i have an obsession with clouds

i just want to choose something small every day to fall in love with. how often do i really just like… study the heck out of a sunbeam. learn a new word and find out how to use it, teach it to others. watch birds because birds are nice. find a new favorite color. to find out something about each person in my life to compliment them on that’s genuine and better than “you’re pretty,” i mean realizing they always get water for other people before they sit down at lunch or how neat their notes are or how they always have a good pun. i want to listen harder and talk a little less and say more important stuff. and i want to watch out for stuff to just obsess over like a cool cloud or a tree and just. learn stuff from people. ask more questions about how her hair is so silky and just. fall in love with everybody.

the hosts aesthetics

i was just thinking about this while looking through weheartit and i wanted to elaborate on their aesthetics. i based most of these on personal headcanons (i have one about kyoya having an obsession with berries, its weird) and things that are canon. i made the instagrams using this template. these are short but sweet, and i hope you like them :))

-admin liv

tamaki: gardens with a lot of roses, landscapes, castles, dogs, sheet music, and antique pianos.

kyoya: leather bound books, expensive ass cars, city skylines, smoke, berries, and dark violets.

hikaru: neon lights, lillies of the valley, rain, decorative pillows, and wreck this journals.

kaoru: paint mixing videos, lavender, blue skies with a few clouds, record players, and snapbacks.

haruhi: daffodils, freshly cut grass, “old school” books, fjallraven kanken book bags, and fancy sushi.

honey: classy pastries, carnivals, lace, cotton candy, stuffed animals, and pink tulips.

mori: tea, sakura trees, autumn leaves, minimalist poetry, and the american horror story title. 

Advice on Getting to Know INFPs (like, REALLY getting to know them, like on a deeply platonic or romantic level) Part One

from the perspective of an INFP: yours truly, Anika Ashbourne.

-INFPs are “idea people”. We’d much rather not talk about the football game or bland politics or it is what it is. No, let’s talk about art and potential and possibilities and theories of the universe and favorite books and why this and how that and why not and what if. Stereotypically, we’re wide-eyed innocent children in the bodies of adults who have our head too far in the clouds to ever come down. While that’s quite an exaggeration, we are very imaginative and abstract in our thinking. We love love love new ideas, new concepts, new things to be obsessed with. Because INFPs are constantly on the lookout for, as I like to call them, “things that click”. A puzzle piece falls into place. A door unlocks, and you’re the key, and suddenly you’re our new favorite person in the world and please don’t go away because you mean very much to me for helping me develop myself or my ambitions further. Advice: to connect with an INFP, don’t be a dull-ass, ordinary, out-of-all-the-things-we-could-talk-about-you-choose-to-talk-about-this?! kind of people.

-We can tell what you’re trying to do. Just saying. If you’re trying to impress an INFP, they know. If you’re trying to bring down an INFP, they know. If you’re lying to an INFP, they know. If you’re pushing down your emotions in front of an INFP… Oh god, they know. The thing is, we won’t usually let you know that we know, but we know. We can sense it. We have a way of reading people subconsciously. The thing is, we’re so conscious of how we do things and how different our ways of doing things are from other people’s ways, we start to pick up on exactly how each kind of person tends to do things and what the signs are that they’re doing the thing. We do all this without realizing we’re analyzing you, and it gives us a grip on what we think of you. Advice: be real and as honest as you can to INFPs. Don’t try to trick us, because we’re hard to deceive and you’ll lose all our trust and respect at once. Instead, be sincere and show us you’re worth getting to know, too– which isn’t that hard if you’re being genuine, because we like to really know people, too.

-INFPs are reserved. Yes, we’re the quiet ones in the corner with our notebooks or the kid that never shuts up when they’re talking to friends but never opens their mouth around other people, but it’s more than that. We’re reserved. It takes a while to really get to know an INFP. Some say we’re even more reserved than the INFJs or INTs. This is because we’re open to pain, we let it sting us when it comes and let our emotions flood us so we can taste the tides, but we’d rather avoid it when we can. An INFP that’s been hurt a lot in the past- and, warning, most INFPs have been- is less likely to want to get hurt in the future unless they really believe is worth it. Yes, we’re afraid to get hurt. We are not afraid you’ll hurt us, we are just afraid of the flood that, you have to admit, is sure to come again if you really deeply connect with someone. So we defend ourselves with layers. Hundreds and hundreds of layers, and the longer you stay with us, the more time you spend with us, the more we begin to trust you… those layers peel off. And you’ll know because that’s when we’re incredibly silly around you and fearless in expressing our ideas and we will defend you from every evil thing that comes your way at whatever the personal cost. Until then, we tend to appear as the shy butterfly flittering around on its own, a little ways away from the others. Advice: be patient and be persistent, and earn our trust by being a person we can feel comfortable and happy around.

