i have been a catholic my whole life

since theology seems to be today’s blogging theme, I’m gonna take this chance to ask a question of my Roman Catholic mutuals/followers. I’m not trying to be smart, I’m genuinely curious. It’s been bothering me since Christmas.

If Mary was sinless, why didn’t she die on the cross instead of Jesus? It seems like a really roundabout way of saving mankind to have Christ be incarnated as a man and live a sinless life to die as the perfect sacrifice, when there was already a spotless human right there the whole time.

I know that fandom and media isn’t a safe space and that the onus of teaching ethics is not entirely placed upon the artists who make content for consumption BUT I also know that it’s really messed up that almost nine times out of ten i know which character will be killed in a show because they are either a) black b) non-black poc c) mentally ill or d) LGBT or even all these BECAUSE WRITERS DELIBERATELY CREATE THESE CHARACTERS SO THEY’LL BE MARGINALIZED SO THEIR DEATH WILL HAVE IMPACT AND SEEM “WOKE” because killing a dark skinned black person, or Asian, or mentally ill wlw, etc is a reflection of the current political climate, right? NOOOO

The worst part is that they think this is deep and don’t understand how showing the brutalization of these character’s deaths and bodies only further desensitizes audiences to similar issues happening in real life 

Killing Poussey Washington did nothing for BLM, despite the writer’s claims, all it did was tell millions of black wlw the world over that the struggles of existing and staying positive despite them will get you nowhere (what’s worse is that making her death an accident actually shifts the narrative to absolve white facists of any responsibility). Poussey was in a loving relationship, she was happy and yet…

Killing Wes Gibbons wasn’t “necessary” nor did it make sense. You took a mentally ill dark skinned black man who had endured trauma, remained kind and altruistic despite all that, killed him, desecrated his body, had the characters use his traumatic history to worm their way out of responsibility for their actions.and you did all this just as he admitted he was starting to feel genuinely happy with his life… for what? how is that progressive?

Killing Glen Rhee did not show us how violent Negan is. 5 minutes before he killed Glen, Negan bashed Abraham to death and YET Glen’s death is the more gory and violent of the two. Glen was happy, he was about to have a family with Maggie. All killing Glen showed us, like with the deaths of the other aforementioned characters, is that writers don’t want characters of color to be happy, especially if they’re LGBT.  

And though she is not a poc, Vanessa Ives in penny dreadful was a religious bisexual mentally ill woman who constantly and literally fought her demons as well as patriarchal Victorian/catholic values her whole life, had finally learned to accept herself and the writers used this (a moment that should have been empowering) to make her force her love interest to shoot her in the head, an act that no matter how u look at it is essentially sending the message that religous mentally ill wlw  should just give up 

i’m just so damn tired of this narrative that white writers keep throwing in my face that i, a wlw mentally ill poc, will never be content in my life and if I am the world won’t allow it for very long it s absolutely appalling and needs to fkn stop, or at least stop pretending that it’s edgy when all it does is add to the hurt we feel every single fkn day and doesn’t help others understand our hurt either 


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Any fics w/ a nerdy, shy, loner Cas? And maybe a popular, bully Dean? I know you don't like highschool fics but please help me. thanks, you are so awesome and i love this blog!

Hi! We’ve done quite a few HS recs already, so it might be hard for us to find you something new to read… but we will try! HERE is our previous High school related recs. Just scroll through the recs and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of fics that fit to what you are looking for! And here’s a few new one’s that we haven’t recced before. – Admin A

Title: Don’t Ever Look Back

Author: Misachan

Rating: Explicit

Words: 36,039 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This was pretty good for a HS fic. No super ridiculous drama being thrown on your face from every direction. Decent plotline with not too many twists and turns to lose track. So for someone like me who hates HS fics in general, this was a pretty good read and I actually even enjoyed it ^^

Summary: Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he’ll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean’s and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean’s skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel’s brothers aren’t just strange, they’re dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn’t all he wants.

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Title: Right Place, Right Time

Author: the_new_thing

Rating: Explicit

Words: 18,873 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I was torn between giving this two stars or three. On one hand I did like it a lot because again, this exceeded my low expectations for being a HS fic. But then there were parts where I had hoped that the author would have given me more… you know lower lows to get to higher highs. There was drama sure, which is given with Cas and Sam being together in the beginning, but I wish the drama would have been dealt with more vivid descriptions of each of the characters feelings. Lol, maybe I’m being too harsh and asking for way more than I should. I just hate seeing great potential being wasted. Still, it was a pretty good read and if you like HS fics, you should definitely give this a go!

