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Well, there were paps' pics of David in LA at different times in this summer. He was on West snap chat, and West was in LA, so he was in Cali and this is a fact. PM was there one day and he was working. Also, he was promoting the crown in London so he wasn't vacationing, but of course, your word must be more important, right? Parents didn't teach you to respect people even when they have different opinions? You have some unhealthy obsession about gillovny... why the fuck you care?

Personally, I don’t think I have an obsession when you are the one coming to me with David’s kids whereabouts… 

Hot Water

PAIRING- reader x Tony Stark 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (Wrap it up irl guys) 

Request from Anon- Ok so I have this unhealthy obsession of RDJ and hottubs, don’t ask me why. Could you please do a smutty reader x Tony oneshot in a hottub? Can’t believe i’m asking this. 

Well I’m glad you asked this because it gave me a change to write more Tony smut *grins* even though I lost inspiration halfway through (idk what happened? *shruggs*) anyway I hope its ok! Enjoy x 


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“You’re kidding right?” you asked slightly scandalous as Tony face fell slightly.

“Darling I didn’t install this bad boy just so I could joke” He raised his eyebrow whilst unbuttoning his shirt, you looked to Tony the corners of your mouth twitched slightly.

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Mac And Me (1988) tells the story of an alien family that gets transported to Earth and loses their youngest child, Mac, who is later taken in by a lonely kid. If this sounds eerily similar to E.T., it’s because the producers of Mac And Me have such an obvious, unhealthy obsession with Spielberg’s movie that I’m pretty sure this is how MAM got made: One day, someone stumbled upon their handmade E.T. gimp suits, and in a moment of panic, the producers blabbed something about them being costumes for a new alien movie they were working on.

A few months later, Mac And Me hit theaters, where thousands of people had to sit through an opening wherein an alien gets sprayed in the face with an unidentified liquid, and then proceeds to suck it. What happened later, though, was even more shameless.

Taking a Reese’s-Pieces-stained page from E.T., Mac And Me struck a product placement agreement with Coca-Cola whereby they would apparently replace half of their props with Coke cans.

It wouldn’t be so bad if that’s all they did, but like a kid on a runaway wheelchair speeding down a hill, it didn’t stop there. In the movie, Coca-Cola isn’t just the only liquid Mac is able to consume. At one point, it actually brings his dead family back to life. I know Coke has long been synonymous with Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it can perform fucking miracles.

5 Absurdly Unapologetic Hollywood Sellouts

File Under: Should Have Been a Sign
  • An almost unhealthy obsession with magical girl shows and comics
  • I’m not kidding, I used to literally run home to catch Sailor Moon after school
  • An equally unhealthy obsession with gender-bender comics
  • Which I attempted to hide by loudly talking shit about Ranma ½
  • I wasn’t fooling anyone
  • Deep, inexplicable (lol), and embarrassing interest in girl-centric media
  • See: girl-focused coming of age stories, romance and slice-of-life comics, four year subscription to Shoujo Beat
  • See also: previously mentioned magical girl/transformation obsession
  • Actively sought out games with female protagonists, or games that allowed the player to be a woman
  • Got unnecessarily excited when Pokemon Crystal came out because I could play Pokemon as a girl
  • Related: exclusively played women in tabletop games
  • Always felt welcome and comfortable in female spaces
  • Always felt out of place in male spaces
  • Drawn to Sapphic relationships and wlw in media
  • But never in a gross “lol lesbians” way
  • More of an “I am in love with Michiru and I hope she and Haruka are happy together forever” way
  • This was super confusing btw
  • Because I felt really drawn to gay and lesbian spaces but I liked girls? How do?
  • Decided I must be “gay”
  • I was wrong
  • Well
  • I guess I wasn’t wrong?
  • I wasn’t right anyway
  • Never had any significant male friendships
  • Numerous deep, rewarding, female friendships
  • “friendships”
  • Up until 2am talking about nothing “friendships”
  • Spoiler: I was crushing hard
  • Not that I could admit that to myself
  • Went through a phase where every night before bed I wished I would wake up a girl
  • But I DEFINITELY wasn’t trans
  • Nope
  • Not even a little bit