-INFPs feel everything at an overwhelmingly deep level… or almost not at all. If you hurt us, you’ve either destroyed us for a while or you’ve only chipped a crack in the layered walls of our castle. If you make us happy, we’re basically either tempted to kiss you and be close to you forever and all eternity and return the favor, or we simply appreciate it and move on. In the overwhelming sense, we will remember it for the rest of our lives and we’ll write about it and sing about it and make art about it and let it fuel is in our quests, or we’ve already forgotten it. Advice: I just hope you realize what you’re doing will either have a very long-term affect or no affect at all. If you’re not sure, you can always ask. INFPs are very willing to help you out, especially if it means further developing our own self or yourself, and you can always always just ask them if what you’ve done is good or bad or nothing. And if it’s bad, apologize ASAP and talk to them about it. If it’s good, well done and keep it up!

I have a colorful #throwbackthursday this week! 🌈✨ This painting was a total homage to one of my first cartoon obsessions! 📺 My Little Ponies! 🐎❤ I adored these ponies and had a huge collection of them growing up. 😁 I even had the pony bubble bath that was a cloud with a rainbow, omg it was amazing. ☁🌈🛀This painting used up a lot of paints and I think I used about 30 different colors to make up her rainbow hair. 🎨💁 Totally worth it though.😜 I would give up all the paint in the world if I could go back for one day to play with my pony toys as a kid. 🤓

For our pre-reading day for Speak by @lauriehalseanderson I stood in the doorway with a Cup of Emotions.
On their way into the room, each student had to pick an emotion out of the cup. They laughed at me as I exclaimed “Good morning! Take an emotion!”
At rotating stations students tackled some poetry by Maya Angelou, pre-reading vocabulary, created their own Ten Lies about high school based on Melinda’s list (and use her list to make predictions about what she may be like as a character), and created “SPEAK” word association clouds.
At their final station, they had to turn their randomly selected emotion into a tree.
At first, they all stared at me like I was insane. One boy rolled his eyes and mumbled “How am I supposed to turn “frustration” into a tree?!”
But let me tell you, we have the coolest, most diverse emotion forest ever.
(PS we started reading today and they ARE OBSESSED. I’ve never seen a group of kids more engaged with a text)

Holy shit I finally got my MDPV I’ve been looking for some of this shit since it was banned end suddenly I meet a guy how first hits me up with 200mg for free and we have only met twice next thing he tells me and connects me to where it’s from unbelievable. I got five gramms but gave 4 to my brother because we made a deal that he will only give 1g every 14 days otherwise it will end up bad again . I’m so fucking obsessed with this stuff so now 10mg line in mothers bathroom then back home tinfoil out and Baaaaam if off for the next 4 days maybe I’ll update some off the madness that’s going to come

I have such a weird aesthetic… Like, I like alternative rock and classical music. I wear a LOT of black, but I accessorize with flower crowns. I am obsessed with dark, dreary, rainy days, but I also love soft puffy clouds. My favorite color schemes are black and pastels. I am so very much in love with stars and galaxies, but pretty little flowers and plants are good too.

I’m a super huge fan of your work!
I think your art style is pretty flowy and overall fantubular! Also I think Spectrum is pretty amazing~
(I’ve been reading it for a bit less than a year and I’m a liiiittle obsessed)
(Just a little)
Hope you’re having a good day!
*blushes and evaporates*

excuse me i’m the one blushing and evaporating here

let’s just be two clouds of blushing vapour rising into the stratosphere  


I love how you’ve drawn Sans! He looks like a Spinosaurus, with those sali-like spines, there!

and hooley dooley, you’ve been following the fic for a while. It’s weird to think that it’ll be over soon. : D ;

I hope you’re having a wonderful day yourself, dude! :’D Thank you so, so much!)


The camera gear, research and maps have been comprised

I have quite a bit of camera gear I am bringing with me on this trip. Instead of just one camera I will be bringing two! My best friend was kind enough to let be borrow her full frame sensor Nikon D600 in exchange for lending her my GoPro when she went to Hawaii. I will now be able to take clear pictures of the night sky on my trip and capture twice as much.

I am also very excited to have attained the computer of my dreams with the help from my Adventure Buddy. Our MacBook Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud will make my photo and video editing from this trip (and future trips) much more fun and much easier. 

Adventure buddy has an obsession with maps, our house is full of them. Since we are taking a road trip we thought another map would be in order to help us navigate. The book of Banff, Jasper and Glacier by Lonely Planet has shown us some of the prettiest areas and hikes we can do.

