i have an obsession and i don't care

Hi. I’m Allie and I have an obsession with guys with long hair and nice beards. That is all.

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''surprising'' facts about the signs
  • aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that's maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can't deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they're actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.
  • taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they're very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn't really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.
  • gemini: gemini isn't THAT two-faced like people think. they're just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that's why their mood can change pretty fast.
  • cancer: they're pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won't notice it.
  • leo: really insecure, but never shows their insecure side bc they still want to shine in the spotlight, without people noticing their flaws, if they even have them because most leo's are flawless af.
  • virgo: they tend to worry a lot, still they don't really care about shit. i know that it sounds weird, but it's true! well, at least for the virgo's i know in real life. they tend to worry a lot about their work and school stuff, but they don't really do anything for it, but they also don't really care. however, they always seem to make everything perfect.
  • libra: they are reallllyyyyyy insecure in their relationships. they're usually a pro at relationships, but they are really insecure about it and they often don't know how to deal with them, or what to do with them.
  • scorpio: they are perfectionists. i don't really know if it's surprising, but they are perfectionists. i mean, they are very ambitious and that isn't a surprising fact, but just like virgo, they want everything to be perfect.
  • sagittarius: they are soft little beaaans. don't hurt them please. they seem really tough and strong, but they're realy sensitive. NEVER SHOWS IT THOUGH. you will never know when they're sad or anything, they always want to stay positive and happy, so they do.
  • capricorn: they seem to be emotionless and insensitive, but that's just because they want to be like that. they don't want all these feelings and emotions. but everyone has them, so they do too, but they try to hide it with sarcasm and sometimes even with anger.
  • aquarius: they have LOTS and LOTS of emotions floating in their head and heart and they just don't know what to do with it, so they just let their emotions destroy them, without saying a word. i don't know if it is a surprising fact, but i think it is.
  • pisces: isn't that innocent than most people think they are. they have a weapon which is called, baby face. they have this innocent little face that makes you think that they're all niceee and sweeeet buT NO. they're really good at backstabbing.

Comic Poison Ivy in the last 15 years: Hey you know, the whole man-hating evil seductress trope is kinda old and disrespectful and it’s time to recognize the potential of this complex and interesting character. We’ll focus on making her more sympathetic and less crazy. We’ll show she has a deep, real, and profound connection to the earth. We’ll show that she is struggling to maintain her humanity in light of a darkening situation and that she still feels compassion for human life, as it is also part of the earth. She will only apathetically kill people who are 100% irredeemable. She will have many moments in which she spares human life. She will have many complicated relationships with other women in the Universe, including Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, the Birds of Prey, and many others. These relationships will range from uneasy trust or anger to understanding and love. She will not show romantic interest in men and will not be a sexually driven character. She will be a member of many hero teams, including the Birds of Prey and the Justice League, even if there are missteps in the writing of the character. Most of the Bat-family will recognize Ivy as a grey-area case that must be handled on an individual basis and will acknowledge that her situation is centered around tragedy and loss of self. They will recognize that Ivy could very well be the thing the saves the entire planet. They will recognize that Arkham is making her worse, and will do what they can to reason with her. 

Wonder Woman will acknowledge that the Green and Mother Gaia chose Ivy as her protector and that she was wise to do so. (Sensation Comics #31)

Batgirl will show numerous moments of concern and understanding and will even acknowledge that if they were in another world, their relationship would be very different. She will value Ivy’s powers as a source of good and believes Ivy’s struggle stems from the flawed nature of humanity. (Batgirl Annual #2, various)

Batman will return to Ivy to ask her for help, knowing that when the world is at stake, she is a trustworthy ally to the Earth. (Swamp Thing) (Sensation Comics) (Detective Comics, various) (Justice League United) (Animal Man)

There will be many moments where the relationship between the part of Ivy that is still human and the part that is the Green struggle to cooperate or have complexities in their natures. (Cycle of Life and Death) (No Man’s Land) (Birds of Prey)

Harley Quinn will express implicit love for Ivy and in certain series, they will be in a canon loving relationship. This will not be subtext as it has been in the past. We will show an actual relationship between two women that isn’t just for eyecandy. (Harley Quinn series) (Bombshells)

Yes, there will be missteps in the canon as many different hands are working between many different series, but overall the character will have undergone a complete transformation that far exceeds the previous incarnations.

Every Media Outside of Comics, obsessed with an Ivy that hasn’t existed prominently in 15 years: u know, the slutty evil plant lady?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

(P.S. click for bigger version, I think it looks best like that.)