The only big four pairing I actually ship is Gajevy. Je//rza have spoken to each other like twice since they knew each other as little kids. Their bond is far too shaky and Jellal just keeps running from his guilt, hindering it from progressing any further. Gr//uvia is just plain unhealthy. Juvia is made to revolve around Gray to the point of a creepy obsession that makes him visibly uncomfortable and wastes all the potential her character ever had. (Which is plenty, if you ask me) And while I still like Na//Lu, I can’t say i’m “into” it anymore. Mashima has messed up their original dynamic and nowadays the pairing is just about Natsu harassing Lucy by invading her space and occaisonally saving her from the bad guys. Gajevy, too, has its flaws. They felt sort of rushed and seem practically glued to each other by now, but those are mistakes Mashima makes every time when writing romance… And yes, their first encounter was obviously horrible, but canon has shown how deeply Gajeel regrets it and how much he and Levy have come to care for one another.
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Share ten facts about yourself,then send this to your ten favourite followers (🌼**🌼)

1. My real name is Zain/Zayn/Zane spell it how you like 

2. I’m 25 and birthday is a secret XD

3. I have an unhealthy obsession with basketball :D

4. I’m a senior in college studying engineering

5. There was no fact #4.

6. Just kidding 

7. I am an optimist. I try to think positively about every situation

8. I try to make bad jokes every chance I get

9. Despite my heritage, I am more American than anything. 

10. The Weeknd and Drake are my two favorite artists right now

11. I love reading manga/watching anime during my free time

12. I’ve traveled to many different countries across the world, experiencing other cultures is something I never get tired of :)

masterpost of bullshit every ship i've ever been in has gotten

1. ereri - pedophilic and abusive; shipped only because they’re both attractive males and no other possible reason
2. eremika - incest; mikasa is unhealthily obsessed with eren
3. sinja - “they’re just best friends! why do the fujoshis have to make everything gay?”; “sinbad is clearly only interested in women!”
4. killugon - we’re rotten pedophiles for shipping two kids romantically as if kids don’t feel romantic attraction
5. yuno/yukki - gasai yuno is unhealthy and obsessive! abusive relationship! yukki should’ve picked the guy instead!
6. naegiri - what a boring ship! kirigiri barely has any emotions!
7. mikayuu - incestuous & abusive; clearly just brothers but fujoshis make it gay; mika is unhealthily obsessed with yuu; bottom!mika is ooc and only my preference is law
8. saigenos - saitama clearly said he’s not into dudes! respect his hetero sexual orientation! fujoshis ruin a perfectly good action series by making everything gay!
9. nezushi - wtf why was romance even necessary? nezumi and shion could have just stayed friends and it would’ve still worked.
10. kawoshin - kaworu is just a metaphor for the love that shinji desired. he’s not a real boy, so they’re not really a gay couple.
11. sebaciel - pedophilic and disgusting
12. royai - roy and riza are superior & subordinate. shipping them is supporting fraternisation and completely inappropriate.
13. komahina - unhealthy & abusive relationship; komaeda is mentally unstable so he’s likely to abuse hinata

moral of story: people are always going to give you shit no matter which ship you’re in, straight or gay, canonically healthy or not, etc. so just ship whatever you want and don’t let anyone get you down. if they have a problem, let them report you and take comfort in knowing that it’s unlikely to get anywhere.

there will always be ppl guilt tripping you by saying that what you enjoy triggers them, or is a disgrace to social justice. do reflect on your values in the waking world, but don’t fall into their trap either. love what you love and keep the respect fresh.

Shy Boy Meets Shy Girl

Anonymous Requested:  Jungkook scenario, where the reader lives in Atlanta where the boys are having a show.  You end up meeting them by chance in a coffee shop and Namjoon asks you to help them find their hotel.  You talk to Jungkook and V mostly, and the boys end up inviting you to dinner.  You’re Jungkook’s ideal type and he gives you a ticket to their show.

Genre:  Fluff

Pairing:  Jungkook X Reader

Setting:  I set this during their Red Bullet Part 2 mostly because I don’t really know what their hair will be like during Part 3….but also because I have an unhealthy obsession with Namjoon’s hair (I totally made it the blond cut because that’s my favorite hair on him, you cannot change my mind, I love that hair), I’m also obsessed with Yoongi’s blond hair as well, Jimin’s red hair, and let’s not talk about Jungkook…….this kid…….this era is what killed me and drew me back into BTS because I refused to stan a group with someone as young as him when they debuted.  But damn it all, Jungkook’s opening portion in ‘Dope’……..well, I think you can guess the rest. 

PS the police uniform didn’t help either…..HE’S FREAKING SEVENTEEN!?!?!?!  LIKE ARE YOU FOR REAL!?!?!  I died internally and then counted down to his 18th birthday.

A/N:  Sorry this took me longer than I anticipated it would, but Jungkook is so awkward sometimes and it doesn’t really help that I myself am an awkward conversationalist…..I hope this finds you well, Anon :)

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“Here’s your Caramel Macchiato, Miss.” Looking up from your phone, you smiled at the barista behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop.  Jared smiled back at you, nodding his head as you took your drink from him.

