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Today in "I think about this shitty show waaaay too much..."

… I dreamt that my cousins, who I was supposed to hang out with for the day, just randomly fucking ditched me… And I just angrily hang out by myself in some random outdoor location… And suddenly come across an Ishqbaaz shoot. Some kinda wedding/baaraat type sequence? I don’t remember much after that, except that Nakuul was very smiley and nice, and wanted to take a selfie with me to make my cousins jealous about the awesome time I was having without them, lol. 😝😝😝

I thought about telling him about this blog, but then decided against it because of the embarrassing trash fire that are my screamy thoughts. (Apparently even dream-me is paranoid about hiding my True Crazy, and subsequently makes decisions in my best interest. 😕😕😕)

I think I may need to get a hobby beyond this show, but my dream made me wake up happy as fuck, so maybe not??? 🙃🙃🙃

  • Name: Steven Stone
  • Age: 30
  • How well do we know each other?: I’m bros with your awesome cousin!
  • Do you have a pet name for me?: Capey! 
  • Do I have a pet name for you?: Rocco
  • Are you attracted to me?: You Rock! ;^)
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?: All of Hoenn and Johto is small, right?
  • Do you see children in our future?: At least 15.

     “ Now would be a good time to remind you how well I am at using a whip, Lance. ” 

  • “I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but having Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg and to see them all standing together, it’s a pretty dorky and cool experience for me,” says Snyder
  • “we have history to draw on, but we also have these new frontiers to forge”
  • [Affleck] also sees Bruce Wayne as much of a mask as the cowl worn by Batman and concentrated more on being the man rather than the myth
  • similarly, Cavill doesn’t make a separation between Superman and Clark Kent
  • ”[Diana]’s a powerful female superhero, which is a thing we haven’t had for a while,” Snyder says. “She’s a piece of IP that basically exists in pop culture in a way where every kid’s got a Wonder Woman T-shirt and they don’t really know why. I want to give the why back to that.”
  • affleck on SS: “it felt like I have such a cool cousin. This thing that is so awesome is somehow related to me, and that was really exciting because it started to feel like a constellation of things, and I’ve never had that feeling.”
  • “There’s a whole world of fantasy in comic books, and if you just focus on one small portion of it, you’re never going to get the full magic of it,” Cavill says. “Now that we’re introducing all these other characters and really building the universe to a far larger place than just a simple alien’s life on Earth, it really makes it extraordinarily interesting.” -[x]
One small step for a small pan (and hopefully, small pans everywhere)

I just have to say for all of my fellow pans struggling to come out to family members that i completely understand, but i did it. I came out to my first family member, my really close cousin.

She is 24 and she was taking me to breakfast. As most older relatives do, they tell you humiliating stories about their teenage years as a comedy life lesson. My cousin was talking about how while abstinence until marriage is bogus, you need to be comfortable and a lot of the times, men don’t take that into account. She said the whole ‘don’t waste your time on boys’ spiel, and gosh dang it, i saw my chance.

Now, mind you, i was planning on telling her almost three months before this point, but social anxiety and the stress of labeling myself anything other than heterosexual in a very strict family was terrifying. But when she said that, i knew what i had to do:

“Well, i sorta.. Like girls too. Equally. As well as any gender.” (Im a cis female so it was already assumed i liked males)

And guess what?
She just rolled with it.

“See, thats great. Stick with somebody who wont get you pregnant.” And she went on talking from there. I was in shell shock, expecting some sort of interrogation or at least some questions! But she adapted instantly, and i am moreover grateful.

I know for a lot of pans and other LGBTQA+ people, coming out to family is an entire world different from friends. You’re stuck with family regardless of what they think, and you love them dearly. I also know that i am extremely fortunate to have such an awesome cousin. But, if you’re trying to gather up some courage to tell somebody you love, consider this a little push. I know you can do it.

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Part 3 to "Imagine you are in love with Dean but only Sam knows.

Not my gifs

A/N:Finally! Part 3.Hope you like it.I’m sorry I made you wait for this one guys.

P.S.:I passed the English exam!…But other two exams are waiting for me in three weeks.

“No one.” You answered Dean quickly. ”You have the name written on your hand, Y/n! I’m drunk but I’m not stupid!” Dean almost shouted. ”It’s none of your bussines, Dean.” You said looking into his eyes but he didn’t say anything.You turned your back and went to the bathroom to change in your PJ’s. ”Sam, I’m sharing the bed with you.” You said and entered the bathroom.Sam nodded then looked at Dean.

”You’re a jerk.You know that?”  “What for?What got into you Sammy?” Dean looked at him offended. “You’ll figure it out sooner or later.But make sure it won’t be too late.” Dean didn’t know what his brother wanted to say and the alcohol wasn’t helping him. He left the words at the back of his mind and tried to fall asleep, still that name written on your left hand bothering him.

