i have another exam tomorrow and


i know it’s somewhat silly to lay it out like this, talking to myself and all, but it helps slow down my chaotic thought processes, you know? it lets me structure and order them and it doesn’t seem so big and bad anymore.

I have another exam at 7:00 am tomorrow so it’s back to the books with me!! :) I no longer pull all-nighters (get at least 4 hours before an exam!!) but I intend to study for most of the night, so maybe I’ll make another post before I tuck in <3


23:03 // yet another set of history notes because this subject is so time consuming… i’m going to have my second igcse history exam tomorrow so i’m staying up a bit later than usual to revise 📖☕️ 

 ig: thesmartspo

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation



And I had another bath bomb! This one is the blackberry one from lush obviously ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
This is what my bed looks like before an exam, tomorrow I have two (help) ft some old biology notes 📝


04.07.17 // 5:38 PM

It’s about to be another long Friday night. I’ll be having my last practical exam in pathology tomorrow! Third year is so close, but first I have to finish this hell month of unlimited exams.

A quiet dinner

Request: Can I request a Carl smut where like he fingers u somewhere he’s not supposed to like during class or near other people or something and like teases u and then later they have sex? No pressure but it would be great if u wrote it! Ur others smuts r amazing btw Thanks:)

uhh sorry i’ve been dead i am a busy girl 

Word Count: 1,735

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You and Carl came from different worlds. You weren’t from the south side, and when you started attending his high school, you were the outcast. Your expensive clothes and name brand lunches set you apart from the rest of the south side high schoolers. You moved to Chicago after your parents split, and your dad brought you back to his hometown. Everyone viewed you as a rich bitch even though you were in the same boat as most of them. A lot of the guys hit on you, or tried to get you in bed, always wanting to be the one banging the rich girl. You turned down everyone and your reputation grew from rich bitch to rich prude. Carl, however, interested you. He had been sporting cornrows for your first few weeks in town, and he had recently taken them out. After this, his attitude changed as well. So after months of continuous flirting, you agreed to let him walk you home from school. At the end of your last class you found him waiting in the hallway.

“Didn’t forget? Surprising.” You comment while you both walk outside.

“Could never forget about you babe.” He says smiling at you. 

“Do you actually want to walk me home? or is there some ulterior motive?” You ask honestly. You know he doesn’t give a shit about walking you home safely. 

“I still can if you want. But I wanted to ask you something.” He paused and gave you a hopeful smile, making you slightly nervous. “Will you eat dinner with my family tonight? I told them I had a girlfriend as an excuse to stay out all night, and now they want me to bring someone over.” 

“Sure. Dinner with the Gallaghers should be fun.” You had heard all the stories about his family, they seemed exciting. He looked surprised by your answer.


“Why not? I’m not as much of a bitch as everyone thinks. I’m also not a prude.” You say with a wink. “Lead the way.” He smirks and pulls you with him towards his neighborhood.

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New collar has been added to the shop and I will be adding another angel wing set to my shop likely tomorrow, if I have the time to finish it. 


I have my exams this month, so I will not likely have too much activity but I’ll try my best to add some premades into the shop nonetheless. Orders are always treated as priority after all.


Modern AU // Nessian

Prompt: “Wrong number” 

Here you go. :)

I am going to kill him. I am actually going to kill him. I know I’ve said it before but this time I mean it. Nesta texts as she walks up the walkway to her house. 

If your killing people should you really be telling me? I don’t want to be associated with your crime. Nesta is surprised how fast her sister replied. Usually it takes her an hour at the minimum to reply. 

Feyre, I don’t have time for your jokes. I need you to talk me down before I go over there and run him over with my car. Nesta shot back, as she unlocked her door and walking into her empty house. She had moved here a year ago and was still slowly unpacking. 

Would running him over be the best choice? It’d be pretty messy. 

Can you stop being such a sociopath? I actually need help right now. 

Nesta pauses, before continuing to text. I caught him with another girl. again. 

Who? Nesta rolls her eyes when she reads her sisters reply. She was probably trying to multitask again. 

My boyfriend, Tomas? Are you drunk? Don’t you have an exam tomorrow morning that you shouldn’t be hungover for?

I just wanted to make sure we were still talking about the same guy. Why have you let this guy cheat on you twice?

Do you know how disappointed dad would be if I broke up with him? I just need to figure out a way to let him down easy. 

Don’t let him down easy. Dump his sorry *peach emoji* Nesta furrows her brow at her sisters choice of emoji. Feyre never used emojis. 

I meant I have to let dad down easy. I’ve told you about my plan for the break up before. How exactly could you forget that? 

Cassian looks up from his phone when his friend Rhys walks through the door. “We have a case down at the east side. It was a hit and run,” Rhys says, dropping the case file on his desk. 