Me: *talking about shadowhunters*
Friend: I think your obsession is a bit unhealthy
Me: yeah… anyways, shadowhunters

//So, I’m gonna get silly on you guys for a minute, but well.  Look!

It’s them!  It’s freaking them!  How did I never see it before!?  It’s freaking Sideswipe and Sunstreaker!


I mean seriously!

The expressions!  The snark!   The freaking ‘them-ness’!  They are perfect!  To the freaking letter!

*dies of cuteness*

It is also possible that I adore this movie too much, spend way too much time watching movies, and are in fact slightly obsessed with with twins, but you know what?  I’m laughing so freaking hard right now and that’s alright.

Also The Road to El Dorado is under appreciated and under rated.  It’s a freaking awesome movie.  If you have no watched it, go do so, and then proceed to die of twin feels the whole time you do it.

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Hi there! Ever since I found your blog, my eyes have been opened. I'm almost obsessed with the animal husbandry info you put out, and I get excited whenever I see a post of yours. Do you know of any other animal blogs that post animal-related things that aren't misinterpreted and don't show bad animal care/interactions? I'm hoping to become a vet some day, and I want to learn as much as possible about animals. Thanks for your time, and I love your blog! ^_^

@wheremyscalesslither is a good snake blog that calls out misinterpretation and bad management. 

@kaijutegu is a good reptile blog in the same vein. 

@drferox is a great resource for people interested in becoming a vet, in terms of covering unique topics I’ve never heard other vets tell interested folk. 

@bigcatawareness is on hiatus but has an archive full of everything exotic cats and calls out misinterpretation and abuse. 

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I love your ocs so much they have such unique designs!!! But I gotta ask, do you ever think you're designing too many? Or like, you feel like you don't give the ones you have enough attention? Because I sure do.

oh hell yeah man i ALWAYS wanna make new ocs but i know if i do i wont use em at all


but i do it anyways. cuz i suck.

ever see me draw Reese or Atlas? even know who they are?? my two recent ocs who i was obsessed with for the first 3 days of their creation and then POOF GONE WHO CARES 

but if u like making characters you should totally do it anyways. if it makes u happy and u aint hurtin anyone do it 

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P1/2. I HATE him but I don't think it's fair saying SC let WS bully. Sam seemed unaware of what he was capable of & in too deep by the time it exploded. Cait has bare min contact w/ him. Basically tweeting/RT charity only stuff. Remember she unliked that one tweet? She's not one to be swayed & normally doesn't care about neg feedback of her SM posts. Her specifically unliking that tweet showed a lot. They're not innocent in all this. Could/should do way more but I don't think either condone his-

P2/2-behavior. In the beginning how cool would it be for Sam to have a TV idol (gag) literally obsessed w/ him? Before deciding it’s creepy, you’d probably be flattered. I was unaware of WS fandom messes before it happened to us so it may be SC were too. We know more than most feeding that behavior w/ pleads to stop only causes more wrongdoing. TPTB interference not upsetting an OL fan w/ 2 mil followers. It should’ve never gotten this bad but it seems it quickly went to a no-win for Sam. He brought this on himself. I just see a difference in actively not caring fans are being treated poorly v being stuck where you see what’s going on, don’t like it, but can’t do much about it, which I think is more the case. Sam has downgraded his SM activity w/ him. Maybe that’s all he can do? No one knows but given what we hear of Sam I see this more likely than him cheering WS on as head bully. Perception is everything so it doesn’t matter what truth is, unfortunately.

You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence - perception is everything. I know there’s a lot of people, shippers and non-shippers, who are able to step back and look at everything that happened a bit more objectively. There probably was some TPTB interference involved. Maybe it was all TPTB who knows. And I’m sure there was a level of Sam thinking it really cool he was interacting with an idol. But, when it comes down to the shit Jess went through day after day for months on end, none of that matters. What matters is how deeply, deeply hurt and traumatized she was by it. What matters is how she’s still recovering from it. How Lauren and I were and are probably the only ones who know just how deeply and horribly this affected her and that kind of hurt is something logic can’t erase. It’s not that simple. When you’re being that inundated with the kind of shit Jess got, hearing that Sam was forced to do it or was stuck between a rock and a hard place doesn’t make anything better. It makes it worse. It makes Sam look like a goddamn terrible person because he’s the one Jess and others cared about and he’s the one whose fans were being pummeled and he is the one who did nothing and still has done nothing. Doesn’t matter his reasons. He did nothing. Cait did nothing and as much as people like to downplay her involvement because, yes it was nowhere near the level that Sam’s was, she too stood by and did nothing. They were both complicit. 