Summary: When Sam brings his new boyfriend, Castiel, home to meet Dean, Dean is expecting the usual: to hate Castiel and to have to give him the “older brother” speech. What he discovers when he meets Cas is a hell of a lot different. Meanwhile, Sam struggles with maintaining a passing grade in chemistry, a relationship with his closest friend, and his confusing feelings regarding Cas’ older brother, Gabriel.

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Title: High School Destiel

Author: CastielsGirlBecca

Words: 39,326 – Finished

Rating: Mature

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This was a little more on the juvenile side for me, but I can tell that everyone who likes HS fics will probably like this. It’s not the best one out there but it’s not terrible either. Also the fact that I didn’t completely hate it probably means that others might love it!

Summary: It’s high school and Dean Winchester is the most popular boy on campus. Everyone loves him, he is brilliant, winning every dodge ball championship ever, even has the best girl in school, Lisa Braeden. Castiel is a nerd, all teachers love him, only has two friends and never got in trouble in his whole life. However, all of this is about to change as the boys are put in detention…

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Title: Resignation

Author: jolayne

Rating: Mature

Words: 29,470 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Catholic school will forever remind me of Almodóvar’s La mala educación. If you have not seen that movie, you should! Anyway, this was a pretty good story all in all. It’s been awhile since I read this so I have to rely on the notes I’ve written, which pretty much reads: “Catholic school + forbidden relationship is awesome. Doesn’t suck!” lol so yeah, those seem to be my thoughts on this story.
Note to self: write better notes in the future!

Summary: When John sends his sons to an all-boys Catholic school, Dean thinks his life is basically over. It’s his senior year, and Dean’s never wanted anything for himself, resigned to a life following his workaholic father’s footsteps. And then Dean meets Castiel, his perplexing new roommate who’s dealing with some heavy resignation of his own. They pirate movies, punch people, and set each other free.

( Read here )

Title: Perfect to Me

Author: Kimisha

Words: 77,312 – Finished

Rating: Mature

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This needs a beta, I’m not a grammar nazi like admin J, but this needs a beta. It’s not all that bad really, it just needs to be tweaked a little. Again, this was on the juvenile side for me (like 90% of HS fics are), but there was a solid plot throughout the fic. So that’s a plus.

Summary: Human Dean/Cas AU. Castiel Novak and Dean Winchester were friends once, when high school rolled around and social status took hold, they drifted apart. Could an unfortunate event bring them together again?

( Read here )

Title: I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Author:  wolfrider89

Rating: Explicit

Words: 20,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This did not work for me. The pacing was off, characters and their relationships seemed shallow and very one dimensional, plot was nothing special… Just a basic HS fic with nothing really worth mentioning. And why am I reccing this? Well, you all know my feelings towards these fics, so when I say I don’t like something… it probably means that it’s at least okayish to the majority of readers! Plus this is only 20k of words so it’s not a terrible waste of time even if you wouldn’t like it^^

Summary: Cas was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything to warrant Dean’s rage - he hadn’t scratched the paint on his motorcycle or teased his brother or done any of the millions of things that Dean Winchester got pissed about - but this was the school rebel, the troublemaker, the attitude problem with legs, and he was walking up to Cas. So yeah, Cas was freaking.

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Title: In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere

Author: RhymePhile

Rating: Explicit

Words: 33,953 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I loved this! Actually fucking loved it! And if you know me, that’s a lot for me to say about a HS fic! I should not be so harsh and condemn the whole genre just because a few (too many) bad apples. I apologize to all of you who have been offended by my previous words about HS fics… even though they are mostly true :’D

Summary: It’s 1995, and Castiel’s high school years are destined to be difficult: home-schooled until eighth grade, he is awkward, shy, and socially inept. The weird kid with the funny name would rather isolate himself and draw in his sketchbook than deal with the constant bullying he faces every day. Things only get worse in his junior year when he excels in home economics class, leading the captain of the baseball team, Alastair, to start taunting him for being gay.

Then new student Dean Winchester arrives at Flour Bluff High School, sharing many of Castiel’s classes. Castiel has seen his type before – handsome, athletic, arrogant, and sure to be the most popular kid in school. But Castiel eventually learns that he and Dean have more in common than he thought, and they form an unlikely friendship.

( Read here )

Title: We’re The Cliché

Author: endversed

Rating: Explicit

Words: 28,841– Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Despite the bad grammar, this fic was pretty good. I hope that this fic has since been betaed because it’s been over a year/years since I read this!

Summary: Dean Winchester is new to the senior year, and he’s kind of your stereotypical bad boy. Castiel Novak does not want to sleep with him. He doesn’t.

( Read here )

Hello insomnia post… okay this isn’t really insomnia, but I feel like we are slowly (fingers crossed) exiting our latest sleep regression and my brain doesn’t know how to sleep any more.