Just two days away, bring on the views!

missingmywing  asked:

Hey, do you know of a Turk!Cloud fanfic where he's a hacker/computer expert, his dad is an angel from Earth, Jenova is a demon obsessed with his dad, Lucrecia was the evil one who experimented on herself and Sephiroth, and Hojo was a good guy? I can't remember what it was called but I know it was on AO3. I can't find it now though... T_T

Oooh. No, I don’t. That sounds pretty distinctive, I think I’d remember if I had read it. (Is it a multichapter? I imagine it must be. I have this terrible habit of not reading multichapters because, ‘oh, I’mma wait until I have some time free/more energy and read through that properly *never has free time/has forgotten about the fic by the time free time is available*’)

Once again, any followers out there who can help??? Tonight is fic search night. xD

kulisitolo  asked:

what's your happiest memory? (yis, you can include more than one. 50 if you want, i'd be more than happy to read them all) and also... what's your favourite sky? as in, do you like blue skies with no clouds or cloudy skies at 1PM with barely any sunlight shining through or 3AM skies, no clouds, just the moon and the stars decorating the darkness?

Sorry I haven’t responded quickly. I’ve just been really busy and a little overwhelmed. I hope that’s okay. Thank you though for all the questions! It makes me happy that someone cares enough to ask.

I have a few happy memories. One of these is with my partner, who I have been with for the last 8 years and we met in high school. He has changed, grown and supported me and I’m very lucky. When we first started dating, I had an obsession (and I still do) with star alignments. So I came over to his parents place and they lived on a farm, so the stars were amazing because you could see everything. He set up the trampoline during summer with blankets and we stayed up all night looking at stars and he asked me about different stars. It was nice.

Another is spending time with my whānau. I have a big family with 4 older sisters (they are Cook Island Māori) and we share the same Mother. I have one younger brother and we share the same parents. We are a big Māori/South East Asian whānau with my Mum being Singaporean (Kristang, Malay, Javanese, Spanish, Scottish and Indian) and my Dad (although relatively absent from parts of my life) being Māori. Majority of my sisters have children and I have 6 nieces and nephews as of yet. My Mum would cook her Malay/Java dishes passed down from her Mother, which was also passed down from her Mother etc. We would all sit around, help and gossip while the kids run around. The whare is full and my heart always is too in these moments.

My favourite sky is the clear night sky. I can see everything and I know where I am if I am ever lost.

anonymous asked:

orange !

thank you, so much?? honestly . 

orange: what makes you feel warm inside? what’s your favorite halloween tradition? what’s the last thing you learned? when’s the last time you felt obsessed? what’s your favorite article of clothing?

so many things make me feel all warm inside ,, my friends and family and hugs and the sky and the moon, the sun, the stars, the clouds, my (fictional) children. the positivity i see, smiles, laughter, i m a sucker for so much and they all make me feel happy and content. (also, yoo, validation is so very nice and i appreciate so much aha). my favourite halloween tradition is possibly getting candies :”)) but i already eat too much on a regular basis (ahh). the last/most recent thing i have learnt is hej means hello in swedish !! and hej das is goodbye?? ahahhahahahaahha, well, the last time i felt obsessed?? im v obsessed. like a couple months ago?? ahh basically for the stars, the sky, takin gnice photos(??), drarry and hp. my favourite piece of clothing rn is basically this but w/o the sleeves (altho this is vvv nice too).

shh this was a bit more than i expected but i hope it ‘s alright to read? i might the formatting a bit <3 ty lovelyy 

send me colour asks ( for similar lengthed paragraphs )

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
my heart beat with fear.

In her eyes
decision made firm
standing close, yet not touching.

Object of my obsession
secret fantasy
so close to me.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
my heart would not let me flee.

In my mind
battles of immense proportion
logic and lust at odds.

Object of my obsession
made unreal through fantasy
here before me.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
our lips did touch.

In my soul
clouds of darkness rarely noticed
almost painful as light shined through.

Object of my obsession
honeyed lips don’t really exist
how have I now tasted them?

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
our lips parted.

In my eyes
the world spun before me
only she was still and clear.

Object of my obsession
recognition from a kiss
I knew her once before.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
mischief was her smile.

In my childhood dreams
when days had turned bad
she ran with me in sun washed fields.

Object of my obsession
always laughing as she took my hand
her smile my salvation.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
questions between us.

In my heart
both warmth and cold
dreams from childhood don’t come true.

Object of my obsession
since before time she existed
undoubtedly foreordained.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
waiting out an unending moment.

In my moment
blinded by confusion
the path was not clear before me.

Object of my obsession
in and out of time
always unreal mine.

We stood
she and I
without knowing reason
I bid her a sweet farewell.

In my entire being
furious thunderstorms
never peace shall I see.

Object of my obsession
a cruel joke on me
she’s what love was meant to be.

I stood
all alone
loathing my reason
despair is what reason gifts me.

—  Aarron Laidig, Knowing Reason 

hiiii loves. so my name is emily ( postives ). I am a model for Wilhelmina Denver, fogg management, and IMG models worldwide. I have a dangerous obsession for plants, specifically succulents. my fav color is pastel green and I <3 acaiiiiiii. I play soccer and I run a lot. I have 2 birds which I love too. and my hopes in life is to be 100% organic and live all natural lol🌿☕️🐝