So perception is our main problem it seems. Everyone, based on how they were affected by what happened and/or how they handled what happened, has a different perception. And it can get really messy when you have people’s feelings at play. I know people disagree and I also know people hate that we blame Sam and Cait for this. I don’t place all the blame on them. I don’t think they asked Shatner to do what he did but they also didn’t stop him, that we can tell. And Shatner was doing it in Sam’s name. Therefore, it looks terrible for Shatner (wah waaah) and even worse for Sam. That is why we put so much of the blame on him. 

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How good is my Si? well I'm not really friends with details and I often hear "you need to be more coherent and rigorous but I've been raised by a Si dom mom so I have a certain routine reallyflexible but still there, I was thinking about customs and I just go with the one I like or understand but don't care about the others. About Ne, is overanlyzing everything to the point of obsessing more a Ne dom or Ne aux thing? Someone talked to me about the aux "overkilling" comapred to the dom

Ne-doms suffer from two major problems aux-Ne’s don’t:

The tendency to skim read and then assume.

Ne-doms don’t take the time to carefully read and comprehend information; rather, they skim as they look for information that pertains to them, or what they are interested in, which means unless they really buckle down and decide to learn something completely (Si), their knowledge of said subject will be based entirely in speculation, without grounded awareness of facts, principles, or deeper understanding, which would come from detailed studying.

You see this a lot in the MBTI community, with high Ne’s that have not slowed down to learn about the functions, how they interact with one another, how to tell them apart, and so on – they go on to either mistype dramatically on a frequent basis (because they don’t know MBTI, but their Ne makes them think they do; a broad understanding is not a thorough understanding), or they make up their own system (Ne) and claim it is MBTI, when it’s not, which leads to:

Grand generalizations without specifics.

Again, this is evidence of a lack of Si details and knowledge base. Because a Ne can make it sound like they know what they’re talking about even if they don’t, they tend to generalize to an enormous extreme, and their details will be way off, because of hyperbolic tendencies. Details are hard for them to remember but grand generalizations work, because they are totally vague, semi-open to interpretation and above all, melodramatic (which Ne likes).

You see this with me sometimes in typing characters; even if I’m sure this is their type, it’s hard for me to give specific examples of a thought process or behavior that indicates cognition, so I resort to vague generalities like, “He sees lots of possibilities,” or “All her choices are to get her somewhere,” instead of “When the oil tanker blows up, he immediately switches his original plan from X to Z based on the new information,” or “She uses the internet to target the people she doesn’t like on a hate-list, which she then spreads among the student body, as part of her plan to eviscerate her enemies and become class president.”

See, even that is a bit vague and generalizing. =P

My INFP friend is not like this. She is meticulous when life demands she use Si and remembers details, specifics, etc., much better than I do; she is not nearly as prone to melodramatic hyperbole for effect, except when it directly ties into her Fi-feelings (and then it is MELODRAMA), whereas I exaggerate all the time. She can often be shockingly specific, whereas I’m delighted if I remember to use the word “mastiff” in a novel instead of the vague generalization of “dog.” (Look, reader! I managed to add a specific sensory detail! And it was hard, so be super impressed right now, okay??) Meanwhile, she would go on to tell me, if she cared, what year the breed was created, where it came from, etc. Details.

Define over-analyzing; because I consider that Ti in my understanding of it, but others consider it “intuitive in general.” If by over-analyzing you mean you’re obsessing over what type you are, that’s just human behavior. If by over-analyzing you mean you can’t let anything go without making an intuitive inference about it (she said this, but she meant that, and this is probably what’s going on in her life which made her think that way) that’s intuition in general.

The best way to tell a Ne-dom from an aux is – does the Ne stop there?

Permit me to explain.

INFP and I hold the same moral views. Both of us stand on those principles. She would not under any circumstance violate them, nor can she imagine a situation in which she might. This is Fi directing Ne: this is out of bounds, says Fi, and it stops here.

Ne and Fi are a whole other ball of wax. I routinely assert my views, then start an alternate argument in my head. I may or may not believe that, on a daily basis. When push comes to shove, I will probably stand upon that Fi morality, but Ne isn’t blocked by Fi; Ne is still considering possibilities, challenging my views (are you sure about that?), and going down rabbit trails, unhindered by that pesky moral viewpoint. After all, everything exists in the abstract, so why not consider whether or not your morals would stand or not?

