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Don't get me wrong I'm a massive Kitchie fan and even with my shipper goggles on it's obvious that Richie has some complex feelings for Kate. But what about Kate? How can we be sure she has romantic feelings for either brother? After all she's been through maybe she'll just want to be away from both of them. I also don't want her to be reduced to just the "girlfriend", I love her character! IDK, this weeks episode got me a bit worried that SethxKate will swoop in at the last minute!

Tbh anon I’m not worried about SK at all. I’m especially not worried about Kichie because its still on and the writers have been sticking strictly to the narrative. I’m just sitting back here and enjoying Dusk. Nothing about 3x07 made me weary it was practically a filler and another excuse to keep Richie and Kate apart longer.

I know we’re gonna get unexpected surprises in the episodes to come according to 3x09 and 3x10 based on Zane and Madison’s subtle tweets. Even Coto hinted at something when he said “Richie and Kate’s relationship is more complicated than Seth and Kate”. And the way the writers have been building Kichie’s connection this year is all leading towards a major plot-point. 

I had a theory that Richie purposely gave himself over to Amaru in 3x05 not just to save that family but as a way to get closer to Amaru in order to defeat her and save Kate. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. He didn’t count on coming under her control however Richie is using his new telepathic ability to tap into Amaru’s mind; see what she sees. I also think Richie’s vision-serpent power isn’t just tied to Amaru but Kate as well. He alluded to it when he told Seth he heard a voice calling to him for “help”. What if he was hearing Kate not Amaru? And I also talked about this when I answered an anon who mentioned Richie’s third eye sometimes changes blue like his eyes or green like Kate’s

You’re right though we have no idea what Kate’s feelings are towards the Geckos. However we have gotten some teases here and there like when Amaru said Kate had a “strange fixation” on the brothers. Or when Amaru said Richie was “dangerous” and made herself physically scarce from him at the asylum in order to keep him apart from Kate which is still a mystery. And then there’s the fact that Amaru is using Kate’s memories to torment Seth with guilt and love/affection to hurt Richie which is also intriguing. 

Don’t forget that when Kate came through for Seth in 3x07 she didn’t forgive him however Madison said twice on twitter that watching Amaru torturing Richie is hurting Kate. Again I ask myself why? It’s so obvious Kichie is complicated but I think that’s what makes them so appealing. I’m sure we’ll get Kate’s POV on her feelings for the brothers soon enough. I do have a sneaky suspicion though that her feelings for Richie run just a bit deeper. 

I’m a big sucker for EPIC romances and honestly it peeves me when people get upset over the idea of a female character becoming someone’s girlfriend. What about being reduced to someone’s boyfriend which I’ve seen happen many times in other shows? They’re not reducing Kate at all if she becomes a love interest. She has her own story but her story is also connected to the core characters like the Geckos, Scott and Freddie. You have to remember Dusk is about Seth and Richie Gecko first and foremost

So sit back and enjoy the ride anon.