao

24. how many blogs are you following: 519

i’m tagging @twixgrinder, @driving-down-crazy-street, and @apcwoc to do this if they want to

I almost deleted my facebook account this week… and I’m still on the fence about it. It’s not out of a “I hate fb” or anything it’s just it’s incredibly unhelpful for me and my mental state. This week has been exceptionally hard as I was given yet another medical diagnosis to add on top of the numerous ones I already had. Monday I had to get these awful injections into my back which are supposed to help with the pain… they haven’t, but the doctor has hope. 

I’ve been so overwhelmed lately and those 2 instances really pushed me to the edge. Like on the verge of tears to the edge, I’m starting to feel like I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I’m only 35 years old and I’ve been dealing with chronic illnesses almost half my life. I’ve gone through more than people twice my age have in such a short amount of time. My body feels like it’s getting weaker and weaker. 

The thing with FB is that majority of my friends are very political, so when I’m on  fb I’m just inundated with the most terrible news again and again and again. It just makes me feel so utterly hopeless. My thought was that if I deactivate the account I won’t be tempted to check it. Even checking every couple of days is not working anymore. I know I could just easily log-out, my password is very complex so I don’t have it memorized and have to look it up, which can be an easy deterrent.

I’m going to set up an appointment to see my psychiatrist and see if my anti-depressants can be adjusted. I also think I need something for stress/anxiety cause it’s getting to the point I’m not sleeping.

your-alien-friend  asked:

Part 1 I've improved a lot more in my mental health from last year. I've lost a lot of my more obvious autistic traits and I hate it. Ik that's ungrateful and a lot of people would give anything to be considered normal but they were such a big part of me I feel like I'm missing half myself. I also have been dressing feminine and being into guys more lately and it's dysphoria hell. Before I was being considered a service dog handler candidate and now I'm not.

Part 2 Idk everyone told me recovery was the end all be all thing I needed to be happy but I’ve never felt less like myself ever before. And I’ve tried just being more like my old self but it doesn’t work and it feels fake and everyone expects this new standard of me now and they notice and get mad. I thought maybe I just had to get more used to it but it’s been half a year and I’m not. I hate it all.

I’m sorry this took so long to answer, I was trying to work out what to say. People change. A lot of autistic traits can certainly be coping mechanisms for mental health issues, I certainly know I stim and get sensory overload more when my anxiety’s bad.

People expecting a standard you cannot maintain is not your fault. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help - Mod Liz

joolychuu  asked:

1-30 because I'm a way too invested/interested gal (u don't have to answer the ones other people want to know)

Aaaa, thank you, friend!

Here we go then!

  • Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

Traditional but I enjoy digital as well! It’s just… very different?

  • How long have you been drawing?

Pfffft I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Started drawing digitally 2 years ago in photo shop though.

  • How many classes have you taken?

I’ve been taking a few classes in the weekends for about 9 years but I wasn’t learning much [was rather going there because I liked the atmosphere and because I was able to participate in many art competitions.

I’ve been taking architecture classes as well for half an year now!

  • Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?

Ah, well, this is my art blog actually! [personal blog: @the-creepy-unicorn]

And I also have an instagram account: thecreepyunicorn

  • What’s your favorite thing to draw?

Probably girls [just girls in general], my OCs and eyes [love putting details in them]

  • What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

Ooooh now this is an interesting one. Honestly, probably armors because they take WAAAAY TOO LONG.

  • How often do you use references?

For almost every drawing, usually character references to make sure I get the character right, poses references because… anatomy and angles… Yeah, as long as it’s not an OC I use references for everything.

  • Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?

Considering that I mostly post fanart, I would say I do it for fun! Bur I am also preparing a portfolio for an architecture university in the meantime…

  • How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

It really depends! But far less than I want to. I usually doodle daily, a small sketch every day at least or I don’t feel good. It’s just a thing I do. But I don’t draw bigger projects such as requests until I really have time because I put a lot of effort in all the things I post and I can’t just work 40 minutes and let it go. I should draw so much more but… school… fuck school…

  • Are you confident about your art?

Hell no! I’m probably the biggest hater of myself [not just in art] especially when it comes to it because it really never seems to be goo enough. But it’s not like I can stop. Once you’ve started drawing, you can never go back, NEVER. I am always disappointed in my art and sometimes just hate everything about it but again, I can’t stop. So I’ll just wait to improve and maybe some day my art will actually be decent. 

  • How many art-related blogs do you follow?

MANY! A LOT! SUPPORTING ARTISTS IS VERY IMPORTANT WITH ALL YOU HAVE! ALWAYS! That’s why I let people see who I follow on this blog [90% of the people I follow here are art blogs and I just hope this comes as a mini shout out to them, even if it doesn’t get much because I’m not that good or popular, the people I follow here deserve all the love somebody can give.

  • Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

SURE! I would never mind! I’m not that good but I maybe know a thing or two?

  • Do you prefer to keep your art personal, or do you like drawing things for other people?

Both. I mostly draw fanart but I always draw for myself, like doodles, sketches, OCs [nothing big though except the things I do for architecture]

  • Do you ever collaborate with others?