Cassian looks down at his phone and then back up at Rhys. “Who was it?” he asks. 

“If you read the file I just dropped on your desk you would know that it was an old lady who goes by the name, Bertha,” Rhys replies, gathering the stuff he needed for the case. 

“Hey, ladies, you coming or what?” Mor yells, walking past their desks. “We have an old lady we need to avenge.” 

Cassian rolls his eyes as he gets up to follow them. His phone buzzes in his pocket and he sees a new message from the number that’s been texting him all morning. I am having dinner with dad tomorrow. Could you come for backup? I would rather not be killed before I have a chance to make Tomas cry.

Cassian laughs earning a curious glance from Mor. “Nice phone. I see you finally took my advice and upgraded. Who’s are you texting that has you all smiley?” she asks, matching his pace and trying to look over his shoulder at his phone. 

Cassian sends a quick reply, Remind me in person. You know how stressed I’ve been with my exams I’ll probably forget. “I don’t know actually, it’s a wrong number,” he shrugs. 

“Seriously? Your not going to tell me?” Mor exclaims, “I’ll figure it out eventually. You can’t keep secrets for long.” 

Cassian chuckles as he follows them towards the squad car. 

“Hey Feyre,” Nesta says, walking into her sisters apartment. Feyre was seated at her kitchen table surrounded by open books and lecture notes. “Having fun studying?” 

“Oh yeah, I just love being up to my nose in exam review sheets,” Feyre replies, leaning back in her chair and stretching her arm. “What brings you here?” 

“I am here to remind you about dinner tonight, can you still come?” Nesta asks, walking over to Feyre’s fridge and grabs a water bottle. 

“We’re having dinner tonight?” Feyre asks. 

Nesta laughs, “Yeah, can you come? I am going to tell about Tomas.” 

“Really? What did he do this time?” Feyre asks. 

Nesta raises an eyebrow suspiciously, “Maybe you should take a break from studying.” 

Feyre nods, “Your probably right. Okay, I’ll come to dinner tonight. I just need to go change,” she says. 

Nesta sits down on the couch as Feyre disappears into her room. She emerges minutes later no longer in pajamas. “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I got a new phone,” she says, holding up her new phone. “Do you want to go ahead and get my new number?”

Nesta freezes, “Wait, you have a new number? When did you get a new phone?” 

Feyre shrugs as she grabs her jacket. “About three days? Maybe four.” 

Nesta looks down at her phone and then back up at Feyre. Who has she been texting the past day and a half? 

Started as a prompt and might turn into a series? Would you guys want that?

Sick of Losing Soulmates - Sherlock x reader

A/N: Sherlock Holmes has ruined me completely and there is no denying it. Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore, because it’s 11:13 in a thursday morning and I have this somewhat important exam tomorrow, yet I’m here with another request because why the fuck not, right?
But anyways, drama aside, I really hope you guys enjoy this. Also, for the lovely people who have sent me requests, do not fear, I have not forgotten about you. They will be coming soon, I promise, because mind you I am not done with ruining my life just yet.

Requested by anon: sherlock x reader song fic based on sick of losing soulmates by dodie?

Word count: 2413
Warnings: angst because I’m all in for it

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17.05.24 – another weekly spread :)

I had a job interview today and have an internship interview tomorrow and I’m hoping they both went/go well… I’m so busy this week with tests and presentations and essays but only one more week of uni left! (then exams - ugh don’t remind me)

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Randy Orton - Should’ve Listened

Randy Orton - Prompt #33 and #69: “Bite me.” “If you insist” and “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you. 

Requested for - Anon

Warnings - Swearing, Implied smut (idk)

Word Count - 996 words. 

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Another successful Smackdown live pay-per-view in the bag! A huge win for you and your bestfriend Nikki Bella in a tag match against Natalya and Carmella was the icing on the cake and now it was time for the celebrations to begin. 

A local bar had been hired out and everyone’s drinks pre-paid for by the big boss himself and it was safe to say that everyone; even the most sensible of superstars were totally wasted and you (normally one of the sensible ‘mothers’) found yourself talking to one of the guys you hated most out of the whole roster; Randy Orton.

In fact, you weren’t just talking to him - you were blatantly flirting with him and the sober part of you was still trying to listen to the angel on your shoulder (and you really knew you should be)- the side of your conscience that was still aware of who you were becoming involved with, the side that was screaming at you to go and find Nikki and John or even Naomi. But in your alcohol induced haze he was captivating you and your devil was winning. Everything about this man you usually despised was so intriguing and he was captivating your thoughts and damn he was putting your mind in the gutter - but did you really care right now?

