i have asian friends

one time i was asked by someone if i were a half-asian, and i replied that i was 100% chinese. and they’re like “oh i thought you were half because you hang out with white people.” like… okay 1. i have asian friends too lol 2. i didn’t know that just because i’m asian i’m supposed to only hang out with asians. that doesn’t make me any less asian to hang out with some white people lmao. i wasn’t super offended but i don’t get why is there a stereotype that all asians hang out in groups and only talk to each other??

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I’m kinda sad that there is really no representation for Chinese, non-binary people.

Never mind the fact that there is already little to none representation for Asians in general.

Shout out to all the gay Asians. Shout out to asexual Asians who gets looked over for it. Shout out to bi/pansexual Asians. Shout out to Asians who are questioning their sexuality. Shout out to Asians questioning to their gender identity. Shout out to non binary Asians. Shout out to gender fluid Asians.

Most of all, shout out to Asians who has to stay in the closet due to their family.

You’re all cool and I hope to see the representation we can get someday.


to be inclusive of a character that’s not white, you don’t have to stereotype them heavily. for example, a latinx/arab/black etc character doesn’t have to have a stereotypic name. 

Yes, Arabs do name their daughters Fatima and Khadija etc., but a lot of us also have non-Arab or even more modern Arab names!! Like Nancy, Talya, Heidi, Lara, Meera, Ryan, Daniel, etc. An Arab character doesn’t have to have dark/tan skin. A lot of us have varying skin tones, from extremely pale to very dark. We come from different countries. Some of us have naturally blonde straight hair, some of us have black coily hair.  Some have blue eyes, some have black eyes. We’re not one image. (Same with Latinxs, etc).

An Asian character may be dark skinned. I have many friends from countries like Vietnam and Philippines who are Asians but are mostly tan or dark skinned! Asian ≠ only Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

A Muslim character doesn’t have to be dark skinned. Many Muslims are dark skinned, and many are light skinned, many are tanned, etc. Muslims can be Arab, African, Latinx, Asian, Caucasian… It’s a religion, not ethnicity or race.

My point is: by ignoring our diversity, you kind of erase the identity if you try to narrow everyone down to their stereotype when you’re trying to be inclusive. 

i hate it when boys (white boys especially) make really gross statements like “ugh Asian women are soooo hot and sexy haha I’m DEFINITELY not racist its just that they look so innocent” or “white girls are gross and scrawny and disgusting EW who would have sex with THAT lmao I want a girl who’s thick ;)” or “black girls are loud and fat ew gross but they’re hot though”

those are all real things I have heard people say and like for the record… a woman’s worth is not defined by how attractive you find them or their race… do you realize how gross you are being??? like I’m not saying u can’t have your preferences, you can date/bang whoever u want but you don’t have to be a creepy misogynistic racist while ur at it lol, sexualizing someones ethnicity is not a compliment

If you haven’t heard by now, but 3 Muslims were murdered and executed after a “parking dispute” in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It took hours for the media to even respond, and even then it’s not getting as much coverage as it should. They were 23, 21, and 19. Deah and Yusor had only been married for a month. Both going to dental school. And Razan, Yusor’s sister, was also a college student. They all gave back to their community in a myriad of ways.

I sincerely hope it’s not a hate crime. But with everything that’s happening in the world, with the media constantly perpetuating that Muslims are bad, and American Sniper, I have my concerns. I may not wear a headscarf, but I have family who do and plenty of friends who do. What kind of world are we living in that someone gets shot over something as inconsequential as a parking spot or their religion or their race? 

I have mostly seen my Muslim and South Asian friends commenting and spreading this story. I do hope there are others who are paying attention to what’s happening in the world - from Ferguson to Syria to Peshawar to Burma. 

The Five Four Stages of Grief Privilege

Have you ever noticed the similarities between the stages of grief presented in the Kübler-Ross Model and the arguments people with privilege use with minorities when they’re throwing a temper tantrum over being told something they like is offensive? 