STILL WORKING ON OUR COLLAB DON’T THINK I FORGOT [it just takes a lot of time i’m sorry]. You [ @joolychuu ] are actually the only person I have collaborated so far thought! OwO

  • How long does an average piece take you to complete?

Weeks. Or at least 3 days for me to be OK with it. I can also do a small not s detailed piece in 2 hours as well but it usually takes me a lot of time because I put maximum effort in all my pieces. [even if the notes don’t show it]

  • Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?

Hard to say, really. I paint less but overall I think I do draw more.

  • Do you think you’re justified in giving other people art advice?

Not really? I Even thought I do it sometimes, I do it because those people ask for advice and I might not know a lot, but I am willing to share whatever I can with people interested. 

  • What are you currently trying to improve on?

I am trying to go back to a style. I want to be able to call that my style finally, to be pleased with “the personality” my drawings should have. I just want to have a style that people would see and say: OOOH IT’S HER! But I doubt I will ever be good enough…

  • What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?

Axonometric projections [architecture term] or request I don’t really enjoy. Skin is also a pain in the ass as well!!!

  • What is the easiest thing for you to draw?

Faces. Because I doodle and sketch them all the time.

  • Do you like to challenge yourself?

Usually yes, I like to try new thing but I don’t think I can say I have an “artistic comfort zone either..

  • Are you confident that you’re improving steadily?

No because I am not. I can’t see major fast progress. I can’t see a certain style, I can’t do big projects, I am not good at art but I try.

  • Do you draw more fanart, or more original art?

A mixture actually because I do traditional art to improve my lines and architecture knowledge but I draw fan art digitally for pleasure.

  • Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)

INSPIRED! I’ve learned to control my jealousy level and if I want to get in “the artsy mood” I usually just watch sketchbook tours or see my favorite artists’ or friends’ work. I AM ALWAYS SO HAPPY WHEN MY ARTIST FRIENDS GET NOTES OR FOLLOWERS OR ASKS I AM JUST SO HAPPY FOR THEM!

  • Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Music. I need to be disconnected from anything happening outside if I want to get focused and music just inspires me.

  • For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?

PhotoSop CS6 ! [also known as hell]

  • For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?

Varies from 3 to 15. Depends on the style and the complexity.

  • For traditional artists: what medium do you like most? (Pencil, charcoals, etc)

Pencil! But painting with acrylic colors is also a BIG part of me.

  • For traditional artists: How do you usually start on a big piece? (Light sketch, colored lead, sketchpaper, etc)

I don’t do big pieces traditionally except for architecture classes and for paintings… depends on what I want to do and how I feel. Sometimes I don’t even do pencil sketch on canvas but if it’s for a present, I do at least 2 sketched before starting the linework on canvas and starting to paint.

  • What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

My friends who are also artists and just good art in general. Also reblogs and likes and small “comment tags” or asks just mean SO MUCH for literally every artist. It just gives you the validation you sometimes need and represents that thing that just keeps you going.


Facts about Me

I was tagged by @locke-writes Not sure mine are going to be any better.

1. I broke my arm when I was 5 crossing monkey bars I was to small for. 

2. I binge read. So I could read a ton of books for 6 months and then not read anything for like a year. 

3. I have been to England, Ireland and France. 

4. I was military brat. I have lived in South Dakota and Nevada. 

5. I have a half brother no one talks about. And a nephew I know of but never met and one I only know of. 

6. My middle name is Naomi. I was named after a great aunt and not my mother. 

7. Between my parents and myself I own nearly 200 Barbie dolls

8. I have been going to the same bar since I was 12 

9. I currently have pink highlights

10. I cheer for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Although I never attended the college.

11. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book and I own about 10 sequels or AUs to it. 

Bonus: I got to see Les Miserables in West End in London. I impressed by theatre professor in college. 

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as a person who has been following bts for over 2 years, it genuinely makes me happy when i think about the time when things were different with bts, when army didn’t have a hope in hell to make even half a million views in one day, the times we knew they were just a few of us but we stuck close and radiated positivity for all seven of them. it hurt so much that bts didn’t get the recognition they deserved back then but it always felt like one day they’d get there, even if they weren’t from a big company like JYP, YG or SM.

i remember when I Need U came out and us small bunch of army tried so so hard to make it hit 1 million views. i remember putting the mv on a repeat loop overnight so that views would keep adding up and it broke my heart when 24 hours passed and they hadn’t made 1 million on the main channel. and i remember thinking, maybe next time, next time we’ll pull through.

and then came their popularity era because people started noticing their songs and their works and how close they were to army and the fandom multiplied overnight. i watched online voting which us tiny amount of armys had struggled to keep on voters lists sky rocket bts to number 1 positions again and again and we were so happy and amazed by it.

it’s hard not to miss the old bts and army and how things used to be but what really makes me happy is the how far we’ve all come. i see the new ‘fire’ and ‘save me’ mvs that take under 12 hours to hit 1 million views almost effortlessly and hitting 10-20 million in 1 week and it just goes to show you hard work never fails and how big our fandom has grown. i honestly hope bangtan will always continue to have such a large amount of army rooting for them and showing them the love and recognition they truly deserve.