Muscles straining against a tight white button up, those muscular thighs framed perfectly in a pair of tight fitting jeans, you could feel yourself gawking at him as he aimlessly rambled on about something you frankly didn’t care about. But you could see the staring being reciprocated clear as day as his blue eyes gazed upon your cleavage perfectly framed in a fitting maroon dress (that Nikki and basically forced you to wear) 

A giggle bubbled from your lips as you caught him staring, you went to move off of your bar stool but almost toppled over partly as a result of the alcohol and partly due to your stupid heels (that surprise, surprise Nikki made you wear) . Randy caught your arm and with a smirk ‘accidentally’ brushed pulled your smaller frame against his in order to support you - although even he stumbled in his worse for wear state.

“I think I should get you home” he mumbled into your ear spinning you around looping your arm through his. You nodded dizzily and giggled as you two stumbled to the bar exit - some part of you still looking around to make sure no one saw you and him leaving and to be honest, at this point you didn’t care that he was the most arrogant and self-conceited man on the whole roster. You were getting laid - and after months of no action it was a completely feasible idea to your drunken mind.

Soft moans escaped your lips as he threw you onto the somewhat uncomfortable mattress in your seedy hotel room, but the idea of no luxury was quickly dispersing from your brain and being replaced with pure bliss as Randy worked magic all over your body. Every nerve tingling at his very touch, you could tell he was teasing you, with painstakingly slow and light movements. He chuckled at your absentminded whines and whimpers before you really caught his attention.

“Bite me” you growled at him placing a harsh kiss on his lips, you received an even more animalistic growl back from Randy before he gave you a wink.

“If you insist” he murmured before attacking your neck - and if you were honest the rest of the night was just one pleasurable blur; one that almost certainly kept everyone awake.

You grabbed your phone of the bedside table, you head spinning and that unpleasant sick and hungover feeling washed over your body - along with some sort of muscle ache. You groaned aloud looking at the time 8:45 - far too early. You dropped your phone back down and rolled over only to be met with the warm presence of a body and a large tattooed arm slung over your waist and that’s when everything from last night came rushing back. As you continued to mull over what had happened the ultimate worst finally set in, you slapped your hand against your face in disgust and horror realising that you, last night did the deed with the most unbearable man on the the entire fucking roster. 

“Fuck sake!” you pretty much screamed waking the ever vain viper, he smirked as he turned his head to face you.

“Morning Gorgeous” he chuckled grabbing your hips a smug smirk etched onto his stupid face. You grimaced and forcefully shoved his hands off of your hips, standing up from the bed and dragging the sheet with you.

“Get out of my room, now” you huffed calmly launching his boxers at his chest, he once again snickered that always present cockiness radiating from him.

“C’mon you don’t want me to leave Y/N, you want this again” he motioned to his tanned also naked body. You flared your nostrils in anger taking in a deep breath trying to keep calm.

“I mean it Ran-” he interrupted you with some crude remark that you wouldn’t waste your time paying attention to and that’s when you finally snapped. You stroppily gathered the rest of his clothes from last night and threw them in his direction. “I’m fucking serious Randy, you have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you” you screamed manically from across the bed. He looked at you in shock as he slowly slid on his clothes and walked towards the door. He gave you one last look over his shoulder,

“You know you loved it Y/N” he sneered before slamming the door. You collapsed on your bed, head in your hands. What the fuck did i do you thought to yourself shaking your head in abysmal shame as you thought about all of last nights events. 

A/N: Hey guys another imagine finally here, Nikkii and I are so sorry we had exams last week so we didn’t even have time to breathe that’s why we were a bit inactive however, they’re over now which means hopefully we can get a few more imagines out for you guys! Also regarding Nikkii’s social media imagines the should be out tomorrow as she as had some troubles with her internet today. Anway, hope you guys enjoy this (slightly smuttier than usual) imagine ~ Moxxii 

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you’ll be alright

A/N so it’s my exam period and I’M STRESSED. So I decided to write this imagine for all you stressed out humans. It’s not exactly the fluffiest. It’s more of what I would like my boyfriend to do when I’m stressed. 

Pairings: Harry Holland x reader

Word Count: 1, 009


“So hydrogen gas is formed at the cathode and oxygen gas… wait no… it’s chlorine gas.” She sits by her desk, mumbling to herself as she deciphers the question. She sighs and run her hands through her hair that was clipped up. Her eyes glance up to the wall in front of her. Post it notes and encouraging quotes stuck to the wall, all surrounding her exam schedule.

“A calculus exam and a chemistry exam tomorrow.” She sighed once again. The exam stress was getting to her. Don’t. She told herself. She couldn’t afford wasting time on another episode. She let out a deep breath and bowed her head. She glances at the textbook again. I can do this. I can do this. I ca- what if I can’t? What if I fail the exams tomorrow? What if… what if I don’t score well. I won’t be able to get into college. I can’t disappoint mum and dad. I can’t let them down. They invested so much in me. They have high hopes. I have to do this.  I need to study. I need to do this. I have to do this… but I can’t. I’m so unprepared. I barely know anything. I can’t solve any calculus questions. I can’t get any chemistry facts in my head. Why? What is wrong with me?  