So, let me ramble on about my favorite subject. My little babe is a huge 10 month old now. We gave up on cribs and co sleepers and gave him a floor bed, which is going much better than a crib, and when he can’t sleep, at least it’s not so bad for co sleeping. I wish we did it ages ago.

I’m planning his first birthday party right now.

The Catholic church offered us a secret baptism… that’s some fun drama I might have to ramble about if sleep continues to escape me.

My babe has started walking. People keep telling me that I’m in trouble now, but I feel like his whole life has been either freaking out because he wants to move all over or being able to move all over, so it seems like more of the same.

Ramble ramble ramble

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A few weeks or months back, I started following you which led to me following another catholic which led to me following a whole bunch of Catholics. Not by choice, it's just something that kind of happened. I was raised Protestant but am happy to announce that next Sunday, I will be starting RCIA. I've been trying to ignore the call but it's clear where God wants me. I want thank everyone for their presence on this website. It truly changed my life. Keep it up!!

I don’t think you know how much this means to me, anon!

This is so exciting and wonderful to hear! I’m so glad to have been here for you and I’m sure many of my Tumblr Catholic peers as well! Thank you so much!

God Bless and Good Luck!

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I have been a Catholic my whole life, but for the last year or so I have been drawn more and more to Islam. A few days ago I visited a mosque, watched a prayer, and then had a 3-hour discussion about Islam with two men there. They gave me several books, and were wonderfully kind and eager to talk to me. I am beginning to seriously consider converting, so please pray for me, that my conversion may be quick and firmly made. I love your page, thank you so much for spreading the beauty of Islam!

May Allah bless you and make everything easy for you! Would love to hear what happens from here onwards, keep us updated :) 

I did not enter the Catholic Church

to change it, or to change the people around me. 

I did not enter the Catholic Church to cause or contribute to controversy.

I did not enter the Catholic Church either to please the people around me, or to upset them.

I did not enter the Catholic Church to make a political or philosophical statement.

I did not enter the Catholic Church to prove anyone wrong, or to enjoy the satisfaction of saying that I am right.

I did not enter the Catholic Church to know everything, as if I ever could.

I did not enter the Catholic Church to escape my problems.

I did not enter the Catholic Church pretending that there is not great confusion and disagreement existing among its members.

I did not enter the Catholic Church to choose sides.

I entered the Catholic Church because I am in love.

I am in love with Jesus Christ, and I have sought His face for my whole life. I have found that face becoming clearer to me every day that I meet with Him in the Sacraments, in every Holy Mass, with every prayer and groan I offer.

I can only hope that at the end of my life, that is what He sees as the consistent movement of my heart and soul; no matter my circumstances, no matter my questions or confusions, it has been His Voice I have listened for and it has been His call I have tried to obey.

Jesus, be with Your Church as You have promised, and bring us all back into one fold. Save us from infighting. Save us from wolves. Save us from ourselves.

Give us good Shepherds. Give us protection and nourishment for our souls.

Deliver us from evil, and be the joy set before us, that our suffering would not be in vain.

May our passion draw us deeper into Yours.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which will triumph when all seems lost,


Sam Winchester gave me back my faith

Sam is astronomically important to me. I can tell you that I didn’t really pay much attention to him at first—I was too busy absorbing the greater story and trying to juggle my feelings for all these new characters to pay much attention to any of them individually. But time has passed, and my consumption of the show has slowed down now that I’m an active member of the fandom watching it live, and having devoted much of the past three or four years to SPN, I’ve had time to connect with certain characters more than others, and since I started college, Sam has been the one who has wrapped himself fully around my heart and refused to let go.

There are the obvious reasons why the birth of my intense love of him may have coincided with my entrance into college: he’s the up-and-comer who got away from his past; his anxieties as a freshman probably mirrored a lot of mine; he was smart and capable at Stanford and I hoped to emulate that here during my own college experience. The summer before I came to school, I found these sweet little Team Free Will paper dolls, and resolved to carry one with me whenever I needed a little strength. Cas keeps me company on airplanes, Dean sits safely in a place where I’ll always know he is, and Sam helps me out when life gets a little too stressful, when college and my future bear down a little too hard on me. On a daily basis I ask myself what Sam would do, and the answer is always comforting: he’d do the best he could with what he has, and he’d do it with the kindness and understanding and love that imbues all of his actions.