For Ne-doms, nothing is blocking the flow of information (both what is there, and what’s happening behind the scenes; they are perceiving it all, continually) – there is no introverted function “bias” coming into it, so they will be the most open-minded and most inclined to change their mind rapidly when given new information, without needing to stop and access their Fi/Ti. Since Ne is so nebulous and unfixed, nothing is ever “set” in a Ne-dom’s mind; this makes it very easy to change their mind, their views, their opinions, their focus, their approach, etc., without needing any time to re-calibrate their processing. Since Ne is dominant, it’s instinctive and immediate in a way that doesn’t happen for Ne-auxes.

This both makes them able to be extremely perceptive and accurate (IF they can accumulate a detailed knowledge base from which to operate to go with their Ne) AND prone to detachment from reality in some instances – but in a way, since they are so attentive to the outside world’s visible and unseen patterns and picking up on people’s intuitive tells, they can be more grounded than the INXPs in terms of “what is actually happening,” because the INXP has to work through a self-based perspective first (Ti/Fi).

This is what makes people see Ne-doms as “scattered,” or “inconsistent,” but in reality it is a strength that can be channeled in positive directions, if the Ne-dom is willing to do the research, study, and self-educating required to discipline themselves into being good at what they do. This will go against their nature; it seems too slow, the information too tedious, with too much to remember, but much like the NJ types, if they do not slow down and learn, if they do not, for example, really stop and study the functions in depth, they will be poor typists, for themselves and others.

- ENFP Mod

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do you think you will stop liking dnp as you grow old? they became such an important little secret of mine because I don't tell anyone irl that I watch them but they make me happy in a simple way because they can show that a happy future with someone you love is possible and I can't imagine me as an adult not caring about their content or about their life

i think that i will still like them but not to the extreme i do now? i do have obsessive tendencies and i channel that through dan and phil and other things and eventually i do move on from these things. so i’ll still like them but they take up a lot of my time now and i can’t see that happening for much longer due to my future and stuff


SPOILERS!!! if you couldn’t tell by my thoughts on this movie like come on in my thoughts means I saw that that movie so of course there’re gonna be spoilers

guess what today I went to cinema to see Wonder Woman and I’m dead. literally dead. -the movie is so fucking good and the fact that’s it’s about FEMALE superhero HELL YES - but like really I want to do to the cinema to see it again - I didn’t like Diana’s mother that much I liked Antiope more - I would die for Steve Trevor - Diana and Steve’s relationship was so pure and I fell in love with them ship happened and then - guess what my ship was canon and one minute after that STEVE DIED? - no I was crying in cinema because he deserved better and he was my favourite character and they killed him - even if he sacrificed himself so the others could live but still - I was in so much pain I was shaking and I still am shaking - and guess what I didn’t wanted to believe that he died so I kept telling myself that he’s alive and he’s gonna come back - he didn’t - so I’m in love with my new ship and I might be a little obsessed with it but it’s okay - AND IF YOU KNOW/READ SOME GOOD DIANA/STEVE (I have to dine what their ship name is) SEND ME - SEND FICS GUYS AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK YOU SEE THIS I’M DEAD ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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do you think killing myself would be worth it? i'm seriously asking, please don't say that someone will miss me and all that bullshit, because it's not true. i don't have friends and my family doesn't care for me at all. it won't get better, so do you think i should just do it?

what kept me going despite everything is that i’m going to miss a lot of things if i die. my favorite tv show, new music i could obsess over, ice cream, etc. also i looked forward to being old enough to dye and cut my hair the way i wanted lmao (my mom wouldn’t allow it until i was 18). it might not sound like much but small things like that are still giving me strength. my father who left us two times but who lives with us again just came home drunk and it sounds like he’s throwing up in the shower (the bathroom is next to my room) but i’m trying to focus on things that make me happy instead. my blog, for example. i know it’s going to pass like any other bad thing, i just need to wait. no matter what you’re going through right now will pass too. i’m not saying it will get better i know it’s a bullshit thing to say but just. i know you can get through it, so please don’t kill yourself  

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Hello! I was going to email you but to avoid sending you unnecessary emails I wanted to ask here first. Are your commissions open? I ask because I saw that amazing piece you did of the super boys and thought you were accepting them again. If so great! I will email you! If not, any ETA on when you're accepting more? I I am obsessed with your work and need a piece! Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work. I know you have many fans that watch but don't ask these types of questions! :) Take care.

Hiya! Your kind comments are fueling me, thank you! My commissions are currently closed since I’m working through the last pieces, but I am aiming to re-open them later this month or in the beginning of June. Thanks again and thank you for asking!