She rises from her seat and lies down on her bed. Tears threatening to spill out at any moment. What is wrong with me? She ponders as she closes her eyes. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. She tells herself. Nothing seems to work. Her head is clouded with thoughts and she reeks of anxiety. She sighs as she feels a hot tear trickle down her cheek. Not again. I can’t afford this. She groans. She can’t waste anymore time. I have to focus.

“Love… what’s wrong?” Right… he’s here. She looked up. A cup of tea in his hand, probably with too much milk. She bit her lip as he inched closer, and took a seat next to her. I

“Harry… I…” She opened her mouth to speak, but shut it quickly. I shouldn’t burden him with this. I can handle this on my own. He needs to focus on his film project.

“What is it?” Worry was evident on his face.

“It’s nothing.” She stood up, only to be pulled back down by him.

“Something is wrong… tell me Y/N. I can help.” She shook her head.

“Just tell me.” He begged.

“I’m stressed about my exams. I can’t memorise anything. My anxiety is getting bad. Everything is overwhelming.” She sighed in defeat, as if she accepted her fate that she will flunk the exam.

“Oh love… you should have told me sooner. Here. Let me help you.” He reached for the books on her desk and plopped them on her bed.

“But Harry… you went to BRIT school. You learnt different things from me.”

“I learnt some stuff from Sam.” He tugged on her arm, such that she sat next to him now. “So what are the three differences between addition polymerisation and condensation polymerisation?”

“Condensation polymerisation produces a by product while addition polymerisation does not. Addition polymers do not have linkages in them, while condensation polymers do. And… uhm…” She wrecked her brain, searching for the last difference. Remember! It’s somewhere in there. You have to think Y/N. Think! “Saturated monomers combine in condensation polymerisation while unsaturated monomers combine in addition polymerisation.”

“Good job! See, you do have something in your head.” He tapped her head lightly. “Don’t worry. Even if you think that there’s nothing in your head, it’s probably due to the stress. You can answer the questions just fine.” He ruffled her hair, earning a small smile from her.

“Thank you Harry… shouldn’t you be working on your short film?” She quirked an eyebrow.

“I have plenty of time.”

The next two hours were well spent. She could complete a few calculus questions, and chemistry facts could flow out of her effortlessly. She closed her book. It was 8pm . Time for dinner.

“Thank you for doing this.” She said as she plopped onto the bed.

“Your welcome.” He smiles as he lays down next to her. “It’s dinner time. We should head out.”

She walked out of her room only to see dinner on the table. She smiled. How did he prepare this?

“I got Haz to help me.” Harry said, pulling out a chair for her. He took his seat opposite her, and dinner began.

“Just a warning. It may be too much sugar or salt in it. Harrison doesn’t do measurements.” Harry said as she took a bite.

“It’s great. I’ll have to thank him later.” She grinned. Suddenly, a wave of nervousness hit her.  The familiar feeling that she dreaded. Anxiety was brewing inside of her. She tensed up, her hand was now gripping the side of the table.

“Penne for your thought.” Harry said as he slipped a piece of penne (it’s a type of pasta in case you’re wondering) into her plate. She looked at him and gulped. I shouldn’t burden him. She shook her head, suggesting that everything was alright.

“Another one.” He slipped another piece. Did he really want to know?

“I’m just so afraid… I can’t fail the exam. It’s my O level exam and it determines what school I get into next…” She buries her face in her hands.

He took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “It’s alright love… You’ll do well. Trust me. I was watching you and you’re prepared.”

She bit her lip as she fought back her tears. She could feel her own mind attacking itself. The nerves and anxiety seemed to be tearing her apart.

“Come here love.” He stood up with open arms. She went to him, closing her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. He stroked her hair, humming a calming song as they hugged.

“Don’t let the exam stress get to you love. You’ll be alright” He whispers and places a kiss on her forehead.

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AU request: Killua meets Gon on Whale Island when they are both much younger (like 7-9). Killua is shadowing a target, possibly still in training, and the ship they were on made a stop. Gon is just excited to meet another boy his own age on the island.

So this is like…a few months late at this point. Which is really really really bad, I am so sorry anon! But I finally got around to doing this since my flight was delayed another 3 hours. I’ll have to edit this sometime tomorrow once I get home, but I hope you enjoy!

Canon divergence, killugon au. The boys are only seven here so it’s waaaaay before the Hunter Exam. Killua is still under his family’s control at this point.