So Sam saw me through my first year away from home. Over the course of season seven I watched him exist in his own self-sacrifice and began to feel an overwhelming desire to be more like him. In the face of some of the worst shit he’d ever dealt with, he was uncomplaining and selfless, and I—an extremely flawed human being who often complains and is often selfish—began to strive to be more like that, to put other people before myself. I don’t know if I’m succeeding in that endeavour, but I am trying, because that’s the first thing I love about Sam: he is tirelessly seeking the good of other people. He loves his family and his friends so fiercely; he willingly condemns himself to pain after pain after pain so that Dean can live, Cas can be saved, humanity can survive; he is constantly atoning for what he believes to be his unforgiven sins. Over-atoning, even. No doubt, his self-deprecating actions are the result of thirty-odd years of trauma and horror, but he makes them into something to be praised, not to be pitied. Certainly he never pities himself. Sam is his own harshest critic, and the harder he makes himself work to make things right, the better the people around him are. Sam makes people better. In his own convoluted and sometimes misguided way, he heals them.

I met and became friends with Casey, and our friendship spawned an AU ‘verse we call Mashiach, which started out as discussing Sam and stigmata but has since evolved into discussing Sam in general as a Christ figure and a messiah. My dear friend Tania has been working on artwork for a small series of Catholic imagery pieces using Sam and others from the show, and working with the combination of my faith—confirmed Catholic here, lapsed but still believing—with a story that is so integral to my life has been transformative for me, and I owe much of it to Sam.

I was raised Roman Catholic and confirmed around age 16. I no longer attend Mass or receive the sacraments. It breaks my mother’s heart, honestly, but I have my reasons. I’m still a believer, though—God is extremely important to me and to the way I live.

And more and more these days I find myself dwelling on Sam’s faith—Sam the Christ figure, Sam the American Messiah, Sam the boy damned at birth to be the means for evil to enter the world, who nevertheless prays every day, whose face lights up when he meets an angel, who trusts in that funny little thing God gave us called free will, and who uses it to save the world through the sacrifice of himself. His faith must be incomprehensibly strong to withstand everything he’s gone through, and when I think about him pouring his heart out to a God he’s not even sure is listening, every day, for his whole life, despite everything telling him that no one cares, it makes me remember what I loved about being a practising Catholic. It makes me remember what I love about believing.

About a month ago I began to wear my scapular around my neck at all times. People have been telling me that the Mashiach stories Casey and I write have helped them figure things out about their own faith. I prayed a rosary of my own volition for the first time in my life. I’ve been keeping Lent properly (with a few minor slip-ups, but overall fairly well) for the first time in years.

About a month ago I began to wear my scapular around my neck at all times. People have been telling me that the Mashiach stories Casey and I write have helped them figure things out about their own faith. I prayed a rosary of my own volition for the first time in my life. I’ve been keeping Lent properly (with a few minor slip-ups, but overall fairly well) for the first time in years.

The thing is, Sam Winchester gave me back my faith.

I don’t know if any of you will understand how important that is for me, that I, being fully resigned to a lifetime of doubts and disdain for the institution in which I was raised, have started to believe again, to pray again, to have hope again, because if Sam Winchester who has been through so much, given so much of himself without thanks, and has seen the ugliest parts of the universe, can believe that Someone loves him despite his faults and failings—then I can, too. There have been points in recent months where I have felt as if I have nothing to hold on to except belief, and where a year or two ago I might have felt guilty and ashamed of myself for turning to prayer or scripture, exploring Sam as a messiah has changed that. I don’t feel guilty about hoping anymore, because I know Sam’s gone through the same thing and come out still believing.

Faith and hope—how could I feel anything less than absolute love and gratefulness for a character who’s given me those things when nothing else could?

ISam has changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration, and I could not be more grateful for his presence as a comforting voice in my mind and a basis for choosing how to live, a role model for how I want to be, for the traits I want to make part of myself: selflessness, love, strength, and faith.

He’s given me so much already, and it is a privilege to watch him grow and change and come into himself, experience hope and just exist as a flawed human being who loves so completely despite the flaws of others. When I see him on my screen tonight, I will smile, and feel completely and totally blessed to have found him.

I love Sam Winchester because he is good and kind and beautiful. I love Sam Winchester because he heals, and because, somehow, he healed me.

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Your comment about being older (at 27!) inspired me to finally post. My name is Jeanne and I am a 49 year old atheist. I was raised Catholic but spent my whole life moving away from it. I’ve been a contented atheist for 9 years. I’ve been married 30 years, raised two children, love books and have stage 4 brain cancer. A death sentence does not make me turn to religion the least little bit. I am happier with my rational beliefs than I ever was in religion. My “come to rationality moment” was when my high school aged son pointed out that I was already an atheist in every other religion but Christianity.

Jeanne! You know what makes me EVEN HAPPIER than all the young people contributing to Faces of Atheists? People 30+ contributing! I think the young crowd is more reflective of the Tumblr user base than anything, but I don’t have many in-real-life Atheists in my life who are older than me, so it makes me so happy. :D I looooove that your high school son got you thinking differently about religion — that’s really cool. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. Best of luck to you! <3