i have been doodling all day and im tired i finished my homework


Heyyyy everybody! Just wanted to update you lovelies on whats goin on<3

☆Aghhhh as much as i wanted to do all the prompts for shallura week, i just dont have the energy ymy ( i might just do my faves??)
Actually, besides shallura week i don’t have any energy to finish anything?? ( im atleast trying to doodle a little even if its just lines and shapes and doobles of people
I’ve been working fulltime ( if not a little overtime??) at work lately, so when i get home im just really tired X’D
I will also be starting college on the 30th. It will be part time, but i’m sure it will be just as tiring during the day, plus homework and my job (;;xㅅx)ノ”

☆not that important but i deleted my sideblog and miraculous moves blog, please don’t get the wrong idea!! I love love LOVE what you guys have done from cosplays to fanart to fanfiction for my AU ymy♡♡♡ i still cant believe your kindness, and how much it affected a whole fandom???? Like wow!!! So please i really do treasure everything you’ve made, and as long as you tag me in the stuff i’ll always be able to look around and admire your work♡

☆ special reminder to check out the Harvest crusade at the Angel’s stadium

☆ holy cR A P THERE ARE 22,000 OF YOU LOVLIES FOLLOWING ME HEY HI HELLO THANK YOU???? TELL ME BOUT YOSELVES SORRY IF I EVER COME ACROSS AS COLD IM ACTUALLY A HUGE TEDDY BEAR ( well a silly pug but people call me marebear lol) i’ve fantasized over having a lot of followers but i cant believe it actually happened ;;;v;;;<3<3 thanks you guys<3

✧・゚:*☆Thanks for reading!!☆*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Hello kel! I'm really sorry to bother you with my problems, but lately I've been stuck with my art. I can't motivate myself to draw a lot or even finish a drawing the day I start it. I've also had a more anime-ish style that I've been wanting to get out of, would you have any suggestions for that? I'm so sorry to bother you! I love your art btw!

HEY ANON it’s no bother! I think that happens when you can’t find something that excites you? I get these long droughts of art block too where I can’t really bring myself to do anything other than doodle until I get some idea that I like and that pushes me to actually finish something 

So i guess the best thing to do is find something that excites you!! Like flowers or space or maybe designing characters! Don’t worry about producing a lot of ‘quality’ work, just draw things that MAKE YOU WANNA DRAW MORE even if they’re just scribbles. Trying new things can help too, so maybe u could try using new methods of coloring/ trying traditional media if u do a lot of digital? 

Style-wise I find that that is actually dependent a lot on what you consume? So try surrounding yourself in the kind of art style you want to develop, STUDY them and see how they translate whatever features into that style. I think doing more life drawings would help too? Just to remind yourself of how facial features would look in a non anime context. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful BUT I HOPE YOU GET OUT OF YOUR RUT SOON!!

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