“-and, and, and-”

“And, what?! You can’t just go on and on like that, Gon! I swear one day my ears are going to start bleeding from your blabbing-”

“But that’s impossible, Killua!” Gon chirped, casting a grin over his shoulder and Killua glared at him. Gon’s stupid smile was so wide that Killua could make it out even in the darkness of the night.

“It’s a metaphor, idiot,” Killua said as he nimbly slipped between two bushes. “It doesn’t have to be true for me to make a point.”


Killua snorted at Gon’s perplexed tone. He’d only met the boy a week ago, but he already knew that grammar- or maybe just school in general- was not his strong point.

A week. Killua’s heart fell. It had already been a week. He was sure his target was still on Whale Island but…

“Killua, look!”

Gon’s yell jolted Killua out of his stupor. A few steps ahead, Gon was pointing at a large gaping hole that rose out of the ground. Before he could process what he was seeing, Gon had grabbed Killua’s wrist and was tugging him forward with enough vigor to make Killua stumble.

“Woah! Oi, Gon, be careful, I’m gonna fall-”

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there! Just a little bit longer, okay?”

Gon’s blatant excitement was contagious. Killua felt his heart start to quicken as adrenaline pumped through his veins, and he didn’t bother to hide the smile that tugged at his lips.

The entrance to the underground cave was covered by a curtain of thick leaves. This didn’t deter the pair; they just shoved through, not even stopping at the total and complete darkness that swallowed them whole. Killua’s senses were better attuned than most- assassin training did that to a person- and Gon was just plain weird, so neither boy had difficulty racing each other through the cave.

Blood roared in Killua’s ears as he sprinted through the blackness, Gon at his side. The air filling up his lungs was cool and musky, and he could feel the humidity growing with each pounding step on the hard dirt-


Killua dug his heels into the ground, rocks flying everywhere, and it was only Gon’s outstretched arm that kept him from running straight into a gigantic underground lake. Above them, a million teal lights flickered like stars. The reflecting image in the water below was stunning.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Gon asked quietly.

“It’s amazing,” Killua breathed, eyes wide. He’d never seen anything like this before, and he’d seen a lot of things for a seven-year-old.

“They’re worms.”

Killua blinked. “What?”

“The lights,” Gon said as he gestured to the ceiling. “They’re worms. They create this weird sticky goo up there and they eat all kinds of insects that get stuck in it.”

Gon looked up at the worms. The light cast his normally-cheerful face in a blue glow, but he wasn’t smiling now. If anything, his expression was thoughtful.

Killua frowned. It was strange for Gon to be so serious. What was going on?

“The goo is poisonous,” Gon continued. “So it can kill much bigger things than insects.”

“Like what?” Killua asked even as his stomach twisted and turned.

“Like bats. Or lizards that climb up there. Or sometimes fish that swim in here from a nearby river.”

“Okay?” Killua said. “And what’s your point?”

Gon’s brows furrowed. He kept his honey-brown gaze on the worms as he said, “My point, is that sometimes killing is a part of life. It happens a lot in the animal world, for example! Animals do it to defend their territory and stuff like that. But that doesn’t mean it’s not sad when it does happen. Killing is never a good thing.”

Gon finally turned to face Killua and Killua’s heart lurched at the intensity there.

Had Gon found out? Had he figured out why Killua was on Whale Island? That had to be it. He wouldn’t have brought Killua here, wouldn’t have said these things to him if he didn’t know-

“Killua,” Gon said with a slight frown. “I’m not sure exactly what you came to Whale Island for. When I first saw you, I was just really happy that there was another boy my age here! I’m glad we met! I’ve had more fun with you than ever before! But…”

Killua whispered, “But, what?”

Gon took a deep breath. “But I think you should think about why you came here. And if you were chasing whatever it was for a good reason.”

Killua clenched his hands into fists to keep them from shaking. He couldn’t tell if it was anger or fear that was making his whole body tremble like a leaf in the wind. Gon always said things that made Killua’s head turn on itself. Things that confused and intrigued him.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said as steadily as he could manage. Gon couldn’t know. He couldn’t. Killua didn’t want to think about what it would mean if Gon did know.

Gon kicked a pebble into the lake. “Maybe not,” he admitted and ice shot down Killua’s spine at Gon’s next words-

“But /you/ do.”

Some things never change...

Request: A quote request for Sirius and reader! - “I almost forgot that you did that.” “Well, some things never change.”

A/N: Hello my loves! This is my second to last request, and I should be able to post the final one tomorrow, and the first part of my fic the following day (but I will be making another, more detailed post about it tomorrow). This also means I will be opening requests back up soon, probably the first week of April as that’s when I’ve finished both, mock exams and prom (again, a more detailed post coming soon). Thank you very much for bearing with me, I have so much love for you all! xoxo

Chatter fills the corridor in front of the Great Hall, nervousness clinging to each word that sounds through the air. The few minutes left until the beginning of the N.E.W.T. exam are brimming with the rushed reading of notes and hasty exchanges of questions and anxious answers.

