i have been doing nothing but photoshop all day

ibrattydon  asked:

Do you have a tutorial on how you edit your photos? :)

Hi! I’m afraid I don’t have a tutorial up anywhere! Mainly because I mix up my editing a whole lot and I don’t really have a consistent editing process! Plus I know the majority of the community use photoshop and ps actions etc. whereas I don’t, so I don’t know how helpful a tutorial would be 😊 But maybe one day when I finally settle on a style I’ll upload one! Generally, all I do is increase contrast, increase saturation and color boost and then increase the depth of field and softness to create a focal! Nothing fancy! 😊

Lately I’ve been using this reshade preset by @pickypikachu which does a whole lot of the work for me! I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! 😊


There is nothing about this whole stunt from start to finish that isn’t bananas. From the wiping of Briana’s social media, to the Laddy-Lad Louis parade in May, then there’s the announcement and GMA non-confirmation, radio silence from Louis, blacklist of the topic during MITAM, disappearing and reappearing baby bump, headless bump pictures, multiple blond girls who are supposed to be Briana, UAs tipped off to the “birth”, “birth announcement” via Cyber Granny, Louis tweeting in non-Louis style in the middle of the night (in LA but conveniently the middle of the day in the UK), no congratulations from anyone actually close to Louis, TMZ covering the whole thing like they’ve got nothing better to do, Instagram picture that’s been photoshopped, domain names registered, I’m sure I missed anything. 

The only conclusion I can draw is that it’s SUPPOSED to look this extra. There’s a finite amount of shit-show in the universe and this one stunt can’t have it all.