i have at least 60 digital comics


What’s a Zine?
A Zine is a cheap, non-commercial and small distribution magazine usually with a specific subject, in this one Late Night Crew is the theme.

What do I expect to see in this Zine?
Mostly illustrations, comics and fanfics.

Will this be printed?
Yes! and that’s why I’m starting the inscription super early so everything goes smooth as possible. It will A4 of size (8.268 x 11.693 inches), I expect it to have at least from 40 to 60 pages and full color.
I hope to print at least 100 of them and profits will go to charity.

What do you need for me?
I need you to make art! illustrations, painting, photography, comics, fanfics, anything creative is accepted and everyone is accepted!!

What happens if not everyone fits in the Zine?
eaaasy! I’ll distribute two version, the printed version and the digital version.

What’s the plan with the dates?
Deadline to sign in: July 23th
Ideal date to announce the participant of the zine: July 24th
Deadline to send the artwork: September 17th
Pre-order starts: September 20th
Expected date to start shipping: October 18th (international mail can take from 2 to 1 week to ship, that’s why so early)

What about the digital version?
The digital version will be distributed on October 31th

Do you have some social network where I can keep up with the process of this Zine?
Yes! the official twitter www.twitter.com/LNCzine

So yeah, here are the rules about the art permitted on this zine:

-The art has to be only related to the Late Night Crew members, that includes official members, special invited, mods and DnD characters.
-No pornographic content, we need to keep this PG enough.
-Any kind of art is permitted, crafts (a photography of it at least), illustration, fanfic, comics, photography, fanfics, traditional art, digital art. Be creative.
-If someone makes some kinda of video or music I’ll make sure to add a QR code so people can go check it out.
-No shipping unless is canon couples. No Jund x Snake or Cry x Russ kissing for example.
-Use your own art! I don’t want to see other people’s art manipulated on a pic or a video.
-The art has to be totally new! You can’t post the piece after some time of the Zine is sold out and distributed digitally.
-The best quality for a printed art is 3169x4271px 300dpi, but I’ll be sure to send you a template so you get the size right and nothing get cut. If you can’t reach this quality, no worries! your art will go to the Digital version.