When you got out of thr bathroom Sam was asleep and so did Dean, or so you thought. You hopped in the bed slowly with your back turned from Dean’s bed.Dean rolled on the other side staring at your back on the other bed.Usually you two would share the bed more often because Sam was barely a giant, but now he didn’t know what he did to upset you, he was clueless.

After a few minutes he finally falled asleep, but you didn’t.This time you turned looking at his sleeping form.You loved seeing him so peaceful when he was asleep, especially in the morning when by “accident” you would wake up wrapped in his strong arms.But now, this things just hurt you because you know he doesn’t feel the same as you.All you need is to get over your feelings, to get over him even if it’s hard to do it you’ll try.

You tried to fall asleep your mind being occupied just by Dean and the way he reacted when he saw James’ s name and number written on your hand.Jealousy?Impossible, and after that you falled asleep.

You woke up to the light of the sun that was making its way trough the window.You opened your eyes but Sam wasn’t in bed, neither Dean.You got up hearing the shower then went in the little kitchen to make some coffee.You heard the bathroom’s door opening and you saw Dean who had a pale face. “Mornin’" He said walking towards you.

“Morning.“ You looked down at the mug of coffee on the table. "Want some coffee?” You said. “Umm..yeah.Thanks.Do you know where Sam is?” He said as you handed him the cup of coffee. "I think he went to take some groceries.How’s your head?” You asked, still, not looking at him. “It’s better, but hurted like hell.” You would laugh at him whenever he had a hungover but after last night…

“Y/n…I..” He was cut off by Sam who entered the door. “Hey guys! I went out to get some stuff and guess what?” Sam said. “What?” You and Dean asked at the same time and looked at each other then at Sam. “I found a new case in a town who’s just an hour distance from this one.”  “So…What’s the case?” Dean asked

“Two couples, in their 20’s, killed in the exact same way.Their hearts were ripped off their chests.”  “That sounds like something in our domain.” Dean said and looked at you. “Yeah..” After you eated you packed your belongings and you thought of calling James.Even if he was almost a stranger you had a feeling about him and you didn’t want to live without saying goodbye.

Last night you wrote the number in your phone.You dialed and after a few seconds he answered. “Hello?”  “Hi James! It’s Y/n.” “Oh! Hey, Y/n.How are doing?” You smiled but you didn’t noticed that Dean entered the room. “I’m fine..I just called to say I’m leaving the town and probably we won’t see eachother again.”  “I’m sorry to hear that.I was hoping we would get to know eachother better than just talk on the phone.” His tone was sad. “Yeah, me too James.I told you I travel a lot and I’m not settling down soon, but the town I’m going to is just an hour distance.”  “I think I’ll be able to come, I have a cousin there.” He said. “That will be awesome…”

Then you heard Dean clearing his throat. “Oh! Umm..I have to go now.Bye.”  “Bye.See ya.” You hung up and took your duffle bag and Dean looked at you. “Ready?”  “Uh huh.”

The ride was quiet, usually you were the one who was talking all the road, but you weren’t in the mood, so you just closed your eyes listening to your favourite rock song that was playing on the radio, hearing Dean humming the lyrics.

You arrived at a motel wich had two beds, again.Oh no.You thought. "I’m taking this one.” Sam pointed to the one on the left and you gave him a bitch face but he just shrugged his shoulders.This meant you and Dean were sharing.Dean smiled at the thought of you right next to him. You, on the other hand, weren’t that happy to sleep beside him after what happened. “Left or right?” Dean asked smiling. ”Doesn’t matter.” You said ”Oh, ok…right then.” He said, his smile falling.

The past few days you barely spoke to Dean or even look at him, you couldn’t, just when it was about the case or research.His voice, his smile, his laugh it was like a knife in your heart.

Why did I had to fall in love with him?It hurts me when I ignore him, but it hurts when I don’t, too…Why it has to be so complicated?I shouldn’t fall for him…Dean Winchester, why did you appeared in my life?To broke my heart whenever you flirt or sleep with girls that don’t deserve you?Why do I have to be so sensitive and cry for a man who doesn’t even love me? You thought trying not to cry, with your back turned to Dean.You couldn’t sleep.

You felt a few tears running on your cheeks.

Dean was with his back turned, too, trying his best not to take you in his arms.

Why is she ignoring me?What I did wrong?I miss the way I made her laugh when I would say a joke, or the late night talks when we would share a beer and put pranks on Sam.I don’t know what’s bothering her but I want to know, maybe I could make up to her if I did something wrong.Right now, if she would let me I’ll just take her in my arms and kis…No, no, no..I can’t do that, we are just friends, or we aren’t even friends.She wouldn’t even talk to me, why would she want to be with a broken man like me.I’m poison, but I can’t deny that…that I love her.