“Long night of homework?”  He asked politely, taking his cleaning towel and wiping down the counter while he talked to you.

You shook your head, ‘no’ taking a sip of the icy drink.  “Just wanted to catch up on some writing for my blog tonight, nothing too special.”

“Ahh, the infamous ‘blog’ you keep mentioning, but won’t tell me how I can find it.”  Jared teased, shooting you a smile over the espresso machine.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him, “Trust me, Jared, you want nothing to do with my blog.”

Waving you away as he went to the register to assist the next customer you went back to your table, pulling up your blog screen and checking your notifications and to-do list.

Glancing up every now and then when a new customer entered the coffee shop, you didn’t notice the ‘ding’ above the door when seven young men walked in, looking lost.

Hearing voices not speaking English caught your attention because the language sounded familiar.  Your eyes widened as they rested on the seven figures that were still crowded by the door looking out as though at any moment someone was going to come bursting through them.  From where you were sitting three tables over by the windows you had a very good view as to who those seven guys were, but you were having trouble functioning properly.

Bangtan Sonyeondan – better known as Bangtan Boys or BTS.

You couldn’t believe that right in this very moment your favorite K-pop group was standing right in front of you. Part of you wanted to fangirl, jumping up and down and ask them for autographs and pictures, but the rational side of your brain knew better.  They were looking out of the shop as though they had been chased down the street by crazy fans and the last thing you wanted to do was give them more trouble. Instead you chose to ignore them, even though every cell in your body was hyper aware of their presence. Returning to your blog, you tried to focus on the last part that you had just written, creating the zone once more as you let your music carry you back to fantasy.  At that moment your playlist changed to R.O.O.T.S by Flo Rida, letting the smooth melody carry you, you didn’t even notice when one of the seven boys approached your table until you felt a tap on your shoulder.

Pulled once more from your writing you looked up, pulling one of the earbuds from your ear as your eyes met two pools of deep brown.  Namjoon, your mind instantly went blank as you stared at the Leader, his tanned skin darker than when you usually saw it on YouTube.  His white blond hair was swept back from his face and his lips were spread into a slightly nervous smile.

“Y-yes?”  You asked, trying to prevent your cheeks from turning a deep shade of pink, but to no avail.

“Hi, um, my name is Namjoon, my friends and I got lost trying to find our hotel.  We’re from Korea, would you be willing to help us?”

Looking over at the other six boys who were standing there looking hopeful at you, your eyes caught on the youngest – Jungkook.  His hair parted on the side, the purple hue to his dark hair suited him, the large white tee shirt hanging off of his lean frame.  His ripped jeans and timberland boots completed the outfit, he was missing his usual beanie though and you found yourself liking the lack of hat. Jungkook and you made eye contact and he looked away quickly out the door his cheeks turning pink as a small smile played around his lips.

Turning your attention back to Namjoon you rose from your seat hesitantly, your earbuds forgotten on top of your laptop.  Bowing slightly to him, “Annyeonghaseyo, my name is, Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.”

Eyes widened in shock, Namjoon stared at you, “Y-you speak Korean?

Blushing bright red, you shook your head, pulling your beanie down further over your ears, glancing over to the others. “Ani, I speak a little, but I can understand basic conversation.”

“Daebak, that’s more than I was hoping for.  It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”  Namjoon waved over the others, speaking in rapid Korean to them.  You only caught a few of the words, as you just stared in awe at them as they nodded looking slightly relieved that there was someone who could understand them.  If only they knew, you thought.

Namjoon introduced all of them slowly, careful to pronounce their names, giving you time to absorb them. You contemplated telling them that you already knew who they were, but decided not to.  You liked your privacy and were sure that they were no different – that’s why your blog was kept a secret from those you knew.

Bowing in greeting to all of them, they bowed back, collectively saying ‘hello’ in English.

“Where were you guys headed to?”

“We’re staying at the Carlton, I know it’s around here somewhere, but I lost track of where we are.”  Namjoon blushed slightly, scratching the back of his head.

“That’s actually not far; we can walk, if that’s okay with you.  It’s only three blocks.”

Namjoon looked at the others repeating your words and they nodded in agreement.  “We can walk some more,” Namjoon smiled brightly at you.

“Great,” You smiled.  “Just let me pack up my things.”  Turning back to your table you quickly saved your open documents and exited out of your blog page, putting away your laptop in your backpack.  Turning to ask Jared for a to-go cup, you were met with his smiling face a cup already in hand.