In the crowd, Y/N spots Sirius Black, his slim frame leaning against a marbled wall, dark hair falling over the defined edges of his jaw. She expects to see the same frenzied expression on his face that seems to stick to all the others surrounding her, but a flip of black hair reveals a dazzling smile, filled with an unexpected confidence.

“You don’t look nervous,” she states, her brows knotting into a confused frown as she tilts her head to the side.

“That’s because I’m not,” his grin widens with his response.

“You do know what’s happening here in like 5 minutes, right?”

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Welcome to our frat house!

Okay well, @dtk15 requested a snowed in version which I’ll be posting shortly after this post, but I thought I’d make another college AU orientated one. So thanks for the ideas and prompts, dude!

The tv lolled quietly in the background, a soft click echoing throughout the silent halls as Jonathan dug himself deeper underneath his teddy bear. The lights were off and his eyes trained fearfully at the horror show playing. Annabelle.

“Johnny! We’re home, mother fucker!” Luke’s voice echoed in the halls, frightening the lad on the couch to diving for the remote and a mix of hiding his face to muffle his scream or wave back and at least try to be friendly back.

He ended up falling on his knees and face on the ground, his teddy bear stealing his spot gleefully. “Why are you…” uke started but looked up and shook his head with a sigh.

“Another horror movie? Jonathan, we have exams tomorrow, you’re gonna hate not being able to sleep tonight.” Evan sent a concerned glance to his friend.

“I-I’ll be fine if you don’t purposely scare me, bitches!”

Tyler laughed, “I could do much better than Luke, trust me.”

Evan glared at Tyler before sighing and plopping next to Jonathan on the couch. Jonathan scooted against the arm of the loveseat(2-seat couch usually for couples), his left arm grazing against Evan’s right one. “We bought soda.”

Jonathan nodded, his face lightly red from embarrassment. He gladly took the can of pop from Evan and greedily slurped a quarter down before sputtering on a cough as a sudden wail from behind interrupted the peace.

Evan placed a comforting hand on Jonathan’s shoulders as Tyler snickered behind the sudden frightened male. “Come on, Ty, leave him be.”

“Fine, fine.” Tyler grinned, winking at Evan and heading into the kitchen to help put away groceries.

Evan softly smiled, hearing Tyler start bickering with Craig about breakfast, Brock cutting in to say he’d be cooking before school every morning anyway.

Jonathan shuddered lightly and grasped the remote in his free hand, slurping his pop quickly as he resumed his show. Evan sighed and snuggled close under the blankets, pulling Jonathan’s teddy bear from between them to his lap and setting him against Evan’s side with a knowing smile.

The two were left to their show in fright, joy, and satisfaction by their somewhat respectful friends. This caused a smile to appear on their lips as they cuddled even closer for more comfort against the frightening wails of the doll or ghost on the show.

Jonathan nuzzled his head in the crook of Evan’s neck, “Thanks buddy…”

“No problem. Love ya.”

“I love ya too, Evay bear…” Jonathan yawned, watching his show with droopy eyes.

Evan smiled, pecking his cheek before nuzzling his cheek against the top of Jonathan’s forehead, lolling off to sleep himself .

I feel 100% more like a person after running 3 mile (3 MILES!!!!!). I had to walk a tiny bit, mainly on the steep parts of a few hills, but considering this is the farthest I’ve run since my injury, I’ll take it. It probably wasn’t fast, but it felt GOOD.Eating a little more may not be so bad? Maybe it’ll improve my running performance? 

I may take this as another rest day from the Evolution of a Goddess challenge because I have an exam tomorrow morning and I don’t want to over strain my legs.

 I MISSED RUNNING! I ran one of my favorite routes of all times and it was so nice to be able to just go again? I can’t wait until I’m able to start doing even longer runs. I missed it so much you guys, I’m so happy I’m able to do it again. 

Dear Friend,

April 3, 2017

I had a very busy day today.
I woke up at 7:30am.
I didn’t need to be awake until 9:30am, but I couldn’t go back to sleep after I got up to use the restroom.
For some odd reason my mind just started racing.
I kept thinking and I didn’t know how to make it stop.
That was going on for a whole hour.

When I finally got up, I opened my door and was blinded by the bright sunlight burning through the windows in the dining room.
My mom had the blinds open for the natural lighting instead of using our fluorescents.
She was sitting by the bar, typing away on her laptop, and working on some paperwork.

“Good morning Mom,” I said.

“Good morning Papi,” she replied.
She calls me that when she’s in a good mood. 