I’d never considered it before, but after being attacked by gentiles because of my review of Kate Breslin’s antisemitic piece-of-trash novel, For Such a Time, I’ve noticed some striking parallels (with one glaring exception). 

  1. Denial - “This isn’t offensive! One Jewish reviewer out of hundreds liked it so it can’t be antisemitic!” “We’re honoring Native Americans with our mascot!” “I’m not racist; I have Asian friends!”
  2. Anger - “Why do you get to decide what’s racist just because you’re black?” “If you don’t like it, then don’t read it!” “You’re just saying this is sexist because you can’t get laid.”
  3. Bargaining - “I know in my heart I am not a racist.” “But vikings had dreadlocks, so it must be okay for white people to have them, too!” “Why do we have to be trans or cis - can’t we all just be human beings?” “It’s not my fault if you never educated me.”
  4. Depression - “Fine, everybody just pick on me. Even though I offered a lame non-apology and I have stated that I won’t change my mind and that I don’t care if other people are hurt. I’m the victim now.” 
  5. Acceptance

Yeah, about that last one…it seems like the vast majority of people rarely ever make it to acceptance. Sure, a few do, but more often then not, they go right back up to denial and repeat the cycle all over again. Because if you’re in a position of privilege, you don’t really have to accept what marginalized peoples are telling you. You don’t have to change your perceptions or give up the things you like. Having privilege is having power, and having power means…well, it means you don’t have to stop liking your new favorite Nazi Christian romance novel if you don’t goddamn want to.

NC: So my mother of all people told me that if I got all pink or all lavender box braids it would look ghetto and that she wish I didn’t have so many white and Asian friends. I lost it and out of rage and spite I posted a Facebook album full of black girls with hair colors that spanned the rainbow. I also went off in the description. Well now her feelings are hurt…I’ve apologized but it’s obvious she won’t speak to me. If you speak like my enemies….I will react like you are my enemy. I’m tired of everyone limiting black girls to mundane and boring lifestyles. Every other race of girl can be vibrant without judgement why can’t we? 


I’m so sick of being seen as “the angry black girl”.Shit it’s like we can’t ever comfortably express our emotions whenever we’re upset or feeling some type of way because people will claim that we are “angry”. I have an Asian friend who thinks this shit is cute, he’ll call me angry when I try to express my perspective on certain issues, when I’m irritated with something, or sometimes he just takes the things I say out of context and decides to label me as angry. Why do I have to be angry for showing emotion? Why do I have to be angry because I’m not afraid to speak out about something that upsets me? Sometimes I can’t even joke around with him or other people without them commenting some bullshit. They’ll claim it’s my tone of voice or how I word things. I even have a lot of people tell me that I “just look naturally angry”, what is that even supposed to mean? The funny thing is that there is a white girl in my friend group who is actually a real life bitch and can be very rude, but when she acts out nobody says anything about her. It used to not bother me at first, but I’ve been seeing this consistent pattern of people(mostly non-black) saying this to me and quite frankly if I wasn’t really upset before they make the comment, that is what really sets me off. Being a black girl is just so tiring sometimes and I hate feeling like I’m walking on eggshells because stupid people want to interpret my attitude the wrong way.

I grew up in a predominantly asian area, therefore I have/had many asian friends throughout my life. Whether it be Filipino or Pakistani, although I love my friends to pieces, much of their anti-blackness would irk me more often than not. If one of them complained saying ‘I wish I didn’t go browner in the summer’, I’d say their skin looks beautiful and melanin-rich either way. And they would say ‘Yes yours does because you’re black, but being asian, dark skin doesn’t look good.’ For many I think it comes down to the caste system and lighter skin equating to a higher caste. Although these are of a different ethnic group, they may look at me differently as a black girl, but there is no denying this comes down to the anti-blackness complex in Poc. I’d like to ignore it, or brush the comments of skin being ‘too dark’ under the carpet, but it can’t be escaped, the concept is constantly being driven into the media,taught in societies around the world and even closer to home- in people we know.