“This one is on the house; I’ll take care of the cleanup.”  You thanked him, taking the cold drink from him in gratitude.  You often got lost in your writing when you came here and Jared always made sure your drink didn’t get too watered down.

“See you next time, Jared!” Waving at your friend as you exited the shop with the Bangtan Boys in tow, you pointed down the street in the direction you needed to head.

The boys chatted aimlessly around you, Namjoon conversed with you in English, Taehyung and Jungkook walked next to you as well.  They seemed interested in what you had to say and often asked Namjoon to translate the words you said that they didn’t understand.  Eventually the subject of how you came to learn as much as you did about Korea came up which drew the attention of the whole group.

Blushing pink, you stopped at the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green, “I had a roommate in college freshman year that was from Korea.  She taught me most of what I know and I learned the rest after she went back to Busan last year.”

“How old are you?”  Taehyung asked curious to know how old you were after hearing you speak about college.

“I was born in ’95,” The boys murmured at that, Namjoon nodding in mild surprise, you’d seemed older to him than that, but that was something you were used to.

“Aww, no fair!”  Taehyung pouted, “I was hoping you would be younger.”  You laughed as Taehyung smiled a boxy smile at you.

“I’m actually twelve days older than Jimin, so it’s not that much of an age gap.”

Jimin’s expression brightened up at that, looking at you with a soft smile.  You returned the smile, blushing slightly as his grin grew wider when he noticed the coloring of your cheeks.  When the sign turned green you walked across the street, you bumped shoulders with Jungkook, you both said sorry at the same time, blushing and looking away.

“Jungkookie has a crush!” Taehyung’s laughter rang out on the sidewalk, the other boys joining in as Jungkook tried to avoid everyone’s eyes.

You blushed red, glancing down at your attire in the process, picking at your plaid over shirt.  You dressed without really thinking about it this morning, since you didn’t have anywhere to be.  You’d tossed on your favorite black tank top, black cutoff shorts, and your favorite pair of heeled timberlands.  Your favorite plaid green shirt hung loosely off your shoulders, the tails blowing gently in the breeze as you walked.  Dressed just like his ideal type described you couldn’t have imagined meeting them today.  If you could go back in time and have someone tell you that today you would be meeting the members of BTS you would have rolled your eyes and said ‘in your dreams’.

“I think Y/N has a crush too,” You looked up in surprise at Namjoon who just smiled at you, sharing a smile with Taehyung.

The rest of the walk was rather uneventful, occasionally exchanging small talk with the boys, conversing with Taehyung and Jungkook the most.  They seemed to be really eager to learn more about you, Jungkook asking the occasional question, while Taehyung loaded you with all the English words he knew.

Arriving on their block, you pointed them to the building they were looking for, ready to bid them goodbye before heading back home to share the experience with your bloggers.  You were a little sad that you would be leaving them without an autograph or picture, but as a person you respected their privacy.  You were more thankful that they felt they could be themselves around you rather than putting on a show for a fan. Confident that you had seen a side to the boys that the public didn’t see very often you were content to keep this moment as a memory without memorabilia.

Before the boys left Jungkook said something to Namjoon who kept glancing at you before diverting his attention to his dongsang.  Nodding slowly, Namjoon turned his attention back to you, “Jungkook was wondering if you had plans tonight.  We’re going to dinner later and he wanted you to come along.”

Glancing at Jungkook, you noticed his wide gaze was focused directly on you, unwavering.  Slightly unnerved by his sudden boldness you nodded your head hesitantly, “Did you have somewhere in mind?”

“Ah, well, we were hoping you might have a suggestion.”  Namjoon grinned cheekily scratching the back of his neck again as waited for your response.

“I know the perfect place.”

You were already waiting at the restaurant you chose, one of your favorites – Takorea – seated at one of their large corner booths, the waitress placed the eight menus around the table asking you for your drink order.

Asking for a cola, the waitress left you alone to wait for the boys.  Takorea was relatively well known in Midtown for its Korean infused Mexican food. Korean and Mexican flavors combined to create a unique pallet and considering you couldn’t travel directly to Korea for authentic food; this was one of your favorite places.  The prices were student friendly and you often found yourself here throughout the school year when you were looking for something different that would still fit your budget.

“Y/N noona!”  Glancing up to see who called your name you saw Jungkook who was waving at you from the doorway, motioning to his hyungs to hurry up. Sliding into the booth next to you Jungkook smiled as the rest of the boys slid into the booth around the two of you.

Taehyung ended up next to Jungkook and Jimin sat on the other side of you, giving you a small smile and a polite ‘hello’.