I walked passed her and headed towards the kitchen.
I had prepared an overnight oatmeal recipe the night before, so the first thing I did was open the fridge to get my breakfast.
I normally don’t eat breakfast, but I’m trying to fix that.

This was my second attempt at making this overnight oatmeal.
I made it with almond milk, plain yogurt, honey, cocoa powder, and chia seeds.
It was supposed to have strawberries as well, but we didn’t have any, unfortunately.
And to be honest, it wasn’t as great as the first time I made it.

When I finished eating my chocolate strawberry-less oatmeal, it was time for me to get ready for school.
I took a shower, brushed my teeth, changed into some nice clothes, put on my black Steve Madden boots, and fixed my hair.
Then, I left to school.

I walked toward my class which was located in the business building.
I was there thirty minutes early for class and I was actually pretty happy about that because I was about to take an exam.
I sat down in the first empty seat I saw and started to study for the time being.

I remember this one classmate of mine was walking in circles around the hallways of the building.
He was wearing sweatpants and I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear.
It was really a nice sight to see - I wish you were there to stare at his junk with me. 

My thirty minutes of studying came to an end…
I unconfidently walked into class to fail my exam.
To my surprise, it was a lot easier than I thought, but to be honest I don’t expect to get higher than a “D”.
I will find out by tomorrow how I truly did.

After my exam, I walked to another building - The College of Liberal Arts.
I went there in hopes of running into an old English professor.
I printed out a copy of one of the letters I have sent you…
I’m thinking about publishing it…
I hope that’s okay…

Thankfully, she was there!
I told her about what I was doing and what I was expecting from her.
She’s such a kind woman.
I’m not even her student anymore and she agreed to help me with this.
She even said she’d give it to her colleague because he’s a creative writing professor.
She said she doesn’t have that kind of experience.
She mostly only reads and writes for academic purposes.

Soon after I told my professor goodbye (and many thank you’s), I headed toward the writing center to get a second opinion on the same letter.

The girl that helped me was very kind.
I was so nervous to let her read it and judge it in front of me.
Honestly, I was scared she was going to think it was nonfiction (obviously, it is, but I didn’t want her to get that impression).
I was shaking for a few moments and my palms started to sweat.

She didn’t have to edit it much.
She just told me I had a lot of punctuation mistakes.
I should really work on that.

It was actually really nice to be next to her while she read my excerpt.
She let out a few sighs as if she could relate.
She let out subtle aw’s under her breath.
She also let out a giggle at one point.
It was very comforting to see someone’s real life reactions while reading something I wrote.
It makes me wonder if you do them too.

Afterward, I ended up going to my previous workplace to interview my ex-manager for a project I have for my management class.
When I got there, everyone who I used to work with was still there.
I only saw one unfamiliar face there.
The guy was obviously new.

Everyone said hello and asked how I was doing.
I made small talk with them for as long as I could.
Then, I sat in the way corner of the restaurant and waited for my ex-manager to sit with me.

When she got to the table she said, “I hope you don’t mind me eating right now. I’m starving.”

“No, of course! Don’t worry about it.” I said encouragingly with a big smile.

“Alright then, good! So… let’s make this happen. Hit me with your best questions,” she said. “Show me what you got.”

I laughed, looked down at my notes and started interviewing her.
It lasted about thirty minutes.
I had worked with her for over three years and I can honestly say I learned so much more about her today in this one session alone than those three years with her.

Later, I got something to eat before going into work.
I had Chinese; it was sadly very unsatisfying.

I was only at work for a few hours.
Nothing worth mentioning happened there.

When I got home, I was greeted by my mom the same way she greeted me in the morning.
She was at the bar doing work on her laptop again - I was living in déjà vu. 
My dad was in the living room watching TV.
“How was your day Papi?” She asked while I walked into the kitchen.

“It was okay. I’ve just been really busy all day and I’m about to go eat with Josh,” I said.

“Really? At this hour? Where are you guys going?”

I didn’t realize it was already 10:30pm. “Yeah. I’m pretty hungry and I want to see him. We’re supposed to go to Applebee’s. To be honest, I’m not too sure if I’m going after all because you know how he is with his kids and all. Sometimes he’ll say let’s go, then ten minutes later he’ll say never mind because one of his twins woke up or something.”

“Yeah. You’re right,” she agreed.

I continued talking to my mom for a moment; all while preparing my breakfast for the week.
I’m trying to eat healthier, so I’ve been making the overnight oatmeal I mentioned earlier almost every night.
To save time, I decided to prep for the next four mornings.

I got papers, blunts, bongs.
All the ingredients to make a high nigga pie.
Just kidding.
That’s one of my favorite line’s in Scary Movie; I just had to say it, sorry.
Let me start over.