After showing them the menu, you and Namjoon were able to describe what was offered to the others who were having trouble.  When the waitress came you ordered for the table, the waitress smiling brightly, “My daughter just loves you boys.”  She gushed to Namjoon asking for an autograph, Namjoon smiled politely, shaking the woman’s hand and promising that they would after they ate.

Sitting stiffly next to Jimin and Jungkook who had gone ridged after the exchange with the woman you tried not to think too much about it.  The boys kept glancing at you waiting for you to question why the woman asked for autographs. Namjoon looked at you before clearing his throat drawing your attention to the Leader.

“We’re sorry we didn’t tell you. It’s just that it’s not every day we get to go out without being hounded for autographs.”

Nodding in agreement you confessed, “I actually knew who you were when you walked into the coffee shop.”

That earned some raised eyebrows and low grumbles from the other members who looked at you surprised.

“You did?”  Jungkook’s voice conveyed his shock as he looked at you with wide eyes.

Picking at your napkin you nodded your head slightly, “I’ve been a fan since your debut, and I was really sad when I couldn’t afford a ticket to your Atlanta show.  Meeting you guys in the coffee shop was pure luck and I’ll always cherish that memory.”

“So if you’re a fan,” Taehyung grinned mischievously, “Then you must have a bias.”

Laughing nervously you nodded your head, taking a sip of your drink before resuming your earlier actions of picking at your napkin.

The boys sat staring at you for a minute before Taehyung burst out, “So which one of us is it?”

Looking around at the seven boys you could feel your cheeks heating up again, casting a side glance at Jungkook who was looking at you intently.
“Jungkook,” You mumbled under your breath thankful that most of them had their attention diverted by the arrival of the food.

“Jungkook?”  Taehyung seemed to be the only one that had heard you and his entire face lit up as he made eye contact with the maknae.  “Looks like you have a fan, Kookie.”

The rest of the dinner was spent joking and laughing, thankfully the boys didn’t seem to be acting any different despite now knowing that you knew who they were.  You were thankful for that because so long as they were comfortable you were happy to see them so relaxed.  Bangtan Boys in the flesh, you still couldn’t believe that they’d not only asked you to show their hotel, but had been kind enough to take you to dinner. You were content knowing that you had met them in a more natural way rather than at a fan meeting or concert where you would be just another fan – another face in the crowd.

When you guys were getting ready to leave, Jungkook tapped you on the shoulder a shy smile on his face.  

“Can we talk?”

Nodding your head you hung back with the younger boy, afraid that he would reject you naming him as your bias.

“I have a ticket to the concert. Can you come?”  Jungkook asked you looking down at his shoes, kicking invisible pebbles as he spoke, looking up at you through his fringe.

Blushing furiously, you nodded your head, “I’d love to come.”

Looking up at you in surprise as wide grin spread across the maknae’s face, “Yes!  Oh, um, I-” Jungkook’s cheeks heated.  “Can I text you?”

Handing your phone over to him to input his number he smiled at you again, impossibly wider than the last one. Bending down slightly he kissed you on the cheek before running off after his hyungs, a cheeky grin on his face as he turned to wave at you one last time.

“I’ll see you later, noona!”

Watching Jungkook run towards his hyungs you couldn’t help but smile after him, putting your hand up to your cheek. You could still feel where his lips had touched your skin and you were surprised that he would be so bold, but you didn’t regret it.  He was such a child sometimes, but that was one of the reasons he was your bias. Heading back to your apartment you were excited for the concert, thankful that you were going to see one of your favorite k-pop groups in person.  The best part was that you had already met them, something that many of their fans only dreamed of.

~ Fin

Lily Out.

First #Pocbooklr post

I took like 70 pictures with a selfie stick to get good lighting and I end up going with this one because this one captures the real stars of this photo (my babies).

Me: My name is Mykia and I’ve had this blog for 2 years or something. I turned 21 two months ago and I’ve been obsessed with wine for a little while now. I’m a senior in college and I’m majoring in psychology. I graduate in spring 2016 and I’m starting my masters degree the following summer. I want to be a counselor and I’ve recently decided that I want to start a non-profit organization, later in my life. I’m super married to the man of my dreams and everyday I think about how lucky I am to have him. Eventually we plan on having kids, but as of now, I dig being my own kid.

My tastes: At the moment, I am obsessed with NA books, like it’s all I read, like it’s probably unhealthy. Other than that, I loooove horror books and some mystery thrillers as well. Some of my favorite books include Battle Royale, The Troop, Gone Girl, The Opportunist, Feed, The Darkest Minds, Silver Linings Playbook, and some others!  

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