I got oats, almond milk, cocoa powder, yogurt, chia seeds, yogurt and strawberries.
All the ingredients to make my chocolate strawberry oatmeal (yes, we had strawberries this time).
It didn’t take me long.
Just before I finished up, Josh called me.

“Hey! Do you still want to go to Applebee’s? I got my dad’s truck, so I can just meet you there.” He sounded really happy to go and meet with me. 

“Yeah. Of course. I just need to finish something. If you get there before me you know what to order me right?” I asked.

“Cedar Grilled Chicken?” He questioned. 


“Okay. See you later.”

I hung up the phone and continued to make my oatmeal.
My stomach was feeling really empty so I tried to hurry.
When I was done, I got my keys and rushed out the front door.

I sped my way through the streets and through the highway. 
In times like these - when I’m anxious to see my best friend and hungry - I’m glad the speed limit on the highway is seventy-five miles per hour. 
So, it surely didn’t take me long to get there. 

When I showed up at the restaurant, I walked in and noticed he was sitting at one of the high tables that surrounded the bar.
I walked up to him, he saw me and we both smiled at each other. 
He looked so cute with his freshly new haircut and clean shaved face. 

He knows I don’t like facial hair. 
Sometimes I wonder if he shaves it just for me. 
I doubt he did it for me this time because he just started a new job at a restaurant; they prefer if you don’t have any facial hair. 

“Hey Josh,” I said with a big smile. 

“Hey Alex,” he responded. He mirrored my smile. 

“Did you already order for me?” I asked. 

“Yeah, I ordered for you. It should be coming out in a little bit. I got wings - buffalo and bbq flavored. And of course I ordered your chicken for you.”

“Thanks, because I’m starving!”

The rest of the night consisted of us talking about movies, games, a girl that he’s talking to and our lives. 
He talked about his twins. 
I talked about my love life - or lack thereof. 
This was going on for over an hour. 

When it started getting late, I paid for the tab and we walked out together. 
I started walking him to his truck and when we turned the corner of the restaurant I gave him a big hug. 
We kept our arms wrapped over each other’s shoulder and kept walking toward his truck together. 

It was really cute, because I felt like we were a couple - I’m sure it looked like that to other people who could see us through the windows of the restaurant - but we aren’t. 
He’s just a really great friend who deserves all my love and appreciation.
He’s been there for me every single time, and that’s not me being overdramatic. 
We talk every day.
I see him two to three times a week - four on a good one.
I just love him to death.  
I really do.
And I know he really loves me too. 
I can honestly say bravely that I’d do anything for him. 

“Hey,” he said as he looked at me. 
I turned over to him and looked straight into his brown eyes.
His face was close to mine because we were still holding on to each other. 
“Thank you for the food baby, and the drink of course,” he continued. 
I like it when he calls me names.

I laughed. “You’re welcome Josh. You don’t have to thank me though,” I lied.
Of course he has to thank me. 
I just said that so I could fish for more appreciative comments. 

“Yes I do. You always buy me food. And you’re always there for me when I need you. Or when I need money - you give it to me. The least I could do is tell you thank you. I love you Alex.”
I swear, I feel like he and I make the perfect homo-hetero couple.

My heart fluttered when I heard him say that. 
That’s all I ever want in a relationship - whether it be a friend or a boyfriend - all I ever want is to feel wanted, appreciated, important, and, of course, loved. 
“I love you too, Josh,” I said with a smirk. 

We finally got to his truck and I gave him another hug before I said goodbye. 
“I’ll text you when I get home,” I said.
“You better,” he demanded. 
And I did. 

I didn’t do much after I got home. 
To be honest, there was nothing for me to do. 
I didn’t have homework and there was nothing productive to do around the house. 

So, I decided to have a bit of downtime by myself. 
I made popcorn, heated up some nacho cheese, poured some hot cheetos in my bowl of freshly popped popcorn and pigged out in my room while watching a new episode of Riverdale. 
I only saw about twenty minutes of it though, because I couldn’t stay up too late. 

I also really wanted to tell you about my day. 
I don’t know why. 
I guess I just wanted to say that I wish I had more days like this - days where I’m busy as hell and distracted that I don’t even have the time to think about the bad things. 

So here I am writing to you. 
It’s already passed midnight; I should really go to sleep soon.
I have to wake up early in the morning because my friends and I are going to the school clinic to get our blood checked. 
I’m getting tested for STD’s and general blood work like my sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. 
I’m not sure if my friends are getting checked for STD’s. 

By the way, I know I’m always ranting to you; so, I just wanted to take this time to tell you thank you - I know I don’t do it enough.
So… Thank you!

I have learned to appreciate what you have while you still got it, because one day it will be taken away from you in the most tragic, unprepared way. 

Until Next Time… 
Love always,